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What Effects Do Personal Loans Have on Your Credit Score?

What Effects Do Personal Loans Have on Your Credit Score?

What personal loans can do to help or harm your credit score

A high score could aid you in obtaining lower interest rates, and also save money over the long run.

The process of learning how to create credit is crucial. Credit bureaus establish your score by analyzing five important elements of information:

  1. History of payments
  2. Amount of money due
  3. The length of credit history
  4. New credit
  5. Credit mix

If you get a personal loan, that debt could affect all five of the areas, which can cause your score to grow and decrease the next way.

1. Establishing payment history

Impact on credit: It helps your credit

Your credit history is the single major factor that determines your credit and accounts for 35 percent of the credit score. If you pay every one of your personal loan payments on time on the due date of your statement and you’re able to establish a positive credit history, your credit score will increase.

However, even one or two payments on your loan could tarnish your credit history and lead to your score decreasing. Keep making payments on schedule and be sure to avoid late payments to ensure that you aren’t in debt.

2. Lowering your credit utilization ratio

The impact on your credit It helps your credit

Your credit utilization (or how much the available credit you’ve utilized could account for as much as 30 percent of the credit score. If you frequently max out your credit cards then your credit utilization is probably high, causing damage to your credit. You could increase your credit score by getting a personal loan for debt consolidation.

They tend to be installment loans, so they’re not included in the credit utilization ratio. However, using a low-interest personal loan to pay off your high-interest credit card debt is a smart strategy to reduce your ratio and increase your credit.

3. Improve your credit mix

Impact on credit: It helps your credit

The lenders want to know that you’re able to responsibly manage kinds of credit including credit cards and personal loans, student loans, auto loans, and much more. Your credit mix makes up 10 percent of the credit score. If you apply for an entirely personal loan for the first time, you are taking out a personal loan, you diversify your credit mix, which could enhance your credit.

4. The introduction of a new credit

Credit impact: Can hurt your credit

The lenders are worried when they observe borrowers open the doors to new lines of credit within a short period of time. This is the reason why the new credit can affect 10 percent of the credit score. If you get an entirely fresh personal loan, it will be listed as a new loan upon your credit report and could affect your credit score by sending it down a bit.

5. New credit inquiries

Credit impact: Can hurt your credit

When you’re applying to get a personal loan, it’s a wise idea to look at the offers of different lenders in order to find the most competitive personal loan rates. To give you a price, many lenders will conduct a credit inquiry. This could cause damage to your credit. Credit inquiries can cost the equivalent of five points off of the credit score.

To reduce the effect of credit inquiries when you are looking to get a personal loan, get quotes all at once with the soft credit inquiry. The comparison of personal loan lenders through Credible employs the soft credit check, which is the only one — and won’t harm your credit.

Acquiring a personal loan

If you’re blessed with good credit or bad credit You can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of getting a loan and the impact it has on your credit. When you make timely payments and enhance the quality of your credit blend, and decrease the credit use ratio can reap the advantages of taking out a personal loan while improving your credit.

If you’ve decided that you think a personal loan is right for you, be sure to look at a range of personal loan lenders, including the terms of loans, loan amount, rates, and much more. Credible allows you to evaluate the top personal loans simultaneously, helping you find the most suitable loan that fits your needs.

The Las Vegas Strip loses its iconic casino


The casinos on the Las Vegas Strip offer much more than hotel rooms, casinos, restaurants and shows. Huge properties owned by companies such as MGM Resorts International (MGM) – Get the MGM Resorts International ReportCaesars Entertainment (CZR) – Get the report from Caesars Entertainment Inc.Wynn Resorts (WYNN) – Get Wynn Resorts, Limited Reportand others need and provide more than these elements to attract customers.

Every casino resort needs to attract people who simply pass by, which has led these companies to build not only incredible facades, but also world-class free attractions that almost make people stop. Las Vegas is well past the days when a 99 cent shrimp cocktail got people off the streets.

Major casino companies have added awesome free shows and attractions like the Fountains at Bellagio, the Eiffel Tower light show at Caesars Paris Las Vegas, free circus acts at Circus Circus, the flamingo habitat at Caesars Flamingo and the Fall of Atlantis show inside. Forum of the Caesars.

These attractions have set the bar very high in the effort to bring people to the various casinos. The Venetian, for example, has canals – a sort of replica of those in Venice – and while they’re beautiful, they’re also free to look at as they draw shoppers into the property.

Today, an iconic Las Vegas experience that has been delighting tourists since 1989 has entered its final days. It’s a blow for the city and a kind of symbolic end of an era.

The Mirage volcano will soon no longer erupt

Late last year, MGM struck a deal to sell the Mirage to Hard Rock International for just over $1 billion. The move was something of a sequel — a kind of swap — for MGM to take over operations of the Cosmopolitan.

“Now, I’ve mentioned in the past that we’re happy with the amount of exposure we currently have in Las Vegas,” Chief Executive Bill Hornbuckle said at the company’s press conference. third quarter earnings call.

“As such, we are currently in the early stages of a process to sell Mirage operations. This will allow us to maintain our existing exposure in Las Vegas while focusing on the complementary and diverse nature of our offerings in our hometown.”

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It’s easy to see why MGM sold the Mirage: the addition of Cosmopolitan gave the company additional exposure on the Las Vegas Strip.

But this decision condemned an emblematic part of the Mirage.

Under a licensing agreement with MGM, Hard Rock plans to keep the main hotel and casino towers of the Mirage under that name for up to three years. He also plans to build a Guitar Hotel, a mirror of his property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on the property,

This new structure will be built in part where the iconic Mirage Volcano currently stands.

Las Vegas loses an icon

While many other attractions followed, the Mirage Volcano holds a special place in Las Vegas history.

“At the time, there were no outdoor attractions on the Strip that even came close to the Mirage Volcano,” said Alan Feldman, a prominent member of the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. and a former long-time gaming company executive. Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“It would become an instant hit, drawing huge crowds of pedestrians, and even its fair share of drivers along Las Vegas Boulevard who would stop their cars in the street just to watch the show.”

Hard Rock has made no statement as to when the Volcano will be closed, but given the three-year name licensing agreement and the time it takes to build something as complex as a Guitar Hotel, the days of the attraction are numbered.

“The volcano is incredibly iconic for its generation,” Feldman said. “I think it’s very important to remember that Las Vegas is a city built on change. And she built her success on change and reinvention.

The company creates access to wages before payday


A tech company, Lastmile Financials Limited, has introduced PayMasta, an earned pay access and personal finance management app that allows employees to access their wages before payday.

Speaking at the unveiling in Lagos, Chief Evangelist and co-founder of PayMasta, Mr. Gerald Erih said the introduction of the EWA app will provide employees with immediate access to their pay as soon as it is earned rather than waiting 30 days for payday and at zero cost to the employer.

He added that it would increase employee productivity, engagement and loyalty.

Erih said, “PayMasta gives employees the flexibility to use part of their already earned monthly salary for emergencies, to pay bills or other unforeseen financial situations, it reduces financial stress and the need for loans. salary, overdrafts or expensive loans. cards.

“Our target audiences are employees who basically work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and live paycheck to paycheque. “In Nigeria, this represents about 80% of the working population. We want to enable them not only to have access to the money they earn when they need it at all times, but also to help them plan their finances and track their expenses.

“There is no cost to the employer. There’s nothing to lose, there’s so much to gain because your employees are happy, more engaged and engaged, and don’t think about financial stress. Financial stress is the number one factor affecting employees worldwide.

Also speaking, Co-Founder of Lastmile Financials Limited, Mr. Michael Domino Jr said the launch of the app was strategic as it identifies with the financial challenges faced by the everyday employee and financial decisions hard times needed to make ends meet.

“For us at LastMile Financials, we are thrilled; we are celebrating the Nigerian workforce by providing PayMasta as the next big solution in employee compensation and benefits plan,” said Domino.

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Bar food reinvented: Kokomo Alehouse attracts people from all walks of life | News


When Mari Pawletko-Mund was a teenager, she dreamed of being a chef. She even studied food and nutrition when she attended Illinois State University. But her career path eventually took her first into insurance, then into real estate supervision and opening her own interior design business in Carmel.

Pawletko-Mund turned 65 in September, but instead of retiring, she decided to finally put her food degree to good use and pursue her culinary dreams.

And this dream is called the Kokomo Alehouse.

The restaurant opened on Pawletko-Mund’s birthday last year, serving unique takes on classic bar fare, such as wings, beer cheese pretzel bites and five kinds of specialty pizzas. .

The centerpiece of the menu is the nine burgers, all of which are named after iconic places and landmarks in Kokomo. The Haynes burger is made with peanut butter and jelly sauce, bacon and American cheese. The City of Firsts burger comes with a black bean and chipotle patty, loaded lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and onions.

But the signature dish comes straight from Pawletko-Mund. These are the steak tacos made from his secret beef brisket recipe. None of the chefs, cooks or staff know how to prepare it. Only Pawletko-Mund, who regularly come to prepare their unique beef.

“I will never be able to resist doing this breast now,” she said with a laugh. “It’s like a full-time job. People come here just for that. Anyone can come in and figure out how to make our burgers, but brisket is a whole other animal.”

The menu includes some interesting bar food, but in a way the restaurant itself is a unique take on the bar concept. And it was a deliberate choice by Pawletko-Mund.

She first became involved in establishing 1134 Home Ave. when it was Mulligan’s Sports Pub after marrying one of his co-owners three years ago.

Pawletko-Mund said at the time that the pub had become more of a club that drew rowdy crowds interested in drinking and dancing, but that business model was not working. The couple ended up buying out the co-owners, and that’s when Pawletko-Mund took control of the establishment.

From the start, she says, the idea was to reinvent the bar as a quiet, relaxing space that appealed to people from all walks of life — not just younger crowds looking to party.

This included closing the restaurant at 11 p.m. on weekdays instead of 3 a.m., like at Mulligan’s. Pawletko-Mund also revamped the menu of dishes using his culinary experience to focus on unique, made-from-scratch tastes, and added more craft beers and premium cocktails.

“Our food doesn’t come from the Sysco truck anymore,” she said. “We cut our pepperoni and cut our own chicken and cook, cook, cook.”

One of Pawletko-Mund’s biggest additions to the tavern hosts monthly craft activities for guests, including making holiday and spring wreaths, painting champagne glasses, or planting pots and holding of wine and canvas style events. She said they have all been well attended and she hopes to start hosting these kinds of events more often.

All of this ties in with one of Pawletko-Mund’s main goals when opening the restaurant: to create a safe and comfortable space where women can come alone, with a group of friends or with their mothers.

“I wanted it to be a place where women could come in, sit at the bar and not be disturbed and feel very comfortable as a woman,” she said. “That’s what we have here. We definitely have that kind of environment where you can walk in on your own and not feel intimidated or uncomfortable and feel like part of the family.”

This same philosophy applies to servers. Pawletko-Mund said she wants to have an establishment where waitresses don’t feel harassed or threatened and feel good about themselves.

“I want to make sure these women feel good about themselves and know they’re doing a good job and being respected,” she said. “As 20-year-olds, I want them to know that I’m like a mother, and if they have personal issues, I want to help them. They know that.”

But that doesn’t mean everyone won’t have a great time. Pawletko-Mund said with darts, pool tables and a shuffleboard table, there’s plenty to do for people hanging out after work and grabbing a few drinks.

There’s also a room full of games like Cards Against Humanity or Five Second Rule for those looking for a relaxing game night. Pawletko-Mund said groups have already started using the large round table in the back to play competitive card fighting games like Warhammer. When the building housed Mulligan’s, this space was used for beer pong.

A big draw to the restaurant has also been the free live music scheduled every Friday night, where a variety of players take the stage. Pawletko-Mund said the shows provided a pleasant atmosphere for people dining or just coming in to listen. When summer rolls around, these shows will be held on their back patio, which will have outdoor seating, a cornhole, and other activities.

Pawletko-Mund said that after less than a year of operation, all the changes, new activities and new foods are part of his strategy to find out what customers like and dislike to create a place that fits well into the Kokomo community. And so far, she’s off to a good start.

“You want something to be different,” she said. “I always try to find something different. I hope that in the future we will get better and better.”

The seafood industry wants a better strategy for using cameras on ships


The seafood industry is asking Fisheries New Zealand to implement a better strategy for the use of cameras on vessels.

Photo: 123RF

The government plans to spend $68 million over the next four years to equip and maintain onboard cameras on 300 coastal fishing vessels and surveillance footage.

Phased camera installation is expected to begin later this year and be completed by the end of 2024.

Three seafood industry organizations have put forward proposals for the cameras, but say a better strategy is needed.

Fisheries Inshore executive chairman Laws Lawson said the most recent proposal lacked the vision and path to maximize additional electronic monitoring.

Cameras could be used to identify which species have been caught, their age, whether they are protected and which species have been returned to the sea, he said.

“Imagine getting this data electronically and using it to better actively manage our fisheries. We could have an at-sea monitoring service that didn’t require us to bring in every fish so they could be counted, instead we would be monitoring catches of fish in their habitat.”

Seafood New Zealand chief executive and chairman Jeremy Helson said he did not want to see the initiative fail, but said New Zealanders were led to believe that the installation of cameras and the accumulation of Image screeds were the answer to fisheries management.

“We have publicly expressed our support for cameras and made it clear that cameras can be an effective management tool, filling information gaps for better science.

“Investment of public funds in technology should provide a return to the nation by enabling better management of fisheries resources.”

Industry groups are calling for a forward-looking strategy, a phased rollout of the right technology, more research, and for the camera initiative to be funded by the government.

Lunar Hard Seltzer teams up with 3 iconic Asian restaurants for a limited release


New York, New York- On May 15, Lunar, the first-ever brand of Asian artisanal seltzer water, will launch the second in its series of limited-edition collaborations with iconic Asian restaurants in New York City. For the Heritage Line: Sunset Edition, co-founders Sean Ro and Kevin Wong worked closely with Michelin-star-winning Jeju Noodle Bar, James Beard semi-finalist Win Son and rising superstar Bonnie’s to develop three hard seltzers inspired by the bustling yet relaxing atmosphere of an Asian seaside market.

Launched in time for Asia-Pacific American Heritage Month in May, the Heritage Line demonstrates Lunar’s mission to represent the AAPI community and diaspora, especially in New York, where co-founders Ro and Wong were born and have grown. Released in 2021 (and sold out online within 3 hours), the first Heritage line included Pineapple Cake and Mango Chili Salt hard seltzers co-developed by chefs/owners of New York restaurants Di An Di and 886. The Pineapple Cake seltzer was the first ever to be made with MSG.

“As a local New York brand, we are incredibly honored to be working again with local AAPI business owners who have inspired us so much: Douglas Kim from Jeju Noodle Bar, Josh Ku from Win Son and Calvin Eng from Bonnie’s” , Lunar said. co-founder Sean Ro. “Not only did these three bring years of culinary expertise to the table, but they also channeled their own personal memories and Asian American experiences into these one-of-a-kind seltzers.”

As with Lunar’s core line of Korean plum, yuzu, passion fruit and lychee seltzers, all Heritage Line seltzers are made with real ingredients sourced from Asia and the United States. Created specifically for upcoming summer drinks, Heritage Line: Sunset Edition seltzers include:

Mint Omija with Jeju Noodle Bar

Inspired by the Korean summer delicacy (magnolia berry punch or schisandra berry punch), Mint Omija is a complex yet balanced seltzer. Mint in Lunar’s interpretation enhances the amazing flavors provided by omija, also known as the “five flavor berry” for the main taste sensations it provides: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and even spicy . This delicious sensory experience is a perfect match for Chef Douglas Kim’s journey of flavors at Jeju Noodle Bar, which was the first noodle bar in the United States to receive a Michelin star thanks to the unique way it showcases flavors and flavors. Korean cultures. Jeju specializes in ramyun – not ramen.

Teresa Teng (citrus, cranberry) with Win Son

Before BTS, there was Teresa Teng, the first true international Asian music superstar, and this refreshing blend of cucumber and spice is also more than her catalog of music. ‘The eternal queen of Asian pop’ died in 1995 after a 30-year career that profoundly influenced much of Asia; Hoping to amplify his legacy with local Brooklyn audiences, Win Son’s Taiwanese American owner Josh Ku named one of the restaurant’s inaugural cocktails after him. Lunar relied on Win Son’s tributary cocktail with that honorary flavor of hard seltzer. Crisp, lemony cranberry flavors mingle with seductive aromas, making this a tangy drink with a hint of smoky complexity that will have you coming back for another sip – just like you would for another Teresa Teng song.

Salted Kumquat with Bonnie’s

A perfect warm weather drink that’s our answer to everyday mimosa orange juice, this limited edition Lunar flavor was inspired by a traditional Chinese-American remedy – kumquats preserved in salt and sugar, then steeped in hot tea to soothe a sore throat. Our version is a sweet, tangy, lemony dream with a hint of salt and MSG for added depth, making it an unprecedented hard seltzer. The palace pays homage to the must-have kumquat kept in the refrigerator of American Cantonese chef Calvin Eng’s mother, who gave his name to Bonnie’s, his Williamsburg hotspot restaurant.

The mission behind Lunar’s endless search for fun and delicious flavors is to increase cultural awareness and representation within the predominantly white segment of brewing and soda water. Through the Heritage Line, they continue to share the stories and lived experiences of their AAPI partners.

“Sean and I are just two Asian kids from New York, but we have big dreams beyond just selling drinks,” Wong says. “We created Lunar to make the beverage world more open and diverse. In many ways, our own journey as POC founders and entrepreneurs is a microcosm for the larger AAPI experience of learning to be proud of your culture so you can share it with the world – and in doing so, make the better world, more place of understanding.

Lunar’s Heritage Line’s new “Sunset Edition” will be launched at the upcoming Sunset Fest event, taking place May 14 at New York’s beloved Pearl River Mart. Tickets are available online. Lunar’s Heritage Line is available for pre-order now and will be available for national shipping via their website on May 15, and individual flavors will be available at their respective restaurants.


Founded in 2020, Lunar’s core line is the first and only artisanal seltzer water made with real fruits from Asia. Lunar aims to pioneer the next generation of RTDs by making beverages with unique flavors that celebrate identity, heritage and culture. As a minority-owned, Brooklyn-based brand, Lunar proudly donates one percent of its profits to nonprofits and causes supporting the AAPI community. Consumers can experience Lunar’s unique flavors of yuzu, lychee, Korean plum and passion fruit in stores in NY, VA and GA, as well as online.

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Rave party dismantled, 33 people arrested


Jeevan Bima Nagar Police raided a pub on Old Airport Road on Sunday night where a rave party was taking place.

Police arrested 33 people, including two organizers and 31 revelers, for drug use. According to the police, more than 50 people, including students, technicians and businessmen, were present at the party.

According to the police, 51 people were subjected to medical tests, suspected of being under the influence of drugs. The medical reports of 31 people confirmed that they were under the influence of drugs.

Acting on accurate information, police charged into Otto Resto Bar and Kitchen around 12:30 a.m., and the raid continued until 2 a.m. The party had started around 10 p.m.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Dr Bheemashankar S Guled said: “We have recorded two separate cases as a result of the raid. One case is against two people who had organized the rave party and the other against 31 revelers who had used drugs.”

“We found MDMA, ecstasy pills, charas and ganja worth around Rs 3 lakh with the organisers. By the time we raided the pub, they had already sold drugs to participants,” Guled said.

Police also seized the DJ’s music equipment and other valuables from the pub.

Claim Online Payday Loans for Unemployed at Filld.com – CryptoMode


If you are unemployed, you will struggle to cover your expenses. At some point, you may decide to borrow money from a direct lender. Will it be easy to do? It depends on many factors.

Getting payday loans for unemployed can be a reasonable solution to your financial problems. But this can come with high interest rates and service charges. If you are ready for these, you are free to apply now!

Get a payday loan if you’re unemployed

If you decide to claim Online payday loan for the unemployed, you may be asked to complete an affordability assessment. This should be done to demonstrate your financial ability to pay the money pack on time.

Loan products with the most attractive terms and conditions are traditionally reserved for those with a good credit record. Those with bad credit will need to prove their creditworthiness.

As long as you are unemployed, you must have another source of income. Do you have a long term deposit in a US bank or government assistance? Do you receive interest from commercial investments? Do you want to secure your loan with a guarantee? You can choose any option that suits you.

If you receive government assistance, you are also considered eligible for a loan. This may be:

  • Wage payments by an employer
  • Self-employment income
  • Unemployment benefits
  • pensions

Benefits offered by payday loans for unemployed

Payday loans for the unemployed carry certain risks. But they also offer many advantages, especially for borrowers who need money in the here and now. Here are a few:

Quick approval

After applying for a loan, you won’t have to wait for the result. It will appear almost instantly on the screen. If additional information is required, you will be notified. Then it may take a little longer.

Less or no paperwork

Compared to traditional bank loans, payday loans from https://filld.com/255-payday-loans/ direct lenders can be processed online. You don’t have to worry about paperwork. Some documents must be attached to the loan application form.

Less requirements

Payday loans for the unemployed have certain conditions to be met. But they are not many. Even if your credit history isn’t perfect, it won’t take long to apply for a loan. A few personal and contact details are all you need to apply for money from a direct lender.


Payday lenders can lend up to $5,000 https://www.justrightloans.com/ . Sometimes this amount may vary from one lender to another. The amount of your unemployment benefits or any other source of income that you are going to provide also affects the loan amount approved by the lender.

Improve credit score

Payday loans are difficult to obtain for bad credit holders. But if you get one and pay it off on time, you have a chance to improve your credit score. You won’t make it good like that. You will take it back a bit. Seeing a positive trend, direct lenders will be more eager to approve your loan the next time you need it.

Why a Payday Loan Might Be Denied

Whether your credit score is good or bad, your loan application can always be refused. Having a strong workplace with a steady income also doesn’t give you a 100% approval guarantee. The good thing is that online lenders usually explain their negative decision.

A bad credit report

Being employed or unemployed gives you no guarantees. Even if you now have a good source of income but your credit score is extremely low, you may hear “No” from a lender.

Multiple credit applications

Applying for multiple loans from different lenders will do you no good. All this information is reflected in the common network of lenders. Seeing your desperate attempts to get money always turns out to be a red flag for private lenders.

Can the payday loan be benefit-based?

If you are on salary, you can apply for a traditional payday loan. If you do not receive a salary, you apply for a payday loan for the unemployed. The latter becomes possible if you start receiving unemployment benefits. Depending on the amount of the loan, you may need to obtain government assistance of a certain amount. It depends on each particular lender.

Just make sure you find a reliable online lender with reasonable terms and conditions. Once you make the right choice, you will get a solid loan offer.

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‘Playful and dated’ – Manchester reacts to ‘no singles’ bar policy


Is it okay to kick someone out of a place just because they’re alone? It’s a question the Manchester Evening News has asked over the past two weeks, following reports of two city center venues doing just that.

Ramona at Ancoats and Behind Closed Doors in the North Quarter were found to be actively preventing people from entering on their own due to a ‘no singles policy’ – although this is something they both deny having ever applied.

And Manchester reacted with sadness and fury to stories of widowers and those who simply enjoy their own company being turned away from bars.

READ MORE: Pub owners in Greater Manchester thought they had survived the worst possible times – until now

“Don’t get this ridiculous, dated policy,” tweeted adviser Pat Karney. “It’s 2022. I’m sure the town hall will want to check this further.”

A number of readers have reached out to point out the various reasons a person might go to a place alone. Ken Hall, who is a widower, said he regularly ventures into Manchester on his own and has “some choice words” for anyone who refuses him entry on this basis.

Ramona is a place that has come under fire for refusing entry to a lone woman

“It’s a free country and as long as no laws are broken why should I be denied entry or service,” he commented.

“Are they running out of excuses to discriminate now and are they looking for new areas of society to discriminate against? Do these bullies love looking for something to discriminate against? »

Have you been turned away from a place because you were alone? Let us know in the comments.

Some from outside Manchester also said the politics made them feel unwelcome. Claire MacDonald said she was discouraged from venturing into the city alone on a trip because of my experiences and those of others.

“I traveled alone to Manchester for work,” she commented. “I considered trying to eat somewhere but changed my mind after seeing reports of single people being turned away. I just bought fruit from Aldi and went back to my hotel instead.

Manchester is famous for its nightlife – but is it unfriendly to singles?

Philippa Lunn said: ‘It’s outrageous why can’t people go out on their own without being funny looked at or turned away. That’s not true.”

Some have suggested the policy could be based on a business decision to reserve tables for those visiting in groups, and therefore will spend more money.

And others said security could be an issue.

” It’s so sad. Why should single people be persecuted in this way?

Adam Jones commented: “There are a few bars in town that do this, and the reason I’ve been given in the past is in case you get drunk or too drunk and no one around you knows you and could take care of you, which I think is both a valid point and a reasonable excuse.

While safety should always be the first priority, there are questions to be asked about whether banning singles is the fairest or most effective way to keep everyone safe at a party.

Jade Buxton asked: “Why don’t companies realize that there are single diners and drinkers. And we’re not all looking to be hidden.

Since writing about my experience at Behind Closed Doors, several readers have contacted me with their own stories of being turned down just because they were alone.

The MEN will continue to contact sites regarding this policy.

9 Canadian Restaurants Have Been Named Some Of The Best In The World And They Look So Delicious


The best restaurants in Canada have been revealed and you’ll want to add them to your culinary to-do list immediately.

the Forbes Travel Guide, which claims to be “the world’s authority on luxury hospitality,” says nine Canadian restaurants have earned a spot in their “coveted annual star rating.”

While most of the best restaurants are in Toronto, some other places in Canada make the list.

Achieving a star rating is no joke, as Forbes undergoes rigorous inspections to determine who should be included.

“We visit all of the hotels, restaurants and spas that we rate by stars, paying our own way and staying anonymously as a typical guest,” they shared.

“No one can buy a rating under any circumstances. Every star rating is achieved through our objective, independent process.”

Here are the places that have earned a place among the best places to eat in Canada!

Restaurant Hawksworth

Price: 💸💸💸

Star rating: 4 stars

Gastronomic cooking

Address: 801 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Why you should go: According to the inspector, the food isn’t fussy and is “loaded with local and sustainable elements cooked with great attention to flavor.”

In addition, the wine list is “surprisingly varied”, but there are sommeliers to help you out!


Cafe Boulud

Price: 💸💸 — 💸💸💸

Star Award Ranking: Recommended

Cuisine: French Luxury

Address: 60 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Why you need to go: Located in Yorkville, this hotspot is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and a delicious cocktail while you shop.

They offer seasonally inspired dishes with an international twist as well as Canadian ingredients, such as country style pâté made with Canadian goose, duck, foie gras and cranberries.



Price: 💸💸 — 💸💸💸

Star rating: 4 stars

Cuisine: Elegant Canadian Cuisine

Address: 66 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: At 54 stories, this restaurant offers stunning views of downtown Toronto, including the CN Tower.

“Dressing up and having a special night while visiting Canoe with that special someone adds to the excitement – ​​the spectacular views, chic contemporary decor and exquisite food demand it,” noted the inspector .


A restaurant

Price: 💸💸💸

Star Award Ranking: Recommended

Cuisine: French and Italian inspired cuisine

Address: 116 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Why you need to go: This “unapologetically sultry” spot might just be the right place for a date.

Their candlelit terrace is perhaps one of the best in town, according to the inspector, and is ideal for sipping alcoholic strawberry mint lemonade, which is served from the pitcher during the summer. .



Price: 💸💸💸

Star rating: 4 stars

Cuisine: French cuisine

Address: 1 Benvenuto Place, Toronto, Ontario

Why you should go: Whether you’re looking to dress up or have a more low-key evening, this restaurant is for you.

With two floors, you can enjoy the formal dining room upstairs with delicacies like horseradish and lemon-laden oysters or opt for the more modestly priced pasta bar downstairs.



Price: 💸💸💸

Star rating: 4 stars

Cuisine: Traditional Italian

Address: 181 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: Located in the Ritz Carleton, this chic spot has a full “cheese cellar” that’s surrounded by walls of glass and houses gourmet cheeses from around the world. Swoon!

“Due to its convenient location, the four-star restaurant is the perfect place to dine before enjoying the city’s nightlife or walking to the theater district to experience Toronto’s thriving cultural scene,” said the inspector.


At Muffy’s

Price: 💸💸💸

Star rating: 4 stars

Cuisine: Fresh and local Quebec cuisine

Address: 10, rue Saint-Antoine, Quebec, QC

Why you need to go: If you’re a farm-to-table fan, at Muffy you can peek through the windows and see exactly where some of the produce on your plate comes from.

The restaurant specializes in “upscale comfort food” where they bring a contemporary twist to local Quebec specialties like smoked mussels with juniper or lobster from the Gaspé Peninsula.


House Boulud

Price: 💸💸💸

Star rating: 4 stars

Cuisine: Canadian comfort meets French luxury

Address: 1228 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal, QC

Why you need to go: While definitely upscale, the resto is a warm mix of comfort and luxury that’s super inviting for locals and business people alike.

“Make sure you order dessert,” the inspector said. “No one tastes the Coulant Chocolate with liquid caramel, fleur de sel and caramelized milk ice cream without delighting in it for weeks.”



Price: 💸💸💸

Star rating: 4 stars

Cuisine: contemporary French

Address: 900 Place Jean-Paul Riopelle, Montreal, QC

Why you have to go: Because it’s delicious and also Insta gold!

“The plates are garnished with such impeccable attention to detail that you can spend several minutes debating whether or not to spoil the presentation,” the inspector said.


Thai Union Group, Bumble Bee (Connors Bros), StarKist – Queen Anne and Mangolia News


Global canned seafood market The research report includes the major factors that are expected to propel the growth of this industry. It consists of numerous opportunities that could boost the sales in the Canned Seafood Market over the next few years. The report further offers close monitoring of key companies with their macro and micro economic trends, as well as strategic analysis. It aims to provide detailed information on innovations, mergers and acquisitions, trade policies and collaborations in which the main players are engaging. Our highly skilled analysts presented a holistic overview of the Canned Seafood market scenarios and price analysis of the forecast period (2022-2030). Additionally, it includes the projected, current and historical (2016-2021) market size in terms of value and volume.

Get the sample PDF copy (including full TOC, graphs and tables) of this report https://courant.biz/request-sample/?id=91585

Competitive Landscape:

This Canned seafood the research report sheds light on the key market players thriving in the market; it tracks their business strategies, financial status, and upcoming products.

Key companies influencing this market include:
  • Thai Union Group
  • Bumblebee (Connors Bros)
  • StarKist
  • Trident Seafood
  • Frozen seafood
  • Tri Marine Group
  • Wild Planet Foods
  • Seafood Austevoll
  • American Tuna
  • Heir prince
  • Bar¬†Harbor¬†Food
  • Universal canning
  • Pacific food of the century
  • Nippon Suisan Kaisha
  • Dongwon
  • Maruha Nichiro
  • LDH (Ladoria)
  • Natural Sea
  • Frinsa del Northeast
  • hagoromo
  • Bolton Group
  • Calvo Group
  • Camil Alimentos
  • good morning
  • Al Alali

Segmentation including applications, end users, sales channel, product type and regions

Additionally, the research report offers an elaborate view of the Canned Seafood market on the basis of segmentation. We have provided a detailed analysis of each segment of the Global Canned Seafood Market, including applications, end users, sales channel, product type, and regions. Our analysts have individually researched each segment to offer painstaking detail about them. The data collected would allow stakeholders to discover the best pockets of investment. We have also covered all niche segments to enable players to increase sales in these segments. We have included an exclusive chapter on geographical assessment and listed all regions of the Canned Seafood market.

Market is split by Type, can be split into:
  • canned tuna
  • Canned Sardines
  • canned salmon
  • canned shrimp
  • Others
The market is split by Application, can be split into:
  • Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
  • convenience stores
  • Online retailers
  • Others
The market is split by sales channel, can be split into:
  • direct channel
  • Distribution channel
Market segment by region/country comprising:
  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain etc.)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Southeast Asia, etc.)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia etc.)
  • Middle East and Africa (South Africa, UAE and Saudi Arabia etc.)

