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What Effects Do Personal Loans Have on Your Credit Score?

What Effects Do Personal Loans Have on Your Credit Score?

What personal loans can do to help or harm your credit score

A high score could aid you in obtaining lower interest rates, and also save money over the long run.

The process of learninghow to create creditis crucial.Credit bureaus establish your scoreby analyzing five important elements of information:

  1. History of payments
  2. Amount of money due
  3. The length of credit history
  4. New credit
  5. Credit mix

If you get a personal loan, that debt could affect all five of the areas, which can cause your score to grow and decrease the next way.

1. Establishing payment history

Impact on credit: It helps your credit

Your credit history is the single major factor that determines your credit and accounts for 35 percent of the credit score.If you pay every one of your personal loan payments on time on the due date of your statement and you’re able to establish a positive credit history, your credit score will increase.

However, even one or two payments on your loan could tarnish your credit history and lead to your score decreasing.Keep making payments on schedule and be sure to avoid late payments to ensure that you aren’t in debt.

2. Lowering your credit utilization ratio

The impact on your credit It helps your credit

Your credit utilization (or how much the available credit you’ve utilized could account for as much as 30 percent of the credit score.If you frequently max out your credit cards then your credit utilization is probably high, causing damage to your credit.You couldincrease your credit scoreby getting apersonal loan for debt consolidation.

They tend to be installment loans, so they’re not included in the credit utilization ratio.However, using a low-interest personal loan topay off your high-interest credit card debtis a smart strategy to reduce your ratio and increase your credit.

3. Improve your credit mix

Impact on credit: It helps your credit

The lenders want to know that you’re able to responsibly manage kinds of credit including credit cards and personal loans, student loans, auto loans, and much more.Your credit mix makes up 10 percent of the credit score.If you apply for an entirely personal loan for the first time, you are taking out a personal loan, you diversify your credit mix, which could enhance your credit.

4. The introduction of a new credit

Credit impact: Can hurt your credit

The lenders are worried when they observe borrowers open the doors to new lines of credit within a short period of time.This is the reason why the new credit can affect 10 percent of the credit score.If you get an entirely fresh personal loan, it will be listed as a new loan upon your credit report and could affect your credit score by sending it down a bit.

5. New credit inquiries

Credit impact: Can hurt your credit

When you’re applying to get a personal loan, it’s a wise idea to look at the offers of different lenders in order to find the most competitivepersonal loan rates.To give you a price, many lenders will conduct a credit inquiry. This could cause damage to your credit.Credit inquiries can cost the equivalent of five points off of the credit score.

To reduce the effect of credit inquiries when you are looking to get a personal loan, get quotes all at once with thesoft credit inquiry.The comparison of personal loan lenders through Credible employs the soft credit check, which is the only one — and won’t harm your credit.

Acquiring a personal loan

If you’re blessed with good credit or bad credit You can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of getting a loan and the impact it has on your credit.When you make timely payments and enhance the quality of your credit blend, and decrease the credit use ratio can reap the advantages of taking out a personal loan while improving your credit.

If you’ve decided that you think a personal loan is right for you, be sure to look at a range of personal loan lenders, including the terms of loans, loan amount, rates, and much more.Credible allows you to evaluate thetop personal loanssimultaneously, helping you find the most suitable loan that fits your needs.

Paul raises the bar by moving into a former pub – News

DOWN THE ALLEY: Paul Helliwell’s Antiques Affair has moved to a new location in Barnard Castle TM pic

FORMER set designer and award-winning artist Paul Helliwell took the plunge by setting up a contemporary antiques shop in Barnard Castle after being made redundant.

Nine months later, his first foray into selling fine art, modernist paintings and bold pieces was so successful that he moved from The Bank after buying the old Firkin Pub, on Bakery Mews , Horsemarket.

Mr Helliwell, who runs Antiques Affair, said: ‘I bought the building in November last year but took some time to modify the interior and remove all the fittings from the bar, installing a stone floor on the ground floor.”

After moving into the new premises, which were decorated in vibrant shades of yellow and blue, he was overwhelmed with the response from customers.

He added: “When I decided on the colors, yellow at the bottom and blue at the top, I

I didn’t realize I had chosen the Ukrainian flag until someone pointed it out to me.

“I decided to go bold with colors to demonstrate that you can have fun with antiques and don’t have to put them in muted toned rooms. You don’t have to recreate living rooms Victorians, you can have a Georgian chaise longue in a modern setting – it’s just how you arrange the rooms.

Mr. Helliwell intends to expand his offering of garden and outdoor antiques in the new location.

Will the United States fulfill the promise of the United Nations Ocean Conference?


UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon offers promise of increased US ambition to tackle IUU fishing and forced labor at sea

USCG boards IUU fishing vessel

United States Coast Guard

The global ocean is in peril – recent studies of ocean health have laid bare its vulnerable state. Pressures from industrial-scale fishing, offshore oil and gas development, habitat destruction and pollution are jeopardizing the ocean’s ability to feed us, keep our planet cool and provide 50% of the air we breathe.

Today, June 27, 2022, heads of state, regional and local governments, indigenous leaders, NGOs and businesses will gather in Lisbon for the United Nations Ocean Conference (UNOC) to propose and to negotiate solutions to preserve and restore the health of the oceans. International collaboration is necessary given the global and interrelated nature of ocean threats. The United States, as one of the world’s top three seafood importers, has a critical opportunity to support sustainable fisheries by stepping up its ambition to stop illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. ).

IUU fishing threatens commercial fish stocks, as well as protected species and ocean habitats that support marine wildlife. In addition to harming ocean biodiversity, IUU fishing is directly linked to human and labor rights violations. The United States assumed its leadership role in the fight against IUU fishing eight years ago, but progress has stalled in recent years as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has failed to meet its commitments. previous. NOAA has also opposed opportunities to use US authorities to stop IUU fishing at source and to block IUU fish products from US commerce.

There are three major actions to stop IUU fishing that NRDC hopes the United States will announce this week in Lisbon:

1. Expand and strengthen seafood traceability requirements.

In 2014, the United States affirmed the importance of full supply chain traceability necessary to reduce IUU fishing. Seafood supply chains are long and complex and include many points where legal and illegal seafood can mix. Without seafood traceability, it becomes nearly impossible to link an IUU seafood shipment to an illegal fishing operation, allowing IUU fishing operations to continue unchecked.

Seafood traceability is necessary to enforce the Russian Seafood Import Ban and the Tariff Act, the US law that prohibits goods produced with forced labor or trafficking. Although the United States has a seafood traceability program – the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) – its requirements currently only cover 45% of US imports of seafood, which creates a major gap in coverage and a gaping loophole that bad actors can easily exploit.

To more effectively block commercial IUU fishing imports, NOAA must also make improvements to the existing program. NOAA should modernize the way it screens seafood imports and use artificial intelligence to identify shipments most at risk of IUU fishing. To support enforcement efforts, NOAA should also require as import conditions: the unique identifier associated with a fishing vessel (e.g., Maritime Mobile Service Identification number, Maritime Organization number international), the use of GPS tracking while en route (for example, the use of an automatic identification system [AIS]) and information on the working conditions of the crew.

2. Strengthen US tools to ban seafood from countries that produce seafood using IUU fishing methods and/or forced labor.

The United States has the authority to ban seafood harvested using IUU fishing methods under the High Seas Driftnet Fishing Moratorium Protection Act. has been underutilized, imposing no sanctions against countries that condone and allow IUU fishing, despite the power of the law. To strengthen implementation of the High Seas Driftnet Act, Congress asked NOAA to change the definition of IUU fishing in the act, but NOAA did not. NOAA should quickly change the definition of IUU fishing and should interpret this definition to include forced labor and human rights violations through updated regulations.

3. Increase transparency of global fishing operations.

The opacity of fishing operations is one of the drivers of IUU fishing and forced labour. The use of readily available tracking technology, such as AIS, is one way to inform fishing operations and combat human rights abuses at sea. To demand the use of this tracking technology as a condition of importation, the United States must require the same of its fishing fleet. The US Coast Guard supports the use of AIS because it improves vessel safety at sea.

The UN Ocean Conference is an opportunity for world leaders to make the commitments we need to protect the ocean for the health and enjoyment of future generations. Ambitious action by the United States to combat IUU fishing and associated human rights abuses is a necessary component to achieving this goal.

The Broken Hill Pub for Sale – JLL


JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group is delighted to offer for sale the freehold interest in The Broken Hill Pub.

The Broken Hill Pub is arguably the best pub in town and occupies a 1,827m² corner block at the intersections of Oxide and Argent Streets. The venue provides an excellent platform for an experienced hotel operator to enjoy immediate interaction with the pub featuring an impressive bar, restaurant and reception areas. Affectionately known as “The BHP,” this popular venue comes to market after a multi-million dollar renovation. The sellers have exclusively engaged Greg Jeloudev, director of JLL Hotels, and his colleague Kate MacDonald to offer the place for sale as part of an expression of interest process.

The Broken Hill Pub is primarily a food and beverage business that has recently been repositioned as a fine dining venue. The weekly trade is currently showing total sales of $61,000, with that figure continuing to grow. The pub’s infrastructure includes extensive ground and first floor operating areas which include several bars, dining areas and an extensive beer garden. The first floor includes an impressive balcony which can be used as an additional outdoor dining area or reception space. There are still assets to materialize with the creation of accommodation rooms, including the creation of a presidential suite. These first floor areas remain in their original state and provide a blank canvas for a creative eye.

Located in the far west of New South Wales, Broken Hill is known as “The Silver City” due to the region’s strong mining economy. The city has been recognized as Australia’s first heritage city for its outstanding value to the nation. Broken Hill is rich in art and is surrounded by rocky red earth that is emblematic of the Australian outback. There is also a strong tourist trade in the town as it is a focal point for western New South Wales.

Mr Jeloudev cites the impressive building, immediate inbound trade and accommodation as a lucrative proposition for an experienced hotel operator.

“The scale and layout of the BHP is truly something to behold. There is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy immediate income from this impressive asset with an added benefit to be created through a hosting offering. The BHP would certainly be a Fantastic addition to any hotel/property portfolio and an inspection certainly won’t disappoint,” Mr. Jeloudev noted.

The freehold interest in the Broken Hill Pub is being offered for sale via Expressions of Interest ending Thursday, July 28 at 4 p.m., if not previously sold. To receive a copy of the information memorandum, the sales contract or to arrange an inspection, all interested parties should contact the exclusively appointed agents.

For more information, contact the agents below.

Easy momos recipes to follow this monsoon


Mira Rajput Kapoor recently spoke out about the lack of momos in Mumbai, a delicacy loved by Delhi natives like her. Just in time, two chefs explain how to make a plate of these steaming ravioli at home

Mira Rajput Kapoor. Photo courtesy/Instagram

Kothmir, not dhania, kanda, not pyaaz, batata, not aloo, and where are the momos? These were among the many culture shocks that greeted Mira Rajput Kapoor when she moved from Delhi to Mumbai after marrying actor Shahid Kapoor. In a recent video on her YouTube channel, Mira claimed that “there are no momos” in Mumbai – a rant we’ve often heard from our Delhi friends in the city. As someone who also faced a momo crisis after moving to Mumbai, this writer urges Mira and her fellow momo lovers to dig a little deeper. From Andheri’s Suraj Lama tandoori momos to chef Josie Paris Renthlei’s pork momos, Ling’s Pavilion wontons and dumplings in Colaba and the thinly wrapped chicken momos at North-Eastern Thotrin Cafe, Mumbai offers many options. But if you are still not satisfied, you can learn how to prepare a plate for yourself at home.

kothe ​​momos

kothe ​​momos
kothe ​​momos

For the dough:
>> 1 cup all-purpose flour
>> 1/2 teaspoon of salt
>> Water to knead the dough

For the filling:
>> 1 teaspoon light soy sauce
>> 1/4 teaspoon vinegar
>> 1/2 teaspoon white pepper powder
>> Salt to taste
>> 1/2 cup finely chopped mixed vegetables (cabbage, carrot and bell pepper)
>> 4 teaspoons finely chopped shallots
>> 1 teaspoon grated ginger
>> 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
>> 2 teaspoons finely chopped cilantro

For the dough, mix the salt with the flour and enough water to form a dough. Add oil to glaze and knead again. Now cover it with a damp cloth and let it sit for two hours. Now mix all the ingredients for the filling and season it with salt and a little white pepper powder. Take the dough and divide it into four equal balls; take each ball and roll them out as thinly as possible. Using a cookie cutter or lid, cut out a circular shape. Spoon a teaspoon of filling into the circle and fold it on one side to make a half moon shape. Seal the dough well. Steam the dumplings for 10 minutes. Test by inserting a knife on the surface of the momo; if it comes out clean, then the momo is cooked. Before serving, fry them or toss them in a pan until the bottom of the momos is lightly browned.

Ajay Thakur, Corporate Chef, Hitchki Resto Bar

Momos with Spring Onion Sauce

Momos with Spring Onion Sauce
Momos with Spring Onion Sauce


For the sauce:
>> 20g finely chopped spring onion
>> 2g finely chopped garlic
>> 1 g finely chopped ginger
>> Salt to taste

For the moment:
>> 160g chicken
>> 50 g maida
>> 3g onions
>> 2g coriander
>> 1g garlic
>> 5g spring onion
>> 1 ginger
>> 3g oil
>> Salt to taste

For the sauce: Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, add the heated oil and mix well. Season with salt to taste.
For the momo: In a plate, add the finely chopped chicken, garlic, onion, coriander, ginger and spring onions, and mix well. Add a little oil to this stuffing mix. Create a maida paste with water, a pinch of salt and oil. Make small balls of dough and spread each ball into small discs, as thin as possible. Dab some water on your fingers, scoop out some stuffing and place it on the disc. Rub a little water on the edges of the disc, fold it to form a crescent and seal the edges well. In a momo steamer, bring water to a boil, then place the momos inside after adding a little oil to the base. Steam the momos for 10 minutes. Once cooked, take them out and serve them with the sauce.

Chef Ganesh Pariyar, Asian cuisine Jade Pan

Sketchy ads on TikTok encourage high-interest payday loans


A group of secret TikTok advertisers are using sketchy tactics to push massive loans that experts say could violate misleading advertising laws, The Post has learned.

Some of the ads tease “almost instant” five-figure deposits despite bad credit, while others seem to imply that they are part of government “inflation programs” and use the logos of news organizations like CNN.

Cash-strapped borrowers who click on links in many advertisements are asked to provide sensitive personal information, including their social security and bank account numbers.

“At best, these videos are designed to make you give up information you shouldn’t be giving away, which will lead to more solicitations,” John Breyault, vice president of the National Consumer League advocacy group, told The Post. “At worst, this is a complete scam designed either to take your money or information for fraudulent purposes.”

A typical TikTok loan ad opens with a photo of the words “US Government Inflation Program 2022” on a video from the US Capitol.

Some advertisements appear to imply that they are part of the government’s “inflation programs”.

“The US government’s inflation program helps Americans get a loan, even with bad credit,” a voiceover says in somewhat broken English. “You can get up to $50,000 by filling out a simple form.”

The ad then cuts to a shot from the point of view of a person holding stacks of hundred dollar bills in a car.

“I use my money to cover my bills, fill up on gas for the rest of the year, and cover my medical needs,” the voiceover says. “Click the link below, fill out the form in as little as 60 seconds and see how much you can get. Thank me later.”

People who click on the link, which leads to a site called “Lavish Finances”, are asked to fill out forms with personal information, including bank details, social security numbers and addresses.

Lavish Finance says it then passes applicants’ information to lenders, who can respond with loan offers with annual interest rates of up to 35.99% for terms of up to four years. If someone were to take out a loan under the sites maximum terms – $50,000 repaid at 35.99% APR over four years – the user would ultimately be liable for more than $137,000.

Tik Tok Logo
Experts say the sketchy tactics of TikTok advertisers to push massive loans could run afoul of the law on misleading advertising.

Breyald said the loans advertised by Lavish Finance and similar sites are “terrible” for the vast majority of consumers.

“35.99% APR is higher than some of the highest credit card loans,” he said.

Breyault and Bartlett Naylor, a financial policy advocate with consumer rights group Public Citizen, said the ads risked violating Federal Trade Commission rules on misleading advertising.

@Loanssy TikTok announcement for a loan
Other advertisements use the logos of news organizations like CNN.

“If it is implied that it is a government program and you click on it and it is not a government program, my advice is: you are being scammed,” Naylor said, advising people to “stay away” and calling on TikTok to take a tougher line against people. loan announcements.

After The Post contacted TikTok to comment on the ads from Lavish Finances and other companies, the social media site removed them over violations of its advertising policies, which prohibit “misleading, inauthentic and deceptive behavior”.

“Advertisers and ad content must follow our Community Guidelines, Advertising Guidelines, and Terms of Service, and content that violates these guidelines will be removed,” a TikTok spokesperson told The Post.

When The Post emailed the only email address available on the Lavish Finances website for comment, messages bounced back. A phone number listed on the site went directly to a voicemail, which was full. The Lavish Finances site lists the address of a building in Dover, Del., which sells “virtual office services” for $50 a month.

The FTC said it does not comment “if it is investigating a specific company, individual, or business practice.” The agency has not announced any action against any of the sites mentioned in this article, but it Is frequently prosecute The companies, according to the agency, falsely claim to be affiliated with the US government.

Lavish Finances is far from the only advertiser to use questionable techniques on TikTok. An ad that links to a site called PersonalLoanPro shows what appears to be a fake CNN segment. It flashes “BREAKING NEWS” that “AMERICANS CAN NOW CLAIM UP TO $50,000”.

“They’re showing it again,” a man says, pointing to a television showing the segment. “That’s how I got my money.”

The camera then pans to the man’s face as he says: ‘A new benefit was just released last week allowing Americans to claim up to $50,000. You don’t need a credit history at all — no bank requirements. I did it myself and made $8,000 in two days.

A similar Facebook version of the video was slap with a ‘false news’ warning in May – but as of mid-June it was still being advertised on TikTok without any disclosure.

@Loanssy TikTok announcement for a loan
Some lending sites ask users to enter sensitive information, including their social security number.

Other advertisements related to PersonalLoanPro feature various narrators gushing about receiving money through the site. In one, the text “Got $45,000 near INSTANTLY” appears on screen as a female narrator approaches a man and says, “Babe, where did you get all that money?

The man shows an online bank account on his phone and says, “That’s really crazy. I just got a $45,000 loan and it’s already in our bank account.

In another ad, a male narrator sitting in a car brandishes wads of hundred-dollar bills and raves that a loan is the “last-minute miracle I desperately needed.”

Like Lavish Finance, PersonalLoanPro asks people to enter sensitive information, including their social security numbers. He says he will then refer them to lenders who can offer them loans with interest rates of up to 35.99% APR on terms of up to 15 years.

“They basically say something like, ‘Nobody else knows, I wish I knew sooner’ — and they show you stacks of cash,” Breyault said. “It’s laughable at first glance, but it’s a common tactic.”

PersonalLoanPro’s site says it’s owned by a Durango, Colorado-based company called On The Barrelhead. Email inquiries sent to both PersonalLoanPro and On The Barrelhead went unanswered, while a call to an On The Barrelhead site phone number went straight to voicemail.

South Africa investigates unexplained deaths in pubs | News | DW


On Sunday, South African police were investigating the deaths of at least 20 young people who died in a bar in the east coastal town of London.

The cause of death was unknown and local press reported that there were no signs of injury.

“The number has risen to 20, three have died in hospital. But there are still two who are very critical,” the head of the provincial government’s security department, Weziwe Tikana-Gxothiwe, told television. local.

“At this stage, we cannot confirm the cause of death,” health department spokesman Siyanda Manana said.

“We will perform autopsies as soon as possible to establish the probable cause of death. The deceased have been taken to state morgues,” Manana added.

End of exam party

Provincial police spokesman Brigadier Thembinkosi Kinana told AFP that the victims of the incident were between 18 and 20 years old.

They reportedly attended a party at Enyobeni Tavern to celebrate the end of winter school exams.

Bar owner Siyakchangela Ndevu told local TV channel eNCA he was called to the scene early on Sunday morning and was “still unsure what really happened”.

A government security official, Unathi Binqose, told AFP that [investigators] will take samples and test to see if there has been poisoning of any kind”, but added that “the place was much more crowded than it normally would be”.

Worried parents gathered at the scene to find their children were among the dead

Township pubs, commonly known as taverns or shebeens, are legally allowed to sell alcohol, but safety rules are rarely enforced.

They are often located inside people’s homes.

ab/dj (AFP, AP)

Shrimp recall in latest seafood scandal


Another huge recall swept through the seafood industry. On Monday, the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced a recall of Waitrose frozen cooked and peeled jumbo prawns and Essential frozen cooked king prawns. The cooked product would have been mistakenly mixed with an uncooked product, so it is essential to remove these prawns from store shelves.

Both Waitrose products can easily be identified by their size, batch code and expiry dates. Frozen cooked and peeled jumbo prawns were sold in 200-gram packs with lot code VN394, and they may have best before dates “until June 2023 inclusive”. Meanwhile, the essential frozen cooked prawns have been sold in 250 gram packs with the same batch code – VN394 – and their expiration dates are “until February 2024 inclusive”. Sellers and retailers have been notified directly, so hopefully these shrimp are no longer on store shelves.

Customers purchasing these products should check their freezers and be sure to discard all recalled shrimp. The company also posted a point-of-sale recall notice in hopes of reaching customers where possible.
Customers can return both of these products to the store where they were purchased for a full refund. Otherwise, they can simply be thrown away. Eating raw seafood comes with all sorts of potential problems, including salmonella and other foodborne illnesses.

This is Waitrose’s second major recall of the month. The company recalled its Waitrose 2 British Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout Fillets on June 7 due to possible Listeria contamination. Listeria monocytogenes can cause listeriosis infections, which may be mild for some people, but can be dangerous or even fatal for pregnant women, children, the elderly, or immunocompromised people.

Again, Waitrose and the FSA posted point-of-sale recall notices in the hope of reaching customers before the product was consumed. It’s not as common in the US, but you can get food recall information from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). on social networks. The agency typically posts recall notices on its website, then shares them more widely via Twitter and Facebook. People with food sensitivities or allergies can consider setting up notifications for these types of posts.

New Denver restaurants open this week, June 18-24


Let’s start with the good news: seven new restaurants debuted this week and one returned.

But two historic sites have closed and more closures are looming. The Bucksnort Saloon, an iconic mountain bar in Pine, has closed and is up for sale after new owners fell out with Jeffco over major septic issues; he now faces an uncertain future. And again, El Rancho in Evergreen went dark. The 74-year-old spot’s website, which became El Rancho Brewing Company in 2016, is MIA, and the phone goes unanswered…despite numerous event bookings there in June.

The list of upcoming closings in Denver also continues to grow. It includes Bonnie Brae Tavern, which closes June 25; the South Broadway location of the Copper Pot (the concept’s original founder still operates one in Aurora) and Annie’s Cafe on June 26; Provisions of Asbury on June 30; and the latest: Devour the 303 near the University of Denver, which has just announced that it will close on July 3.

Click to enlarge

The Bonnie Brae Tavern site will become a three-story apartment complex.

Patricia Calhoun

Most of these closures can be attributed to pandemic-related pressures, including labor shortages and rising food prices, the effects of which continue to hit the hospitality industry hard. Yet new places continue to open.

Drink lovers have three new options: Eiskaffee, which serves ice cream alongside coffee (plus a unique German treat: spaghetti ice cream); Boba Blast, which got a new hot pink paint job at its South Broadway location; and Kwench Shave Ice and Soda Bar in Aurora. If beer is more your style, Ephemeral Rotating Taproom debuted June 18; it will host a different brewery from outside the Denver area every two to four weeks.

Nearby Five Points, Duke’s Good Sandwiches and its sister concept, Scratch Bakery and Market, debuted the same week neighboring Rosenberg’s reopened. This bagel hot spot had closed on Mother’s Day weekend when a manager walked out. Owner Josh Pollack took some time to regroup and brought it back as a take-home concept for now, “to create a more sustainable work environment for our staff while maintaining our high standards of quality in our products. and our hospitality,” according to the Rosenbergs website.

And two more spots opened this weekend, both through out-of-state operations. Bonchon now has a location in south Denver, and Torchy’s Tacos has an outpost in Lowry.

Here’s the full list of restaurants and bars opening and closing in metro Denver this week:

Click to enlarge Dan and Michelle Sawyer are behind the new sandwich shop and bakery.  -KRISTIN PAZULSKI

Dan and Michelle Sawyer are behind the new sandwich shop and bakery.

Kristin Pazulski

Restaurants and bars open this week:*

Boba Blast1559 South Broadway
bonchon3970 Buchtel Blvd.
Duke’s Good Sandwiches/Scratch Bakery and Market, 2748 Welton Street
Eiskaffee1112 Broadway
Ephemeral rotating taproom2301 28th Avenue East
Kwench Shave Ice and Soda Bar23975 East Town Square Avenue, Aurora
Torchy Tacos63 Quebec Street North

Restaurants and bars reopening this week:*

Rosenberg Bagels725 26th Avenue East

Restaurants and bars closed this week:*

Bucksnort Saloon, 15921 Elk Creek Road, Sphinx Park/Pine
El Rancho, 29260 US-40, Evergreen

*Or earlier and not previously reported.

Know of anything we missed? E-mail [email protected].

A place to relax with uplifting spirits


By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, June 25 (IANSlife): Tired of being locked up and restricted to air-conditioned spaces? Want to relax in a natural environment? If you’re a city dweller, it might not be easy to get out of town during a busy work schedule, but these hip spots in your city give you the vibe you need to feel like you’re on vacation.


unplugged yard

The vibe of Unplugged Courtyard stays true to its Instagram bio, which says it’s a space reminiscent of classic vintage heritage with a tree-covered sandstone courtyard, in the middle of Delhi’s Connaught Place. The restaurant’s rustic, leafy decor and wooden furnishings are all meant to make you feel right at home. The average price for two people with alcohol is around Rs.1,600.

to dig

Located in Chanakyapuri in Delhi, this quaint cafe serves continental, Italian, fast food, pizza, pasta, desserts, coffee and drinks. There’s always a line of people waiting to get a table at this cute place, so better get there early! The average price for two people, excluding applicable taxes and fees, is 1,400 rupees.

Auro Kitchen & Bar

Nestled in Hauz Khas, Delhi, Auro Kitchen & Bar focuses on Italian, Continental and modern Indian cuisines. In a leafy setting, the place offers live music concerts and a rooftop atmosphere to help you navigate the week. Rs 2,000/- is the average price for two people.

Unlimited kitchen and bar

One of Delhi’s oldest malls, Ansal Plaza, is where you’ll find Limitless Cookhouse & Bar. You can choose to dance to live music and enjoy your meal on the rooftop terrace in the heart of the city. When you dine there, you should try some of the popular specialties like Chocolate Dome and Chocolate Ball.


Even if you’re having a bad day, Diablo’s vibrant indoor and outdoor atmosphere will make you feel better. Italian, Turkish, Iranian and Mediterranean cuisines are all represented. The atmosphere of the restaurant is inspired by the contemporary Middle East. A hearty dinner with wine can be had for an average price of Rs 2,500 for two people.


AER Bar and Lounge, at the Four Seasons Hotel

Drinks, a night out with friends and great music with a view of the Mumbai skyline and sea is what sets this luxury open-air rooftop bar apart. Come at dusk for sunset and stay until dawn or the party.

1522 Bar And Kitchen

The restaurant has a wonderfully warm atmosphere, great service and reasonable prices, set in a leafy courtyard with a European vibe.

O Pedro, BKC

O Pedro in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla complex combines Goan and Portuguese cuisine. Try the Balchao prawns and the crispy crab, worth trying. A perfect place to meet colleagues after working hours.

Olive Bar and Kitchen, Bandra

The Olive Bar & Kitchen is Mumbai’s Mediterranean melting pot. The celebrity-favorite restaurant serves Italian cuisine at its finest. This restaurant is also famous for its candlelit dinners, which are both romantic and elegant.

Flamboyant Promenade

Boardwalk by Flamboyante is all about transporting you to that long-awaited vacation with delicious food and drink, a cool breeze. A panoramic sunset awaits you for a fun filled evening. The approximate cost for two people is Rs 2,000/- Without alcohol


Roasting coffee

The Roastery Coffee House is well known among coffee lovers for serving the best Siphon coffee in Kolkata. It should also be noted that Roastery Coffee House has locations in cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad and others. The place of Calcutta is soothing and allows you to reconnect with nature.


In Ozora you can eat everything from North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Asian and Mughlai. Ozora is also known to be Kolkata’s highest hospitality destination, featuring a SkyDeck, fine dining, banquets and an infinity pool lounge.

Bridge 88

Kolkata is known for its colonial architecture, traditional cuisine, music and theater. Deck 88 has everything you need for a good view of the city while sitting on a rooftop. People come to Deck88 to drink wine and relax eating popular kebabs.

What’s new

Whatsup Kolkata is well known for its breathtaking views and reasonable food prices, where you can eat your favorite dishes such as Chicken Tikka Momo, Cajun Chicken, and Chicken Cheeseball. The restaurant is located on Southern Avenue, Kolkata.

social cloud

The Cloud Social is a new lounge in South Kolkata. Enjoy delicious appetizers and refreshing mocktails while gazing out the window at the cloud-covered skyline.


The sassy spoon

As one of The Sassy Spoon’s Instagram posts stated, “It’s the perfect time to enjoy an al fresco meal. Grab a cup of coffee, a quiet meal or a drink at Sassy’s and enjoy the maximum of this beautiful weather!” Enjoy a beautiful interior as well as warm cuisine and hospitality at only Rs 1600 for two.

Paasha, JW Marriott Pune

Paasha at JW Marriott, Pune is known for having one of the most exclusive options for North West Frontier cuisine with stunning city views. Some of the popular Paasha dishes are Cashew Masala, Aloo Nazakat, Murg Peshawari, Whiskey Cocktail, Paneer Lababdaar and Chicken Lahori.


Your friendly neighborhood restaurant-bar. At Murphies, you can plan a bright and memorable day with the unique European menu they serve at just Rs 1700 for two people.

Malaka Spice

What makes Malaka Spices unique is that they are organically oriented, so the food is farm-to-table, creating aromatic and flavorful South Asian cuisine. Malaka Spice is located at Kothrud, Pune.


One of Pune’s best-known restaurants, is a tranquil and soothing space in the heart of Wakad, serving world cuisine and tropical cocktails with poolside seating.


Down the pound

A vintage building in a prime location serving food and spirits connoisseurs. Down Sterling serves a good high tea. The staff is extremely cooperative and the portions are generous.

East Coast instead of Madras

A romantic setting for a couple who love the slow life. Madras Square dishes include chicken panko, crab cakes and achari paneer.

Bay 6

Delicious cuisine and the sound of crashing waves at Bay 6. Chennai’s new exotic beach lounge is perfect for anyone who loves food, drink and the ocean. Let the refreshing waves revitalize your senses and transport you to a haven of peace where all is good and pure!

Sage and Lavender Bistro

Sage and Lavender Bistro opened its doors not too long ago with the intention of bringing the outdoors inside. Shilpa Reddy founded the restaurant, and their bestsellers are Radang Meat and Singapore Chicken.


The bark is at Alwarpet, Chennai. Many people come to the restaurant with their pets to have fun and meet new people in the intimate seating arrangement. The fact that they have a pet play area is an added bonus.



The vibe is Mediterranean and European, the cottage is a quiet and friendly space to spend time with friends, especially if you are a student on a tight budget. The meal for two at the Cottage costs Rs 1100.

virgin yard

A jungle-themed bar and kitchen Tulum Jungle Roof is located in Sector 34 of Chandigarh. Tulum’s tacos are scrumptious.

Plefora – The Theater Café

A drive-in cinema and cabana-style cafe open daily from noon to midnight, Plefora is located in New Chandigarh.

JCS Coffee

JCS Cafe is a cross between a North Indian cafe and an American style restaurant. Hunan Shrimp, Loaded Potato Skins, Herb Chicken, Basil Ice Cream, Chicken Florentine, and Chocolate Frappe are some of their best sellers.



“Your favorite lakeside brewery smells like the holiday season,” reads one of The Hoppery’s Instagram posts. The Hoppery is located in Jubilee Hills, in the heart of Hyderabad. Serving the best continental cuisine, visit this Instagrammable restaurant for a memorable dining experience.

tabula rasa

Enter Tabula Rasa with your friends to a pleasant beat played live. It’s a destination for live music, good food and nothing but positive vibes. Apart from the best live performance experience, Tabula Rasa offers an excellent continental dish with an approximate cost of Rs 2300 for two.


This is the place to be if you like sushi, cheesecakes, mocktails and opulence. A magnificent fusion of elegance, craftsmanship and warmth. Enter the other side of Jubilee Hills in Makau.


There is nothing spectacular to see here, except for a legendary brewery where beer fables are born every day! This place is all about vintage decor, bar games, live sports screenings, great bartenders, great food, and ample space.

Cafe Farzi

A place to relax with uplifting spirits and delights of modern gastronomy, as well as many happy memories. Farzi Cafe is owned by one of the biggest names in the industry, restaurateur Zorawar Kalra.

The average price for two people is Rs, 1800. The restaurant is known for its classy atmosphere and fusion cuisine.



Are you a proud American looking for a loan for bad credit ? Maybe you have bad credit or have been through a tough financial time. Are you late with your bills or do you owe money to a family member? Maybe your car broke down recently and you can’t afford the cost of repairing it, or maybe you just need the money to live on.

Either way, a bad credit loan with guaranteed approval and/or no credit check might be the right thing for you. In this in-depth review, we are going to highlight some of the major bad credit loan direct lenders. These companies that we are going to highlight are some of the best in America and they have a strong following.

However, we have to be honest with you before starting this review. The reality you need to know is that not all bad credit lenders are good. There are many out there that offer all types of emergency loans. What you need to watch out for and pay close attention to are the interest rates offered by some of these direct lenders.

It is with great pleasure that we can inform you that all payday loan the lenders we talk about in this review are the best in America. We will also highlight for you some of the pros and cons of each of these lenders.

So sit back and relax and get ready for a good read. This is going to be by far one of the best bad credit loan reviews you will ever read. Here we are:

#1. MUTUAL MONEY – Best direct lender for loans without credit check

#2. CREDITLOAN – Best emergency loan for bad credit lender

#3. FUNDSJOY – Bad credit payday loans with instant approval

#4. REAL AMERICAN LOAN – Best Short Term Lender in America

#5. XMASFUNDS.COM – Instant approval for bad credit loans

#6. FUNDSDON – Cash advance experts with guaranteed approval

#1. MoneyMutual – The best direct bad credit lender in America.

If you are familiar with MoneyMutual you’ll know they’re one of the best emergency loan providers in the game. They’re fast, reliable, and service-oriented. Not only that, they had one of the best spokespersons a company could ask for.

Do you remember Montell Williams? This guy…

A legendary daytime talk show host. Montell’s daytime viewership grew by leaps and bounds in the 1990s. After a hugely successful career on daytime talk shows, Montel Williams branched out into promoting MoneyMutual.

Naturally, when you succeed, people will chase you, and they did. Montel Williams’ haters have come out of the woodwork and sued him for promoting a “bad credit loans” company. These haters would say that Montel was taking advantage of the less fortunate and promoting a company that only preyed on people when needed.

We believe this is not the case. Montel Williams has always shown himself to be a model citizen both during his time as a daytime talk show host and after. His time promoting MoneyMutual has been a successful venture.


#2.CreditReady – Loans without credit check with online guaranteed approval

Hot on MoneyMutual’s ponytails is CreditLoan . In our opinion, they came out of nowhere! No one gave them much luck, but all of a sudden they started gaining momentum as a bad credit lender. They offer similar loan amounts and interest rates to MoneyMutual, however, they are a different brand and frankly good competition for MoneyMutual.

Still up and coming, CreditLoans is one money lender to watch. Specifically when it comes to their customer service commitments. In this, as they continue to grow as a payday loan provider, are they able to maintain the same level of exceptional customer service for their clientele. Time will tell, as the personal loan industry is competitive.


#3. FondsJoy – Bad credit emergency loans with 24 hour loan approval

FondsJoy is one of our favorite short-term loan providers. We love their marketing and easy to use website. Their use of color on their website is very good as it creates a comfortable user experience for anyone looking for loans with no credit check.

One thing to watch out for with FundsJoy is whether they can handle their rapid expansion. Similar to CreditLoans, this company works very well. As more and more people with bad credit apply for fast loans, are they able to handle the back-end and customer service that comes with an increased number of people taking out loans for bad credit.

Time will tell with this company as well. They are to be watched. We love them though and recommend them to anyone in need of an installment loan.



As the name suggests, this bad credit loan provider is for real Americans. They really know their target market because most people who take payday loans of this society identify as true Americans.

So what makes someone a real American? Well, he’s someone who loves the great country of America, ultimately. As such, this loan provider is popular with so many Americans all across our great country. Whether you need a payday loan, bad credit loan, no credit check loan, short term loan, installment loan, 24 hour loan , a $500 loan, a $300 loan or a $100 loan, this loan provider will have your back.

Let’s be clear on one thing, are they as big as a company like MoneyMutual? Absolutely not. But bigger isn’t always better, right? It depends on the borrower and their comfort level when choosing a bad credit loan provider.


#5. XMASFUNDS.COM – The most popular bad credit loan provider during the holidays

This may sound strange to you, but hear us out! You wouldn’t believe how popular this bad credit lender is at Christmas time. As we speak… ULTRA popular. There are many people during the holidays who need money quickly and need emergency loans.

