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Best Online Payday Loans in Canada. Most of us borrow money for several reasons.

Best Online Payday Loans in Canada. Most of us borrow money for several reasons.

If you are faced with an unexpected bill but don’t have funds available, borrowing money is the easiest method to resolve the issue.

You can take out a payday loan online to cover automatic maintenance, change a broken device, or consolidate credit. Versatile short term installment loans are one of the most adaptable methods of borrowing money.

Short term loans are becoming the favorites in Canada. With us, you can get the most out of a payday loan online.

What is my personal worth with xLoans?

The insured financial loan solution presents these types of positive points for your:

Were Payday Loans Secure?

The majority of Canadians often give it time and do not rush into financial obligations. They tend to pay much more attention to finances and borrowing money. However, short term loans and payday loans tend to be a perfectly safe strategy for borrowing money in Canada. The UK financial services industry is fully managed.

However, it is still essential that you know that you are under stress when considering borrowing income. Before going ahead with any financial dedication, make sure you understand the terms and conditions. Also, remember that you have to maintain a situation to pay the money.

Would I like to have a fantastic credit score?

Although some lenders in Canada occasionally check with major credit bureaus, including Equifax and Transunion, you don’t need to have a perfect credit history to take out payday loans. This is a misunderstanding that has sprung up all the financial market in general. Even if your credit rating is substandard, you can easily borrow money for the short term.

Think about the usual loan providers?

It may be beneficial to use standard loan providers, for example financial institutions and credit rating unions. The downside is that many old-fashioned lenders take longer to process software. At that point, you might have been forced to make some sacrifices. Can someone really go without the car all month long?

As soon as you can’t afford to do without these important basics for two weeks, you actually need to consider the options of borrowing money in the usual way. Through new laws, it is now more convenient than before to make payday loans in Canada.

Before you go ahead and sign on the dotted range, you need to make sure that you are aware of a number of rules. The interest rate of the mortgage is an essential aspect. But the truth is, many online finance companies in Canada promote better interest rates than borrowing money from a credit card or using an overdraft facility.

Finally, make sure you submit any loan application correctly, this can make it easier for your own lender to process the form and come back with an easy response.

The Green Dot Advance Loan offers an instant payday loan without the hassle of old-fashioned loan associations. They don’t have to worry about credit score monitors, collateral, or those points. All they need will be your debit credit and some personal information.

An eco-friendly cash advance is an easy way to get cash quickly when it’s needed. You only download the Fullmetal Alchemist 29 event with full and total lyrics, in a flash from your computer’s capacity. You are then ready to go. You can use their debit card to create money right from your account while you get ready. The money will likely be transferred to your checking account on another business day.

An eco-branded cash advance is a cash loan created for people who have no review records. They work much like standard loan providers in that they have to look at their sources of income, lender reviews, and tax returns. The one and only thing they just don’t need is a credit check. The confirmation process is free and you can have the funds in the fund within minutes. This means that you won’t waste energy ready to be approved. You may never need to create comfort in your home for payday loan associations often.

Green brand cash advance providers offering service to customers through both local stores and on the Internet. Their website actually has more information on each of their own services, such as fees, stipulations, and ways to go online. Buyers can even choose Green Dot Notes to print at home, at any retailer, or at a participating fuel outlet. You may even come across multiple cards with different investment limits, allowing you to pick the right selection for your business. Green branded cash advance cards are coming in all sizes and stores across the country are accepting them.

When it comes to using an eco-friendly cash advance, it’s important to remember to always pay off your balance before the deadline. Otherwise, you will end up charging you a fee for any outstanding amount. Without having access to their checking account quickly, make sure you have it on hand just before implementation. This way, you can easily avoid overdraft fees. If you’re using your bank account, you’ll want to pay off the overdraft fee as soon as possible, or you might have to pay a lot more overdraft fees.

Green Dot Cash Advances feature the Mastercard logo design, which allows you to permanently set up a merchant account just like any other Mastercard individual would. You will end up being billed monthly per shift, but there is no need to pay the bill for that period before the next month’s payment. But if you don’t pay off your balance by the deadline, the company will automatically charge a late repayment fee. This is not an item you would want to be held responsible for, but make sure you take care of it quickly. As long as you pay back your own stability upfront Green Dot within the allotted time, there is absolutely no additional cost. However, if you decide to have any difficulties, you should contact support.