Check in detail the scope of the report on: https://courant.biz/report/world-canned-seafood-market/91585/

Research Methodology

We followed an innovative research methodology that includes data collection on bottom-up and top-down approaches. We have validated the estimated market size using primary research. We have derived the data used to predict the share of different segments through interviews and credible published sources. The CAGR is derived on the basis of numerous factors and their level of influence on the global canned seafood market. These factors include technological development, restraints, market trends, challenges, and drivers. We also refer to paid databases for authentic information.

Scope of the Global Canned Seafood Market Report:
  1. Historical data: 2016-2021
  2. Base year considered: 2021
  3. Forecast period: 2022-2030
  4. Quantitative units: revenue in million USD and CAGR from 2022 to 2030
  5. Segments Covered: Types, Applications, Sales Channels & More
  6. Report Coverage: Revenue Forecast, Company Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
  7. Regional scope: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa
This report aims to provide:
  1. A qualitative and quantitative analysis of current trends, dynamics and estimates from 2022 to 2030.
  2. The analysis tools like SWOT analysis, Porters five forces analysis are used which explains the ability of buyers and suppliers to make profit-oriented decisions and strengthen their business.
  3. The in-depth market segmentation analysis helps to identify existing market opportunities.
  4. Ultimately, this Canned Seafood report saves you time and money by providing unbiased information under one roof.
  1. Canned Seafood Market Overview (Market Size Status and Outlook, Market Size Comparison by Region, Product Type and Application, COVID-19 Impact)
  2. Market segment analysis by player (sales, revenue, average price and market share by player)
  3. Market Segment Analysis by Type (Top Players in 2021, Average Price by Type (2016-2021))
  4. Market Segment Analysis by Application (Sales and Market Share by Application (2016-2021))
  5. Analysis of market segments by sales channel (market by sales channel, main distributors/dealers)
  6. Canned Seafood Market Segment Analysis by Region (Market Size and CAGR by Region (2016-2030), Sales and Market Share by Region (2016-2021))
  7. Profile of Key Players (Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share))
  8. Upstream and downstream analysis of canned seafood (raw materials, labor cost, manufacturing expenses, manufacturing cost structure and manufacturing process)
  9. Canned Seafood Development Trend (2022-2030) (Market Size & CAGR Forecast by Type, Region and Sales & Revenue Forecast)
  10. Appendix (Research Methodology, Data Sources, Analyst Certification)

Check the table of contents in detail at: https://courant.biz/report/world-canned-seafood-market/91585/

Report customization:

This report can be customized to meet customer requirements. Please contact our sales team ([email protected]), who will ensure that you get a report tailored to your needs. You can also get in touch with our executives at +1 (210) 807 3402 to share your research needs.

Gerald Desmond was remembered in a retirement ceremony for the iconic bridge that bears his name – Daily News

  • The replacement bridge rises above the original Gerald Desmond Bridge, in the foreground, Saturday, May 7, 2002. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • Jerry Desmond pulls the gold-plated lock from his father's lock...

    Jerry Desmond removes the gold-plated bolt from his father’s bridge, the same bolt he tightened to open the bridge in 1968. Photo courtesy of the Port of Long Beach.

  • With the bridge that bears his father's name in the background,...

    With the bridge named after his father in the background, Gerry Desmond displays a gold bolt used in the original construction in 1968, Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • The disused Gerald Desmond Bridge, shown here in July 2020,...

    The disused Gerald Desmond Bridge, shown here in July 2020, lies in the shadow of its replacement. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • With the bridge that bears his father's name in the background,...

    With the bridge named after his father in the background, Gerry Desmond displays a gold bolt used in the original construction in 1968, Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • The replacement bridge towers over the original Gerald Desmond Bridge,...

    The replacement bridge towers over the original Gerald Desmond Bridge, pictured here on July 17, 2021. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • In the center, Gerry Desmond and the mayor of Long Beach, Robert Garcia...

    At center, Gerry Desmond and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia are joined by members of the Desmond family and city officials Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • With the bridge that bears their father's name in the background,...

    With the bridge named after their father in the background, Gerry Desmond, left, is joined by his sisters and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia Saturday, May 7, 2022, at a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at Long Beach Harbor. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • With the bridge that bears his father's name in the background,...

    With the bridge named after his father in the background, Gerry Desmond delivers remarks Saturday, May 7, 2022, at a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • Harbor Commission Vice President Sharon Weissman speaks on Saturday, May 15...

    Harbor Commission Vice Chair Sharon Weissman speaks Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • Congressman Alan Lowenthal delivers remarks on Saturday, May 7, 2022,...

    Congressman Alan Lowenthal delivers remarks Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia addresses guests on Saturday, May 15...

    Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia addresses guests Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia addresses guests on Saturday, May 15...

    Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia addresses guests Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

  • The old Gerald Desmond Bridge, overshadowed by its replacement, is...

    The old Gerald Desmond Bridge, overshadowed by its replacement, is shown here on March 17, 2021. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

Jerry Desmond Jr. was an 18-year-old college student in 1968 when he tightened the final bolt – a gold-plated one – on the gleaming new bridge bearing his late father’s name.

On Saturday, nearly 54 years later, that same man, now a lawyer in his early seventies, held in his hand the same bolt he had taken from the rusting bridge that will soon be demolished.

“I remember that day coming down from UC Santa Barbara and tightening that bolt on the bridge in honor of my dad. It was quite an event, much like today,” Desmond said to cheers from 200 guests, including nearly 40 of the Desmond family from many areas outside of Long Beach, including the Alaska.

There were so many Desmonds in the audience that US Congressman Alan Lowenthal thanked them for inviting him to “the Desmond family reunion” which had everyone laughing.

The Gerald Desmond Bridge was named after a former Long Beach city attorney and councilman who helped secure funds to build the 5,134-foot-long bridge that connected Long Beach and Terminal Island. Desmond died of kidney cancer at the age of 48, four years before the opening of the bridge that bears his name.

The Desmond Bridge eventually wore out and was not high enough to accommodate today’s newer and larger freighters. A spectacular new bridge, the Long Beach International Gateway Bridge, was built to replace it. The new bridge, which opened to traffic in 2020, towered over the old Desmond Bridge in the background as speakers paid tribute to Gerald Desmond.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia called Desmond “a trailblazing city attorney and councilman who got the bridge built and left an incredible legacy.” Garcia said the bridge has been “a landmark of our city and an important part of our region’s infrastructure, a marvel, for over 50 years.”

Gerald Desmond (courtesy photo)
Gerald Desmond (courtesy photo)

Lowenthal said the meteoric growth of the Port of Long Beach into one of the busiest in the United States “would never have happened without the Desmond Bridge.” He praised the bridge for its smooth operation despite the immense increase in freight and vehicles using the bridge.

“So after more than 50 years of exemplary service, we say goodbye to this great old bridge,” Lowenthal said to loud applause.

In his remarks, Desmond said his father was “a tireless fighter for the city and upholding the rights and interests of the city and the port.” He said his family was “deeply honoured” when the bridge was named after his father, “and we are pleased to honor him once again at the bridge’s retirement ceremony.”

He said he remembered driving with his father on the old pontoon bridge which was replaced by the bridge named after his father. “Driving on that pontoon bridge was like taking a ride to Disneyland,” he said with a smile.

Desmond also wore a tie showing his father’s bridge. He said an artist painted the bridge and some of the paint was made into neckties, which were given to members of the Desmond family.

Who exactly was Gerald Edward Desmond?

The replacement bridge rises above the original Gerald Desmond Bridge, in the foreground, Saturday, May 7, 2002. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)
The replacement bridge rises above the original Gerald Desmond Bridge, in the foreground, Saturday, May 7, 2002. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

He and his family have deep roots in Long Beach.

He was born in Long Beach on April 12, 1915, the second oldest son of Walter Desmond, a Boston attorney who opened a law office in Long Beach in 1905. Walter Desmond became a Superior Court judge and president of the court from California. Appeal, second district of appeal.

Walter Desmond, Jr., brother of Gerald, was a lawyer and judge in Long Beach for nearly 60 years and president of the Long Beach Bar Association. He died in 2007.

Gerald E. Desmond is a graduate of Poly High School, Long Beach City College, and UC Berkeley. In 1932, he met his future wife, Virginia Slater, a graduate of Wilson High School, at the LBCC.

They married in 1937 and had five children, including a son who bears his name. Desmond worked his way through Harvard Law School and was called to the bar in 1941. After serving in the United States Navy during World War II, he started a private law practice. He became active in local government and served two terms on the Long Beach City Council before being elected to two terms as city attorney. He was also a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in 1960.

With the bridge named after his father in the background, Gerry Desmond displays a gold bolt used in the original construction in 1968, Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach.  (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)
With the bridge named after his father in the background, Gerry Desmond displays a gold bolt used in the original construction in 1968, Saturday, May 7, 2022, during a retirement ceremony for the Gerald Desmond Bridge at the Port of Long Beach. (Photo by Howard Freshman, Contributing Photographer)

He gained notoriety for playing a major role in securing Tideland’s oil funds, which helped pay for the bridge that would later bear his name. He also succeeded in banning oil drilling on the city’s beaches.

He died of cancer in 1964 while still a city attorney. His wife worked as a librarian at the Long Beach Public Library. She died in 2005 at age 91. Jerry Desmond followed in his father’s footsteps, working as an assistant Long Beach city attorney from 1974 to 1981. He is now a Santa Rosa attorney.

When the Desmond Bridge opened in 1968, Mayor Edwin Wade praised the span’s namesake. “May the Gerald Desmond Bridge serve this community as well as the man whose name it bears,” Wade said.

Sharon Weissman, vice president of the Long Beach Harbor Commission, said nearly all parts of the Desmond Bridge will be recycled during demolition. “So it will live on in many other port projects,” she said to applause.

The Desmond name will also live on if port officials officially approve a plan to name one of the scenic vantage points on the Gateway Bridge in his honor.

Jerry Desmond approves. “It would be great to keep my dad’s memory alive in some way,” he said.

Flint Township sports bar reopens after devastating fire last year | Business


FLINT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) — For more than a decade, a sports bar in Flint Township has served up good food and conversation.

But, the company suffered a terrible loss last June, when a fire ravaged the building.

Now they are open again.

Foutch’s Pub has been a popular meeting place for residents of the Genesee County area for years.

They just opened Thursday night after completing major renovations that took nearly a year.

Closed since June 30, Foutch’s Sports Bar in Flint Township is back in business.

The bar is a labor of love for owner Roger Foutch, who was devastated to find his business in flames one day last summer.

“I got several phone calls saying it was a major fire. And I got here and it was like unreal for this to happen at the time. It was hard to imagine that . You don’t want to go through that,” Foutch said.

With the help of family, friends and other members of the community, Foutch didn’t hesitate to rebuild and make his sports bar even better.

From a redesigned bar, accommodating over 200 people, to a state-of-the-art kitchen area for the cooks, these upgrades are sure to help a lot.

Improvements not only for him, but also for his employees and many customers who have been more like family since the bar opened in the fall of 2009.

“We have some of the most loyal customers a business has ever had. They come. They gave my servers money. They gave my cooks money. They passed. Everything I can do. And then they’re all back now,” Foutch added.

This loyalty was demonstrated by the return of almost all of its former staff, as well as the addition of six new employees.

General Manager Lisa Montana has been with Foutch’s since the beginning.

“I’m so happy to be back. I feel like I’m back in my place. I’m back home. So that’s where all my clients come to see me. I love it working for Roger. He’s an amazing boss,” she said.

Foutch says he is very proud of the new air-conditioned kitchen which can maintain a temperature of around 70 degrees.

This will come in very handy during the summer months to keep its employees cool, even under pressure on a busy night.

Man arrested for assaulting British national at Bandra club


A 44-year-old Briton, an employee of the British Deputy High Commission in Mumbai, claimed she was assaulted by a man at an upmarket restaurant in Hill Road, Bandra, on Tuesday. The woman and her husband were having dinner with friends at the Yacht Resto Bar and she said the incident happened when she went to the bathroom at around 11.30pm. In her complaint, the woman said she rushed to her table, after which her husband and his friends, with the help of restaurant staff, grabbed the man and handed him over to the police.

Bandra police identified the accused as Ghanshyam Yadav, 35, an MBA holder and employee of a private company. He was arrested under sections 354 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) (assault or use of criminal force against a woman with intent to outrage her modesty), 354A (sexual harassment in the nature of physical contact and unwelcome advances) and 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult a woman’s modesty).

Bandra police sources said Yadav is currently in custody. “He was with his friends and misbehaved with the woman,” the source said.

The manager of the Yacht Resto Bar, who identified himself as Padma, told this newspaper: “The man appeared to be drunk and our staff immediately grabbed him when the woman alerted us. He was trying to escape. We called the police and had him arrested.

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Posted: Saturday 07 May 2022, 00:03 IST

Fishing practices of ancient people could keep a coveted seafood on the menu


I have one confession: I’m a bit of an oyster snob. I am Scottish so my oysters are usually the variety that is picked from the sea that day and served immediately, jetty and beach optional. Fresh and pure, save for a squeeze of lemon, an oyster is a true food delight that makes it very easy to forget the fact that it is essentially the ocean’s own sanitation factory. .

This is an adapted version of Reverse Daily newsletter of Friday, May 6, 2022. Subscribe for free and learn something new every day.

People living in coastal native communities in the United States also consumed a lot of oysters – and did so sustainably. As we try to use nature’s tricks to clean up our oceans and eat seafood more sustainably, these practices could offer today’s Americans a kind of cheat code (but please please, no more oyster casserole. Ever.). Read all about it and more in today’s news Reverse Daily. And good weekend !

More evidence in mice suggests that intermittent fasting may work in other creatures, like humans.clu/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

In a new study, mice whose calories were reduced by 30% from what they usually eat lived 10.5% longer than a control group of mice without calorie restriction. Another group, which had the same calorie restrictions but were fed during the day, lived 20% longer than the control group.

The longest-lived mice in the study were placed on the same calorie restriction and fed only at night, the time active in nocturnal animals’ internal circadian clocks. They lived 34% longer than the control group. This diet also seemed to activate genes that were not activated in any of the other groups.

Although further study is needed, the benefits of a combination of calorie restriction and limiting feeding to optimal metabolic times could extend the lifespan of several species, including humans, said Joseph Takahashi, one of the authors. Reverse.

There could be a right and wrong time of day to eat, and using the short lifespan of lab mice, some researchers say they can see the lifetime benefits of eating at the right time.

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It didn’t look like that, but it was brilliant!duncan1890/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

On April 27, a fireball shook the skies above the Mississippi, raining down meteorites that people are now collecting outside the town of Natchez. This is the fifth time a meteorite has hit the ground in Mississippi. The last recorded fireball dates back to 1950.

According to NASA, the meteorite was so bright that it was ten times more luminescent than the Full Moon. And some people succeeded not only to see the fireball, but also finding pieces of the space rock after it fell to Earth.

I want to see that? Click on Jenn Walter’s map story to feast your eyes on real space junk.

See it for yourself.

Just take a second to have fun.clu/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

Amidst the whirlwind of life, it can be easy to forget about the good times and focus on the bad. According to psychologists, one technique can reverse this glass-half-empty approach and improve happiness: savoring.

“Savouring is not an emotion, like happiness or enjoyment. Rather, it’s a process that can be used to regulate our positive feelings,” says Jennifer Smith, psychologist and director of research at the Mather Institute. Reverse.

Researchers like Smith describe tasting as an emotion regulation technique that aims to increase, sustainand deepen positive emotion.

“Savoring is the ability to be aware of the positive experiences in our lives and to intentionally engage in thoughts and behaviors to enhance our pleasure and other positive feelings,” Smith adds.

The idea is that stopping to savor a moment of joy can elevate our sense of well-being. Data suggests that the practice can help relieve depression, boost self-esteem, and increase life satisfaction.

Make the good times last.

I love Oysters. Print Collector/Hulton Archives/Getty Images

Written this week in the newspaper Nature Communication, an interdisciplinary group of researchers analyzed data and records from shell sites in North America and Australia to understand the historical harvesting practices that various indigenous groups used to harvest oysters. They discovered that these ancient methods were much more sustainable and kinder to the ecosystem than the oyster fishery managed by European settlers around 400 years ago.

Despite the misconception that the regions were only lightly fished before the arrival of Europeans, records show that the indigenous peoples used oysters as their main source of sustenance. They amassed millions to billions of seashells from some of the largest historic mounds, including in present-day California, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

“Our data basically came down to ‘shit, that’s a lot of oysters,'” said Leslie Reeder-Myers, assistant professor of anthropology at Temple University in Philadelphia and co-author of the study. Reverse.

And yet, the destructive effects of the oyster fishery – and the collapse of many fisheries – didn’t really become apparent until the 18th century.

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Who created Yoda? Find out in our profile.News Europa Press/Europa Press/Getty Images

“I was named after Wendy in Peter Pan“says Wendy Froud Reverse. “I grew up believing in fairies and my mother made them part of my childhood.”

You might not recognize the name Wendy Froud (née Midener), but in the world of practical effects, she’s a legend. Recognized in film and television as a pioneer of puppetry, Froud was sought after by directors like Jim Henson early in her career and created countless iconic creatures of television and film. Yet she remains an obscure name rarely accurately credited on movie sites or IMDb.

Despite what history may tell you, this ethereal, long-haired puppeteer with a Fleetwood Mac aesthetic played a crucial role in the birth of animatronics, providing puppet design for groundbreaking films The Empire Strikes Back, The Black Crystaland Labyrinth. A Froud original can cost $4,500, and her work has even earned her one of pop culture’s biggest nicknames: Yoda’s mother.

But in 1988, at the height of Froud’s career, the woman who made some of the world’s most beloved puppets seemingly disappeared. Uncovering the truth behind her rise and fall would require tracking down a woman who remained out of the public eye for 30 years, but her story says more about the hidden history of practical effects than it does about a woman’s time in Hollywood. .

Read the full story.

Americana.H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile/Getty Images

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Cody Rhodes named AJ Styles as his dream opponent


RAW star Cody Rhodes recently named AJ Styles as his dream opponent.

This Sunday, Rhodes is set to take on Seth Rollins at the next premium live event, WrestleMania Backlash. On the latest edition of RAW, The American Nightmare interrupted Rollins’ appreciation party and engaged in a war of words. The former member of The Shield attacked Rhodes, who hit him with the Cody Cutter.

Rodes is featured in the next episode of the Broken Skull Sessions hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE released a few additional clips in which The American Nightmare took part in the fast-paced “30-Second Shot Clock” game.

During the match, Rhodes named The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania his favorite match, the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia his favorite arena to play in, and AJ Styles his go-to opponent. Additionally, she was asked to name her favorite theme park rides, fast food burger, and all-time favorite TV show, among others.

Rhodes returned to WWE at ‘Mania 38, defeating Rollins in a singles match. The former Intercontinental Champion recently highlighted his interest in bringing his father’s iconic “winged eagle” championship belt back to WWE.

Cody Rhodes and the Nightmare Bar

Since returning to WWE last month, Cody Rhodes has had an impressive streak.

Rhodes has a Nightmare Bar in his house where he ends his busy shift schedules and travels due to work.

In an additional clip from the next episode of the Broken Skull Sessions, The American Nightmare talked about the features of the Nightmare Bar. He added that it was a place where he and close friends could get together and watch old wrestling:

“So when people walk into the Nightmare Bar, it’s a place where we don’t talk about current wrestling, don’t talk about our own stuff, watch old wrestling at home because there’s TVs everywhere .That’s one thing they hooked me up with some real nice guys and I’m currently at the bar so we have a nice little semi-wine cellar connected to it.” (from 00:28 to 00:47)

Check out the clip below:

The second-generation superstar will face Seth Rollins once again at WrestleMania Backlash.

Would you like to see The Phenomenal One take on The American Nightmare? Let us know in the comments!

When using quotes from this article, please add an H/T to Sportskeeda and credit Broken Skull Sessions.

Who is the strongest ? Goldberg or Brock Lesnar? Drew McIntyre answers the ultimate question.

Profile Picture

Employees of new Brewdog bar coming to Lincoln could get 50% of pub profits


Future employees of the new BrewDog pub coming to Lincoln could get a share of the profits made when it opens in the city. CEO James Watt announced the initiative for all BrewDog pubs in a video posted to his LinkedIn profile.

It’s to celebrate BrewDog’s 15th anniversary and the company has released a 13-page plan for how it will work going forward. It follows criticism and controversy over Mr Watt being accused of inappropriate behavior, which he strenuously denies.

As part of the announcement, all BrewDog employees will share 50% of the profits made by each pub. Salaried employees will also receive £30,000 worth of shares each year for the next four years.

Read more: Lincolnshire school warns parents about terrifying ‘Huggy Wuggy’ craze targeting children

In the video, he says: “All of our BrewDog bars will now equally share 50% of their profits with the fantastic people who work in these bars. This is a whole new business model for the hospitality industry. “

Mr Watt added: “I’m taking a huge chunk of my own shares in the business, worth around £100million, and giving it to our team. Every salaried member of the team will receive approximately £30,000 worth of stock each year for the next four years.

“It’s about making sure we can win collectively and fully acknowledging the hard work of all of our team members in this business.” In March 2022, Mr Watt said the BrewDog pub would start work on the Lincoln “immediately”, but no official date has yet been announced.

At 2 Forks Up, seafood she’ll love for Mother’s Day | Sponsored


Sponsored by 2 Forks Up

Look no further than 2 Forks Up as the place to be this Mother’s Day for seafood unlike any other restaurant in the area.

Now a year old in its new location on Campbell Boulevard in Amherst, owner Al Green has big plans with some special additions to celebrate a special occasion.

With the popularity of Mother’s Day, Green recommends booking as early as possible. He adds that the restaurant also offers the same dishes the day before. Last reservation times are 8:30 p.m. on Saturday and 8 p.m. on Mother’s Day.

“I think moms deserve to have the best seafood dinner in Western New York,” says Green. “And all weekend, moms will get a free glass of champagne.”

Along with a menu that’s been refreshed over the past month, there will be specialty items to make you forget you’re not in New England.

Provençal scallop is a newer dish at 2 Forks Up. The entrée is sautéed with shallots, garlic and parsley, finished in white wine and served with broccoli rice.

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Seafood scampi combines scallops with lobster and shrimp, which are pan-fried in a popular scampi sauce and tossed with linguine.

“The price of seafood has been extremely high during the pandemic,” says Green, “but people are finding value and great taste with scallops.”

There’s also fresh grouper, which is grilled and sprinkled with creamy Cajun and Sadie’s Relish, which is made by a hard-working Buffalo mom.

Year-round menu staples will of course also be available. These include crab cakes, raw oysters and clams, a dozen surf ‘n’ turf options, whole Maine lobsters and Alaskan king crab.

Green says most local restaurants serve lobster tails that have been frozen for a period of time. At 2 Forks Up, whole live lobsters are always cooked fresh because he believes diners can taste the difference.

“We’re the only place that does traditional New England-style meals that feature whole Maine lobsters,” says Green. “We bring in thousands of pounds of fresh seafood every day. Our buying power allows us to set pretty decent prices, which we can then pass on to our customers. »

Pair entrees with a shrimp or lobster tail Bloody Mary, or be among the first to try a drink from the new tropical summer menu.

Whether it’s a lemon meringue or a lime pie, don’t forget the dessert either.

2 Forks Up is open five days a week: Tuesday to Thursday from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (last reservation at 8 p.m.); Friday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. (last reservation at 8:30 p.m.); and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. (last reservation at 8:30 p.m.).

A cocktail flavor for everyone

According to Green, Mother’s Day kicks off patio season in Buffalo.

“It ushers in thoughts of warmer summer days with seafood, lobster, raw clams, raw oysters and delicious drinks,” he says.

The new summer drink menu includes Peach Sangria, Blueberry Bubbly, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Martini, Al’s Summer Delight, Fortified Lemonade, Watermelon Cosmos and Cucumber Cooler.

Tough Dessert Decisions

Walk to a unique dessert case, browse the options and choose the exact treat that catches your eye.

These floating chalets in Quebec open in June and you can already book your stay


If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway where you don’t have to go too far, these brand new floating chalets for rent in Quebec have just arrived on the Richelieu River on the South Shore of Montreal and you can already book your stay online to reserve a place in one of these new chalets that will open in June!

Four new accommodations on the water have been installed by the Quebec company Flotel, which builds mini-chalets from recycled containers, at the Marina St-Tropez, a restaurant-bar that looks like a holiday in its own right.

These chalets on the water include a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom, a micro-kitchen and a private terrace overlooking the river, where you can admire the sunrises and sunsets in all their splendour.

Each floating cabin can accommodate a maximum of four people. As for costs, reservations range from $179 to $349 in high season (June 1 to September 30), then from $99 to $249 in low season (October 1 to May 31).

And there is no need to worry about being hungry and thirsty during your stay. The accommodations are right next to the resto-bar, which means that you can take the opportunity to visit it during your stay and taste all the different menu options and cocktails, as well as use the swimming pool, the beach volleyball court and all kinds of other facilities. .

An ideal stay just outside the city!

Price per night: From $99 in low season, from $179 in high season

Address: 23, 39th avenue, Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu, QC


The New Causa throws a jaw-dropping Peruvian party in Blagden Alley


Blagden Alley’s highly anticipated Peruvian project opens its doors this week with a menu full of scintillating ceviches, shared plates and more than pisco sours to drink.

Cause celebrates the wealth of ingredients, culinary influences and topographies of the South American country in an imposing two-level building nestled in Shaw (920 Blagden Alley NW). The more laid-back upper floor — coined Bar Amazonia — debuts Wednesday, May 4, with a bar, 50-seat patio, lounge, and lush look. The first gourmet tier will go live later this month with a tasting menu format only.

Led by Peruvian-born chef and co-owner Carlos Delgado, the ambitious menu pays homage to Peru’s three main geographic regions: the seafood-rich Pacific coast, where its capital, Lima, resides; the dense Amazon rainforest; and the high Andes. Industry veterans and Service Bar owners Chad Spangler and Glendon Hartley round out the partnership with Causa.

A sleek, minimalist backdrop on the first floor sets the stage for an $85 per person six-course menu that marries elements from the coast and the Andes mountains. A sparkling open kitchen will send up a rotating selection of seasonal and freshly caught fish, with dishes that can change daily.

“It’s a menu where I take you through the flavors as if you were to travel through these regions,” says Delgado.

Seafood on display behind a counter of frozen ceviche will be prepared both raw and fire-grilled. Delgado also plans to sprinkle a few little surprise bites on the tasting menu. Wine and pisco pairings are also available.

The opening menu is also populated with plenty of charcoal-grilled meat, seafood, and vegetable skewers, as well as rocoto peppers and huacatay (Peruvian black mint). Causa’s namesake also makes expected appearances. The iconic Peruvian staple includes a variation of yellow potatoes, olive oil, aji amarillo and a protein like tuna. The dish reflects the diversity of Peruvian cuisine, “and [Causa] also means ‘friend’ or ‘pal’ in Peruvian slang,” says Spangler.

The upper level is the “more fun and adventurous” counterpart, Spangler says. The a la carte menu takes diners on a tour of Peru’s Amazon rainforest with snacks, anticuchos (meat skewers), hot and cold shared plates, and leafy jungle-themed decor. Book a seat at Bar Amazonia via Resy Wednesday to Sunday (5 p.m. to midnight). The fixed price tier below will soon start accepting reservations.

The bar area opens onto a sunny rooftop terrace with walk-in bar access. Beyond is an intimate living room and dining room filled with hunter-green sofas and dark-wood furniture, all overseen by intricate floor-to-ceiling animal murals by a Peruvian graphic designer.

Delgado offers street food like chunks of maduritos (fried sweet plantains) topped with fatty pork and covered in cheese, and lagarto (alligator) croquettes laced with turmeric and cilantro. He also cooks up playful dishes on Peruvian favorites like a patarascha, a jungle dish of grilled fish served in plantain leaves. The same leaves hide under crunchy patacones (fried green plantains).

“This restaurant is all I learned and a memory of my life’s experiences. I want to show what’s really happening culinary-wise in Peru right now,” Delgado, a Lima native and longtime executive chef of China Chilcano, José Andrés’ Peruvian mainstay, tells Penn Quarter.

Causa’s menu is rich in Peruvian peppers and its potato-based namesake.
Rey Lopez / Eater DC

Peru’s hearty Criollo cuisine weaves together Spanish, West African and indigenous elements, while later waves of East Asian immigrants contributed to the rise of Japanese-influenced Chinese-style Nikkei and chifa dishes. .

“We want to teach people about Peruvian cuisine and history through our meals,” says Delgado.

The team sources as much as possible from Peru, especially the less perishable ingredients. Other items, like the alligator, come from Florida.

Drinks pump up the Peruvian party.

“Like Carlos does with his food, we want to showcase Peru’s biodiversity and geo-diversity through our cocktails,” says Hartley, who oversees the bar and beverage programs.

To that end, Bar Amazonia’s menu includes a next-level gin and tonic made with native Peruvian cinchona bark – the main ingredient in tonic water – as well as hierba luisa tea with lemongrass and smoke. aromatic of burnt palo santo wood. Other Amazonian cocktails lean into bold, fruity ingredients like cocoa, banana, and chili, as well as Peruvian “mission” grapes. Hartley creates a section dedicated to pisco-based elixirs but notes that Peruvian drinks “are more than pisco sour”.

A classic pisco sour at Causa.
Rey Lopez / Eater DC

Drink options on the lower tier will be more complex and subtle, and may include ingredients like yuyo (seaweed).

Causa’s extensive pisco collection hopes to one day “be the largest in North America,” Hartley says, with around 100 bottles to start. He and Spangler will host pisco lessons and offer tastings of the beloved national spirit.

The roots of the project date back to 2012, when Hartley and Delgado helped open Peruvian restaurant Ocopa on H Street NE. As Delgado departed for China Chilcano, Hartley and Spangler turned their attention to growing Shaw’s Service Bar into one of the hippest cocktail bars in town.

The brick-lined address of Causa was once supposed to house Village Whiskey, a gourmet burger bar by Philadelphia restaurateur Jose Garces, but its bankruptcy filing bothered. The trio were introduced to the newly available building in 2018, but the pandemic and other related delays pushed back Causa’s initial timeline.

Causa is filled with an impressive assortment of colorful decorations, artwork and accessories straight from Peruvian markets and street shops. Peru-based design team Exebio came up with the entire look.

“Peru has experiential gourmet restaurants [like this]“, explains Delgado, “and we want to show here what has never been seen before.

Cinco Block Party & Pub Crawl Comes to Downtown Wyandotte – The News Herald


You don’t have to travel south of the border to experience Mexican culture and festivities, as the Cinco Block Party & Pub Crawl brings authentic music, dancing and food to downtown Wyandotte. .

Cinco de Mayo, also called the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, is a holiday celebrated in parts of Mexico, and in recent years in most of the United States, that honors a military victory in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III.

Cinco de Mayo is traditionally celebrated with street festivals, similar to Wyandotte’s event, which kicks off at 1 p.m. on May 7 in the riverside parking lot at Oak Street and Biddle Avenue.

The event is enhanced by live entertainment from authentic dancers and bands.

The bands add to the flavor of Wyandotte’s Cinco de Mayo celebration, which takes place this Saturday in the city’s downtown area. (Photo courtesy of 360 Event Productions)

The Block Party will also feature a full bar featuring Mexican beers and Hornitos tequila, food trucks, vendors and fun for the whole family.

Admission to the Block Party is free and open to all ages.

Those who participate in the Pub Crawl will receive an estupendo Cinco de Mayo starter kit which includes your first Mexican beer at the Block Party, a sombrero or mini sombrero headband, free face paint, party favors from event sponsors, and a exploration pass listing all participating bars.

The Pub Crawl entry fee is $15 and can be purchased in advance and at the door, while supplies last.

The Pub Crawl is for ages 21 and up. Anyone purchasing alcohol must have a valid ID.

The Block Party schedule calls for a DJ to be on duty from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., then return for 30-minute segments between live acts, which begin with Ballet Folklorico Moyocoyani Izel (dancers), from 15 to 4 p.m.

The Cinco Block Party & Pub Crawl brings authentic music, dancing and food to the Wyandotte River. (Photo courtesy of 360 Event Productions)

Other performers include Mariachi 75 (band), 4:30-5:30 p.m.; Ballet Folklorico Moyocoyani Izel, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.; and Grupo Demolicion (orchestra), from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The DJ ends the entertainment evening, from 9:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Pub Crawl check-in will take place in the Block Party area from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Crawlers must be registered by 8:00 p.m. to receive their Cinco de Mayo estupendo starter kit.

