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Halloween Kills trailer reveals how Michael survived the fire


Halloween Kills sees Michael Myers engage in a whole new rampage, and the trailer could reveal exactly how he managed to live through fire.

the Halloween kills The trailer may have revealed exactly how Michael Myers managed to survive the fire from the previous film. the Halloween The movie franchise is no stranger to renewal, with the series having hit the reset button several times over the decades. Halloween 2018 wiped out the slate once more, ignoring every entry bar preceding the 1978 original, and thus removing the sibling dividing twist introduced in Halloween 2.

The end result was a very enjoyable slasher that brought Jamie Lee Curtis back as the iconic Laurie Strode while also making Michael Myers a force of nature once again. The Blumhouse produced Halloween was a huge success, grossing over $ 250 million worldwide on a modest budget. With those numbers, a sequel was a given, with the movie itself ending on an ambiguous note for Michael. In the final scene, he was trapped in Laurie’s trapped basement with a raging fire – although he appeared to disappear in the last shot of the burning room.

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His survival was essentially confirmed with the announcement of the sequels Halloween kills and Halloween ends, although the question remains; how exactly did Michael go through hell? The recent Halloween kills The trailer revealed that firefighters arrived at Laurie’s house shortly after the fire broke out and Michael came out of the basement after breaking through. A brief shot in the trailer seems to reveal exactly how he managed to shield himself from the flames until the firefighters arrived; by locking himself in Laurie’s arsenal of weapons.

Halloween Kills Michael Survives Trailer

Halloween 2018 reveals that Laurie has a safe under her kitchen, which includes a locker built into a wall filled with guns and other weapons like a crossbow. In the recent Halloween kills in the trailer, a brief shot shows Michael emerging from behind that locker door, the guns seen behind him. He then comes out of the doorway to attack an unlucky firefighter who crashed into the basement.

Laurie had made the basement an inevitable death trap, and by the final scenes of Halloween 2018, it was hard to see how Michael could have survived it. the Halloween kills the preview paints a clearer picture, with Myers first taking refuge in Laurie’s weapons storage area before emerging when firefighters stormed in. It also allows the film to blur the lines between Michael being a man or a ghost. Although his survival is unlikely, Halloween kills make appear fair logical enough that a human being could survive the fire. Unfortunately for the people of Haddonfield, his survival will come at a bloody price.

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Neath pub gets license to sell alcohol outside over neighbors’ objections


Councilors approved a pub owner’s request to sell alcohol outside over objections from neighbors.

Neath Port Talbot council members have given the owner of Celtic Lodge in Neath permission to sell beer from the beer garden despite complaints of noise and disturbance from nearby residents.

James, who lives near the pub, said he was against the outside alcohol trade, saying there had been “a lot of noise and swearing from the beer garden” in recent months .

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He added: “When you are sitting in your garden trying to read a book, it’s boring… There are people here who work shifts and if you are at night and you try to fall asleep when that noise. level that happens, it may be dangerous for that person because they are operating heavy machinery at night. ”

The beer garden and terrace were built outside the pub in 2015 with a capacity of around 60 to 70 people.

Under the new license conditions, Celtic Lodge guests can purchase and drink alcohol in the beer garden until 10 p.m. Prior to that, Ms Jones already had a license to allow patrons to sit outside the pub and drink alcohol until 10 p.m., but she could only sell drinks inside. local.

Ms Jones said she believed it would make “sense” to have a bar outside in case coronavirus restrictions were reintroduced, according to which people can only sit outside again.

She added: “When the weather is nice people feel safer outside. I look like Boris Johnson here, but [coronavirus] never leaves, does it? “

The council’s licensing and gambling subcommittee approved Ms Jones’ request to sell alcohol from a party at the beer garden at a meeting on July 12.

The local authority has received six letters from nearby neighbors opposing Ms Jones’ request, saying the beer sale of the beer garden will lead to increased noise, swearing, disruption and anti-social behavior.

Neil Chapple, the council’s legal regulator, said no complaints have been made by South Wales Police regarding the use of the pub’s outdoor space.