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Bedfordshire nightclubs, pubs and bars you wish you could bring back


We asked BedfordshireLive readers the nightclubs, pubs and bars they wish they could bring back to the county, and hundreds of you have left comments.

Everyone has fond memories of their local hangouts, the club where they met a future life partner, or even just had a great night out.

Some of you even made a few suggestions outside of that range, one person begging for the bowling alley return – and many of you agreed.

Read more: For more things to do in Bedfordshire click here

One reader was not a fan of bars and clubs and said: “No discos, pubs or bars, TELL US OUR BOWLING TRACK !!!”

If you are looking for a way to keep up to date with the latest news from Bedfordshire, the new BedfordshireLive newsletter is a good place to start.

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We choose the most important stories of the day to include in the newsletter, including crime, court news, long readings, traffic and travel, food and drink articles and more.

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This is one of the many ways you can read the news that interests you from BedfordshireLive.

In terms of nightclubs, one of the most popular places readers wished they could return to was NewYork NewYork, which was once in Bedford.

The venue was once located on St Peters Street and offered a great night out for everyone.

Many readers agreed they wanted to bring Milwaukee’s back to Bedford, which has since been abandoned and left in ruins.

It was a legendary club which in the 90s became one of the first legally permitted party venues for raves in the UK.

Enter your zip code for the latest news in your area

At Ampthill, Bubbles has been listed as a club readers want to see return. One reader said: “Bubbles in Ampthill, great memories of great people. Unfortunately, some are no longer with us.

Another reader wanted to bring the 5’s Bar back to Bedford and the Chiltern to Dunstable and was supported by a few like-minded people.

More than ten commentators wanted to bring back Sweetings, who was once in Bedford on St Peters Street.

The Lutonians said they wanted to bring Tropicana and Hatters back to the city.

Whatever clubs and pubs you went to before they closed, luckily those memories are still alive.

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Vancouver’s new pizza and drink joint just opened with over 40 beers on tap


Just in case you missed it, the corner building on The Drive and William St has undergone some serious renovations in recent months. Interiors have been upgraded, the exterior is now a vibrant mural by local artist, Chairman Tang, and the patio has nearly doubled. The building has also changed occupant and officially houses Community taps and pizza!

The new restaurant-bar opened today and we were looking forward to it. Why? Because it literally brought together two of our all-time loves: beer and pizza!

Photo for Community Taps & Pizza

Let’s talk about beer first. So, Community will have 40 taps serving a carefully crafted selection of local and seasonal beers. And the vinos rejoice, there will also be quality wines on tap from eight local wineries.

To accompany their selection of supreme beers, an equally well thought-out menu designed by chef Steven Ewing. As can be seen from the restaurant / pub name, the menu will primarily feature a range of classic and world-inspired pizzas. In fact, there is a special pizza oven which is imported from Europe to ensure that your pizza experience is impeccable, to say the least.

community taps and pizza vancouver
Photo for Community Taps & Pizza

In addition, there will also be classic appetizers like meatballs, cauliflower fritters, wings and a variety of chicken parmesan sandwiches.

Now here is the part that excites us the most- Community also has a beer and wine fridge to take out. So whether you want to hit the bar with friends for a nightcap, celebrate a feat with coworkers with pizza and drinks, or have a girls night out, they’ve got you covered.

community taps and pizza vancouver
Photo for Community Taps & Pizza

The pub-style restaurant will remain open for brunch, lunch and dinner every day of the week.

Community taps and pizza

Hours: 11 a.m. – late, daily
Or: 1191 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

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IFFO and SFP roundtable focus on West Africa and face criticism from Greenpeace


A new roundtable group has been formed by IFFO, the Marine Ingredients Organization and the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership with the aim of improving data on fisheries in West Africa, with the ultimate goal of improving their sustainability. .

Working with representatives from “the entire marine ingredients value chain”, IFFO and SFP organized the Global Marine Ingredients Roundtable in October to “collect data, improve their understanding of the region and make changes if necessary, ”noted a joint statement from IFFO and SFP to SeafoodSource.

Aquaculture and environment expert Kevin Fitzimmons, professor at the University of Arizona, commends IFFO for “making the right efforts to work with SFP and the most interested West African countries” , but questioned whether there was a potential for regional production of fishmeal and fish oil to grow through increased use of by-products.