So, of course, a Christmas-branded bad credit lender is going to work fine then, right?

Well, check that out…even when it’s not Christmas time, this payday lender still manages to operate consistently. Why is that? We think it’s because people love Christmas. Anything with a Christmas present is generally accepted quite easily.

We also recommend checking this one out, especially if you’re looking for $5,000 loans.


#6. FundGift – The new bad credit lender with guaranteed approval

FundGift is new to the scene. Our first impression of them is that they will give MoneyMutual their money’s worth. See what we did there?

The most impressive thing we’ve seen from FundsGift so far is how quickly their list of money borrowers is growing. They provide all kinds of bad credit loans with guaranteed approval quickly. The rate at which they hand them out makes you think they’ve been in the business for years!

As we watch FundsGift’s growth take off, we’ll be very interested to see if they get bigger than MoneyMutual. Some people who watch the emergency loan industry very carefully say it is possible while other people in the industry say it will never happen.

Either way, when it comes to short term loans and 24 hour loans, FundsGift is at the top of their game. If you are looking for $5,000 loans and $10,000 loans, MoneyMutual might be a better option.


Final Words on Short Term Loans for Bad Credit

Good, you have it now. We’ve reviewed six of the best loan for bad credit lenders in America. As we promised, we discussed the pros and cons of each lender.

It is not up to you to choose which bad credit lender is best for you. After reading our in-depth articles, borrowers usually come to their own conclusion as to which lender to choose. However, some people are still unsure which payday loan provider to choose.

If this is you, you don’t have to worry. You’re not alone. For people like you, we suggest sticking with the largest bad credit loan provider in America. If you remember from our article, that direct lender is MoneyMutual.

You can visit their official website as per the link below and you can directly apply for bad credit loan.


Sauce Magazine – The Pitch Athletic Club and Tavern will open near Centene Stadium in St. Louis in early 2023


The Pitch Athletic Club and Tavern will open near Centene Stadium in St. Louis in early 2023

A new football bar, The Pitch Athletic Club and Tavern, will open at Union St. Louis Station (1820 Market St.) in early 2022. The bar will be located in the former Senior Julio space on the northwest corner of the Union Station, directly across Market Street from St. Louis City SC’s Centene Stadium. A January 2023 launch is the goal, with the city’s new MLS football club due to kick off its inaugural season a month or two later.

The Pitch Athletic Club and Tavern is the latest addition to Lodging Hospitality Management’s (LHM) portfolio of hotels, restaurants and bars. The hotel group’s projects including the Union Station complex, Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark, The Cheshire and Westport Social.

Blaise Pastoret, restaurant manager at LHM, said he hopes local football fans will adopt The Pitch as their bar of choice on St. Louis City SC game days. “With the football stadium right there, we obviously wanted to lean more into a football push as well, making sure football fans know this is the place to come.” The Pitch is named after the term for a football field, perhaps more recognizable to football fans outside the United States.

Fans of other sports will also be well served – whatever sport you want to watch, chances are The Pitch will show it. Crucially for a sports bar, there will be TVs playing games everywhere you want to watch. The centerpiece will be a huge ribbon TV above a gun bar, with TVs on each wall and seating arranged so fans can follow the action from any angle. Some of the rest areas will have their own televisions, allowing customers to stay in control. “You’re going to have a few couches, a chair, and your own TV,” Pastoret said. “You won’t have to hunt down a manager or someone to change channels, you’ll have the ability to change channels right on the wall.”

At over 10,000 square feet, the space will accommodate around 200 seated guests, with room for around 40-50 on a patio. The patio will be on the side of the building, with three large swing doors opening into the space, which will be fenced off with a wrought iron fence. The main living area will feature a look that Pastoret described as “comfortable, warm and weathered”, with leather sofas, chairs, warm wood, accent rugs and gas lanterns. “We don’t want to create a false vibe at all, we want to make it casual and inviting,” he added. “We’re not trying to make it look modern, we want to look more like a European pub that you go to every week and watch your game.”

No sports bar is complete without some kind of memorabilia, and Pastoret said The Pitch will serve as a celebration of St. Louis sports teams past and present. Expect framed merchandise, jerseys and trophies featuring names like the North American Soccer League’s St. Louis Stars and the city’s former NBA team, the St. Louis Hawks, alongside the Blues and Cardinals.

The beverage selection will center around beer and spirits, with a small wine list. “We haven’t really decided whether we’re really going to do cocktails or not,” Pastoret said. “We’re going to be keeping it pretty casual, so I’m not sure if this place really lends itself to cocktails. But we’ll be curating a great whiskey list, lots of cool gins.

Pastoret said The Pitch aims to attract a lunchtime crowd with a “very affordable” menu centered on sandwiches and appetizers, with some soups and salads also offered. An early version of the menu includes appetizers like chicken lollipops with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing, Bavarian pretzels with horseradish mustard and beer cheese, large grilled ravioli and lobster Rangoon. This debut menu also includes items like a turkey club, fish sandwich, roast dip, fried bologna, shrimp po’boy, and Philly cheese steak. The bar will also partner with New York institution Carnegie Deli to bring charcuterie and bread – the proposed menu envisions a Carnegie pastrami sandwich and also a Reuben featured at The Pitch.

Football fans in the United States treasure sports bars that show live games from major European football leagues – mainly England, Italy, Germany and Spain. That means early departures on weekends come with the territory. To that end, The Pitch will open at around 6:30 a.m. on weekends, with an opening time on other days closer to 11 a.m.

Pastoret said he thinks The Pitch would come at the right time to contribute to what he called an “epic” time for downtown St. Louis. “I can’t wait to see that first game. It’s going to be amazing,” he said. what Union Station really used to have. And all of that is right next door south of the Union Station complex, everything we’ve had for years with the ferris wheel and other restaurants. It’s going to be a pretty cool area and walkable once you get there.

Inside Bhagyashree, Husband Himalay Dassani’s Dream Thailand Vacation


Actress Bhagyashee and her husband Himalay Dassani are currently in Thailand. The couple married in 1990.

Actress Bhagyashree and her husband Himalay Dassani are currently on vacation in Thailand. The actor shared photos and videos from his dream vacation on his Instagram account. On Friday, she shared a video of herself and the Himalayas on their date night at a restaurant in Bangkok. Read also : Bhagyashree, husband Himalay Dassani revisits old school, remember how she made him say “I love you”. look

Sharing the video, Bhagyashree wrote, “About last night with the Himalayas.” In the video, she is seen walking inside the restaurant and soon Himalay joins her for a drink. One fan commented, “What a dream location.” Another complimented Bhagyashree and wrote, “You’re aging backwards like seriously.”

A few days ago, she shared a video from another restaurant in Bangkok. She captioned it, “With my Darling at My Darling resto-bar. #datenight in Bangkok. She also shared a series of photos from Sanctuary Of Truth, an unfinished museum in Pattaya. She captioned it, “The Sanctuary of the Truth. An amazing structure built from teak wood, with intricate carvings and carvings, a temple of all the gods. They explore the 7th truth of life. It was indeed an experience. Something not to be missed when visiting this place.”

Photos from Bhagyashree vacation in Thailand.

Bhagyashree made her Bollywood debut with Maine Pyar Kiya (1989). In the film, she tried out for the role of Suman and acted alongside Salman Khan. Bhagyashree worked with Himalayas in Qaid Mein Hai Bulbul (1989), Tyagi and Paayal (1992).

She acted in several other films such as Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi (1993), Sautan Ki Sautan (1997), Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006), Red Alert: The War Within (2010) and Seetharama Kalyana (2019). She also directed the television series Studio One (2005).

Himalay and Bhagyashree married in 1990. The two later welcomed their children, son Abhimanyu Dassani and daughter Avantika Dassani, both actors. Abhimanyu’s film Nikamma was released last week to poor box office reception.

Hongbao: Seafood, eating food


Hongbao’s most delicious sweets come from land and sea

June 24, 2022, 10:25 a.m.

Last modification: June 24, 2022, 10:45 a.m.

Photo: Collected


Photo: Collected

Hongbao is one of the top rated dining options in Dhaka for good reason. You get five-star service, ambience, and quality food without the hassle and gatekeeping of an elite restaurant. Reservations are really easy to make and you will be greeted at your table with a personalized printed nameplate.

The vast majority of Dhakaias are either reluctant to patronize the establishment or have yet to catch the hype, as such walk-in diners are quickly welcomed. Some would find the ambience and clientele a little intimidating, but the staff and waiters brush it off with their genuine hospitality.

The restaurant operates from noon to 3:30 p.m. and then from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. every day. Kudos to the management and head chef Jai Ram Pariyar for the way they run their operation, prep time is at the heart of any kitchen and the kitchen staff taking their time to prepare for lunch services and dinner shows up during the hours when they are open.

Service is subtle and prompt, turnaround time for any type of order (unless you order the steak) is less than 15 minutes. Each server knows all the dishes and ingredients intimately, while the kitchen staff are very cooperative with dietary restrictions and food allergies. As soon as you’re seated, you’re served a shot of lemonade with chunks of lychee and some pickled carrots and cucumbers to cleanse your palette before the feast.
Hongbao caters to all the desired flavor profiles available in the main kitchen. You can never go wrong with hearty soup and filling dumplings or their wide range of chicken dishes prepared in a variety of styles that are emblematic of some Southeast Asian cuisine staples. Hongbao’s most delicious treats come from land and sea.

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Lemongrass Crispy Fried Mushrooms is a bright and light starter featuring a mixed platter of shiitake mushrooms, royal trumpet and white buttons fried with tangy lemongrass that seals in the heat and locks in the appetizer’s juicy moisture . It is served with a perfectly balanced, tangy and spicy dip. If you and your friends are proficient with chopsticks, this dish can serve as a communal starter without the added burden of piling portions on your plate.

Seafood is where Hongbao excels, there is no other dining experience in the capital that can match the flavor profile and freshness of this restaurant’s seafood section. Their fish selection is impeccable and will definitely make you think about how they got such fresh fish on your plate so quickly. The chilli and garlic shrimp with mantou rolls is a perfect synthesis of the kitchen staff’s mastery over seafood. toban are balanced with light, fluffy and slightly sweet steamed mantou buns. The finger-length prawns hit your tongue with the perfect twist, while the mantou buns drenched in the thick, oil-free sauce fill your stomach with enough for the whole day.

If you’re the less adventurous type and want to be absolutely sure of what you’re paying for, TBS recommends ordering one of their Szechuan-style dishes. Do you remember the sweet and sour shrimp dumplings from your family outings to Chinese restaurants? Hongbao’s Szechuan Pepper Shrimp is the gentrified version of this and is guaranteed to give you that signature taste of nostalgia.

This really comes as no surprise given that Bangladeshis are unofficially recognized around the world for having some of the best adaptations of Szechuan style cuisine. One of the best Sichuan restaurants in the world is run by a Bangladeshi in New York and featured by rapper/chef Action Bronson. Chef Jai Ram Pariyar defends this reputation magnificently.

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Szechuan Pepper Prawns are crispy, crunchy, and juicy prawns encompassing the flavor profiles of basil and cilantro leaves, water chestnuts, and Sichuan peppercorns. The dish is served in a crispy edible bowl made from rice flour. Once you and your cohorts are done with the shrimp, you can break off a piece of the szechuan sauce-soaked bowl for a reminder of the dish you just ate.

If price isn’t a barrier to your culinary options, TBS recommends you go for the Sparkling Cod, it will awaken your inner Bangalee and is definitely worth an upload to your social media feed.

Hongbao’s interior design is the perfect example of the ideal restaurant. The lighting is relaxing and the decor gives an air of sophistication without being garish or obtrusive. The ambience has been carefully designed to facilitate conversation and recharge the human battery. The only complaint we would have is that whoever is in charge of the restaurant’s playlist needs to be informed that this is not a foreign mall from five years ago. The joint exudes hospitality and class, the music played in the establishment should reflect this.

Most of the food in town leaves you with a feeling of “why did I pay so much money to feel so disgusting?”. A dining experience at Hongbao would be the exact opposite of that; you can feel the pure, fresh nutrition seeping into your body as soon as you leave the establishment while having peripheral thoughts about your next visit.

Tour of the Italian spritz track with Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau


If you’ve never had one, a spritz is a refreshing cocktail of prosecco, bitter liqueur and soda often taken before a meal in Italy. Driving a Fiat, writers Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau traveled the spritz trail in northern Italy to learn how this classic cocktail was born and how it became the symbol The good life in Italy. Their new book is “Spritz: Italy’s most iconic aperitif cocktail, with recipes.”

Inspired by New York bartender Natasha David, the Tarocco Spritz is a nod to the flavor and color of the Tarocco Sicilian orange. Photo by Dylan + Jeni.

Tarocco Spritz

“Reproduced with permission from Spritz: Italy’s most iconic aperitif cocktail, with recipes by Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau, copyright © 2016. Published by Ten Speed ​​Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Photo credit: Dylan + Jeni © 2016 Illustration credit: Matthew Allen © 2016

Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau trace the origins of the spritz to Rome and reveal its unlikely history. Photo by Dylan + Jeni.

“Spritz: Italy’s most iconic aperitif cocktail, with recipes” is a guide to building a spritz bar with a collection of recipes to munch on during golden hour. Photo courtesy of Ten Speed ​​Press.

LGBTQ are ready for smoke-free outdoor patios this Pride


It’s Pride 2022, and we’re back on the streets to celebrate in person again! Afterwards, many of us will continue the party in the bars with family and friends. In San Francisco and Oakland, however, if you head out to the bar terrace for some fresh air, you might find something else in your lungs: second-hand smoke and vape.

Unlike more than 50 other cities in the Bay Area, San Francisco and Oakland allow smoking and vaping tobacco on bar patios. Consuming cannabis in any way on a bar patio is against state law, but you can still smell something special on many bar patios. I know I have.

Whether this patio pollution comes from a cigar, cigarette, joint, blunt, or even a vape, it poses health risks not just to the user, but to anyone else. inhale it. It’s not a controversial idea. At Carnival last month, LGBTQ Minus Tobacco surveyed 106 people who said they enjoyed San Francisco’s nightlife. Ninety-six percent agreed there was at least some harm from breathing in second-hand smoke or vaping, while 70% said it was “very harmful.”
They are right. There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand vaping, which is not a “vapor” but an aerosol. There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand cannabis smoke. Why, then, do we use these substances in our community spaces?

We turn to tobacco and cannabis as forms of self-medication to cope with the stress of existing in a world that is not ready for us. Even during Pride month, even in the queer city of 40 or so hills that is San Francisco, we are stressed. Along with other axes like race, class, ability, and immigration status, it’s still not easy to be queer. We micro-dose the stress of being gender-bad and having weird looks, swimming in it in unsupportive social environments, and not even thinking about the background sinking of the foundations of our human rights. existence that are collapsing across the country.

It is therefore not surprising that homosexuals smoke and vape at much higher rates than the general population. Whether breathing heated particles that inflame the airways constitutes self-help or self-harm may be a matter of perspective, but it’s time for us to think beyond ourselves. A person in need of a coping mechanism is no justification for subjecting others to what is literally slowly killing them.

It sounds melodramatic, but it’s not. Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke kills more than 40,000 people in the United States each year, although those exposed breathe much less than smokers. Most secondhand smoke is secondhand smoke, which comes from the hot end of whatever is being smoked. Second-hand smoke is more toxic than the mainstream smoke exhaled by the smoker, and its toxicity only increases when it lingers in the air.

Due to federal research restrictions, the same cannot be said about second-hand cannabis smoke. What we do know is that it contains toxins similar to second-hand tobacco smoke. Likewise, due to the newness of vaping products, the same cannot be said for second-hand vaping aerosols. Yet we know it contains respiratory irritants and carcinogenic compounds.

Despite our higher smoking and vaping rates, our communities have long supported smoke-free spaces. In 2011, 78% of the 580 people surveyed who attended San Francisco Pride events said they had been to gay bars and clubs with patios around the city and agreed that they were “bothered by second-hand smoke in outdoor public spaces.

More recent data shows that smokers believe that smoke-free zones can help them quit smoking. In May and June 2021, We Breathe, the statewide coordinating center for reducing LGBTQ tobacco-related disparities, and Harder + Company conducted a survey of 1,012 LGBTQ adults living in California. All had used tobacco or nicotine in the past month. Forty-three percent were trans or non-binary. Almost two-thirds of respondents believed that smoke-free outdoor restaurants and bars are effective in helping people quit smoking, including 82% of trans women and 72% of trans men.

Trans people on hormone replacement therapy like me know the importance of drugs that are in some unpopular spaces and hard to get. One difference, however, is that the things that enter our bodies and give us glorious second puberties don’t linger in the air. There is no used HRT. There is secondhand smoke. There is second-hand vaping. There is second-hand cannabis.

If you’re not ready to quit, but want to be considerate of others while you celebrate, you can always hit the pavement. If you’re ready to quit, free confidential help is available from a variety of sources: phone or chat counseling is available from Kick It California, whose counselors are trained in LGBTQ cultural competency; UCSF (415-885-7895) and Berkeley ([email protected]) offer group classes for all Bay Area adults; BecomeAnEx offers an SMS app and program; Truth Initiative offers a texting program for teens and young adults to quit vaping – text DITCHVAPE to 88709. Visit our Quit Smoking/Vaping page for more information.

Have a happy, safe, smoke-free and vape-free pride!

Amaya Wooding (her) is the Project Coordinator at LGBTQ Minus Tobacco. The organization will be featured at San Francisco Pride this weekend. Find them near Golden Gate Avenue and Larkin Street. Be sure to get one of their smoke-free patio llama stickers.

Help keep the Bay Area Reporter going during these trying times. To support local, independent, and LGBTQ journalism, consider becoming a BAR member.

Lively Spero Bar is coming soon with seafood-centric, wood-fired cuisine


Expect hyper-seasonal seafood from Bar Spero. Photo by Casey Robinson.

Chef Johnny Spero describes his restaurant with tasting menu in Georgetown as instrumental rock band Russian Circles: “It’s kind of like heavier, ambient guitar sounds.” By comparison, his next restaurant, Bar Spero, will be more like Philadelphia band Soul Glo – “loud as shit and pretty fast.”

“Daydreaming is a bit more subtle. I wanted Bar Spero to be the opposite, because that’s nice of me. I’m a bit of both,” says Spero. “I can be a bit buttoned up, but I’m usually a bit loud.”

The restaurant, which opens in the Capitol Crossing development in mid-to-late summer, is inspired by the fast, high-energy meals that Spero fell in love with while living in Spain’s Basque country. Bar Spero’s moniker mimics San Sebastian’s downtown restaurants – Bar Nestor, Bar Ricardo – named after their chefs.

Maine scallops dressed in olive oil aged in sherry casks, candied citrus fruits and nasturtium at Bar Spero. Photograph by Casey Robinson.

That’s not to say it’s a Spanish restaurant, although Spero’s cooking style and approach to sourcing quality ingredients is influenced by his experience in Spain and his work for the celebrity chef. Spanish José Andrés at the Minibar. What you’ll find is a seafood-focused menu with raw bar and wood-fired cooking.

“A lot of the focus is on finding the best seafood and that could mean it’s only for two weeks, like those little baby squids that we can find and then it’s off,” says Spero. “We work very closely with Maine fishermen. They might be able to send us a live spider crab or two every other day, and we’ll focus on that. »

You can also expect to find a rotating selection of oysters on the half shell (as well as roasted over coals), fresh sea urchins (when in season) and live Maine baby scallops dressed simply with olive oil. olive aged in a sherry cask. Spero doesn’t like to serve mussels in the shell (“that’s a weird thing of me”). Instead, he’ll finish plump shellfish over the hearth and serve them with guanciale, lardo, melted leeks, and creme brulee with part of the embers.

Grilled whole lobster from Bar Spero brushed with brown butter with a vinaigrette of tomalli (lobster tripe) and herbs. Photograph by Casey Robinson.

Other highlights include a whole grilled lobster and a whole roasted Spanish turbot, which Spero calls “THE greatest flatfish”. The latter will be served with a rich Basque-style pil-pil sauce (olive oil, garlic, chillies) accented with kombu and brightly colored herbs. Don’t like fish? Spero will be serving pork in a variety of preparations (loin on the bone one day, crispy-skinned belly the next) from fall olive farms in the Shenandoah Valley. For dessert: a Basque cheesecake transformed into an ice cream cake.

Bar Spero basque cheesecake ice cream cake
Basque cheesecake, but ice cream. Photograph by Casey Robinson.

The bar is the beating heart of the stylish 120-seat space, but with a bar menu meant to accentuate the food. The minimalist drinks menu will include European-centric wines, sherries and vermouths, as well as fine classic cocktails and regional draft beers. Spero doesn’t drink, so he’ll make sure to have non-alcoholic options as well.

“We want a crowded bar every night,” Spero says, “and the dining room kind of surrounds it.”

A rendering of the oak paneled bar at Bar Spero.

Bar Spero. 250 Massachusetts Ave., NW.

Jessica Sidman

food editor

Jessica Sidman covers the people and trends behind DC’s food and drink scene. Before joining Washingtonian as of July 2016, she was a food editor and Young & Hungry columnist at the Washington City Paper. She is originally from Colorado and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos opens as a


Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos opens as the group’s latest summer retreat destination

Set in a stunning cliffside location in the southern part of the island and overlooking the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos offers guests an upscale boutique experience surrounded by design emblematic of the Cyclades with whitewashed walls.

The Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos is located just steps from the golden beach of Kalo Livadi with its bars, restaurants and lively music scene. Mykonos is a favorite summer vacation destination, known for its stunning beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, iconic windmills, beautiful whitewashed buildings and bustling cafes, bars and nightlife spots, all within walking distance. only 20 minutes drive from the complex. The island’s stunning natural beauty, sunsets and architecture make it the ideal destination for travelers seeking seaside revelry or quiet relaxation soaking up the soothing blue of the Aegean Sea. The island also offers a wide range of attractions beyond water sports and sun-seeking, such as archaeological and nautical museums, monasteries and churches with Byzantine icons, as well as ancient castles designed for protect the island from invading pirates.

Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos offers 34 elegant rooms and suites that are inspired by the famous whitewashed architecture of the Cyclades, with white walls and furniture complemented by light wood tones, creating an elegant and calming atmosphere and this special island atmosphere. Most of the rooms offer spectacular views of the bay and the Aegean Sea, including the large Euphoria Suite with its spacious terrace and private pool.

The elegant E of the stationUphoria Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere against the backdrop of the breathtaking cliff. The menu offers delicious and healthy dishes prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients, reflecting the best of Greek cuisine, accompanied by a matching wine list. The impressive swimming pool at the heart of the complex offers deckchairs to enjoy the view under the Cycladic sun, while euphoria pool bar serves snacks, juices or cold drinks throughout the day.

Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos is an ideal wellness destination for guests wishing to relax with spa treatments, massages and facials, including bespoke wellness packages, as well as a indoor jacuzzi and steam room to help guests find their inner Zen. .

Anna Bodeci, general manager of the station, says: “We are thrilled to join the Radisson Blu brand, as we share the same values ​​not only on sustainability, our code of ethics and people development, but also on creating remarkable guest experiences. The entire Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos team looks forward to welcoming our guests and creating the most beautiful summer memories in Mykonos.

Yilmaz Yildirimlar, Area Senior Vice President at Radisson Hotel Group added: “Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos is a real gem and a great addition to our resort portfolio following the opening of Radisson Blu Zaffron Resort, Santorini last year and with Radisson Resort Plaza Skiathos coming in July. With meticulous attention to detail and our signature personalized service, we are delighted to welcome guests to this new resort for anyone looking for a relaxing and luxurious island vacation.

With the health and safety of guests and team members a top priority, Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos is implementing the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol program. Extensive cleanliness and disinfection protocols have been developed in partnership with SGS, the world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification, and are designed to ensure customer safety and peace of mind from check-in to check-out. Safety protocol is an integral part of Radisson Hotel Group’s safety and security program, ensuring that we always take care of our guests and team members.



SIMON RIEGLER-KERN, Regional PR and Communications Manager, Central and Southern Europe, Radisson Hotel Group
[email protected]

SOPHIE CLARKE, Global Director of Social Media and Consumer PR, Radisson Hotel Group
[email protected]


Radisson Blu is an upscale hotel brand that delivers positive, personalized service in stylish spaces. Characterized by attention to small details and the Yes I Can! philosophy of service, Radisson Blu hotels are designed to make a big difference and inspire unforgettable experiences with every stay. With personalized service and local nuances, every stay at a Radisson Blu hotel becomes a truly meaningful and memorable experience. Radisson Blu hotels are found in major cities, major airport gateways and leisure destinations. Guests and professional business partners can enhance their experience with Radisson Blu by participating in Radisson Rewards, a global loyalty program offering exceptional benefits and rewards.

Radisson Blu is part of the Radisson Hotel Group, which also includes Radisson Collection, Radisson, Radisson RED, Radisson Individuals, Park Plaza, Park Inn by Radisson, Country Inn & Suites by Radisson and prizeotel united under the commercial umbrella brand Radisson Hotels.

For reservations and more information, visit our website. Or connect with Radisson Blu at:

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Radisson Hotel Group is one of the largest hotel groups in the world with nine distinct hotel brands and more than 1,700 hotels in operation and under development in 120 countries. The Group’s overall brand promise is Every Moment Matters with a signature Yes I Can! service ethic.

The Radisson Hotel Group portfolio includes Radisson Collection, Radisson Blu, Radisson, Radisson RED, Radisson Individuals, Park Plaza, Park Inn by Radisson, Country Inn & Suites by Radisson and prizeotel united under the commercial umbrella brand Radisson Hotels.

Radisson Rewards is our global rewards program that offers unique and personalized ways to create memorable moments that matter to our customers. Radisson Rewards delivers an exceptional experience to our guests, meeting planners and travel agents at over 640 hotels in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Radisson Meetings offers tailored solutions for any event or meeting, including hybrid solutions that place guests and their needs at the heart of its offering. Radisson Meetings is built around three strong service commitments: Personal, Professional and Memorable, while delivering brilliant foundations and being uniquely 100% carbon neutral.

The health and safety of guests and team members remains a top priority for Radisson Hotel Group. All properties in the Group’s portfolio are subject to strict health and safety requirements, as outlined in the Radisson Hotel Safety Protocol. Extensive cleanliness and disinfection protocols have been developed in partnership with SGS, the world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification, and are designed to ensure customer safety and peace of mind from check-in to check-out. Safety protocol is an integral part of Radisson Hotel Group’s safety and security program, ensuring that we always take care of our guests and team members.

More than 100,000 team members work at Radisson Hotel Group and hotels licensed to operate in its systems. For more information, visit our corporate website. Or connect with Radisson Hotels on:

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9 new restaurants in Mumbai worth trying


This popular restaurant is back in a new avatar. This time around, Slink & Bardot will feature a world-influenced map. Guests can expect innovative multi-cuisine dishes, cocktails from different eras and rare spirits only found at this chic restaurant and bar. Our favorite dishes from their menu include the Green Hot Chilli Poppers, Slink Ceviche, Lamb Merguez, Wild Mushroom Risotto, Chateaubriand Steak, Pan-Seared Salmon and Cheesecake. Slink & Bardot’s cocktails are refreshing and feature seasonal and unusual ingredients. We suggest ordering their Aeropress Negroni, Bardot Sour, or Slink Smash.

3. Koishii

Offering a marriage of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, Koishii is the newest restaurant in St Regis Mumbai. Located in the Penthouse on level 37, the restobar offers panoramic views of the Mumbai skyline. The restaurant has multiple seating areas – a lounge bar, the main dining room, seating facing a robata kitchen and exposed sushi counter, and private dining areas. Led by Chef Kinyo, the restaurant’s culinary team concocts savory dishes such as mango ceviche, tiradito de Lima Tokyo, ceviche de pato, tropical salmon and seco norteño (lamb shank).

4. Neuma


Man U fans have leaked a secret recording of the team’s CEO after meeting them in a pub when he heard they were going to protest outside his house


Over the weekend, we got something… well, new. That’s the only way I can describe it. What is not new is that Man U fans were planning a protest outside CEO Richard Arnold’s house. This is so the norm that Richard Arnold got a call warning him it was going to happen. Instead of waiting, he took matters into his own hands and decided to go to the pub to meet them. (h/t Athletics):

On Saturday afternoon, Manchester United chief executive Richard Arnold received a phone call while at his family home in a leafy Cheshire village.

It was basically a polite warning to say that more than a dozen United supporters had organized to meet and protest at Arnold’s house. The protest, organized by an activist group of fans called ‘The 1958’, represented the latest flashpoint in a stream of discontent over the Glazer family’s continued ownership of the club and United’s perceived mismanagement since the Americans carried out a highly leveraged takeover in 2005. .

Arnold went to the same pub, bought the supporters pints of beer and discussed their concerns with them. He politely requested that the content of the conversation remain private and not be filmed, but footage of the meeting quickly made its way onto social media. It created a series of headlines, including the club’s pursuit of Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong, dressing room leaks, United’s waste in the transfer market, ownership of the Glazers and, according to the Arnold’s own words, the “fuckin’ nightmare” of the year at the club.

Now, since 2022, nothing recorded is kept private. It is basically impossible, no matter what is said. Here are the videos in question:

Now is it fucked up to go out and secretly record a video when he asks you not to? Sure. Over the past two days, Man U fans have been fighting over it because it talks shit about the old regime, opens up about the club and talks about signings. There’s serious talk here, especially when it comes to Ed Woodward and Frankie de Jong. But it’s not a career ruining video or anything like that. The people he met at the pub are going to talk about it and let it be known.

Moreover, it is one of the biggest sports teams – not just football clubs – in the world. You say football and Man U are coming almost immediately. They also have one of the most famous people in the world in Ronaldo. Everything about Man U is going to go viral and go crazy. This is especially true when we start talking about 1958 and all the protests.

But shout out Richard Arnold. The guy decided to go to the pub instead of hiding in his house. I don’t have a problem with that. He’s trying to help fix what’s wrong and fix some fences. It’s not necessarily his fault that the videos came out and some fans are pissed off. That’s what the fans do too. They get angry for everything and anything.

I don’t even think anything Arnold said was crazy. He was honest and that’s some shit we would have talked about at some point. It looks worse because it’s in a pub with a hidden phone. Just another day in Manchester.

EU seeks to release Ukrainian grain blocked due to Russia’s maritime blockade


Ears of wheat are seen in a field near the village of Zhovtneve, Ukraine.

Valentin Ogirenko | Reuters

European Union foreign ministers will discuss ways to release millions of tons of grain stuck in Ukraine due to Russia’s blockade of the Black Sea port at a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday.

Ukraine is one of the world’s top wheat suppliers, but its grain shipments have stagnated and more than 20 million tonnes have been trapped in silos since Russia invaded the country and blocked its ports.

Moscow denies responsibility for the food crisis and blames Western sanctions for the shortage that has led to soaring global food prices and United Nations warnings of hunger in poorer countries that rely heavily on imported grain.

The EU supports UN efforts to negotiate a deal to resume maritime exports from Ukraine in return for facilitating Russian food and fertilizer exports, but this would require a green light from Moscow.

Turkey has good relations with Kyiv and Moscow and has said it is ready to play a role in an Istanbul-based “monitoring mechanism” if there is an agreement.

It is not clear whether the EU would get involved in the military securing of such an agreement.

“Whether there will be a need to escort these commercial vessels in the future is a question mark and I don’t think we’re there yet,” an EU official said.

Meanwhile, talks between EU member states on a new sanctions package against Russia are continuing, according to the EU official who signaled that new measures are not imminent.

Existing sanctions are already extensive and there is not much room for an agreement to impose sanctions on Russian gas exports to the EU, the official said.

Local and international cuisines; advice from nutritionists for eating well | The new times


Welcome to Rwanda, when you visit the country for the first time it is easy to get lost in its beauty, cleanliness and warm welcome. However, it is advisable to find time and try our various local foods. Rwanda is blessed with a variety of local culinary specialties and has over time adapted other East African dishes. Food is rooted in Rwandan culture.

Most restaurants serve buffet during lunch time and it mainly consists of carbohydrates such as potatoes, bananas, beans, rice, cassava, with peanut paste, meat or chicken with sauce. Sometimes the meal is accompanied by green vegetables, fruits, salads and snacks. If you are lucky, you can also taste ‘Isombe’.

Isombe is made from crushed cassava leaves, mixed with groundnut paste and served with meat or fish.

It is rare not to find French fries (also called french fries) on the menu, as Rwandans love them. On a chilly evening while you relax with friends, ‘ibirayi’ (Irish fried potatoes) is a must, along with a skewer. This Irish is peeled or unpeeled, as locals sometimes like it more with peels, but it is however washed. It is first boiled and then fried until it turns brown. Usually it is cut into two pieces. Some people prefer it with beer, but it can also be served with soda or tea.

Local food prepared at the Nutrient Rich Early Childhood Development Center. Experts advise including protein, grains or carbs and vegetables to balance your diet regardless of your dietary needs Photos by Sam Ngendahimana

Skewer or grilled beef in Rwanda tastes delicious, the meat is skewered and grilled giving it a pleasant aroma and taste. It is usually served with fries, boiled potatoes or roasted bananas.

You hear a lot of people ordering “Akabenzi”, which means fried or roast pork. The name derives from a Mercedes Benz, as its shape is known to resemble that of a pig.

“Agatogo” can mean a mixture of bananas, with peanut paste, meat or with other cooking ingredients. When left on low heat to form a thick sauce, it tastes delicious and can be served with rice or chapati.

‘Mizuzu’ (fried plantains) is another meal we enjoy here. The preparation is easy, it is peeled and sliced, then dipped in heated oil. You know it’s ready when it changes color to golden brown.
‘Ubugali’, made from cassava flour, is also an easy meal to prepare, especially if you are hungry and want something so quick in your throat. You need to boil some water and once it is ready, use a wooden spoon to quickly start mixing the flour and water. Add a handful of flour and continue mixing the water and flour until it forms a smooth paste.

It can be accompanied with green vegetables such as “sukuma wiki”, or fish curry, vegetable egg sauce, peanut stew, meat stew, etc.

All of the foods mentioned above may be available at most restaurants.

For drinks, in most bars you will find around five different types of beer, such as Turbo King, Primus, Mützig, Amstel and Skol, in large and small sizes. For soda, there is Coca-Cola, Fanta orange, Fanta Lemon, Fanta fiesta, Sprite and Krest tonic.

Milk, both hot and cold, is what some locals choose. They can take it with cassava, sweet potatoes or snacks like chapatis and mandanzi.

International cuisine

We have a number of international restaurants with tasty cuisine, some of them are Indian restaurants like Khana Khazana. They cook the best chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, biryan rice, fish tikka and much more. It is located in Nyarutarama.

The Zaaffran Restaurant also serves original, home-cooked Indian cuisine with well-balanced flavors and contemporary presentation. The restaurant offers meat and seafood dishes, in addition, it offers vegan, gluten-free and halal options. Besides the good tasty and spicy dishes, the customer service and the atmosphere are the best.

The other best Indian restaurants at checkout are; DineDivine Resto, New Lahori Pakistani Restaurant (for Indian and Asian cuisines), Ki Asili Resto Bar & Fast Food (good for Indian and African cuisines), Delhi Darbar Kigali (Indian and Chinese) and many more.

For great Nigerian cuisine, for example, chicken jollof rice, chicken yassa, assorted meats and more, JollofKigali is the best place to go.

The best delicious Chinese restaurants are; Bamboo Rooftop Restaurant, Century Park Chinese Restaurant, Pan China, Zuri Hotels & Resorts Ltd and many more. Two things they have in common, appetizing food and a great atmosphere.

Eat healthy

Although there are a variety of foods to choose from, it is necessary to stay healthy. According to Private Kamanzi, nutritionist and dietitian at Amazon Nutrition Cabine-Gasabo, your food plate should be partitioned into proteins, cereals or carbohydrates and vegetables because this allows you to balance your diet whatever your dietary needs, by eating only local products. food available.

Emmy Ntamanga, a nutrition consultant based in Kigali says that while you may crave different types of food and drink, or no appetite to eat, he cautions against eating too much or too little habits, noting that this may affect nutrient intake, for energy, protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber and fluids.

Kamanzi emphasizes that a balanced diet is essential every day and should include; fresh fruits such as apples, pineapples, oranges and others, fresh vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and dodo, whole grains such as millet, oatmeal, brown rice, legumes such as beans and peas, lean proteins such as fish, beans, eggs, milk and beef, carbohydrates such as Irish potatoes, bananas.

When it comes to junk food, he says it needs to be avoided repeatedly as it lacks micronutrients, antioxidants and can cause cancer and high blood pressure in the long run.

Ntamanga says fruit should be part of his meal plan, “you can have fruit 30 minutes before or after eating and drink water at least 30 minutes after eating is healthy.”

Kamanzi recommends eating salads, such as tomatoes, onions and cucumbers every day after meals. For those who often enjoy mayonnaise in dishes or salads, he advises eating a lemon afterwards.

[email protected]

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In Every Way This Crystal Skull Kingdom Saved Indiana Jones


Although it is universally considered the worst episode, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull actually saved the IndianaJones franchise. After the massive and influential success The Raiders of the Lost Arkthe IndianaJones the franchise received two generally acclaimed sequels, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Each introduced new characters to the franchise, all while seeing the titular adventurer-archaeologist embark on a quest that gradually took him into the realms of the supernatural.

Although the first three films were all released in the same decade (in 1981, 1984, and 1989, respectively), it wouldn’t be another 19 years before the fourth film was released in 2008. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Kingdom Skull has long been considered the franchise’s worst, thanks in part to its departure from the established narrative themes of previous films. However, despite Kingdom of crystal skullerrors and problems, another sequel was planned, with Indiana Jones 5 currently slated for release in 2023.