Pub Crawl locations, which are subject to change, include Whiskeys on the Water, Captain’s, Sports Bar & Grill, Frank’s Pizza, Bobcat Bonnie’s, Joe’s Hamburgers, Grand Dad’s, The Dotte Pub, Gizmos Martini Bar and Firehouse Pub.

For more information or to purchase tickets in advance for the Pub Crawl, visit CincoBlockParty.com.

Partygoers celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Wyandotte at an event from the previous year. (Photo courtesy of 360 Event Productions)

New Hampshire’s 10 Best Candy Stores Are Delicious


Chocolate is like pizza. Almost everyone loves it. Even if you’re counting calories or sugar intake, you can eat sweets in moderation and it won’t make you feel guilty.

Candy shops have been around for centuries, with people eyeing rows and cases of indescribably delicious candy choices, I thought a list of your favorites from a Facebook poll would be fun. You can probably guess which store is leading in our poll.

Facts about the history of sweets

The oldest continuous confectionery store in America is Shane’s Confectionary in Philadelphia. It’s a bit far for the Granite Staters to drive, but what about here in New England.

The nation’s oldest confectionery company is just a short drive from our other state of Massachusetts, New England. This is Ye Old Pepper Candy Company in Salem, MA, which has been producing candy since 1806.

According to Oldpeppercandy.com, the oldest commercially made candy in America was the “Gibraltors”, made by a woman named Mrs. Spencer who was shipwrecked on her way from England and landed in Salem, MA. Destitute, she received a barrel of sugar and Gibraltors was born. The business was passed on to a family friend, John Pepper, hence the name of the business. Pepper is credited with creating our country’s other famous origins candy, “Blackjacks”.

Let’s explore your choices for the best candy stores in New Hampshire. The best store had so many votes that there was no doubt that it was clearly the best in the state, but the others had similar votes and were in no particular order. Enjoy and prepare to crave sweets after seeing these pictures.

The 10 Best Candy Stores in New Hampshire

Candy is sweet, delicious and a fan favorite, but there’s one store everyone loves, so let’s take a look at the top votes in a recent Facebook poll.

This New Hampshire Ice Cream Trail Is A Sweet Road Trip You Need To Take

Beginning in Kingston, this delicious NH Ice Cream Trail begins in Kingston and heads north to Pittsburgh before descending to the Seacoast Rye Beach area.

Chris Tarrant: Frank Carson imagined Tiswas’ ‘Compost Corner’ sketch on pints in the pub


Chris Tarrant worships Frank Carson, as the creator of his most anarchic TV ideas. The host said the comic, who died aged 85 in 2012 after being diagnosed with stomach cancer, came up with hit ideas as they drank in pubs together.

Chris, who ran the Saturday morning children’s series Tiswas from 1974 to 1981, said: “We always had new ideas. Things like Compost Corner – which was imagined in a bar. It was me and Frank talking and I said, “You know that Crackerjack thing, where every time you see Crackerjack everyone’s yelling ‘Crackerjack!’ Crackerjack”? I want to do a gardening article, probably with Lenny Henry dressed as David Bellamy, where we shout something every time we mention a particular word or phrase and everyone shouts it back.

“And Frank says, ‘Have you gone completely mad?’ And I said, ‘No. And something with compost? And it was Frank who said, ‘Compost Corner! Corner Compost!’ We all started shouting ‘Compost Corner!

Chris’ other encounters with Belfast-born Frank did not end so productively. Of dragging the comedian on stage while still drunk, he said, “Frank liked to have a drink. In fact, he loved a drink. I once drove him to The Old Sticky Wicket in Redditch, a cabaret where he was to perform on a Friday night.

“Frank jumped out of the car and disappeared. Panicked, I ran into the club to find Frank – never one of those entertainers who hides from the public until show time – standing at the bar, chatting, drinking free lagers bought for him by those who would be his audience in about 20 minutes time.

“He was swaying and slurring…but he started his number, with his usual staccato quick talk performance, did about an hour and a half, never once jammed, never repeated the same joke and received a standing ovation.

“When he came out he was just as drunk as he was when he left, and I took him back to his hotel and helped him up to his room. The next morning on Tiswas, after a giant breakfast, he was brilliant. It seemed that was how some of these old boys lived.

“I guess a lot of bands have always done the same thing with drugs.”

A new seafood festival debuts in Pattaya


It’s not just Phuket that’s hosting a Seafood Festival to boost tourism – a Seafood Festival is happening in Pattaya! The festival, called “Squid Fair”, kicked off yesterday outside the Terminal 21 shopping center in Pattaya. Much like Phuket’s Roi Rim Lay and ‘Tastival’ festivals, Squid Fair aims to boost the local economy by bringing income to vendors. It will last until tomorrow (Sunday), May 1, and will close its last day with a performance by Thai singer Earth Pattawee.

With several well-known seafood vendors all gathered in one place in front of the popular shopping area, customers can enjoy a nice variety, especially a variety of squid. The vendors are decorated with Japanese ornaments. Organizations teaming up to host the squid fair are the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association.

As Phuket and Pattaya have historically been major tourist spots in Thailand, officials in both regions have scrambled to find ways to revive their tourist economies disheveled by Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the Thai government. In Phuket, the authorities have this year organized 2 seafood festivals and an event with hot air balloons at Sarasin Bridge, connecting Phuket to the mainland.

Last month, Phuket Governor Narong said the provincial government would work with local government organizations to create 10,000 vacancies for minimum wage jobs. The vacancies, he said, would pay the minimum wage of 336 baht per day, for 20 days per month, and would last for four months. The total salary would be 6,720 baht per month. Narong said, “At least they will be able to feed themselves.”

Meanwhile in Pattaya, an entertainment official in Pattaya called on authorities last month to move venue closing times to 1 a.m. instead of 11 p.m. The official was the secretary of the Pattaya Association of Entertainment Venue Operators. It has partly succeeded with the new official closing time which has been changed to midnight from tomorrow May 1.

THE SOURCE: Pattaya News

Back Alley Nightclub named official home of Flames playoffs


Back Alley nightclub, an iconic venue for sports and partying, has just been named the official home of this year’s Cup Quest.

The popular bar has been named the official home of the 2022 Budweiser Calgary Flames Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Located at 4630 Macleod Trail SW, The Back Alley has been one of the best places in YYC to cheer on the Flames and it looks like this year’s race will be no different.

“The venue has added a number of large screen TVs to accompany the already exciting video wall and projectors,” Jamal Ali, events and marketing manager, said in a press release.

“Now you can watch the game from any seat or corner of the venue.”

Not only will viewing the game be easier than ever, but there will also be tons of promotions.

Matchday food and drink specials will be featured on matchdays, along with pre- and post-match parties that will hopefully continue until the cup.

Fans are encouraged to wear red, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Flames fans.

Get excited and get ready to experience the game in an extremely dynamic environment.

Would you like to be at the game and miss the sound of the hockey horn and flashing red lights?

The Back Alley nightclub also has one.

Gate times will be posted on The Back Alley social media on match days.

Go flames go!

Back Alley Nightclub

Address: 4630 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary


Impact of COVID-19 on Online Payday Loans Market Share, Size, Trends and Growth from 2022 to 2031 – themobility.club


A recent report on the world Online payday loans market published by Market Reports provides a global overview and assessment of opportunities at the moment. The study provides an in-depth examination of key market trends. To forecast the growth of Online Payday Loans with the utmost accuracy, analysts consider both historical and current growth parameters.

The kOnline Payday Loans Business Intelligence Report estimates market size in terms of value (Mn/Bn USD) and volume (Mn/Bn USD) (x units). The research analysis has been geographically divided into critical regions that are growing faster than the global market to understand the development prospects of Online Payday Loans. Each section of online payday loans has been carefully considered in terms of price, delivery, and market potential.

For the forecast period, the study includes a review of the year-on-year growth pattern along with current and potential market volume forecasts (units). The study assesses the effect of the novel COVID-19 pandemic on online payday loans, as well as relevant insights into how industry players are responding to the new situation.

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The Online Payday Loans analysis rates each market leader based on market share, manufacturing presence, new releases, partnerships, existing R&D projects, and company strategies. In addition, the keyword research examines the SWOT report (strengths, gaps, opportunities and threats).

Major key players included in Online Payday Loans Markets are: Wonga, Cash America International, DFC Global Corp, Instant Cash Loans, Wage Day Advance, MEM Consumer Finance, 2345 Network, …

By TypeInstallationSingle-PhaseBy ApplicationPersonalLarge BusinessSMB

What are the main takeaways from the online payday loans study for readers?

• Study any Online payday loans the player’s existing business models, including product launches, expansions, alliances and acquisitions.

• Recognize key drivers, constraints, opportunities and patterns (DROT analysis).

• Key factors such as carbon footprint, R&D progress, prototype inventions and globalization.

• Examine and research the growth of the global Online Payday Loans landscape, including sales, supply, and usage, as well as historical and forecast data.

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The online payday loans report answers the following questions:

  • Which players have a significant share of online payday loans, and why?
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  • How do online payday loan players develop plans to gain a strategic advantage?
  • What Would Global Online Payday Loans Be Worth?

Regional outlook:

Regionally, the global online payday loans market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. In addition, market data classification and region to country analysis are covered in the market research report. Additionally, regions are separated into country and region groups:

– North America (USA and Canada)

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– Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and rest of Latin America)

– Middle East and Africa (GCC (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman), North Africa, South Africa and Rest of Middle East and Africa)

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Carl Allison (Business Development Manager)

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New one-punch attacks at Plymouth bar: two men stunned, house arrest for striker


Tylar Adams appeared in New Plymouth District Court on Friday. Photo / Tara Shaskey

A violent bar attack left a young father with lingering health issues, forced him and his wife out of their farm jobs and home, and left them $70,000 out of pocket.

The man was knocked out with a single punch, causing a brain hemorrhage and multiple facial fractures after falling backwards and hitting his head on the concrete.

His attacker, Tylar Adams, had moments earlier rendered another man unconscious in the same way.

Adams, 23, and his two victims were all patrons of the Crowded House Bar and Eatery in New Plymouth on October 24.

The victims, who are friends, were part of a “very drunk” group playing an arcade game at the pub, Judge Sygrove told the New Plymouth District Court on Friday.

Not far from the group was Adams, having a drink with a mate at a skinny bar.

At around 11:40 p.m., a duty manager approached the “a little loud” group and unplugged the slot machine.

This led to one of the victims getting into an argument and being racist towards the staff member.

He was asked to leave the premises and while being escorted away his abuse continued.

At this point, Adams took it upon himself to get involved and began to approach the man.

A fight broke out, which included the other victim, and all parties threw punches at each other.

Once separated, the victim who was asked out continued to be led outside.

Meanwhile, Adams followed the other victim to a table and landed a right hook to the man’s chin, which immediately knocked him out.

Adams then left the bar and was greeted by the kicked out victim who called him out for a fight.

Taking up the challenge, Adams approached the man and threw a single punch at him. The victim was immediately knocked unconscious and hit his head on the sidewalk.

He spent several days in intensive care at Taranaki Base Hospital with a subdural hematoma and facial fractures.

His road to recovery continues and he and his wife had to give up their jobs as contract milkers following a head injury.

The couple had to leave their farm and lost around $50,000 in income and $20,000 in rental income.

The other victim suffered significant swelling from the attack and suffers from ongoing emotional and relationship issues.

Judge Sygrove struggled to read the victim impact statements, describing the content as “heartbreaking”.

The lives of the victims had changed irrevocably, he said when sentencing Adams.

“[One victim] was severely disabled for some time and remains quite disabled in many ways.”

Judge Sygrove rebuked Adams’ violent behavior, describing his actions as “incredibly wrong”.

But said he was otherwise a “worthy member of society” with a full-time job as a builder and a supportive family.

“It shows you the danger of alcohol and youth. And it happens all the time in our society,” Judge Sygrove said.

Police argued the offense was premeditated and self-defense behavior, while the defense said it was provoked and impulsive.

In sentencing Adams, Judge Sygrove considered his youth, his remorse, his efforts at rehabilitation and his desire to attend restorative justice, which did not happen.

After being found guilty of wounding with recklessness and wounding that would have resulted in manslaughter if he died, Adams was sentenced to eight months of house arrest.

He was also ordered to pay $1,500 in reparations to one victim and $500 to the other.

Chennai-based resto-bar, The Void is relaunching with a well-stocked bar and a new menu


Dinner at The Void resto-bar

With great curiosity and a healthy appetite, we headed to Anna Nagar’s latest watering hole on a scorching afternoon to sample their new menu. Run by brothers Varun Shreyas and Rohan Manjesh, The Void is a family business and was a busy kitchen during the pandemic. Finally, having recently obtained their liquor license, the restobar opened last Sunday for a lively evening with interesting short meals, cocktails and lots of pizza. As we talked about the delicious watermelon salad sprinkled with sesame and the popular butter chicken pies that were sampled at the launch party, Kochi-based consultant chef Mohamed Siddiq introduced us to the restobar’s new menu. of 150 places. “Our menu is global in nature. Although we have revamped the menu with an emphasis on South Indian flavours, you can also expect Asian, European, Indian dishes as well as subtle Mediterranean influences,” explains the chef.

Karaikudi Seekh Kebabs at The Void

We breathed a sigh of relief when we saw that the first dish to reach our table was hot and creamy butternut squash soup. “Yes, we kept some of the favorites from the old menu,” says Siddiq, which was great news for us as we were indeed in favor of this broth! We were then served an interesting sushi platter with tempura prawns stuffed in rice rolls for non-vegetarians and crunchy maki stuffed with vegetables for others. After an extra smear of wasabi, we grab a soothing Pina Colada to calm our palate. Light and summery, the classic cocktail is a perfect brunch drink. The next dish might be difficult for some but delicious for us, as we are fans of pâté de foie. Chicken Liver Pâté is creamy and strong in flavor and goes perfectly as a spread for crispy toast. The next one is less adventurous but just as satisfying – Karaikudi Seekh Kebabs are tasty with a little more pepper.

North Indian combo bowl at The Void

Meanwhile, we sipped an interesting ‘jamun’ infused cocktail – where dried java plums are muddled and the almost majenta colored cocktail has a potent vodka base to keep our spirits up even on a hot day. Coming to the main course – the slice of seared fish on a polenta cake is a subtle and healthy dish and surprisingly it didn’t need the creamy coconut sauce. Our favorite is the “bowl” menu. We chose the North Indian combination which included a bowl of fragrant pulao with caramelized sweet onions, a chicken tikka stuffed omelette roll and a side of butter chicken sauce, dal fries and raita. Other options include a Goan combo with fish curry and a Chinese bowl.

For dessert, the flourless chocolate cake is moist, heavenly, and dark as sin, making us linger longer than expected.

Meal for two at around INR 1200 (drinks not included).

—Sabrina Rajan

Casian Seafood, a fig-mascarpone-porto recipe and a taste of summer


Many good tastes come to mind when you think of Asian cuisine, but sausage is rarely one of them. Over the years I’ve tasted lap cheong, those thin canned Chinese sausages, but almost all of them were packaged and imported from China.

I raised my eyebrows when I read that the Casian Seafood restaurant in Lafayette offered homemade artisan sausages on a unique menu that included Hmong dishes from Laos and Cajun dishes from Louisiana.

One taste and I was hooked – these sausages are like a festival of Asian flavors captured inside a large grilled bratwurst. The kitchen grinds juicy pork belly with fresh ginger, lemongrass, and tangy Thai chili peppers for a legit tantalizing experience. It was served with a hot sauce made from fish sauce, along with sides of sticky rice and homemade kimchi.

We also enjoyed a bowl of seafood and true-to-form jambalaya sausages and a refreshing fusion of shrimp and larb ceviche, the popular Southeast Asian salad, wrapped in lettuce.

Owners Dau Xiong and Maria Nguyen also serve shrimp and seafood porridge, fried oysters, Cajun fried rice, Cornish hens, papaya salad with fried pork skin, banh mi and fried fish po’boy sandwiches.

The food has intrigued so many diners since the restaurant opened in Lafayette that it received a semi-final nomination for the 2022 James Beard Awards.


Boulder Recipe Flashback: John’s Restaurant

In the Glenn Miller Ballroom of CU’s UMC Building, Boulder’s culinary community gathers annually for Taste of the Nation, a walk-in restaurant tasting event that benefits local hunger relief organizations like Community Food Share and national Share Our Strength efforts.

In 1995, a group of volunteers created the Taste of Boulder cookbook with recipes from favorite local restaurants. Chef John Bizzarro of the much-loved John’s Restaurant (now the site of River and Woods) contributed the following recipe.

Saint-Jean figs with mascarpone, almonds and port

About 16 large almonds (regular or Marcona)

8 fresh ripe figs (4 whole, 4 quartered)

8 ounces mascarpone cheese

6 teaspoons (approximately) powdered sugar

6 ounces of port

Toast the almonds in a pan or in the oven. Score the four whole figs by cutting an “X” in the top, three-quarters down, and separate the sections to look like flower petals.

Stir the powdered sugar and two ounces of port into the mascarpone. Divide the mascarpone (in the shape of a dome) into four bowls. Place four almonds in the middle of each flower. Arrange the fig quarters around the edge. Place an ounce of port on each dessert. For four.

Culinary calendar: taste of summer

Shutterstock Traditional Asian tea ceremony arrangement. Iron teapot, cups, dried rosebuds and candles on wooden table background, selective focus, copy space

Dine on April 28, 2022 for a Restaurant For Life dinner at participating restaurants, including Santo, Blackbelly, Avery Brewing and The Post, all of which will donate 25% of the day’s sales to Project Angel Heart, an organization providing medical services tailored. meals to Colorado residents living with a life-threatening illness. diningoutforlife.com … Denver Botanical Gardens has reopened its authentic Japanese tea house for tea ceremony experiences on weekends from June through September. https://bit.ly/3iH3A0H … Plan Ahead: Botanica — A plant festival will be held June 18-19 at Lafayette Three Leaf Farm. botanicafestival.com … Slow Food’s Summer Farm Food Gathering with tours, burgers and a campfire will be held June 25 at the Community Table Farm in Longmont. slowfoodboulder.org … Eagle Mushroom & Wild Food Festival, August 5-7, with classes, forays, and food. eaglemushroomfest.com

Pernod Ricard Korea launches “Monkey 47 x BAPE Edition”

Pernod Ricard Korea has launched the “Monkey 47X BAPE Edition”, a collaboration between the ultra-premium dry gin Monkey 47 and A BATHING APE (BAPE), a high-end urban fashion brand.

Pernod Ricard Korea has launched the limited edition “Monkey 47X BAPE Edition” as part of a collaboration between two iconic brands: the ultra-premium dry gin Monkey 47 and A BATHING APE (BAPE), a high-end street fashion brand range.

Monkey 47 is an artisanal gin brand that uses 47 natural botanicals from the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in northern Germany and produces only very small quantities each year. BAPE is a high-end street fashion brand known for its unique camo pattern. This edition features a stylish design that fuses Monkey 47’s signature jungle print with BAPE’s signature camo pattern created for this bottle and packaging edition.

Monkey 47 continues to experiment with new flavors, aromas and partners. Following its pursuit, Monkey 47 will appeal to consumers seeking luxury high street fashion by introducing a combination of gin and fashion through a collaboration with the BAPE brand, which shares Monkey 47’s passion for innovation.

To celebrate the launch, Pernod Ricard Korea will open a pop-up store at Wine & More Cheongdam from May 1-31. The pop-up space, themed with new design and Botanical ambience inspired by the Black Forest, will take you on a wild and wondrous walk through a technicolor jungle. In addition, during the same period, the Monkey 47 X BAPE Edition bottle will be available for purchase through Wine & More’s Smart Order, while a collaboration with well-known bars in Seoul will take place at the same time. In May, Mixology Cheongdam, Le Chamber Cheongdam, Alice Cheongdam, Jangsaeng Healthy Bar and Soko Bar will introduce special cocktails with a unique flavor based on Monkey 47, and the Monkey 47 X BAPE edition can be ordered by the bottle.

Kerrie Kim, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Korea, said: “The collaboration of the two brands Monkey 47 and BAPE, which have a loyal fan base, will introduce a unique lifestyle. With the Monkey 47 X BAPE Edition, a combination of Black Forest Monkey 47’s 47 herbal flavor and BAPE’s signature camouflage pattern, we hope to convey the brand’s spirit of innovation and constant collaboration to consumers.

This solar is for you: Budweiser helps bars connect to renewable electricity


The Budweiser beer brand will step up plans to help bars and venues around the world switch to renewable electricity as part of parent company AB InBev’s drive to achieve net-zero emissions across its beer value chain. here 2040.

The company said it has already helped more than 2,000 local pubs in Brazil and Ireland switch to renewable electricity, but is looking to take the global approach with the launch of a new scheme called The Energy Collective.

As part of this approach, The Energy Collective will partner with a local energy supplier, who can then offer sites that join the initiative cost savings and access to renewable energy infrastructure.

The aim is to build on the success Budweiser has already had in Brazil, where it has partnered with local supplier Lemon Energy to provide hundreds of bars with access to renewable energy tariffs. The initiative has saved 291 metric tons of carbon per year, and the Collective has set a goal of converting 250,000 locations across Brazil to renewable electricity by 2025, which could generate savings estimated at 36,375 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). per year, which is equivalent to taking 7,991 cars off the road.

“Consumers yearn for a better world where the things they love last,” said Todd Allen, vice president of global marketing at Budweiser. “The Energy Collective is helping to make it easier to power the things people love with renewable electricity, while helping to close the gap between what consumers want and what businesses can do. We’re just getting started. Our bold dream is that every bar, venue and stadium in the world that serves Budweiser would be powered by renewable electricity.”

The latest commitment follows a promise from Budweiser in 2015 to brew its beer with 100% renewable electricity by 2025. The company said it has already achieved this goal in many markets, allowing the company to focus on connecting the companies it supplies to renewable energy sources, through the Collectif Energie.

Will Morgan, managing director of Jerry Flannery’s in Limerick, Ireland, said the ability to collectively buy clean energy had already resulted in financial savings for his bar. “By being connected to renewable electricity through local providers through The Energy Collective, I have already been able to reduce my monthly electricity costs by around 10%,” he said. “It has also been a topic of conversation with many of my customers to discuss the importance of renewable electricity and creating a better future for us all.”

AB InBev has announced that it will launch a pilot project to expand the program to Colombia this year, while exploring other opportunities to roll out the model in a number of additional countries, including the UK, Chile and Italy. ‘Uruguay.

“When Budweiser decided to brew beer with renewable electricity, we knew we could do so much more in the area of ​​renewable energy as a global brand,” said Ezgi Barcenas, director of sustainability at AB InBev. . “Launching The Energy Collective allows us to help businesses around the world, leveraging our scale to enable our customers to get more sustainable energy at more affordable rates.”

How to eat well in Lyon, the French food capital, for 30€ and less


Any foodie worthy of that Himalayan pink salt knows that while Paris has restaurants to satisfy even the pickiest diners, the City of Light isn’t quite the food capital of France. Lyon, in fact, has been a morning star for epicureans since chefs Eugénie Brazier and Marie Bourgeois transformed local working-class lunches into Michelin-starred dishes in the 1930s. It’s been a training ground ever since. for chefs, and the city’s culinary school, the Paul Bocuse Instituteis the only one in France to have a Michelin starred restaurant.

Lyon is clearly a foodie destination, with more restaurants per capita than any other city in France, and 15 Michelin-starred restaurants. But while it may seem like a mecca for haute cuisine, you don’t have to spend a fortune to eat well in Lyon. There are plenty of restaurants where you can eat spectacularly without breaking the bank. Just be sure to make your reservations in advance, as the best places tend to fill up quickly.


One type of restaurant you will come across frequently in Lyon is known as Bouchon. These restaurants, which started out as places where women sold home-cooked food to workers to earn extra cash, are about as traditional as it gets. The dishes are meat-heavy, and you’re going to want to do a quick Google search before ordering, as the people of Lyon are famous for using all parts of the animal. But they’ve stuck around for a reason: they’re places to eat a quality meal at a reasonable price, and many offer prix fixe menus for lunch or dinner.

Bacon’s Head

Bacon’s Head is a classic Bouchon, serving dishes like Salade Lyonnaise (bacon and a poached egg on green salad) and Andouillette en Croûte (sausage made from pork intestines, cooked in a pastry shell and served in a spicy mustard). And for dessert, it’s always good to get a slice of pink praline tart, a local speciality. Enjoy a starter, main course and dessert for only 30 €, or €22 if you go during lunch time. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere with a glass of Beaujolais and get ready to eat your heart out.

The Girls Cap

If classic isn’t quite your style, you can get an update on the Traditional Stopper at The Girls Cap. This female-run restaurant is a local favorite, serving healthier, modern versions of classic Bouchon cuisine, such as a quenelle (a huge fish ball) and canut brain (cottage cheese with fine herbs). Their dinner menu is only 28 €, and comes with several small “salads”, a starter, a main course, a cheese dish and a dessert. It ends up being a lot of food, but you won’t want to waste a bite of it.

Why breakfast is the best meal of the day

If you really want to eat well while saving money, consider moving your big meal of the day from dinner to lunch. Many of the more expensive restaurants in Lyon offer a very reasonable lunch menu, with three courses for around €25. Just be aware that most restaurants have very limited hours, so lunch is only between noon and 2 p.m., and a reservation is always highly recommended.

The Blue Pepper

If you want a meal that deserves to be savored the rest of the day, or even the week, grab a table at The Blue Pepper. This minimalist with white walls restaurant is based on a philosophy of ethically sourced local ingredients, handled with care and presented in style. Their menu is as simple and fresh as possible, so only two starters and two main courses are offered per day. Have your three-course lunch for 25 €or go for a full dinner for €34.

The Cork of the Cordeliers

Another old school cap, The Cork of the Cordeliers is a multi-story, red-checkered tablecloth-like establishment that straddles the perfect line between kitsch and fine dining. They offer a three course lunch menu from Tuesday to Friday at 28€ called their “Menu des Canuts”, named after the silk workers who supplied Lyon’s largest industry. But you can always leave à la carte for dinner if you wish, with main courses averaging €18.

Less formal, more options

Food Traboulé

Sometimes you don’t need the ceremony of a sit-down restaurant to make a meal worthwhile. The food speaks for itself Food Traboulé in Old Lyon, a Food Court for gourmets. The name refers to the secret passageways, or traboules, found in Lyon’s oldest quarter. Spread over three levels and seven spaces, the Food Traboule allows everyone to order a quality meal from the restaurant of their choice, from the chef who interests them that day. Most dishes cost between €13 and €15 and offer a “Happy Midi” lunch menu from Monday to Friday with 10€ mealor 13 € if you want lunch and dessert.

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

This famous covered market supplies all of Lyon and is the first stop for all the chefs in the city every morning. Whether fish, cheese, meat, fresh produce or specialities, you will find everything on your shopping list at Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. Bbut it’s not just a place to go for groceries because there are several restaurants in the market too, most of which are only open until 2 p.m., making Les Halles an excellent stopover for a gourmet lunch without pomp and circumstance. Restaurant Hallfor example, offers a dish of the day at €11.50 or a three-course lunch at €18.

To eat lunch

The kitchen

The kitchen is ideally located between two major Lyon universities, so it is a popular place for students at any time of the day. Although it looks like a brunch bar, the restaurant doesn’t actually serve brunch, but they do a fantastic breakfast until 11am. Get a coffee and pastry for €4 and take advantage of the trendy blue and gold decor, or splurge “The total” which is accompanied by a hot drink of your choice, a pastry of your choice, a juice of your choice (including apricot and apple-quince), and a bowl of yoghurt-muesli with fruit, all for 14 €. Definitely the best place to start your morning. Their lunch is excellent but more expensive, €35 for a three course meal. If you slept late and missed breakfast, you can always come back before 6:30 p.m. for their “dessert bar”, which includes a great assortment of pastries.

Catherine Rickman is a professional writer and Francophile who has lived in Paris, New York and Berlin. She is currently on a road trip through France, and you can follow her adventures on Instagram @catrickman.

Seafood processors urged to focus on sustainability


VIETNAM, April 26 –

Workers process tra fish at the Sao Mai Group factory in Đồng Tháp province. The EU has remained one of the largest seafood importers from Việt Nam for years. — Photo VNA/VNS Vũ Sinh

HÀ NỘI — Seafood processors in Việt Nam urged to invest in sustainability to increase exports to the EU.

According to Vietrade deputy director Lê Hoàng Tài, the EU has remained one of Việt Nam’s largest seafood importers for years. Entering into force from 2020, the EU-Việt Nam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) provided Việt Nam with even greater access to the EU market, with the elimination of all customs duties on aquatic products in seven years.

Việt Nam’s aquatic exports reached $2.4 billion in the first quarter of 2022, up 40% from last year.

Shipments of tra fish to the EU totaled $28 million in the first two months of this year, up 76% year-on-year, while those for shrimp reached $159 million, up 66%, thanks to the rebound in demand after the pandemic.

Last year, Việt Nam exported over $1 billion worth of aquatic products to the EU, up 12% from the previous year. The five largest EU importers were the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and France, together accounting for 72% of total exports.

During the two-day webinar Việt Nam – EU Business Matching Seafood 2022 co-organized by Việt Nam Trade Promotion Agency (Vietrade) and Việt Nam Trade Offices and Embassies in Member States of With the EU ending on Tuesday, Tài expected through the webinar, Vietnamese producers would have a better understanding of the EU market and the partnership between the two sides to further accelerate the development of the fishing industry in Việt Nam.

The event is part of this year’s national trade promotion program, which aims to help Vietnamese seafood producers find buyers in the EU.

Trade adviser in Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Latvia, Lê Hoàng Thúy, noted that a wider range of goods and instant food products had been made available in supermarkets in northern Europe. It would be a good opportunity for Vietnamese exporters to boost sales to standardized processing enterprises capable of supplying high value-added products to the market, she said.

Sustainable fishing is an emerging trend in the EU, Thúy noted, adding that it will likely be integrated into the management system in the future. This meant the EU would require the use of more socially and environmentally responsible practices on imported seafood products over the years, the official said.

She also stressed the importance of ensuring the management of quality control and rules of origin for Vietnamese products, as EU consumers pay more attention to health and food origin issues. imported. She urged domestic companies to label their products with accurate information and focus more on brand image and product development based on consumer trends. —VNS

Napa Valley’s New Cabernet Sauvignon Could Be Rutherford’s Next Iconic Wine


Wine drinkers who have enjoyed a wide range of fine wines around the world may have only used the word “ethereal” when referring to some of Burgundy’s most notable red Grands Crus such as Bonnes Mares or even more elusive Romanée-Conti. And yes, the word ethereal can be defined as describing something so “light in a way” that it seems “too perfect for this world”, but when it comes to wine it takes on even more meaning. outstanding. This is an undeniably concentrated, complex and multifaceted wine, but overall there is a quality of stunning delicacy that will take your breath away. The great Burgundy wineries seem to hold the original, unofficial rights to such a descriptor, although there is a new wine from a vineyard in Rutherford Bench, Napa Valley, that inspires such a word.

It’s shocking that a word like “ethereal” describes a Bordeaux let alone a Napa wine, and a Napa wine made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon nonetheless. But that’s what the new released 2018 Stalworth The Rutherford Bench wine displays exquisitely when its acclaimed winemaker, Celia Welch, beams when speaking of the wine’s “weightlessness” which has a striking combination of that balanced heavenly character with a delicious juiciness on the finish.

From the first taste, it imparts the aromas and flavors that are known among Rutherford Bench wines such as ideally ripe fruit with a hint of spice notes like anise or a floral characteristic, even if it is the texture of this winning wine. on another level.

The name “Rutherford Bench” is talked about enthusiastically among Napa wine lovers and in a straightforward scientific way one can read about the process of benches forming in soils that are caused by geological events that can cause a diverse mix of soil types, such as the alluvial fan in the Rutherford Bench, to logically understand why he is special. However, most wine drinkers want to experience the most outstanding examples of what sets this revered region apart from other neighboring areas of Rutherford and the rest of Napa Valley. The Stalworth 2018 is an opportunity to taste such an exemplary example.