He also said the latest complaints received by the council’s licensing team regarding The Celtic Lodge were four separate incidents between 2014 and 2015.

At Monday’s meeting, Ms Jones assured members that she would adhere to the 10 p.m. curfew.

“It’s pretty simple, what I say happens. I don’t take any nonsense from anyone. The last thing I want to do is upset people, especially the neighbors.

“Whether I have a bar there or not, people will always be outside this area. I can serve inside, they can sit outside. It won’t change the people seated. over there.”

Why a Caribbean island you’ve never heard of makes the perfect honeymoon


When Nick Jonas planned his honeymoon in early 2019 with Priyanka Chopra, he chose a little-known island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, at least little known to most Americans. The enticingly named Mustique Island may only be a few square kilometers in size, but it is the beloved destination of the British, reminiscent of the days of Princess Margaret (Mick Jagger was and still is a another famous English resident) and continues to house the royal family today.

But as flashy as Mustique’s reputation may seem, there is no pretext. This incredibly private getaway manages to find the perfect line between glamor and serenity, all with the kind of easy, cold connotation that is so desirable on a honeymoon. (Or a wedding: Ally Hilfiger got married there, on her father Tommy’s property.)

There is little need to plan on the island. Even this fact alone would make it a fantasy for those who are fed up with planning, dating and wedding events. But beyond that is paradise in the purest sense of the word: tall palm trees bent by the wind, shallow blue lagoons, long stretches of sand, sea turtles gliding through turquoise water and crawling turtles. on earth (don’t be surprised if you see them mate too!) – even a small bamboo church. The clean air is fragrant with abundant flowers, and the sunsets burn in all shades of pink and red.

The Cotton House luxury boutique hotel is a honeymoon dream, with each room, suite or cottage claiming its own personality and its own sea view. Outdoor showers, tubs, balconies, lounges and Deep pools, depending on what you book, all add charm to the gingerbread and tropical style that permeates the multi-story property, which was once part of a cotton plantation and still features a renovated sugar mill turned into a museum . There is hardly any need to leave. (Note, those who want complete privacy can choose, like the Jonases, to rent one of the 100 opulent villas spread across the island, each with a unique vibe and a full staff providing all meals, if desired. wish.)

When couples finally wake up from bed, it pays off. Put simply, it could be at Cotton House beach, where they could sip rum punch and munch on plantain chips while UB40’s “(I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You” plays from the cafe- beach bar, or jump off the pier into Endeavor Bay with a snorkel. There are dozens of beaches and coves to explore, and more often than not, there won’t be another soul in sight. Make these “mule” explorations – the name of the golf cart style strollers everyone uses – even more memorable with a picnic on the beach, complete with flower petals and bubbles. The same feeling of privacy is also found when hiking, except in high season (early summer and summer holidays). Spectacular views are a treat from many vantage points, including from Firefly, where martinis are the favorite sunset. And then there are the most common underwater delicacies in the crystal clear waters of Brittania Bay in front of Basil’s Bar.

The iconic beach bar, named after its founder, a friend of Jagger’s who is still frequently spotted, is the place to socialize, let alone dance until a storm. A few evenings a week things start to jump with live music, and every January the Mustique Blues Festival draws the crowds. To get to know each other better and dance less, there is the Tuesday evening cocktail at The Cotton House’s Great Hall, decorated in indelible Caribbean decor and a regular affair for everyone on the island.

Really ambitious guys could take a day trip by boat to the nearby island of Bequia, but when there is so much to do – or not to do – on Mustique, it seems pointless. After all, between lobster dinners, spa treatments, classic bands, sunset sails, piña coladas, and magical, crystal-ball-like Caribbean, why be overzealous? Because that’s the beauty of Mustique – his easy-going looks will never go out of style.

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the situation continues to flow, we’ll share tips and stories from industry experts to give you the best advice and help you navigate wedding planning today. For the most recent guidelines and the latest travel restrictions and requirements, check the websites of the CDC and the US Department of State.