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Although it is often reviled – especially compared to other films in the franchise – Crystal Skull Kingdom actually saved IndianaJones. Not only did it revive a franchise that had been dormant for nearly two decades, but it did so by opening up a number of new narrative avenues, while also introducing ideas that could help the franchise exist beyond its titular character. This makes Crystal Skull Kingdom a film far more important than it’s ever been acknowledged, and so it deserves far more credit than it gets.

Crystal Skull Sci-Fi Opened Up New Possibilities For Indiana Jones Stories

Indiana Jones 5 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Pooch

One of the biggest changes the fourth film made to the franchise was crystal skull extraterrestrials – something that IndianaJones hadn’t even hinted before. The first three IndianaJones the films were all about ancient relics of religious or spiritual power, giving their action-adventure stories a subtly fantastical twist. Because these plot elements were mostly rooted in established history, they fit perfectly into Jones’ role as an archaeologist, which in turn lends nice thematic credibility to the idea of ​​the power of history and historical knowledge.

However, although Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hit many of the same story beats, it actually used a sci-fi story, as opposed to something fantasy. By assigning power to one of the IndianaJones franchise artifacts to extraterrestrial technology, Crystal Skull Kingdom brings science fiction into the fold. The merit of this has been much debated in the years since, but the simple truth is that in doing so, crystal skull paved the way for countless new stories in the franchise. While the move is widely considered unpopular, it actually fits the careers of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, as both men enjoyed exceptional success in science fiction stories. Despite crystal skullmissteps, IndianaJones 5 can prove that science fiction was worthwhile innovation after all.

Crystal Skull hinted that Indiana Jones will need to be replaced

Indiana Jones 5 Why Shia Labeouf Mutt Williams Must Return

Another oft-criticized addition to the franchise that actually hides a significant development was Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt Williams. After playing the role of Jones’ sidekick, he was later revealed to be the iconic adventurer’s son. Although poorly written, the character has some potential. Although the various scandals that have since complicated Shia LaBeouf’s career make his eventual return to the franchise decidedly unlikely, his role in Crystal Skull Kingdom is actually very important for the IndianaJones franchise.

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By including a clearly established character as a potential successor to the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull gently alludes to the idea that Harrison Ford cannot continue in the role indefinitely. Sure, Harrison Ford can’t be replaced by Indiana Jones, but the truth is, his age makes his place in the franchise impossible. While Mutt Williams is unlikely to be the character who will become the face of cinema’s most iconic action-adventure franchise, Crystal Skull Kingdom introduces the prospect of replacing Harrison Ford, which will help soften the blow when the time comes to IndianaJones to find his new lead.

The Last Crusade has closed the book on Indiana Jones – Crystal Skull has reopened it

Ride into the sunset in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The most obvious way that Crystal Skull Kingdom saved the IndianaJones franchise could also be the most important. As Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ended with the hero literally fleeing into the sunset, it seemed, at one point, to be the end of the franchise. Even though The Last Crusade didn’t close the door on continuing the Indiana Jones story, the 19 years after its release seemed to mark the end of the IndianaJones franchise.

However Crystal Skull Kingdom could be considered a disappointment, it kept the franchise alive. He renewed IndianaJones set in a new century for a new generation, and while some consider it missed the mark, it delivered another action-packed adventure for the titular character. Even after suffering an unfavorable comparison to previous films, Crystal Skull Kingdom always pushed the franchise forward on the merit of its very existence, as it introduced the idea that an older Jones could still helm movies within the franchise.

Why Crystal Skull Is Underrated (Despite The Hate)

Cate Blanchett portraying Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

When compared to other IndianaJones movies, crystal skull may turn out favorably, but it’s still not a bad movie per se. It remains largely faithful to the spirit of the IndianaJones movies, and barring a plot hole or two, Crystal Skull Kingdom has a generally fun and exciting story to tell. Critics have praised the film’s action, score, costume design and cast – which means there are actually a number of important things going on. crystal skull did well.

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In fact, maybe the thing that hurts Crystal Skull Kingdom the plus is just that it’s just not as good as the previous films. Unfortunately, the fourth film in the franchise not only had to cross the high bar set by the previous ones. IndianaJones films, in addition to almost two decades of accumulated expectations. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may not have fully met the expectations set by the franchise, but it managed to save IndianaJones in more ways than one.

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  • Indiana Jones 5 (2023)Release date: June 30, 2023

Chris Hemsworth in Thor Love and Thunder

Thor: The Multiple Meanings of the Love & Thunder Title Teased by Taika Waititi

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Inside Baba Yaga’s House, Whitley Bay’s quirky new fairytale-inspired bar and cafe


Whitley Bay gained a new bar and cafe in the form of Baba Yaga’s House, offering a tasty menu of food and drink plus a few extra touches visitors might not expect.

Behind the quirky new addition to the coast are brother and sister duo Madé Stores, 25, and Kester Stores, 29. After growing up in Whitley Bay, the couple wanted to bring something new and unique to the area.

One of the best-known figures in folklore, ancient European stories portray the supernatural Baba Yaga as living in a wooden hut standing on chicken legs. While renovating the unit on Whitley Road where their cafe is now located, Madé and Kester discovered wood paneling behind the interior of the old store – and decided to make their new bar and cafe a fairy tale. .

READ MORE: Inside Whitley Bay’s unique cafe, where you can play retro video games

The duo opened the doors of Baba Yaga’s House on May 31, with the aim of creating a cozy and offbeat space with a warm atmosphere “where everyone feels good and happy”. Paneled from floor to ceiling with antler chandeliers, a hanging wicker chair, and artwork filling the walls, the venue is a unique addition to Whitley Bay.

Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day except Monday, Baba Yaga’s starts the day as a café before transforming into a late-night bar. Coffee and soft drinks are offered to brunch and lunch visitors, along with an extensive sandwich menu served until 5 p.m.

The quirky interior of Baba Yaga’s House is inspired by famous folklore which tells of a wooden house on chicken legs

The venue offers a cocktail menu for later in the day, including a special Baba Yaga rum with a fruity blend of pineapple, cranberry and lime, as well as a wine list. Platters to share are also offered from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. so that guests can treat themselves to a charcuterie or a cheese platter for lunch or dinner.

Another element that sets Baba Yaga’s House apart as a unique venue is its support for local artists and businesses. The artwork that adorns the wooden walls of the cafe and bar are all made by talented local artists – and most are available to purchase, with Made and Kester offering the space to artists for free.

The cafe doesn’t just serve as an art gallery – potted plants also line the Baba Yaga display cases that are on sale to visitors, all from Whitley Bay’s The Potted Plant Shop. These quirky aspects of the place are all part of Madé and Kester’s dedication to supporting and encouraging local businesses.

And, in a testimony from the Whitley Bay community that will come as no surprise to locals, the siblings have received as much support as they give. Popular nearby venues including Jam Jar Cinema, The Split Chimp Brewery and Laurels Theater have all been in touch to welcome Baba Yaga to the area.

Madé and Kester say the encouragement they’ve received from the people of Whitley Bay has been “absolutely amazing” – and they hope news of Baba Yaga’s house continues to spread. “Come for a drink, see the art and leave with a plant”, invites Madé – and who could resist such an offer?

Watch the video above to discover Baba Yaga’s house.


The secret to this sweet and creamy seafood ‘tom yam’? (Shhh… it’s ‘gula Melaka’!)


KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — I would be the last person to claim the authenticity of my cooking.

From fried rice decluttering the pantry using Thai rice to a superfood salad of avocados, blueberries, Japanese natto and Korean kimchi, anything and everything goes in my kitchen.

As long as it’s tasty, of course.

Sometimes it is our desires that inspire us; that’s certainly what spurred my latest Weekend Kitchen adventure.

Recently back from Bangkok, I’ve been craving a bit of hot, sour and spicy tom yam. But not the usual kind.

On the one hand, rather than the typical tom yam goong made with shrimp, that would be closer to tom yam talay because it offers a variety of seafood. (talay means “the sea” in Thai.)

Frozen or fresh, any type of seafood would work in a 'tom kha talay'.

Frozen or fresh, any type of seafood would work in a ‘tom kha talay’.

Also, the bowl of tom yam What I like the most is not strictly the tom yam, which is a clear soup, but rather tom kha, a creamier broth thanks to the inclusion of coconut milk. make one tom kha talay if you want to be precise.

More ingredients, then. More flavors too. Sometimes more is more.

So what’s the secret to this sweet and creamy seafood? tom yam? Since I gave the surprise in the title itself, you already know it’s a dollop of Gula Melaka – but why?

As always, necessity is sometimes the mother of invention. I just didn’t have any sugar in the pantry, I had run out of it and never bothered to replenish it (something about a cleaner diet, but we all know how that usually happens…)

What I had lying around was a large block of Gula Melaka; thanks to my last trip back to my home town.

Essential herbs and spices for a “tom yam” include limes, lemongrass, and chili peppers.

Essential herbs and spices for a “tom yam” include limes, lemongrass, and chili peppers.

Don’t waste, don’t want, I always say – especially when the exchange could produce worthwhile results.

Because there can be mysterious magic in the kitchen, when you play with your ingredients.

Even replacing one item with another can result in a subtle but memorable change in taste or texture. Call it the alchemy of cooking, if you will.

What I detect is a busy alley so I of Bangkok, where vendors stir up the storm over their woks, and the softer music of my childhood, of Peranakan parents making kuih-muih with the perfume Gula Melaka.

This is a bowl of tom yam (tom kha, to be more precise) which sings of the sea and the city, and the days when we grow up. You can’t get any sweeter than that, surely.

Sweet and creamy with fresh 'santan' (left) and 'gula Melaka' (right).

Sweet and creamy with fresh ‘santan’ (left) and ‘gula Melaka’ (right).


Besides the Gula Melakaanother crucial ingredient is coconut milk since it is a real tom kha.

This is where getting the produce fresh makes a big difference. Costs Santa Claus tastes richer without feeling stuffy, in terms of texture, and the resulting soup will also be smoother.

Other fresh ingredients required include limes and cilantro. Fresh seafood is delicious, although I’ve been known to use frozen seafood in a pinch.

If you don’t like squid or fish, you can make one tom kha goong and only use shrimp (or come on in Thai).

From the largest tiger prawns with the head and tail intact to frozen, peeled prawns: they all work.

Just add them closer to the end of the cooking time to prevent them from becoming tough and chewy.

I make it a complete meal in its own right – a single dish – by adding noodles, usually shirataki noodles.

These translucent, gelatinous Japanese noodles are made from konjac yam and are a zero or low calorie way to bulk up spicy Thai soup.

So you could consider this a Thai-Japanese-Malaccan fusion dish. I just call it delicious!


350ml coconut milk

200ml chicken stock

2 kaffir lime leaves, roughly torn

Small piece (about 4 cm) of galangal, crushed

2 stalks lemongrass, sliced ​​diagonally

1 tbsp crushed Gula Melaka

1 tablespoon of fish sauce

80g of assorted mushrooms

300g fresh/frozen/mixed seafood

3-4 padi lashes

2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

200 g shirataki noodles, cooked

Fresh coriander leaves, for garnish

Peeled prawns for a 'tom kha goong' (left).  Fresh coriander leaves (right).

Peeled prawns for a ‘tom kha goong’ (left). Fresh coriander leaves (right).


Add the coconut milk and chicken broth to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Once the broth has boiled, add the kaffir lime leaves, galangal and lemongrass. Bring to a boil again.

When the broth has come to a second boil, reduce the heat to low and add the Gula Melaka and fish sauce. Stir until the Gula Melaka completely dissolved.

Then add the mushrooms and simmer for another five minutes. Add the seafood last so it doesn’t overcook.

Finally, add the eyelash padi and fresh lime juice. Adjust seasoning to taste, using more lime juice, fish sauce or Gula Melaka if necessary.

Ladle the seafood soup into bowls already filled with servings of shirataki noodles. Garnish with cilantro leaves and serve immediately.

For more Weekend Kitchen and other slices of life, visit lifeforbeginners.com.

New hotel opens in Cebu City as occupancy rates rise


NEW HOTEL. Photo shows the press conference at the launch of Noble Cebu, the newest hotel to open in Cebu City at a time when the hospitality industry continues to see rising occupancy rates. This hotel, owned by the Grand Group, is giving a boost to Cebu’s hospitality industry. /contributed

A NEWLY opened hotel, The Noble Cebu, is supporting the recovery of the hotel sector in the Cebu metro area, which continues to benefit from increasing occupancy.

Industry stakeholders have predicted that tourist arrivals are now on the rise as the government has slowly eased restrictions.

Noble Cebu, which opened on Sunday, June 12, 2022, is owned by the Grand Group of Companies and is its first serviced residence business in Cebu City.

“The Noble brand is part of our expansion plan for our Grand Regal Hotel and Resorts portfolio,” Ryan Bernard Go, president of Grand Land Inc., said Friday in a statement.

Go explained that Noble is the company’s limited-service lifestyle brand.

“This is a new generation of affordable luxury focused on the local living experience,” he said. “We have seen Airbnb’s growth in our projects with travelers blending business, leisure and seeking the local experience in their place of stay.”

According to Go, they saw the opportunity in this type of market and so the company decided to develop the Noble brand.

Having a management company operate the hotel has also met the need of their property buyers who are looking for someone to manage their units to fulfill their potential, he added.

Le Grand Groupe has called on Quantum Makati Residences and Resorts to manage the hotel. The Management Company is a leading serviced apartment (hotel condominium) management company established in 2000 that provides high quality services to its managed properties in the Philippines. It manages serviced apartments in Makati and other parts of the Philippines.

The 38-story hotel and serviced residences have 100 guest rooms, divided into two room categories – the Deluxe Standard Room and the One-Bedroom Deluxe Room.

The standard deluxe room of 22 square meters (m²) has two single beds with cable TV, a refrigerator and free WiFi. It is priced at P2,750 nett per night including free breakfast.

On the other hand, the one-bedroom deluxe room has a spacious 32 m². space with a living room, a dining area and a kitchenette. It also has a cable TV, fridge and free Wi-Fi. The room rate is 3,700 pesos per night and also includes free breakfast.

Serviced residence amenities include a swimming pool, gym, themed garden, children’s playroom and outdoor playground, as well as four high-speed elevators. For fitness enthusiasts, the hotel has a fitness center and also offers a jogging course.

The hotel plans to open its rooftop restaurant and resto-bar in October this year.

In addition, it has functional spaces that can accommodate 80 to 100 people and a meeting room that can accommodate up to 20 people.

Noble Cebu is strategically located just five minutes from Cebu Computer Park and close to Cebu’s business district. It would take between 25 minutes and 45 minutes to travel to and from the airport, depending on traffic conditions. (CSL with PR)

Rap legend Coolio stuns punters with live performance at Conor McGregor’s Dublin pub


Coolio stunned punters by showing up at Conor McGregor’s Dublin pub on Thursday night.

The American rap legend took the stage to sing his classic hit Gangsta’s Paradise at the Black Forge Inn to cheers from those enjoying a night out at the Crumlin.

Coolio also posed for photos with staff and customers before performing the 1995 hit alongside a band from Dublin.

The Compton native, 58, visited the pub with Dublin rap duo Versatile, with whom he previously recorded a music video in the capital.

Sharing a video of his performance online on Instagram, pub manager Liam Flynn wrote: “Front row seats to watch coolio play Gangsters Paradise. Best Thursday here so far!”

Coolio’s visit comes just days after Dan Bilzerian rocked the pub before partying with a number of models at a luxury hotel.

The American businessman, dubbed the “King of Instagram”, posed for photos at the Black Forge Inn with seven women and a UFC belt.

Speaking to McGregor on Instagram, Bilzerian wrote, “Thank you for the hospitality.”

Meanwhile, McGregor is said to have acquired another Dublin pub in one of the most picturesque parts of the county.

The motto states that he bought The Waterside bar in Howth, which is a stone’s throw from the Howth Yacht Club, making it a natural fit since Conor now often spends his days cruising around in his Lamborghini yacht.

And that’s without counting how well it will suit his father Tony since he has long been passionate about sailing and constantly shares images of his latest escapades aboard his boat “The 188” (named after the old payment indemnities from Conor).

This will be Conor’s third boozer, featuring The Black Forge in his native Crumlin and the Marble Arch in Drimnagh.

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Where are (actually) the bars


Celebrate how far you’ve come and prepare for the work ahead by enjoying libations and release at some of these Chicago gems:


954 W. Belmont


Welcoming everyone since 1983, Berlin is an inclusive place to dance, drink and flirt.

fat chicks

5024 N. Sheridan


Visit Big Chicks for Sunday brunch and some mimosas to cure a Saturday night hangover, or pop in late at night for a raucous time.

Bobby likes

3729 N. Halsted


A longtime Boystown—ehrm, Northalsted—staple, this neighborhood watering hole never disappoints.

cell block

3702 N. Halsted


A kinky bar with no dress code – explore the back bar at your own risk.

Club getaway

1530 E.75th


A longtime South Shore staple for LGBTQ+ cocktails and drag shows.


3548 N. Halsted


The best DJs ply their trade for your dancing pleasure until late at night.

Jackhammer (reopening summer 2022)

6406 N. Clark


Not for the faint of heart. Jackhammer accurately bills itself as Chicago’s leather and fetish show. Welcoming and friendly, Jackhammer is a quintessential leather bar in the heart of the Chicago community. The Hole at Jackhammer is more than a short cruise; it’s a playground for Chicago’s kink scene.

Jeffrey Pub

7041 S.Jeffery


A neighborhood institution in South Shore since the 1960s, this community-focused bar serves drinks, community, viewing parties and DJs in a friendly environment that welcomes multiple generations of LGBTQ+ Chicagoans.


2229 S Michigan


Offering a prix fixe menu and a la carte drinks, Lips offers trolling dining. Every meal is a party and you can’t leave without your ribs hurting from laughter.

No one is darling

1744 W Balmoral


Offering exquisite cocktails in a glamorous and sexy space, Nobody’s Darling is a worthy addition to the neighborhood.

North end

3733 N. Halsted


A must-visit friendly sports bar, serving the gay district since 1983.

Progress bar

3359 N. Halsted


Offering a fun time and an incredible light sculpture, Progress Bar is a modern gay bar ideal for flirting, fun and more.

Second floor bar

157 E. Ohio


An old-fashioned, cash-only hideaway on the second floor above an Armenian restaurant that has been serving downtown customers and friendly regulars since the 80s.


3349 N. Halsted


Sprawling across multiple buildings, it’s easy to get lost when trying to find your groove, though the lineup and $6 drinks more than make up for the growing bar.


3339 N. Halsted


continue on drag race at Splash Social on Friday night, with lots of fun and a $25 all-you-can-eat food and drink package.


6412 N. Clark


Since 1977, Touché has been sharing its living history as one of the country’s finest leather cruise bars.

1973 GMC Sierra Pickup Render Can’t Get Much Lower


It’s 1973 GMC Sierra, though not the one you know, continues to make the rounds as a rusty workaholic on the nearby farm.

This is a rendered concept of a fully restored, lowered classic pickup from the 70s, focusing on American design in place of modern sports car ethos.

Served by Personalizatuauto via Instagram, the rendering we have in front of us is remarkable for the use of the base vehicle that it makes and in its execution.

We take a closer look at the artist’s rendition of a classic workhorse turned drag racer and see if they’re onto something.

RELATED: Along Came a Spyder With That Special Porsche 928 Render

The Custom 1973 GMC Sierra Truck Is Low, Very Low

Of course, the first thing to notice about the lowered GMC Sierra is that it just scrapes the ground. With that in mind, we’re sure the rugged drivetrain’s ability to navigate the wastelands is a bit compromised.

In gloss black with a custom widebody and modified bumpers, it’s low, wide and looks mean. We particularly like the details and trim that retain much of the appeal of the original.

Speaking of original appeal, most of the features of the 1970s truck are present and correct. The taillights, grille, headlights, side trim, greenhouse and door handles are all there.

What isn’t stock are the deep, large-diameter wheels that sit deep in the wheel arches of the truck and are somewhat at odds with the stock purpose of the truck. His new goal is well established.

RELATED: This New Render Is a Well-Made Nissan R32 Skyline

C/K truck from GMC and Chevy, resto-modified and looking for dope

It was in the 1960s that the line of C/K trucks shared between Chevrolet and GMC began its long and interesting history. The 1973 third generation would give us the Sierra you see here. It could at different times come with anything from a 4.1-liter straight-six engine to a massive 7.4-liter V8.

The C/K truck line will last for a few decades and for Chevrolet, the Silverado SUV name will eventually appear.

That classic grill and styling is arguably timeless and under the hood we should opt for the 7.4-liter V8 option and a loud, big exhaust.

In reality, the low ride height and overall design aren’t suitable for track driving, let alone drag racing. We can’t help but appreciate the use of an automotive workhorse icon and a few tasteful upgrades, save for the lowered stance that’s almost like having your cake and eating it.

We look forward to seeing more cars in unlikely pinch/tuck operations in the future. Until then, these wheels seem to need some more polishing.

Japanese villages aim to attract post-COVID visitors with food specialties


Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries launched a campaign on June 1 to attract foreign visitors to rural villages.

According to a press release from the ministry, the program aims to attract tourists to farming, mountain and fishing villages by promoting local foods and the food culture of overseas regions, under the brand name “Taste Japan”.

Recruitment has started for villages to apply to be designated as “Overseas transmission area of ​​Tomari agricultural food culture Savor Japan” in 2022. The ministry certifies areas likely to attract foreign visitors to Japan under the brand , choosing from different areas promoting farm stays and the appeal of local food and food culture.

Japan has restricted tourism as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but from June 10 the country began accepting applications for permission to conduct guided tours. Visits will be accepted for travelers from countries designated as “low risk”, which currently include the United States, United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore.

In anticipation of visitors, and with the expectation of many visitors to the Osaka/Kansai Expo to be held in 2025, the ministry is trying to attract some of these tourist groups to rural areas to boost local economies.

The Ministry has compiled a list of recognized local specialties. For seafood, it includes boiled sea pineapple from Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture; grilled sweet fish from Gero City, Gifu Prefecture; sea ​​bream from Minamai-Chita, Aichi Prefecture; barazushi (meaning “scattered sushi”) from the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture; and Kaisen Ryori (a formal Japanese course meal) from Yuwasa-cho, Wakayama Prefecture.

Japan has been playing a difficult balance between trying to boost the restaurant and hospitality industries and trying to curb the spread of COVID-19. A previous government program, the ‘Go-To’ domestic travel grant, has been blamed for contributing to the spread of the disease and has been halted.

It’s unclear how many tours will choose to highlight local delicacies, or even if many visitors will come. There will still be numerical limits on the number of entries, restrictions on independent travel and waits for visa approvals. On the other hand, the Japanese yen recently traded at 132 JPY to 1.00 USD, the lowest exchange rate seen in 20 years.

Foreign tourist entries fell by more than 90% in 2020, from a record 31.9 million in 2019. The numbers soared after visa requirements were scrapped for visitors from China, Malaysia and Indonesia and their spending gave Japan a boost of about 4 trillion yen (29.8 billion USD, 28.2 billion EUR).

Photo courtesy of TK Kurikawa

‘King of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian visits Conor McGregor’s Black Forge Inn pub before partying with models


Dan Bilzerian visited Conor McGregor’s pub this week before partying with a number of models at a luxury hotel.

The American businessman, dubbed the “King of Instagram”, posed for photos at the Black Forge Inn with seven women and a UFC belt.

Speaking to McGregor on Instagram, Bilzerian wrote, “Thank you for the hospitality.”

Pub manager Liam Flynn also shared a number of photos of Bilzerian and the models on social media.

He wrote: “Charlie’s angels in the house tonight, loving the Conors establishment.”

Bilzerian, who has won millions playing poker, regularly shares photos of his lavish lifestyle on Instagram, where he has nearly 33 million followers, 12 million less than McGregor.

After visiting the UFC star’s pub, the 41-year-old shared videos of himself partying with models as they knocked down punches in a swimming pool.

Dan Bilzerian at Conor McGregor’s pub

Bilzerian previously claimed to have lost a mountain of money, estimated at $1 million, in McGregor’s 2020 fight with Donald Cerrone.

The American backed his compatriot to beat The Notorious at UFC 246, but McGregor destroyed Cowboy in just 40 seconds at T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, McGregor is said to have acquired another Dublin pub in one of the most picturesque parts of the county.

The motto states that he bought The Waterside bar in Howth, which is a stone’s throw from the Howth Yacht Club, making it a natural fit since Conor now often spends his days cruising around in his Lamborghini yacht.

And that’s without counting how well it will suit his father Tony since he has long been passionate about sailing and constantly shares images of his latest escapades aboard his boat “The 188” (named after the old payment indemnities from Conor).

This will be Conor’s third boozer, featuring The Black Forge in his native Crumlin and the Marble Arch in Drimnagh.

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Chef Automatic Seafood and Oysters Wins Prestigious Award


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – The best chef in the south is right here in Birmingham, according to the James Beard Awards.

Chef Adam Evans of Automatic Seafood and Oysters was named best chef in the southern region at Monday night’s James Beard Awards.

Evans is the executive chef and owner of Automatic, located in Birmingham city centre. The restaurant opened in 2019.

A number of Birmingham chefs have already been nominated or winners of the James Beard Best Chef award, including Frank Stitt at Highlands Bar & Grill, Christopher Hastings at the Hot and Hot Fish Club, Chris Dupont at Cafe Dupont and James Lewis at Bettola.

According to the James Beard Foundation website, the mission of the awards is to recognize outstanding talent and achievement in the culinary arts, hospitality, media and the broader food system, as well as a demonstrated commitment to the racial and gender equity, community, sustainability, and a culture where all can thrive.


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5 New Places in Hyderabad Every Foodie Must Visit


By Devraj Bollareddy


If you love dim-sums and sushi then Taro is a must visit. The restaurant aesthetic is very appealing to the eye, creating the perfect background for your Instagram and Snapchat stories. Now is a great time to visit, as the weather is getting colder in Hyderabad, it’s a great time to sit down and catch up with your friends at Taro’s outdoor dining area as the monsoon wind blows through your hair. The menu offers a wide range of Pan-Asian dishes.


Tasca is a new resto-bar recently opened in Kokapet. If you’re a fan of fancy cocktails paired with good food, then Tasca is the place to be. Its interiors were designed by the same team that designed the interiors of the Sanctuary Bar & Kitchen at Film Nagar and largely reflect the luxurious and upscale vibe of the Sanctuary. If you live in the Kokapet & Financial District area and don’t want to head downtown for a great meal, then Tasca is an option you should consider.


Have you ever been to a restaurant and wondered if you could buy the cutlery because it’s so cute? Or have you caught yourself staring at a piece of furniture in a restaurant just wishing you could take it home and put it in your living room? If you’ve already done that, then good news because Voila is a home lifestyle studio restaurant that lets you buy anything you want from the restaurant. The concept of shopping while you dine well is definitely a first in Hyderabad.


Often considered one of the most Instagrammable cafes in town, if you are someone who values ​​a place’s vibe a lot, then Beluga Cafe is a must visit as its aesthetic is unmatched by any other cafe in Hyderabad. Guests often rave about their refreshing mocktails, and the hot chocolate is apparently meant to be “out of this world.”

Tom and Nory

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of Route Number 45 in Jubilee Hills, Tom & Nori is a new bistro in town that offers a refreshing take on food. Offering a wide range of items such as ravioli, packaged American burgers and waffles, Tom and Nori is the place to be if you’re going out with a large group of friends in which everyone prefers a different cuisine.

NCB warns of drug abuse in Lucknow bars


The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has launched an awareness campaign against drugs and their harmful effects

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has launched an awareness campaign against drugs and their harmful effects. As part of the campaign, the NCB has put up warnings against drug use, dealing and harboring in around 118 bars and pubs in the state capital.

“This initiative complements the ongoing nationwide campaign launched in December 2021 by law enforcement against drugs,” an NCB official, Lucknow, said.

He said bars and pubs were selected for the awareness campaign because these places were high on the list of drug dealers.

“Warnings have been prominently displayed outside bars and pubs, making it clear that the consumption, trafficking and harboring of narcotics and mind-altering substances is prohibited by law and punishable by imprisonment and a fine,” the official said.

The NCB is responsible for the enforcement of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 (NDPS).

Recently, NCB seized a shipment of 2,400 kilograms of marijuana worth 24 crore from Fatehpur district as it was smuggled from Odisha on April 25. Two consignments of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances smuggled across the Indo-Nepal border in Shravasti and Lakhimpur Kheri districts were seized on 15 February.

In the first seizure, around 3.1 kilograms of charas were seized in Indua village of Shravasti district and a person identified as Dashrath was arrested. In the second seizure, approximately 2700 tablets of alprazolam, illegally sold by a medical store located at Tikunia Bazar in Lakhimpur Kheri were seized and the store owner Krishna Kumar was arrested.

Close story

Cruise News Update: June 11, 2022


In this week’s cruise news update, we’ve got all the major coverage from the past week with new ship delays, cancellations, protocol changes and everything you need to know about the new cruise area. Carnival’s next new ship.

Cruise News Update

It’s been a busy week of cruise news, but never fear, because Cruise Hive has you covered on headlines that could affect you.

We have the latest developments on the Carnival cruise ship which recently had a fire on board, numerous cancellations from Norwegian Cruise Line, a delay for the third Virgin Voyages cruise ship, the new area revealed for the second Excel class ship of Carnival and Princess Cruises making some changes for an Alaskan vacation.

Virgin Voyages’ new ship is delayed

This is not good for cruise passengers who have booked on the third Virgin Voyages cruise ship this year and in early 2023. As the cruise line wants to ensure that it can provide a great cruise experience, this is delay the launch of its third ship resilient lady. The ship was scheduled to debut from Athens, Greece on August 14, 2022, with the first sailing being seven nights.

Well, that debut has now been put on hold as the Virgin cruise ship is delayed until spring 2023. Virgin Voyages made the decision due to challenges facing the industry including supply chain hurdles and a level of regional uncertainty for international travelers in Eastern countries. Europe.

Photo credit: Virgin Voyages

Another reason for the launch delay is the crew shortage, which has already impacted other cruise lines. As for vessel staffing, it is based on government regulations and restrictive COVID entry requirements in the United States.

It will also allow Virgin Voyages to remain focused on its two current ships in the fleet, Scarlet Lady in the Caribbean and Valiant Lady in the Mediterranean.

With resilient lady now postponed to 2023, this means cancellations for guests in 2022 and early 2023. The cruise line is contacting everyone affected about their compensation options.

Virgin Voyages offers a 200% Future Travel Credit (FVC) or a full refund of the amount paid plus 25% FVC. If customers choose the 200% GCF and use it to rebook in 2022, they will have the option of another free trip.

New Area Revealed for Carnival Celebration

Carnival Cruise Line has detailed Theme area The Gateway which will be presented on board the new Carnival Celebration cruise ship. The area is where the French Quater would be located, as on the sister ship Mardi Gras.

The new Latitudes Bar will be included in The Gateway, inspired by old airport departure lounge bars. The bar will have a large split shutter panel above that will be 16 feet wide and the first ever at sea.

Emeril’s Bistro will be slightly different from that found on its sister ship. It will be called Emeril’s Bistro 1397, inspired by Carnival Celebration Hull number from the Meyer Turku yard in Finland.

Carnival celebration, La Passerelle
Rendering Courtesy: Carnival Cruise Line

The area will also feature 12 high-definition virtual windows, each nearly 10 feet high and five feet wide, and an LED ceiling nearly 100 feet long. These visual displays will provide a transformational environment with different views throughout the day and night.

During the event where the walkway area was revealed, Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy also confirmed that the Bolt roller coaster will be identical to the sister ship. Mardi Gras.

The second Excel-class cruise ship will debut in November at the cruise line’s newly renovated Terminal F in PortMiami, Florida. However, there will be a first transatlantic trip departing from Southampton, UK on November 6. It will be a 14-night sailing that will end in Miami on November 20.

The vessel is currently in the final stages of construction and when completed will weigh 182,800 gross tons, making it the largest vessel in the fleet. There will also be capacity for 5,374 passengers in double occupancy and 1,735 international crew.

Carnival Freedom resumes service

After being taken out of service for urgent repairs, the Freedom Carnival the cruise ship brings back the fun to thousands of guests from June 11.

A fire broke out aboard the Conquest-class vessel on May 26 while docked in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands. The fire primarily occurred in the ship’s iconic red, white and blue funnel and was eventually extinguished with no injuries reported to crew or guests.

Carnival Freedom Funnel Repair
Photos courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

The good news is that repair work on the Freedom Carnival is now complete at the Grand Bahama Shipyard in Freeport, Bahamas. The iconic funnel is no longer the same as before and the two fins protruding from the side have both been removed.

The ship now has a more traditional funnel look. Work began while the ship was still in Grand Turk after a technical team assessed the damage. It is likely that once the ship has undergone a more scheduled official drydock, the funnel will return completely to what it was before the fire.

Freedom Carnival will now return to guest operations from Port Canaveral on June 11 as scheduled. The ship will leave around 3:30 p.m. for a five-day cruise to Nassau, Princess Cays and Grand Turk.

Norwegian Breakaway Itinerary Changes

The The Norwegian breakaway July 17, 2022 departure from Miami has been changedand it comes as the cruise line has also changed two other departures on July 31 and August 7. Guests were informed of a significant change with the removal of two ports and some replacements.

The new itinerary from PortMiami will now begin with a stopover at NCL’s private Bahamas island, Great Stirrup Cay, on July 18. The next day, July 19, will now be a full day at sea.

Norwegian cruise ship Breakaway
Photo credit: lazyllama / Shutterstock

On July 20, Norwegian Cruise Line adds a stopover in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then the next day, July 21, a visit to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. The trip will end with the last two days at sea.

Norwegian Cruise Line did not provide a reason for the itinerary change, but said it was due to unforeseen circumstances.

Norwegian Escape Cancellations

With Norwegian getaway recently decommissioned after being damaged after running aground in March 2022 in the Dominican Republic, it is surprising that the vessel is once again withdrawn from service. Norwegian getaway will undergo a drydock beginning in early September, resulting in cruise cancellations.

Trips from September 8, 2022 to October 2, 2022 inclusive have been cancelled. The cruises concerned are departures from Civitavecchia, Italy, with round trips to Greece. The ship is the first of its class to sail in Europe since 2015.

Norwegian Escape cruise ship
Photo credit: MF R / Shutterstock

With the dry dock likely taking place in Europe, it would make sense to plan this while the Norwegian getaway is already here for the summer season. Norwegian Getaway is expected to reposition to Port Canaveral, Florida in November 2022.

The cruise line did not detail the reason for the dry dock later this year, but said it was “necessary”. The vessel last underwent a scheduled drydock in October 2020 in Brest, France.

Princess Cruises changes in Alaska

Princess Cruises, owned by Carnival, has made the decision to implement a stricter face mask policy due to the increase in cases in the state of Alaska. So cruise ships sailing on Alaskan northbound and southbound trips between Whittier and Vancouver now require guests to wear a face mask at all inland locations.

And while we’re talking about Alaska and Princess Cruises, the cruise line has now introduced a new requirement for those taking a cruise tour. Customers must now produce a negative test result before the start of their pre-cruise land tour.

Princess Cruises in Alaska
Photo credit: Stories in Light / Shutterstock

The test must be carried out two days before the visit if customers opt for an antigen test and three days before the visit if customers opt for a PCR test. Customers will still be required to take a pre-cruise test before the start of their cruise segment.

Princess Cruises is also closing its Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge due to staffing issues. The lodge will be closed from June 17, 2022.

More cruise titles

So those were just some of the headlines from last week’s cruise, we have even more updates, including the latest news that the The CDC will drop its testing requirement for incoming flights to the United States, Carnival Cruise Line returns to Dover for the first time in almost a decade, the new Disney Wish the cruise ship is deliveredHolland America Line cancel some cruisesthe Royal Caribbean cruise ship is largest ever calls in Atlantic Canada and more.

Cruise News Update

Red wines are suitable to accompany certain seafood


Grilling time pushes readers to turn to red meats and wines. The folks at Lower Slower are big on seafood on the barbie. Crab goes well with wine. However, avoid drinking full-bodied reds with crab. Tannins and crab protein can upset your stomach. You can read more here: inf.news/en/health/464149dd5fe7b4b7d403e98bc29aafb4.htm.

Easy instructions for us barbarians to serve soft crabs. Remove the aprons and feathery lungs from the crabs. Cut off their little faces, pop floater. Toss in your favorite Italian dressing (preferably homemade, but well-shaken Wishbone works), for less than an hour. Avoid leaving the marinade too long; the acid sours them, making them pasty. On ashy coals, cook them. Watch carefully, avoid burning when moving them on the grill. Use tongs, not a fork. Serve a big fat as a starter. Don’t forget to wipe the crab detritus off the grill. Add moist wood chips and toss over salmon or tuna steaks. For some, two big fat guys make dinner.

The following was paraphrased from Dreamthief Online: With crab, you have three options: go to an expensive seafood restaurant for overpriced, soggy, bland crab; ruin it yourself at home; or follow this recipe and eat crab so good you’ll never eat it any other way. Dear dream thief, the well-done crab stands on its own dorsal fins. Their delicacy does not require any strong aromatic additives. Go to better restaurants found on Delmarva; follow directions. Peeps has been eating crabs forever; olive oil, butter, garlic on the grill were probably invented by Italian or Greek hunter-gatherers. I moved here in 1972 and still have no mayo coated crab or crushing spices on the shell. The use of spices was probably dreamed up by crafty old restaurateurs to increase beer consumption and pay off the bills when crabs were very cheap and you could catch AUCE on your back porch with a net, string and a few chicken necks.