Tim Person

The co-owner and captain at the helm of the Stalworth project is Tim Persson who, along with his wife, Sabrina, took over his father-in-law’s wine business, Hess Family Wine Estates, and today it is called Hess Persson Estates. Tim took over running their wine estates after spending a lot of time with his father-in-law, Donald Hess, as many challenges arose during the post-financial crisis of 2010 and 2011 that affected the vast Hess. businesses around the world, and so in 2012 Tim and his wife moved to Napa Valley so they could directly oversee the estate and the family winery.

Even in the multicultural region of Napa Valley, Tim’s background stands out as he grew up in one of Africa’s smallest countries, Eswatini – Africa’s last absolute monarchy, formerly known as Swaziland. After attending college in Europe, he became a corporate lawyer and practiced in New York and London; then Tim met his wife Sabrina and his path took an adventurous turn.

Tim does most of the work supervising and directing the wine industry while Sabrina continues her psychotherapy practice. She is a licensed psychotherapist who has come in handy for their winery business which has to “navigate the series of setbacks and natural disasters” that has prevailed since 2014. But she still finds time to help their winery “behind the scenes” while juggling his practice. and being very “hands on” with raising their two children.

Some of these setbacks and natural disasters include the 2014 earthquake which destroyed one of their main wine cellars, landslides in 2016 which cut electricity and access to the cellar, in 2017 the winery only able to make a small fraction of its high-end wines due to wildfires and wildfire smoke in 2020 forcing them to make no Napa wine.

Yet Tim’s original mission to “restore” Hess’ credentials for making premium Cabernet Sauvignon wines was never discouraged. As he thought about the 30th anniversary of Hess Family Wine Estates, celebrated in 2011, it was now his responsibility to ensure the winery remained relevant for the next 30 years and that’s where Stalworth came into the picture.


Tim sought out a top Napa winemaker who would oversee the project to create an iconic wine from the Rutherford Bench, raising the bar for Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Although there was a group of great winemakers in the area, he was determined to find someone who not only had a great understanding of what makes an exceptional winery in Napa, but also had the lack of ego to allow this vineyard to speak for itself. And that’s when Celia Welch’s name came up again and again, as she was an expert in making Rutherford’s signature wines. So Tim and his wife researched his various wines to taste, some easier to find than others, like the hard to get Scarecrow. According to Tim, the lack of ego was evident in his wines, and he loved “integrity, honesty and consistency of excellence” in all of his various offerings. Tim and Sabrina’s connection to Celia was instant when they first met, and Tim noted that meeting Celia, unlike the rest of Stalworth’s story, was seamless from the first moment.

They found the ideal vineyard in the Rutherford Bench in 2015 but the back-to-back unfortunate events of extreme drought accumulation from 2012-2015 and all the disasters suffered from 2014-2017, pushed Stalworth’s debut vintage until 2018. – considered a “spectacular year” and “driven by the terroir” according to wine spectator. Celia said they used this delayed time to really understand this particular vineyard and have time to experiment in the cellar with the wines so that they are fully prepared once they make the inaugural vintage. In addition, the need to rebuild the winery, destroyed by an earthquake, allowed the green light to be given to a huge investment that would allow the construction of a state-of-the-art winery giving them all the tools to achieve more high peaks.

The reconstruction of the old stone cellar, originally built in 1903, took several years as there were many complications at every stage of the process. When the new winery opened with a celebratory dinner on August 14, 2018, Tim Googled the date just before giving his commencement speech at the dinner because he wanted to reference other historic events at that time. date, he realized that it was the 4th anniversary of the date the cellar was destroyed.

Never lose sight of luck

When it came time to name the wine, given the very bumpy journey, Stalworth was ideal as it’s a word that has evolved to describe someone who shows “determination, bravery and courage”, and Tim and his wife have certainly achieved their dream. , to move Hess Persson Estates to a higher level of excellence, challenged in many ways.

The label features contemporary art that reminds Tim and Sabrina of their favorite poem called “The Journey” written by David Whyte. One section reads “someone has written something new in the ashes of your life”, representing their chance to write something new in the ashes of the Hess Cellar.

Tim laughed when he thought how his family thought of him as an unlucky kid as he broke nearly every bone in his body as a child and it seems the deluge of unfortunate events surrounding the Stalworth project weren’t only a continuation of his unlucky tendencies. , but he has a very different perspective. “I can’t help but look back at my life and think I’ve been incredibly lucky,” he says with a strong sense of gratitude.

And the 2018 Stalworth certainly proves that he is indeed a very lucky man.

2018 Stalworth, Rutherford Bench, Napa Valley: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Celia modestly pointed out that this vineyard produced a completely balanced Cabernet Sauvignon in 2018 with an extraordinary texture that is both concentrated and refined with an overall “weightlessness” that gives it that remarkable ethereal quality, but it finishes just as incredible as t starts with a juiciness that only begs for another sip. The purity of red cherry and blackberry is stunning with those characteristic notes of anise seed and floral notes with tannins so fine they’re imperceptible, but they’re obviously there to support the wine throughout. long expressive finish.

2019 Stalworth, Rutherford Bench, NapaValley: mostly Cabernet Sauvignon with a tiny amount of Malbec and Petit Verdot. Delicious cassis flavor to this wine that has plenty of juiciness with blackberry jams and baking spice with sweet tobacco leaves and crushed stones all wrapped in lush tannins and superb flavor length.

The 2019 is still in the preview phase and will probably not be released until next year. But since it showed so well, they allow the media to try it. Regarding the addition of a slight amount of Malbec and Petit Verdot, Celia noted that it was more “to balance the texture” as there could be either a dip in the mid-palate that needs to be filled, or maybe a rounding off as she always wants the last sip to be tasty as she wants to avoid any astringency. But she added less than one percent of each because she wants the wine to be a full expression of Cabernet Sauvignon and so the other varieties are only there to help bring out the more complementary elements of the Cab.

The 3 Best Installment Loan Apps to Get You Started


Lending apps are gradually replacing traditional loan agencies or credit unions. Today, traditional lending institutions struggle to keep up with the convenience and transparent processes of these apps. Moreover, these applications and online lenders accept applicants regardless of their credit history.

However, identifying trustworthy installment loan applications can be difficult. There are many lending companies in this industry, and while some offer good service, others are opportunistic and deceptive.

Accordingly, we have listed the top three installment loan apps that can help you get started on the right foot. Let’s dive!

The 3 best installment loan apps to get you started

1. Heart Paydays

Heart Payday is a popular loan app in the United States. This site offers all of its loan services online and saves you the hassle of in-store loan applications. You can complete the entire application process in five minutes or less.

They offer various loan services, such as loans for bad credit guaranteed approval $5000which can help you meet your emergency needs.

This application has a user-friendly interface, and practically anyone can easily maneuver it easily. The site is notorious for accepting applicants rejected by other lenders, as its eligibility thresholds are relatively lower than those

in most credit institutions. For example, they accept people with bad credit, the unemployed, and those receiving government benefits.

Typically, Heart Payday loans come with APRs ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%.


  • There is no paperwork involved
  • Same day payment
  • Easy application process

The inconvenients

2. Viva Payday Loans

Another great option for a payout when you’re short on cash is the Viva Payday Loan app. The site offers no-collateral loans within hours of completing your application.

Viva Payday Loan has partnered with direct lenders who can meet your loan needs as quickly as possible. Moreover, these direct lenders offer different loan amounts.

Viva Loans does not perform intensive credit checks when evaluating loan applications, and even people with bad credit scores can get loans with them. Other groups, such as the unemployed and recipients of government support programs, can also apply for Viva Payday loans.

Their payday APRs range from 5.99% to 35.99%. This is mainly because every direct lender they partner with imposes their rates. One of their main drawbacks is that their services are not accessible in all states.


  • Same day payments
  • The simple and fast application process
  • Flexible loan amounts from $200 to $5,000

The inconvenients

  • Viva Loan services are not available in all US states

3. Credit Clock

Credit Clock Loan is considered best for quick loan approvals. They offer their customers a range of loan products, such as bad credit payday loans, personal loans, emergency loans, and more.

It is the ideal lender if you are in urgent and urgent need of money fast because their fast loan approval process and fast repayment period can save you time.

They offer loans to people with bad credit and even those who receive government benefits. However, you must meet their minimum requirements; you must be over 18, prove you earn at least $1,000, and be a US citizen. In some cases, you may need to prove that you are employed by submitting your payslip.


  • Fast application process
  • Same day payments
  • People with poor credit history are also allowed to apply

the inconvenients

  • Only people earning $1,000 or more can apply for the loans


Knowing that you have a loan option within reach of your phone can be an amazing feeling. We often find ourselves in difficult situations, and going through the process of applying for a loan in store can be time consuming to try to finance an emergency. Therefore, having loan applications can make our lives much easier.

However, it also exposes us to great temptations. Unlike the traditional loan system, where you have time to think before taking out a loan, the new app option gives you the luxury of completing a loan application with just a few clicks. Some people, especially spendthrifts, might end up in cycles of debt.

Plans to reopen Cambridge pub The Tivoli unveiled


The fire-ravaged Tivoli pub in Cambridge has confirmed plans to reopen after undergoing a full refurbishment.

The Tivoli will house two indoor 9-hole mini-golf courses

The City Pub Company said the Chesterton Road watering hole will officially reopen on Tuesday May 17. The building – which started life as a cinema in 1925, before being converted into a pub in the 1950s – sat empty for several years after the devastating fire in 2015.

Since 2019, major work has taken place to rebuild and renovate the iconic building, which had been a JD Wetherspoon pub from 2010 to 2015, although unsurprisingly the process has been delayed by the pandemic.

The new-look pub will have standout features spread over four floors, including two indoor mini-golf courses on the first floor, two 22ft shuffleboard in the basement and a second-floor roof terrace with stunning views on Jesus Green. An upper terrace will be privatized.

The Tivoli will house the Shuffle Club in the basement Artwork: We Three Club
The Tivoli will house the Shuffle Club in the basement Artwork: We Three Club

Known for its art deco interior, Tivoli marketing manager Alex White confirmed that some of that style will return and also reveals Kirk Nolan’s firm was responsible for the interiors.

“We’ve restored the main entrance to reflect what it might have originally looked like when it was a cinema,” she explained, “so we basically have a very well-built bespoke box office, which is all leaning towards the art deco atmosphere.

“When you walk in, we wanted there to be that ‘Oh my god, it hasn’t changed since it was built.’ look at the modern twist that I guess we give it.

“I would say it’s like an industrial type feel but with soft furnishings too – so it’s not cold and harsh, but the walls in the majority of the space will be left concrete so you can see the story there, which is pretty.

“They discovered very beautiful colors of things from the past which are shown on the walls. The entrance will look more like grand art deco, but the rest is fresh and new. We didn’t want to give the impression that we were just doing a themed pub; we wanted to take it to its next phase – this is the next phase of the Tivoli.

Shuffleboard at the new Tivoli pub
Shuffleboard at the new Tivoli pub

Alex, who runs her own business, We Three Club, with her husband Christopher, notes that the building is “surprisingly large” inside. “We use all floors, especially the basement.

“Each tier has its own kind of brand name. So in the basement it’s called ‘Club Shuffle’. We basically wanted it to be like a basement club that you come across, like it’s been there since years – like some sort of secret shuffleboard club.

“There’s a bar there and two shuffleboard games. They are traditionally made in America; they bring them over from America and they are truly amazing. Then there is a nice little open terrace which sits on the river at the back. It’s right up to the river and overlooks Jesus Green so it’s a nice area.

“Then the golf course is called ‘Electric Greens’ and it’s two nine-hole golf courses, which span the whole floor, and there’s a little golf bar next to it, mainly for kids. people using the golf course It’s a fairly modern golf course, with neon lights – it looks really cool The golf course will have an app so when you walk around you’ll be using the app on your phone to score.

Alex adds: “The ground floor will be called ‘The Assembly Hall’ and it’s more of a classic pub feel – a very long bar. “We have two food concessions – one is our house pizza and the other side we have Steak & Honor burgers.

The Tivoli is preparing to reopen.  Photo: Keith Hepell
The Tivoli is preparing to reopen. Photo: Keith Hepell

“It will be their second place at Cambridge. It’s a really cool aspect – having them there will be really cool. To visit thetivoli.co.uk.

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Cambridgeshire pub The Three Hills in Bartlow shortlisted for National Pub & Bar of the Year

Afternoon tea on a vintage Routemaster bus lets you tour iconic London sights while indulging yourself


There’s nothing better than a small sandwich, a small cup of tea and some lovely cakes, piled high on a superb afternoon tea stand, enjoyed with a glass or two of prosecco on Sundays. For Brits, afternoon tea is a must – good enough to take your grandma for her birthday, or just deserved because you’ve had a tough week.

But if we foodie Londoners like something, we like to be extravagant. What if I told you that afternoon tea has now gone a step further – and you can indulge in a London bus. That’s right, Brigit’s Bakery lets you enjoy all the delights of afternoon tea while taking in the sights of London.

On the bus tour, you get a range of delicious sandwiches, cakes and pastries, and take a classic route through the city. During the tour you can see Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St James’s Park, Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, Marble Arch, Nelson’s Column, Downing Street and more.

READ MORE: Afternoon tea expert who drinks 8 cups a day to know if milk comes in first and the best tea you can drink

This is not just any double-decker bus ride

On the menu of the traditional bus tour, pastrami and pickle burgers, ham, cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches with mustard, cucumber, cream cheese and mint, smoked salmon pretzels with cream cheese and feta, peppercorn and sun-dried tomato muffins.

They also have all the teas you could want – from Earl Gray to Darjeeling and Jasmine tea – or coffee and hot chocolate, if that suits you. And of course, it wouldn’t be afternoon tea without freshly baked scones topped with clotted cream and jam.

The tour lasts around 90 minutes (depending on traffic) and costs around £45 per person or £35 for children. It’s incredibly kid-friendly and suitable for ages 5 and up, so it could be the perfect birthday present for your little one.

Buses depart from Victoria Coach Station or Trafalgar Square and depart at 12pm, 12.30pm, 1pm, 2.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm or 5pm. If that sounds like something your best friend might like, you can also grab a gift certificate.

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Loans for graduates. Most Graduate Students Are Strongly Determined by Loans


Loans for graduates. Most Graduate Students Are Strongly Determined by Loans

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To-go cocktails are now definitely legal in many states, thanks to the pandemic: NPR


A sign outside the Lansing Brewing Company in Lansing, Michigan advertises a social district where people can buy alcohol to go and drink it within the confines of an outdoor downtown area.

Sarah Lehr

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Sarah Lehr

A sign outside the Lansing Brewing Company in Lansing, Michigan advertises a social district where people can buy alcohol to go and drink it within the confines of an outdoor downtown area.

Sarah Lehr

The Cellar Peanut Pub in Iowa is known for its Bloody Marys. But, when the state closed indoor restaurants in March 2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19, pub owner Marty Duffy feared his tomato juice cocktails were the only thing in the red. .

The bar got a reprieve days later when emergency rules allowed licensed businesses to temporarily sell cocktails for takeout or delivery.

So Duffy started packaging these drinks using a manual machine that makes aluminum cans.

“I would do it for 14 hours a day just to save my business,” Duffy says. “I wasn’t going to let it fail.”

Across the country, looser liquor laws could be a long-term side effect of the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the height of the pandemic, 39 states allowed take-out cocktails — at least in the short term, according to the National Restaurant Association. Iowa became the first state to make the change permanent with a law passed in the summer of 2020. Now, at least 17 other states have followed suit with their own laws to permanently allow takeout cocktails.

Allowing take-out cocktails is one of the biggest changes to liquor laws since Prohibition ended a century ago

The change could be one of the most significant changes to U.S. liquor laws since states ended prohibition nearly a century ago by reversing a nationwide ban on making or selling liquor. the alcohol., says Mike Whatley, a lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association.

“Honestly, without the pandemic, it would have taken five to ten years or more for so many states to pass laws that so significantly change alcohol policy,” Whatley says.

Even though take-out drinks are popular with customers, the highly regulated liquor industry can be difficult to reform, says Jarrett Dieterle, a researcher at the R Street Institute, a think tank that supports free markets.

Most states regulate alcohol using a three-tier system, Dieterle notes. Often, producers who distill or brew alcohol must go through an intermediate level of distributors who then sell to retailers who then resell to customers.

“It creates this patchwork and a lot of vested interest and it’s made change really, really difficult in the industry,” Dieterle says. “So things like allowing a brewer to sell or deliver direct to the consumer which removes, for example, the liquor store. It removes, potentially, the wholesaling level. And so it scares those entities because that they want to protect the economic interests that they have.”

In some states, wholesalers and liquor stores oppose more permissive laws because they fear losing business as restaurants get more leeway, Dieterle says.

Signs outside the MichiGrain Distillery in Lansing, Michigan advertise cocktails to go. Michigan is among the vast majority of states that legalized take-out alcohol at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide financial relief to struggling restaurants and bars.

Sarah Lehr

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Sarah Lehr

Signs outside the MichiGrain Distillery in Lansing, Michigan advertise cocktails to go. Michigan is among the vast majority of states that legalized take-out alcohol at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide financial relief to struggling restaurants and bars.

Sarah Lehr

Relaxed alcohol rules ‘make it harder to police underage drinking’

Robert Mellion lobbies on behalf of liquor stores as executive director of the Massachusetts Package Stores Association. Massachusetts is extending policies allowing restaurants and bars to sell alcohol for takeout and delivery through early 2023, but Mellion says the relaxed rules make it harder to monitor underage drinking . He says the extension has gone too far.

“During the first year and a half of the pandemic, it was understood that we had to make restaurants whole.” Mellion said. “Restaurants are whole now. Now it’s about extra profitability. It’s not about making ends meet anymore. And it’s extra profitability at the expense of someone else and someone else is under attack from all directions – mom and pop liquor store across this country.”

In Michigan, a pandemic relief measure allows bars and restaurants to offer mixed drinks on the go until the end of 2025. And state lawmakers recently voted to permanently enact another policy of the COVID era.

Now, local governments can designate outdoor social quarters where people can chat and drink alcohol on public streets, as long as the drinks are purchased from nearby businesses.

Lansing Councilman Peter Spadafore said open container areas allow people to socialize more safely from a distance while the coronavirus rages.

But, as he sips lemon-lime vodka in Michigan’s capital on a cold April evening, Spadafore argues that the benefits of social neighborhoods will survive the pandemic.

“I think the pandemic has really caused us to reevaluate our beliefs and mores around alcohol consumption,” he says. “You can see people hanging out, with a drink in hand, or just window shopping and really a different group of people coming to this destination.”

If you love being able to make a margarita or stroll downtown with a drink in hand, you might have the pandemic to thank.

FreshCo Market in Miami Named Best Seafood Restaurant in Florida


Owner Mario Palazon in the kitchen of FreshCo Fish Market & Grill in Kendall, which was just named Florida's Best <a class=Seafood Restaurant by Eat This, Not That.” title=”Owner Mario Palazon in the kitchen of FreshCo Fish Market & Grill in Kendall, which was just named Florida’s Best Seafood Restaurant by Eat This, Not That.” loading=”lazy”/>

Owner Mario Palazon in the kitchen of FreshCo Fish Market & Grill in Kendall, which was just named Florida’s Best Seafood Restaurant by Eat This, Not That.

You can get seafood just about anywhere in Florida. We are, after all, almost entirely surrounded by water.

But a national food website just announced that you’ll find the best seafood in a landlocked neighborhood at a small, unassuming market and restaurant in Kendall.

Just west of the Florida Turnpike is FreshCo Fish Market & Grill, a family-run business that Eat This, Not That says offers the best seafood in the Sunshine State. The food at FreshCo “is what seafood dreams are made of,” writes ETNT.

Owner Mario Palazon, who has been in the wholesale seafood business for 20 years, was pleased but surprised by the assessment: “There’s a lot of good seafood in this state,” he says.

Although Palazon has wholesaled crab cakes and conch fritters to restaurants from St. Petersburg to Key West, FreshCo, the restaurant and market has only been open for three years. Palazon said the original idea was to serve sandwiches and soup in the small space (it seats about 40 people).

FreshCo Fish Market & Grill in Kendall seats approximately 10 people outdoors and 30 indoors. It opens a second location in the hammocks.

But his son Marko, a chef who has worked in Key West, New York and aboard private yachts, soon came aboard and crafted a remarkable menu that showcases Caribbean, Peruvian and Jamaican fusion. One example is the Junkanoo paella, one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, which has what Palazon calls a “Jamaican flavor” and is loaded with seafood.

The pandemic hit just as year-old FreshCo planned to open its second location in West Kendall, a move that had to be postponed. Palazon says he hopes the new restaurant, which will be larger and more traditional than the original, will open next month.

“I’ve been saying ‘it opens next month’ for two years,” he says sadly.

Like all restaurateurs, Palazon has felt the effects of the pandemic, but the FreshCo team has found a silver lining. Long wary of using delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Door Dash, he gave in and embraced them, only to find the new business model brought him visibility and new customers.

IMG-20220421-WA0002 (1).jpg
At FreshCo Fish Market & Grill, you order at the counter, then eat at the table (or take your dinner home).

“People who found us on Uber Eats are now coming to eat in person,” he says. “I hate to say it, because I know how many people have lost their business. But for us, the delivery got us off the ground.

For Palazon, what makes FreshCo unique is the fact that diners can stand at the counter and choose their fish – say, grouper or mahi or salmon or tuna – and prepare it a number of ways: grilled, blackened, fried or jerk-style. You can order Oscar fish, with your fillet of choice smothered in crab. The chefs, all trained by Marko Palazon, are flexible.

Eat This, Not That urges diners to try the hogfish platter, but Palazon warns that right now he doesn’t always have hogfish, a local favorite, on hand.

“Hogfish is one of those things where the price is through the roof right now,” he says. “I’m not buying it. I don’t want to pass that cost on to the customer. I only buy it when the price drops.

When the restaurant has hogfish, it lets regulars know via its Instagram @freshco_fish. Follow and keep an eye out, but act fast if available: “They wipe us out in minutes,” Palazon says.

Owner Mario Palazon calls the Jamaican-infused junkanoo paella, created by his chef son Marko Palazon, “crazy” (in a good way).

FreshCo Fish & Grill Market

Or: 12700 SW 122nd Avenue, #113, Miami

Hours: 11am-9pm Sunday to Thursday; 11am-10pm Friday and Saturday

More information: freshcokeywest.com

Connie Ogle loves wine, books and the Miami Heat. Please don’t feed him a mango.

5 Restaurants in Goa That Offer the Best Sunset Views


Admire the stunning colors of the sky before sunset, from the specially designed hammocks on the sea deck that form a unique and elevated interpretation of the private dining spaces at this international cuisine restaurant facing the beach. Goa’s latest hangout, it’s the only place that offers such a seating option, where you have the luxury of being greeted by waves.

Designed by Sheldon Pereira and Rahul Thakkar of The Right Brain Design, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a sunset, while munching on Chef Rohan D’Souza’s delicious treats.

SAZ on the beach, Morjim

You can sit transfixed in the evening on the sofa with a canopy surrounding you in this chic beach lounge and enjoy the breathtaking view of the setting sun. This place offers a relaxing ambience and a direct view of Morjim Beach, and its world cuisine, including fresh seafood, pasta, steak and of course innovative cocktails, proves to be the perfect accompaniment. of sight.

The Royal Afghan, ITC Grand Goa, Cansaulim

The colors of the sky during a sunset are undoubtedly magical, and the experience is heightened when viewed from this epicurean playground at the Royal Afghan (the featured image) on Cansaulim. The Cabanas, with polished wooden floors, are set in light curtains that sway in the cool sea breeze. Meanwhile, culinary masters pamper you with their exemplary food and drink offerings.

Blue Iris, Azaya Beach Resort, Benaulim, Goa

Tiki Bar Traffic – Public Safety Announcement


SALOMONS, Md. – This weekend, the iconic Tiki Bar located in Solomons, MD will host its 42n/a annual opening which will take place from Friday April 22 to Sunday April 24.

The Tiki Bar attracts hundreds of customers from all over Solomon Island for a weekend of celebration.

The Sheriff’s Office asks everyone to put safety first. CCSO would like to offer the following suggestions:

Plan accordingly, watch out for pedestrians, share roads with cyclists and motorcyclists, park in designated parking areas, designate a sober driver/use carpooling options, and most importantly, celebrate responsibly.

– Free parking is available in the parking lot under the Thomas Johnson Bridge and the Urgent Care parking lot

-Paid parking will be available in the parking lot next to the Tiki Bar as well as in the Glascock lot across from the Calvert Marine Museum. There will be shuttles to transport guests back and forth.

– Shuttles will run to and from all hotels in Solomons, including the Hilton Garden Inn.

-The carpool drop-off and pick-up location will be in the Solomons Pier car park area. Uber and Lyft rides available.

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and Maryland State Police, along with law enforcement in neighboring jurisdictions, will conduct DUI saturation patrols throughout the weekend. #DriveSoberOrGetPulledOver

Working together, we wish everyone a safe opening weekend, spring and summer.

Bridge Road Brewers’ all-cardboard pop-up bar raises the bar for sustainability


Bridge Road Brewers has opened a new bar in Melbourne that’s a feat of enduring engineering: it’s made almost entirely of cardboard.

Bridge Road co-founder Ben Kraus says the temporary Brunswick East location is primarily a neighborhood bar, but he and his team opted for cardboard furniture after asking what they would do with the material pop-up once it is finished.

“I hope people could think in their day-to-day lives, if they need temporary furniture, maybe we can go that cardboard route,” he says.

Kraus says people want to know if the cardboard can handle all the spills from a typical bar. Photo: Kristoffer Paulsen

While pop-ups are an attractive way for businesses to get noticed, their trash is less desirable.

A cardboard bar is 75% recycled cardboard strong enough for stools, tables, bar tops and beer spills.

“Everyone wants to see if it’s waterproof. Let’s hope they don’t spill whole beers on it,” Kraus jokes.

One of the cardboard lampshades.

One of the cardboard lampshades. Photo: Kristoffer Paulsen

Nor is it a two-dimensional arrangement of flattened cardboard. Textured walls, scalloped lampshades and even fake wall pipes have been made by Boxwars, who have built bars for events, staged cardboard armor ‘battles’ and even created replica Formula 1 cars .

The only materials other than cardboard in the room are beer taps, refrigerators and dishwashers.

The bar is a temporary home for Bridge Road Brewers while its 500 square meter brewpub is being built next door. Due for completion in December, it will seat 350 people in formal, informal and outdoor spaces and will serve limited-release beers as well as food, including pizza.

The pop-up serves six of the Beechworth Brewery’s beers, but it’s also a calling card in town for other High Country producers, including Barking Owl Gin, Beechworth Bitters and Sorrenberg wine. Food will come from Beatbox Kitchen, Pie Thief and other food trucks.

When the pop-up ends in six months, the cardboard will be reused, recycled or composted by Kebet Packaging suppliers, while equipment such as refrigerators will be used in the permanent location.

Open from April 22, Wed-Fri 4 p.m.-late, Sat-Sun noon-late

129 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East, https://bridgeroadbrewers.com.au/

mosquito: the early advent of mosquitoes, a prelude to what lies ahead | Pune News

PUNE: They say when it rains, it rains. Residents of Deccan, Shivajinagar, Karve Road, Prabhat Road, NIBM and Kondhwa regions are stung by the thought that the next monsoon could be much worse when it comes to dealing with the seasonal threat of mosquitoes.

According to them, there has already been an upsurge in mosquito outbreaks in different areas of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and what is more worrying is that the monsoon has not yet arrived.
Residents have asked the civic body to take action to resolve the issue at the earliest. Mosquitoes are a threat to health and can cause vector-borne diseases. Not only owners of residential properties but also those of commercial establishments have urged the PMC for urgent action as the issue is affecting businesses as well.
PMC officials, however, said they had increased fogging and that pre-monsoon nullah cleaning and hyacinth removal were underway. Once completed, they will help reduce the nuisance caused by mosquitoes.
According to Kaustubh Bhadale, a resident of number 8 lane on Prabhat Road, there has been a significant spike in the number of mosquitoes in his area.
“Despite the installation of mosquito nets on the windows, mosquitoes make their way inside the houses. Such a situation is a first in our region. There has been a marked increase in mosquitoes lately. The authorities should fix the problem and avoid any potential risk to our health,” he said.
Undri resident Priya Karani said several open-air rooftop restaurants in Kondhwa and Undri are already facing the problem. “To give their customers a break, they give out mosquito spray if you ask,” she said.
A manager of a resto-bar in Koregaon Park said he used liquid mosquito repellent sprays in his indoor area, but did not work effectively outdoors. “We burned coils and fast-acting paper-based repellents under the tables,” he said.

From stargazing to live bands, the events happening at Vizag in April


Vizag is always full of parties and events because people here love entertainment. Plus, summer is here, which means more family time with plenty of vacations around. The city is ready to host some interesting events, which are sure to excite you. From stargazing to famous bands making their debut, check which of these Vizag events you’ll be attending in April.

Here is a list of events taking place in Vizag in April:

#1 Stories from the Night Sky – The Photonomy Workshop

Interested in astronomy, space and celestial objects? This is the perfect event for you. The best escape from the bustling city is to see the Milky Way with the naked eye, in Araku. Organized by Treksome, this event is very interesting for all enthusiasts. The photonomy workshop will have two different sessions, one being Sandeep Pantula’s astro-photography and the other being Sumanth Behera’s astronomy session. Experience the Milky Way like never before with their all-inclusive package.

Date: April 30, 2022

Contact: @treksome on Instagram

#2 Vizag Bay Marathon

Vizag’s most prestigious annual marathon takes place this month at RK Beach Road with 4 categories. The marathon will have a half marathon, a 10k run, a 5k run and a fun 3k run, with a limited participation of 5,000 runners this year. If you are someone who would like a sporting event to refresh your social routine, register today.

Date: April 24, 2022

Contact: www.vizagbaymarathon.com

#3 Maahaa Band @ Novotel

From stargazing to live bands, the events happening at Vizag in April

The Maahaa project from Hyderabad come for the very first time to show their unique touch to live music. Their claim to fame adds a touch of hip-hop and electronic music to their versions of popular songs. The group of four is also known for performing many originals. Visit them at Novotel and find out what they have in store for the Vizag audience.

Date: April 24, 2022

Contact: Novotel

#4 Capricio @ Grand Bay

From stargazing to live bands, the events happening at Vizag in April

The famous Marcopolo evenings are back in force at the Welcom Hotel, Devee Grand Baie. This month of April is going to get very exciting as the famous band Capricio will entertain the Vizag crowd with their unique fusion of different musical genres. Considered India’s premier regional band, don’t miss their performance in April.

Date: April 30, 2022

Contact: Grand Bay

#5 Live Music @ Soma

One of Vizag’s most famous restaurants for live music, this restaurant is always brimming with local talent. From Bollywood music to Telugu songs, there is something for everyone. The restaurant is also famous for its delicious snacks and main course. Host a melodious weekend dinner with friends in Soma.

For reservations, please contact any Soma, Vizag branch.

#6 Revelations @ Iron Hill

From stargazing to live bands, the events happening at Vizag in April

Vizag’s most beloved resto-bar, Iron Hill always hosts interesting events for its residents. If you’re looking for a midweek party of fun, Iron Hill is the place to be. The group Revelations will perform today starting at 8 p.m. Book your tables now.

For reservations, please contact Iron Hill, Vizag.

Let us know which Vizag event you’ll be attending in April in the comments below.

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Maruha Nichiro invests in two healthy meal providers


Maruha Nichiro has invested in two separate providers of healthy ready meals.

The seafood supplier based in Tokyo, Japan, said on April 11 that it had invested in Happi Foodi in Boise, Idaho, United States, which produces cauliflower pizzas, keto bowls and other ready meals and healthy appetizers.

“Happi Foodi’s philosophy is fully consistent with ours, in that ‘Maruha Nichiro Group aims to be an essential part of society by improving everyone’s daily life with wholesome, safe and wholesome food,’ the company said. in a press release.

Happi Foodi was founded to “make eating well effortless by bringing quality and confidence to the freezer aisle,” said Maruha Nichiro. It was launched in 2009 with a range of Belgian waffles and now offers a wide range of ready meals and appetizers.

Maruha Nichiro said its global sales network will be “an important growth strategy for the future” of Happi Foodi.

“We have made this investment based on our strategy of capital and commercial alliance with an experienced partner who will continue to evolve and grow in frozen food manufacturing and capture peak food sales in America. of the North,” he said.