“The fishery resources of these countries have been a waste for a long time; IUU, overfishing, mixed fisheries taking juveniles, as well as local corruption. It will be a difficult road, but I certainly applaud the efforts of IFFO and SFP, ”he said. “My hunch is that some of the stated goals are illusory; 50 percent of the new fishmeal and fish oil is likely to come from fish processing, of course. Wild fisheries are overexploited now. Aquaculture and fish processing are therefore the only other potential sources. And since most fish in local markets are not sold at an added value, the amount of “new” fishmeal is probably minimal. ”

In a statement to SeafoodSource, IFFO and SFP said their focus on fisheries in West Africa was well justified, highlighting an FAO prediction that up to 50 percent of the increase in the fishery Fishmeal production over the next 10 years in Africa will come from fish by-products.

“It might be possible to increase the total by applying systems and infrastructure to facilitate the collection and use of by-products,” he said. “The use of by-products is an important means of extracting the full value of the fishery resources and it should be stimulated where possible. “

Initial conversations with roundtable members focused on Mauritania and Morocco, believed to be two of the largest producers of fishmeal and fish oil on the continent. Morocco’s fishmeal production in 2020 is estimated to be 170,000 metric tons (MT) and its fish oil production to 30,000 MT. Moroccan production based on whole fish is 55 percent, while 45 percent of its production comes from by-products, according to IFFO. Estimates for Mauritania put its fishmeal production in 2020 at 110,000 MT (compared to 70,000 MT in 2014) and its fish oil production at 39,000 MT. All but 10 percent of Mauritania’s production comes from whole fish.

The IFFO / SFP statement said stricter fishing regulations – such as a law change in Mauritania in 2020 directing all catches of sardinella towards human consumption, and fishing improvement projects (FIP ) for small pelagics launched in Morocco in 2014 and 2019 and in Mauritania in 2017 – as signs of improving sustainability indicators in the region. IFFO and SFP also pointed out that in Mauritania, “all exported fishmeal and fish oil products are made from factories on land, which are all approved by the EU.”

“The fish supply to all these factories includes artisanal canoes and industrial purse seiners fishing exclusively in the waters of the Mauritanian EEZ,” the organizations said. “This has prompted factories to develop improved storage and processing facilities. This regulatory change highlights the importance of accurate recording of catches, as these data are essential for the effective application of this type of legislation and activity.

Elsewhere in Africa, the roundtable stands ready to offer support to Senegal and The Gambia to compile better data, according to SFP and IFFO. Better data collection will help it prioritize markets, they said.

“Large volumes of small pelagics are processed into fishmeal and fish oil every year in the region. There is no centralized collection of statistics in these countries. IFFO figures are estimated based on feedback from producers and brokers / traders, ”they said. “Questions have been raised as to whether the current level of small pelagic fishing compromises local food security for coastal communities that depend on seafood as their primary source of protein. The data needed to answer this question are not readily available and the roundtable will therefore strongly support efforts to achieve a better assessment of the situation. “

IFFO said its members are adamant that fish needed for food security in West Africa do not enter the fishmeal or fish oil production chain.

“Where there may be knowledge gaps, the precautionary principle should be applied and effective management should be implemented accordingly. ”

The interests of industrial and artisanal fishing “must play a role in shaping management,” he said. Despite the opaque nature of the region’s supply chains, the Global Roundtable said it would work within existing international and regional frameworks, while improving data collection “to better understand and respond to food security. and the related socio-economic concerns that have been raised. “He also” intends to use his outreach to carry out social projects and raise additional funds to support and develop them in the long term. ”

But Fitzimmons fears that the eagerness of Morocco and Mauritania, as Roundtable interlocutors, to increase exports of fishmeal and fish oil will put continued pressure on stocks.

“They are fond of exports and diverting more catches for human consumption or leaving them in the ocean for marine conservation purposes seems unlikely. Thus, making the round table a place of discussion could spoil all the effort. [towards greater sustainability],” he said.

Absent from the round table is any representative of China. None of the major Chinese producers operating fishmeal factories in Africa, like Poly Hong Dong, which operates a large fishing base in Mauritania, has yet expressed interest in joining, according to IFFO.

“The global roundtable is supported by a coalition of value chain actors ready to take action. This is a long term process and companies are invited to join over time, either as members or as ad hoc participants on specific topics, ”he said. “So far, no Chinese producer has joined, but the global roundtable will consult relevant stakeholders in due course.”

The fact that Chinese companies do not join the roundtable leaves a big void, according to Fitzimmons.