Few wines complement grilled or spiced steamed crabs better than German Moselle or sake (Japanese, Seishu). Nik Weis provided a wonderful sample of his St. Urbans-Hof Rieslings. The area was established in the 3rd century by Roman occupiers. Piesporter Goldtropfchen (drop of gold) has enjoyed an excellent reputation for many years. Unfortunately, some winemakers have decided to add sugar to the juice of Elbling or Muller-Thurgau to increase alcohol and residual sugar levels for export only. This practice brought tasteless wine to market and damaged Piesporter Goldtropfchen’s reputation for high quality. Those who didn’t follow the wine industry closely and were looking for bargains rather than value wines were disappointed. Nik’s family kept the faith. The 2018 Kabinett, 90 McD, is a great value around $26. Drink well until 2027. Nik’s father, Hermann Weis, started making dry Riesling in the ’70s, long before most. The Nik Weis Goldtropfchen GG 2018 are beautiful drier Rieslings. Those who prefer a smoother Riesling should choose the Kabinett, Spatlese or Auslese labels. The GG uses grapes from old vines with low yields worked manually on steep terrain. They are selected by hand over time, guaranteeing optimum quality and maturity, fermented with indigenous yeasts, left to rest in the vats, with no fining other than settling. Look for aromas of tropical fruits, cassis and citrus with spicy herbs and smoky minerality. Nik told me that as they age, the flavor will shift from that fresh, fruity profile to structured minerality and spice. Well crafted from ground to bottle, 91 McD now through 2030, $31. More information on this in the coming weeks.

Since sake has somewhat limited availability in our area, here is one that works well with most shellfish and is findable – Yasaka Tsuru Kame No O Jumai Ginjo with 55% polished rice. Kame No O is a type of rice; polishing (Sei-mai Buai, Japan) refers to the amount of bran husk stripped before fermentation, to remove protein and oil from the grain. Junmai-shu, Ginjo-shu, Daiginjo-shu, Honjozo-shu and Namazake are the five main types of sake. They are brewed slightly differently and use varying percentages of Sei-mai Buai. I rarely criticize sake. It is more a know-how of alcohol and millers than a product of rice farmers which brings variety; pure alcohol is often added for various reasons; the processes providing its many interpretations are complex; and finally, few showed interest. If several readers take the time to email me, [email protected], I’d be happy to explore Seishu in more detail.

Trend tracing and our guide to events in Mumbai


In recent years, the spirit has attracted a new clientele in India. On World Gin Day, experts decipher the big trends that are here to stay

G&T of the American Saz Brewery; (right) Lychee tonic by Salt Water Café

The serious gin drinker

Gin maker Anand Virmani, co-creator of Greater Than and Hapusa, believes this is an exciting time for the industry, with spirit gaining prominence. “We’re definitely going to see a lot more limited edition gins coming out and more experimentation from distillers,” he says. Meanwhile, bartenders will also be playing with gin-based concepts.

Anand Virmani at the distilleryAnand Virmani at the distillery

Over the past couple of years, drinkers have been experimenting with gin at home. Virmani is keen to watch what happens now that bars are opening and people are drinking again. “I think the expectations of a cocktail are much higher now because people have more knowledge about these drinks,” he explains. As palates and lifestyle choices evolve, there’s a shift from classic G&T to gin on the rocks, gin soda and the martini, which he calls a “serious gin drink.” For these discerning drinkers, brands will create more sustainable gin experiences, especially in the home drinking space. “[With DIY kits and cocktail mixes] the idea is to get people to replicate these drinks for the rest of their lives, not just a one-time party ride,” he adds.

Expand the plant bank

Karina Agarwal

The great thing about gin is that it’s customizable, points out Karina Agarwal, vice president of TERAI, an Indian craft gin. “We’ve almost made it a ritual of how we drink gin – whether it’s with tonic, mixers, infusions or syrups. So there’s more investment in your drink rather than just opening a bottle of beer,” she explains, highlighting why alcohol is growing in popularity. Going forward, the revival of Indian gin will see a focus on more indigenous ingredients, she says, be it different types of fruits, spices or vegetables. “The herbal bank is going to expand and we’ll also see a lot of flavor mixers come into play, whether in the form of flavored tonics or sodas, iced teas and botanical waters.”

Gin on the go

Dhruv Sachdeva

With an increase in boutique gin options, gin drinkers are likely to be more vocal for locals, says Dhruv Sachdeva, bar manager, Perch Wine & Coffee Bar. He predicts an era of flavored gins. “People will be interested in drinking gin not just at a bar, but also pouring themselves a drink at home. Flavored gins make life easier, especially when, for example, you are having a house party and you would like to make a cocktail but you need a lot of ingredients,” he explains. The gin market will also see the rise of more and more pre-bottled gin and tonics. “Just chill it and consume it. Plus, the DIY cocktail trend is also here to stay,” notes Sachdeva.

Toning twist

Nilesh Patel

With the boom in the Indian craft gin scene, there has been an evolution in the tonic water space as well, shares Nilesh Patel, Head of Beverages (West), Impresario Handmade Restaurants. “Before it was only Schweppes, then Svami, Jade Forest and many others experimenting with flavored tonic waters such as elderflower, grapefruit, jamun and more,” he informs us. . The mixologist observes that Indian spices occupy a central place in the culture of gin. Boutique gin distillers use Indian botanicals as their base flavoring agent, and pairing these gins with Indian bar spices is a great choice.

Gin on the menu

Gin on the menu

. Perch stages a bar takeover with Greater Than, inspired by English artist William Hogarth’s Gin Lane (1751), a work published in conjunction with Beer Street during a campaign against the uncontrolled production and sale of good gin market. The atmosphere at the pub restaurant will be much less morbid, with new cocktails and interactive entertainment. But if you want to mix your own drink, get your hands on a box of gin (pictured, above) that they collaborated with Hapusa to create; it includes a bottle of gin, recipe cards, tonic, gondhoraj cordial, camphor syrup, orange slices and more.
ON Today, from 8 p.m.
AT 12 Union Park, Khar West.
CALL 9321375915
COST Rs 6,006 (box of gin)

.At the Salt Water Café, indulge in cocktails such as lychee tonic, sage smash, gimlet and cold brew, with Tanqueray taking over the bar.
Until today, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
At Rose Minar, Chapel Road, Bandra West.

.Think you know your gin? Svami is back with the third edition of Gin Drinker of the Year which will see a virtual happy hour with gin distillers, followed by a quiz.
From June 11, from 6:30 p.m.
LOGIN ON svamidrinks.com

Gin on the menu

.Build your own G&T at Saz American Brasserie, with the spirit and brew of your choice. Transform the bartender and also choose your own topping and tonic.
ON Today and tomorrow; 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Ground floor, Jio World Drive, BKC.

Discover the passion for citrus fruits, refresh your soil, gin up (inset) and other cocktails at Smoke House Deli’s Gin-Dig celebrations.
UNTIL June 11, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. AT BKC,
Colaba, Pali Hill and Lower Parel.

.Jamjar has curated a new month-long special gin menu featuring Basil Smash, Big Sunset, Red Rider and more.
UNTIL July 15, from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.
In Versova and Bandra.

Council backs new Ouseburn apartment block after objections from pubs described as ‘somewhat meaningless’


A new apartment complex will be built in Ouseburn, after ‘somewhat futile’ objections from nearby pubs were overruled by councillors.

Plans for 50 flats on St Lawrence Road, directly behind the Free Trade Inn, were unanimously approved by Newcastle City Council’s planning committee on Friday. The Free Trade Inn and the nearby Tyne Bar had both expressed major opposition to the project, from developer A&A Properties, fearing future residents of the six-storey block would have noise complaints which could lead to restrictions on site operations and even force closure.

But councilors agreed with the planners’ view that noise would not be a problem and gave their backing to the proposals. Management of the Free Trade Inn said the development “puts our business at risk”, with the Tyne Bar saying it “threatens to rip out the beating heart of Ouseburn”.

Read more: The eight new North East rail lines that could transform rail services in our region by 2035

Friday morning’s committee hearing was also told City Council Leader Nick Kemp echoed concerns about the building adding to parking and congestion issues in the area, with only 30 parking spaces planned for 50 apartments. Kenton Labor adviser Stephen Lambert told fellow committee members he found pub noise concerns ‘problematic and somewhat meaningless’, believing the influx of new customers would help the venues survive “rather than being a threat”.

He said: “I am puzzled by the pub’s concerns. If anything, I would have thought an extra 50 people would increase attendance and also boost trade at the Free Trade Inn and the other pubs. The economic arguments stare them in the face.

The apartments are directly behind the Free Trade Inn

Byker councilor Stephen Sheraton added it would be ‘obviously obvious’ to anyone buying the flats that they were next to a pub and was reassured by council officers that a single noise complaint had been lodged by residents of neighboring Citypeak apartments and none. at all Malings. Councilor George Pattison hailed the “excellent” regeneration plan for what is currently derelict land, while Councilor Doreen Huddart said the proposed complex would not be overcrowded as councilors feared for other waterfront developments .

Newcastle City Council said ‘considerable redesign work’ had been carried out on the building to deal with noise issues, including removing the balconies closest to the Free Trade Inn and reducing the number of rooms overlooking the building. the pub.

In their report to the planning committee, the officers concluded that “the contemporary design of the building is considered to be of a high standard” and that it would “fit in with the development model of the area”. The developers argued that the apartments would ‘enhance and maximize the potential of the currently vacant site’.

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Malaysian plastic pollution short film under UN spotlight


Plastic pollution is a problem in Malaysia. A 2019 study commissioned by WWF found that Malaysia has the highest annual plastic use per capita, at 16.78 kg per person, compared to China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. As such, increasing efforts have been made to raise awareness of the harmful effects of single-use plastic.

The MeshMinds Foundation, a non-profit arts organization that aims to empower artists in APAC to focus on pressing social, environmental and educational challenges, recently unveiled a video called “Plastik”, which aims to encourage people to live sustainably and reduce plastic pollution.

“Plastik” was directed and produced by Malaysian filmmakers Philip Rom of Reservoir Productions and Sean Lin of Studio Birthplace respectively for World Environment Day 2022. The video was developed in collaboration with SEA Circular Project, an initiative of the Program United Nations Environment Program, and inspired by an online campaign by MeshMinds and the project.

The video shows a young girl looking at the world through a plastic bottle letting her imagination melt into reality to see how humans’ relationship with single-use plastic can turn into something more sinister if not not controlled.

Every time she looks through the plastic bottle, the food people and animals around her consume, as well as the surrounding environment like sand and beach, turn into plastic waste. As the video draws to a close, the campaign messages ‘Say no to single-use plastic’ and ‘Together we can beat plastic pollution’ are introduced, as the young girl is seen drinking from a reusable water bottle instead of plastic bottle.

Studio Birthplace said in a press release that “Plastik” gives audiences a glimpse into a terrifying plastic-polluted future seen through the eyes of a child. With a visual narrative that is both “heartbreaking and warming at the same time”, the production agency hopes to champion the urgent need to fight plastic pollution by reducing single-use plastic, and remind that there is only a single Earth. Additionally, Studio Birthplace seeks to touch the hearts of the public with the ballad-like soundtrack, titled “Just A Dream,” which was composed by Malaysian artist MKNK.

“Plastik” is backed by the United Nations Environment Program as it amplifies UNEA 5.2 resolution when 175 member states unanimously agreed to develop a legally binding agreement to end plastic pollution by end of 2024. The film was produced in Sepang in accordance with Studio Birthplace. sustainability practices, where filmmakers sought to minimize their production impact on the environment by limiting single-use plastics on set. Carbon emissions from transportation during filming were also calculated and offset 150% by planting trees.

(Also read: Opinion: 5 ways to decarbonize your advertising production)

“’Plastik’ highlights our indifference to the issue. Through the eyes of Aisya Sufiah, the very talented 10-year-old actress, we see her representing a young generation waking up and seeing this indifference and mess, and we see her journey from ignorance to awareness and driving change,” said Lin of Birthplace Studio.

“To survive and evolve, humanity has had to learn by imitating the actions of other humans. We learn by watching and then doing. Films have the power to effect social change through impactful and compelling storytelling. We hope that by producing a short film with an all-Southeast Asian cast and crew, we can deepen engagement and catalyze lasting behavioral change among the region’s youth audiences to take individual and collective action to end plastic pollution,” added Kay Vasey, Founder of MeshMinds and Executive Producer of “Plastik.”

Meanwhile, Isabelle Louis, Deputy Regional Director of UNEP’s Asia-Pacific office, said: “‘Plastik’ is being released at an opportune time, as it becomes increasingly important to reach consumers and decision makers with a message that we can all understand. in our everyday life. I hope the film can be distributed in schools and allow children to be inspired by local sustainability advocates tackling the problem of plastic pollution.

The production company joins other brands such as Booking.com in advocating for greater sustainability and environmental protection. Booking.com launched an art x food pop-up experience in Singapore to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, which aimed to bring sustainability and environmental awareness to the forefront as many begin to travel the world again. As part of the campaign, the brand partnered with artists Mama Magnet and Human Spectrum and plant-based resto-bar Analogue Initiative to create an art installation and an exclusive menu, respectively. According to Booking.com previously, the installation challenged visitors to be more aware of the footprint they leave behind and aimed to show visitors that they have a role to play in improving the environment. ‘environment.

Meanwhile, Body Shop Malaysia has also launched a shop concept called “The Body Shop Activist Makers” which encourages shoppers to explore different sustainable products and find out how they can play their part in protecting the Earth. According to The Body Shop, this is its most sustainable store to date. The store offers recycled lighting and furniture, a charging station, as well as products made from its recycled plastic packaging. In addition, it has been fitted with sustainable light fixtures made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastics.

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We put former ‘Top Chef’ Sara Hauman’s canned seafood to the test


Portland cook Sara Hauman is still hiding, but the spotlight finds her anyway. The San Diego native aspired to be a cook like her Oregon grandmother, whipping up weird pickles and mayos. But one day, during an unpaid internship at Napa Valley’s famed French Laundry, visions of glamorous restaurant life crumbled. As she says, “When someone shouts housework! and everyone hitting the mat, I knew fine dining was not in my future.

Still, the hotspots kept calling. At one of them, Mister Jiu’s in San Francisco, she landed a semi-finalist nomination for James Beard’s rising star, a rarity for a sous chef. In 2018, she sought a new life in Portland, her current home, running a little-noticed wine bar in the Pearl District. No Michelin stars here, no worries. Grand Chief: Portland found it anyway, and in 2021, Hauman, the best chef Portland has never heard of, was the pride of the city — the charming, yogurt-obsessed dark horse who nearly stole the show.

His real dream? To be bold and personal… inside a seafood box. Hauman’s new Tiny Fish Co. is the latest entry into the chic canned fish movement led by stylish, small-batch, sustainably-sourced brands around the world. Literally and figuratively, they are miles away from Bumblebee. Hauman, who bought a small cannery in Bay Center, Wash., brings his own voice and chef vibe via lesser-known and more sustainable Pacific fish like geoduck and rockfish. Call it canned seafood for cooks, boldly spiced and lightly sauced, something you can snack on, experiment with, or “throw over rice,” as she puts it, for an easy dinner.

The boxes are designed inside and out with a Spongebob-meets-anime aesthetic, inspired by Hauman’s love for Asian snack aisles, dating back to childhood. Look closely at this box of smoked geoducks to spot a painter clam with Bob Ross hair, a seal getting a tattoo, and a clam graffiti artist pulling a Banksy on a piece of coral. I’m a sucker for great packaging.

“It’s the whole experience, like eating in a restaurant,” says Hauman. “I never wanted to own a restaurant. I just cared about cooking. I wanted to make a difference in the world, but realized that I was just cooking for people who had money and could barely make ends meet. It’s fulfilling.

Look for the first four Tiny Fish Co flavors at Portland’s Wellspent Market (which also serves as a distributor) and other grocers. I put them to the test with Noah Cable of Hauman and Wellspent. Here’s how they stack up.

Tasting notes and grading from Tiny Fish Co.

4. Smoked Mussels in Escabèche First impression: super meaty mussels with a powerful Moorish vibe – lots of toasted cumin and fennel against the olive oil and sherry vinegar. “It’s not a typical Spanish escabeche, but a bolder, spicier flavor,” says Hauman, who likes them cooked over hummus or whipped into dips.

3. Redfish in sweet soy sauce
Sweet white Pacific fish with a tuna-like flake in a dark, sweet-salty pool accented with mirin, cane sugar, mustard and wasabi. It could be the line’s signature, with enough liquid for an instant meal over rice to which Hauman adds pickles, herbs, an egg and scribbled Kewpie mayonnaise.

2. Smoked Geoduck with Black Pepper
We should name a state fish after Hauman. She transformed a creature from the Northwest that looks like a demented sweet potato into something akin to bacon from canned Northwest clams – all chewy, smoky, cracked peppercorns and brown sugar. On another bite, notes of paprika appear and the mind drifts towards the barbecue. Hauman’s latest eureka: the GLT.

1. Octopus with lemon and dill
If I could only eat one small fish from here to eternity, this is it. How many times can you find tender, wild-caught octopus from Alaskan waters sitting in a can of clarified butter? It tastes luxurious and chews delicate, at room temperature or reheated. Cable just dips the bread straight into the sauce, in the box, while chirping, “It’s dill butter, yum yum, so good.” Who can argue?

FLETCHER Announces “Meet Her at the Bar”: Pride Month Pop Ups


Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter FLETCHER is thrilled to announce her first-ever encounter with her at the bar: A Pride Month Experience – a one-of-a-kind celebration that finds FLETCHER partnering with Lyft to appear and perform in front of four culturally significant women. queer bar owners across the country.

In addition to directly supporting these bars, FLETCHER raises funds for GLAAD’s Rapid Response Initiative and the Communities of Color program. Go here for more information on tickets to Meet Her At The Bar, and see below for the full list of dates.

Inspired by the Lesbian Bar Project’s efforts to support the country’s few remaining lesbian bars — with the goal of preserving safe spaces for queer communities across the United States — Meet Her At The Bar will kick off June 12 at Pearl Bar in Houston, TX. Just in time for NYC Pride weekend, the fan experience will wrap up on June 24 at the famed Henrietta Hudson in New York City.

Each stop will provide unique opportunities for fans to connect as they join FLETCHER in giving back to these essential bars. To that end, all bars participating in the Fan Experience will receive direct support through merchandising proceeds, bar sales, and other on-site activations at events.

“Being on tour again for the past few months and seeing so many queer people at my shows, dancing, laughing, crying and being freely themselves, has reminded me of the importance of safe spaces,” says FLETCHER. “I recently became aware of the incredible work the Lesbian Bar Project has done over the past few years to help protect these spaces which for decades have served as sanctuaries and refuges for the Queer community. Their research has shown that in 1980 there were about 200 lesbian bars in operation and today there are less than 25. This inspired me to take a few trips around the country to help elevate and support female-owned Queer spaces in every way possible to ultimately create more of a conversation around the importance of keeping these spaces open for all of us, now more than ever.”

As part of FLETCHER’s collaboration with Lyft, the company has created a unique “FLETCHER mode” accessible within the Lyft app by using the code FORFLETCHER to activate a special message from the artist.

Throughout June, FLETCHER is also raising funds for GLAAD through its social media channels and Lyft will match donations up to $10,000. Capitol Records will also match donations up to $10,000 with all donations directed to GLAAD’s Rapid Response Initiative (an effort to protect vulnerable LGBTQ youth from misinformation deployed against their right to grow up as themselves, by safety and peace) and GLAAD’s Communities of Color Program (a media-focused program whose mission is to drive change in the Southern region of the United States by educating the public about issues facing the community, as well than reducing HIV and AIDS-related stigma and accelerating acceptance of LGBTQ people of color).

FLETCHER is currently soliciting donations via her Instagram and Tik Tok – follow the link on her profile to donate now. Beginning June 12, fans can find FLETCHER’s Meet Her At The Bar tour locations as well as his other favorite Queer spots in his Apple Maps Hyperlocal guide, HERE.

June 12 – Pearl Bar – Houston, TX

June 17 – As You Are – Washington, DC

June 21 – Gossip Grill – San Diego, CA

June 24 – Henrietta Hudson – New York, NY

One of the most compelling queer icons of her generation, FLETCHER headlined the Stonewall Inn Gives Back initiative’s annual Pride launch last Wednesday in New York City. The elite lineup of pop superstars who have previously appeared in the historic bar include the likes of Madonna, Taylor Swift and many more.

Earlier this year, FLETCHER wrapped up their sold-out headlining tour of North America and Europe – a long-awaited tour that included their first-ever performances of the hits “Undrunk”, the gold-certified “Bitter”, and other tracks from her highly praised EP THE S(EX) TAPES. With new music coming soon, FLETCHER’s latest releases include his breakthrough single “girls girls girls” and “Cherry” featuring Hayley Kiyoko.

Praised by leading outlets such as TIME, Wonderland, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview Magazine, GQ, NME, The Guardian, and more, FLETCHER hails from Asbury Park, New Jersey, where she cultivated her passion for music and its narration of an unforgettable frankness. In 2019 she released her debut EP, You Ruined New York City For Me.

The widely acclaimed EP includes his breakthrough hit “Undrunk,” a track that spent several weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, scored No. 1 on Spotify’s Viral Chart and became the fastest rising song to date. pop radio from a new artist in the last five years. Released in September 2020, FLETCHER’s EP THE S(EX) TAPES reached No. 1 on iTunes across all genres and garnered praise from outlets like Teen Vogue, SPIN, PAPER, GQ, and more. while the EP’s gold-certified lead single “Bitter” is fast approaching 200 million worldwide streams.

FLETCHER continues its triumphant run with recent singles “girls girls girls”, – a bold reimagining of Katy Perry’s iconic “I Kissed a Girl” (released with Perry’s early approval) – and “Cherry” with pop trailblazing star Hayley Kiyoko. The intricately detailed and intoxicating tracks cemented FLETCHER’s status as one of the most compelling queer icons of his generation.

Over the years, FLETCHER has sold out several landmark tours and landed impressive slots at major festivals. His recent 2022 flagship tour of North America and Europe sold out within minutes of going on sale. FLETCHER was also nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist and landed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2022. FLETCHER’s TV performances to date include “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, “TODAY” and “Ellen”. She will be releasing her debut album this fall via Capitol Records.

New Queen’s Head and Rebel Rebel bars nod to the old queer glory of Old Town


Jhe spent a few The years have brought plenty of news about the closure of queer spaces in Portland – legendary spots Embers, Hobo’s, the Roxy and Local Lounge have all closed since 2017 – but as Pride 2022 approaches, there are signs of life. And perhaps surprisingly (but perhaps not), they are concentrated in the historically queer center of the Old City.

The Queen’s Head, an eerie twist on classic English pubs inspired by owner Daniel Bund’s time in London, opened in November 2021 just behind Voodoo Donut and features a stacked weekly lineup including trivia, karaoke, slam poetry, storytelling and drag queen piano evenings. Bund wants to clarify that the Queen’s Head is a queer bar – meaning a space for everyone under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella – not just a gay or lesbian place with the occasional night swinging into the other meaning. “I still think there is a place for specifically gay male or lesbian spaces as well. It’s just not what we do or who our customers are,” Bund says.

His new neighbors are on the same page. “It’s up to a lot of us as queer business owners to really focus on building community,” says J Buck, owner of Rebel Rebel, another new queer bar that opened its doors just two blocks from the Queen’s Head in February. An intimate alley-style space, Rebel Rebel is bathed in red neon and decorated with tropical plants, wood paneling and silver cats: personal touches that pay homage to Buck’s Hawaiian upbringing. The space is hyper-colorful, with a disco ball and DJ rig in the back, but it also has a laid-back neighborhood charm that allows Rebel Rebel to go from being a drag hot spot on some nights to a place relaxing after the show for queens on others. Buck hopes that fluidity comes to characterize the space.

“It’s not just my bar, my idea, ‘This is how it’s going to be.’ It’s a free and changing space. With the lineup, the drag queens, the DJs and all, I want to let the community take the wheel and decide what we really want,” he says. “We’re not going to put us in a box.

The inclusive intentions of Queen’s Head and Rebel Rebel both informed where they chose to open, with neighboring businesses like CC Slaughters and Darcelle’s helping to foster a sort of gay neighborhood vibe reminiscent of the so- saying “Vaseline Alley” from the downtown 80s and 90s. Bund says that despite the current stigma in the area, its queer nightlife is starting to find its footing.

“If you live in the suburbs or you don’t live near the city center, there’s this misconception that the neighborhood is on fire, and that’s absolutely not the case,” he notes. “There are a lot of people living on the streets and sometimes we have to be a resource for them, but they alone don’t make the city center unsafe. The best thing we can do is encourage critical mass: the more people there are, the safer we will feel. If it remains a ghost town, it will be a bit difficult.

While Pride events weren’t locked down at press time, venues were looking forward to locking in parties with their neighbors in June. “We’re the closest space to the Pride festival in Waterfront Park, and we’re already on a pedestrian walkway, so we’re ready,” Bund says. Through the highs and lows of opening up a queer space in an unpredictable time, he says the times when he can revel in what he has built are worth it. “A few nights ago, someone who wasn’t binary proposed to his trans girlfriend, and they were like, ‘This is the first place we felt safe.’ I run a business and it’s stressful to work seven days a week, 10 hours a day, but when I get to enjoy it and see people having a good time, it’s so rewarding and empowering .

Five loans to start your business – Flux Magazine


Al Woods words

When you start a business you need money, there is no getting around it. It is necessary to have enough capital to grow, expand and advance your business. Whether you have money to start your business or not, having enough capital is essential to grow. That’s where loans come in. Whether you’re trying to open a cafe or start a tech business, capital is imperative. No matter what type of business you start, you will need money. Below are five loans to help you start a business.

Business loans

The obvious option when it comes to starting a business is a business loan. Business loans usually come from banks and can have very high interest rates. Other lenders may be interested in providing funding for your business, but they will generally want to understand your business model and what you are looking to accomplish. If a lender likes your business model, they’ll be more likely to provide you with the funds you need. Business loans vary quite a bit. They are dynamic and versatile, but they might not be the best option for you.

Personal loans

Another option for starting a business is a personal loan. Personal loans are of two different types. Secured loans generally use collateral. It’s a good option to buy a big piece of equipment when you start your business. For example, if you are trying to start a brewery, you can use a secured loan to purchase a brewing kit. Of course, you must make the payments on time. Failure to do so could result in the lender repossessing your equipment. Unsecured loans, however, do not require collateral. These are based on your credit score. When trying to start a business, an unsecured personal loan can be a great way to get cash to use for anything.

Installment loans

Installment loans are just that, loans offered in multiple installments. You may be thinking, what is the difference between payday loan and installment loan choice ? Payday loans help borrowers through a specific period, and they pay it in the interest rate. Installment loans are loan options that provide funds in bursts. This way, you won’t have to pay it all off at once and enjoy the benefits of getting money every week or so. They too does not require a credit check. These loans are great for starting a business because you will receive money as you spend it and determine the base or operations.


Crowdfunding is a non-traditional loan to help you start your business. Sure, you could ask people to give you free money back, but you probably won’t get that many donations. Instead, you can offer lenders freebies, products, and special offers. Crowdfunding is a great way to determine your target demographic. It’s, in a sense, a loan, but it’s directly from your customers to get you started. If you have a product or service in demand, crowdfunding is a good option for a non-traditional loan.

Small business loans

Small business loans can be a little different from traditional business loans. Many of these loans come from the government. When you open in a location that needs economic development, the city or county might be willing to loan you money to start the business. Small business loans are also available from private lenders, but generally these businesses are set up in places where it benefits the business.

When you start a business, there are so many things to think about. The most important thing to start a business is to have enough money. You need capital to start the business and keep it running for years. If you’re not making money right away, this is especially relevant. You’re lucky. There are many types of loans to choose from to get started. If you think you’ll need money to take the business to its highest potential, you shouldn’t overlook your loan options. Instead, do some research to find the best loan for your business model. You won’t regret it when you have a successful business in your hands!

Do you like cocktails? Head to the new cocktail bar and kitchen in Pune RN


Positioned as a casual cocktail bar and foodie, Qora is the newest addition to Pune’s standalone bar and restaurant scene.

A joint venture between renowned Pune restaurateur Aman Talreja and Siddharth Katyal, the highly anticipated Qora – Cocktail Bar & Kitchen opened its doors a few weeks ago in the bustling back streets of Koregaon Park.

The newest cocktail bar

The unassuming resto-bar offers a relaxed yet upbeat vibe and spans 4,000 square feet over three levels with a gorgeous alfresco space, private dining room, and chic bar. It’s done in muted, earthy tones with hints of copper, terracotta, rust, and beige. The space exudes a luxurious yet easy charm with taupe stone accent walls and strategically placed plants throughout.

The newest cocktail bar

Keeping progressive culinary trends in mind, Qora’s menu is a creative mix of comfort food, bar bites and entrees with a focus on modern Asian and Indian dishes. We tried Dan Dan Noodles, Jackfruit Galawati Kebab, Biryani Mushroom Mix, Cashew Butter Miso Eggplant, and Vietnamese Summer Rolls, all of which turned out to be great choices. Each of the dishes allowed the ingredients to shine without being drowned in the sauces; the waiter informed us that the chef makes his secret spice blends in-house. We were also impressed by the signature cocktails with innovative concepts made with unique fresh ingredients. We tried the Elixir, Terrazzo and Third Eye which were refreshing, mild and paired well with food.

We didn’t have much space for dessert, thanks to the large portions of food, but we tried the Baked Rasgulla, which turned out to be a fitting ending to a fabulous meal.

Qora is the place to go if you’re looking for a delicious meal over a drink after a long day at work or an upscale cocktail.

Schedule : from 12 p.m.

Price points: Rs 2,000 for two

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Paul Hynes of seafood restaurant La Cote takes home a big one by being named chef of the year


Paul Hynes, the Michelin-trained owner of seafood restaurant La Cote on Custom Quay in Wexford and the Cheeky Cod hut on the quay had reason to open the champagne after winning Chef of the Year in the 2022 YesChef Magazine Awards.

hef/patron Paul whose wife Edwina is the restaurant manager, received his glass trophy and a set of knives made by Walled City Blades during a long-awaited celebration of the hospitality industry in Ireland at the Limerick Hotel Strand.

Colleagues and friends from across the island came together to support each other on an emotional night as Ireland’s best were revealed. The sold-out event was hosted by Shane Smith, Managing Director of NI Media, who said, “We’ve been waiting a long time for this night. It’s wonderful to see an industry that has been decimated rebound so quickly.

Paul Hynes said he was “totally blown away” by the national victory. “What an honor to have won this award. It means a lot to me and to the La Cote team. We have great staff, suppliers and customers. When we win awards, it gives us the impetus to keep doing what we do.

While traveling and training in the industry, he had long harbored ambitions to return to his hometown and open a seafood restaurant. respect for it. The days spent fishing on the bridge when I was younger are some of my fondest memories.

In 2014 he and Edwina, also a trained chef, opened their contemporary seafood restaurant overlooking Wexford Harbor and the town’s famous mussel trawlers.

Food is a passion for the couple and outside La Côte it is not uncommon to find Paul angling for a piece of prized sea bass or mackerel, foraging Ferrycarrig for wild garlic or Curracloe from glasswort. They grow edible flowers and herbs in restaurant planters. He and Edwina travel regularly in search of new culinary experiences to inspire each other.

The Coast is no stranger to awards. Previous accolades include being named Seafood Restaurant of the Year 2016 by the Georgina Campbell Ireland Guide and most recently Best Restaurant and Best Chef for County Wexford at the Irish Restaurant Awards 2018, with Edwina also winning Best Restaurant Manager ( Leinster) 2019. The restaurant holds the Michelin Assiette, or Michelin Plate, indicating a restaurant of outstanding cuisine and quality.

During the Covid lockdown last year the couple won a Council tender to open a takeaway on the quayside – they describe the Cheeky Cod as their fish shack and little brother to La Cote. “There’s nothing better than eating freshly cooked fish and chips while watching the world go by from Wexford Quay,” said Paul.

Although times may vary depending on the weather, Cheeky Cod is open Wednesday through Sunday while Sunday lunch has also been added to La Cote which opens at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Detroit has something for every type of traveler… what’s in it for you?


Gourmets and craft lovers

Hotels: Foodies won’t regret a reservation at the Shinola Hotel. Order from their full-service in-room dining options or dine at one of the hotel’s award-winning restaurants and bars: San Morello, The Brakeman, Evening Bar, Penny Red’s and Mister Dips. The Detroit Foundation Hotel, home to The Apparatus Room restaurant and lounge, is another great choice.

Restaurants: There are so many award-winning restaurants in Detroit, it will be hard to choose just a few. Gray Ghost often features on lists of Detroit’s best food and cocktails. Some hot new restaurants include Bard, midnight templeand even Mom’s Spaghetti (Eminem’s restaurant… yes this Eminem). Craft beer lovers should stop by Founders Brewing Co., Batch Brewing Company, Atwater Brewery, Motor City Brewing Works, 8 Degrees Plato, and Brew Detroit. Those who prefer wine and cocktails should bookmark The Sugar House, The Skip, Be ready, House of Pure Vin and Detroit Vineyards Tasting Room. Prefer something a little more challenging? Metro Detroit distilleries include Valentine’s Day Distillation, Detroit City DistilleryTwo James Spirits, and more.

Activities: Instead, your Detroit itinerary will be filled with restaurants, cocktail lounges, breweries, and distilleries. If you want to add some structure, join a Motor City Brews tour or a pub crawl with The Michigan Pedaler. The all-new Detroit Brew Trail is another great way to guide your stay in Detroit.

Schapiro: A payday loan battle that started in Virginia with a whimper, ended with a bang | Columnists


Jeff Schapiro


Jay Speer has been lobbying the Virginia legislature for as long as he’s been a parent: 22 years.

And for almost all, while he and his wife raised two children, both now out of college, Speer fought back against the high-cost instant loan industry, arguing that payday lenders and securities cars mainly exploit the poor. with debts they find it difficult to repay – if at all.

For Speer, executive director of the Virginia Poverty Law Center, the industry is now a much smaller target, having been held back by rules imposed by Democrats in 2020, when their party commanded every corner of state government. Even Republicans long friends of the lenders supported the reforms.

Speer’s fight with loanees may have died down, but it’s by no means over. A little-noticed mid-May settlement of a federal lawsuit filed more than three years ago by Speer’s organization and two law firms, Kelly Guzzo of Fairfax and Consumer Litigation Associates of Newport News, says as much. .

Under the settlement, 550,000 borrowers here and in other states won’t have to pay $489 million in illegal internet-based payday loans for which they were charged 600% interest. Most borrowers will split $450 million in cash repayments. An additional $39 million is for those who paid illegal amounts to lenders.

People also read…

Despite their checkered track record, Virginia was open to payday lenders — they’re so called because they provide a cash advance against a borrower’s salary — during a pro Democrat’s 2002-2006 gubernatorial term. -company, Mark Warner, now a US senator who has since cooled off in the industry.

Warner signed the legislation sent to him by a Republican-controlled General Assembly even as his top aides pressed him to reject it. One of them threatened to resign in protest. Warner’s successor, fellow Democrat Tim Kaine, not a fan of lenders, tried in vain to negotiate reforms acceptable to the industry and its opponents.

A 2009 attempt to limit the frequency of lending — it was spearheaded by several senior House Republicans and a white-shoe law firm with close ties to the GOP — drove out some lenders. To stay open in Virginia, many revamped their business model, operating under a provision of state law that allowed them to charge higher interest rates.

Over the next few years there would be other – unsuccessful – efforts to bring the lenders to heel. The industry’s footprint in Virginia expanded in 2011, when the state sanctioned car title lending under which a borrower risks losing their motor vehicle if a loan is not paid. . At the time, Republicans held the Legislative Assembly and the office of governor.

Finally, in 2020, with Democrats in full control of the state house for the first time in nearly 30 years, Virginia passed sweeping protections under the Fairness in Lending Act. The measure has generated bipartisan support that lobbyists on both sides attribute to legislative fatigue over years of fighting.

At times the debate was theatrical, overshadowing larger and lingering issues: that traditional financial institutions – banks and credit unions – then showed little interest in small loans, viewing them as risky and unprofitable. Additionally, competition among payday lenders for a seemingly captive audience was limited because their high-cost products were similar.

Lenders were blocking public hearings with credit union workers who had been bussed to Richmond, many of them from Hampton Roads, where there were many stores. Rebuking lenders as loan sharks, an enemy of the industry—a moving company executive who tried to pay off an employee’s five-figure debt—sometimes showed up in, you guessed it, a suit of shark.

Although it took effect in 2021, the law capped interest and fees on payday and car title loans and locked in the interest rate on consumer purchases paid over time at 36%. time. The law also created safeguards against online payday lenders based in other states or, like those in the May settlement, operated by sovereign Native American tribes shielded from many laws.

The Pew Charitable Trusts reports that Virginia — where lenders have worked their will through well-placed lobbyists and, since Speer’s arrival two decades ago, with millions of dollars in donations to lawmakers — is the one of four states since 2010 to enact broad protections for payday borrowers while guaranteeing access to credit. The others are Colorado, Ohio and Hawaii.