On January 7, Maruha Nichiro invested in Nosh Corporation based in Osaka, Japan. The company develops, manufactures and sells “meals that make it easier to maintain a healthy diet” through a subscription model, primarily via the Internet.

The company offers a subscription service for frozen meal boxes with strictly controlled sugar and salt content for those seeking to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, people on low-impact diets and those who have little time to devote to cooking, Maruha Nichiro said in a press release. Release.

“In recent years, the demand for services has increased, accompanied by the demand for spending to stay at home, and further expansion of demand is expected in the future, not only by further improving the content of the service, but also expanding the target customer base,” said Maruha Nichiro.

Since 2020, Maruha Nichiro has been supplying foodstuffs, such as seafood, meat and agricultural products to Nosh.

“This investment is expected to further strengthen the relationship in the area of ​​food ingredient sourcing and expand the potential for further service improvements and value creation by combining the strengths of both companies,” the supplier said.

“In addition, we plan to collaborate with Nosh, which has a wealth of technology and know-how in the field of Internet marketing, and we plan to create new services from the perspective of open innovation,” said Maruha Nichiro. . “Through this investment and collaboration, we will help promote health across society through healthy eating and work to create new value for the next generation and a better world.”

Photo courtesy of Nosh

Why ‘The Batman’ Stands Out From Its Superhero Competition


I have no idea how many people watched The Batman on its first day on HBO Max, I’m also not sure how many will choose to rent (for $25) or buy (for $32) the film now that it’s available on all major VOD platforms. But we do have box office receipts, so we know the $185 million budgeted action drama grossed $365.5 million domestically and $752 million worldwide, which easily makes it the year’s highest-grossing film and the fourth-highest-grossing film worldwide in the past 2.5 years, behind only no time to die ($774 million), Battle at Changjin Lake ($910 million, 99% from China) and Spider-Man: No Coming Home ($1.891 billion). Additionally, its domestic gross of $365 million makes it one of the biggest comic book superhero films of “first-party,” even after adjusting for inflation.

It just exceeded the unadjusted domestic sum of $363 million from dead Pool and now sitting behind only Spider Man ($402 million), wonder woman ($412.5 million), Captain Marvel ($426 million) and Black Panther ($700 million). If you take inflation into account, it’s only behind those three dead Pool ($387 million adjusted), Iron Man ($318 million in 2008/$406 million adjusted), superman: the movie ($134 million in 1978/$525 million adjusted) and Batman ($251 million in 1989/$576 million adjusted). Yes The Batman stands out on this list is because it’s the only one that isn’t the first time audiences have seen this given superhero in his own “modern” movie. Iron Man was the first Iron Man movie, wonder woman Was the first wonder woman film. Spider Man arrived after years of legal challenges and near misses. The Batman is the tenth Batman film in 33 years.

All of these other films have their own pre-release and post-release stories. wonder woman clicked into the ‘trump freshman’ zeitgeist as ‘the movie we need right now’, the first Spider Man arrived six months after the September 11 attacks and the first Iron Man kicked off the MCU when it was originally billed as a comic book superhero movie (featuring older movie stars like Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges, and Gwynneth Paltrow) to an audience otherwise too cool for movies of comic superheroes. dead Pool represented a kind of redemption for Ryan Reynolds X-Men Origins: Wolverine embodiment of the character while selling itself as an R-rated cheeky date movie. Superman was the first modern superhero movie with a low-budget spectacle while delivering a healthy dose of post-Watergate optimism. Guess you don’t need me to explain why Batman and Black Panther were a big problem.

But, yes, all of these movies represented “the first time” that these (relatively) popular, beloved, and/or iconic characters got their own big-budget theatrical movie. In this sense, it is important that The Batman, a blank reboot with no real stars (no Jack Nicholson as… The Joker!), no connective tissue to existing franchises (no Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man in a much-heralded cameo!) and no “movie we need right now” zeitgeist (no “Are you kidding him, you kidding New York!” moments) still managed to hit a national total on par with all but the biggest super- heroes of the first part “first on the big screen” films. It earned more in unadjusted and adjusted gross than any reboot, despite being just “another Batman movie”. None of the potential trouble spots (length, child-unfriendly tone, similarities to batman begins and Gotham) seemed to matter.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the Robert Pattinson/Zoe Kravitz movie should have surpassed $1 billion worldwide, and I’ve always maintained that such a milestone was never an obstacle. to success. Firstly, Batman films tend to be about 50/50 in terms of domestic/foreign affairs, although The dark knight rises ($449 million out of $1.084 billion) is an exception. Second, it’s the fourth “new” live-action Batman franchise (fifth if you count batman forever like a soft reboot) since 1989, with Pattinson being the sixth such actor to don the cowl in 33 years. Third, if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which was a breakout sequel to one of Marvel’s most popular franchises, couldn’t crack $870 million (with $100 million from pre-Covid China), so no way was The Batman flirting with $1 billion.

Ironically, the second Forbes the articles I wrote, in April 2013, talked about the dangers of normalizing the biggest billion dollars as the bar of success. This was in early 2013, after a year with four of these lumps (The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Skyfall and The Avengers). My thoughts haven’t changed on this, even though Disney’s overwhelming domestic successes (Black Panther, Beauty and the Beast, The Force Awakens) and China’s temporary role in artificially boosting global totals (studios only recoup 25% of China’s) already-successful films have indeed made the 2015-2019 milestone more common than it will be. probably in a world in the age of Covid. Nevertheless, The Batman is impressive in that it is the tenth Batman movie, the fifth “new” Batman movie since 1989 that played like it was the first.

Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn opens today, Monday April 18th. Preview of the photo tour!


The Empire Sports Bar opens today Monday, April 18 in Brooklawn NJ, in the location that used to be Clancy’s Pub.

Today they open at 3 p.m., then they are open every day from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The new owner of the Sports Bar property owns another business nearby, the Empire Diner. Owner Dervis took over the property and refreshed the whole space, changed a few things…and yes, he has all new TVs in the Sports Bar’s signature TV wall!

Empire Sports Bar Brooklawn NJ: Lower level now features a new dance floor and second bar service! Read on for more details!

Although the property stays true to its sports bar roots, the new owner has changed the lower level to include a dedicated dance floor, lighting system and impressive sound system!

I mean, it’s not like people watch sports at midnight!

Read on for more details and pre-opening photos of Empire Sports Bar upgrades! The biggest changes are on the lower level.

Empire Sports Bar – New but familiar!

Empire Sports Bar is located at 304 Rt 130 in Brooklawn NJ at the intersection of Old Salem Rd (which is now a signalized intersection).

For many years the place was known as Clancy’s Pub, and long before that we old folks will remember the building as Wayne’s Log Cabin in the front and J’Antonio’s restaurant in the front. ‘back.

So, in November 2021, we wrote about Empire Diner’s takeover of the property and offered some clues about the initial plans to upgrade and reopen the bar.

I think everyone would agree that Clancy’s earlier remodel still had “good bones” with its two-section approach of a bar on the upper level and a restaurant on the lower level.

Empire Sports Bar Brooklawn NJ upper level sports bar area.

The building just needed a little love and some new innovative ideas to give customers even more reason to come back!

Well first of all, everything inside and out has been patched and repainted. A distinct blue paint now adorns the exterior, and inside all the walls have been repainted…and some clever changes have been made to the layout, particularly on the lower level.

Next Level Sports Bar

The layout of the upper level of the restaurant remains virtually unchanged… which is a good thing as I have always found the layout to work really well.

Did I mention I was in a cover band years ago and played at this bar?! 🙂

The first thing everyone remembers about the bar is the TV wall.

The “TV Wall” and yes they are ALL NEW at the Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ

Yes, the TV wall is still there, and YES, it now has all new HDTVs!

The cutout area for the projection screen also remains, and even the projector has been upgraded.

In fact, we’re told the projector has electronics behind it that allow it to project DJ-driven music videos, internet sites like Youtube, and more.

The bar offers 16 draft beers, and knowing that bourbons/whiskeys are very popular at the moment… we took care to offer a very good selection at the bar!

Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ

Empire Sports Bar Lower Level

The biggest changes have taken place at the lower level.

What immediately catches your eye in the first place when you enter on the lower level (near the entrance) is the large open dance floor!

The lower level of Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ features a large dance floor! Image taken looking towards the entrance and the main bar, top left.

The dance floor runs along the wall of windows (facing the patio) and is probably about 1/3 of the lower level.

This dance area has new flooring that helps clearly define the space.

Dance lighting has been added…as well as an impressive sound system. During our weekend visit, we were able to experience the PA system out loud. We could hear and FEEL the power!

And in the far corner of the dance floor is a dedicated sound booth, where Dervis has set up a mixer and DJ.

Owner Dervis shows us the DJ booth. A Denon DJ card is behind it. It also owns the nearby Empire Diner

The rest of the room includes several high tables on the ground floor, and booths remain around the boundary walls.

Another change for the lower level is a second service bar in the rear inside corner.

With the placement of the dance floor and DJ booth on the lower level, it’s clear that Dervis wants this section to be a fun hangout to party…and to him, it was just plain inconvenient for the servers. or customers having to walk up and down to the main bar.

Thus, the second bar on the lower level will allow servers and customers to have better service for a wide variety of drinks and beers.

A second service bar has been added for the lower level. Better and faster service!

This is a great idea and clever placement for the bar, which required replacing a wall or two to redirect the entrance to the restroom.

Sports Bar and Dance. Although a common design for bars for over 50 years, the Empire Sports bar may have one of the best configurations in every category!

And many will ask “Will there be live bands?” “. We’re told yes…but maybe once a month, and he’s not ready to move on yet.

Even with a large dance floor, there’s still plenty of room for people on the lower level of the Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn

So perhaps the biggest change at the lower level is more inferred from what we’re showing here. While Clancy’s Pub used this space as a quieter restaurant, Empire Sports Bar is looking to turn it into a fun and lively space with a dance floor, DJ sound system and its own service bar!

Which brings us to the food!


Everyone wonders that since they also own the Empire Diner near the circle, what are the plans for the Empire Sports Bar?

100% Empire Sports Bar will have food… delicious burgers, wraps, fries.

Incredibly delicious variations of dishes you would normally expect from a sports bar.

View from the balcony seating area! Empire Sports Bar in Brooklyn

But you won’t find the dinner menu they have at the nearby Empire Diner at Brooklawn Circle.

Simply, if you’re looking for that full dinner menu experience… the Empire Diner is your best option to start. Then go to the Sports Bar for a drink! But the Empire Sports Bar will also offer amazing dining options!

In our original article last fall, we shared that Dervis was considering adding a second floor to the building for a dance area, but he has since changed his mind about it and taken that dream to this lower level. .

Outdoor space and patio

With the building sitting on busy Route 130, it becomes an advertisement in itself!

And the Empire Sports Bar features a bold blue exterior paint that looks great and absolutely captures the attention of anyone passing by!

During our conversation, we learned that Dervis is proud to be in America after having found such success in a little dozen years here… so he chose his color scheme to celebrate the United States!

The Empire Sports Bar also has an outdoor patio located just outside the dance floor along the wall of glass doors.

The patio is outside the dance floor. Empire Sports Bar in Brooklyn

As expected, the team spent considerable time on maintenance items inside and out. With the bar closed for several months, it made sense to “knock it all down” so it would be ahead of maintenance items for a long time.

Although there is no second floor, there are other ideas for the property that he shared with us.

Owner Dervis went “All-In” with his renovation and reopening of Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ
My first drink today will be offered by the house!

Links and location

Empire Sports Bar
304, boul. Crescent (Highway 130)
Brooklawn NJ 08030

Facebook (go like!)

11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Empire dinner
297 Crescent Blvd (Route 130 – Brooklawn Circle)
Brooklawn NJ, 08030



Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ
Denon DJ system at Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ
Bourbons/Whiskey at Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ
16 Beer Tap System – Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ
Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ
For us oldies, yes Wayne’s Log Cabin stone fireplace is still there! Empire Sports Bar in Brooklawn NJ

Get Instant Same Day Payday Loans Online in California –


California is a great place to live thanks to its warm climate and endless beaches. Each city in the state has its particular vibes. At the same time, some people find the cost of living quite expensive here. No wonder so many people struggle to cover bills like mortgage, rent, and utilities.

Online payday loans same day deposit in California can be a great solution to make ends meet. In fact, they may be a reasonable option for resolving issues according to state law.

If you are interested in any type of cash advance, you should read the information below. This will help you make the right decision.

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a short term loan which aims to help you cover your sudden expenses until you receive your next paycheck. The best thing about it is access to quick cash. It can be easily deposited directly into your bank account after approval.

An average payday loan ranges from $100 to $500, although some lenders may have different limits. This is something you should check with the selected lender before submitting a loan application to them.

What are payday lenders in California?

All same day instant payday loans online in California are provided by direct lenders. These private financial institutions offer short-term loans that must be covered with interest and fees in a short period of time. This can be very beneficial as it helps people avoid certain problems.

Some lending companies are accused of selling their customers’ personal data. And this is not a joke. They give scam calls and send scam emails to irritate their customers. In the case of payday loans, this can never be a real problem. In California, direct lenders do not let third parties get involved in the whole process. Thus, all data remains between the direct lenders and their customers. Above all, it is always kept safe.

Using Online Payday Loans in California

Direct lenders aren’t the only perks granted by the moment bad credit loans guaranteed approval. These short term loans are incredibly convenient as you don’t have to go anywhere to get the cash. It can all be done from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit the lender’s website, fill out an online form, get approved, and wait for the money to arrive in your bank account.

You don’t need to spend hours trying to find a loan. Plus, there is a smart guide that will help you apply for payday loans in California.

You must also have a clear understanding of this type of loan service. As soon as your form is completed, you will have to wait several minutes for a response. In addition, you must sign your loan agreement. The requested cash amount will be sent to your bank account within one business day.

California fast payday loans are to be availed with no credit check and no paperwork. Many people who cannot receive cash advances from other direct lenders usually have poor credit histories. Online payday loans happen to be a great loan service because no one cares about your financial past. Direct lenders review the employment status of borrowers to ensure applicants are able to afford a loan. Bad credit loans can still be fully covered on the due date.

How to apply for a payday loan online in California?

A few requirements for payday loans should be considered before submitting an application. apply for a loan from direct lenders. Here are the most common:

  • Social security number or identity card;
  • Current account active;
  • Physical address and valid telephone number;
  • Relevant documents to verify your income.

What is the value of online payday loans in California?

For every $100 borrowed, you will need to repay approximately $18. Let’s say that if you borrow the amount of $100, you will have to repay the amount of $118. The same day instant payday loan online in California has an annual percentage rate (APR) of 450% and more.

The APR deals with the total value of your covered loan as an annual rate. Check if the actual loan APR could be higher or lower. In most cases, it is estimated based on the actual amount you want to borrow and the repayment game you are committing to.

Seafood companies see revenue rise in first quarter as global demand recovers


By Tat Dat April 16, 2022 | 8:49 p.m. PT

Workers at a pangasius processing factory in the city of Can Tho. Photo by VnExpress/Cuu Long

Two major seafood companies reported increased revenue in the first quarter as prices soared and demand picked up.

Vinh Hoan Corporation, the largest listed seafood company, reported revenue of VND3.2 trillion ($139.4 million) in the first three months of this year, up 80% in year-on-year.

Pangasius has become its biggest export earner, with sales of the fish jumping 160% year-on-year in February.

Sao Ta Foods JSC, another seafood company, saw its revenue rise 39% year-on-year in the first quarter to $58.7 million.

Shares of these two seafood companies have posted strong gains in recent years.

Vinh Hoan’s VHC ticker traded at around VND 102,600 on Thursday, up 53% since January, while Sao Ta’s FMC hit a record high of VND 72,500, up 37%.

A recent report from the Rong Viet Securities Corporation indicates that pangasius exports will see a strong recovery this year due to increased global demand and shortage of supply from Russia. The high selling price will last until the end of the second quarter due to rising commodity prices.

Another report from Mirae Asset Securities indicates that the Vietnamese pangasius will directly benefit from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

He said Russian pollock still competes directly with Vietnamese pangasius in the global market, and the economic sanctions imposed by the United States and Western countries against Russia are expected to create opportunities for Vietnamese fish.

Vietnam’s seafood exports rose 40% year-on-year to $2.4 billion in the first quarter, despite the direct effects of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Growth was led by Pangasius catfish, whose exports rose 88% to $646 million and accounted for 27% of overall exports, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers.

Shrimp remained the top seafood export, accounting for 37.5% of the total at over $900 million, up 37%.

KIT KAT Unveils New Flavor – Blueberry Muffin


The KIT KAT® brand presents a new take on one of the most iconic baked goods with the new KIT ​​KAT® Blueberry Muffin, available while supplies last, starting this month!

This new, limited-edition KIT KAT® bar captures all the best qualities of the fan-favorite baked good with notes of fresh, baked blueberries, cake batter-like muffin flavor, and folded graham cracker pieces in the bar . This new bar features delicious blueberry muffin flavored creme wrapped around the signature crispy KIT KAT® wafers and perfectly mirrors the experience of biting into a fresh blueberry muffin, straight out of the oven! This flavor will be available at retailers nationwide in a 1.5 oz. standard bar, 3 oz. king bar and 0.49 oz. snack size.

“Our product designers have such a passion for deciding which KIT KAT® flavor should go next and making sure it resonates with our fans,” said Dan Willard, responsible for the KIT KAT® brand. “KIT KAT® Blueberry Muffin has already become one of our favorites; it tastes like a freshly baked blueberry muffin, but no baking required!

The Blueberry Muffin flavor is the latest in the brand’s ever-growing portfolio of permanent, seasonal, and limited-edition flavors, joining KIT KAT® Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Duos, KIT KAT® Hazelnut Thins, KIT KAT® Lemon Crisp, and more. Again. Be sure to try one out before it’s too late!

You can learn more and even buy KIT KAT® Blueberry Muffins items. here.

Source The Hershey Company


Reco Restaurant: The Best Korean-Style Fried Chicken in Mississauga


By Jonas Shinuda

Published on April 16, 2022 at 11:54 am

If you’re craving fried chicken but still want a little culture in your meal, then this popular Mississauga restaurant is a must.

Sikgaek Korean Restaurant and Bar may have flown under your radar, but make the trip to this unassuming resto and you’ll find one of the best places for Korean food in the whole city. The restaurant is located in the plaza at 800 Dundas St E near Cawthra Rd.

Not only does Sikgaek specialize in standard Korean cuisine (think dumplings, kimchi, and a variety of rice and noodle dishes with meat options including beef, pork, and squid), but they also serve something something many Korean restaurants don’t do: Fried chicken! If you want to know what makes Sikgaek Fried Chicken so special, read on.


Sikgaek offers several different fried chicken dishes on their menu. I first went with their uncle Joseph Chicken and did not regret it at all.

Uncle Joseph Chicken is a Korean-style fried chicken dish drizzled with garlic sauce and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese. Of all the places I’ve tried fried chicken, none blew me away on first bite like this. The chicken has a perfectly crispy texture on the outside with juicy white meat on the inside – incredibly well seasoned and even better with the very flavorful garlic sauce. Then there is the mozzarella cheese, which was full of flavor and had a nice stringy texture. I had never thought of combining fried chicken with mozzarella cheese before, but this is definitely a heavenly pairing.

Not only is Uncle Joseph’s Chicken a terrific dish taste-wise, the plate is loaded with a huge amount of chicken, making it a great contender when you want both quantity and quality. And really, who doesn’t want a lot of fried chicken, especially when it’s this good?


Besides the fantastic menu, Sikgaek also has a beautiful interior that exudes comfort and a traditional Korean aesthetic. Lovely artwork abounds around the restaurant itself and on the menus, and aside from the open dining area, the tables are enclosed in their own chambers, making for a much more comfortable dining experience.


For Korean-style fried chicken with amazing taste and texture, you can’t go wrong with Sikgaek Korean Restaurant and Bar. All of their fried chicken dishes look amazing, but I can personally recommend trying the Uncle Joseph Chicken.

insauga editorial standards and policies

The advertisement

Why Tax Refund Loans Are Bad: Fees, Interest, and Risk


Last-minute declarants endeavor to send their declarations to the Internal Revenue Service by the 2021 tax year deadline on Monday, April 18 — and are likely looking forward to a big check via their tax refund.

Some tax firms or other lenders may offer the option of accessing these funds earlier, in the form of a tax refund loanalso known as a repayment anticipation loan.

Regulatory bodies and advocacy groups warned of the potential drawbacks of loans, especially those that come with high fees or high interest rates. Personal finance experts generally do not recommend them.

Here’s what you need to know about loans this tax season.

What is a tax-free loan?

A tax refund loan is, quite simply, an advance on your tax refund, said Matt Schulz, chief credit analyst at LendingTree.

It’s a way to borrow against your tax refund to access funds immediately: borrow the amount from a lender and give them the refund when you get it from the IRS.

“Unlike a lot of loans, it’s not necessarily something you’re looking for,” Schulz said.

Tax refund loans are usually offered by a tax preparation company, Schulz said. You will not find them in your bank.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage of a repayment anticipation loan is quite simple: you have immediate access to your repayment amount, instead of waiting for the days or weeks it may take to obtain the funds from the IRS.

The wrong side? “It can end up costing you money,” Schulz said, in the form of interest or fees.

Some tax firms will offer you a tax refund loan at no cost, Schulz said. But, you will have to pay the company to do your taxes for you.

“Even with a 0% loan, there will always be a minimum that you will pay to prepare your taxes,” he said. “So if you’re someone who’s already planning to do your taxes, maybe it’s not that bad.”

Teresa Murray, director of the US Public Interest Research Group’s consumer watchdog office, says the cost may outweigh the benefits.

“We really urge people to avoid any type of prepayment anticipation loan,” she said. “Anything you borrow against a refund you haven’t gotten yet…it’s just bad news written all over the place.”

the North Carolina Consumer Council warns “think again” to anyone considering a loan against their tax refund.

“While getting a tax refund advance may seem tempting, these loans are actually payday loans for tax returns, and you should avoid them as much as possible,” according to advice from the council on its website. . “The full amount must be repaid, as with any other loan, even if your repayment is less than expected or ends up not being repaid at all.”

When can I expect to get my refund?

IRS issues more than nine out of 10 refunds in less than three weeks, according to its website. Taxpayers who filed their returns electronically will get their refund faster than those who mailed their tax forms.

And the department is handing out refunds faster and faster, Murray said. Now, some e-filers can expect to see the funds in their bank account within days.

“If you file electronically, you can get your money typically in four to six days,” she said.

North Carolina taxpayers may get their state tax refunds slower, but the upside is that a delay in accepting returns this year was due to a legislative reduction in the individual tax rate.

Should I consider a tax-free loan?

Schulz said if you really need the money — and read the terms carefully — a tax refund loan can be an alternative to riskier ways to fill your bank account.

“Emergencies happen: job loss, medical emergencies, whatever the case,” he said. “(In that case), there are worse things you could do than a tax refund.”

And assuming you’ve done your taxes correctly, he said, a tax refund loan is a secured loan, with your actual refund serving as collateral. This makes it much less risky than, say, an unsecured payday loan with an exorbitant interest rate.

Murray, on the other hand, cautions against lending under any circumstances. She suggests holding on until you get your refund, especially since it might not take very long if you filed electronically and set up direct deposit.

“If you’re short on money…find a friend or relative to borrow money from for a few days,” she said. “Don’t go the prepayment loan route because they’re just ridiculously expensive…you’re paying for your own money.”

As this year’s tax filing season ends without the threat of a government shutdown going forward, that could make these loans even riskier, according to the North Carolina Consumers Council.

“Frequent federal government shutdowns could make these types of loans more attractive if you want to get your money back quickly, which can complicate things. Remember that a delay in getting your repayment will not be considered by the lender and will not release you from any obligation to repay the loan on time,” its website states.

Schulz added that major tax firms — like H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt — only accept applications for tax refund loans during a certain period, often between December and February. So, for these filers, the loan application window may already be closed.

And Murray had another piece of advice for any registrants who haven’t signed up yet: start early next year.

“When you’re in a rush, you’re more likely to not pay attention,” she said. “Anytime you have the words ‘not careful’ and ‘IRS’ in the same sentence, that’s not a good thing.”

This story was originally published April 15, 2022 8:36 a.m.

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Hannah Lang covers banking and economics equity for The Charlotte Observer. She studied business journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and grew up in the same town as her alma mater.

UK’s ‘smallest pub’, The Little King Richard Arms, set to open at Ramsgate Promenade Market – The Isle Of Thanet News

Little King Richard’s Arms

Probably the smallest pub in the UK is about to open in Ramsgate.

The Little King Richard Arms will serve draft beer and lager alongside bottles of beer, wine and spirits in its 5ft wide and 2ft 2in deep venue at Ramsgate Promenade Market (formerly the Belgian Bar ) on the waterfront.

The small bar, which stands opposite the largest Wetherspoon pub in the country, was named after ‘true gentleman’ Richard Brown, who sadly died following a fire in Ramsgate last year.

Richard (right) with his good friend Andy

Richard, 71, was a much-loved member of the Belgian Bar/Green Tara family – now Ramsgate Promenade Market – and a longtime friend of owner Andy Barrett.

Andy said: “”He was a wonderful man and so full of generosity, he would help everyone from all walks of life. When you first met him he had such a big impact and was a huge man in his own right.

“He was just an interesting guy who really cared about people, everyone he met had their lives touched by him.”

The Little King Richard Arms opens its doors this Monday (April 18), marking exactly one year since Richard lost his life.

The miniature pub contains the bar area and the room at the bar to place your order. There is seating inside the boardwalk venue, including a dedicated space for Richard.

Seats in the place of the promenade

Andy said: “It has to be the smallest bar in the UK. We already had a cocktail bar and stocked bottled beers, but people were asking for draft beer. We thought it would be weird to have the smaller pub opposite the largest Wetherspoon pub in the UK.

“It will open a year to the day after the day we lost Richard. He loved a drink and was a bit of a legend, he took care of the place for me when I wanted to leave. It will be a good legacy. »

The Little King Richard Arms is even smaller than Andy’s other little pub, The Little Prince in Margate’s Old Kent Market. This pub is six feet, six inches wide and 11 feet long and was recognized as the smallest pub in the UK by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2016.

The Little King Richard Arms opens at 1 p.m. Monday. The Ramsgate Promenade Market is also home to businesses including a vegan stall, breakfast stall, pizza and pasta stall which is also due to open and a music store is set up at the rear of the site.

SIAL Shanghai postponed as logistical challenges weigh on Chinese seafood trade


The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai has forced the postponement of one of China’s largest seafood trade shows, SIAL Shanghai, a business-to-business food and beverage trade show usually held in may.

“The lockdown has definitely had an impact on things,” said Robin Wang, CEO of SMH International, a Shanghai-based marketing agency with many international seafood clients.

Wang said SIAL is a key annual event for his company given its marketing and networking opportunities.

“Local events and gatherings have been postponed or will be moved to the online space,” Wang said.

Wang said SeafoodSource Shanghai’s port remains operational “but with limited manpower and increased inspection of food, seafood, meat, fruit, etc.”

“It affects supplies,” he said. “Seafood does not easily leave Shanghai. All Shanghai vehicles carrying goods were also banned from entering other regions. So there have certainly been supply disruptions that will likely become more evident over time. Many customers are trying to avoid Shanghai and are trying to reroute shipments. »

So far, there has been no official word on when the lockdown will end for Shanghai, according to Wang. The Chinese government has implemented stricter travel controls in several parts of the country as a wave of the omicron variant of COVID-19 continues to spread, with 27,000 cases reported as of April 7.

China remains cautious about easing its ‘zero-COVID’ approach amid fears it could overwhelm its medical service infrastructure amid widespread low vaccination rates among its elderly.

Are you traveling to Goa this summer? Don’t miss this popular seasonal local drink


Goans and evangelists will tell you that there is a way to drink urrak: mix it with Limca (or Taan), add salt, a squeeze of lime and a split green chilli.

A recent tweet from a fellow Goan underscored what I had seen before: influencers had discovered Urrak. It was suddenly a hot topic: there were videos and photos of the drink on social media, curated lists, tutorials on how to drink it, and more. The constant migration of people to Goa during the pandemic has changed the way the state is perceived as people are in search of different aspects of Goan life. It was only a matter of time before urrak found center stage.

This season, many restaurants and bars in Goa have added urrak cocktails to their menu, in addition to serving them plain. These cocktails use ingredients like bimbli (sorrel), kokum, coconut and fruit juices, combine the distillate with beer or gin and use it to replace other spirits in classic cocktails.

Does Urrak need these experiences to stand out? It’s not, but for many these cocktails could be a good introduction to a drink that has been such a big part of Goan life. Here is where you can get exceptional urrak drinks, with or without Limca, in Goa.

Black Market/Black Sheep Bistro

Each summer, the restaurant’s signature feni drinks, Theek Mirsang and Jig Jig Ale, get a makeover. Theek Mirsang pairs urrak with jalapeno, pineapple and a salt rim; and Jig Jig Ale with ginger, chilli and lime. This year they have two new cocktails: Downer has urrak, vodka, pineapple and lime; and the White Lady has urrak, vodka, fresh coconut cream and basil salt.

In Panjim. Call 9325023565. Website

Carlito by the sea

The Lodge bar and restaurant


The verdict

If James Street is known for two things, its high-end fashion brands and its iconic food scene, then it’s no surprise that New Zealand label Rodd & Gunn combines the two for its new flagship store, The Lodge Bar. and Dining (open Thursday May 19).

From Queenstown to Queensland, The Lodge Bar and Dining is an Australian first that combines fashion, food and wine in the perfect blend of luxury and style.

Located in a heritage Queenslander on James Street, the store could be considered an oasis for interior design enthusiasts that features American oak floors, wool rugs, a bespoke wine bar and even a flagstone wall . With a maximum capacity of 150 people, the venue’s multiple spaces, such as the corner bar with banquette seating, the lively dining room or the Level one bar (which offers panoramic views of James St) can be booked for a range of events.

Fashion and interiors aside, the gourmet menu, created by world-renowned chef Matt Lambert and hosted by Executive Chef James Evangelions, offers a modern take on timeless classics and is sourced only with the finest ingredients produced. locally. In another perfect match for Rodd & Gunn, New Zealand’s sole master sommelier, Cameron Douglas has crafted the perfect wine list to match the range of delicious dishes on the menu.

Bluestone changes criteria to tackle payday loan misinformation


Bluestone Mortgages has announced criteria changes to accommodate the growing number of complex credit customers.

The lender will accept applications from customers who have recently taken out a payday loan, provided it has been approved at the end. Previously, Bluestone required that no new loans be taken out in the last 12 months.

These updates, available to all Mortgage Brokers, will help clients who have been misinformed of the ramifications of taking out a payday loan or those who have had to take out a payday loan due to a recent event. of life.

A spokesperson said Mortgage solutions“Clients face a number of pitfalls, but the main ones are usually that they have trouble finding a lender or they demand a higher down payment.

“We made a number of policy exceptions where applicants had taken payday loans and did not realize the ramifications this could have on getting a mortgage. The main problem arises with uninformed customers, especially with the rise of buy now pay later, as payday loans can often be confused.

“We have therefore recently updated our product range to include a free product, helping customers with all initial costs. We have also introduced a £500 solicitor’s contribution for those looking to re-mortgage. the future, we are looking to launch a new purchase proposal for the first time.”

Reece Beddall, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bluestone Mortgages (photo)added: “We believe that past financial difficulties should not prevent anyone from owning their dream home.

“Ultimately, these changes will give our customers more choice and the help they deserve.”

The Australian town where a local bar owner was robbed seven times in four weeks


Australian city interior becomes ‘unlivable’ due to crime spree as bar owner robbed seven times in four weeks warns ‘someone is going to get killed’

  • The owner of a pub in a remote WA town says he was robbed four times in a month
  • Darren Spackman said a group of delinquent teenagers had the city ‘besieged’
  • WA Police Commissioner said teenagers see it as ‘a game of cops and robbers’

A group of savage teenage delinquents are wreaking havoc in a town in the far north of Western Australia, with locals saying the community is rapidly becoming ‘unlivable’.

Kununurra was again hit by another wave of vandalism and violence on Tuesday night with three businesses robbed and a police car rammed.

Pub owner Darren Spackman said there was a group of people who were out of control and the town was indeed “under siege”.