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ROBERT PRICE: At McGarry’s Irish heritage comes second behind loyalty | Robert Price


George Masud is not Irish. Neither does his business partner, George Masud. Not a freckle or a red hair between them.

Their Irish pub is qualified as authentic only on one technical detail.

But it is a kind of edifying technicality and restoration of the faith. The kind of technicality we should all appreciate.

The namesake of their pub is James McGarry, a proud Irish American family man and hard worker. McGarry’s Irish Pub opened in April in Calloway and Brimhall in West Bakersfield.

McGarry missed the opportunity.

George Masud – the taller of the two cousins ​​of the same name – first met McGarry in 2004 when they landed in the same fantasy football league.

“He was fun, but he took it seriously,” said Masud, who called his team the Big-Timers. “He wanted to win it all, and he did it a few times.”

The purpose of fantasy football, as you may know, is twofold:

First, build an imaginary team around real professional soccer players and total points based on their actual performance, using an obscure formula to determine the winners of the weekly one-on-one pairs of fellow “owners”.

Two: playfully gloat when appropriate and sometimes even when it isn’t, belittling each other as often as possible.

McGarry’s team, the Empire (and later the Irish Empire), reflected his meticulous and determined nature. He was so determined to win that he even wore out his friend and team co-owner Robert Voss.

“Once we bonded as partners we could be on the phone for three hours chatting about a player,” Voss said, “until he pushed me to a point where I was dying. Okay with him. He was one of those detail-oriented guys, and he was relentless. But a good guy.

Fantasy gave way to reality in January 2019 when McGarry began to experience dizziness and other health issues.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer.

“It was the toughest nine months watching him go through what he’s been through,” Masud said.

McGarry passed away in September 2019. He was 40 years old.

Nineteen months later, after receiving McGarry’s widow’s blessing, Ashley, Masud and Masud opened their upscale pub named in honor of their friend.

It was as if McGarry was a true partner in the business.

First, the Masuds commissioned a 4 foot tall oil painting of McGarry by local artist Edgar Arreoloa, a tattoo artist who clearly has a knack for other mediums. The striking portrait, based on one of McGarry’s favorite photos of McGarry’s wife, is rendered in shades of gray and hangs on the back wall of the bar.

As customers come in and ask questions about the bar’s Irish theme, Masud points to this back wall.

“It happens every time,” he said. “Obviously I’m not Irish. So I’ll tell them the story. A lot of people will want to know the story of James McGarry, who he was as a person.

Then they put McGarry’s two young boys Finn and Hayden in charge of the pub’s main charity. There is a 40% pledge for college funds if the drink is Irish whiskey. There is also a wall of donations, 100 percent of which goes to children’s education.

“These are two little boys that we want to watch,” Masud said.

The bar opened shortly after St. Patrick’s Day with a boisterous crowd enjoying a screaming bagpipe quartet (and, yes, the bagpipes are both Scottish and Irish). The packed house was a spectacle that bodes well for the future.

It doesn’t hurt that the bar is neatly appointed with brass and oak, an old-fashioned stamped pewter false ceiling, and a long, wide bar top covered in five coats of clear, glossy lacquer, with thousands of shiny copper cents.

“21,348 cents end to end,” Masud said. “21,347 of them are one-on-one.”

What if a bar patron sees the only exception?

“You get … something.”

You get something from McGarry’s Irish Pub whether you hit the nail on the head or not. You feel like life isn’t necessarily as limited as some might think, that love and loyalty can last beyond lethal limits and expand our reach to places we couldn’t otherwise go. .

Robert Price is a reporter for KGET-TV. His column appears here on Sundays; The opinions expressed are his own. Contact him at [email protected] or via Twitter: @stubblebuzz.