“In these states, lenders are cost-effectively offering small loans that are repaid in affordable installments and cost four times less than typical one-time payment payday loans that borrowers must repay in full on their next payday,” Pew said. in an April survey of all 32 states. who authorize payday loans.

Among Virginia’s neighbors, Washington, DC, Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia ban payday loans, according to the Consumer Federation of America, a consumer advocacy and research group. Loans are legal in Kentucky.

The impact of Virginia’s new law on lenders is still unclear, though Pew says it would likely mean fewer payday stores. The State Corporation Commission’s Office of Financial Institutions is expected to produce a first overview of the legislature this month.

A consequence of the reform: possible competition between banks for small borrowers. Personal finance website NerdWallet says low-interest, low-dollar loans are expected to be offered by national companies such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Truist. Could this be a magnet for cash-strapped, inflation-worried customers?

It’s all part of a larger overhaul of a facet of consumer finance that in Virginia has long been described as big business exploiting the little man. Heck, they aren’t even called payday loans anymore. By law, these are short-term loans.

Contact Jeff E. Schapiro at (804) 649-6814 or [email protected] Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter, @RTDSchapiro.

How to win pub quizzes: “A good team is a bit like a political cabinet” | Ads


“Which state finished last in the Sheffield Shield cricket competition this year? »

Pressure does funny things to people. I participated in Who wants to be a millionaire? hot seat opposite Eddie McGuire. I had my nerves in shreds trying to win hundreds of thousands of dollars on Million Dollar Minute. I spent seven years as a hunter, standing between competitors and their money on The Chase Australia.

I was also a cricket reporter for a decade, and there’s no pressure like the burden of your pub trivia team watching you expectantly when the host asks a question that should be your bread and yours. butter and you have no idea what the answer is. When this Sheffield Shield question was asked, I felt like Anthony Albanese was toast on the unemployment figures.

“Ah, sorry, I don’t know what it is.”

My team that night consisted of my fellow Aussie hunters, Issa “The Supernerd” Schultz, Matt “Goliath” Parkinson and Cheryl “The Tiger Mum” Toh, along with Cheryl’s regular teammate Alan. We’re so rarely all together at once that we thought the pub trivia would be a fun bonding experience.

We headed to the Union Hotel in North Sydney, regular punters probably considering us the four horsemen of the trivial apocalypse. We won the night and defended our reputations, but we were also human. We no longer remember the name of the actor who plays Silent Bob in Clerks and Mallrats (Jason Mewes), picked the wrong year for the release of Norah Jones’ Don’t Know Why, and…uh…well…didn’t name a certain cricket team.

Brydon Coverdale, who went from quiz contestant to host. Photography: Allen and Unwin

I know we missed those questions because Cheryl, who is a lawyer, keeps detailed notes and emails her regular teammates with a list of questions they answered incorrectly. It’s a great way to remember for next time, if the question ever comes up. I’ve always found that writing things down helps me remember, so writing down practice questions is the most effective coaching technique for me.

Taking notes might not be everyone’s fun idea, but there are other ways to improve your ad’s performance. To start, if you’re not sure, guess the “percentage answer”. What ocean? The Pacific is the biggest, try that. What American city? Say New York. What garbage state cricket team? I should have known it was South Australia, the perennial wooden spoons.

But success in pub trivia isn’t just about guessing. A good team is a bit like a political cabinet. We need a sports minister, a geography minister, a music minister. A Kardashian minister is just as valuable as a science minister — sometimes the same person even holds both portfolios. What you want is a team full of complementary strengths, not a group where everyone knows the winner of the 1977 Grand Final but no one has heard of The Kid Laroi.

Once you’ve assembled your crack quiz team, there are some do’s and don’ts.

Listen carefully to the question, and ask for it to be repeated if you are unclear. I was once at a pub quiz in London when a team thought the host had asked for Britain’s biggest carnival and answered Notting Hill. They were baffled that the correct answer was “badger”, until they realized it was Britain’s largest carnivore.

Do not argue with the host. Pub trivia is meant to be fun. You may be playing for a roast lamb counter meal, but not for the whole sheep station. And remember, the host is the one in control of the score, so make it worse at your own risk. Your pedantry might earn you a point here, but you might mysteriously lose a point elsewhere.

Listen to your teammates. The worst person in a pub quiz team is the steamroller who talks to his teammates (the steamroller is almost always male) and rejects their suggested answers out of hand, which are probably correct. A good team brings everyone into the discussion and tries to find a solution together.

The quiz masters

Don’t get too drunk. By all means, have a few drinks, enjoy a meal, have fun and support the pub that pays for the trivia. The sites have had a tough few years; the more money in the bar on a quiz night, the better for everyone. But don’t get so lost as to look at Elvis Costello on the photos page and think it’s the Proclaimers.

Most importantly, have fun with your friends and don’t worry if you miss a question you should know. It even happens to prosecutors and prime ministers.

Food giants can help put alternative meats on everyone’s table


Plant-based and cultured meats are becoming big business. (Photo by LikeMeat on Unsplash)

As the main story of a recent edition of Economist argues that avoiding mass hunger caused by the war in Ukraine is everyone’s business. More finished crops in the world must feed people, because the world can no longer afford the inefficiencies and risks of running crops through animals. Today, there are promising emerging technologies that could feed a growing world population while simultaneously tackling climate change, global health and food security: meat without the animal.

Plant-based alternatives to conventional meat, seafood, eggs and dairy, as well as cultured meat, have seen a significant increase in market traction in recent years. Plant-based meat has established itself as small but mighty in the meat aisle, accounting for 1.4% of U.S. retail meat sales in 2021, with sales growth of 74% since 2018. Meat cultured, identical to conventional meat at the cellular level, scaled from bench research to pilot production in just a few years.

Given that the production of food of animal origin is responsible for more than half of agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions, or almost 20% of total global greenhouse gas emissions from man-made, modernizing meat production by separating it from the animal can help reduce emissions and limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius or less compared to pre-industrial levels. Conventional meat production is also a major pandemic risk factor and uses far more land and water than plant-based meat, further exposing already vulnerable communities to scarce resources.

As consumer interest in alternative proteins grows, driven in part by the global impacts of conventional meat, multinational food companies are investing, partnering, and acquiring startups behind these products. The six largest meat companies in the United States, including JBS, Tyson and Cargill, have all invested in alternative protein companies and/or launched their own product lines. Last year, JBS invested $100 million in acquiring a cultured meat company and establishing a cultured meat research and development center. While some believe that multinational participation can stifle transformation of the food system, my colleagues and I at the Good Food Institute believe that companies of all sizes, including incumbents, will be needed to accelerate the transition to conventional meat.

Investments in place can channel resources to and help develop alternative proteins. There are clear benefits to leveraging the considerable production, sales, marketing and distribution resources of large food companies. Who knows better than meat companies how to market to meat eaters? Today’s alternative proteins are taking a fresh approach by appealing to omnivores with products that mimic the taste, texture and sizzle of conventional meat. A multinational company’s influence on the industry can result in greater availability of products through distribution partnerships given their established relationships with shoppers in stores, making products more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Incumbents across all sectors are constantly evolving in the face of the global climate challenge and changing consumer needs. The shift of major oil and auto companies to renewable energy and electric vehicles has been gradual, and this is part of the criticism from the environmental community – clearly it would be better for climate outcomes to see these sectors shift to lesser practices. harmful with all haste due. Similarly, major food and meat companies should be commended for transitioning their protein portfolios away from conventional meat. This helps them achieve environmental, social and corporate governance goals ranging from protecting vulnerable communities to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Incumbent meat producers have already begun to refer to themselves as “protein companies”, indicating that they will supply protein in the form consumers want, which according to current trends will increasingly more in animal-free forms. These companies are leveraging new alternative protein technologies to position themselves for the future.

Bringing incumbents to the table will help alternative proteins grow rapidly, which is essential if the world is to meet international climate goals. Forecasts by agricultural economists indicate that global meat production and consumption will more than double by 2050. All countries need meat produced in a way that reduces emissions, improves global health, facilitates the recovery of ecosystems and ensuring food security. And so on.

Given the challenges of climate change and global food security, multinationals producing and selling alternative proteins are far better than multinationals using (all) their resources and market power for conventional meat production, which adds risks and vulnerability to an already unstable food system.

Alternative proteins are an important piece – but still a piece – of the food system transformation needed to sustainably and equitably feed 10 billion people by 2050. Other parts of the puzzle include regenerative farming practices, greater diversity cultures, transparent supply chains, fair labor practices and regional approaches to food system solutions and livelihoods, which can also be integrated into the practices and priorities of large food companies. As these companies seek to meet changing consumer demand, realize cost-of-goods savings, and meet their net zero commitments, their resources can be channeled to benefit consumers, workers, public health , animals and the environment, while maintaining their equity. line.

Even in the face of global issues, most people don’t choose to replace beef burgers with kale and chickpeas. But while cultured meat and plant-based alternatives to conventional meat taste the same or better, cost the same or less, and are as accessible as conventional, choosing these options still allows consumers to enjoy the foods that ‘they like. Change takes time, but it can be accelerated by making the sustainable choice the easy choice by default. This is exactly why people need delicious and affordable alternatives. Large food and meat companies, those with the most resources to move markets, can put their diverse assets to work transforming the food system. Let’s celebrate the increased access to alternative proteins, because these solutions will help with the transition.

There is no silver bullet to meet the challenge of building a sustainable, safe and just food system. Real change requires a big-tent approach, where everyone – entrepreneurs, farmers and large food conglomerates – work together to reduce agricultural emissions, improve public health outcomes and increase food system resilience. There is a place for everyone at the table.

Booking.com celebrates sustainability with light installation and plant-based menu


Booking.com rolled out an art x food pop-up experience in Singapore to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5. The campaign aimed to bring sustainability and environmental awareness to the fore and remind people of their impact on the planet when they travel, especially as many are starting to explore the world again.

As part of the campaign, Booking.com has teamed up with artists Mama Magnet and Human Spectrum and plant-based resto-bar Analogue Initiative to create an art installation and an exclusive menu, respectively. The installation, titled “As We Move”, features a piece centered on light that detects and mimics the movements of people. According to Booking.com, the installation encourages visitors to be more aware of the footprint they leave behind. It also aims to show visitors that they have a role to play in improving the environment.

Laura Houldsworth, Vice President and General Manager, APAC, Booking.com said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that while the facility will only be at Analogue for three days, there are “no plans to turn it off”. She said the installation will be placed in the offices of Booking.com, before making a “tour” to other offices in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, Booking.com and Analogue’s exclusive menu “A Conscious Affair” aims to get visitors thinking about what and how they consume while travelling, with dishes inspired by iconic destinations in the world. world such as Japan, Spain and Morocco.

Houldsworth said while sustainable travel has increased over the past 10 to 15 years, it has accelerated significantly over the past few years. While striving to meet the demand for sustainable accommodation, Booking.com has also seen a growing trend of its partners trying to reduce their carbon footprint. From there, Booking.com decided to work with industry players to promote sustainable travel. There has been a strong demand for sustainable accommodation, sustainable transportation and a desire to make a difference in the community.

The campaign also follows Booking.com’s Travel Report, which found that 77% of Singapore travelers said sustainable travel was important to them, and more than half (57%) said new climate change had prompted them to make more sustainable travel choices. Additionally, 54% of Singapore travelers say they want to leave the places they visit better than when they arrive.

Meanwhile, 39% of Singaporeans actively seek sustainability information when booking transport for their trips. A quarter (25%) said they had chosen to travel to a destination closer to home to reduce their carbon footprint and one in four (25%) said they had researched public transport and bike rental options in the area. chosen destination. More than a quarter (27%) also chose to travel by train over longer distances by car while 36% said they were ashamed of flying because of its impact on the environment.

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The Red Jack Saloon is a Boston bar in San Francisco – NBC Boston


Boston sports fans aren’t exclusive to New England. The Red Jack Saloon, a bar in San Francisco, is home to many Boston fans living on the West Coast.

The Red Jack Saloon could be a bar that would fit right in with any area of ​​Charleston, Dorchester, one of the main reasons being that one of the owners has New England roots.

“My dad coached UMass football from 1961 to 1970,” said Mark Fusia, owner of the Red Jack Saloon since 1994. When Fusia bought the bar, he transformed the bayside restaurant into a Boston beacon.

When you walk into the bar, you’re immediately greeted by walls covered in posters and photographs of Boston sports legends, and plenty of people dressed in Boston sportswear on game night.

“New England sports fans are the best,” Fusia said. “And they love getting together and watching the game.”

The Red Jack Saloon has hosted many visitors from the Northeast over the years, including New England Patriot owner Robert Kraft, who discovered the bar on a trip to the West Coast.

“My wife’s friend who knows nothing about New England sports – she’s raised in California – heard someone knock on the door and the guy said, ‘I’m the owner, I’m the owner !”, and he’s pointing at the flags and she thought he was saying “I own the bar”. And she’s like “You’re not the owner, it’s my friend Laurie!” So Laurie can hear it, comes running, and Mr. Kraft is like ‘What’s going on?’ “, Fusia said while describing the meeting of his wife with the emblematic owner of the Patriot.

The New England community of sports fans in the Bay Area are the same ones who kept the little neighborhood bar open after being closed for 455 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Every time we thought we were going to go bust, a New England team would step in,” said Laurie Fusia, co-owner of the bar and wife of her husband Mark. “Customers came to pay our bills. It was such a blessing.”

Love handles: The Brendan Behan is a Boston institution hidden in plain sight


From our Love Handles records of the beer bars we love: This cozy Irish pub in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood specializes in conviviality, local brews and the occasional homemade burrito.

What it is: There are many different incarnations of the Irish pub around the world, but in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood you’ll find the beloved Brendan Behan Pub, a Boston institution hidden in plain sight on Center Street. It is named after the prolific Irish writer, but regulars simply refer to it as “the Behan”. It’s unpretentious and inviting – a place to catch up with a friend or meet someone new. Note: It’s cash only, but there is an ATM on site. There’s no kitchen, but on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, a local favorite named Rafa sells traditional Mexican burritos in a hotel pot.

Why it’s great: As a bonus to the kind of atmosphere that can only be earned over 33 years as a neighborhood gathering place, Behan’s 20 draft lines feature an impressive selection of local crafts, including the likes of Allagash, Exhibit A, Lamplighter, Proclamation, Schilling, and more. (There’s, of course, a line for Guinness and a macro draft beer for less than $4.) They also clean their draft lines regularly and allow dogs. There’s a dart board, but the pub is usually too busy with happy humans to throw sharp objects safely.

Hours: 12 p.m. to 1 a.m., Monday to Sunday
Address: 378 Center St., Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA
The Web: brendanbehanjp.com

Emmit’s Irish pub closing after 26 years in River West


RIVER WEST – Emmit’s Irish Pub is closing its doors this month, ending nearly three decades of one of the country’s best-known Irish pubs.

Retired Chicago firefighters Kevin Doherty and Ron Halvorsen purchased and opened Emmit’s, 495 N. Milwaukee Ave., in the summer of 1996. The pub closed permanently because Halvorsen had health issues and Doherty wanted to leave the restaurant industry, Doherty said.

Emmit’s last day will be June 25.

“If you’re not passionate anymore, it’s time to get out,” Doherty said. “It’s bittersweet.”

The owners are selling the building at Milwaukee and Grand Avenues — right next to Richard’s bar — to a group of restaurants, and the deal is expected to close soon, Doherty said. He courted buyers interested in keeping the Emmit name, but that never materialized, he said.

Emmit’s Irish Pub in West Town on June 3, 2022.

Prior to Emmit’s, the pub was known as O’Sullivan’s Public House, famous for its attempt to hold the first official dwarf throwing contest in the United States. Mayor Harold Washington ended it and no dwarves were cast, reported the Tribune in 1985.

Like its walls adorned with old photos, drawings, jerseys and clippings, Emmit’s has been filled with fond memories. Some employees met their partners working at the pub and started families, Doherty said.

The bar itself, which Halvorsen built by hand, was a perennial stage for the Shannon Rovers Irish Pipe Band. That it’s still standing after years of the band dancing and playing is a testament to Halvorsen’s carpentry skills, Doherty said.

Credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago
The bar at Emmit’s Irish Pub in West Town on June 3, 2022, three weeks before it closes.

Emmit’s has also served many celebrities who have walked through the gold-plated doors looking for a place to relax and have a beer. Former Blackhawks general manager Mike Smith was known to do his post-game interviews from a payphone inside the pub, Doherty recalled.

“A lot of celebrities had come in and out. And, you know, we just treated them like everyone else and I think they liked that,” Doherty said.

Credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago
Chicago Fire Department memorabilia.
Credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

Besides being a popular neighborhood spot, Emmit’s has been featured in several movies and TV shows, including “Uncle Buck”, “Oceans Eleven”, “Oceans Twelve”, “Only the Lonely”, and “Turks”.

The bar has been replicated four times for different film crews, Doherty said. He will also be featured in the upcoming limited series “Justified: City Primeval,” which will air on FX.

“It’s the high ceilings…yeah, I think that’s what it is,” Doherty said with a smile.

Ever since the co-owners quietly announced Emmit’s impending closure on its website, Doherty’s phone has been ringing with customers wanting to keep a piece of the pub’s history, he said. So far, he doesn’t plan to auction off the bar’s wares, as other iconic Chicago restaurants and bars have done.

“We’ll take what we want [to keep] and give the rest to people who might want souvenirs,” he said.

In the pub’s final two weeks, Doherty said everyone who loves Emmit’s is welcome to come ‘have a pint and share a memory’ – from the chess club that plays on Tuesdays to the ladies-only cigar club that frequented the pub in the early 2010s, and everyone in between.

“Let’s have some big parties, people come, tell stories and let the next generation run them for the next 25 years,” Doherty said.

Credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

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Bangkok governor to discuss no-mask rule, extending opening hours of pubs and bars to 2 a.m.

Chadchart said he was interested in the proposal from commercial operators, nightlife enthusiasts and people in general that the opening hours of entertainment venues should be extended until 2 a.m. instead of until 2 a.m. end at midnight.

Bangkok’s newly elected Governor Chadchart Sittipunt said he would quickly discuss ending the face mask mandate and extended opening hours for pubs, bars and public parks for economic reasons.

Mr Chadchart has made his position clear as provincial authorities in Phuket conditionally lifted the requirement for people to wear face masks.

The Governor of Bangkok said Phuket’s decision was interesting and that Bangkok and Phuket had similar backgrounds.

Mr Chadchart said Bangkok needed to move forward and would relax the capital’s face mask mandate as soon as possible. He will discuss the matter with relevant experts from the Department of Health and the Department of Medical Services of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Mr Chadchart also said that he was interested in the proposal from economic operators, nightlife enthusiasts and people in general that the opening hours of entertainment venues should be extended until 2 a.m. at the instead of ending at midnight.

He said he would discuss the matter with relevant organizations and that longer opening hours should also cover public parks. (TNA)

Chadchart has made his position clear as provincial authorities in Phuket conditionally lifted the requirement for people to wear face masks.

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5 Best Online Payday Loans – Online Payday Loans Same Day Deposit & No Rejection Payday Loans Direct Lenders in 2022


Online payday loans are the solution to almost any type of financial lock-up. Whether you need money to redecorate the spare bedroom, buy an expensive birthday present, or pay for an expensive car repair, online payday loans can provide you with the cash you need. Many Americans have experienced the financial flexibility offered by online payday loans, and if you’re looking for financial relief, you can too.

Loan search services such as Viva Payday Loans give borrowers quick access to lenders offering the best payday loans online. With so many online payday loan providers, it can be difficult to choose the right one. This article features the top five direct online payday loan seekers on the market, putting you in direct contact with lenders.

Best online payday loans 2022 – a quick overview

What are the best online payday loans? See our top 5 below:

  • Viva Payday Loans – Best payday loans for fast payments
  • Heart Paydays – Best for No Disclaimer Payday Loans, Direct Lenders Only
  • Credit Clock – Best Online Payday Loans With Fast Approval Process
  • Money Lender Squad – Best for $255 payday loans online same day
  • Very Merry Loans – Best online payday loans with same day deposit

Best General Eligibility Criteria for Online Payday Loans

Borrowers must meet the following criteria to obtain payday loans online.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must hold US residency
  • Must earn a minimum of $1,000 per month
  • Must pass accessibility checks
  • Must have a US bank account

If you have bad credit, you can still apply for the best payday loans online through Viva Payday Loans if you meet the criteria above. While none of the loan finder sites do credit checks on your name directly, lenders offering financing might.

Five Best Online Payday Loans: Same Day Deposit for Bad Credit

1. Viva Payday Loans – Best Payday Loans for Fast Payments

Projector wire

Viva Payday Loans is known for its fast turnaround time, providing access to lenders who offer the best payday loans online in the shortest possible time. To be a successful applicant, you must meet the above loan criteria and pass affordability checks. Once the loan is approved, the funds are disbursed to the borrower within an hour. Interest rates range from 5.99% to 35.99%, depending on the lender.


  • Repayment terms from 2 to 24 months
  • Loan values ​​up to $5,000
  • Fast payments within 60 minutes of loan approval

The inconvenients

  • High interest rates up to 35.99%

Click here to request funds from Viva Payday Loans >

2. Heart Paydays – Best for No Disclaimer Payday Loans Only for Direct Lenders

700xall-(3)Projector wire

Borrowers with bad FICO scores or no credit history can apply for the best online payday loans for bad credit through the Heart Paydays portal and still stand a chance of getting the money they need if they are currently in an excellent financial situation. When using this loan finder service, borrowers are tempted to be matched with direct no-disclaimer lenders only who are most likely to view their financial situation favorably. Loan amounts range from $100 to $5,000 with APRs of 5.99% to 35.99% and 2 to 24 months to pay off.


  • Simple eligibility requirements
  • Almost instantaneous request feedback in 2 minutes
  • Flexible repayment terms

The inconvenients

3. Credit Clock – Best Online Payday Loans for Fast Approval Process

700xall-(1)Projector wire

When the best online payday loans are needed in a hurry, time seems to fly without giving you a second to catch your breath. This is where Credit Clock comes to the rescue with lenders that offer fast approval processes and even faster payments.

Credit Clock connects borrowers and lenders with the click of a button. Lenders through Credit Clock offer borrowers affordable loan amounts from $100 to $5,000 for 2 to 24 months. Interest rates range from 5.99% to 35.99%, which may seem high but may be worth the convenience, fast loan approvals and quick repayments. Check if you meet the loan criteria above and apply today!


  • Fast payments
  • The easy online application process
  • Affordable Loans

The inconvenients

  • Interest rate up to 35.99%

4. Money Lender Squad – Best for $255 Same Day Online Payday Loans

700xall-(2)Projector wire

Money Lender Squad gives borrowers direct access to lenders without the usual hassle of traditional financial institutions. Their loan finder service helps borrowers apply for the best direct online payday loans online with a single application.

The process is simple and requires borrowers to enter their details, choose their loan amount and repayment period, and the best payday loans online appear in minutes. Online payday loans through lenders on the Money Lender Squad portal range from $100 to $5,000 with APRs of 5.99% to 35.99% and 2 to 24 months to pay off!


  • The fast online application process
  • Offers $255 payday loans online and same day deposit
  • Loan amounts up to $5,000

The inconvenients

  • Not all requests are guaranteed to be approved

5. Very Merry Loans – Best Online Payday Loans with Same Day Deposit

700xall-(5)Projector wire

If you don’t need a large loan, the best online payday loans are available through the Very Merry Loans portal lenders. Loan amounts are kept small to keep them affordable, and APRs typically range from 5.99% to 35.99%. Additionally, lenders on the Very Merry Loans platform are known to pay on the same day as loan approval, giving borrowers access to seemingly instant cash. If you meet the general loan criteria mentioned above, you can easily apply for some of the best payday loans online through lenders on the Very Merry Loans platform.


  • Same day payments
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Quick online application in 2 minutes

The inconvenients

  • Loan amounts capped at $2,000

Best Online Payday Loans Same Day Features and Considerations

Credit checks

Most online payday loans through US-based lenders are subject to credit checking by law. No credit check, instant approval. However, if you have a bad FICO score but your financial situation has improved, you can still apply online for the best payday loans.


Affordability is key when applying for the best payday loans online. When processing your application, lenders will do an affordability check, such as comparing your bank account to expenses and pay stubs.


Your loan agreement will specify the penalties and fees associated with your loans. Therefore, it is best to familiarize yourself with the terms of the loan agreement to avoid paying early or late repayment fees.


Online payday loans are an excellent form of financing for those who need funds quickly. They give you the flexibility you need between now and your next payday if you find yourself in a difficult financial situation.


What are the best and easiest payday loans to get same day?

Online payday loans are fast, simple and convenient. First, borrowers complete a simple online application that connects them to a panel of lenders. From there, lenders assess the borrower’s affordability and, if they can afford the loan, funds are usually disbursed the same day.

What is the highest payday loan to get?

Online payday lenders offer loans between $100 and $5,000. Depending on the lender, APRs can range from 5.99% to 35.99% with the providers mentioned above. However, most lenders offer flexible repayment terms of 2-12 months or 2-24 months.

What are the best online payday loans?

Borrowers asking about the best payday loans online can use a range of loan search platforms such as Viva Payday Loans to find the best loan for them. Loan finder services simultaneously connect the borrower to a wide range of lenders. This means they are more likely to get a loan because multiple lenders have assessed their applications.

Disclaimer – The above content is not editorial, and Economic Times hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, in connection therewith, and does not necessarily warrant, guarantee or endorse any content. The loan websites reviewed are loan matching services, not direct lenders. Therefore, they are not directly involved in the acceptance of your loan application. Applying for a loan with the websites does not guarantee acceptance of a loan. This article does not provide financial advice. Please seek the assistance of a financial advisor if you need financial assistance. Loans available only to US residents.

Sauce Magazine – Bob’s Seafood in University City is permanently closing


Bob’s Seafood in University City is closing permanently

Bob’s Seafood, the longtime seafood wholesaler and retailer at 8660 Olive Blvd. in University City, will close Saturday, June 4, due to an eminent domain seizure by University City.

“We’ve fought tooth and nail to stay open,” Chief Executive Josiah Badenoch said, “but the government gets what it wants.”

Originally founded by Bob Mepham in the late 70’s, Bob’s Seafood has been serving fresh seafood to area grocery stores, restaurants and seafood lovers for 46 years. Mepham started the establishment with the intention of introducing fresh seafood to a terribly landlocked state that often lacks fresh fish. Weekly trips to the Gulf to directly source seafood eventually shortened to daily airport shipment pick-up trips as the business grew and moved to its current location in U. City in 2005. Now co-owned by Mepham and his wife Barbara, the couple plan to retire after the shutdown. Specific future plans for the space are still unknown, but mixed-use development is planned for the area.

Find more closure updates on Bob’s Seafood Facebook.

Beat the heat in New York this summer


This summer, more vacationers are choosing to stay closer to home, especially as fuel prices continue to rise and the cost of airfare rises. New survey data from vacation rental company Vacasa shows that about 74% of visitors plan to travel to the United States and 63% of Americans plan to go on a summer vacation. Nearly half of American travelers plan to go somewhere on July 4e 31% on Memorial Day weekend and 25% on Labor Day. According to Google’s Summer Travel Report, the best places to beat the heat are New York, Orlando and Las Vegas.

Here are two cool experiences in New York, a very stylish and practical sun hat to protect you outside, and a great new restaurant to try in the Big Apple.

RiseNY: The newest funniest activity is RiseNY, a one-of-a-kind attraction in the heart of New York City (160 West 45th Street) that combines NYC-focused museum exhibit galleries with the kind of soaring ride you’ll never find than in a theme park.

Strapped into their seats, visitors experience the ultimate sensation of flying and soaring above New York City, 30 feet in the air. RiseNY is the city’s first-ever flight simulation ride with full-motion seats that dive, spin, and soar, while wind, mist, and scents enhance the experience. Visitors travel through time through different eras in New York City, starting with a simulated subway ride that comes to life and transforms into a fully immersive theater with visual and special effects.

The first exhibit is “Manhatta”, the original name of Manhattan, attributed to the Lenape translation of “island of many hills”. The story continues with the colony of New Amsterdam (later New York City), whose Dutch settlers were attracted to beaver pelts (and that is why the beaver appeared on flags and seals of the city for centuries). Visitors learn about New York’s rise as a commercial capital of commerce and finance, with one of the first checks signed by Alexander Hamilton.

In the 1900s, the first office buildings with an elevator – a mere ten stories – sprung up in lower Manhattan. By the end of the century, the city had 12 towers of 20 stories or more. Elisha Otis’ elevator with a brake made the construction of skyscrapers possible, raising the status of NYC to a vertical metropolis. Today, NYC has the most supertalls of any city in the world. The southern boundary of Central Park South and West 57e St has so many posh tall buildings that it is known as Billionaire’s Row.

The radio, thanks to the inventor Nikola Tesla, became a reality at the beginning of the 20e Century, and in 1922, the waves exploded with more than 500 radio stations. Television was next with a six-minute sketch on October 5, 1951, with Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) and his wife, Alice (Audrey Meadows). The sketch aired on television in 1955 and “The Honeymooners” became a sitcom. There is a replica of the Ed Sullivan stage showing the appearance of the Beatles. The musical exhibit includes the guitar that Bruce Springsteen wrote about Born to run. The costume exhibit includes Ziegfeld’s costume for Barbara Streisand in funny girl in 1968, and more recent costumes include those of The Lion King, Hamilton, Aladdin, and more. There are also film clips from current Broadway productions.

The centerpiece of RiseNY is the breathtaking 46-seat ride in a state-of-the-art flying theater, allowing visitors of all ages a unique, bird’s eye view of the Big Apple. Lifted into the air, guests are suspended with their feet dangling as they glide over the skyline and iconic New York landmarks inside a 180-degree, 40-foot projection dome with 8K aerial footage. Full-motion seats dip, spin, and rise, while wind, mist, and scents enhance the experience. The experience is not to be missed. For tickets and hours of operation, visit RiseNY.

Tinggly’s Unique Gift Experiences: If you’re looking for more adventure, consider giving a loved one (or yourself) Tinggly, a global and sustainable experience gifting company that hopes to help people give more meaningful gifts.

Tinggly conducted a survey in which 90% of people said they would rather have a travel experience than material goods, whether it’s a hotel package in Europe or a cutting-edge helicopter ride. the breath above New York. Tinggly is the world’s first and only global experience gift company where the buyer, the gift recipient and the actual experience can be booked anywhere. So let your fingers wander and find something super cool to do with Tinggly in New York.

Elegant sun protection: Because the summer sun sizzles directly from the concrete canyon onto the boardwalk, it’s important to wear a hat to stay cool and protect your skin. The Wallaroo collection for women, men and children offers a great collection of hats. Most of them are packable, so your hat will be packable, packable, and packable. Whether you choose a fedora, cowboy, beanie, or explorer type, these hats provide UPF 50+ sun protection and much-needed shade. Wallaroo creates functional, fashionable, comfortable and easy to wear hats. And, they donate 1% of their profits to skin cancer research, education, and prevention in the United States, so you’re helping a good cause.

Forget the heat and eat: New York City offers nearly 24,000 restaurants to choose from. One of the newest and coolest is La Grande Boucherie, an authentic French steakhouse/brasserie located at 145 West 53rd Street, right in the heart of downtown. But this restaurant offers much more than steak (although Executive Chef Hector loves his dry-aged steaks).

Built in the Belle Epoque tradition, the 5,500 square foot dining room, bar, mezzanine and 6,000 square foot covered outdoor plaza (which runs the full length of the 53 blockrd at 54e Street), looks like a traditional Parisian alley. Chef Hector (originally from Miami) offers classic and modern French entrees such as foie gras and snails, followed by specialties such as an endless variety of steaks, whole suckling pig, duck and the new spring dish , striped bass covered with delicious vegetable coulis.

La Grande Boucherie serves Vin de France by the glass or bottle ($64 to $900 for a Chevalier Montrachet) as well as seasonal cocktails, French liqueurs and cordials. And the perfect way to end a perfect day in New York? A chocolate tart described by chef Hector, “imagine a fancy Rolo candy”. Apart from his pie, a delicacy of caramel and chocolate is a thousand times better. Enjoy your lunch!

Trashy Vegan Opens in West Asheville, Cucina 24 Chef Reveals Changes


ASHEVILLE — A new restaurant is making its soft debut in West Asheville, a local chef unveils his latest restaurant and bar upgrades, two businesses are teaming up for a summer family night out, and a bottle shop will host a series of tasting events of wines.

The West Way of Asheville

The owners of a popular food truck put their shift in park and opened the doors to their new brick-and-mortar restaurants.

The Trashy Vegan had its soft open over Memorial Day weekend at 697 Haywood Road in West Asheville.

Starting June 3, regular hours will be 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday through Tuesday.

The permanent address will be the only place to get a Trashy Vegan dish for a while. Owners Joel Boggs and Michelle Edwards are giving the food truck a rest as they embark on operations at the new site.

Culinary news:Asheville Restaurant Closing, Upcoming National Food Tour, Local Authors

Read it:This Quick Chickpea and Artichoke Salad Recipe is Packed with Nutrients and Flavor

“We’re going to put this on the back burner temporarily,” Boggs said. “It may reappear in the future, but not until we streamline the restaurant.”

Returning customers will see familiar dishes from the food truck at the restaurant, but expect the menu to change regularly and evolve over time. Soon the restaurant will also launch its bar menu.

The Trashy Vegan in West Asheville on June 1, 2022.

“We try to slow things down and incorporate new stuff probably every week,” he said.

Trashy Vegan serves casual fare without animal meat or by-products, such as plant-based burgers, soy-based “chicken” sandwiches, and nuggets and fries.

“We want people to have a good meal,” Boggs said. “You’re going to have food that looks like comfort food. It’s not like what most people associate with healthy vegan food. It’s definitely vegan junk food, and we want people to see that it can be vegan and be just as delicious and as good as an animal product.

The Trashy Vegan has transformed the former butcher shop window into a plant-based food hub. The interior takes on a bohemian vibe with second-hand furniture and a repurposed bowling floor for the bar, he said.

“It’s definitely very intimate, very cozy but also with a little Trashy Vegan-West Asheville flair,” he said.

For more details, follow The Trashy Vegan on Instagram @the_trashy_vegan. A website will soon be launched.

Sitting on Wall Street

Chef and owner Brian Canipelli is making more intentional changes from menus to the dining experience at his establishments, Cucina 24 Restaurant and Contrada Wine Bar in downtown Asheville.

Customers now have access to a new and improved outdoor dining area on sunny days. And a canopy has been built and umbrellas are provided to cover the table. The expanded outdoor space doubles the capacity for businesses, he said.

Windows have been installed in the buildings which can be opened to bring in fresh air.

“We were waiting for the weather to warm up to really see what this space can do,” Canipelli said. “We also started slow where we only raced on weekends, then we went to five days and now we are open seven days for both spots.

Cucina 24 has gone through many changes since it opened 14 years ago at 28 Wall St. Canipelli has navigated the changing downtown and brought the restaurant out on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with some modifications.

“During COVID, we kind of changed the patterns in the dining room a bit to focus a little more on the ingredients than we already were and try to reduce as much waste as possible when times were so tough. “, said Canipelli.

Cucina24's outdoor seating area.

Cucina 24 offers a set menu of a $60 five-course meal.

Contrada, sister company to Cucina 24, is next door at 28 Wall St. The menu features snacks, pizza, ice cream, draft cocktails, wine, and beer.

“It’s the most laid-back concept in the sense that it’s à la carte and reservation-free,” Canipelli said. “We’re kind of focusing on our brick oven pizzas in this space now.”

The business owner has made changes in areas such as labor, food and waste, he said.

“By doing this we’re dealing with a bit smaller staff than before, but everyone’s schedule is a lot more humane and ideally people have three days off a week, and I’m able to pay people at all levels better than I was before,” Canipelli said.

Cucina 24’s menu is updated daily and offers cuisine inspired by regional and Italian cuisine.

“It’s certainly cutting edge,” he said. “Vegetables kind of take center stage here,” he said. “We build our menus around the produce that comes in from the farm each week and let those elements dictate how the rest of the meats and proteins fit in.”

The restaurant has reduced its ingredients and its sourcing from two main local farms.

Hunger?:5 Restaurants Outside of Asheville City Limits That Are Worth a Trip

Restoration review:What you can get for $30 at Haus Heidelberg food truck

“That’s always been the style of what we do, but it gave me a chance to sit down and assess where we could do a better job,” Canipelli said.

For more details and to make a reservation at Cucina 24, visit cooking24restaurant.com. For more details on Contrada, visit contrada-avl.com.

cool summer

Two Asheville businesses team up for a family party.

Asheville Tea Company and Sugar & Snow Gelato will be hosting the Iced Tea & Gelato Summer Pop-Up Party from 1-4 p.m. on June 5 at Sugar & Snow Gelato, 99 Riverside Drive in the River Arts District.

Asheville Tea Company and Sugar & Snow Gelato will be hosting the Iced Tea & Gelato Summer Pop-Up Party from 1-4 p.m. on June 5 at Sugar & Snow Gelato, 99 Riverside Dr in the River Arts District.

The free event is open to the public. Guests are invited to come and sample tea, shop and taste sweets, as well as special appearances and surprises.

The offering will include artisanal ice cream and seasonal summer iced tea infusions made with local ingredients. A staple of the special collaboration will be the Gelato Iced Tea Float.

For more details on Asheville Tea Company, visit ashevilleteacompany.com. For more details on Sugar & Snow Gelato, visit sugarandsnowgelato.com.

wine down

Save the dates for several summer evenings aimed at educating, entertaining and celebrating the art of winemaking.