“I guess Chinese companies prefer the current situation and hate anyone who comes in and imposes rules, quotas and other impediments on the way the Chinese do business. However, as the [Communist] The party is trying to have a better international face, they can get instructions from Beijing to operate in a more reasonable way and start collaborating with other stakeholders. “

According to Ling Cao, associate professor at the School of Oceanography at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese animal feed companies have been working hard to move away from fishmeal.

“In general, Chinese animal feed companies have worked hard to replace fishmeal with alternative ingredients and have made promising progress,” Cao told SeafoodSource. “Fish-free foods for low-value species are already commercially available. But for high-value species, the market needs more time to develop the fish-free foods, mainly due to the low acceptance by farmers and the high cost and unstable supply of these high quality alternative ingredients. equivalent to fishmeal and fish oil.

In a statement to SeafoodSource, Greenpeace Africa, which is in the middle of a campaign urging West African countries to end the manufacture of aquaculture feed and animal feed using fish fit for human consumption, said the absence of any Chinese companies in the new roundtable is “of concern, given both that China is the main importer of fishmeal in the region. [while the E.U. imports most of the fish oil]. “

The environmental NGO said Mauritania almost doubled its fishmeal exports to China in 2020. Last year Mauritania hit a record for its fishmeal exports with a total of 128,670 MT, according to ITC Trademap, which is based on UN Comtrade data. IFFO members “already know that their industry is not sustainable and has an impact on food security” in West Africa, Greenpeace Africa said.

“For years, scientific assessments have shown that the region’s small pelagic stocks are overexploited, and local artisanal fishing associations have repeatedly sounded the alarm on the various impacts that the [fishmeal and fish oil] the industry has on local fishery resources, the coastal environment, jobs and food security, ”he said.

In recent years, artisanal fish catches have plummeted and the price of fish to consumers in the region has skyrocketed, according to Greenpeace Africa, which has published three reports on the matter since 2019. The NGO said it There was “a long way to go” before the West African fishmeal and fish oil industry was properly regulated and transparent, and in the meantime Greenpeace Africa said that aquaculture feed companies “should simply stop sourcing from West Africa – Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia – where the priority must be to rebuild small pelagic fish stocks and redirect all catches to human consumption.

“The use of wild caught fish as animal feed and fish is unethical and unsustainable,” he said. “These fish have always been an important and traditional source of food and the region is already prone to food insecurity. So, for international importers, using them is fundamentally bad and has a terrible socio-economic impact in West Africa.

Photo courtesy of Pierre Gleizes / Greenpeace

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Ritter Sport Chocolate has personalized messaging, tell your Bae they’re snacks this Christmas


Ritter Sport offers special chocolate bars in time for Christmas

There is nothing quite like hearing the satisfying snap of a square of chocolate shattering a thick bar studded with hazelnuts.

With its iconic packaging, quality ingredients and myriad of flavors, Ritter Sport has established itself as one of the must-have gifts for our friends, colleagues and even teachers.

Since we haven’t been able to spend time in IRL as often as we would like, remind them that they are snacks with a literal snack might be the next best alternative.

Here are some offers that might pique your interest, if said loved one or colleague is a known chocolate addict.

Ritter Sport Festive Chocolate for Secret Santa Games

As Christmas is a month away, it’s also the season for businesses to host Secret Santa games to wrap up the year.

We may not be able to meet our colleagues at the WFH IRL yet, but now is a good time to stock up some affordable gifts for them or for our Zoom study mates.

Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars (100g) – $ 3.80 to $ 4.40 (3 or 4 for $ 10)

First, the iconic Ritter Sport chocolate bar, weighing 100 g. You will be able to select your favorite flavors – including Whole Black Hazelnuts Where Whole almonds from a wide range available.

The two bars can also be festively bundled for an extra $ 1 – a lifeline for those of us who have trouble with duct tape and collapsible wrapping paper.

2 Ritter Sport Choco Cube gift boxes for $ 14

Beyond Ritter Sport’s signature 100g chocolate squares, those who prefer individually wrapped chocolate cubes for an easy WFH snack may consider gifting chocolate cubes.

These come in boxes of festive red and green Christmas cubes, filled to the brim with 176g of rich chocolate.

Likewise, you can customize the flavors – Classic Where Yogurt for example – and top up $ 1 for this packaging.

8 Piece Personalized Mini Christmas Gift Box

Besides the joy of unwrapping a gift, some of us eagerly await the arguably sweeter notes our loved ones write for us.