Al fresco dining in a not-so-secret garden


There is something about al fresco dining that warms the soul and delights the senses. On the patio on a balmy day, friends and families can come together to share stories and endless laughter. Here they can relax, enjoy the view, have a drink, maybe listen to the birdsong or the buzz of the wind, and create beautiful memories. I just discovered (or rediscovered) a cool place to eat al fresco where you can do all of this and more. Nestled in the lush and not-so-secret garden of Holiday Inn Express Manila, Jardin recently reopened at Resorts World Manila in Newport City, Pasay. Certainly, al fresco dining during the COVID-19 pandemic has never been so heartwarming!

Welcome to the Garden: Here you can eat, talk and relax a lot.

Reinventing public space

While the pandemic still lurks around every corner, eating out has become a trend in the new normal in most parts of the world. Since most COVID-19 outbreaks occur in enclosed spaces, urban designers, city planners and architects come up with innovative designs focused on outdoor spaces. Al fresco dining may well be a COVID blessing and some people are hoping it will remain so even after the pandemic has passed into thin air.

Located on the ground floor of Holiday Inn Express Manila, Jardin offers an option for casual dining where the air quality is better (than inside a cramped and stuffy restaurant) and ventilation. is more natural.

Garden has been around since 2016, as an alternative outdoor dining venue in what was then the Remington Hotel. Energizing Manila’s nightlife, Jardin was designed to be a casual nightlife and happy hour resto-bar, where drinks were served along with live entertainment like acoustic sessions, DJs, and comedy.

“The pandemic has delayed the reopening of Jardin as the hotel moved to Holiday Inn Express Manila,” said Kristine Mae Bernardo of Corporate Communications at Resorts World Manila. “But with the relaxation of health and safety restrictions, and as Resorts World Manila has received Safety Seal certification from the Pasay LGU (local government unit), the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Interior and local government management of Resorts World decided to go ahead with Garden operations.

Please be assured that Holiday Inn Express Manila is continuously committed to adhering to minimum public health standards and safety protocols set by the government. The hotel has also implemented the Intercontinental Hotels Group global directive for the prevention of COVID-19, in partnership with Ecolab (a world leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services) and Diversey ( a pioneer in cleaning and hygiene technologies).

Entering Jardin is like getting lost in a tropical garden and finding an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. The entire area was designed and decorated by the internal environmental services team of Resorts World Manila.

Pizza be with you: Enjoy your favorite pizza flavors in the Garden.

Outdoor and safer socialization

Beyond its refreshing postcard-like greenery, what are Jardin’s main characteristics? Its best feature is probably that it’s outside, which makes it a great place for relaxed and safer socializing, especially in the midst of the pandemic. Its open-air setting gives off a comfortable and relaxing vibe for guests who want to let off steam and wash off the dust of a long, hard day.

So what’s on the menu? The current menu offers a variety of bar dishes, pizzas and drinks.

True to its laid-back vibe, Jardin offers easy-to-eat classic Pinoy street foods like ihaw-ihaw (barbecue pork) and isaw (barbecued pork or chicken intestines). There are also a lot of pizzas! There’s the kids’ favorite pepperoni loaded with salami or the four cheese pizza topped with four kinds of cheese. But of course there’s the ultimate Pizza Margherita, named after Queen Margherita who supposedly got so bored of gourmet French cuisine that she summoned the best pizza chef in Naples to create different pizzas for her.

Garden can accommodate up to 30 guests. Advance reservation is encouraged. Intimate events can be booked as long as minimum IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force) health protocols are followed.

Welcome to Jardin, where life is sweet and sweet!

* * *

Jardin is open from Thursday to Saturday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. For more information on Jardin, visithttp://www.rwmanila.com and follow @rwmanila and @newportmall on Facebook and Twitter, and resortsworldmanila Instagram.

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Quezon City closes 3 bars for COVID-19 violations


Emmanuel Tupas (The Philippine Star) – July 18, 2021 – 00:00

MANILA, Philippines – The Quezon City government closed three restobars on Friday that allegedly violated COVID-19 protocols.

The Batcave Food / Music Bar along Avenida Visayas, the Karma Lounge on the Tomas Morato Extension and the Guilly’s Island Restaurant and Bar at the corner of Avenida Tomas Morato and Scout Albano have been closed.