MetroWines hosts intimate tastings with special guests at The Bottle Shop, 169 Charlotte St. in Asheville.

On June 14, Bubbles at the Bar will begin at 5 p.m. with Freedom Beverage Company’s Josh Austin. Guests will receive free samples of four sparkling wines during the traveling tasting with the option to purchase varieties for the house.

On June 22, the Zinfandel Tasting with iconic winemaker Carol Shelton will take place from 5-6:30 p.m. The event is free and no reservations are required. Proceeds from Carol Shelton wines sold at the event will be donated to Mountain Pet Rescue Asheville.

On June 29, “The Perfect Table” will begin at 5:30 p.m. with special guest Oceano, owner and winemaker Rachel Martin. MetroWines will serve Oceano Chardonnay and Pinot Noir alongside bites. The scene will be set with table designs by an artist from the Grovewood Gallery. The event is $20 per person and all Spiegelau wine and wine glasses are event price.

On July 6, join the MetroWines discussion group and taste four wines as a reward for the store. The cost is free, but places are limited. Customers can benefit from discounts for bulk purchases of wine purchased that evening. One must reserve.

For more details and to book, visit metrowinesasheville.com or call 828-575-9525.

Tiana Kennell is a food and gastronomy reporter for the Asheville Citizen Times, part of the USA Today Network. Email her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter/Instagram @PrincessOfPage. Please help support this kind of journalism with a subscription at the Citizen Times.

The new law would allow 100% interest on payday loans; Louisiana governor vetoes what critics call a trap


Louisiana Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards has vetoed new legislation that would have inflicted undue hardship on state residents who take advantage of payday loans.

Senate Bill 381 was sponsored by Republican Senator Rick Ward, who said it would help those who use the loans deal with unexpected expenses. The legislation would have offered installment loans of up to $1,500. However, with fees and interest, the amount owed or principal could increase by 100%, depending on the lawyer.

Check ‘n Go Cash Advances and Payday Loans on Scott Street in Covington, Ohio is featured in 2019. (Photo: Cara Owsley/The Enquirer, Cincinnati Enquirer via Imagn Content Services, LLC)

The report notes that with “maintenance fees” of up to 13% of the original loan amount, a $1,500 loan could have fees equivalent to $195 per month.

Edwards agreed with critics of the bill who complained that predatory lending would have further trapped low-income people in cycles of debt. In his veto note, he references Ward, writing, “despite the best efforts of the sponsor of the bill, I do not believe that this bill adequately protects the public against predatory lending practices.”

Without a will, heirs' property attracts land-grabbing predators, but ex-USDA worker helps protect black farms

“I have long been opposed to payday loan products,” Edwards added, “that are designed to keep vulnerable people in debt, often paying exponentially higher interest rates than would otherwise be available in commercial banks”.

The governor said he “would be willing to support and enact legislation that reforms payday loans in a way that provides appropriate safeguards on interest rates and fees.”

the lawyer noted that Senate Bill 381 would not have replaced or reformed the existing system. Instead, he would have created a new product, with monthly payments over three to 12 months.

According to research by The Pew Trust, “Black people make up about 13% of the total US population, but they make up 23% of all storefront payday loans.”

Black Birders Week Is A Thing, And It's Much More Than A Response To The Lie Told In Central Park

Bench finds that many payday lenders, both in storefronts and online, rely on returning customers, noting that “regular customers are also desirable as they do not repay loans at lower rates than new customers.” Industry analysts estimate that even charging a fee of $25 for every $100 borrowed per pay period, an online lender would need the customer to borrow at least three times to make a profit.

The University of North Georgia notes that many families who use payday loans are unbanked and underbanked and are disproportionately black or Hispanic, recent immigrant, and/or undereducated. The university has a Student Money Management Center, which helps students establish emergency savings funds and financial plans.

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The Daily Breeze: Singing in the rain!



When it rains, it pours! I mean it’s been it’s physically raining since yesterday, and there is also a YOUR news it happened over the long weekend. I hope you had a great time Remembrance Day; here are the highlights of what happened in Caspar!

See what the Breeze blew: Learn more about the car show which is a Memorial Day tradition, Check details of WWII crash sites discovered in Wyomingand read about the former president who popped up on Casper.

Casper should see a maximum of 49°F today with rain this morning and persistent clouds most of the day. This broken should come from north-northeast at 10–15 mph.

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The daily update

Beep beep! Auto show in sight!

Time cooperated just long enough to car enthusiasts and budding young collectors mingle and see the specs at classics, custom and resto-mods at the Oil Capitol Auto Club’s 21st Memorial Day Weekend Auto Show in Bar Nunn.

See the story here!

Murchison crash site service (US Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Stew Dyer)

Fallen, but not forgotten!

Three other historic World War II crash sites located in Natrona and Converse counties will be marked with commemorative granite plaques, and the crew members who perished will receive Wyoming National Guard full honorsaccording to Mark Milliken, board member of the Friends of the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum.

See the story here!

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City News)

Casper was a busy place

Normally we don’t talk about politics, but this event was too important to ignore. Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, delivered nearly two hours of remarks for more than 9,400 ticket holders packaged at Ford Wyoming Center on Saturday.

See the stone here!

Aired job listings

NEW! – Natrona County Motor Vehicle Clerk

The Natrona County Treasurer’s Department of Motor Vehicles is looking for a full-time clerk who is a pleasant, patient and reliable person. It will be helpful if the individual has deep computer skills. Apply today!

NEW! – Line cook

The office bar and grill looking to hire a new and experienced full time cook. It’s time to cook and enjoy a good atmosphere with a good salary. Use your skills!

Broadband internet installer

Mountain West Technologies is looking for an accomplished, optimistic and friendly individual to join our team as a Field Technician / Wireless Internet Installer, installing wireless broadband equipment for residential and business customers in Casper Wyoming. The candidate will be trained in product knowledge which can be critical to offer accurate customer support.

Fiber optic construction

Mountain West Technologies look for qualified and motivated people to join our fiber optic construction team. We do everything build new communication towers at run a fiber optic cable in the ground by means of trenches or directional drilling. Eager to train the right person.

Entry-level downstream operators

Dura-Line is looking for a Downstream Extrusion Operator to join their growing Evansville team! Ask your recruiter about $1500 signing bonus! This entry-level position requires the use of standard tools and measuring devices, collaboration with other production workers, and Client orientation.

See MORE jobs (and find out how to post your jobs) on the Oil City jobs site here!

Check out the latest Breezy events happening this week in our personalized community calendar! This week we have lots of fun activities and ideas to stay motivated throughout the week! Check out these events in our Breeze here!

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We sing in the rain!

The best of your Breezy Gal,

RED Madison celebrates International Sushi Day with a limited menu of exotic seafood


Highlights include this sushi and sashimi tasting platter for $50 that features fresh seafood selections from the Toyosu Fish Market.

The limited time

The limited-time “Okawari” at RED Madison, made with ki no bi gin, joto nigori sake, ginger, wasabi and lime.

RED's International Sushi Day menu will feature fresh seafood selections from the Toyosu Fish Market.

RED’s International Sushi Day menu will feature fresh seafood selections from the Toyosu Fish Market.

Week-long deals include seafood selections from Toyosu Fish Market

This limited-time menu follows RED’s vision of presenting chef-created entrees that combine the highest quality ingredients, executed with painstaking precision.

—Madison RED

MADISON, WISCONSIN, USA, May 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — International Sushi Day is approaching on Saturday, June 18, and RED Madison is celebrating for an entire week! From Monday, June 13 through Saturday, June 18, guests are invited to experience a unique and unforgettable menu of exotic items. Highlights include a sushi and sashimi tasting platter for $50 that features fresh seafood selections from the Toyosu Fish Market. A la carte dishes include A-5 Miyazaki wagyu sashimi, grilled Spanish octopus and bluefin tuna tartare. For cocktails, the team selected a Japanese whiskey menu and created “Okawari”, made with ki no bi gin, joto nigori sake, ginger, wasabi and lime. This limited-time menu follows RED’s vision to feature chef-created entrees that combine the highest quality ingredients, executed with painstaking precision. Each dish has been created to accentuate the fresh flavors of the ingredients and highlight the beauty of the presentation – using some of the finest seafood available in the world.

RED Madison is open Sunday through Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurant is located at 316 W. Washington Ave, Suite 100 in Madison, Wisconsin and can be reached at 608-294-1234 or [email protected] To make a reservation, visit their website at www.red-madison.com. RED can be found on Instagram at @redmadisonwi and Facebook at @RedMadisonWi.

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Step out of the plaza and into a brand new Madison. Seconds from the Capitol, you’ll find the city’s most exciting dining experience. It starts with our menu that spans continents and goes way beyond sushi. It’s echoed in our bold interior design and brought to you by our knowledgeable staff, dedicated to exceeding your catering expectations. The sculpted interior space is the perfect place to relax in the lounge, have a romantic dinner, or overwhelm each of your senses with an exclusive dinner at our chef’s table. Every moment at RED is about creating a memorable experience and one you’ll come back to again and again.

Ryan Bessel
SIX4 Creation
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Our selection of Scottish whiskey bars where a warm welcome is assured


Catching up with friends and family can be a lively affair given the right setting – and these Scottish bars certainly offer a warm welcome to all

Malone’s is instantly recognizable as an Irish bar. Dark wood light fixtures, whiskey barrel designs, and traditional bric-a-brac announce the character of this cozy spot. Add to that the warm welcome of the staff and it is the promise of good times thanks to a formula repeated all over the world.
What sets Malone’s apart is its admirable commitment to serving quality comfort food. Although you probably go here to watch football games or catch a live band with friends, the menu also deserves a mention. Their wraps and sandwiches include burritos, chicken salad, pulled pork and grilled halloumi vegetables, ensuring something for everyone. Included in their lunch offering are all-time classic burgers, including barbecue, Cajun chicken, and even a hot dog, with their dirty fries ranging from garlic cheesy to chili beef, pulled pork, and Sriracha style.

Malones also offers a three-for-£10 small plate option that includes six wings, mac and cheese bites, falafel bites, haggis balls and chicken fillets.
The drinks menu completes the offer with an extensive range of gin and whiskey, including their own brand Malones Triple Cask Irish Whisky.
The impact of the three casks is evident. On the nose, the whiskey imparts fresh citrus alongside crisp vegetal notes, oak spices turn into hearty dried fruit cake and on the palate green apples evolve into demerara sugar and caramelized pear, ending with an autumnal impression of spices, sweet apple, cinnamon and silky vanilla. .

The St Andrews criterion


The Criterion is nestled in the heart of historic St Andrews, the bar has been in place since 1874. The clientele is varied: locals, students, university professors, day trippers, tourists and golfers, you never know who you are going to fall on. The Criterion has a small footprint but packs a mighty punch when it comes to product range, with over 500 products, with a focus on local Scottish produce, of which over 160 are whisky, you won’t miss no choice whatever your drink.

With indoor and outdoor seating, you can have a drink and watch the world go by, or if you’re more adventurous why not try one of their ‘Whisky Flights’? Highlighting the difference in taste, aroma, color and age, the most popular flight is The Regions, which highlights the differences between whiskeys from all regions. Starting with Auchentoshan 3 Wood, Ardbeg, Glen Garioch, Longmorn and Glen Scotia, this pairs perfectly with the famous Cri Pie which is served until midnight.


Open and licensed from 10am daily, with a menu made from local ingredients and suppliers, you’ll taste the best of Scotland. Whether it’s whisky, beer on tap or food, there’s something for everyone.





The Keys Bar St Andrews


A family pub since 1979, the Gordon family has gone from strength to strength, proud of exceptional service, a huge selection of produce and a fantastic atmosphere. It’s the only real independent traditional family bar in St. Andrews.
Claire and her amazing team at Keys Bar in St. Andrews have won the award for ‘Scotland’s Best Whiskey Bar 2017’. Winner of the Scottish Bar and Pub Awards, it was the back of their ‘Best Pub of the Year’ in 2014.

With over 300 malt whiskeys for customers to choose from, there is a whiskey for everyone, from malts of moments to rare 30 year old whiskies. If you are unsure about malt whiskeys or any of the products we will give you small samples for you to try before you buy and we now have over 60 gins to give whiskeys a run for their money – as well as a great selection of Scottish beers and spirits.

The Keys pride themselves on keeping their prices competitive. Toasts, steak and gravy pies, a selection of teas and coffees are available seven days a week. Join their fun dominoes competition on Tuesday nights, with quiz nights and darts also on the program. The Keys love everything about St. Andrews, whether it’s the golf, the restaurants, or just the places to go that they like to share.

Website: keysbar.co.uk

Key bar
87 market street
Saint Andrew
KY16 9NX

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Mississauga’s new restaurant is immersed in beautiful artwork


By Jonas Shinuda

Published on May 30, 2022 at 12:06 p.m.

For the art lovers among us, this new Mississauga eatery is likely to catch your eye (in more ways than one).

Canvas Art Bar is a brand new restaurant that recently opened at 80 Lakeshore Rd East in Port Credit.

One of the main draws of the restaurant is the large amount of artwork on display – everything from the walls to the tables are painted by local artists, making for a really pretty sight while you eat. Some pieces are available for purchase in the restaurant’s art shop.

Canvas Art Bar hosts live music, live painting and DJ performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The restaurant also hosts regular open mic nights, allowing patrons to come and perform spoken word and poetry, comedy, music and more.

As for food, the menu offers a variety of spreads, tapas, marinated lamb chops, samosas, charcuterie board and more. The drinks menu offers a selection of cocktails, wines and beers.

For dessert, there is the New York cheesecake and the chocolate fudge cheesecake.

The restaurant will also offer rooftop dining starting in the summer.

Photo courtesy of Canvas Art Bar

  1. Canvas Art Bar

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Payday Loan Reform Will Help Lansing Residents Avoid Debt Trap


During my tenure, I received far too many horror stories from constituents who were caught in a vicious circle of debt caused by payday loan companies.

From single mothers and the elderly to veterans and even college-aged students, payday lenders are causing untold damage to the economic well-being of Michigan residents. The Legislative Assembly has failed to resolve this issue, but voters this November may have their own shot at pushing through the reform.

Payday loans are marketed as short-term solutions to help people weather a financial crisis until their next payday, but the reality is far more grim. These companies market cash quickly and easily as a way to help people pay for a broken water heater or an unexpected car repair. What these lenders don’t disclose is that easy money comes with very strong terms.

Payday loans come with three-digit interest rates and are designed to create a long-term debt cycle. In fact, payday lenders have direct access to a borrower’s bank account so they can get paid first. They don’t care if it bounces other checks or if the borrower hasn’t paid other essentials like rent, utilities or food.

We also know that payday lenders disproportionately target communities of color. For example, data shows 5.6 payday stores per 100,000 residents in Michigan. In Latin American communities, the number of payday loan stores is 18% higher. In black communities, the figure is 25% higher.

In Ingham County, there are 6.1 payday lenders per 100,000 people, a similar rate in Detroit. But the problem is not much different in rural areas. Take Montcalm County, for example, where there are 6.3 payday lenders per 100,000 people. Payday loans benefit people all over the state.

The average payday loan carries an annual percentage rate of 370% APR. The extreme interest rate and fast repayment terms of the loan make it very difficult for a borrower to repay it, which regularly creates a cycle of long-term debt. It should come as no surprise, then, that 70% of Michigan payday borrowers reborrow the same day they repay a previous loan. In fact, the National Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) shows that the average payday loan borrower is stuck in a cycle of 10 loans over the course of a year, costing them several times more than the initial debt contracted.

This vicious circle of debt and the money it drains from communities like Lansing is why Governor Black Leadership Advisory Council makes capping payday loan interest rates a top policy priority for the state.

More opinion

For years, efforts to push through payday loan reform to stop these unsavory companies from preying on the vulnerable have failed to win the approval of the state’s conservative majority in the state. Legislative Assembly. Fortunately, a new coalition of concerned Michigan citizens has come together to make the change that my fellow lawmakers refused to endorse.

Michiganders for Fair Lending launched a ballot campaign that would finally rule these predatory lending. They are currently wrapping up collecting more than 300,000 signatures that would ask about the November ballot to cap payday loan interest rates at a maximum of 36% APR. This common-sense reform would bring Michigan in line with 18 other states and Washington, DC — in implementing payday loan rate caps.

If you see a collector of petitions in the last few days before their June 1 filing date, I urge you to sign. And if you see the question on your November ballot, I urge you to vote yes!

To learn more about the Michiganders for Fair Lending campaign, visit FairLendingMI.org.

Sarah Anthony is the State Representative for Michigan’s 68th District, representing part of the City of Lansing and Lansing Township.

PHOTOS: Memorial Day Car Show showcases customs, classics and rarities at Bar Nunn


Aubree Jones and her fiancée Bill with a pink ’57 Thunderbird at the 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show in Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo – The weather has cooperated just long enough for car enthusiasts and budding young collectors to mingle and check specs on classic, custom and resto-mod models at the 21st Annual Weekend Car Show. Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day at Bar Nunn.

“There are only three rules in a car show,” Mike Kinney told Oil City News. “No politics, no drama and no BS.”

Kinney, a Las Vegas-based NASCAR announcer and host of the YouTube show “Cars, Stars and Roll Bars,” is in Wyoming for the first time after meeting John Huff and other Auto Club members at living rooms in Vegas. Kinney said he would feature both Huff and the Club on episodes of his show.

The 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show at Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

Kinney brought his red 1970 Red Plymouth Superbird with a 426cc twin four-barrel HEMI engine. The rear wing works like an inverted airplane wing, sucking the car to the ground with 11,000 pounds of downforce when the car is revving at full throttle.

“When they started racing in NASCAR, nobody could keep up with them.” Kinney said the Superbird and Dodge Daytona were so successful in racing that they were banned by NASCAR at the end of the 1970 season.

Mike Kinney and his 1970 Superbird at the 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show in Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

Because the Daytona had saturated the winged car market and the Chrysler Roadrunner was cheaper, the Superbird was only produced for one year, and some are now worth between $1 and $1.5 million.

Auto shows are great for the community because they bring together passionate collectors, including younger generations, Kinney said.

The 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show at Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

“It’s one of the few things where a 17-year-old and a 70-year-old can communicate in a language they both understand and respect,” Kinney said.

Kinney himself said he was impressed with the 1957 pink Thunderbird.

“It’s been my dream car since I was four years old,” said Thunderbird owner Aubree Jones. His father was president of an automobile club at the time and attended shows with his parents. She was determined to make up her own mind about what her dream car would be, and she found it when she took a spin in a Thunderbird. Only in pink.

Mike Kinney and his 1970 Superbird at the 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show in Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

The show was also the occasion for the presentation ceremony of the restored 1942 Chevrolet USAAF 1.5-ton Class 500 fire truck to the Wyoming State Veterans Commission.

The truck was in service at Casper Army Air Force Base, built in 1942 on the site of the present Casper-Natrona County International Airport. After the base was decommissioned at the end of World War II, the truck was sold to the town of Kaycee for its fire department. The truck was eventually sold to a private owner and languished for decades until it was purchased in 2013 by the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum and placed in storage at the Oregon Trail Veterans Cemetery.

Oil Capitol Auto Club members Mike Johnson, Jerry Barton, John Lanum and John Gudgeon (Greg Hirst, Oil City)

In 2019, the nonprofit arm of the museum began working with members of the Oil Capitol Auto Club to begin restoration at an airport store.

“There are only about 40, and the website says there’s still one left in the Midwest,” said Mark Millikan, board member of the Friends of the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum. “I have a hunch this is the one they’re talking about.”

The restoration included new engine gaskets, brakes, wiring and stripping of the master cylinders, wheel cylinders and gearbox. The cab and combustion chamber were removed, sandblasted and repainted in the original army drab olive green. The running boards and rear fenders were installed last year.

The truck will appear on the auto show circuit this summer. Milliken said discussions are ongoing with the state veterans commission about possibly exposing him at Casper Airport.

The 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show at Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)
Tom Morton with his 1948 MG TC at the 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show in Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)
The 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show at Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)
The 2022 Oil Capitol Auto Club Memorial Day Weekend Car Show at Bar Nunn (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

Russia says the US is triggering a food crisis in Ukraine by depriving it of grain reserves


Russia says the United States is causing a food crisis in Ukraine by depriving the former Soviet country of its grain reserves.

Since the start of Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, unprecedented waves of sanctions by the United States and its European allies have been imposed on Moscow. They are also dumping advanced weapons into Ukraine, a move that Moscow has repeatedly warned will prolong the conflict.

The ongoing war and resulting blockade of Ukrainian Black Sea ports has endangered the world’s food supply by preventing Ukraine from shipping its agricultural products.

Ukraine, one of the largest grain producers in the world, is a major exporter of corn, barley, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil. However, it can no longer export its grain through its Black Sea ports due to the war, which has cut its grain exports this month by more than half compared to a year ago.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that the United States was triggering a food crisis in Ukraine by depriving the country of its grain worship.

“U.S. President Joe Biden’s May 10 statement on the need to seek opportunities to export 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine coincided with the signing of the Lend-Lease law for Ukraine. It turns out that kyiv will pay for weapons with wheat,” she told a press conference.

“In fact, the United States itself is causing a food crisis in Ukraine, depriving it of grain reserves,” Zakharova said, commenting on the food security situation amid statements by officials from foreign countries regarding the alleged “blockage” of the Black Sea.

Russia and Ukraine together produce nearly 30% of the world’s wheat supply.

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP), which buys nearly 50% of its cereals from Ukraine, feeds some 125 million people worldwide.

Zakharova further pointed out that the United States and its European allies have already expressed their intention to export 20 million tons of grain from Ukraine within two and a half months, allegedly for transport to countries in Africa and Middle East to prevent a food crisis there.

“However, in reality, the grain is transported to warehouses in Europe. Rail, road and river routes are organized for its delivery to destinations in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria,” the Russian diplomat added.

“Attempts by the West to blame all the problems on a special military operation and to accuse Russia of blocking foreign ships in the ports of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov are absolutely baseless “, emphasized Zakharova.

Refuting claims that the ongoing war has caused the prices of agricultural products to soar around the world, she said that the prices of these products have increased in 2020, which is in no way the result of the operation. Russia’s present day in Ukraine.

“The pandemic has caused major disruptions to supply chains and dramatically increased the price of food transportation services,” Zakharova explained.

She also cited experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations who repeatedly said that the prices of these products had reached record figures before February, denouncing the anti-Russian sanctions of the West as the “main catalyst” of existing negative trends.

Tom Robb, the first Iron Man


COEUR d’ALENE – The Iron Horse Bar and Grill, on Thursday June 2, will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

A celebration to end all celebrations is surely in store, right?

Owner Tom Robb isn’t so sure.

“I have a couple of things in mind, but I’ll be honest with you now, I don’t know. I don’t know what we’re going to do,” he said. “I have a few ideas. But wait a minute, I love them. The other, I think they’re pretty juvenile. So I’ll think about it and get an answer.

But there’s one thing the 81-year-old knows: he’ll be at the Iron Horse on Thursday. That’s where he belongs.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” Robb says.

For five decades this has been his home away from home. He’s there to chat with customers, encourage employees, eat breakfast or lunch, and oversee operations.

If there is a face of the Iron Horse, it belongs to this man.

On a Friday afternoon, Tom Robb is sitting in his iconic restaurant on Sherman Avenue. It’s quite busy. An older couple is seated in a corner cabin, a family in another. A trio is seated at a table by the front window. Four people enter and are escorted to a table.

Robb, relaxed and friendly, wears a gray sweater. Her white hair is swept back. You can feel the pride as he surveys the scene.

He loves people. That’s what kept it going year after year after year.

“We meet so many amazing people in this industry, and it’s really rewarding,” he says. “My favorite thing is the people. Over the years we’ve had dead employees knocked down or some who were so loyal it was unbelievable. These allow you to continue.

He needed that dedication to get by during COVID-19 which made workers hard to find.

Even for a place like the legendary Iron Horse, survival isn’t easy in this industry.

“It was tough. Two difficult years,” he says. “The biggest problem was getting qualified workers to apply. Besides, anyone to apply. It’s a little better now than before. »

Robb still comes to work every day, although he leaves business decisions in the hands of his sons, Aaron and Mike.

Aaron Robb ran day-to-day operations at Coeur d’Alene for about 25 years, while Mike operated the Spokane site for nearly as long – with guidance from their father.

“I’m involved in the business,” says Tom Robb, “but Mike and Aaron make the decisions. If I don’t like a decision, I’ll say something about it. But I don’t use any pressure or anything like that.”

The pressure does not suit him. Robb is a simple man. He says what he thinks. And it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

“A lot has happened. Some good, some bad. Small business is always a challenge, but we have no complaints. You know, plug along. Our Spokane store is doing very well. good. Our bar sales here are strong.”

Robb is proud that the Iron Horse, 407 E. Sherman Ave., has lasted 50 years. These two words in green, “Iron Horse”, look at the dining room.

“I don’t know how many restaurants have done this, at least under the same ownership and management,” he says. “It’s gratifying, in a way. But we have our scars from all those years.”

Fifty years was not something he envisioned when he opened the Iron Horse on June 2, 1972. Barbara Renner was a business partner until 1991.

Then he never imagined it would be around 2022 and he would be sitting there talking about a birthday party.

“I said to myself, ‘I’m going to do this for three or four years, and then I’ll move on,'” he says.

He and his wife Mary considered moving to San Diego, but changed their minds.

“I’m glad we didn’t,” he says.

Changes are coming to the Iron Horse, though Robb isn’t ready to say exactly what.

“We went down to the original brick walls, which is around 1910. And this floor is the same and we’re waiting for it to be finished,” he says. “We will see how this piece evolves. I wouldn’t say anything is chiseled in gold right now.

But something is about to happen to give the Iron Horse a new look.

“I just can’t tell you exactly what they are,” he smiled.

While Robb agrees that the Iron Horse has been a downtown mainstay and influenced generations, he refuses to take credit for its success. He gives that to his sons, his wife, his staff, his customers.

Anyone but himself.

“I’m not comfortable looking up to myself because I’m just one of the cogs,” he says. “But I think just being here for 50 years kind of speaks for itself. Hardly a day goes by that people don’t talk about it, so it’s rewarding.

Tom Robb loves Coeur d’Alene. He says there are “a lot of great people in this town. It has to be the prettiest little town in the United States. There are so many smart people. You know, I am in awe of these people.

Still, he admits he worked a lot on the Iron Horse. Lots of heart and soul, blood, sweat and yes, tears too.

“We have survived two or three recessions. We survived 22% interest rates in the 1970s and things like that,” he says.

“As I sit here today, financially we’re pretty good. But it’s quite fragile, as you know,” Robb says.

He says that every night when he goes to bed he worries about business related things.

“I don’t want to say that I sit around and worry all the time. I have so much experience now. But you know, it’s not a role you like to play,” he says. . “What’s really tough is when you owe a lot of money and you’re in a recession. It’s tough.

“If you can get to a point where you don’t owe any more money, and that’s what we’re all working for, then that makes it a whole lot better.”

Robb has no intention of retiring. May be later. But not right now.

“I come to work every day. I told Mary a while ago that I wasn’t going to retire. I’ve always used the example, ‘I’m going to be like Doc Holiday. I will die with my boots on.’ “

He needs to relax. For that, he heads to the family cabin on the Coeur d’Alene River, which he calls a godsend.

“It’s 50 miles from where you’re sitting, maybe 600 miles as well,” he says. “Because when you’re up there, it pulls you into a different medium.”

But the pull of the Iron Horse, after 50 years, is stronger than ever. He can’t resist it. He nods, and he comes back.

You will find him there in the morning and he usually returns home around noon.

Some days, however, he stays later. He is watching. He listens. He smiles.

“That’s where I like to be,” Robb says.

Thug jailed after threatening bar staff and throwing bike at cop


A thug who threatened bar staff before throwing a bike at a cop has been jailed.

Charles Edwards, 31, threatened staff working at the Last Post on May 25 last year and attempted to kiss and follow a female bar worker.

On the same day Edwards’ bank card was denied to Greggs on Moss Street in the city so he threatened the staff working there and when they reported it to the cops he threw a police bike at one of the officers.

The bully also grabbed his partner Nicola Clelland by the neck and repeatedly threw her to the ground in a vicious attack that took place at a flat in Paisley’s Broomlands Court on February 22.

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Assistant Tax Prosecutor Amber Feeney told Paisley Sheriff Court that at around 9.30pm on February 22, Ms Clelland and the defendant were in a Broomlands Court flat drinking alcohol before Edwards became “aggressive and argumentative”.

Ms Feeney explained: ‘Ms Clelland got up and asked to sit down and be quiet as she didn’t want to interrupt the neighbours.

‘The defendant was not happy with this and started screaming and swearing, then grabbed Ms Clelland by the neck and pushed her around the room several times and then threw her to the ground several times.

“Witnesses heard a commotion and the defendant shouting ‘I’m going to f*****g kill you.

“They also heard Ms Clelland respond, ‘Stop, let go of me and go f**k. “”

Ms Feeney went on to explain how The Last Post staff members were working at the door and behind the bar shortly after midday.

She explained: ‘The staff member at the door saw the accused enter the pub and he was unsteady on his feet, falling over tables and clearly under the influence.

“The accused was asked to follow and trace and the staff member said he would not be served alcohol due to his inebriation.

“Edwards asked why and was told ‘Because you can’t get up.’

“He then said to the staff member ‘Fuck you.'”

The court heard the defendant was asked to leave and in doing so he changed his mind and told a bar worker he ‘didn’t mean any disrespect’.

Ms Feeney added: ‘Edwards then went to hug the bar worker but she put her hand up and backed away.

“Edwards then said, ‘Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not that pretty.

Sozzled Edwards left the pub shouting, ‘F**k you’s all’ before walking back in when he followed the bar worker saying ‘Do you know who my family is? My family is made up of gangsters.

Ms Feeney recounted how around 12.45am on May 25, 2021, staff at Greggs were serving customers when the accused entered.

She said, “Edwards ignored all covid regulations and guidelines and ignored the one-way system.

“He walked past everyone at the start of the queue telling everyone to ‘F**k off.’

“He was served and his bank card was declined and when he was informed he replied, ‘F**k off, what time do you finish, take my card.’

“Police were called, and when they arrived Edwards grabbed the police bike, lifted its front wheels off the ground and kicked PC Docherty in the legs and body.”

Edwards also admitted to assaulting a male passenger on a train in Paisley Gilmour Street on the same day by repeatedly hitting him on the head.

Defense agent Ms Aitken explained that Edwards had “very little recollection” of the events and that at the time of the incidents he had “grossly abused alcohol and drugs”.

Ms Aitken added: ‘He is very ashamed to be in court on domestic matters.

“For the past three years, this is a man who has abused heroin, but since his remand he has been able to get rid of alcohol and drugs.”

At sentencing, Sheriff Eoin McGinty said: ‘This is a series of offenses against people who were at their jobs during covid when things were pretty tough and then you continued to commit an assault In a train.”

Sheriff McGinty jailed Edwards of Glasgow Street in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, for four months for the Paisley offenses on May 25, 2021.

As for the domestic case, the sentence was postponed to July 29.

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REPRESENTING. OUTMAN: Payday loan reform will help Michigan residents avoid debt trap


I have heard far too many horror stories from Michigan voters and residents who have found themselves caught in a vicious circle known as the payday loan debt trap. From single mothers to veterans, seniors and college-aged students, payday lenders have taken their toll on Michigan residents.

Representative Pat Outman

Payday loans are marketed as short-term loans to help people meet their next payday, but the reality is quite the opposite. These loans carry triple-digit interest rates and are designed to create a long-term debt cycle. In fact, payday lenders have access to the borrower’s bank account so they can be paid first, before borrowers have a chance to pay other essentials like rent, utilities or the grocery store.

We also know that payday lenders disproportionately target communities of color. For example, data shows that there are 5.6 payday stores per 100,000 residents in Michigan. In Latino communities, the number of payday loan stores is 18% higher, while in Black communities, the number is 25% higher.

In our own community, like Montcalm County, there are 6.3 payday lenders per 100,000 people, a rate higher than the state average. It’s clear that payday lenders are impacting Michigan residents in every community in our state.

Worse still, payday loans are predatory. In Michigan, the average payday loan carries an annual percentage rate of 370% APR. The terms of the loan make it very difficult for a borrower to repay it, which regularly creates a cycle of long-term debt. The data tells the story: 70% of Michigan payday borrowers reborrow the same day they repay a previous loan. Research from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) shows that the average payday loan borrower is locked into 10 loans over the course of a year.

It’s no surprise, then, that the debt trap is at the heart of the payday lender business model: 75% of payday lenders’ revenue comes from borrowers caught in 10 loans a year. Once payday lenders have a new customer, they trap them in their vicious cycle.

For years, efforts to pass payday loan reform to stop these unsavory companies from preying on the vulnerable failed to pass the Michigan legislature. Fortunately, a new coalition of concerned Michigan citizens has come together to do something about it.

Michiganders for Fair Lending has launched a payday loan reform campaign and is currently collecting signatures for a ballot measure that would reduce the annual interest rate on payday loans to a maximum of 36% APR. This common-sense reform would also bring Michigan in line with 18 other states and Washington, DC that already have payday loan rate caps in place.

We urge everyone to join us in helping get this common sense reform passed in November by signing a petition when you see someone on the street collecting signatures for this campaign.

To learn more about Michiganders for Fair Lending, visit www.FairLendingMI.org.

Representative Pat Outman serves in the Michigan House of Representatives and represents the 70th House District.

Opinions expressed in the Guest View do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Daily News.

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Could this be one of the best Resto-Mod Challengers we’ve seen?


As resto-mods continue to grow in popularity, we’ve seen a number of great Mopar E-Body builds over the past few years. Even the Mopar brand got in on the action with its Shakedown Challenger Concept car at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. But as we browsed the popular auto auction site “Bring a Trailer”we spotted what could easily be one of the best resto-mods we’ve ever seen.

1974 Dodge Challenger Resto-Mod. (Bring a trailer).

This restored 1974 Dodge Challenger underwent a two-year restoration that was completed in 2010. The restoration included all-new sheetmetal, a new powertrain and a custom interior.

Although it retains its 1974 Challenger body, the car features a Mopar 6.9 liter (408 cu in) V8 built by DJ’s Performance Shop in Mooresburg, Tennessee under the hood. It has been modified with ARP hardware, Eagle rotary assembly, Quick Fuel 750-Cfm carburetor, Be Cool radiator, Perma-Cool oil cooler, MSD ignition and Comp Cams camshaft and pump. Edelbrock aluminum water. To put that big Mopar horsepower to the ground, the 408 V8 is mated to a Keisler Engineering Stage 3 four-speed automatic transmission.

The engine seems to produce around 550 horsepower and 520 lb-ft. of torque to the rear wheels.

1974 Dodge Challenger Resto-Mod. (Bring a trailer).

Work done under current owner in 2017 including installation of newer Dodge Challenger grille, rear bumper, front valance and Demon badged spoiler. Additional features include black trim, tinted glass, vented hood with hold down pins, and quad tailpipes.

1974 Dodge Challenger Resto-Mod. (Bring a trailer).

Adding to the exterior look are a set of replica Demon 18-inch five-spoke black-painted aluminum wheels wrapped in Nitto NT01 rubber. The Challenger features rack-and-pinion steering, cross-drilled and vented discs, Wilwood 6-piston calipers up front and 4-piston calipers in the rear. The was also modified with Control Freak suspension components up front, and the rear has an Art Morrison wishbone four-bar setup.

1974 Dodge Challenger Resto-Mod. (Bring a trailer).

Inside, this Challenger was fitted with a set of TMI Pro-Classic low-back front bucket seats, power windows, custom center console, Vintage Air HVAC system, new radio touchscreen and even a Kenwood stereo with amplifiers and box-mounted subwoofers.

1974 Dodge Challenger Resto-Mod. (Bring a trailer).

While the total number of miles put on the original chassis is unknown, the car’s new digital odometer only shows 4,400 miles since it was completed. The car has a Pennsylvania ‘Antique’ title and is currently on consignment with Reimel Motor Cars in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

1974 Dodge Challenger Resto-Mod. (Bring a trailer).

The chassis has the VIN number JH23G4B251835, which we can decode. This tells us that the car started life as a 5.2 liter (318 cu in) Dodge Challenger V8 engined car built in Hamtramck, Michigan.

1974 Dodge Challenger Resto-Mod. (Bring a trailer).

Bidding on the car ends Thursday, June 2 at 2:00 p.m.

To see more photos or bid on the car, you can visit its dedicated page on Bring a trailer.

1974 Dodge Challenger Resto-Mod image gallery:

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Recall of other products pulled in the middle of Jif Peanut Butter


May 27, 2022 – Many companies are recalling food products made or sold with Jif peanut butter after Jif recently recalled 49 of its own products due to the risk of salmonella.

Some of the other products are sold at major retailers, including Walmart and Albertsons. Products listed on the FDA recall list so far include those manufactured or distributed by:

  • AG Specialty Foods, including We Be PB and Jammin’ Snack Box
  • Egg and cheese curd supply boxes distributed by Bix Produce Company
  • Euphoria Chocolate Products
  • Fudgeamentals chocolate products
  • Del Monte products including apples with peanut butter dip. Some products are sold at 7-Eleven stores.
  • Fresh Seasons 6.3 oz power packs manufactured by Taher Inc.
  • Garden Cut Products with Peanut Butter Dip
  • Mary’s Harvest Peanut Butter Cups
  • More than a dozen Coblentz Chocolate Company products
  • Items prepared in-store by Albertsons
  • Cargill products sold online and at the Wilbur Chocolate Retail Store in Lititz, PA
  • Wawa products

JM Smucker Co., Jif’s parent company, issued the recall last week for 49 products manufactured at the company’s facility in Lexington, KY. A salmonella outbreak linked to Jif products has resulted in 16 illnesses and two hospitalizations in 12 states, according to the CDC.