His business Gulliver’s Tavern has been robbed seven times in the past month.

A group of around 15 teenagers took part in a crime spree in a remote WA town, ramming a police cruiser on Tuesday night (pictured)

Gulliver's Tavern owner Darren Spackman (pictured) said the town was

Gulliver’s Tavern owner Darren Spackman (pictured) said the town was ‘besieged’ by the group of troublemakers

“We are really tired of apologizing for not being able to open our bar, but sadly we are here again…no bar or kitchen due to another burglary,” the company posted on Facebook there. at two weeks.

“How can a town in Australia become unlivable because of 14 or 15 bad eggs?” Mr. Spackman told GWN 7 News.

‘It has to stop. Someone is going to get killed sooner or later, it’s just not necessary.

“Targeting police houses, police cars, they actually raided two police vehicles in front of the police station…this must be an act of terrorism.”

The pub, sign on the left

Teenagers ram the panel

The Kununurra waterhole (left) and the offenders who allegedly rammed the sign (right) seen on the left

The pub posted on Facebook about a recent break-in just two weeks ago (pictured)

The pub posted on Facebook about a recent break-in just two weeks ago (pictured)

Acting WA Police Commissioner Colonel Blanch said the group of teenagers were not there to destroy the town, but suggested they were bored.

“They see it as a game…cops and robbers…good guys and bad guys, it’s a game for them. They’re very young. I’m talking about kids 11 to 15 years old,” a- he told ABC Radio.

Another local said teenagers would race their cars through city streets, often approaching 100 km/h in 50 km/h zones.

Mr. Blanch said many teenagers had made stints in detention centers to be released and cause trouble again.

“I work closely with the communities department, justice department, mining companies and government to find alternative solutions,” he said.

WA Police have temporarily assigned additional officers to Kununurra as well as the nearby towns of Derby and Carnarvon.

Kununurra is located in the far north of WA with a population of around 5,300 people (pictured)

Kununurra is located in the far north of WA with a population of around 5,300 people (pictured)


Coral Springs restaurant owner charged with tax theft • Coral Springs Talk

Coral Springs restaurant owner charged with tax theft

Gaston Garcia at his old ROC Resto-Lounge in Coral Springs. {Coral Springs Talk}

By Kevin Deutsch

A former Coral Springs restaurant owner who allegedly failed to pay nearly $50,000 in sales taxes collected at his Coral Square Mall restaurant and pleaded not guilty to the crime is expected to change his plea later this month, records show. judicial.

Gaston Garcia, 43, of Davie, is accused of pocketing $49,843.64 in taxes he charged customers at the now closed ROC Resto-Lounge and Fashion property between December 2014 and June 2015, according to court documents filed by Florida Department of Revenue investigators.

Garcia is charged with theft of public funds, a felony, according to records.

Garcia’s business, advertised as a multi-faceted entertainment complex when it opened in 2014, included a full-service restaurant, fashion boutique, bar, outdoor lounge, nightclub and cafe.

“My goal is for everyone to feel like a VIP without a VIP price tag,” Garcia said of his Coral Square Mall property shortly after it opened. “Everyone is a VIP here.”

He pleaded not guilty after his arrest in October 2020 and is expected to amend his plea at the Central Broward County Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale on April 28.

Court documents do not indicate whether Garcia plans to plead not guilty, no contest or make a different request in court.

Garcia is currently free on $3,500 bond.

Submit to Coral Springs #1 award-winning news site Right here.

Author Profile

Kevin Deutsch
Kevin Deutsch

Kevin Deutsch is an award-winning crime reporter and author. A graduate of Florida International University, Kevin has worked on the staff of the Miami Herald, New York Daily News and Palm Beach Post.

Alaska Seafood for Restaurant Seminar


On April 7, 2022, the Southeast Asia Regional Representative of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) held a restaurant seminar at the Surawongse Bangkok Marriott Hotel. Attendees at the event included 25 restaurant managers and chefs who purchase or wish to use Alaska Seafood products in their restaurants. Ms. Kelly Stange, Agricultural Advisor for the United States Department of Agriculture in Bangkok, attended the event and gave an opening speech to welcome the guests.

The seminar aims to increase awareness of ‘Alaska’ as a trusted source of wild, high quality and sustainable seafood among Thai HRI outlets, chefs, restaurant managers and consumers. For several months after the seminar, ASMI will run menu promotions with restaurants that have participated in the programs.

Attendees of the event enjoyed Thai and fusion menus created by award-winning chefs, Chef Gai-Thanunya Kaikaew and Chef X-Attapol Naito Thangthong. Some of the dishes featured were Alaska Pollock Wellington with Duxelle Sunchoke Puree, Alaska Coho Salmon Granita, Alaska Kao Chae (Songkran Savory Rice), and Taro Custard Crumble with Sun-Dried Alaska Pollock Creme Brulee. The two chefs also shared their experiences on the latest trends in food innovation and discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the restaurant and consumer sectors in Thailand.

These are the 7 best dining events in Dallas this week


This week brings a bit of nostalgia. There’s a tribute party to a superstar singer from the late 1990s and the return of an iconic Dallas destination that originated in the 1980s. Another superstar singer is making its way through town – finally , actually just his tour bus. But don’t miss it for free rum tastings. Finally, discover how to make homemade cookies with an online course, learn how to pair coffee and chocolate, and don’t forget to book your Easter brunch.

monday april 11

Barrel Week at Strangeways Dallas
The event beer lovers have been waiting for has arrived: East Dallas bar Strangeways Dallas is hosting a huge parade featuring 40 barrel-aged beers, many of which are rare or hard to find. These are beers that have been aged in wooden barrels that once held bourbon, whiskey or wine – a tradition that originated in Belgium but has been adopted by American brewers from Clown Shoes in Massachusetts to Firestone Walker in California. Watch out for the lightweights: most of these beers are 10% or more. Barrel Week runs all week from April 11-17, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., or until the taps run dry.

tuesday april 12

Virtual Cookies and Sauces Class by Dusty Biscuit Beignets
Trey Smith, owner of Dusty Biscuit Beignets in Fort Worth, will walk participants through the process of baking buttermilk cookies during this one-hour virtual class. And because cookies and gravy go together like, well, cookies and gravy, Smith will also share a sausage gravy recipe. Watch and take notes or have the ingredients on hand to cook. The class is $20 per household and starts at 7 p.m.

Thursday April 14

Grand Reopening of Sfuzzi
The upscale Italian late-night lounge, whose roots date back to the 1980s, is throwing a party to celebrate its grand return to its new digs on Henderson Avenue. Visit live music by Ricki Derek, a 360-degree photo booth, caricatures on pizza boxes, and Italian food paired with cocktails. Reservations are encouraged. The party will take place from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Note that Sfuzzi is open until 2am every night except Mondays for drinks and late-night bites.

friday april 15

Blue Chair Bay Rum Bus Tour at Sidecar Social
Kenny Chesney fans, take note: the country superstar’s tour bus will be making a special appearance at Sidecar Social to launch samples of his Blue Chair Bay Rum. After the free tasting and vision of transportation to a tropical location, enter to win a signature Kenny Chesney guitar and tickets to his upcoming “Here and Now” tour at AT&T Stadium. Don’t forget to take a photo with the bus, which will be there from 7-10 p.m.

Coffee/latte and chocolate tasting at the Lounge Coffee & Tea Bar
Frisco Coffee will be teaming up with Kate Weiser Chocolate for a bon bon and coffee pairing. Guests will receive four coffee or latte samples to sip alongside four decadent goodies from Kate Weiser. The offer is $21 and includes a $1.50 discount on a bag of The Lounge private label coffee. Visit from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

saturday april 16

Selena’s 51st Birthday Celebration at Jaxon Texas Kitchen & Beer Garden
The Southern-inspired restaurant and bar will celebrate the posthumous anniversary of the taken-too-soon Tejano sensation with a tribute concert and special nights. Enjoy live music by Bidi Bidi Banda, a look-alike costume contest, and a specialty cocktail called Como La Flor, concocted with herb-infused tequila, citrus, and agave nectar topped with Topo Chico. The drink is named after one of Selena’s biggest hit songs. Guarantee seating by prepaying for a table in advance, starting at $200 for a quadruple. The price goes towards the final invoice. The party starts at 6 p.m.

sunday april 17

Easter dinner
This Easter Sunday, many Dallas restaurants prepared with special dishes and events. Here is a master list of Dallas restaurants serving Brunch and Easter Feasts 2022.

Buy now, pay later goes beyond “traditional” debt such as mortgages or car loans


More Britons have borrowed through buy now, pay later services since the start of 2021 than they have taken on traditional debt such as bank loans or mortgages, according to a new study.

Ten per cent of adults had used the BNPL, while 6 per cent had taken out a mortgage, 3 per cent had taken out a bank loan and 2 per cent had used an authorized overdraft with interest, according to research from loan provider Creditspring.

Despite their growing popularity, about a third of adults were unaware that BNPL plans were a form of borrowing.

BNPL systems are third-party services such as Klarna, Afterpay and ClearPay, which appear at online checkouts and give the buyer the option to split their payment into installments.

One in four young adults have used an BNPL scheme in the past 15 months, with charities warning consumers of the dangers of borrowing more than you can afford to repay

While many offer interest-free options, interest may be charged on higher value items or longer loan terms.

Fees are usually charged if the borrower repays late, and their details may eventually be passed on to debt collectors.

Despite this, the Creditspring survey found that one in seven adults thought it was ‘impossible’ to get into debt using BNPL, rising to one in four among those under 35.

Young adults are among the most frequent users, with one in five having used deferred payment systems in the past 15 months.

These misconceptions could mean millions of UK borrowers are at risk of damaging their credit records or getting into debt unintentionally.

The charity Stepchange and Citizens Advice have warned that the cost of living crisis could increase reliance on BNPL in 2022.

Richard Lane, director of external affairs at StepChange, said: ‘Because of the way BNPL services are marketed at checkouts, younger consumers – who tend to be less financially experienced – often don’t realize that they take out credit at all.

“These services are presented as a convenient way to shop and do not give individuals the opportunity to stop and think about the consequences of taking out credit and the financial difficulties that may arise later.

“For someone considering using BNPL, keep in mind that while it may be interest-free, it is still borrowing and will need to be repaid.

“It is important to recognize that BNPL is like any other debt, and you should never borrow more than you can afford.”

According to Creditspring, four in five adults would be unaware that BNPL schemes are unregulated in the UK, while half were unaware that a person could be referred to a debt collector for missing an BNPL payment.

A further 43% said they were unaware that BNPL suppliers could add late payment fees.

Around one in four adults under the age of 35 thought they could not get into “serious” debt using the services, which Citizens Advice said was a worrying state of mind.

Matthew Upton, director of policy at Citizens Advice, said: “Buy Now Pay Later loans can be like quicksand – easy to slip in and very hard to get out of.

“Our real fear is that people don’t understand what they are getting into or the consequences if things go wrong. The government must urgently pursue the regulation of the BNPL sector.

Charities urge clients who use BNPL to understand the risks of borrowing

Charities urge clients who use BNPL to understand the risks of borrowing

According to the FCA, there were £2.7bn of BNPL transactions in 2020, with research suggesting the market more than doubled to £5.7bn last year.

Last year, the government announced a consultation on the regulation of the BNPL industry, but this has yet to be implemented.

Neil Kadagathur, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Creditspring, said: “Since payday lending was driven from the mainstream, BNPL has been seen as the new wild west in the lending industry.

“Regulation is welcome, but misconceptions among borrowers that BNPL is risk-free or not a form of borrowing that can lead to debt is a much bigger problem.

“Borrowers need to be protected – currently they are in real danger of falling into another credit trap as they continue to rely on BNPL as a crutch to fight on until payday.

BNPL's services have been used more than traditional lenders, including loans, mortgages and car financing, since January 2021

BNPL’s services have been used more than traditional lenders, including loans, mortgages and car financing, since January 2021

“The worst-case scenario is that borrowers may end up getting a knock on the door from a debt collector, but currently the vast majority are completely unaware that that’s even a possibility.”

He also said that since it was currently easier to access the BNPL than to qualify for a credit card, those in a precarious financial situation could be most at risk.

Kadagathur added, “Financial education is vital and more support is needed to reach those who need affordable credit.

“Currently, there are up to 15 million people in the UK struggling to access traditional credit options – these are the people most at risk from high cost predatory lenders, particularly in the climate current.”

Some links in this article may be affiliate links. If you click on it, we may earn a small commission. This helps us fund This Is Money and keep it free to use. We do not write articles to promote products. We do not allow any business relationship to affect our editorial independence.

G Willickers Pub On Bar Rescue

G Willickers Pub On Bar Rescue

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and his team travel to Arlington, Texas to rescue Pub Willickers.


The story continues below

Founded in 1992, owner Clarence Grider successfully operated G Willickers until his death in 2019 when ownership of the bar passed to his widow Karen. Sadly, Karen unexpectedly passed away a year later, leaving the bar under the control of Clarence’s three daughters, Caseye Smith, Carmen Luke and Carrie Thompson. Without having much experience running a bar, the problems started piling up, and they would be losing over $100,000 a month and desperately needing a Bar Rescue.

The rescue took place in November 2021 and Jon decided not to change the name of the G Willickers Pub.

To look closer

  • This is the G Willickers Pub website.
  • G Willickers is also active on Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can check out post-makeover reviews online via Google Reviews and Yelp.
  • G Willickers is hosting a Bar Rescue watch party with a champagne toast at 8:30 p.m. local time to celebrate the episode’s Sunday premiere on Paramount Network.

Google Street View of G Willickers pub

Image via Twitter/Screenshot

Analysis of the processed seafood market size of key players and growth factor changing in the industry, forecast by 2022-2031


Sound analysis of the region of the processed seafood market size of the main players and the evolution of the growth factor in the industry, forecast by 2022-2031

The processed seafood market is estimated to register a CAGR of XX% in terms of value during the forecast period 2022-2031. The report offers in-depth insights, revenue details and other vital information regarding the target market along with the various trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities and threats till 2031. The report offers insightful and in-depth information about the various key players operating in the market, their financials, supply chain trends, technological innovations, key developments except future strategies, acquisitions & mergers, and market footprint . The processed seafood market report has been segmented on the basis of product, type, end-user and region.

The current possibilities of the sector’s processed seafood market have also been analyzed. Additionally, major strategic activities in the market, which incorporate product advancements, acquisitions, and partnerships, are discussed. Processed Seafood Market Organization Coverage (Company Profile, Revenue, Price, Gross Margin, Major Products etc.)

>> Get a sample PDF of the report: https://marketresearch.biz/report/processed-seafood-market/request-sample/

Competitive market players are identified along with their size, share, and strategies. The company profiles of these players include their recent major developments, product portfolio, revenue, core competencies, and financials. In addition, the report presents information on mergers and acquisitions, company profiles, financial status, product portfolio and SWOT analysis.

The report covers comprehensive data on emerging trends, market drivers, growth opportunities and restraints that may change the market dynamics of the industry. It provides an in-depth analysis of market segments which includes products, applications, and competitor analysis.

• Main players in the processed seafood market:

  • Thai Union Frozen Products
  • Marine Harvest ASA
  • Pescanova Group
  • Bumble Bee Foods, LLC
  • American Seafood Group
  • Young’s Seafood Ltd.
  • High Liner Foods Inc.
  • Nueva Pescanova Group
  • Grieg Seafood ASA
  • Zoneco Group Co., Ltd.

Key Segments Covered

Global Processed Seafood Market Segment By Type:

  • Fish
  • Shrimp
  • Crabs
  • Tuna
  • Others

Global processed seafood market segmentation by product type:

  • Canned products
  • frozen products
  • Smoked products
  • Dried products
  • Others

Global Processed Seafood Market Segment By Distribution Channel:

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenient stores
  • Others

Covid-19 scenario

Manufacturing activities are hampered due to containment measures put in place by governments of various countries. Additionally, the supply chain has been disrupted and raw material shortages have occurred.

Demand from application industries such as textiles, ceramics and glass has declined due to disruptions in day-to-day operations. However, demand would steadily increase during post-lockdown as day-to-day operations resume.

>> We provide COVID 19 Impact Analysis on Processed Seafood Market, for more details, please click on the link: https://marketresearch.biz/report/processed-seafood-market/covid-19 -impact/

Research objectives:

• The Processed Seafood market report provides marketing type analysis, market supply chain analysis, international trade type analysis, and traders or distributors by region with their contact details.

• The Processed Seafood Market report further focuses on the study of product capacity, product price, profit flow, supply/demand ratio, production, growth rate of the market and projected growth forecasts.

• A comprehensive synopsis of major market events and developments in the processed seafood market.

• The report tracks the key market players who will shape and have the greatest impact on the processed seafood market.

• The report helps you understand the real effects of the key market drivers or restraints on the Processed Seafood market activities.

• The Processed Seafood Market report offers statistical data in terms of value (USD) as well as volume (units) till 2031.

• The information contained in the Processed Seafood Market report can be easily understood and contains graphical representation of the figures in the form of bar charts, statistics and pie charts etc.

• It includes a large amount of information on the latest technologies and product developments in the processed seafood market industry.

• Corporate strategies related to the growth of the processed seafood market.


Global Processed Seafood Market Details Based on Regions:

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
  • Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)
  • Central and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)

Key topics covered in the table of contents:

Chapter 1- Report Overview: Includes key players from entire Secure Van market as part of the test, scope of the study

Chapter 2- This section focuses on industry trends where determined market drivers and elevated market patterns. It also provides development milestones for key developers working within Global Pickup Truck Market. Additionally, it provides inception and restraining the tests while developing measurement, limit, creativity, and creative prediction models of the Seafood Market.

Chapter 3- This clip focuses on the types of items the creation of which examines the overall business size, cost, and overall business structure by type of item discussed, providing an in-depth global application of the Seafood Market transformed.

Chapter 4- Here, a combination of the right pace of development, development and onboarding, and key players in each local market is provided.

Chapter 5- This section provides usage data for each local market based on the report. Use tested if country, application and product type are possible.

Chapter 6- Organizational Profiles: Numerous players driving the whole Seafood Market are imprinted in this section. Auditors provided data on their continuous development within the global van market, materials, income, creativity, business, and friends.

Chapter 7- The collection and construction estimates included in this section add up to the value of the pickup truck market in addition to the major business categories.

Chapter 8- Forecast consumption of the market: consumption rate and consumption included in this section

Chapter 9- Value Chain and Sales Analysis: An in-depth analysis of customers, retailers, channels of transactions, and major Vans Market Series in general.

>> Get detailed TOC including data, facts, figures, tables etc here: https://marketresearch.biz/report/processed-seafood-market/#toc

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For any questions:- [email protected]

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Phone: +1 (347) 796-4335

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Marketresearch.biz is a market research, analysis and solutions company, providing strategic and tactical support to clients to make informed business decisions. We are a team of dedicated and passionate people who strongly believe in bringing our best to what we do and we never back down from a challenge. We provide coverage, analysis, information, statistics and reports on global and regional markets, industries, sectors and areas, including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Materials, Technology and Media , food and beverage, packaging and consumer goods, among others. .

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Carry out auto loans on a new vehicle with this specific time out of a phrase build monetary experience?


Carry out auto loans on a new vehicle with this specific time out of a phrase build monetary experience?

I’m on the Navy so I make enough money, it’s just time for all the tragedy… You’ll find there’s no choice left. Or maybe it’s just a way for your user to allow you to mess up some form of predatory credit themselves?

And you won’t let me know how to find a good co-signer since we don’t have anyone with good credit who will personally co-sign Is a good credit history of 592 horrible?

Car loan without borrowing without co-signer? I absolutely need an advantageous Toyota Celica having 4000 $. We have a position that as far as 30 days is concerned, it’s not a lot, however, there’s hardly any expense to spend and so I’ll pay the monthly premiums. but my personal loan syndicate will not return the mortgage to me just like the There is no beneficial co-signer are there any credible banking institutions if not cities and lending towns where I can go J immediately presented some but the really that we could obtain was 1500 information? Which is my personal score, however, I own property and also earn over $40,000 a year. I was 1 month later on my house charges once. We have a cost – three years ago, once I tried to go bankrupt, and you will face the old cell phone / television expenses (range accounts) that were for college (4 five years ago years). I only have 1 gift collection account (within 36 months). I recently had my personal statement and am interested in another car. In the morning I screwed up. #repost

How often do I file for bankruptcy while proceeding with a co-signer on my newbie mortgage job? We only informed you that my husband’s student loans are ongoing. Long Facts. It could be individual student loans and more than those he took aside before we satisfied him. Her father is the co-signer. How much money we have to pay back is more than a hundred, and in addition we are already a distressed person earning the nearest and dearest. When we had to consider bankruptcy proceedings, manage non-public loans, instantly switch to the new co-signer, do you think it’s great to manage a home loan? Or is around another way? I could welcome any advice. How to approach the delivery of a special vehicle? Alright so I’m kind of the latest to get/rent a car and have no idea where to start. I just rented a good 2011 vehicle but many features took place during my realistic airdrop job eg. concise in which my lease is almost over and I need several more cars. Back then my loan was good around 740. However for life issues my bank loan was at 645 today so it may not be Horrible but it is not really amazing. The terrible part was, really, I obviously don’t have any change to deposit. So what should I do? See a bank and then get a great car loan? You will need to rent other vehicles without financial discount? Get an automobile in a radio that helps your day to night radio listening regarding bad credit ok i approve folks? My monthly premiums that we feel comfortable using could be a maximum of $250. If only I had experienced payday loans that accept prepaid accounts someone to help me navigate, but Yahoo Responses is the closest we’ve got. Please help me in the process. By the way, I’m not sure if that’s the case, however, I reside in SoCal. AUSSIES..did anyone here go bankrupt? my friend actually has bonds of just under thirty grand.. she has a baby or two and is unmarried and can’t afford to pay it back.. you definitely have to try a car loan ( around $17,000) and you can a bank loan (as for the 8 if not 9,000) not too sure she would like to know how it works.. we’ve googled specific info but looks like you’ll find a another type of bankruptcy she understands it was on her checklist for three years she just wants to know how to go about it How to score a credit history totally free? Every time we submit a quiz to get one during the bottom, we needed a credit card amount and some money afterwards. Could there really be a totally free credit score? #repost

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I’m never to yes, I’m still young and you may not have had experience who borrowed

Convocation immediately after a personal bankruptcy? We registered a personal bankruptcy in the and in addition we were actually discharged during the summer. I joined our house through bankruptcy proceedings. Tonight we were taken in for a court summons for our home loan. It reached end up being a better mistake? Are they really trying however to collect in our home loan? #repost

Inside an award-winning Dorset pub that gets overwhelming reviews on Tripadvisor


When we imagine pubs in Britain, we can often think of a quaint cottage in the countryside or a reliable town center pub on the corner of a main street. However, in rare cases you might find a more colorful establishment with unique decor, which is exactly how you might describe this pub in Boscombe. Chaplin’s Bar on Christchurch Road is a swanky pub that champions live music from local artists and small bands trying to catch a break, and has already been voted the UK’s best community at the Great British Pub Awards. But the accolades don’t stop there, as it has also won Best Community Pub in the South West and Best Entertainment Pub in the South West. It was also voted Campaign Pub of the Year for Real Ales (CAMRA), became the national winner for best bar none and received Bournemouth’s Bloom Gold Award winners. The pub’s interior decor is eclectic, with all manner of Charlie Chaplin memorabilia strewn from floor to ceiling. Read more: Tried MrBeast’s Burger restaurant and here’s how to order in Bournemouth However, as with any other business, the pub has been the subject of some pretty damning reviews on Tripadvisor, comments about rude staff and dress code customers to the quality of its beers. A comment made as recently as last month spoke of feeling left out after a mediocre meal, while others suggested the pub was better before the coronavirus pandemic hit. One customer was less happy with their experience, saying staff members were unsure when it came to serving drinks. A user called LindsayPoole said: “The slow ignorant waitress didn’t know what Cabernet Sauvignon is ‘because she doesn’t drink’, and that was the best she got. A drink and a pdq left, what’s wrong with these people? Just not in the same place at all since the pandemic, big disappointment.” Another Tripadvisor fan recognized the pub’s quirky interior, but overall felt Chaplin’s was overrated. The user, known as 14aaa, also felt the drinks were watered down and wrote: “Awful watered down lager and the worst wine I’ve ever tasted. Every time I end up sick. Beautiful decoration but avoid unless you want to see a live band. very overrated.” A user named RB echoed similar opinions and said: “I don’t like moaning, but the beer at the downstairs bar this weekend (7-8/9/18) was horrible, undrinkable, and the staff continued to serve it regardless. … I like the bar, but this was unacceptable.” We popped into this unique pub to see what it looks like inside, and it’s fair to say we were more than impressed. Take a look at our gallery to get an idea of ​​what the UK’s best pub has to offer. Have you ever been to Chaplin’s Bar in Boscombe? Leave a comment or email us your photos at [email protected] You can stay up to date with the latest news near you with FREE Dorset Live newsletters – enter your email address at the top of the page or sign up for our newsletters here.

The storefront is hard to miss along Christchurch Road in Boscombe

Swashbockler sets sail at Shippingport Brewing Company


Filled with notes of fresh bread, sweet honey and a hint of lemon, complemented by the light, malty sweetness of Long John Silver’s malt vinegar, German-style Helles Bock beer is the perfect companion to accompany your crisp dishes. and crunchy. , and fresh seafood dish.

“Safe to say that when we first heard Long John Silver creating a beer with his malt vinegar, there were some initial reservations. But honestly, after the first sip, they were all washed away,” said Josh Johnson, The Kentucky Gent on Instagram. “The beer is incredibly clean and refreshing with a slight acid kick that makes it more of a robust beer than a traditional bock. And the lemon acidity makes it a refreshing sip – on its own or alongside a bite. fresh and crispy from Long John The Silverfish.”

“For over 50 years, Long John Silver’s has offered French fries, hushpuppies and coleslaw that pair perfectly with our hand-battered Alaskan pollock. We’re also happy to add beer to this list. “said Bentley McBentleson, director of marketing at Long John Silver’s. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with a local brewery to create Swashbockler beer for Long John Silver fans and hope this is just the start of more sea-themed drinks. ”

Swashbockler is now available on tap from Shippingport Brewing Company and Sallyforth Taproom at Louisville and can be found in select bars throughout Kentucky. Swashbockler is only available for a limited time, so get on board today to try this beer treasure.

About Long John Silver’s
Long John Silver’s was founded in 1969 and has grown to become the nation’s largest quick-service seafood chain. With restaurants nationwide and delivery available coast-to-coast, Long John Silver’s continues to be built on the belief that the unique coastal seafood experience should be accessible to everyone. Learn more at www.ljsilvers.com or join the conversation via social media at Twitterfacebook or Instagram.

About Shippingport Brewing Company
Shippingport Brewing Company and Sallyforth Taproom opened in 2021, becoming the only currently operating brewery and brewery in the West End of Louisville, Ky. Founder and Brewmaster Amelia pillow was inspired to bring a taste of Portland culture that she fell in love with in the heart of Louisville. Today, Shippingport Brewing Company brews and sells a variety of house beers and collaborations with local makers and offers deli-style sandwiches with hot sides and plant-based options. For more information, visit www.shippingportbrewing.com.

SOURCELong John Silver’s

Detroit bars and restaurants set for first ‘normal’ opening day since 2019


(WXYZ) – The excitement of the Detroit Tigers opening day goes beyond the thrill of baseball. Businesses in downtown Detroit are hoping for a boost this spring and summer, especially after a limited-capacity opening day last year.

They are thrilled with the near-normal opening day and are preparing to welcome fans back for one of Detroit’s biggest parties.

“It’s a long time coming. It’s a vacation downtown and it’s good to see it again. It really is,” said fan George Fillar.

“The season is here. The weather is breaking. It’s still cold on opening day, but it’s like a rite of passage. It’s like Michigan,” another fan said.

Stephanie Prechel, general manager of Anchor Bar on Fort St., said she and her team are excited to start serving again after the temporary closure in January.

“We’re so excited to have everyone back. Welcoming our returning alumni and our regulars and all the new faces,” Prechel said.

Anchor Bar is a Detroit staple and a known hangout for downtown Detroit workers, sports fans and legendary journalists.

They have a new menu while retaining iconic staples. Drink specials will be held on Fridays and they will open at 9am for opening day.

“The more the better. I would love to see everyone celebrate opening day,” Prechel said.

On Adams St. near Comerica Park, Brass Rail will be throwing dough and baking fresh pizza for fans.

“Honestly, opening day is a Detroit holiday. It’s a Detroit holiday. People want to go out and party and thank goodness it’s a Friday, sometimes it’s a Monday or a Tuesday and it’s not as busy,” Kevin Weathers, the Brass Rail bar manager, said.

Weathers said it will be one of the busiest days he has seen in nearly five years, and they will open at 9 a.m.

“We’ll be open, volume permitting. We don’t have a set closing time. We’ll be open as long as we’re making money. I expect the splurge and I accept that,” Weathers said.

4 restaurants in Mumbai that are upping the food game in the city


Mumbai is always full of new places to dine with family and friends. But, even then, choosing a place to go is a challenge. Searching and reading reviews online for hours on end isn’t fun, is it? That’s why we decided to share with you our favorite restaurants that are upping the culinary game in the city. Whether it’s a quick drink with your co-worker or an elaborate dining experience with your date, we’ve rounded up the best restaurants worth visiting. Check it out:



Remember the popular saying that food is not just eating energy, but an experience? Well, Tresind seems to agree and offers a memorable progressive Indian dining experience. Hailing from Dubai, the award-winning restaurant has been the flagship of contemporary Indian cuisine since 2014. Tresind serves a delicious 14-course chef’s tasting menu featuring traditional dishes from across the country. Embracing various regional Indian culinary influences that have crept into the cuisine, the menu is sophisticated, imaginative and fun all at once. Our choice ? The khichdi which is seasoned lives on the table with an ingredient from each state of India.



Hailing from Dubai, Epitome opened doors at BKC, Mumbai amid the pandemic and quickly established itself as one of the best restaurants in the world.
offerings in the city. Located in the heart of Lower Parel, the all-day vegetarian restaurant that transforms into a stylish lounge at night, is known for its extensive cuisine, exquisite cocktails and range of desserts. The menu designed by Executive Chef, Prakash Joshi features innovative dishes like Avocado Tikka Masala, Avocado Pani Puri along with regulars like Pindi Chole, Veg Kheema Pav, etc.



Since opening in 2018, Foo has managed to impress everyone with its approach to Asian food, design and drink. With multiple outlets around town, the popular Asian tapas resto-bar has expanded with a new outpost in Andheri and we can all agree. The expansive restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining, private cabanas, and a Japanese Zen garden. In addition to the usual dishes, the menu has some interesting new additions like the truffle dumplings, the Instagrammable dessert platter called Mount Fooji.

The poz

The poz

If you like to eat healthy, La Poz is the place for you. Housed in a colonial building in the heritage neighborhood of Kala Ghoda, this casual dining space is the latest to join the city’s growing tribe of vegetarian eateries. The space exudes quaint European charm with wrought iron and textured glass accents, pink and white marble porch floors, and plenty of plants to brighten up the space. The menu, curated by chef Gracian D’souza, is largely ingredient-driven with dishes such as organic buckwheat pancakes, plant-based burgers and a selection of small plates and feel-good desserts. . That’s not it, everything from eggless pasta to wood-fired pizza is homemade.

Also read: Welcome spring with a cold brew

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The rise of the Gastrotaverne


Inga’s Bar in Brooklyn Heights.
Photo: Richard Tuschmann

I’m sick of the food stuff,” says Sean Rembold. “I’m sick of it only being about food or someone’s name.” Hardly the feeling you’d expect from a New York chef who recently opened his first restaurant after decades of climbing the culinary ladder, culminating in an 11-year stint at the helm of the locavore kitchens at Williamsburg’s Diner, Marlow & Sons and Reynard. . He left that role in 2017, fed up with the grind of the volume-crazed restaurant group. But on a family trip to the Irish coast, he found new inspiration for pot prawns and raw oysters at a local haunt called Nancy’s, a quintessential pub where the food – “So simple, so good” , says Rembold – mattered less to him. than the spirit of good neighborliness and the true sense of community.