Brig. General Antonio Yarra, director of the Quezon City Police District, said QCPD officers and staff from the city’s business permits and licensing department discovered that the establishments had violated the local government’s memorandum on the guidelines. general community quarantine.

Yarra said 39 people were apprehended on Guilly’s Island for not wearing masks and shields. They also did not follow physical distancing protocols.

The restobar also violated the city’s liquor sales ordinance and was operating with an expired business license.

The offenders were released after receiving receipts of violation of the orders.

“The closure of three restaurants and the issuance of order violation vouchers to 39 violators are clear signs that they have deliberately violated IATF (Interagency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases) protocols and prescriptions. of Quezon City, ”Yarra said in a statement.

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The Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods Fake Fish Surface


Fake fish is the next big thing in alternative proteins.

Alternative meat has grown in popularity in recent years as consumers have started to change their diets for a variety of reasons, ranging from concerns about climate change and sustainability to animal welfare and personal health benefits.

This has led to a proliferation of products from companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat in grocery stores and restaurants, while traditional meat companies like Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms and Hormel are launching new entrants into the category.

Retail sales of plant-based foods in the United States grew 27% in 2020, bringing the total market to around $ 7 billion, according to data from the Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA) and The Good Food Institute (GFI). The global market is expected to reach $ 450 billion by 2040, according to consulting firm Kearney, which would represent about a quarter of the larger $ 1.8 trillion meat market.

The herbal product market has been largely driven by fake milk and meat, which account for 35% and 20% of total category sales, respectively, according to GFI. Sales of plant-based meat increased 45% to $ 1.4 billion in 2020, while sales of plant-based milk rose 20% to $ 2.5 billion.

In contrast, the market for plant-based fish has been slower to develop. While sales in the United States increased 23% in 2020, they were only $ 12 million, according to GFI and PBFA. This represents 0.1% of the entire US seafood market, compared to plant-based meat sales accounting for 1.4% of US meat sales.

“Conventional seafood really has a health halo; they are considered a very healthy food that doctors often tell patients to eat more, ”said Marika Azoff, corporate engagement specialist at GFI, of why alternative fish products may have fallen behind. “The environmental impacts are not as straightforward as they are with beef and dairy – they are a bit more complex and a bit more difficult for the general public to understand.”

Invest in the fake fish

However, several companies are looking to change this in an attempt to take a share of the US seafood market of over $ 15 billion.

According to GFI, 83 companies around the world were producing alternative seafood as of June 2021, of which 65 focused on plant-based products. By comparison, there were only 29 companies producing alternative seafood in 2017.

In 2020, more than $ 80 million was invested in alternative seafood companies, four times the amount invested in 2019, according to GFI.

Yellowtail amberjack made from BlueNalu cells.

Source: BlueNalu

Gathered Foods, which produces the plant-based seafood brand Good Catch, raised a $ 32 million Series B funding round in January 2020 from investors including Lightlife Foods parent company Greenleaf Foods and 301 Inc., the venture capital arm of General Mills.

BlueNalu, which focuses on cultured seafood or fish produced directly from cells, raised $ 60 million in convertible note financing in January 2021, a record-breaking deal for an alternative seafood company.

To date, the two giants of alternative meat products have not yet entered alternative fish. Impossible Foods said in 2019 that it is working on a plant-based fish recipe, but it has yet to release any products. Beyond Meat has previously said it focuses on beef, poultry and pork.

“There’s no reason that alternative seafood can’t or won’t catch up with other types of alternative proteins,” Azoff said. “There is no dominant company in plant-based seafood like the meat and dairy categories did, but we see potential for that to change soon.”

Traditional seafood companies are also investing in alternative fish.

In September 2020, Nestlé launched Vuna, a plant-based tuna alternative that is the company’s first foray into plant-based seafood, citing statistics that say 90% of global fish stocks are now exhausted or near exhaustion.

Thai Union Group, which owns brands like Chicken of the Sea, has announced that it will launch a plant-based shrimp product by the end of this year, joining its other plant-based fish and crab products. already available.