People requesting a refund from Jif can submit a claim on a newly created web page. The company says it plans to send out coupons for the recalled products.

Providence’s Gallery nighttime trolley tour shows the city as art


It’s not often you see a didgeridoo performance and a larger than life Buddha in one night. But on Gallery Night, it’s just another night.

Back from their pandemic-induced virtual tours on Facebook Live, the guided hikes through Providence’s art scene launched this month.

I joined the first trip of the season, queuing in the lobby of the Graduate Providence Hotel, where a tour group was waiting for our excursion to begin.

This is where I met our captain, Frank Toti, who has been working there for about five years. Leading passengers outside and into a white trolley, he delivered his speech: “I love food, so think of tonight as a tapas bar for art.”

What’s up with RI’s rugelach maven? : Amy Russo hears plans for expanded food truck menu

Meet the mural artist AGONZA, Angela Gonzalez talks about her latest work

Tour guide Frank Toti shares historical information about downtown buildings and murals as he embarked on a Gallery Night Providence trolley tour last week.

As I consider tapas to be a food group in its own right, regularly eating bar bites once a week, my interest was piqued.

At the press of an accelerator pedal, our tank was gone. With enthusiasm, Toti, stationed at the head of the bus, led the driver through the twists and turns of the city center towards a series of murals hidden between the buildings. Our guest guide, Rebecca Leuchak, offered a history of the city’s murals. We cruised around Gaia’s iconic “Still Here” on Custom House Street honoring indigenous history, and Shepard Fairey’s “Creativity, Equity, Justice” on Clemence Street, which marked the artist’s 100th mural .

Meet the mural artist AGONZA, Angela Gonzalez talks about her latest work

Fairey, the Rhode Island School of Design graduate who captured national attention with Barack Obama’s campaign poster that featured the word “hope,” made his first mark on the city during the mayoral election of 1990, disfiguring a Buddy Cianci’s Billboard by covering the candidate’s face with the head of André the Giant. The next day, seeing that the billboard had been repaired, Fairey went to a Kinko’s, printed an even larger head, and glued it back on.

Odette Safarian, visiting Rhode Island from California, snaps a photo of one of Providence's many murals from the Gallery Night trolley.

As we ride through the city, Toti and Leuchak encourage cyclists to marvel at the artistry of its structures, from the Greek Revival Arcade to the Turks Head Building, where we stopped to take a peek. take a look at BankRI’s small gallery of works by David Everett. The artist was on hand to chat with visitors while a tourist took photos of each site, carefully documenting our excursion.

What’s up with RI’s rugelach maven? : Amy Russo hears plans for expanded food truck menu

Then it was back on the trolley, which climbed up the east side for our final stops, one to see the enormous Japanese Buddha at the RISD museum, and another at the peaceful kingdom of Fox Point, a gallery and gift shop. which sells tribal textiles, silver snake earrings and Tibetan singing bowls, among other items.

Journalist Amy Russo checks out the work of artist David Everett at the Bank RI Gallery in downtown Providence on Gallery Night Providence.

In a back room, amid piles of hand-woven rugs, musician David Brown, sporting an all-black ensemble, played the didgeridoo.

As Toti said, when you look at it, “the city itself is art”.

For a list of free Gallery Night Providence walking and trolley tours, visit his website, www.gallerynight.org. Tours take place one night per month until November.

Are home equity loans affordable?


There are several ways to reach your goal when it comes to paying for big-ticket items like home repairs, education, investments, or vacation properties. If you’re a homeowner, your home equity can be the golden ticket to achieving your goals. But with a home equity loan, there are costs in the form of origination fees, appraisals and interest. Are home equity loans affordable?

Key points to remember

  • Home equity loans use your primary residence as collateral for a lump sum loan that is repaid on a fixed payment schedule.
  • Home equity loan interest rates are tied to mortgage rates.
  • Interest rates on home equity are significantly lower than credit card rates and provide flexibility for borrowers.

What is a home equity loan?

Simply put, a home equity loan is a lump sum loan using your primary residence as collateral. As you make mortgage payments on your home, you accumulate equity. If the value of your home increases due to market trends, your net worth also increases.

A home equity loan is a very flexible tool – repayment terms vary from 5 to 30 years with fixed interest rates and payments. And since the loan is repaid in a lump sum, you can use it for anything you want, including home renovations, paying off higher-interest debt, or funding education.

But a home equity loan is not without cost. Since a home equity loan is a second mortgage, the fees and application process are very similar. Fees vary by lender, but generally include an appraisal fee to quantify how much equity you have, as well as origination fees which may consist of registration fees, documentation fees, etc.

Home equity loans also earn interest. Home equity loan rates are usually a bit higher than traditional mortgage interest rates. This is to protect the lender in the event of default. If you fail to make payments on your home loan or main mortgage, your home could be taken and sold by the lender to recoup its costs. In this situation, the primary mortgage is paid off first, with the excess proceeds going to the home equity loan.


Although home equity loans and home equity lines of credit both leverage the value of your home, home equity loans have fixed interest rates. When interest rates are volatile, a fixed rate can save money.

Are home equity loans affordable?

Affordability is a very subjective term. Home equity loans are unequivocally affordable compared to other forms of financing for large amounts, such as credit card cash advances or payday loans. Since their interest rates are fixed for the term of the loan, it should be easy to judge whether your payments are manageable on your current budget.

When it comes to similar products, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is the closest option. Compared to a HELOC, which also uses the equity in your home as collateral, a home equity loan has the potential to be more affordable. Typically, HELOCs have adjustable interest rates. While this can be an advantage when rates are low, when rates rise borrowers may find the revolving line of credit more expensive than a home equity loan.

What can I use a home equity loan for?

You can use a home equity loan on anything. Since it is paid in a lump sum, your lender has no control over how the funds are used. But while you can use the cash on anything, it would be wise to use it on something with a bit of a return. Using funds for improvements that increase the value of your home would be safer than using them on vacation.

Are interest rates on home equity rising?

2022 has proven to be a volatile year for mortgage rates, and they have almost doubled since last year. But while rates have increased, they still don’t come close to the interest charged on most consumer credit cards. A home equity loan remains a more affordable way to finance projects for amounts that cannot be repaid quickly.

How much does it cost to apply for a home equity loan?

Closing costs vary from lender to lender. Some lenders may waive certain fees as a benefit, but generally you will pay for an appraisal, origination fee, document preparation fee, credit report fee, and title search. Typically, closing costs will be between 2% and 5% of your home equity loan amount. Many lenders will build these costs into your loan repayment to avoid upfront fees.

How much can I borrow on a home equity loan?

The total amount of your loan depends on the equity in your home. Most lenders will only allow you to borrow up to 80% of your total capital.

The essential

Home equity loans are flexible tools that allow homeowners to borrow large sums. With rates typically a little higher than mortgage rates but significantly lower than credit card rates, they provide affordable access to cash. Although mortgage rates are rising, they are still low enough to make a home equity loan attractive to the average homeowner.

James Killion’s birthday is scheduled for Saturday, May 28 at James Killion Park.


ALTON — The James Killion Park Beautification and Improvement Committee will host James Killion Day at James Killion Park, 2400 Washington Ave., from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 28.

The event is meant to celebrate Killion’s birthday and life as well as honor veterans of the past, present and future.

Mayor David Goins, members of the Killion family and local veterans will be in attendance. Food, drinks and musical entertainment by DJ Love will also be on the menu.

Here’s what else is happening in the area:


• Alton High School Graduation Ceremony: 7:00 pm, Alton High School Gymnasium, 4200 Humbert Road, Alton.

• 68th Annual Italian American Days Festival: 4:00 p.m., Benld City Park, 305 N. Main St., Benld

• Fundraiser for Amie Metz: 4 p.m., The Russell E. Dunham Memorial Post 1308, 4445 N. Alby St., Alton.

• LoveBuzz: 7 p.m., The Lodge at The Lovejoy, 401 Piasa St., Alton.

• Imposters: 8 p.m.-midnight, Chez Marilyn, 119 W. 3rd St., Alton.

• Rushmore Pop-Up with Calihoo: 3pm-7pm, Rushmore, 11 E. Broadway, Alton.

• Crossed the line: 2-6 p.m., Fast Eddie’s Bon Air, 1530 E. 4th St., Alton.

• Z Band: 7:30-11:30 p.m., Fast Eddie’s Bon Air, 1530 E. 4th St., Alton.

• Fitness ‘n’ Fun Spring Recital: 6 pm, Ann Whitney Olin Theatre, Hatheway Cultural Centre, Lewis and Clark Community College, 5800 Godfrey Road, Godfrey.

• Lady Luck: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Bakers and Hale, 7120 Montclair Ave., Godfrey.

• An Evening with Michael Martin Murphey: 8 p.m., The Wildey Theatre, 252 N. Main St., Edwardsville

• Skylark Brothers: 6 p.m., Edwardsville Moose Lodge, 7371 Marine Road., Edwardsville.

• Reverse: 7 p.m., Granite City Elks Lodge #1063, 4801 Maryville Road, Granite City.

• Midwest Avenue: 8 p.m. – Midnight, Patrick’s Bar and Grill, 2900 Nameoki Road, Granite City.

• Dan Sproat: 3-7 p.m., The Terrace at Aerie’s Resort Event Venue, 601 Timber Ridge, Grafton.

• Two the Hard Way: 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Grafton Pub, 225 W. Main St., Grafton

• Scott and Karl: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., The Loading Dock, 400 Front St., Grafton.

• Wade Trent: 8pm-11pm, The Bloody Bucket Saloon, 201 E. Main St., Grafton.

• For more information on Al-Anon meetings, call 618-463-2429. To find more helpful meetings, visit SIAFG.org and District-18.org.


• Riverside Flea Market: 9am-5pm, The Loading Dock, 400 Front St., Grafton.

• Alton Farmers’ and Artisans Market: 8 am to noon, 501 Landmarks Boulevard, Alton. Every Saturday from now until October 15.

• 68th Annual Italian American Days Festival: 4 p.m., Benld City Park, 305 N. Main St., Benld. Will present the Benld Italian Club Car Show. Registration is from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

• Raging Rivers Opening Day: 11am-6pm, Raging Rivers Water Park, 100 Palisades Pkwy, Grafton.

• James Killion Day: 1 to 4 p.m., James Killion Park, 2400 Washington Ave., Alton.

• DLuxe events and SWS grand opening and pop-up store: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 317 Homer M. Adams Parkway, Alton.

• Ride To Fight Suicide Scott Reinke Memorial: 9 a.m., Teds Motorcycle World, 4103 Humbert Road, Alton.

• Carnival Family Fest: 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., Abundant Church, 3986 Humbert Road. Alton.

• Number4Combo: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Chez Marilyn, 119 W. 3rd St., Alton.

• NGK Group: 7 p.m., The Lodge at The Lovejoy, 401 Piasa St., Alton.

• Saturday Sweat Bootcamp: 8 am, Nautilus Fitness Center, 4425 Industrial Drive, Alton.

• Hospital fundraiser: 3 pm, Bubby and Sissy’s Bar, 602 Belle St., Alton.

• Jeremiah Johnson: 5-9 p.m., Chubby’s Grill and Garage, 1022 E. Broadway, Alton.

• Jonathan Baker: 5 to 8 p.m., The Brown Bag Bistro, 318 E Broadway, Alton.

• Naked Soul: 2 p.m.-6 p.m., Fast Eddie’s Bon Air, 1530 E. 4th St., Alton.

• Z Band: 7:30-11:30 p.m., Fast Eddie’s Bon Air, 1530 E. 4th St., Alton.

• Wilderness First Aid Training: 8 am, The Nature Institute, 2213 S. Levis Lane, Godfrey.

• That 80s Band: 8pm, The Regal Beagle, 3042 Godfrey Road, Godfrey.

• Seated: 8:00 p.m., Sunset Bar and Grill, 2807 W. Delmar Ave., Godfrey.

• Land of Goshen Farmers’ Market: 8 am to noon, 100 St. Louis Street, Edwardsville.

• Public Second Chance Bag Sale: 8 am to noon, The Glen-Ed Pantry, 125 5th Avenue, Edwardsville.

• Trent Thrun: 5-9 p.m., Stagger Inn Again, 104 E. Vandalia St., Edwardsville.

• Bobby Rolens with Jimmy Rolens: 2 p.m.-5 p.m., Foundry Public House, 126 N. Main St., Edwardsville.

• Midlife Band: 12-3 p.m., 1818 Chophouse, 6170 Bennett Drive Suite A, Edwardsville.

• Mike Keller: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., The Corner Tavern, 1013 N. Main St., Edwardsville.

• Midwest Avenue: 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., The Back Bar, 228 CN Main St., Edwardsville.

• Bingo Saturday night: 7 p.m., South Roxana Dad’s Club, 417 Roxana Ave., South Roxana.

• 5-point plan: 8 p.m., Hooch and Sixteen’s Bar, 1511 Pontoon Road, Edwardsville.

• Root Dig’n Nation: 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Patrick’s Bar and Grill, 2900 Nameoki Road, Granite City.

• SuperJam: 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., The Pump House Bar and Grill, 1523 E. Edwardsville Road, Wood River.

• City Wide Yard Sales: All day, Grafton.

• Memorial Weekend Poppy Sales: All Day, IL-3 and IL-100, Grafton.

• Wade Trent: 12-3 pm, Aerie’s Resort Event Venue Terrace, 601 Timber Ridge, Grafton.

• John Jarrett Littlefield: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., The Terrace at Aerie’s Resort Event Venue, 601 Timber Ridge, Grafton.

• 1-Hour Mississippi and Illinois Cruise: 4:45-5:45 PM, Port of Grafton, 215 W. Water St., Grafton.

• Chocolate Lovers Cruise: 6:15-8:15 p.m., Grafton Harbor, 215 W. Water St., Grafton.

• Rum on the River Cruise: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Port of Grafton, 215 W. Water St., Grafton.

• Cabin Fever: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Grafton Pub, 225 W. Main St., Grafton.

• Exit 52: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Grafton Pub, 225 W. Main St., Grafton.

• Synergee: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Grafton Winery and Brewhaus, 300 W. Main St., Grafton.

• Yacht Rockers: 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., The Loading Dock, 400 Front St., Grafton.

• Worth the Fight: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Grafton Oyster Bar, 215 Water St., Grafton.

• Catfish Willie: 8pm-11pm, The Bloody Bucket Saloon, 201 E. Main St., Grafton.

• Karaoke night: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., 3e Chute Bar & Grill, 220 W. Main St., Grafton.

[email protected]

Harford Seafood Company opens new market at Avila Beach


Community members and visitors showed up at the Harford Seafood Company for its official grand opening on Wednesday.

“We’re really focused on quality, sustainable seafood and focused on working with local fishermen,” said Shaun Corrales, owner of Harford Seafood Company.

The new location offers a variety of seafood options including crab, salmon, halibut and shrimp.

“So about 70% of what we transport, it comes here locally. It comes straight out of the water, goes straight up into our tanks,” Corrales said.

The market uses the Monterey Bay Sustainability Rating System to determine who they buy seafood from and only buys from those who receive a green rating.

“We have live fish and we can take it straight out of the tank and we’ll fillet it for you,” Corrales said.

Community members flooded the grand opening to see all it has to offer and say they are happy the market is showcasing local businesses and winemakers.

“So far it’s been great, it’s been great, it’s been beautiful. I feel like it’s giving the neighborhood a makeover. Exactly what we needed here,” said Courtney & Julien Asseo, residents from Paso Robles.

The Seafood Company fills large shoes at the end of Harford Pier. It’s been years since the last seafood restaurant, the Olde Port Inn Restaurant, closed.

Paul Marshburn visited the area 8 years ago and tried the Olde Port Inn restaurant before it closed.

“Today we went out after this long period to see if the old restaurant was still there and found it was closed but a new one had opened in its place,” visitor Paul Marshburn said.

Although sad to see the old restaurant closed, Marshburn gave the market a try.

“It was absolutely good, yeah, we ate well,” Marshburn said.

Members of the Harbor Commission also showed their support at the grand opening and hope this new restaurant will allow members of the community to enjoy the pier in a new way.

“We want everyone to come out and support them right now,” said Mary Matakovich, vice president of the Port San Luis Harbor Commission.

Harford Seafood Company is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Where to find meats for Memorial Day grills


In a county where outdoor barbecues are held year-round, it might not seem like a big deal that Memorial Day weekend is considered the start of grilling season. But it’s the last National Day weekend before our summer heat kicks in – reason enough to fire up the grill.

And if you’re looking for butcher-grade meats to grill, you’ve got some great local options, markets full of holiday-worthy cuts.

Here is a mini-guide to local specialty meat markets:

The Butcher and the Bar specializes in grass-fed meats in Boynton Beach.

The butcher and the bar

This hybrid company combines a full-service butcher with a casual full-service restaurant and bar that specializes in quality meats, homemade pickles, and local produce and serves cocktails and local beers on tap.

At the butcher’s counter, you’ll find grass-fed beef and pork, steak cuts including rib eye, New York strip loin, tri-tip, ribs and tenderloin. The pork and beef sausages are homemade, as are the different types of pickles (jalapeños, green tomatoes, classic dill). Deli meats are dried on site and bacon and ham are smoked on site. There’s homemade bologna, scrapple and kielbasa as well as local eggs from Holman’s Harvest Farm in Loxahatchee Groves.

“We literally have everything you need for an outdoor barbecue,” says butcher Logan Gates. “We even make our own hot sauces and pickles.”

Open in Boynton Beach since August 2020, The Butcher and the Bar offers indoor and outdoor seating and serves brunch, lunch and dinner. Gates says he expects the butcher’s counter to offer Memorial Day weekend specials, which will be posted on the bar/market’s social media pages.

  • The Butcher and Bar: 510 E. Ocean Ave., Unit 101, Boynton Beach, 561-903-7630, ButcherandBar.com; Butcher counter open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., closed on Monday

Smoked eats:Best Grill Restaurants Right Now in Palm Beach County

Buzz Birria:Best Mexican Restaurants for Decadent Tacos in Palm Beach County

In addition to steakhouse meats, Okeechobee Prime Meat Market in West Palm Beach sells ready-to-cook or reheat meals, desserts, yachting supplies, and wines.

Okeechobee Prime Meat Market

Bustling part of the Okeechobee Steakhouse family, this specialty meat market features the same select meats served at the iconic steakhouse. It offers a variety of dry-aged and wet-aged steaks, steakhouse burgers, Wagyu beef and all-beef Angus hot dogs, as well as a range of other quality meats.

Steakhouse aficionados might enjoy the market’s prepared and packaged foods, including steakhouse entrees, popular sides, and desserts. Add to that Okeechobee Steakhouse exclusive wines, yachting provisions and sauces and you have options that go beyond the cozy space.

  • Okeechobee Prime Meat Market: 1959 Wabasso Dr., West Palm Beach, 561-570-7200, OkeePrimeMeats.com; open every day from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
An Australian Denver wagyu steak (left) and an A5 Japanese wagyu offered at Palm Beach Meats, an upscale, gourmet meat market and pop-up space in West Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Meats

High-quality Wagyu beef from Japan and Australia takes pride of place in this West Palm Beach Meat Market and temporary place.

“Ninety percent of what we sell is Wagyu,” says co-owner Eric San Pedro, who opened the shop in June 2021.

The Australian Wagyu picanha is increasingly popular in the market. This is a classic Brazilian cut that has gained popularity in this country.

“It’s the most tender part of the sirloin, tender and boldly flavored,” says San Pedro.

Also popular in barbecue-ready meats, Australian Wagyu brisket comes from purebred or “pureblood” cattle, he says.

Wagyu is expensive whether from Japan or Australia. At Palm Beach Meats, Australian cuts of Wagyu sell for between $40 a pound and around $90 a pound, depending on cut and quality. The price of Japanese Wagyu cuts ranges from $130 to $150 per pound.

During Memorial Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, the market offers a 15% discount on all meats, says San Pedro.

  • Palm Beach Meats: 4812 S. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach, 561-623-7471, PalmBeachMeats.com; open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed on Monday

Major specialized markets

Steaks on display in the butcher's crate of Doris Italian Market.

Doris Italian Market

With locations in North Palm Beach and Boca Raton, it’s one of the county’s go-to markets for Italian goods, from imported pastas to freshly baked breads.

The butcher counter, which sells everything from classic “Sunday gravy” meats to prime steaks, regularly offers holiday specials and packages.

Ready to grill: a variety of meats on skewers at Doris Italian Market.

To celebrate Memorial Day and kick off BBQ season, Doris’ Meat Department is offering a Gourmet Burger Package through May 31. burgers (hot or sweet) and four chicken burgers (Italian cheese or dried tomato).

  • Doris Italian Market: In North Palm Beach at 11239 US Hwy 1, in Boca Raton at 9101 Lakeridge Blvd. (Yamato Road, west of Lyons Road); DorisMarket.com

Joseph’s Classic Market

Popular for its wide variety of prepared foods, this family-owned local specialty market chain offers butcher-grade meats that are hand-cut at each of Palm Beach County’s three market locations.

For those who prefer grilling fish, there are fresh fish options at the fish counter in the market.

Weekly specials are posted on Joseph’s website, JosephsClassicMarket.com.

  • Joseph’s Classic Market: In Palm Beach Gardens at 4409 Northlake Blvd., in Delray Beach at 8918 W. Atlantic Ave., in Boca Raton at 6000 Glades Rd.

Carmine Gourmet Market

North County restaurateur Carmine Giardini got his start as a butcher and opened his first South Florida meat market in Broward County in 1972. His interest in high-quality meats continues today. today in its bustling Carmine’s Gourmet Market, where the butcher offers a variety of steaks. including cuts of Japanese and Australian Wagyu beef.

The Butcher’s Counter is adjacent to Carmine’s Seafood Crates, which feature a decent range of fish and seafood.

Specials from the two butcher and seafood counters are posted on the market’s website at Carmines.com.

  • Carmine Gourmet Market: 2401 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, 561-775-0105

The changing face of Dickson


Keena Naboya, owner of Filipino-Asian fusion restaurant Papa J’s in the new Dickson neighborhood.

New developments and street improvements are changing the face of Dickson, but the multicultural and eclectic heart of this iconic suburb remains.

As Dickson evolves, new companies move in alongside existing favorites to give the streets a new identity.

Papa J’s Resto Bar is a new family business offering Filipino-Asian fusion located in the new area of ​​Dickson, just off Challis Street.

Father and daughter team Joemel – better known as Papa J – and Keena Naboya say it’s the authentic Filipino food and character that makes their restaurant special.

Father-daughter team of Joemel and Keena Naboya Father-daughter team Joemel and Keena Naboya bring Filipino culture to Dickson.

“Papa J’s is the first Filipino-Asian fusion restaurant in Dickson and it’s been great to share our food and culture with the community,” Keena said.

“It’s really gratifying to see our customers love our food and leave the restaurant satisfied.

“Before opening the restaurant we were doing food stalls and were encouraged to open in a permanent location. With new residential and commercial developments in the area, we decided Dickson was an ideal location to do so.

        Jeweler Jessica Devers Jeweler Jessica Devers, one of 20 local members that make up Trove Canberra.

Across the suburb of Dickson Place, Trove Canberra is a local institution set up by a group of Canberra artisans who have been operating in the ACT for eight years.

Local jeweler Jessica Devers is just one of 20 members of the Trove Canberra Cooperative Owners who sell their arts, crafts, homewares, clothing and more at the Dickson store.

“I’ve been part of Trove since the start in 2014 and we’re happy with our location here,” Jessica said.

“Trove has been here at Dickson for four years now and we are enjoying it.

“Dickson feels more alive than other places Trove has been. We have found the location and customer demographics to suit our business”

Inside Trove DicksonInside the Trove Canberra store in Dickson.

Work is currently underway to upgrade the Dickson’s Woolley Street restaurant district, making it a more accessible, safe and attractive destination for businesses, residents and visitors.

You can find out more about renewals and upgrades at Dickson by visiting the City Renewal Authority website.

Pubs and bars showing the Championship play-off final Nottingham Forest v Huddersfield Town on Sky TV


It’s one of the most popular tickets in the UK, and there are plenty of places to catch the big game in Nottinghamshire if fans aren’t able to grab a ticket. Pubs and bars across Nottinghamshire will welcome punters on Sunday May 29 for the Championship play-off final between Nottingham Forest and Huddersfield Town at Wembley.

Around 40,000 Forest fans are expected to make the trip to the capital to watch the action live. The county’s pubs and bars have already seen strong demand, including The Boot Room, just off The City Ground on Pavilion Road.

Owner Mark James said: “There is standing room only now, all tables have been booked and we expect to be busy from 2pm before kick off at 4.30pm. There was a real buzz for the past four or five days., the queues outside the ticket office opposite us snaked all the way around the basement car park.

Read more: Jeremy Corbyn makes statement on Nottingham Forest play-offs at rally in Derby

“I’ve seen a lot of happy people holding tickets. We recently had a bunch of guys at the bar who stuck around queuing at 4:30am for tickets. Here we’ll welcome everyone.”

Mark James, owner of The Boot Room

The Trent Navigation Inn on Meadow Lane is another local pub that has seen high demand. They have a similar situation to The Boot Room.

Manager Sam Ditchfield said: “It’s hard to say exactly how many we’re going to have here, but all the tables inside are full. There’s plenty of space for walk-ins, however.”

It is understood Nottingham Forest are not considering showing the game at the City Ground. A Nottingham City Council has confirmed the authority has no plans to screen the game in the Old Market Square or turn it into a fanzone.

Nottingham Forest fans celebrate on the pitch after reaching the play-off final in the dramatic Sky Bet Championship play-off semi-final win over Sheffield United.
Nottingham Forest fans celebrate on the pitch after reaching the play-off final in the dramatic Sky Bet Championship play-off semi-final win over Sheffield United.

See below for a list, according to useyourlocal.com, of pubs and bars in Nottinghamshire showing the match so you don’t miss a thing, even if you couldn’t get a ticket. The game will be shown live on Sky Sports, and below is a list of pubs and bars that show games live on Sky.

Pubs and bars showing the match in Nottinghamshire*


  • Balfour Conservative Club
  • Eagle
  • eagles corner
  • Greyhound Inn




  • Beekeeper
  • blue bell
  • Ladies Inn
  • cricketers
  • Former Beeston Servicemen
  • doggystyle
  • inn of stars






  • Oxford Hotel
  • royal oak
  • upper house

Burton Joyce


  • Earl of Chesterfield
  • Arms of Elwes
  • fox and dogs
  • hostel for a penny
  • nag head


  • Starting gate
  • Vale Social Club




  • Ladies Inn
  • green dragon
  • Hucknall’s Constitutional Club
  • Nabb Inn
  • Plow and Harrow Inn



  • Annesley Woodhouse Working Mans Club
  • badger box
  • Coronation Club
  • Kingsway
  • Kirkby Cross Pool Club
  • wyvern

Leen Valley


  • Inn of Angels
  • Daring Forester
  • byron
  • cheeky monkey
  • Clipstone Social Club
  • cuckoo birch
  • door inn
  • Ladybrook Hotel
  • local hostel
  • Lurching
  • Mansfield Woodhouse Veterans Club
  • Oak
  • Potters Snooker & Social Club
  • Prince Charles
  • Hotel
  • royal oak
  • Sand Hill Working Mans Club
  • Shirebrook Miner Welfare
  • Sir John Cockle
  • Star
  • Talbot Inn


  • Duke of Cambridge
  • Plainsman


  • Bilsthorpe Wellbeing
  • Boot and Shoe
  • Chester
  • Harrow Inn
  • Milestone Brewery
  • Weapons of ancient kings
  • old malt scoop
  • white swan

city ​​of Nottingham

  • Admiral Rodney
  • Bank
  • bell inn
  • Crossed keys
  • Cross
  • Fairham Hotel
  • Falcon Inn
  • Morton and Clayton Fellows
  • Fox
  • Grosvenor
  • Hop Merchant
  • Johnson arm
  • The Loxley
  • Old Dog & Partridge
  • ounce bar
  • Raglan Road Irish Bar
  • Rose and Crown
  • route one
  • Shooters
  • South bank bar
  • three crowns
  • three sheaves of wheat
  • Trent Sailing Inn
  • By Fossa
  • Waterside
  • Welbeck Miner Welfare
  • tappers
  • yates




Saint Anne

  • by Lillie Langtry
  • nag head


  • Iron Man
  • Midland Hotel
  • West End Club


  • Fox and Crown
  • nag head
  • New Cross
  • progressive club
  • Snipe
  • Unwin Social Club






West Bridgford

  • The boot room
  • Lady Berry
  • Larwood & Voce Tavern
  • Hotel Test Match
  • Waterside bar and kitchen
  • wolds



* This list is not exhaustive – if your local pub or bar is showing the game, let us know – email us at [email protected]

Prepare to gorge on seafood, burgers and desserts at Dine Around Downtown


Not that lunchtime ever gets stale in Lower Manhattan, but it’s just time to get really hungry for the 36 restaurants that come to a plaza for a most delicious lunch break.

This is what the Downtown Alliance is offering on Tuesday, June 7, during its Dine Around Downtown festival at Fosun Plaza (28 Liberty Street). And if you haven’t figured out your go-to meals for that day yet – whether it’s vegetarian fare, carnivorous bites, or a simple macaroni and cheese binge – then definitely consider the food categories. which will also be succulent and ready to serve you from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

From veggie lovers to carbo-loading fiends, this feast has it all for even the pickiest eaters. The following is just a sampling of what to expect.


Beckett’s Bar & Grill: Crab Cake Sandwich

Chinah: crystal balls with prawns

Harry’s: Shrimp Cocktail with Old Bay Aioli

Luke’s Lobster: Mini Lobster Roll

The Fulton: Shrimp Burger with Sriracha Mayonnaise, Cucumber + Shiso

Burgers and cursors

Stout NYC FiDi: Mini Stout Burgers on Martin’s Potato Buns

ONE Dine at One World Observatory: Korean Short Rib Slider

ATRIO: American Wagyu beef banh mi mini hot dog, with summer coleslaw + marinated chili aioli

Alamo Drafthouse: Beyond Meat Slider with Vegan Ranch + Caramelized Onions

Watermark Bar: Beef Brisket and Short Ribs Burger, Cheddar and Sriracha Mayonnaise on a Brioche Bun


Eataly NYC Downtown: homemade cannoli

Schilling Restaurant & Bar: Sour Cherry and Cheese Strudel with Cardamom Ice Cream

Pi bakery: baklava

OneSeed: Orange Muffin

Fulton Stall Market: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Keywords: dinner downtown

Which joker are you according to your zodiac sign?


The Joker may have been cut from The Batman, but he’s still Batman’s most infamous nemesis and one of the most iconic comic book characters in history. As such, he has been portrayed and reimagined by a host of actors and directors over the years. Although they all derive from the same character, each version of the Joker has nuances in his personality and appearance that make them unique and memorable in their own way.

In a way, it feels like fans get a new character every time a new version of The Joker comes out, because they all ultimately vary in their goals (if they even have any). Therefore, a different representation of the Joker can be lined up on either side of the zodiac – which in some cases can be applied in a very twisted way.


Aries – Lego Batman (Zach Galifianakis)

Joker looking menacing in LEGO Batman Movie.

The Lego Batman Movie was a delightfully fun take on the world of Caped Crusader, as it celebrates the character’s mythos while poking fun at it. In this version, the chaotic Joker (hilariously voiced by Zach Galifianakis) enlists villains from various franchises in order to take over Gotham.

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This outrageous plan was the result of his strange affection for Batman after the latter had hurt him deeply. Acting on emotion is a trait often displayed by those born under Aries. Another quality of Aries is assertive leadership, and Joker certainly had to be when leading a team of villains who are leaders in their own respective universes.

Taurus – Tim Burton’s Batman (Jack Nicholson)

Jack Nicholson smiling as The Joker.

One of the most famous actors to play the Joker was Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989), and he did a stand-up job at that. Sinister and murderous yet charming and funny, Nicholson’s Joker is still beloved today, and he’s certainly one of Tim Burton’s finest villains.

Nicholson’s Joker is arguably the most grounded of the Jokers – which is saying a lot – and makes him the most apt Joker to represent Taurus. Additionally, this Joker shows ambition and initially, in a dark twist, reliability when he was mob boss Grissom’s right-hand man.

Gemini – The Batman Animated Series 2004 (Kevin Michael Richardson)

Kevin Michael Richardson as The Joker in The Batman 2004

The 2004 anime series was known for its dark and unique designs, some of which were more successful than others. For this series, the Joker (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) was a more primitive, acrobatic criminal who liked to wreak havoc purely for his pleasure.

Geminis are dynamic and energetic yet intelligent, much like this unusual but nightmarish version of the Joker. Additionally, people born under Gemini are said to be flexible and responsive, which perfectly matches this Joker’s natural acrobatic skills and quick instinctive responses to everything around him.

Cancer – Batman Ninja (Tony Hale)

Tony Hale as Joker in Batman Ninja

ninja batman is an animated feature that sees Batman transported to feudal Japan. Here he learns that Joker has taken over this new universe and that he must end his reign and find a way to return home.

Voiced by Tony Hale, this animated version of Joker might be more whimsical than most, but it sure is no less chaotic for that. Joker has fun creating and twisting history and timelines in this dimension, similar to a Cancer’s fun creating things. Additionally, people born under the sign of Cancer can sometimes find peace by connecting with a higher power. Joker took this to the next level by taking over as Lord and altering reality as they knew it.

Lion – 1960s Batman (Cesar Romero)

Joker Cesar Romero

The very first Joker to be bought on screen was Cesar Romero in the now legendary 1960s Batman series. His camp and wacky portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime is still beloved today and sets the bar high for Jokers. coming.

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True to the show’s melodramatic and colorful tone, Romero’s Joker is theatrical and flamboyant, much like a Lion. His crimes may be less harmful than those of other Jokers, but they’re snappy and daring, and like Leos, Joker always remains confident in himself and his plans no matter how many times Batman has him. sent to jail.

Virgo – Batman: The Animated Series (Mark Hamill)

The smiling Joker aboard his garbage barge in The Last Laugh of Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series remains one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed DC series to date. One of the main reasons is Mark Hamill’s timeless portrayal of the Joker, whose episodes are some of the best in the entire series.

People born under Virgo are known for their practicality and intelligence, and BTA‘s Joker is one of the smartest and most intriguing versions of the character. His mind is not only in his evil but well-planned plans, but also when he effortlessly lies to others, including Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who would later become the legendary Harley Quinn.

Libra – Suicide Squad (Jared Leto)

Jared Leto as Joker in Suicide Squad

The portrayal of the Joker by Jared Leto in suicide squad is iconic for all the wrong reasons. While distinct in design, this version of the Joker was hugely controversial among DC fans, and some Reddit users found his performance ruined the movie for them. Still, there’s no denying that Leto’s Joker is memorable.

As a Libra, he seems to strike a balance between establishing himself as both a notorious and somewhat calculating crime lord and an utterly loose cannon. Also, Libras are meant to be indecisive in some choices, and that could apply to this version of Joker’s twisted feelings for Harley.

Scorpion – Gotham (Cameron Monaghan)

Gotham TV Show Jerome Joker

Gotham bought a fresh perspective on Batman’s rogues gallery by focusing on the individual paths that led them to villainy. Here, the Joker, called Jerome Valeska, proved to be a terrifying presence even before he had established his reputation as a villain.

What makes Jerome a suitable Scorpio is his tenacity, which is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that he died twice, and his obvious fearlessness. Moreover, Scorpios are not afraid to lead the way and leave a legacy behind, which Jerome achieved not only thanks to his followers, but also his own brother, even after his death.

Sagittarius – Harley Quinn (Alan Tudyk)

Joker "Where is my electric car?" in the Harley Quinn series

the harley quinn The adult animated series is one of DC’s most recent hits. Focusing on Harley after her breakup with the Joker, it’s only natural that the Clown Prince of Crime (brilliantly played by Alan Tudyk) serves as the main antagonist of the first series as he attempts to bring down his former sidekick.

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People born under the sign of Sagittarius are known for their outgoing nature and sense of humor, and as one of the funniest characters in harley quinn, as well as one of the most outspoken, this version of the Joker fits the bill. Also, Sagittarians can be a bit immature, and it’s fair to say. harley quinn‘s Joker has had more than one hilarious little tantrum throughout the series.

Capricorn – Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

Joaquin Phoenix with green hair and makeup as Joker

The movie 2019 Joker may have polarized audiences and critics, but Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was universally acclaimed and even won him an Oscar. In this compelling origin story, Phoenix plays budding comedian Arthur Fleck. The film chronicles his tragic descent to become one of the most infamous characters in comic book history.

Capricorns are driven and focused on their goals, which can be hard to apply to an agent of chaos like the Joker. Yet Arthur Fleck, despite his sensitivity, is a driven individual. Throughout the film, his long-term goal is to become a comedian and make people laugh.

Aquarius – Arkham Games (Mark Hamill/Troy Baker)

Introducing Batman Arkham Origins' Joker

the Batman: Arkham games are some of the best and most serious versions of Gotham, and of course, Joker is no exception. Mark Hamill got to revisit one of his greatest roles for the original trilogy, with Troy Baker at the helm of the Origins of Arkham series.