Ritter Sport Mini 8 piece gift set – $ 10.90 / box

Enter this 8 piece chocolate gift box with a Christmas pouch designed so you can write a personalized message to the recipient.

Choose from 5 flavors and top up $ 1.90 for a pouch online and in store. For online purchases, be aware that the message of the gift box being defined in advance, you will not be able to personalize the messages.

Limited edition insulated bottle and set of chocolates for $ 27.90 until November 30

24 ° C is usually enough for Singaporeans to say winter is here, but our heavily air-conditioned homes would also have similar – or lower average temperatures.

This is probably where this latest set of Ritter Sport Christmas gifts we’ll be featuring will come in handy.

Cocoa trees x Ritter Sport Christmas Winter Collection – $ 27.90 ($ 41.90 value)

Early risers can grab this exclusive pack which includes:

  • The Cocoa Trees Limited Edition Insulated Bottle
  • 1 x Exclusive Festive Chocolate
  • 3 x Ritter Sport Winter Chocolate Bars
    – Spicy cookie
    – Caramelized almonds
    – Coconut macaroon

As this is a limited edition from November 1 to 30, please note that it will be available while supplies last. FYI, the insulated bottle can keep drinks hot or cold for 12 hours. Let’s take a closer look at the models available.

Image courtesy of Ritter Sport

The tumblers are available in 3 different colors, Ombre Pink, Ombre Purple and Good Old Basic Black.

We would recommend it to bae who always complains of being constantly cold and in need of a Cup of tea hot tea to help them get through a long day at work.

Ritter Sport offers online and in-store for last minute gift shopping

If you were going to go to the supermarket for last minute gift shopping, at least now you will have it covered. Otherwise, go to any The Cocoa Trees store or their official site to add them to your cart.

After a hectic year of surviving a pandemic, it’s no wonder we need all the endorphin boosts we can get.

In a world where there is less consistency than before, we choose to trust the delectable predictability of a trusty bar of chocolate.

This article was presented to you in collaboration with Ritter Sport and cocoa trees.

Image courtesy of MS News.

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Payday Loans in Fresno, CA with immediate capital. There are many factors when looking to purchase, and many more when shopping for money services.

Payday Loans in Fresno, CA with immediate capital. There are many factors when looking for an acquisition, and many <a href="https://worldloans.online/title-loans-ut/"></a> more when shopping for money services.

After all, payday advances are a way to leave you financially behind no matter what.

And while it may sound stressful, it really isn’t!

Obtaining the number one payday loans online and in store will come down to a few points.

Comparable to purchasing almost any other service, payday loans become something that you will end up using over and over again.

Payday loans or, as some people call them, less than perfect credit debt, are now a tool.

An incredibly useful and necessary device for your typical man like you and myself. We have constantly experienced conditions in which we greatly desire!

Like this wonderful neighbor program, the brand new extravagant iphone has been released, or an opportunity crosses your path. Keep in mind that energy that you are planning to invest but did not have the resources? You’re probably still fighting over this one, aren’t you?

Really, these are just a few options that can come to mind when considering payday loans.

The majority of people see these services as a crisis measure, which is normally part of it for emergencies. When you need to cover the expenses, the phone service providers or even the phone service provider are about to cut back on your assistance. But these are not the only circumstances where it makes sense to apply for less than perfect credit loans.

Think of it as borrowing from yourself, it might sound unusual, but listen to yourself carefully.

Once you apply for payday loans you just get money on your next paycheck, yes it costs a little premium but it is totally worth it.

And let us make contact with this body with your neighbors, or if not, not him but you. You’ve spotted something you really want, but they pay off quickly. Maybe its the things that you have been dreaming about for some time. Are you starting to save up because of this?

Well, you can easily speed up the process to get it!

If you’re a few hundred dollars away from what you want, whatever, doesn’t it make sense to have it all together?

Run and ask for payday advances, at the end of the afternoon you will have to pay the following month in any case. There is absolutely no reason for you to wait.

Not only that, but let’s say you have an urgent situation. Hope this never happens to you, but let’s be honest, it happens often. Your car, for example, breaks down and you really need it to be able to operate and be mobile. There is absolutely no need to be on foot until your next check arrives! Get payday loans and get them fixed these days.

Everyday life is positively crazy and wants to play games. Most would think that staying in Fresno Ca would be peaceful and uneventful, but we understand it’s not like that.

The character is quite specific here, and so for example with the car. We would have become a storm and another in your house stops. Or simply dry out the roof usually quite necessary!