Tyson Ventures, the venture capital arm of Tyson Foods, invested in plant-based shellfish company New Wave Foods in September 2019 and joined its $ 18 million Series A funding round that closed in January. Bumble Bee Foods signed a joint venture with Good Catch in March 2020.

Growing concerns about the fishing industry

Van Cleve Seafood Company, based in Virginia, which has sold traditional seafood for more than 20 years, has started producing only plant-based seafood under the label The Plant Based Seafood Co., citing problems with the fishing industry such as child labor, overfishing and mislabelling. .

“We wanted to do something about it, and we figured if it wasn’t us, then who?” Plant Based Seafood Co. CEO Monica Talbert told CNBC’s Kate Rogers. “That’s when we made the decision, we were going to do something that would create a change.”

The Plant Based Seafood Co. offers products such as crab cakes made from artichokes, scallops and prawns made from starch from plant roots, all of which are sold online.

Concerns about the fishing industry, further underscored in Netflix’s recent documentary “Seaspriacy” which calls for an end to fish consumption, are seen as a factor leading consumers to turn to plant-based products. . A poll of 2,500 Americans from Kelton Global found that reducing plastic waste in the ocean, saving ocean habitats, and reducing damage to marine animals are reasons consumers buy fish based plants rather than wild fish.

Gavin Gibbons, vice president of communications at the National Fisheries Institute, a trade group representing the fishing industry, said the organization and its member companies view herbal products as “a very likely part of the future of food for a growing planet “.

“They are technologically impressive and can and should be able to coexist with real seafood, as long as they are labeled accurately,” Gibbons said, noting that some of NFI’s member companies have invested in alternative seafood. .

However, Gibbons said, portraying alternative seafood as either nutritionally superior to real fish or better for sustainability reasons would be wrong in his opinion.

“The USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans Emphasize that Consumers Are Not Eating Enough Seafood and That It is Without a Question the Healthiest Animal Protein on the Planet,” he said. declared. “Few public health professionals would recommend imitations of seafood over real ones. They might make this recommendation for other products but not for seafood. From this point of view, these plant-based amalgams are not really alternatives, they are just imitations. “

Gibbons said that 51% of seafood consumed by consumers is farmed and about 75% commercially important marine fish stocks, as reported and monitored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, are fished at biologically sustainable levels.

“There is a lot of hyperbole associated with the empty oceans claims and if this is used to market imitation products then it is spurious,” Gibbons said.

There is one big obstacle that could stand in the way of fake fish: the taste.

While 43% of those polled in this Kelton poll said they would consider buying alternative seafood in the future and that flavor most cited as the most important factor in driving consumption, 38 % said they plan to dislike the taste of alternative fish and 27% said they plan to dislike the texture. Twenty-seven percent said they had never seen plant-based seafood in a grocery store.

“First and foremost, consumers will buy alternative seafood if it tastes good,” Azoff said.

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Sip ‘n Dip launches nationwide effort to find new musical artist


GREAT FALLS – The Sip ‘n Dip Lounge in Great Falls launched a competition on Thursday to find a new musical performer. The lounge is known for its tiki theme and “mermaids” swimming in the pool behind the bar – and of course, “Piano Pat”.

Pat Sponheim, the iconic artist who deceased in May, had been behind the keyboard singing favorites at Sip ‘N Dip since 1963. Pat was one of the reasons the Sip’ N Dip was named by GQ magazine in 2003 as the “# 1 bar on land for which it is worth stealing. “- coupled with the almost equally iconic sirens behind the bar.

A website called SipnDipMusicBar.com was created for people to submit applications and for people to view submissions.

The website pays homage to Pat and says she was an amazing woman – but they don’t want another Pat because “honestly we can’t fill her shoes.”

Applicants are not limited to playing the piano, but there are two limitations for applicants: “You and your instrument must adapt to the space that the staff prefers: no bagpipes, accordion or drums.”