“I was like, Why can’t we just create a tavern like this where everything can please everyone? ” he says. “If you want to stop by after work for a drink with friends, so be it. If you want to eat at the bar, so be it. And if you want to come for a big celebratory dinner, so be it. After extensive space scouting and the inevitable pandemic-related delays, Rembold and his wife and business partner, fashion designer Caron Callahan, have opened the New York tavern of their Nancy-inspired dreams in March to a quiet corner of Brooklyn Heights.They named it Inga’s Bar (66 Hicks St., in Cranberry St.) after Rembold’s great-aunt whose home in Louisville, Kentucky, was where his extended family gathered to “play cards, drink tons of bourbon and basically party,” he says.

Rembold isn’t alone in recognizing the tavern’s enduring appeal or identifying his business as such. Some of the city’s most acclaimed chefs draw their design and culinary inspiration from the distant past, signaling a new appreciation for simplicity in food and atmosphere as well as a certain low-key, unassuming hospitality that seems much in demand. in the age of COVID New York. In the West Village, Rita Sodi and Jody Williams call the cozy bar at their Shaker-inspired Commerce Inn the “tavern,” where patrons can munch on spoon bread and bone marrow in cozy wooden booths. Around the corner, according to liquor license paperwork filed with the community council, the former Chumley space will soon be reborn as an upscale American Tavern (working name: Froggy’s), marking the return to town from Mimi’s opening chef, Liz Johnson, and her husband and partner, Will Aghajanian. (Johnson says it’s too early to share details.) And in Dutchess County, King’s co-owner Clare de Boer has converted a former French restaurant in the 18th-century Stissing House inn into a tavern of countryside, where she roasts aged pheasant in a wood-fired hearth. We now have a self-proclaimed Japanese-Western tavern (Hall, a Wagyu-burger-and-cocktail restaurant in the Flatiron District) and a Korean-Chinese tavern with tasting menu (Joomak Banjum in Koreatown, where the stated mission is simply to bring together people).

And then there’s Emmett’s on Grove, described by owner Emmett Burke as a Midwestern tavern, whose signature dish is a round thin-crust Chicago-style pizza that’s cut into small squares instead of the usual giant triangles – a technique which has a considerable fan base and its own nomenclature: tavern-cut, aka party-cut. Before there was Emmett’s, of course, there was Lee’s Tavern, a Staten Island pizza institution. Not to mention, beyond the realm of pizza, Pete’s consecrated former barrooms at the Ear Inn, places where you can practically smell history.

The simple definition of a tavern is a place where you can have a drink and maybe a bite to eat. But the ultimate goal of a tavern is to make everyone, regardless of background, feel completely at home, to serve as a home away from home. What sets the new breed apart from its ancestors is the focus on food and ingredients. If the Spotted Pig ushered in the gastropub era in the 2000s, Inga’s and its ilk represent the rise of the gastrotavern, despite Rebold’s protests to the contrary. He could claim he’s “so much more” than the food (and the food critics: “I’m really against them at this point,” he says. “We want to be there for the community, not for any other reason. “) But what comes from his cooking says otherwise: Scotch egg with runny yolk in homemade lamb sausage, a version of the San Francisco classic Celery Victor that evokes a braised Caesar, a fillet of Spanish mackerel perfectly cooked with soft potatoes on a vibrant mint sauce. Yes, there’s a cheeseburger, but it’s constructed from two dry-aged patties, and the pickles and mayo are homemade.

Rembold built his reputation in the local and seasonal school, but at Inga he draws influences from as far away as Ireland and Wisconsin, where he sources his liver sausage. Turns out he’s as much a connoisseur of the stuff as he is of neighborhood taverns and is a particular fan of the version served at the Old Town Bar. “The liverwurst sandwich is amazing,” he says, momentarily switching to food parlance. “It’s a religious experience.”

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Bringing the Sea to the Sources Returns to Powder Springs


The following press release has been submitted announcing the return of the Bringing the Sea to the Springs Seafood Festival to Powder Springs:

ATLANTA, Georgia (April 5, 2022) – Fresh and delicious seafood? Seafood lovers are invited to mark their calendars for the next Bring the sea to the sources Seafood feast scheduled for Friday (May 13and) – 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.; Saturday (May 14and) 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sunday (May 15and) 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Thurman Springs Park, Home of Hardy Family Automotive Amphitheater, 4485 Pineview Drive, Powder Springs, GA 30127.

The City of Powder Springs has once again joined with Robin Roberts Promotions to present this free family event designed to bring the community together through tasty cuisine, juried arts and crafts, camaraderie and fun. .

“We are thrilled to produce this fantastic festival for the second year for the citizens of Powder Springs and the greater Atlanta area,” Roberts said. “We can’t wait for the community to come out for this weekend of food, live entertainment, crafts and fun.”

Presented by Roberts in partnership with the City of Powder Springs, the inaugural festival in 2021 welcomed over 10,000 attendees, and while the focus is on fresh seafood, other cuisines will also be available.

The Landlubbers Seafood and Food Vendor List will offer a variety of cuisines to suit diverse palettes, from vendors such as, Atlanta Seafood Company, The Shrimp Box, C&G Concessions, All Around the World Food Truck, Raul’s Latin Food Truck, Wild Caught Seafood Food Truck, CJ’s Food Fantasy, Forget Me Not Catering, The Hillbilly Café, Pinch & Pull Seafood, Dunwoody Cafe and Catering, Gripps Grill Catering, BJ’s Concessions, R&H Events & Promotions, Pork Ur Fork, Explosion Catfish Company, South Fried Catfish Company, Ohana Shaved Ice, Swainson’s Catering, Rachel’s Cuisine an Sweet Treats, Sno-Angel Delights, Flavors by J. Mitchell and many more.

The festival features arts and crafts for sale, live music from local Atlanta musicians, including gold standard banda cover band that plays R&B hits; Chimera Scotta Tina Turner tribute artist who offers The Timeless Tina Tribute Show, American Hope GroupAtlanta’s hottest young country band, and The Georgia Blues Brothersa tribute band that celebrates the original Blues Brothers movie.

Arts and crafts will be on sale, and kids can have fun in the Kids Zone with bouncy houses and face painting. No coolers or pets are allowed.

General admission and festival parking are free, however, tickets are available for unique events such as The Beach Club VIP Ticket which includes VIP seating, a private bar and lawn games. https://www.eventeny.com/events/bringing-the-sea-to-the-springs-2283/?series=621

Sponsors for Bringing the sea to the sources2022 are the City of Powder Springs, Georgia Power, Cobb Travel and Tourism, Georgia Party Rental, Hand Me Ups, Suga’s Cheese Shop and Café, Collett’s Country Store, Johnny’s BBQ, The Bookworm Bookstore, Katie Harris State Farm Insurance, Spa Wags, The Shrimp Box, Rid Property Services and One Parker Style.

Cincinnati Reds launch new food products for 2022 season


CINCINNATI — With opening day in Cincinnati not until April 12, the regular season excitement kicked off Tuesday with the launch of several new food and beverage offerings available at Great American Ball Park.

What do you want to know

  • The Cincinnati Reds launch a dozen new foods and drinks for the 2022 season at Great American Ball Park
  • Executive chef Gary Davis tried to take familiar favorites and reimagine them in fun ways
  • Some of the items include Montgomery Inn pulled pork in a waffle cone, nachos reimagined as a burrito bowl, and fries for dessert
  • The goal is to make the stadium an exciting place for baseball fans and foodies, Davis said.

The Cincinnati Reds have worked with their food service provider, Delaware North, to create a “fun mix of new items” that feature “creative twists on fan favorites” like hot dogs, burgers and nachos, according to Andy Worden, Delaware general manager North’s presence at the stadium.

The Bar-B “Cone”: Montgomery Inn Pulled Pork, White Cheddar Mac and Cheese, Coleslaw and Montgomery Inn BBQ Sauce. It is served in a waffle cone. (Casey Weldon/Spectrum News 1)

Led by seasoned executive chef Gary Davis, the culinary team has created a menu that plays on regional flavors and staples, like Montgomery Inn’s pulled pork and Frisch’s Big Boy burger.

While the food will taste similar to these local classics, the chefs at Great American Ball Park will present them in a very different way.

For example, they will be serving Montgomery Inn Pulled Pork in a waffle cone accompanied by white cheddar mac and cheese, coleslaw and the restaurant’s famous barbecue sauce. For a limited time in April, fans can sample Frisch’s iconic burger topped with tartar sauce, but in slider form.

They also took the traditional nacho format and converted it into a burrito bowl. It’s the same grilled chicken, queso, lettuce, sour cream and Pico de Gällö that people have come to expect, but they replaced the fries with cilantro-lime rice. The dish can also be vegetarian.

“When you go to your chef, one thing you’re trying to do is recreate the memories people have of their childhood,” Davis said. “Everyone is going to come to a game and grab a hot dog or some popcorn, but we want to take those items to the next level and really elevate that experience. We want our food to help them create new memories.

A sampling of some of the dishes and menus offered this season at Great American Ball Park.  (Casey Weldon/Spectrum News 1)

A sampling of some of the dishes and menus offered this season at Great American Ball Park. (Casey Weldon/Spectrum News 1)

Davis, entering his fifth season with the Reds, had some major goals with this year’s menu. For starters, he wanted to stay on trend and make sure there was a “cool factor”. In recent years, more and more people have asked for vegetarian options, he said, so they decided to add two vegetarian dogs this year:

  • watch dog: Field Roast vegetarian hot dog topped with Buffalo white bean dip, shredded cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos and hot sauce.

  • The dragon dog: Field Roast vegetarian hot dog topped with kimchi, garlic soy sauce and sesame aioli

The Dragon Dog is Davis’ new favorite object. Davis also likes some desserts this year, especially the “Rookie Cookie” FryBox, which is a mix of crushed cookies, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and marshmallows served on a bed of fries.

David called the FryBox one of the stadium’s “most controversial deals”. But he said items like this are trending right now and people seem to like them.

The FryBox serves dessert.  This version featured crushed cookie bits, sweet sauces, and marshmallows on a bed of fries.  (Casey Weldon/Spectrum News 1)

The FryBox serves dessert. This version featured crushed cookie bits, sweet sauces, and marshmallows on a bed of fries. (Casey Weldon/Spectrum News 1)

“We had people asking, ‘Why did you do that? But if you look at all the parks in MLB, they all have one of those types of items on their menu,” he said. “People seem to really like it.”

While the focus is on “new” this year, there’s still room for tried-and-true classic styling, Davis said. He thinks two of the most popular dishes will be the handcrafted 1869 Burger (beef patty, with barbecue sauce and onion straws) and the new “Red Hot” chicken sandwich with beloved hot sauce, Frank’s RedHot. .

Rest assured, baseball purists; the more traditional brats, metts and wursts are still available.

“Right now everyone is having supply chain issues,” Davis said. “I really wanted to make sure that we selected items that we knew would be both popular and readily available. We wanted to feature items that we could feature throughout the season without having to modify or change them. to modify. “

The new menu also features traditional dishes, like this artisanal burger covered in cheese, bacon, onion straws and BBQ sauce.  (Casey Weldon/Spectrum News 1)

The new menu also features traditional dishes, like this artisanal burger covered in cheese, bacon, onion straws and BBQ sauce. (Casey Weldon/Spectrum News 1)

While happy to add many new items, Davis knows that continuing stadium catering partnerships with multiple local brands remains essential. This includes local chains such as LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria, Wings & Rings and Al’s Delicious Popcorn will continue to be GABP mainstays.

Frosthaus, based in Covington, Ky., will serve a variety of frozen alcoholic beverages and frozen mixes, including Kentucky Lemonade (sweet and tangy lemonade and Kentucky bourbon) and Redlegs Rum Runner (a blend of tropical fruits and rum).

In Section 134, fans can purchase alcohol and fruit ice cubes made in Cincinnati by BLOX. Sample menus include Iceberg Seltzer (one strawberry BLOX with black cherry seltzer) and Prosecco Slush (two strawberry BLOXs with prosecco).

“Our local food sponsors drop off a lot of our food here and they do a great job,” Davis said. “We think we bring a bit of that cool factor with some of our offerings and they do a great job providing local favourites.”

Below is the full list of new food and menu offerings. The full list is available at www.reds.com/food.

New food products

  • “Red Hot” Reds Chicken Sandwich: Fried chicken breast topped with hot honey sauce, pickle chips and horseradish coleslaw on a brioche bun. Available at FryBox at Section 109 and Scouts Club.

  • Bar-B “Cone”: Montgomery Inn pulled pork, macaroni and white cheddar cheese, coleslaw and Montgomery Inn barbecue sauce, served in a waffle cone. Available at the Montgomery Inn Smokehouse near section 138.

  • “Bunt” cake sundae: Bundt cake topped with vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles. Available at Rosie’s Ice Cream Stands near sections 115, 132, and 522 and the Scouts Club.

  • Frisch Big Boy Sliders: Available for a limited time only, from April 22 to 24. Sold at Frisch in section 118.

  • watch dog: Field Roast vegetarian hot dog topped with Buffalo white bean dip, shredded cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos and hot sauce. Available in Porkopolis near Section 116 and the Scouts Club.

  • The dragon dog: Field Roast vegetarian hot dog topped with kimchi, garlic soy sauce and sesame aioli. Available at the scout club.

  • Rookie Cookie Fry Box: Crushed Oreos and chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and marshmallows — served over fries. Sold in FryBox locations at sections 139 and 534.

  • 1869 Artisan Burger: All-beef burger topped with American cheese, barbecue sauce, crispy onions and pickles on brioche bun. Available at the scout club.

  • Scouts Burrito Bowl: Cilantro-lime rice topped with grilled chicken, queso, lettuce, sour cream and Pico de Gällö. Available at the scout club.

Beverage and Bar Sponsors

Boone County Bourbon and Heidelberg (Bud Supreme and Goose Island Beer Hug IPA)

  • Dozens of other beers, wines and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available throughout the stadium.

BLOX (Section 134)Alcohol and fruit infused ice cubes made in Cincinnati.

  • Black Cherry Limeade Seltzer: Two lime BLOXs with black cherry seltzer.

  • Iceberg Seltzer: A strawberry BLOX with black cherry seltzer.

  • Prosecco Slush: Two strawberry BLOXs with prosecco.

Frost House (Item 114) Frozen drink bar in Covington, Ky.

  • Kentucky Lemonade: Sweet and tangy lemonade paired with Kentucky bourbon.

  • Redlegs Rum Runner: strawberry, banana, passion fruit and lime, served with Bacardi rum.

  • Orange Dreamsicle: Aromas of orange and vanilla combined with Tito’s vodka.

Food Sponsors

Wings and rings (engine room and patio)

  • Cauliflower Wings: Hand-battered cauliflower, fried and drizzled with a garlic-parmesan sauce and served with celery sticks and blue cheese dip.
  • Pretzel Bites: served with queso, pico de gallo and jalapenos

Al’s delicious popcorn – small batch of artisanal popcorn made in Ohio

LaRosa’s Pizza “Barred for Slices »

  • When the Reds’ pitchers combine for 11 strikeouts in a game for 9 or more innings (win or lose), every ticket holder at Great American Ball Park earns a free one-topping small pizza from LaRosa’s. New this season, fans can enter their Reds ticket code at www.larosas.com/reds within seven days of playing and they will receive an e-coupon for their free pizza.

Gins of India: what you expect from the spicy subcontinent


Throughout India, in the kitchens of restaurants and homes, you will spot paintings of Lord Hanuman on the walls, many times above the stove. Divine monkey companion of Rama, Hanuman was the hero of the Ramayana, the Sanskrit Hindu epic. During one of the battles recounted in this classic work, the super-muscular Hanuman flew from India to Sri Lanka’s Medicine Mountain. Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu, had sent Hanuman to fetch herbal medicine for a wounded warrior. When the Monkey God arrived at the Verdant Mountain, however, he wasn’t sure what herb he was supposed to bring back, so he took the whole mountain of herbs back with him to India. As he crossed India, clumps of grass fell to the ground, scattering groves of sacred spices everywhere.

So you see, that’s why to this day there are a lot of spices in India…as well as in Indian gin.

Many of us were probably introduced to Indian-style gin through popular brands like Bombay Sapphire, a dry gin from London whose main flavor is juniper (as required by EU regulations), as well than ten other plants. Compared to gins like Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire is much more grassy and, to our palette, much more interesting, with more flavor dimensions and a fresh herbaceous bouquet. On the Bombay Sapphire label is a portrait of Queen Victoria, who presided over the period of British colonization of the Indian subcontinent, when the British introduced gin to India.

Like rum, Indian gin has a checkered history. Rum was grown on plantations maintained by slaves and British colonization of India lasted until 1947. During the period of colonization, gin, already important in England, came to India and was quickly adopted . In a sense, Britain took over India and India took over gin (but presumably under pressure from the Raj). History – especially, perhaps, the history of food and drink – is a sequence of appropriations, some less benign than others.

With G&Ts, “To Your Health” is the appropriate toast

Gin and tonic is probably the most popular application of gin, and this perennial hot weather drink was invented in India not only as a refreshing sip but also as a medicinal drink, a way to consume quinine, a bitter medicine and antimalarial. According to India Times, “modern and oft-repeated accounts of the…origins of gin and tonic attribute its invention to Indian army officers taking their daily dose of bitter quinine washed down with gin and soda. Some date this as early as 1825, barely five years after the first quinine extraction.

The only spice that gin absolutely must contain is juniper, because without this berry you can’t have gin – all you have is something like vodka, colorless and odorless. Given the abundance of spices found in the subcontinent, Indian gins tend to be full of delicious flavors that make it a more interesting cocktail than possible with a gin made with only juniper. The immensely popular Beefeater gin, for example, a standard in Chicago bars, is made from juniper; the Indian gins we have tasted have the distinctive flavor of juniper as one of many flavors.

Allie Kim and (mostly) Indian gins/Photo: David Hammond

Tasting of several Indian gins

We recently had our first Indian gin at Bar Goa, in a gin martini, without vermouth, to better savor the flavors of the very grassy spirit. We knew there were more Indian gins on the menu, so we went back to sample some with Beverage Manager Allison Kim.

Kim tells us about a tasting of several Indian gins, each different, which is not surprising, given the wide range of botanical combinations available in Indian gins. Of these botanicals, Kim points out, “all the herbs used are fresh, and these Indian gins don’t contain essential oils, which is a kind of cheat sometimes used by big gin producers, but that’s a non- no.”

Jin JiJi is an Indian gin that we have seen in other places; it’s served in cocktails at Armitage Ale House and with/River North, and it’s one of the few Indian gins that can sometimes be found in stores like Binny’s. With a slightly floral nose, Jin JiJi is scented with juniper from the Himalayas, and the spirit is distilled with Darjeeling tea and spices including coriander and Tulsi leaf. Tulsi has a place in Ayurvedic medicine as a mouth freshener, so including it in Jin JiJi could be insurance against gin breath. It is also a smooth and very tasty sip.

Hapusa conveys delicate flavors of turmeric and mango, which Kim says “are ingredients you won’t find in British gins; these gins use products indigenous to India. Hapusa’s bright citrus flavors make it a great accompaniment to many appetite-enhancing cocktails. Produced in the Indian state of Goa, Hapusa uses locally sourced botanicals, which Kim says are “fresher and fuller in flavor than something that has been frozen or dried.” Flavors show up nicely in this take on gin, and producers call it a sipping gin. When we visit Kim, she serves us a few straight sips, and I have to say, with a little ice, these Indian gins are among the few I would consider drinking with just ice, or at least a little bit of ice. water to bring down the delicious intensity.

Opihr was a ringtone that Kim throws into the mix. It’s a dry London gin, produced in England, but in the Indian style, flavored with more spices than you might think, including Indian Tellicherry black pepper, Indonesian cubeb berries and Moroccan coriander. From our first sip, we get a strong taste of cumin. Kim assures us that there is no cumin and that the flavor of the cumin was probably “the black pepper playing against the coriander”. Whatever the cause of the high, if you prefer your drink to coordinate rather than contrast with your meal, Opihr would be a good gin with Mexican food.

Nilgiris, Kim tells us, was released around last year, and it incorporates the flavors of betel leaves, which grow on the same plant as betel nuts, a mild stimulant, sourced from Mysuru (Mysore). I chewed betel nuts, and hope they use betel leaves in this gin, but the flavor is elusive. I am also told that this gin conveys notes of angelica, orris root and Nilgiri tea, but on this point I will have to believe the more sensitive palates.

What all of these gins tell us is that there is a huge range of flavors in Indian gin. If you’re used to getting a specific brand of gin in your martini, even if it’s one of the great aromatic flavors from The Botanist or Hendrick’s, you might consider branching out. We did and we’re glad we did.

Gin martini/Photo: David Hammond

Gin versus Vodka in the Classic Martini

There are few cocktails more elegant than a martini. In the world of martinis, the two basic spirit choices — the ones most drinkers have had at one time or another — are vodka and gin. Although some cocktail recipes for the martini ask us to use vodka, most classic martini recipes use gin. (Still, we drink a lot of vodka martinis in this country.)

Years ago, I wrote about vodka with a slight sneer, a sneer shared by many bartenders I chat with. One of these bartenders, when asked what vodka is used for, told me, “The number one use for vodka is pouring on a nap to wipe down the touchscreen computer!”

Later, after chatting with Julia Momose, one of Chicago’s most thoughtful mixologists, I was able to better appreciate the potential of vodkas. Momose told us, “I would challenge people to approach vodka as if it had a bouquet of flavors dancing just below the surface. Sometimes all it takes is a little water, tea or juice to crack it open and bring those flavors to the surface. Maybe we all need to be more open to possibilities.

While I think Momose is right that there are flavors even in vodka that can be coaxed out with the right mix of ingredients, if you have a gin martini you have one of the simplest cocktails and simply elegant in the world. If you’re not a vermouth fan, a martini can even be just the base liquor and a splash of olive or lemon. For such a stripped-down drink – possibly a one-ingredient drink – it sounds like you’d want to use the tastiest clear alcohol possible. And whatever the benefits of vodka, there’s no way it has the range of flavors of gin, just about any gin, and as we’ve found, the gins with the most of flavor come from India.

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Sons of Boston bar did not check background of bouncer who allegedly killed Navy veteran, pub says incident was ‘not foreseeable’


The downtown bar where its bouncer is accused of killing a Navy veteran was grilled by the city’s licensing board on Tuesday as the pub faces a litany of breaches.

Sons of Boston bar – whose attorney at the licensing board hearing said the fatal incident was ‘not foreseeable’ – did not conduct a background check on murder suspect Alvaro Larrama before than the pub hires him as a bouncer.

Sons of Boston has already lost its entertainment license after the fatal stabbing outside the Union Street bar last month. Larrama, a 39-year-old father of four in East Boston, is charged with stabbing 23-year-old US Navy veteran Daniel Martinez to death after the pair apparently clashed.

The pub was before the Boston Licensing Board on Tuesday, as board members listed several violations from the incident. These violations include an employee assaulting a customer with a deadly weapon, an employee making bodily contact with a customer, an armed security guard without prior board approval, and failing to call the police.

Licensing Board President Kathleen Joyce asked bar staff a series of questions, including whether they had done a background check on Larrama. It has not been verified by the CORI pub, they admitted. Larrama has previously served time for theft convictions, as well as a drug-related crime.

Commissioner Liam Curran called the lack of background checks “willful ignorance”.

During the hearing, bar attorney Carolyn Conway said this “tragic and senseless death” at the bar was “not foreseeable for the incumbent”.

“We just didn’t tolerate anyone having weapons,” she said, adding, “The extent of what happened here was just not foreseeable by the licensee, and according to case law, this is the norm.”

Larrama, who worked as a bouncer at the bar, pleaded not guilty to murdering Martinez, who was in town from Illinois and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a Marine Corps pal.

Martinez and his friend went to the Sons of Boston pub on Union Street, spending time inside the bar without incident. They then left and apparently waited in line to return to the bar.

As they waited in line, Martinez and the bouncer appeared to get into a confrontation, according to video obtained by police. Martinez then started to walk away and Larrama reportedly chased after him. The bouncer is accused of then attacking Martinez and stabbing him to death.

Larrama allegedly entered the bar after stabbing him, cleaning the blood off himself and turning his shirt, then left the pub through the back door.

Following the initial crime scene investigation, the Boston Police Licensed Premises Unit returned to report violations to the bar, ultimately stating that the facility had armed security without prior approval. advice.

The licensing board took the matter under advisement on Tuesday. On Thursday, the board will vote on potential sanctions.

9-Eleven Resto Bar opens a Garapan branch | Business section


9-ELEVEN Resto Bar, which serves a variety of food and drink, has opened a new branch on Beach Road in Garapan, near former Tony Roma’s/Capricciosa restaurants.

Bar manager Edwin Maratas said one of their bands, Groove Theory, will perform nightly at Garapan while another band, Kwerdas, will provide nightly entertainment at 9-Eleven Resto Bar in San Jose.

Groove Theory singer Jasmine Nabelgas noted that the tourist district of Garapan has become almost like a “ghost town” due to Covid-19 restrictions.

But she said their group considers it an honor to be part of an ongoing effort to revive Garapan’s lively nightlife atmosphere.

She said they are also ready to entertain Garapan’s more diverse audience. “We know a lot of songs. I’m like a walking jukebox,” she jokingly added.

Anthony Reyes, who is also a vocalist for Groove Theory, said they were excited to perform at 9-Eleven’s new branch.

For his part, Groove Theory lead guitarist Neil Capacio said he decided to take a break from music, but it kept “reminding” him.

“Maybe I really missed doing live band,” he said.

At 9-Eleven Resto Bar in San Jose, Mirabel Alapcio, first runner-up in last month’s karaoke singing contest, will join the Kwerdas Band as one of its singers.

“We’ve played on stage together before, and it’s been great — we have a good harmony,” she said.

Singer Gemma Raymundo, one of the pioneers of the Kwerdas Band, said their band had grown from an acoustic band to a full band.

Other members of the Kwerdas Band are drummer Tony Liguyan, bassist Alan David, vocalist Rolly Capayas and lead guitarist Jonathan Ibajan.

South Africa’s food industry is feeling the pinch of rising seafood prices and supply issues


SAN ANTONIO – Local seafood sellers are the latest to feel the heat of rising prices and new supply chain issues as economic sanctions against Russia continue to create ripple effects.

Russian non-industrial seafood, alcohol and diamonds were hit with executive order sanctions in mid-March and the owner of local wholesale and retail seafood and shellfish supplier Groomer’s Seafood, Rick Groomer, said price increases are just another roadblock.

“We have had ongoing issues with pricing and supply since the start of COVID-19,” he said. “There have been wave after wave.”

Groomer said his company’s prices have gone up 20 to 50% depending on the product in recent months, due to the company’s reliance on global supply.

“The Russian situation has impacted things like king crab and snow crab,” he said. “The state of Texas produces some seafood, but the commercial industry is small in Texas compared to other states.”

A d

Despite the challenges, Groomer said he and his staff have adapted to the roadblocks and business is up as the US economy reopens.

“If there’s a shortage, you have no problem selling it, but it’s the ability to move it,” he said. “The economy is wide open, but there are shortages.”

Juan Juarez, general manager of the Mexican seafood restaurant Costa Pacifica – also located in the north of the city – said the prices of the restaurant’s menus had increased from the beginning of March.

“For every item, the price has gone up by at least 7%. They give me a price on Monday, and before the end of the day, it goes up,” he said.

Juarez also pointed to rising prices for Mexican-origin produce, including romaine lettuce, avocados and tomatoes, as another factor driving up prices.

“So far we’re taking the hit ourselves,” he said. “We have to do what we have to do.”

Despite another hurdle to the smooth running of business, Groomer maintains a spirit of resilience as more customers continue to go back to eating their favorite meals from the ocean.

A d

“It’s multiple layers of issues and logistics, like fuel prices and world events. But every day is an adventure. We never closed.

Editor’s Note: This story was published through a Partnership between KSAT and the San Antonio Business Journal.

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Waldorf Astoria is coming to Sydney in 2025


Hilton today announced it has reached an agreement with developer One Circular Quay to bring its Waldorf Astoria brand to Sydney in 2025.

There will be two rounds in development; a 28-story hotel (Waldorf Astoria) and a 61-story apartment building. The hotel will consist of 220 keys, including 41 suites.

You can access Hilton’s page for the Waldorf Astoria brand here.

READ MORE: Hilton Honors Rate and Bonus Points Offers

Renders published by Bloomimages, Crone & KKAA:

Output by Hilton:

Waldorf Astoria makes historic debut in Australia with signing of Waldorf Astoria Sydney

Scheduled to open in early 2025, Hilton brings its first luxury brand to Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay

SYDNEY, Australia – Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, one of Hilton’s (NYSE: HLT) iconic luxury hotel brands, today announced its expansion into Australia with the signing of Waldorf Astoria Sydney. The hotel is part of the AW One Circular Quay mixed-use development, One Circular Quay, which is considered one of Sydney Harbor’s few prime sites. Waldorf Astoria Sydney will offer stunning views of the city’s famous Harbor Bridge and Opera House, bringing Waldorf Astoria’s world-class service to the heart of Australia’s eastern metropolis.

Construction has begun on the 28-storey, 220-key luxury hotel, which is expected to open in early 2025. Waldorf Astoria Sydney joins an extensive portfolio of more than 30 hotels in operation under the brand, with 20 Waldorf Astoria properties additional in the pipeline globally. The new Sydney hotel will mark the brand’s expansion into Australasia and join six distinguished Waldorf Astoria properties in the Asia-Pacific region. Each Waldorf Astoria is globally known for its iconic locations, unparalleled personalized service and world-class culinary excellence.

“As the first Waldorf Astoria property to debut in Australia, Waldorf Astoria Sydney signals Hilton’s commitment to extending our luxury portfolio to the world’s most sought-after destinations,” said Matt Schuyler, chief brand officer, Hilton. . “Our highly personalized, elegant service and iconic environments are at the heart of every hotel, and we look forward to delivering unforgettable experiences for our guests in Sydney.”

Iconic wharf location

Located in the One Circular Quay mixed-use development at 1 Alfred Street, which includes an adjoining 61-story luxury apartment tower, the hotel will be a home away from home for today’s discerning traveler. Within walking distance of the Waldorf Astoria Sydney are some of the city’s best shopping destinations and top attractions, including the Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens and Museum of Contemporary Art. Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport is 15 kilometers away.

Timeless design

Tokyo-based firm Kengo Kuma & Associates and Sydney-based Crone Architects will oversee the architecture of Waldorf Astoria Sydney, where they artfully blend contemporary living with cutting-edge design. Consisting of 179 rooms and 41 suites, the Waldorf Astoria Sydney will exude a sense of lightness and calm from the moment guests arrive, with its sumptuous accommodations blending elegance and luxury, an aesthetic characteristic of all Waldorf Astoria properties. The strong sense of arrival will extend through the impressive public spaces to the Waldorf Astoria Spa on the first level and into the guest rooms.

Culinary Excellence

True to Waldorf Astoria’s commitment to culinary expertise, the luxury hotel will celebrate Sydney’s gastronomic excellence with two original restaurant concepts, as well as a rooftop bar offering stunning views of the beautiful harbor from Sydney.

Peacock Alley, a signature space for Waldorf Astoria properties around the world, will serve as a central gathering place and feature the iconic Waldorf Astoria clock that pays homage to the history of Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts.

Genuine Waldorf Service

Offering gracious and personalized service through dedicated personal concierges, each member of the Waldorf Astoria Sydney team will create extraordinary memories for guests with access to bespoke and luxurious offerings.

“Hilton is delighted to partner with AW One Circular Quay on the Waldorf Astoria brand’s entry into Australasia, which marks an important milestone in the growth of our luxury portfolio. The introduction of Waldorf Astoria in Sydney underscores our growth strategy of organically bringing our world-class brands to discerning travelers in key global markets,” said Guy Phillips, senior vice president of development, Asia and Australasia, Hilton.


There’s quite a bit of hotel development in Sydney right now, and the nearby W is set to open before the end of the year (it could be delayed).

It certainly sounds like an exciting development. I can only imagine the rates for this Waldorf Astoria in 2025.

Pawnshop firm to refund £2million to customers over unaffordable loans


THOUSANDS of borrowers could be repaid for unaffordable loans made between April 2014 and October 2019.

Lender H&T said he would repay customers over £2m after finding more than one in 10 loans should never have been made in the first place.


Thousands of customers could be reimbursed for badly sold loansCredit: Getty

No less than 9,800 loans granted to 8,000 customers should have been refused by H&T.