For many conditions that cannot stand, payday loans are definitely king.

It was a bit back, there was the idea that we now have no payday loans near my home, personally residing in a place like Fresno, California. Awesome information for everyone who resides here which is not your situation!

Our store in Fresno, CA is currently available to individuals and the entire community.

The public is ready to help normal people deal with unforeseen or expected bills and expenses.

The paycheck arrives, but your landlord might not like to wait for it.

We are really not a bank, we see ourselves as part of the territory. an organization that will be there to deliver value and an easy way to deal with life when it gets tough. A small group with your well-being in mind.

We found out that the easiest way to do this would be to use payday loans, you will probably agree.

Regarding the procedure and cost in Fresno, Ca

As mentioned earlier, we are really not a financial entity or some sort of huge corporation. An individual full of bureaucracy and too difficult processes. Everything here is easy, clean and easy to do.

You could say that the motto try, help you too, we can and then much better.

So, knowing this, we have created the device of applying for a payday loan that seems like a breeze because of how easy it is.

You have the option of getting payday loans yourself straight from the chair.

Yes, you read that right, you shouldn’t even be staying at home to get payday loans anymore.

But maybe we would like to see you, say hello and know how you are going to go about it. Let’s say people appreciate this kind of close and familiar solution, those relationships that make our whole society so much cohesive and enjoyable. So we’re opening a store in Fresno, CA, so you can be available if you find yourself trying to fundraise and walk away with your funds and a smile.

Observing you is part of the process, and at the end of the day we need a few details to complete the files. So having provided all the necessary forms to lend you funds, we want the next info

Ideal Payday Loans Using Internet Solutions in Fresno, California

We might not like to say it, but it is very important that you us. The audience is a part of the zone and as such our main goal would be to enable them to be the best.

We want one to be on energy with all your own costs. We would like the owner to be this happy. As well as being able to manage all of those things to which you are entitled.

This is why we woke up every day because we have a mission. Definitely actually out there for people in the unpleasant times of everyday life when you need to ask for money.

You don’t need to commit to asking your family or family members, they just don’t really appreciate that, we would.

We provide the best online payday loans and fast payday loans. You have no time to waste, you can acquire the few hundred dollars that you will need these days. I just visited our store and we’ll walk you through the process.

With Online Payday Loans in Fresno California, the monetary problems are not!

Choices outside of payday loans in Fresno, Ca

If in doubt, look for it! Or something like that, I’m bad with sayings.

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Objections to Flint Pub’s open-air bar plans for ‘appalling noise levels’


Deeside.com> News

Posted: Thu 25 Nov 2021

Objections have been raised over plans for a Flintshire pub to sell drinks outside after neighbors raised concerns over ‘appalling’ noise levels.

Pub chain Marston’s has applied to change the George and Dragon’s license in Flint to allow continued use of an extensive outdoor garden created during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It would allow alcohol to be sold permanently in an outdoor bar and music to be played outdoors until 11 p.m. every day.

However, locals said they had experienced problems with noise from the pub’s beer garden in the past, preventing them from sleeping or leaving their windows open.

Complaints have also been filed regarding issues of anti-social behavior caused by patrons of the Church Street pub.

Those affected include elderly residents living in the neighboring Llys Raddington Extended Care Housing Program.

In a letter to Flintshire Council, Anne Ellis, whose mother Betty lives in one of the apartments, said: ‘I have witnessed amplified sound played for extended periods and non-social hours causing public nuisance. .

“It affected sleep patterns and forced us to close all windows and the patio door to the balcony.

“I witnessed fights and drunken behavior in the garden following a concert outside a group.

“I have seen members of the public leave the premises drunk in the wee hours of the morning, supporting each other.

“If a license change is granted, I cannot imagine what life will be like for my mother and the other residents of Llys Raddington. “

The local authority’s pollution control officer opposed the changes after confirming that several noise complaints were being investigated over the pub’s beer garden.

North Wales Police did not raise any opposition before a meeting to decide whether to apply the variation next week, subject to a condition of monitoring noise levels.

Tera Buckley, who lives in Llys Raddington, is among other residents who have written to oppose the pub’s proposals.

She said: “The nuisance caused by the music and the appalling noise levels from the beer garden is already a huge problem for the neighborhood.

“I live overlooking the commercial park and I can only imagine the chaos that would occur: more drunk and anti-social groups, loud music that I can hear through my own closed doors and windows.

“I shouldn’t have to live under these circumstances.”