  • 25 AOT: Submissions (including videos) must be submitted by 5:00 p.m.
  • SEPTEMBER 2: The finalists will be notified.
  • 5-6 OCTOBER: The finalists perform in front of the judges.
  • OCTOBER 8: Winner’s first official performance at Sip

There will be four judges. One is actually a husband and wife team – country music performer Aaron Tippen and his wife Thea (a native of Great Falls). Also on the panel is Sandra Thares, who is the Managing Director of Sip ‘n Dip; and Jim “Sarge” Sargent, a popular radio host in Great Falls. The fourth judge has not yet been chosen.

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10 Covid Rules In Pubs That Could Stay After “Freedom Day”


Freedom Day is fast approaching and the British are eagerly awaiting the easing of lockdown restrictions from Monday (July 19).

In his announcement earlier this week, Boris Johnson announced that most restrictions would be removed, including the legal requirement to wear face masks and social distancing.

In pubs and restaurants, the rule of six will be abandoned, as will table service.

However, that doesn’t mean life will return to normal as Johnson has called on the public and businesses to take a cautious approach to easing the lockdown.

Many officials criticized the government’s often confused and contradictory messages.

Dr Roger Barker, director of policy at the Institute of Directors, said bosses were “understandably confused” as he criticized “a series of mixed messages and patchwork demands”.

“Go back to work or continue to stay at home. Throw away your masks or continue to wear them. The long-awaited directives from the government today have done little to clear up this confusion, ”he said.

Earlier this week, the government issued post-July 19 guidelines for people who work or manage restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, nightclubs or take-out.

It details the recommended covid regulations that businesses should keep in place after Freedom Day.

The guidelines are described as voluntary, but they also state that sites should always perform a detailed Covid risk assessment to ensure they are not breaking health and safety laws.

Here are some of the Covid measures that pubs and restaurants may decide to maintain, under the new guidelines:

Face masks

In England, face masks are no longer a legal requirement.

However, the government says it “expects and recommends” people to continue wearing them in crowded areas, such as in pubs and restaurants.

Workers can choose whether or not to wear a face cover.

Vaccine passports

Boris Johnson recommended that some venues and events should use vaccine passports for entry “for a matter of social responsibility.”

The Covid Pass, on the NHS app, shows proof of a double vaccination, a recent negative test or natural immunity having recovered from the coronavirus.

According to the guidelines, the Covid Pass, on the NHS app, shows evidence of a double vaccination, recent negative test, or recovered natural immunity from the coronavirus.

He adds: ‘The government will work with organizations that operate large, overcrowded environments (eg nightclubs) where people are likely to be in close proximity to large numbers of people from other households to use the NHS. COVID Pass as a condition of entry.

“To support businesses, organizations and individuals in these contexts, the NHS COVID Pass will be available through the NHS app, the NHS website or as a letter that can be requested by calling NHS 119.”

NHS Test and Trace connection

Hospitality venues are ‘encouraged’ to display an official NHS QR code poster – ‘although it is not legally required to do so’.

The guide adds that “this will allow the NHS Test and Trace to contact those who may have been exposed to COVID-19 so they can book a test. ”


The government encourages good ventilation in enclosed spaces. So expect doors and windows to be open in some places.

The guide reads: “Good ventilation brings fresh or purified air to indoor spaces.

“The more fresh air is brought indoors, the more diluted any virus in the air will be. In poorly ventilated spaces, the residual virus can remain in the air after an infected person leaves and increase the risk of the spread of COVID-19. ”

Pubs were also asked to identify poorly ventilated areas using a CO2 monitor.

Venues can also get creative with their outdoor space, as they have been told to “encourage the use of outdoor space where possible, especially for high risk activities such as exercise or when people sing or raise their voices ”.

Screens and barriers are here to stay

The guide recommends that companies “install screens to minimize contact between locker room workers and customers, where this would not impact ventilation.”

And “install screens at points of service, for example at checkouts and counters, to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 between reception workers and customers.”

Buffets not recommended

Want to eat at the bar and buffets during family celebrations? They may not be allowed in some locations.

Sites were asked to “discourage customer self-service”.