But that money is flowing back to customers, so if you borrowed money between dates, you might be indebted.

Specifically, high-cost, short-term (HCST) loans that the company made during the period.

Approximately 11.5% of HCST unsecured loan clients are eligible for repayment.

Martin Lewis demands a major overhaul of credit card and loan rates
I had no debt but I racked up £36,000 in two years I couldn't stop spending

Of the £2m total, £1.6m is on track to come directly to them in the form of refunds.

This means that on average each customer will receive £264, the company said.

The company has been studying these loans since 2019.

Regulators found that these products were being sold unfairly and that the supplier had failed to carry out proper accessibility checks.

The Financial Conduct Authority has now given the go-ahead to compensate customers.

The other remainder of the £2million prize pool will be available to adjust customers’ outstanding loan balances.

The company no longer offers expensive, short-term, unsecured loan products.

But you could be reimbursed for any mis-sold loan, even if you paid off the debt years ago – so it’s worth checking.

This is especially the case if you have struggled to repay or had to borrow money to pay them back and have gone into debt as a result.

H&T revealed that customers whose loan should not have been granted and who need to be repaid will be contacted directly, so you should not do anything to inquire about the repayment.

The pawnbroker’s managing director, Chris Gillespie, said: “H&T is committed to providing services that maintain the highest standards of customer service and regulatory compliance, and we have cooperated fully and constructively with FCA throughout this review.

“We are pleased that the review is now complete and that the majority of HCST loans made by H&T are considered to have been loaned responsibly.”

We asked the company if there was a deadline for requesting the refunds, and we’ll update this story once we know more.

And the same goes for customers who think they’re affected but haven’t been contacted either – we’ll update this story once we know more about how you can apply.

The exact amount you get back will depend on the amount you borrowed and the length of your loan.

You may need to provide details of the loan you have taken with sample emails or letters.

And you may need to prove that you couldn’t afford the loan when you took it.

This comes after millions of people had the opportunity to claim the money from payday loans earlier this year.

Clients of Provident Financial, Greenwood, Flo and Satsuma had until the end of February to claim the mis-sold loans that were issued between April 2007 and December 2020.

Meanwhile, QuickQuid customers could get an average payout of £850.

Dan Walker LEAVES BBC Breakfast after six years for Channel 5 news job
British father and son crushed to death and two fight for life in horror landslide

And Money Shop, Payday Express and Payday UK customers started seeing cash refunds earlier this year.

Check out our guide on how to claim badly sold loans and find a sample letter to make a claim from the DebtCamel blog.

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The best biryani in Chennai, recommended by the city’s top foodies


Let me start on a bold note: Chennai is the best big Indian metro for biryani. Now that would usually bring out the knives but luckily in Chennai, or anywhere in Tamil Nadu, biryani is best enjoyed without cutlery. I learned this the hard way in Dindigul, one of South India’s premier biryani towns. The owner of a small establishment asked me to leave, when I asked for a spoon. Clearly, biryani can ignite passions. In Chennai, this discussion takes place on two levels: what is the best biryani and where do you get the best version of it in the city.

The best biryani in Chennai: Ambur, Dindigul, Thalassery?

My date with my favorite biryani started at Don Bosco Egmore. Many of my classmates had a strong connection with Ambur, a city with a worldwide reputation for leather goods, and a biryani worth driving from Chennai or Bengaluru (Ambur is almost halfway on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway). For many in Chennai, it was the gold standard for biryani. But that has changed over the past two decades, as the biryani of Dindigul, cooked with small-grain samba seeraga rice, has won a large legion of fans. Then there is the Thalassery version that has gained cult status thanks to a wave of Kerala cuisine restaurants. Add pan-Indian favorites like Hyderabadi, Lucknowi and even Kolkata-style biryani and you have my drift on Chennai biryani credits. Our panel of Chennai trend setters adds to this discussion:

DumBir Thalassery Biryani

Biryani at DumBir (11, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam / Call: 9940499404 / Order here) is cooked with aromatic spices and short grain Kaima rice and is available in mutton, chicken, fish, shrimp, egg and vegetable options. “A Thalassery biryani is a wonderful amalgamation of flavors and influences from outside and inside Kerala. With each bite, I feel like I have traveled to an exotic country. – Kiran Rao, Owner, Amethyst

Serai Gosht Biryani at ITC Grand Chola and wedding style biryani from Arifapas

“Serai Gosht Biryani at ITC Grand Chola (Anna Salai / 044-22200000 / Order here) is a superb biryani with a twist – it has dehydrated lemons which add fabulous flavor and the mutton is cooked to melt. Arifapa’s Biryani is my new favorite. With a nice thick raita and a fabulous brinjal sauce, Arifapa’s Cloud Cooking (Call: 98840-44555/ instagram) now dispenses biriyani with remarkable consistency. Dr. Wasim Mohideen aka Doc Waz; food blogger

Hyderabadi Style Biryani by Old Mirchi Biryani and Simmered Biryani for 6and Avenue Resto-Bar

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“The Pub Without Beer”, by Kevin Barry


As he entered the bar, three slow knocks sounded on the front door, followed by two quick ones, as if a code was being used. He went to the window and looked under the blind and saw a blocky man in late middle age facing the bay, the Deer, the equinox sky. He didn’t recognize the man but his mood quickly turned somber as he walked towards the front door. An experienced publican is an educated reader of the nuance of mood. Wasn’t Death, by any chance, standing there?

When he opened the door, the man turned to him with incredulous owl eyes and whispered to ask:

“There’s a cuckoo clock, huh?”

“Oh, there are,” he said. “In the bushes beyond the schoolyard. He would let you know all about himself.

“Strongly okay, an accelerator on him. Would you sell me a pint?”

“I can not do that.”

The man dropped his jaw in an exaggerated, vaudevillian way.

“You’re not allowed to sell take-out food?”

“Some do it in cities. I’m not. I have no stock at all.

“Hard times, okay. I noticed the window was open. I thought I would try my luck.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“You wouldn’t recognize me, I suppose?”

“No, but I’m trying to situate you.”

It was true that he was. The stranger meticulously kept the distance of two meters and he had to narrow his gaze against the sun to distinguish it. The face looked antique; it was sort of medieval. The hard clear glint in the eyes – they were eyes that could seek to kill quickly. But he spoke pleasantly enough.

“I grew up not far from here,” he says.

The age then moved away from the face of the stranger to make it possible to distinguish an O’Casey. A poor family from a sad stretch of coastal road they had been on. One of those families that had split up and run off in all directions. They had left a house wound behind them. The gaping maw of the empty gate had stood on the coastal road for years as an invitation to the miseries that lay there. It must have been three decades since the family had lived there. Hadn’t there been a story about the father gone mad?

“Are you an O’Casey?” ” He asked.

The man smiled broadly and parted his lips to show off a proud battalion of freshened teeth.

“You would be a long time coming out of your own shadow,” he said, confirming the speculation.

The afternoon conspired with its languor. The heron stood beyond time on the seaweed-encrusted rock. The O’Casey looked over his shoulder into the darkness of the bar.

“Would I like a whisky?” he tried.

“I guess if I don’t charge you for it.”

He turned away from the door and crossed the floor of the bar – his breath was getting thicker now. He ducked under the bar and polished a highball glass that didn’t need polishing and placed it under the optics to fill a single measure of Powers. He was watched the whole time and smiling from the doorway.

“I don’t even have ice cream,” he shouted. ” A drop of water ?

“I don’t take it.”

He brought the drink and placed it in the stranger’s hand.

“I don’t remember which one you were,” he said. “You were a few, I think?

“There were eight of us for the kids,” O’Casey replied. “Your father would have kicked mine out of this place more than once.”

“Is it correct?”

The man turned his face to the berries again and dwelt on the slow years, the decades. He sipped the Powers and didn’t comment on it. The world had become so quiet in this season of weirdness. Down the long loneliness of the coastal road, across the fresh new green of the fields, over the clear, shipless bay, there was not a soul else to be seen.

“One night my dad came home from that place shaking,” O’Casey said. “I remember he was sitting staring at the fire and I could tell he could barely breathe.”

Keeping his eyes fixed on the bay, letting them fill with its springtime radiance, O’Casey extracted from the past a woman’s voice, that of her mother, and she was perfectly captured…

“What’s wrong with you, Joe?” Bad with you, for God’s sake? Did he say something?

“My mom worried about him all the time,” O’Casey said. “His nerves were off. He had what she called his spells.

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember . . .

“Ah, you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t remember anything. You would have gone to boarding school.

The biggest mystery is how others perceive us. The pub had always been a respectable place and he could not have imagined that the family was anything but well regarded. But he also realized that the accusation of snobbery often surprises those who are thus challenged.

O’Casey quickly finished the whiskey and held out his hand to offer the empty glass but as he reached out to take it, O’Casey took it away again, as if to play, and he didn’t smile. He just put it down on the porch at his feet and turned around and left.

He entered the pub and locked the door. He sat down at a low table in the guise, briefly, of a customer. He looked around the bar for a slow minute. No songs; no recitals; no display of romantic affection. It was a house that favored schoolmasters, respectable farmers, country notaries. The thinness of his world was closing in. In such a calm everything was amplified. The sails slip; the building itself could collapse. At the end of March of the year, the light was quite new and revealing.

“He would look after a mouse for you at Ballina Market,” Tim Godfrey said. “A prudent man, he wouldn’t be faulted. Tough enough to have a father like that?

He has to admit he had been. It had been many years since Godfrey had haunted the place, hadn’t looked around coffee tables with a humorous look. Godfrey was a Church of Ireland farmer from the Ox Mountains, transplanted by a strange marriage to the plain of North Mayo – across from the place itself he could see more clearly. It is true that his father was a prudent man. Growing up in the house of such a man, you heard yourself thinking. Without a single word being said, you could feel that you were being measured for the tasks that might be presented. The workings of the pub were slowly introduced.

He got up and went behind the bar and placed a glass under the optics and poured himself a large Bushmills and diluted it with three or four drops of tap water. He drank it down and felt the slow fire go down in his stomach. It had been years since he had taken a wit. The charge of his heat stirred him powerfully. He had felt the intensity of anger in youth. He hadn’t wanted this place but had allowed himself to be molded by it. There was a resentment he had never really named before. He shook his head against that feeling and came out from behind the bar and went to the window and lifted the blind another fraction and saw the expanse of the bay and the Stags of Broadhaven looming and the cormorant arranged gothically against the black shimmer of his rock. . Time could not be measured in the usual way. The day and evening markers had fallen into disuse. Removed from his routines, he was no longer the complete equation of himself. Those afternoon visits to the pub were supposed to fake routine, but now they were failing. They were filled more and more with old lost voices. He walked to the door, opened it and leaned over to pick up the glass of whiskey from the porch where O’Casey had left it but there was no glass. He closed the door and locked it again. He sat down at a low table. The sun moved carelessly around the building and suddenly its light filled the kitchen at the back.

Where to find seafood in Charlotte right now


Count on freshness, well-prepared seafood 300+ miles from the Outer Banks seems risky. But a growing number of Charlotte restaurateurs are getting started. These days, you can get your fill of raw oysters, lobster rolls, crab cakes, and fish grilled, fried, taco-wrapped, or slathered in Cajun spices. Here are some highlights.

Sea level raw oysters. Photo by Peter Taylor.


Sea level
129 E. Fifth Street

Every head in the dining room turns when a server emerges with the Truist Tower, a $135 three-tier column of 24 oysters, 12 mussels, 10 raw clams, shrimp ceviche, salmon poke, Maine lobster and caviar. Feast on classics like Maine Lobster Rolls or East Coast Shrimp & Grits, or try an unexpected dish like Catfish Rueben. Azure Cassidy, the “Barmacist,” runs the drink program, and happy hour — when oysters cost $1.50 apiece — draws crowds after work.

hello sailor
20210 Henderson Road, Cornelius
Enjoy blue crab claws or spicy North Carolina catfish in a mid-century modern dining room with stunning views of Lake Norman.

End & End
135, avenue Levine des Arts
The raw bar serves a variety of oysters, but as a “social seafood house,” its forte is sharing plates like Verlasso Salmon and Littleneck Clams.

Carolina Oyster Bar
120 Stonewall Street E.
Head to the second level of the 22-story downtown JW Marriott hotel to sip a cocktail and enjoy the raw bar’s fresh daily selections.

Charlotte Nc Ju E 2nd Chef 2021 Robin Anthony at Prime Fish at Ballantyne pictured in Charlotte Nc on June 02, 2021. Photo by Peter Taylor

Prime Fish Tuna Nigiri. Photo by Peter Taylor.

first fish
11212 Providence Road West, Ste. B
Chef Robin Anthony is a Certified Sake Advisor who pairs Japanese rice drink with fish the same way a sommelier pairs wine with food. Book a seat at the 10-seat sushi bar to watch the master at work.

3100 Apex Drive
Take a seat at the chef’s counter to watch the Robata grill sizzle with charred lobster, prawns and vegetables, or sample a range of maki rolls and fresh, raw seafood in the dining room.

Charlotte, Nc December 11, 2020 Southern Pecan Restaurant.  Roasted Corn Cakes Lousiana Bbq Shrimp W Toasty Bread Po' Boy With Fried Shremp, Chicken And Dumplings Southern Pecan Shrimp Boil Catfish Nuggets With Your Choice Of A Side And Sauce Des

Southern Pecan Louisiana BBQ Shrimp with Kidney Beans and Rice. Photo by Peter Taylor.

Southern Pecans
6706 Phillips Place Court, Ste. VS
This menu is heavy on cornmeal-crusted, fried shrimp, catfish, and oysters. Think Texas and Louisiana packed for a high end SouthPark customer.

512 Brandywine Road, Ste. 500
Visit this cozy spot behind the Park Road Mall for the large patio and fresh seafood. Order from the raw bar, which offers several varieties of half-shell oysters, or opt for the catch of the day.

Crayfish hut
3718 Central Ave, Ste. A
Charlotte got her first “quick and laid back fishing camp” when the popular seafood chain opened in east Charlotte, and dishes like the Big Cat & Skrimp Po Boy taste just right.

Fresh waters
516 N. Graham Street
Owners Sharon and Cliff Freshwater—yes, that’s really their name—serve crab cakes, cornbread, and their popular blackened Cajun catfish.

LuLu’s Maryland Chicken and Seafood
2400 Tuckaseegee Road
The name LuLu pays homage to owner Jay Davis’ mother, and the Baltimore native makes the best (and only) Maryland-style crab cake in Charlotte.

cajun queen
1800 E. Seventh St.
A jazz band plays upstairs every night, and the main menu features Creole dishes like Étouffée shrimp and Diane crayfish, which you can order as spicy or mild as you like.

Cabo Fish Taco
Multiple locations
This “Baja seagrill” serves the title dish along with quesadillas, burritos and salads in a fun surf-themed atmosphere.

The Waterman Fish Bar
2729 South Blvd., Ste. D
The South End Oyster Bar offers all the essentials: lobster rolls, fried fish sandwiches and four-way oysters. As the sun sets, head to the rooftop terrace for a signature cocktail and downtown views.

Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frogs and 9 Other Iconic Movie Snacks, According to Reddit


the Harry Potter The series is credited with bringing quite a few things into mainstream pop culture, including food items. Chocolate frogs are the first snacks introduced in the series, with Harry discovering them aboard the Hogwarts Express. While the magical treat was undoubtedly memorable, Redditors offered other suggestions as well.

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A lot of movie snacks are the ones that are part of the viewers childhood, whether they are part of the fantasy genre or even crime dramas. Some of the snacks are considered light meals, like fast food, but their deliciousness remains unquestionable. Redditors have suggested more than several snacks that can be considered the best to see in movies and it’s worth watching which ones made the cut.


Chocolate Frogs (Harry Potter franchise)

Chocolate Frog in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

While there are many wizarding world foods Muggles would love to have, there is one that is most iconic. For Redditor BlessedBloggerthey said they were “very excited” when they thought of “chocolate frogs from Harry Potter” because they love that the frog has to be caught and the character can appear on the map inside.

Fans love to speculate which trading card might be the most valuable, with the majority landing on Albus Dumbledore. Chocolate frogs sound like a fun snack to try as they carry a taste of the magical charm of the wizarding world and also seem like a great treat.

Big Kahuna Burger (Pulp Fiction)

Oddly enough, there are a large number of hamburger scenes in pulp Fictionwhich has brought the Big Kahuna Burger recognition in pop culture. This editor quoted the film writing that “Royale with cheese, because of the metric system”, referring to what Jules said when he ate a bite.

The Big Kahuna Burger has become so iconic for Quentin Tarantino fans that references can be seen in movies like Once upon a time in Hollywoodand Proof of death, among other works. It’s supposed to be a chain of Hawaiian-themed restaurants across America, which is why it’s popping up so much.

Cannoli (The Godfather)

An image of Don Altobelli holding a cannoli in Godfather 3

Among the greatest quotes from The Godfather happens to be that of pastries. Editor ChrisMartins001 writes that “Cannolis de The Godfatherare their picks for the best snacks shown in the movies, which is an interesting pick because it’s supposed to be something that alludes to death.

In the first film, Pauli Gatto is killed after Pete Clemenza picks up cannoli for his wife, while The Godfather Part III had Don Altobelli poisoned after being given spiked cannolis. The pastries were nonetheless immortalized by Clemenza’s quote to leave the gun and get the cannoli.

Pain Lembas (The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy)

Legolas holds Lembas Pain in The Lord of the Rings

Editor Inaccurate Scholar believes that “Lembas Pain de The Lord of the Rings” deserves to be considered the best snack in the film. Although it appears to be a light snack, the Lembas bread actually serves a larger purpose which the Hobbits discover on their journey.

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The Elves baked Lemba bread with the intention of using it to satisfy themselves on the journey, with only a few bites sufficient to sustain those who consumed it. While Merry and Pippin’s appetites challenged bread’s longevity, Sam and Frodo used it as a food source for quite a while.

Imaginary Food (Hook)

Imaginary Food in Hook

Editor MelancholyEcho distinguishes imaginary food in To win over as a favorite snack, asking “why did this food look so delicious?”

In the film, Peter Pan is taken back to Neverland after becoming an adult and doesn’t remember his time with the Lost Boys. The Imaginary Food sequence is where he begins to reminisce about his early days, as Peter imagines a massive feast that everyone enjoys. It includes a large pie that fans continue to consider among the tastiest snacks to see on screen. While it looked delicious, the protagonists ended up having a food fight.

Scooby Snacks (Scooby-Doo)

A tray full of Scooby Snacks in Scooby-Doo

One of the most famous quotes around the world scooby-doo The candor is when Daphne or Velma offer Scooby snacks to Shaggy or Scooby. They trick the pair into accepting the gang’s dangerous activities, with the snack supposedly so tasty that Shaggy and Scooby will never be able to resist.

Editor USS Zim refers to the fact that Scooby Snacks was sold in real life, writing that they “used to eat one box at a time when they were kids”. Snacks have been adapted for live-action scooby-doo movies, where they served the same purpose. Considering Shaggy and Scooby’s appeal for popping the treats, it’s understandable that fans continue to feel the same way.

Chocolate Cake by Bruce Bogtrotter (Matilda)

Chocolate Matilda Cake

This editor underlines the snack of Matilda as something they “remember being a kid and dreaming about getting a cake like this.” In all honesty, it really was a huge cake tailor-made for children’s fantasies, because it looked like the tastiest thing ever.

In the film, the evil Miss Trunchbull makes Bruce Bogtrotter eat all the cake in front of the school, only for the latter to pull off the feat after being encouraged by Matilda to do so. What started as a cruel move on the part of the director ended up making the cake appear like the snack to beat all movie snacks.

Turkish Delight (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Edmund holds a Turkish delight in The Chronicles of Narnia

The White Witch draws Edmund to her cause in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe giving her Turkish Delight. This editor says they “always thought it was just the most delicious”, as the treat has been shown to cause a warm feeling amidst all the snowfall.

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It also helped that the snacks seemed to be exotic and deliciously packaged, which aided the White Witch in her goal of keeping Edmund away from his siblings. For fans, it doesn’t matter if Turkish Delight was used for nefarious reasons, because it doesn’t make the snacks any less delicious.

Reese’s Pieces (AND the Extra-Terrestrial)

Editor Mando_Puft simply states that “Reese’s Pieces from HEYis the snack they want the most. Peanut Butter Candy Started Selling Five Years Ago HEY came out, but it was the movie that really made the snack so popular, with its impact still felt.

Fans of the film instantly think of Reese’s Pieces when the topic of best candy comes up and it’s widely believed that the product placement for the candy was one of the times the practice didn’t feel forced. With four decades since HEY was released, it’s safe to say that several generations have now enjoyed Reese’s Pieces.

Wonka Bar (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Charlie Runs a Wonka Bar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Editor Marcosgrove suggests “Wonka Bar” as the best snack in the movies, which is easy to understand since Willy Wonka’s factory is all about making the best candy in the world. The chocolate bar wrapper itself looks extremely inviting and the bar itself is spot on.

Of course, the main draw comes from the Wonka Bar’s status as a potential golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. Although only five tickets were made, fans associate Wonka Bar with the idea that dreams come true through the simple pleasure of eating chocolate. It’s an idea that’s both innocent and carries a sense of nostalgia that makes Wonka Bar a can’t-miss snack.

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will smith resigns from the academy

Will Smith resigns from the Academy with a profound message of apology

About the Author

CHEF’S TABLE: Celebrating a pub staple: the mighty chicken wing


The food columnist reflects on the history of popular pub fare; “Find your favorite spot and raise a pint and drop a pound”

It’s funny to look back on my time in the trenches of restaurant cooking. Never would I have thought that something like a bar snack would become such an influence in both my personal and professional life.

Given that there are now entire restaurant empires dedicated to spreading the spicy, tart, and greasy goodness of said bar snack, who would have known that late-night chow born of chance and hunger would become such a juggernaut? culinary?

What is this highly prized and revered snack, you ask? It’s the Buffalo chicken wing.

The birth of this now must-have menu offering is said to have taken place in Buffalo, NY

The Anchor Bar, 1964. Bar owner Teressa Bellissimo mistakenly orders a case of chicken wings instead of the usual necks for her husband Frank’s secret recipe spaghetti sauce. Teressa, furious at her mistake, wanted to send the worthless chicken pieces back, but her patient husband convinced her to accept the mistake and said they would make it work.

Prior to 1964, chicken wings were leftovers when the chicken was cut up. These were either thrown away or sold at very low prices to less well-off families who made soups from them.

In an effort to deplete her stock of wings, Mrs. Bellissimo decided to cut the wings into convenient pieces, fry them and toss them with the now famous hot sauce and butter mixture. With rave reviews from his hungry son and his friends, the Buffalo Chicken Wing was born.

So how did Teressa Bellissimo’s culinary fortuity influence me? Well, my family also has a part in the Buffalo Wing’s origin story.

In 1977 my parents decided to move up north to Muskoka and purchase what was then a small lunch bar and general store. The Bass Lake store located on Route 169 between Glen Orchard and MacTier. The store was at the tip of Bass Lake as it meandered into the much larger Lake Joseph. It was a place with a rich cottage history and an area that was just beginning to become the cottage country mecca it is now.

Within eight years, my mum and dad were able to build a thriving restaurant that was the center of cottage life in the area. Everyone stopped for a visit. One of their regulars, a cabin owner from Bass Lake, also resided full-time in Buffalo, New York. Well, it turns out his favorite local bar was none other than the Bellissimo family’s Anchor Inn.

One weekend in the very early 80s, this cabin owner came to my parents with a request. He hoped that they would prepare this food he brought with him for his guests. What he had brought was a 10-pound bag of wings, a bottle of hot sauce, and a recipe straight from Buffalo. Needless to say, the Buffalo Chicken Wing had found a new home in the heart of cottage country.

The Bass Lake Roadhouse is still open and still serving Buffalo wings and frosty pints to cabin owners and hungry snowmobilers 40 years later. Ironically, it’s also the place that started me on the path to becoming a chef. It was at Bass Lake that I registered as an apprentice cook and was encouraged to take the next steps in my culinary career.

As I scoured the places and menus that would define the cook I became, the chicken wing has always been a staple. It was in one of these kitchens that two guys who had known each other since high school became a strong kitchen brigade and lifelong friends.

As a second year apprentice, I started working at a newly built complex just outside of Bala called Cranberry Marsh Cove. This is where I met Mike, Nick and Karl. We’ve spent many hours working in the kitchens at Pub 169 or the upstairs hotline for Enrico’s, and as everyone in our industry knows, the people you work with can end up like family and I consider definitely these guys like my brothers.

As time passed and life changed, it was difficult to stay connected. We no longer worked side by side, and everyone had different backgrounds. It was difficult to keep in touch. As fate would have it, our paths have all converged again – this time here in Barrie. It is here that the humble chicken wing has once again become an influence. Our friend, Nick, still our crew’s organizer, came up with the idea of ​​hosting ‘Wing Club’, a chance to check in and catch up with the boys and do what cooks do best: talk about store. For me, our nights are a time to relax, unburden, and have a little fun.

Over time, our club and its circle of friends have grown and the addition of new members has ensured that there is no shortage of opinions around the table when we begin to discuss important topics of the day. You know, like breaded or plain, barbecue base or butter and the ever-controversial drums or dishes. One thing I love about this town is that there is no shortage of places to grab a nice pint and a pound for our monthly get-togethers. We’ve got great pubs, sports bars and BBQ places all with great deals.

I encourage you to get out there, find your favorite spot, and up a pint and down a pound for “Wing Club.”

As the great Julia Child said, “People who love to eat are always the best.”

Want to party in Dehradun? Check out these 10 best bars for having a good time


Located in the foothills of the Shivalik Hills, Dehradun will win you over with its distinguished identity and good vibes. It is home to elite boarding schools, the Indian Military Academy and weekend homes that make it a great getaway. No wonder the city is blessed with a vibrant nightlife. Dehradun is full of classy bars and nightclubs where you can live the good life with your loved ones. We have selected some of the best bars in Dehradun for you.

The best bars in Dehradun for a gala moment with your loved ones

An all time favorite of the Doonites, The Great Indian Pub or TGIP is the only place you should not miss in Dehradun. With welcoming interiors and a lovely rooftop setup, the bar draws crowds throughout the week, with young people arriving here in large groups. From cocktails and shots to delicious martinis and margaritas, their bar menu covers all the usual favorites. Their food is also superlative. Try the pav bhaji fondue, tequila bruschetta, Ambala cant mutton curry, golgappa vodka, pasta bolognese and laal maas. Thursdays are for girls’ nights, where free drinks are served to pretty ladies.

Image courtesy: The Great Indian Pub/Instagram

Opal Lounge

Located inside the ITC building, this upscale lounge bar is one of the best in town. A range of exotic drinks are offered to dance away from all worries. From kamikaze to premium vodka to strawberry martinis, you name it, and they have it. The electrifying music from the bar will have you casting off your inhibitions and dancing like no one is watching. In their menu, you must try the assorted tandoori platter, chicken afghan and grilled chicken steak.

Image courtesy: Opal Lounge/Instagram

Bar Bristal

If you’re the type who likes upbeat music and want the whole dance floor to yourselves, the Bristal Bar is where you should choose to party. The spacious resto-bar will thrill you with its relaxed atmosphere. From premium scotches to evergreen whiskeys and beers, their bar menu is impressive. They also specialize in Chinese and tandoori dishes. Although don’t expect anything too fancy. This is one of your regular city bars, where your drink should have your full attention.

Image courtesy: Bristal Bar/Facebook

Amigos Center

Amigos Central, one of the trendiest bars in Dehradun, is where clubbing meets fine dining. They have DJs and singers performing every day of the week. And Wednesdays are reserved for emotional musical evenings. They also have happy hours for days when meetings could easily have been emails. They also host open mics, Bollywood nights, pop nights, stand up comedy. The bar is located near the Pacific Mall in Jakhan.

Image courtesy: Amigos Central/Instagram

The terrace

Located on the rooftop of Four Points by Sheraton Dehradun, The Terrace offers comfortable outdoor seating with stunning hillside views. The rooftop bar is perfect for taking advantage of those lovely Saturday afternoons to catch up with friends or enjoy a peaceful date with your loved one. Although their liquor menu is limited, the food makes up for it. They are famous for their buffets. The terrace is also suitable for hosting anniversary dinners and birthday parties.

Image Courtesy: Four Points by Sheraton Dehradun/Instagram

beer tales

At Beertales Dehradun, every day is a Sunday and every evening is a party. From live screenings of IPL matches with thrilling combos to special ladies nights on Thursdays with free beer to Bollywood parties on Saturdays, Beertales promises a good time any day of the week. They are known for their freshly brewed beer and delicious food. Feast on their larger than life burgers with a chilled mocktail or catch live singing performances. Friday nights tend to get a bit crowded, but as long as the beer is cold and the music is good, you shouldn’t complain.

Image Courtesy: Beertales/Instagram

brewing plant

As the name suggests, Brew Factory is Dehradun’s first micro-brewery. Located on the seventh floor of Pinnacle Plaza on Rajpur Road, the rooftop bar offers a pleasant setting to relax with a drink. Indoor seating in a luxurious configuration is also available. Their cocktails and sangrias are amazing. Foodies must try the Brew Factory Special Chicken Burger, Chicken Stroganoff, Fish and Chips, Grilled Chicken Steak. They also serve the evergreen north Indian cuisine. Weekends at Brew Factory are dedicated to live music.

Image courtesy: Medha Ujjain/Instagram

Ladder in the living room

If you’re looking forward to a drink with a view, head to Ladder to Lounge on scenic Sahastradhara Road. The rooftop bar features original furnishings and provides the perfect setting to unwind after a hard day’s work. Located above the Hill View Hotel, the lounge is known for its cocktails and punches. They have great deals throughout the drink. For example, buy two and get one free, or free vodka shots for the ladies. They also have a special girls night out on Sundays. In their menu, try their pizzas and biryanis. Their Friday nights are the best.

Image Courtesy: Scale at Salon/Instagram

QB Lounge

QB Lounge is one of those bars you can never go wrong with on a Saturday night. The lounge attracts revelers in droves, who come here to drink and dance to the groovy tunes played by their DJs. Their bar menu offers a wide range of drinks. From Bombay Sapphire to Camino to single malts, you’ll have a hard time finalizing your order. Try their LIIT and mojito from the cocktail section. Kami Kazi and Flat Liner from the Shots and Shooters section are also recommended. Their menu is a delight for non-vegetarians with a wide variety of Mughlai and North Indian delicacies.

Image Courtesy: QB Lounge/Facebook

Sion bar and lounge

Party people will love this rooftop pub. Boasting stylish interiors and an impressive food and drink menu, Zion is the lounge bar at MJ Grand Inn. Their bar menu offers a nice range of beers, wines, aperitifs, shooters, brandy, cocktails, flamers, imported scotch, whiskeys, rums, gins, vodkas and mocktails. They are also known for their live concerts. They host ladies nights, solo and duo performances, acoustic music concerts, rock music concerts, DJ nights and much more throughout the week. Zion Bar and Lounge is located on Rajpur Road near Payal Cinema.

Image courtesy: Zion Bar and Lounge/Instagram

Styrofoam bans and phase-outs have seafood packers looking for alternatives


Pressure is slowly mounting in the United States against polystyrene foams and expanded polystyrene (EPS) – commonly known by the trademark Styrofoam – as communities and states begin to phase out its use due to sustainability concerns .

A synthetic “aromatic hydrocarbon polymer”, polystyrene is the building block of what most people call polystyrene, and often takes the form of foam or EPS – a separate product made up of polystyrene beads injection molded into custom shapes.

Regardless of the specific brand or exact chemical composition, polystyrene foams are a well-known staple in the food packaging industry. The product’s light weight, low cost, water resistance and insulation capabilities all lend themselves to the packaging of proteins such as seafood, which need to be kept cool and hygienic.

However, the negative environmental impact of polystyrene products has also caused many regions in the United States and around the world to begin considering — and implementing — bans on the material.

The U.S. states of Maryland, Maine, and Vermont have all passed and enacted bans on polystyrene, and New York recently joined them beginning January 1, 2022. A ban in New Jersey is scheduled to begin May 4, 2022, and a in Colorado, adopted by voters in the state, is slated for 2024. The US state of Florida, meanwhile, will consider making rules on banni