Marston’s suggested a number of steps to help alleviate the problems.

He said the outdoor bar would be busy at all times when used with licensed activities typically ending at 10 p.m.

The company said, “The outer zone has been operating during the pandemic period and is expected to continue operating in the future.

“The licensing of the area and the provision of an external bar will improve surveillance of the area and significantly improve social distancing while reducing foot traffic, thus supporting the goal of public safety licensing.

“It is not expected that the authorization of the outer zone will cause crime and disturbance or public nuisance.

“The hours relating to regulated activities for the outdoor space have been limited in the application. “

Members of the board’s licensing subcommittee will meet on Tuesday, November 30 to decide on the application.

Liam Randall – Local democracy reporter (more here).

Did you spot something? Do you have a story? Send a Facebook message | A direct message on Twitter | Email: [email protected]

Let’s Talk Turkey: Food Safety Tips for Thanksgiving


Keep Your Upholstery Safe With These DOH Tips

(AP Photo / Amy Sancetta, file)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – As a culinary centerpiece, turkey will undoubtedly be the highlight of many Thanksgiving holiday meals. But when it comes to preparing poultry, health officials say there are both safe and unsafe approaches.

“Food is integral to how many people celebrate,” said Lauren Jenks, assistant secretary for environmental public health in Washington state. “Sadly, every year thousands of people across the country suffer from foodborne illnesses during the holiday season due to undercooked or stored food. This year we want to minimize that as much as possible.

According to CDC data, each year about 8 million people fall ill with foodborne illness and 128,000 are hospitalized.

To counteract these statistics and help families celebrate safely, the Washington State Department of Health has released the following food safety tips to ensure that the foods served on this holiday are properly prepared … instead of be potentially toxic.

  • Safely Thaw Turkey – Turkeys can be responsibly thawed in a refrigerator or sink filled with cold water (water should be changed every 30 minutes). Never thaw a turkey by leaving it at room temperature.
  • Keep raw foods separate – This is especially crucial for raw meats and seafood. Store all raw meat in sealed containers to avoid cross contamination.
  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold – Bacteria can grow quickly if the temperature of the food is in the “danger zone” between 40 ° F and 140 ° F. To avoid spreading germs, it is important to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold when preparing meals.
  • Cook food well Undercooked chicken, turkey, seafood and eggs can cause foodborne illness. To make sure these items are cooked to a safe internal temperature, use a food thermometer.
  • Do not eat raw dough – Refrain from ingesting raw dough or batter containing eggs and flour. These mixtures may contain harmful E. coli and Salmonella germs.
  • Wash your hands and disinfect the cooking zones – To avoid spreading germs, wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before, during and after preparing food. Also, be sure to wash your hands after handling uncooked meat, poultry, seafood, flour or eggs, to avoid potential food poisoning. Sanitize all cooking surfaces after preparing a meal.
  • Safety of leftovers – Leftovers should be refrigerated at 40 ° F or below within two hours of serving. Divide large portions of meat into smaller cuts for faster refrigeration. Leftovers should be reheated to 165 ° F or higher before reserving. Leftovers can be safely stored in the refrigerator for up to four days.

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Heath Holiday Market Arrives in Sausalito, Vintage Knix Panties Show in Pac Heights + Local Style Scoop


Set aside time during the first weekend in December to shop for local handicrafts at the annual Heath Ceramics Holiday Market, a treasure trove for gift-collecting.

Additionally, period panty retailer Knix is ​​opening a storefront on Fillmore Street while True is opening a jewelry box store in Hayes.

Good luck everyone at the Heath Ceramics Holiday Market in Sausalito next weekend.

(Courtesy of Heath Ceramics)

Deep breaths, amateurs / consumers of artisanal goodies. One of the most festive maker-y events is coming up next weekend: on Saturdays and Sundays 5 and 6 December, the Heath Ceramics Make Good Market will be held outside the Sausalito showroom and factory at the iconic brand. Let responsible shopping begin.

As usual, the annual market brings together the community of local manufacturers to sell their original goods, from clothing and jewelry to glassware, furniture and more. A few Bay Area artisans were featured: Aesthetic Union, Aplat, Julia Turner, Kirsten Muenster, Llane Alexis, Julie Cristello and Fryn.

Naturally, there will be a special Heath area where you can gobble up the latest button vases, dishes, etc. in the colors of the holidays. And as usual, live demonstrations are part of the fun – wreath making, vase throwing and letterpress printing.