Cleaning signs can still be displayed

Sites are always asked to “advise clients and workers to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently”.

Tables and touched surfaces will also be “cleaned regularly” and the guidelines say this is “particularly important before and after touching shared objects or surfaces that other people touch regularly”

Order at the bar

You can come to the bar to order your drink from Monday, but be careful not to lean on it.

Companies are invited to “reduce the number of surfaces touched by staff and customers.

“For example, ask customers not to lean on counters when placing orders.”

Staff rotations and “fixed team” work

Social distancing measures will be removed, but guidelines still recommend reducing contact between staff.

This may include the use of “fixed teams” or “partnerships”.

Whenever possible, staff are encouraged to work the same hours as some colleagues.

Paper condiments are here to stay

If you run out of bottled ketchup, you might be out of luck.

The guide recommends “cleaning non-disposable condiment containers after each use” – but failing to “provide only disposable condiments”.

Suzy Q, Bangalore’s newest restaurant and bar, is laid back luxury at its best. Here’s why you should visit …


The city’s cafes and restaurants are slowly opening their doors, as are the new eateries that have been waiting behind the scenes for the lockdown to end and the second wave to recede. Leading this load of new venues Suzy Q by 1522 is a blend of old Bengaluru charm, new-age luxury, and a hint of quirk. Located in the iconic Express building where the Asian restaurant 1Q1 was previously located, this is a colorful space with magnificent murals, Roman-style sculptures in solid hues, vintage-style lamps and chandeliers, and carefully selected furniture, offset by exposed brick walls. The open-air section, backing onto the scorched red facade with its arched windows, is equally impressive thanks to the clever landscaping and design, which maximizes space in the small area.

Suzy Q’s outdoor space
A view of the bar
A view of Suzy Q’s bar

We dropped by on a weekday to take a look around and sample some signature dishes from their menu. Starting with a few cocktails, we ordered the Stardust (gin, pear, star anise, egg white, lime and simple syrup), Kashmir Ki Kali (kahwa, whiskey, egg white, lime and simple syrup) and Hera Pheri
(whiskey, traditional Gujarati choondo pickle, lime and simple syrup). Of the three, it’s hard to pick a favorite, as each was unique and innovative.

Stardust - from Suzy Q's cocktail menu
Stardust – from Suzy Q’s cocktail menu

The drinks were paired with a range of starters, from Chakna Cone, featuring Suzy Q’s on the quintessential Indian snack of fox nuts and black gram flavored with onion and tomato masala, to Tandoori Hariyali shrimp. , made with marinated smoked shrimp cooked in a spinach and mint vinaigrette. We also sampled small portions of chicken and chimichurri mushrooms and bok choy. While the first, the chicken breast topped with South American chimichurri sauce, was delicious, this is the last one we couldn’t get enough of. The vegetarian dish combines button mushrooms and braised shiitake and bok choy with soy sauce, simple and subtle flavors that really seduced us.

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli from the Suzy Q's Menu
Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli from the Suzy Q’s Menu

For the main courses, we were served ravioli with spinach and ricotta. Ricotta spinach is always a winning combination, and the silky ravioli with the tangy tomato-based sauce on the side is a hit. Another must-try is Daryaganj Tawa Chicken, a Delhi specialty. The aromatic chicken cooked in a tomato and onion masala was presented with a missi roti, which was heartwarming and mouthwatering.

Rasmalai Tiramisu from Suzy Q's dessert menu
Rasmalai Tiramisu from Suzy Q’s dessert menu

The main courses were followed by a few desserts – New York Cheesecake and Rasmalai Tiramisu (tiramisu with mascarpone and coffee mousse, and mini rasmalai soaked in Baileys Irish cream). Among these, our choice would be tiramisu, thanks to the balance of sweet, creamy and bitter notes.

Featured as a friendly yet luxurious neighborhood bar with a menu that covers Asian, Mexican, Italian, and Indian cuisines, Suzy Q has something for everyone and is sure to attract plenty of customers.

Rs. 1,500 ++ for two. At Queens Road

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