In the game, Batman comments that he never met anyone like the Joker during his crime-fighting days, which reflects the Aquarius sign of being unique and individualistic. Also, people born under the sign of Aquarius are said to be humanitarians. Arkham‘s Joker can be seen as that in a twisted sense, as he believes the core of humanity is immorality and corrupts others to prove it.

Pisces – The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger)

Heath Ledger played the role of Joke in The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The black Knight is undoubtedly one of the most legendary. From his smudged face paint to his “Why so serious?” catchphrase, Ledger’s Joker continues to delight and awe viewers to this day.

Pisces are known for their intuition and this is amply demonstrated by Ledger’s Joker, as he could strategically plan and improvise his plans based on his observations of others, Batman included. Also, in a very sick sense, Ledger’s Joker displays the Pisces characteristic of sympathy as he could seemingly appeal to others for his own gain. It’s no wonder this Joker is so iconic.

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Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka and the cast of The Cabin in the Woods

Dark Theory Claims Willy Wonka Performs Cabin Ritual in the Woods

About the Author

Teenager’s sudden death, payday loan rage and concern over collapsing Liverpool markets


These are the last headlines from ECHO this morning.

Mum feels a part of her is gone after her 18-year-old son’s sudden death

An 18-year-old man who “saw the best in everyone” has died in his sleep from a rare heart condition.

John Nesbitt had just completed his A-Levels and was eager to take up a place at the University of Birmingham. But the teenager died suddenly in his sleep from a rare heart condition which showed no signs or symptoms.

John’s heart stopped beating following an arrhythmia caused by myocarditis – a condition in which the body’s immune system causes inflammation in response to infection. The condition is extremely rare and can be triggered by something like a cold.

Read the full story here.

Dad disgusted with payday loan company compensation

A father has racked up thousands of pounds in debt with a payday loan company which he says is ‘playing on people’s misery’.

George Lea, 76, and his wife Linda, 71, from Tuebrook, have taken out a number of loans from home loan provider Provident over the years to help pay for groceries, Christmas and birthdays. George said the loans were a “quick fix” at the time, but with sky-high interest rates they quickly got into debt.

READ MORE : Exorbitant costs of researching and resolving city council issues

Provident, was part of a company called PFG, which previously provided short-term, guarantor and home loans with interest rates up to 1,557.7% APR – but after being hit hard by sales claims abusive, the company permanently closed its doors on December 31 of last year. .

Learn more here.

Concern over multi-million collapse of Liverpool markets company

A collapsed firm which handled contracts for Liverpool City Council owes the local authority millions of pounds.

Liverpool Markets Limited, (LML), which ran council markets across the city, went into liquidation in May 2019. A report by FRP Advisory Limited LLP liquidators has now revealed that LML owes the council £3,469,896.00.

Colin Laphan, chairman of the Liverpool Markets Traders Association, said he did not understand how debt had risen to such levels before the lockdown period.

Read the full story here.

7 interesting date ideas that don’t involve the pub


A pub date will always be a must as it allows you to relax over a drink, chat and get to know the person sitting across from you. But let’s face it, sometimes the conversation doesn’t pan out exactly, and always meeting at a bar only lets you see one side of your love’s personality.

Mixing things up and participating in an activity that you both enjoy could reduce the pressure and allow you to have fun, while getting to know your date better.

Matchmaker, dating expert and founder of Love Collective Global, Sarah Louise Ryan says, “Having a diverse range of dates will undoubtedly show you the different sides of someone’s personality and how different your experiences will be with them. on every date, it almost gives a 360 degree look at what it would be like to spend time with them.”

And branching out might even increase your chances of finding love. Ryan adds, “Having immersive dates can spark connection, which leads to emotional intimacy.”

We asked dating and relationship experts to suggest interesting dates outside the pub.

1. A walking tour

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In the dark times of lockdown, walk dates have become the norm, but they can feel like an interview if you don’t click instantly. A walking tour is a great way to spark conversation, fill in awkward silences, and maybe even learn something new.

Ryan says, “If you love history or architecture, trying a walking tour of your city or a new town can be a really fun thing to do and conversation starter. When you focus on one activity , singles take the pressure off dating and create an experience for themselves, whether the chemistry is there or not.”

2. A cooking class

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If you both love a particular type of food, taking a cooking class together could be a special date. Ryan says: “So many singles put on themselves the pressure and the connection they want to feel that they forget to create an amazing experience.

“Something like an immersive cooking class with other people will allow both parties to see how the other connects and communicates with others. An experience like this fosters engagement, fun, work of team and playfulness.”

3. Look at the stars

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Looking at the stars together can open up interesting new topics of conversation – and it can also be very economical, because looking at the night sky is free. Add a picnic and you have a date to remember.

Rachel MacLynn, founder of matchmaking agency The Vida Consultancy, says: “What’s more romantic than a trip to the night sky? A stargazing experience can transport you to a and in a different place and allow you and your date to really focus on the two of you.”

4. Comedy Club

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Relationship expert Tina Wilson suggests sharing some laughs by attending a comedy club — and even joining one if you’re feeling brave — because “this one is a great way to see if you have the same sense of ‘humor”.

She continues: “Open mic parties are fun, you can have a drink if the nerves hit you, and if you’re both laughing at the same things, that’s a great sign of your compatibility. Any activity that has a session timed is perfect because you can use the excuse that you need to get back to work or have a pre-meeting to drop in. If you had a good time, you can always grab a coffee afterwards and continue chatting.

5. An escape room

If you want to see how your date reacts to pressure, booking an escape game — where you have to solve puzzles, uncover clues, or complete time-limited tasks to unlock the door — should tell you all about it. you must know.

Wilson says: “It’s a place where you should work together and it can be a great insight into whether someone is being too bossy for you or taking the lead, while listening to your ideas, and that’s another great insight. insight into your potential long-term dating prospects.”

6. Climbing or skating

An “adrenaline-filled” date like rock climbing or ice skating will get your heart racing and your blood pumping, Wilson says. “It can lead to a feeling of excitement and make you subconsciously feel that the person you’re with is making you feel that way, which can help sparks fly.

“Dates like this also help you make eye contact and encourage tactile behavior (like on the arm, back, or hand) that can cause a surge of feel-good hormones. Hormones are vital to finding someone attractive, so essentially these types of dates, lend a helping hand to love.”

7. Go to a pottery class or kiln room

There are plenty of affordable courses dotted around the country aimed at beginners, and it’s an activity that will have you talking and probably laughing.

“Some of the best dates are when two people engage in an activity that neither has tried before because the novelty lends itself to a form of teamwork. It strengthens the bond between them,” MacLynn says. “Plus, having fun increases feel-good hormones that help you feel close to each other, a great foundation for any relationship.”

Seafood trails lead to healthier food options

Alan McCulla, managing director of Sea Source in Kilkeel, one of Northern Ireland’s seafood processors, sees the new trails as an important development for the industry

Fourteen Seafood Trails have been laid out with the aim of raising awareness of Northern Ireland’s exceptional fish and seafood industry, particularly amongst the locals here.

The trails, developed by Seafish, the UK body that promotes fish and seafood, are being launched today (Saturday) at a special celebratory event at the iconic St George Food Market in Belfast.

The goal is to promote the consumption of wild caught and locally raised sustainable seafood that will support the national fishing industry. Locals and visitors will be able to take a trip to meet producers and enjoy freshly landed products in our harbors and ports.

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Crawford Ewing, manager of Ewing’s Seafoods in Belfast – Northern Ireland’s ‘best fishmonger’, is a strong supporter of the new Seafood Trails

The campaign recognizes that over 20,000 tonnes of various wild fish and shellfish are landed each year at local ports, most of which is exported and consumed overseas, while local diets often tend to include seafood. sea ​​imported.

Alan McCulla, Sea Source CE in Kilkeel, our main fishing port, explains: “Northern Ireland’s Seafood Trails provide a great platform to celebrate the variety of seafood we have to offer. By exploring the bustling fishing port and port towns that feature on these trails and learning about our rich fishing heritage along the way, we believe families will be encouraged to eat more local, sustainable and healthy seafood, and through this, helping our vital seafood industry to thrive.

And Crawford Ewing, manager of Ewing’s Seafoods in Belfast, recently named NI’s Best Fishmonger, adds: “This is a wonderful initiative from one of our most important industries. Anything that gets more people here to learn about the industry and appreciate the real health benefits, in particular, of fish and seafood is welcome.

Seafood is widely considered an essential part of a healthy diet and is central to what has come to be known as the “Mediterranean diet” which is believed to help reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease. Now, it has also been shown by a team of Israeli scientists that people who lose weight on a Mediterranean-style diet maintain their weight, unlike people who follow other diets.

Celebrity chef Suzie Lee, who cooks at the launch, agrees: “Making seafood delicious isn’t hard, and it’s a really healthy option for the family. The trails should entice more people to sample our superb seafood.

Suzie, winner of the BBC Best Home Cook 2020 and host of the hugely popular ‘Home Cook Hero’ series, is an advocate for fresh, local produce and small suppliers. It is well placed to celebrate the variety of fish and shellfish available throughout Northern Ireland.

The trails highlight bustling port towns from Kilkeel to Portstewart and capture a snippet of NI’s wide variety of independent seafood shacks and restaurants, heritage centers and family-friendly activities.

The trails include colorful maps – illustrated by Le Morne artist Piera Cirefice – and are designed to guide families on a “seafood adventure in ports” through the path of their choice, from bustling docks to peaceful treasures of maritime museums”.

Glenarm, home to Northern Ireland’s world renowned salmon farming, is another destination

Funding was provided by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), a government fund that supports sustainable development

in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, and are provided by SeafishUK in conjunction with Mindfully Wired Communications.

Our seafood products have long been enjoyed throughout Europe, the United States and the Middle East. It can now be found in top restaurants and retail outlets around the world. Processors in Kilkeel, Portavogie, Annalong and Glenarm generated around £60million in sales outside Northern Ireland last year and employ nearly 600 people.

Seafood such as oysters, shelled and breaded prawns, crabmeat and scallops can be found in some of the biggest stores in Europe, including Carrefour, Auchan and Leclerc in France. Other markets looking to Northern Ireland for fresh seafood include the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Lebanon, Hong Kong and Japan. It is also an industry with a strong commitment to innovation in the form of new products, including Queenie scallops and cooked langoustines.

Kilkeel, the world’s largest seafood port, is a destination on one of 14 trails

Glenarm’s organic smoked salmon has also attracted orders from high-end hotels and restaurants in Britain, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. Glenarm salmon is one of the most popular local foods at the iconic Fortnum and Mason grocery store in London’s Piccadilly.

Probably Northern Ireland’s oldest fish processor, Rooney Fish, for example, sells everything it processes outside Northern Ireland and has become a market leader in shellfish, including prawns, langoustines, mussels, whelks and crabs, sourced from the Irish Sea for customers in Europe and Asia. . The company’s Millbay oysters, which are farmed at Carlingford Lough in what is Ireland’s largest oyster farm, have won acclaim across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Reservoir and wood with a stop at the iconic pub with open fire and beer garden


With another warm weekend expected, what better way to spend it than enjoying the Lancashire countryside.

The week’s suggested itinerary offers a chance to experience a mix of old and new as you walk through areas that have played key roles in the region’s history. It covers the Blackburn and Bolton areas and gives you the chance to surround yourself with stunning scenery.

Along the way, you’ll see the 15th-century Turton Tower and the Entwistle Reservoir, as well as walks through areas known to be home to rare flora and fauna. Points of note along the route include Yarnsdale and Fairy Battery, a rocky outcrop popular with rock climbers – this site was the secret meeting place of nonconformist worshipers in the 17th century.

READ MORE: Stroll through historic Lancashire town with stunning woodland, Lake District views and a 300-year-old pub

Along the way, we suggest a visit to Strawberry Duck, one of Bolton’s iconic pubs which now serves ‘quality food and excellent cask ales’. Set amongst the hills, forests and reservoirs of Entwistle, the pub is ideal for all seasons with cozy fires in the winter and a welcoming beer garden in the summer. Children, cyclists, walkers and dogs are all welcome.

The walk, which was originally created for Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, is around eight and a half miles long and starts and ends at the Batridge Barn car park off Greens Arms Road off the A666. The course is mostly flat so shouldn’t present too much of a challenge. As always, it is advisable to wear clothing and footwear suitable for the conditions.

  • At the end of the car park, with your back to the reservoir, observe two small ravines. Take the path towards the gully on the right and go up the path to the stile seen on the right (just before a small reservoir). Follow the hillside path. Cross the road, go through the gate and continue up the path.
  • Turn right onto Greens Arms Road then left onto a track at the bend in the road. Pass Clough House Farm on your left and eventually go through a kissing gate next to a large door.
  • Continue along the track which turns left with a stream on your right to cross the Blackburn to Bolton railway line. After the Tower you will reach the B6391 Chapeltown Road. Turn left, then where the road bends left take the path on the right which passes in front of the war casemate.
  • Climb the upright through the woods and cross the bridge over the Jumbles Reservoir. At this point you are in Jumbles Country Park, and there is an excellent information center alongside the reservoir. Turn left along the path, following the reservoir as it narrows into Bradshaw Brook. Coming out of the woods at Turton Bottoms, as this steep valley is called, cross the cobbled bridge.
  • Continue on the road, after two barrier posts where the cobblestones end, take the path which branches off to the right. After crossing the Packhorse Bridge, with its associated ford along it, you come out onto another paved road. Turn right onto Birches Road and continue straight ahead with Printers Court Cottages on your right. Turn left at the end of the chalets.
  • Turn right through the new houses and take the steps up the hill to the left out of Quarlton Vale. Join a path at the top of the steps and pass the chimney on the right. Go through a kissing gate into an open field and continue along the path up into the field.
  • Go through the gate on the left at the top of the field, and continue along the path. Cross the footbridge and turn right to cross a second footbridge. Turn right along the waterfall and follow the path by the stream. After climbing the hill, cross the track and walk to the Barlow Institute playing field and past the bowling green to reach the main Bolton road. Turn left onto Bolton Road to Brandwood Bend left Cross Bolton Road and continue down the hill to the Black Bull pub.
  • Take the path next to the pub to the Wayoh Reservoir. As you approach the reservoir, go up the path by the rails and continue straight. Continue on the path next to the reservoir and you will eventually come to Hob Lane. Cross the path, go through the gate following the edge of the reservoir and cross a footbridge over Broadhead Creek. Shortly after, cross a second bridge and take a narrow path that leaves the main path on the right. Climb this path through the woods, ignoring the stile on the right.
  • Climb the stile in an open field to reach Edge Lane. Turn right on this road and cross the railway line. Turn right into Edge Lane, passing New House Farm on the right. Eventually, when the track forks into three lanes, take the left fork.
  • After going from trusses to Edge Fold, a stud is climbed, the trail levels off and the view opens up. The reservoir and Turton Heights are visible to your left and, in the distance, the Bolton skyline.
  • In about 3/4 of a mile you will pass a scattered group of trees on the right. A small wall appears on your left just before the track levels out. Climb the upright at the end of the wall and take the grassy path down the field. You pass between two gate posts, then after descending the hill you reach a point where two stone posts stand on the right.
  • Follow the track and when you reach two parallel ruined walls, turn right, descending the field diagonally to a point between evergreens on the left and deciduous trees on the right. A ravine soon appears; drop it down keeping to the right and up the upright in the bottom corner of the field.
  • Turn left, cross the bridge and turn left again. Follow the stream to Turton Reservoir and Entwistle6 and continue along the bank. As you approach the end of the reservoir, take a path to your right, up a few steps back to the car park.

Top Energetic Features Of Online Payday Loans From Inside The Eddyville |


Main Energetic Features of Online Payday Loans Inside Eddyville

Unexpected occasions come into our lifestyle and you will establish their own legislation. You cannot just turn your back while keeping difficult issues hidden that require your own calling. For people who want to rebuild their lives, there has to be a commitment to dealing with these challenges. Yet, many problems have a financial identification, and they can also be repaired simply with the engagement of features.

Quick payday loans are here to help you get paycheck lease financing easily. You will also be able to use the loaned contribution in any way, because wear and tear will certainly not concern anyone here. Reduced paper tasks are in fact necessary to accommodate new administrative processes. Really, you will only have to look at your SSN and own the amount of your profile, and you will also have other concerns related to your individual tips. With your party, you get a chance to get extra money for household purpose, truck maintenance, otherwise relationships for enjoy purposes.

A cash advance payday loan will become a reliable tool if used responsibly in many factors. The loan is basically a very important possibility just in case you need to work with temporary financial difficulties or if a threatening life is obtained like a house or cars and trucks. Although payday advances are already quick totals taken for a quick date month, we know what amount won’t be enough when you should buy something very important? Imagine if $200 is what you need to buy your dream home?

Crediting a personal mortgage procedure can be a great tricky approach, but in reality, it appears to be just a very first glimpse. United States located used so you can complicate the lender’s attribution body because larger creditors benefit from a certain need. They don’t even generate any effort to make the services less complicated, and some people are not able to get high credit scores. In addition, a great financial team does not establish unfair fees and penalties with the costs, which does not gain popularity in the program.

We are able to research less strenuous methods to promote loans for a variety of criteria for anyone acquiring short volumes of cash quickly. We mainly found a reasonable team and an easy unit possible on a regular basis of trust. Our whole mission will be to promote inexpensive borrowing problems and then to have customer service to deal with its spending budget effectively.

What is an online payday loan you could easily see in Eddyville

fast cash advance strives to offer clear and practical actions to help individuals overcome their financial mistakes. A payday loan is a small monetary amount that you can easily borrow from nearby web pages. The entire procedure won’t capture more than a big functional date, and you’ll regularly rely on all of our advice. Eddyville online payday loans are offered validly which implies that our business is actually controlled by up-to-date regulation. Thus our own masters simultaneously have certain limits related to our consumers. For example, you may not be our buyer if the previous raise is less than 18. But if you prevent it for years, you are actually entitled to receive $29, $100 and much more.

Is fast dollars a payday loan

We intend to improve employed providers for all of our individuals. That’s why all our types need while being practical. This means that you really don’t need to talk to any direction about how to charge this new void, because everything is basically obvious in the short term. You will manage to perform the last type done inside 2 minutes if not shorter.

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Boating, restaurants, drinks to beat the heat


It’s May and we’re already pushing 100 degrees.

The temperature will skyrocket this weekend into the mid 90’s. Unfortunately most of the pools are not open yet as it is not Memorial Day yet. So how do you cool off while enjoying the good weather?

Here are some ideas – from renting a boat to ice cream to mixing your own frozen margarita – to stay cool.

Rent a boat

Lifeguards may not yet be on duty at Lake Hopatcong, which means swimming is not permitted. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rent a boat and go out on the water. Here are some boat rental shops on Lake Hopatcong.

  • Water skiing, jet ski rental, wakeboarding: Lakeview Marina, 2 Beach Rd, Lake Hopatcong; 973-663-2935, lakeviewmarina.com.
  • Boat rental, picnic area: Bridge Marina, 89 Brady Road, Lake Hopatcong; 973-663-1976, bridgemarina.com.
  • Fishing equipment and rental: Dow’s Boat Rentals and Live Bait, 145 Nolan’s Point Road, Lake Hopatcong; 973-663-3826, facebook.com/Dows-Boat-Rental-and-Bait-Shop.
  • Rental of small boats: Lake’s End Marina, 91 Mount Arlington Blvd., Landing; 973-398-5707, lakesendmarina.net.
  • Sailboat rental: Sunset Sailboat Co., 335 Espanong Road, Lake Hopatcong; 973-663-1242, sunsetsailboats.com.

Take a bath

A busy day at James W. Roe Memorial Pool on Garside Avenue in Wayne.

One of the only pools open this weekend is the James W. Roe Memorial Pool in Wayne. The huge pool features a slide, slide, diving board, and over 15,000 square feet of swimming area. There’s also a kids’ pool, two playgrounds, basketball, bocce, sand volleyball, and tetherball courts, plus ping-pong, shuffleboard, and a softball court . On May 22 only, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., the pool will be open to non-members.

To go: 133 Garside Ave, Wayne; 973-694-1800, waynetownship.com/parks-swimming-facilities.

Stay calm:Here are 10 ways not to heat the kitchen

Dine at a cool, dark restaurant

Sometimes the best way to beat the heat is to find a dimly lit bar or restaurant, turn on the air conditioning, and forget how hot it is outside. Here are a few places to do just that.

Shark wings and raw bar: The brightest thing burning at this popular spot is the Sharky neon sign behind the bar. The rest is adorned with simple tables and cool walls that alternate between brick and tile. Day or night, the lights are dimmed to keep things cool for patrons who stop in for a frozen pint of beer and an order of Sharky’s famous wings. The flavors of the wings range from honey mustard butter lemon pepper to hot barbecue – the only thing that will warm you up here. 545 Highland Ave, Clifton; 973-473-0713. 431 3rd Ave, Alpha 908-777-3610. 108 Boonton Avenue, Boonton; 973-917-4466, sharkyswingsnj.com.

Morton’s The Steakhouse, Hackensack: For a chic and cool night out, head to Morton’s The Steakhouse. Dark brown wood accents, sleek leather chairs, and crystal light fixtures that are never too bright are the perfect escape from the blazing sun outside. Morton’s Bar 12-21 offers a selection of ice cold bottled beers and cocktails. Of course, this steakhouse is best known for its meats, like rib eye and filet mignon. 1 Riverside Square, Hackensack; 201-487-1303 mortons.com/hackensack.

The Quiet Man, Dover: Things may heat up in an Irish pub, but not at The Quiet Man in Dover, where brown paisley booths, a smooth tiled ceiling, stained glass light fixtures and dark wood accents create a relaxing atmosphere. The Quiet Man specializes in classic pub fare. Plus, the cold beer is always on tap. 64 E. McFarlan St., Dover; 973-366-6333, quietmanpub.com.

Salt Brewery: Half hipster hangout/half tiki bar, Salt Gastropub seems to be sitting in the middle of nowhere. But his burger is definitely worth the detour. The half-pound burger cradled in a gently toasted bun is a total win: a tender, good-sized patty, sweetened with sautéed onions, smoked with gouda and spiced with sriracha aioli. Also, there is usually live music and always dim lighting. 109 Rte 206, Stanhope; 973-347-7258, saltgastropub.com.

Take a shaded walk

Dan Padilla, of Suffern, NY, helps his son, Lewis, 8, and daughter, Riley, 7, fish at Scarlet Oak Pond on the Ramapo Valley County Reservation in Mahwah, NJ on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 .

When direct sunlight isn’t your friend, you need a shady spot to take your 10,000 steps. Try these trails.

Ramapo Reserve, Mahwah: Forests, a lake, streams, waterfalls, hills – the Ramapo reserve has a bit of everything. Five loop trails have been cut through the rocky forest of northern New Jersey on the reservation. We recommend doing the Vista Trail Loop, which includes views of a pond, reservoir, and waterfall. 608 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah; 201-327-3500, nynjtc.org/park/ramapo-valley-co-reservation.

Palisades Interstate Park, Alpine: Palisades Interstate Park offers some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline from its trails. The 2,500-acre park is located on the west bank of the Hudson River. Stroll along its 30 miles of trails, discover a lookout point, or pack a lunch to take to the riverside picnic area. Multiple locations in Alpine; 201-768-1360, njpalisades.org.

Lorrimer Nature Sanctuary, Franklin Lakes: The New Jersey Audubon Society operates the Lorrimer Nature Sanctuary, which offers hikers 14 acres of land to explore. The trails meander through oak, maple, ash, beech, and evergreens and can be visited Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 790 Ewing Avenue, Franklin Lakes; 201-891-2185, njaudubon.org/centers/lorrimer-sanctuary.

More hikes:Get fresh air, explore nature, and avoid germ crowds at these NJ hiking spots

Take some ice or popsicle

A cold treat is always a good idea on a hot day.

Apem Creamery, Bloomfield: This minimalist ice cream parlor offers flavors such as cherry custard, amaretti, and Maracaibo chocolate. Flavors change regularly, including vegan options. 870 Broad Street, Bloomfield; 973-666-0438, apemcreamery.com.

Conrad’s, Westwood: An old-fashioned confectionery open since 1928, Conrad’s also sells ice cream in the spring and summer. Expect cups and cones, as well as ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. 107 Westwood Ave, Westwood; 201-664-2895, conrads1928.com.

Kreme & Krumbs ice cream sandwich uses homemade cake instead of cookies

Kreme & Krumbs, Montclair: Kreme & Krumbs offers ice cream sandwiches made with homemade cakes instead of cookies. Everything is made from scratch, including the lemon curd and blueberry, and the flavors change weekly. 491 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair; 973-860-7184, kremeandkrumbs.com.

Water, Hillsdale: Head to Sprinklez for handmade cones, customizable ice cream sandwiches and massive milkshakes. Vegan ice creams are also available. 30 Broadway, Hillsdale; 201-497-5515, sprinklezhillsdale.com.

Ice Cream on Grand, Englewood: This local-favorite ice cream parlor offers over 30 flavors of ice cream, as well as ice cream cakes, sorbets and ice creams. 523 Grand Avenue, Englewood; 201-569-5346, icecreamongrand.com.

Van Dyk’s Homemade Ice Cream, Ridgewood: A no-frills, cash-only store that’s been around for a century. Stop by for flavors such as peach and lemon-vanilla, as well as vegan flavors. 145 Ackerman Ave, Ridgewood; 201-444-1429, vandyksicecream.com.

Goffle Creamery in Hawthorne offers soft serve

Dover Dairy Made, Dover: With its red and white canopy, Dover Dairy Made looks like an old-fashioned ice cream parlour. It is a family business that offers candies, sundaes, cakes, cones and cups. 240 Route 46, Dover; 973-366-1650, doverdairymaid.com.

Falls Creamery, Little Falls: Old fashioned ice cream parlor with hard and soft ice cream, ice cream cakes and sandwiches. 11 Paterson Ave, Little Falls; 973-837-6118, fallscreamery.com.

Bischoff’s, Teaneck: Open since 1934, Bischoff’s is as old school as it gets with an ice cream counter, soda fountain, egg custards, and waiters who wear paper hats. All sauces are homemade by hand. More than 40 flavors of ice cream and sorbets are available. 468 Cedar Lane, Teaneck; 201-836-0333, bischoffsicecream.com.

Cranberry Junction, Hackensack: Handmade hard and soft ice creams from a darling boutique. 19 Temple Ave, Hackensack; 201-546-8966, cranberryjunctionicecream.com.

Guernsey Crest Ice Cream Co., Paterson: Old fashioned ice cream parlor. 134 19th Avenue, Paterson; 973-742-4620, facebook.com/Guernsey-Crest-Ice-Cream-Co-120531971292496.

Nasto’s Ice Cream Co., Newark: A family store since 1936, Nasto’s offers homemade ice cream, Italian ice cream and pastries. 236-40 Jefferson St. Newark; 973-589-3333, nastosicecream.com.

Denville Dairy, Denville: Top quality artisanal ice creams made for more than half a century. 34 At Broadway, Denville; 973-627-4214, denvilledairy.com.

South Street Creamery, Morristown: Casual lounge serving gelato and gelato as well as pancakes, sandwiches and paninis. 146 South Street, Morristown; 973-267-8887, southstreetcreamery.com.

Cliff’s Homemade Ice Cream, Ledgewood: Old fashioned ice cream stand offering over 60 flavors. 1475 Route 46, Ledgewood; 973-584-9721, www.cliffsicecream.com.

Dairy Swirl, Vernon: Homemade ice cream parlor. 71 Rte 94, Vernon; 973-827-8114, facebook.com/DairySwirl.

Francy’s Artisanal Ice Cream: 461 S. Washington Ave., Bergenfield; 201-942-6282, francysicecream.com.

Bianco Nero is set to open in Engewood in June

Gelato Bianco Nero: 18 E. Palisade Ave., Englewood; 201-731-3088, no website.

Daniela’s ice cream: 234 Closter Dock Road, Closter; 201-428-9600, danielasicecream.com.

Love of milk sugar: 19 McWilliams Pl., Jersey City; 551-277-8252, milksugarlove.com.

Ice:Iconic ice cream parlors in North Jersey that are now open for the season

Don’t heat the kitchen

No-Bake Peanut Zoodles

When the temperature approaches 100, this is not the time to turn on the oven. Tossing Sandwiches, Tossing Salads, Tossing Smoothies and Tossing Coleslaw gets our vote of approval this weekend.

No-bake recipes for the summer:Sandwiches, salads, smoothies and zoodles

Make a cold drink

Save this mixer to make some frozen drinks. Here’s how.

Do you like frost? :Make it at home with a sangria margarita and more frozen drinks

Rebecca King is a food writer for NorthJersey.com. For more on where to dine and drink, please register today and sign up for our North Jersey Eats newsletter.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @rebeccakingnj

Instagram: @northjerseyeats

Pune Police raid pubs and resto-bars in Kalyaninagar, Mundhwa, Koregaon Park, Kondhwa for night operations and serving hookah – Punekar News


Aamir Wadwan

Pune, 15 May 2022: In the central part of the city of Pune as well as in the suburbs, many hotels and bars have been subject to complaints for being open until the early hours.

On the orders of the Pune City Police Commissioner, Amitabh Gupta, the Social Security Cell (SSC) of the Pune City Police has launched a crackdown on these hotels and bars for the past four weeks.

According to police officials, after the coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic, the new normal lifestyle started with late night pub parties and the number of hookah parties increased. Many locals have also complained about loud music late into the night in pubs.

As a result, hotels and bars that were open late into the night and longer than the stipulated time were ordered to close at the earliest. Legal proceedings were brought against them for not having closed the establishment within the stipulated time.

As part of the special operation, the SSC has nine trainee police sub-inspectors and staff from the anti-narcotics cell who have recently joined the police force to intervene in hotels, bars and hookah lounges, which ran until late Saturday evening.

In this specially organized raid between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, the action was against Waters Bar and Kitchen in the annex area of ​​Koregaon Park under Mundhwa Police Station, The House Affair under Mundhwa Police Station Yerwada, Rooftop Village and Agent Jack’s NIBM Road under Kondhwa Police Station. .

Police raided The Houz Affairs illegal hookah lounge in Kalyaninagar and seized material worth Rs 89,000. An FIR has been registered against The Houz Affairs Commercial Manager Saurabh Dattatraya Navgan (35 years), Prasanna Uttam Pathak (24 years old) and supervisor Shravan Bhatan Mandal (34 years old). They were convicted of offenses under the relevant sections of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertising and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) (Maharashtra Amendment) Act 2018.

Also read Pune: Action against unicorn in Kalyaninagar, Sufis and Jashn on the road to Salunke Vihar for breaking norms at night

बेकायदेशीरपणे हुक्का पार्ट्यांचे आयोजन करणा-बड्या बड्या हॉटेल्स बारवर पोलिसांकडून कारवाई; तीन जणांविरुद्ध गुन्हा तर सुमारे 90 हजाराचा मुद्देमाल जप्त

Government of Canada invests over $1.7 million to increase seafood exports to international markets


VANCOUVER, BC, May 18, 2022 /CNW/ – from Canada sustainable and high quality fish and seafood products are known worldwide. Today, the Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, announced more than $1.7 million in funding six projects to help increase seafood exports to international markets.

Producers rely on exporting to stay sustainable and well positioned for the future. The fish and seafood sector is an integral part of the economic and social fabric of hundreds of coastal communities, generating $8.7 billion annual exports of quality seafood products. By investing in tools that help increase trade and expand markets, Canadian seafood products will reach consumers around the world, while providing valuable economic benefits to the country.

The funding provided to the six recipients under the AgriMarketing program will help organizations market and promote Canadian fish and seafood products to increase the growth of the sector. Recipient organizations include:

  • The Atlantic Groundfish Council will receive up to $85,506
  • The Canadian Association of Shrimp Producers will receive up to $1,000,000
  • The Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation will receive up to $54,401
  • Canadian Pacific’s Kazunoko Association will receive up to $451,061
  • The Pacific Sea Cucumber Fishermen’s Association will receive up to $81,444
  • Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association will receive up to $105,431

The global demand for high quality, sustainably sourced fish and seafood is growing at an incredible rate. The government of Canada undertakes to further support the promotion of from Canada fish and seafood industry to meet growing demand for our world-class products.


“Canadian seafood products are sought after around the world because of their high quality. As an economic driving force for many coastal and rural communities, the sector plays a key role in helping to build resilient food systems. With strategic investments for organizations to promote our seafood internationally, our government is helping to grow our economy while putting nutritious food on our tables. »
– The Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

“Families rely on sustainable Canadian seafood as a source of healthy protein. I focus on growth from Canada fish and seafood industry for the next generation. The AgriMarketing program will provide the Canadian seafood industry with the tools it needs to promote from Canada high-quality products to reach new global markets and support a stable food supply for the world. »
– The Honorable Joyce Murray, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard

Fast facts

  • The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a $3 billion five-year investment (2018-2023) by federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) governments to strengthen and develop from Canada agricultural and agri-food sector.
  • The AgriMarketing Program, a federally funded program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, aims to increase and diversify exports to international markets and seize domestic market opportunities through promotional activities industry-led initiatives that differentiate Canadian products and producers and leverage from Canada reputation as a producer of safe, high quality food.
  • Canada exported fish and seafood products to 119 countries in 2021.
  • United States remains from Canada export market, representing more than two-thirds of our exports valued at $6.2 billion.

Additional links

Agri-marketing program
Canadian Agricultural Partnership
Atlantic Groundfish Council
Canadian Association of Shrimp Farmers
Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation
Canadian Pacific Kazunoko Association
Pacific Sea Cucumber Fishermen’s Association
Pacific Sea Urchin Fishermen’s Association

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Web: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Information document

The government of Canada invest more than $1.7 million for six projects aimed at increasing seafood exports to international markets. The investment will be used to help organizations market and promote Canadian fish and seafood products in order to increase the growth of the sector.

The AgriMarketing program, under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, aims to increase and diversify exports to international markets and seize domestic market opportunities through industry-led promotional activities that differentiate Canadian products and producers and leverage from Canada reputation as a producer of safe, high quality food.

Recipient’s name


Project description

Federal support approved (up to)

Atlantic Groundfish Council

Manotick, ON

The goal is to attract and increase business interest in Canadian redfish. Funding will be provided to exhibit at selected trade shows on three continents to increase supply chain companies’ interest in Canadian redfish. The project is expected to help expand the distribution needed to meet growing consumer demand.


Canadian Association of Shrimp Farmers

Manotick, Ontario

The aim of the project is to undertakemarket research, market development and production of promotional materials, with the aim of recovering the unit price and sales volume lost due to increased imports of farmed hot and cold water shrimp and of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation

Victoria, British Columbia

The project aims to continue its work to reach various markets and increase awareness of Canadian albacore tuna products and the environment. This, combined with profiling Canadian seafood products internationally through market diversification, increased product exports and environmental awareness, will better support the industry in its international trade efforts. .


Canadian Pacific Kazunoko Association

Vancouver, British Columbia

The project aims to maintain the high price of kazunoko (herring roe) in the existing Japanese market, diversify into the new Chinese market, and help create a year-round industry, while supporting Colombia’s coastal communities -British.


Pacific Sea Cucumber Fishermen’s Association

Union Bay, British Columbia

The goal of the project is to enhance the industry’s reputation as a sustainably sourced product in Canada, the United States, China, Hong Kong and the European Union. Sustainable sourcing is the integration of social, ethical and environmental performance factors into the supplier selection process, helping the industry stay well positioned for the future. The project will also develop opportunities in new markets in Singapore and South Korea.


Pacific Sea Urchin Fishermen’s Association

Richmond, British Columbia

The project aims to increase sales and build on the industry’s reputation for sourcing sustainable, premium Canadian seafood products in existing and new and diverse markets.


SOURCE Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

For further information: Marianne Dandurand, Press Attaché, Office of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, [email protected], 343-541-9229; Media Relations, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, 1-866-345-7972, [email protected]

VF Corporation Named One of the Top 100 Corporate Citizens of 2022


DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC), a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories, today announced that it has been recognized by 3BL Media in its 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking the company’s work across people and planet, including employees, climate change, environment, and human rights, among other categories.

“We are honored to be ranked first in our industry category and the 14and highest society overall. This is our third year on the list and we are especially proud to have significantly improved our scores over last year,” said Sean Cady, Vice President of Sustainability, Responsibility and Commerce at VF. . “It’s a testament to the passion and hard work of VF and our brands as they help embed environmental and social sustainability into our business and set the bar high for corporate responsibility every day.”

In 2019, the VF set greenhouse gas reduction targets, endorsed by the Science-Based Targets initiative, to guide the progress of its commitment to the planet. At the heart of this work are investments in renewable energy, responsibly sourced materials, and numerous environmental and socially responsible initiatives throughout its global supply chain. By 2030, VF aims to improve the lives of 2 million workers and their communities through its Worker and Community Development Program. The company details its continuous progress towards improving people in its Human Rights Report 2020 and Annual Profile Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action 2021.

At the foundation of VF’s sustainability and responsibility work is its industry leader traceability program, give external stakeholders visibility into its complex global supply chain. This work also helps consumers learn more about the products they buy and helps VF and its brands align business decisions with its purpose. In December 2021, VF achieved its goal of publishing traceability cards for 100 of its brands’ most emblematic products. By 2027, VF is striving to trace five of the company’s key materials across 100% of its supply chain.

“To achieve the transformative goals of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in this landmark decade, companies will need to truly embed ESG into the heart of their business,” said Dave Armon, CEO from 3BL Media. “The 2022 100 Best Corporate Citizens are answering the call by demonstrating the societal and financial value of leadership and transparency around ESG topics. They set ambitious goals, outline solid strategies to achieve them, disclose data to measure progress, and consider all stakeho