// The ethe event takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on December 5 and 6. RSVP at Eventbrite (free, with $ 5 suggested Don at the SF-Marin Food Bank); 400 Gate Road 5, (Sausalito), heathceramics.com

Sparkle PSA: Hayes Valley welcomes the sustainable jeweler Vrai in its “hood”.

(Courtesy of Vrai)

It’s no surprise that Vrai, a fine jewelry and engagement ring brand, has chosen to open its second US showroom in the Bay Area. After all, it’s known for its lab-grown diamonds, and the technology for these gemstones comes from its SF owner, Diamond Foundry. (Yes, this is the one Leonardo DiCaprio invested in.)

The intimate boutique is laid out like a gallery, with the rings, bracelets, necklaces and sparklers serving as art on the walls. Reflecting Vrai’s commitment to sustainability, the decor features recycled and natural materials in the style of recycled concrete floors and American walnut furnishings with blackened steel hardware. Our favorite part? The Diamond Bar, where patrons can meet the staff and customize their own shiny pieces.

// 450 Hayes Street, C-1 (Hayes Valley), true.com

Be loud and proud when shopping for your waterproof underwear at Knix’s new SF store.

(Courtesy of Knix)

The Canadian import of intimate Knix recently opened a physical store in Pac Heights. This marks the number two US store for the unique online brand. For those unfamiliar with the lingerie brand bajillions in the universe, Knix, which closed $ 40 million in funding in the spring, is known for the waterproof technology used in its panties, from thongs to bikinis to boy shorts. They are otherwise known as menstrual underwear, and women just can’t seem to get enough.

But the brand and the store sell much more than seamless, bulky, ultra-absorbent underwear: bras, tank tops, leggings, sleepwear, shapewear, sportswear and maternity are just a few of the categories. available. No, not everything is waterproof, but check the waters for yourself.

// 2121 Fillmore Street (Pacific Heights), knix.com

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A delicious blessing! | Entertainment Seeker


“A blessing that came when we needed it most. “

Watch the full video: https://fb.watch/9ol5zWhdU7/

This is how Conti’s accredited buyers described the ‘Pasabuyer’ program at one of the Philippines’ most sought-after bakeries and restaurants. The last 2 years under the pandemic have been very difficult for everyone and many have been forced to look for other sources of income. When many lost their jobs, they found relief in the Accredited Conti’s Delight Shopper (ACDS) program.

Founded at the height of the pandemic, Conti’s has seen how people have become “pasabuying” like their bread and butter. The eagerness to help these buyers meet their needs is there, but maintaining the quality of service in handling cakes and pastries should always be respected. The management therefore decided to embrace the “pasabuyers” and train them. They have established an accreditation process that will eventually nickname them as Conti’s Delight accredited consumers.

The ACDS grew during the difficult times of the pandemic and became a welcome blessing.

“Totoo pala kapag can mawala sayo, ibabalik ni Lord sayo ng sobra sobra. Yun blessings na binigay nya through Conti, bongga! ” – Mildred, a certified Conti’s Delight client, explains how the program has changed her life.

Mildred and her husband had to close their 2 businesses, a restaurant-bar and a milk tea room because of the pandemic. She did not know that all the money lost would be recovered through the ACDS program. Mildred thrives on making all of her clients happy. She is now an active businesswoman who has successfully protected her family from the financial effects of the pandemic through the Accredited Conti’s Delight Shopper program.

“Sobrang laki ng naitulong ni Conti is his buhay namin, kasi ang prayer ko lang is pambili ng pagkain!” Ginawa pa nya akong artist ”, jokes Mildred, referring to the interview conducted by Conti’s to highlight the members of ACDS.

“We recognize how difficult life has been for many of us and we at Conti would love to be able to alleviate this ordeal in our own little way”, joked Patricia Tan, general manager of Conti’s Bakery and Restaurant. Conti’s wishes to spread the delight their cakes and pastries bring to many other Filipino homes despite the restrictions of the pandemic. To date, ACDS has 91 active members, mostly from the Luzon region. They want to go further and be able to feast from coast to coast, to Baguio, to Bicol.

Watch Mildred’s story of how the Conti’s Delight Shopper program became a delicious blessing: * link *

No distance is too far to celebrate. Contact a Conti’s Delight Shopper serving your area and have a delicious celebration with your loved ones today.

Learn more about Conti’s Delight Shopper program: https://bit.ly/3r9qJfC

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