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QCPD arrests 73 people for health violations after raids on restobars


(Philstar.com) – July 11, 2021 – 4:23 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Police in Quezon City have arrested 73 people and “rescued” 10 after two inspections at restobars and similar establishments in the city revealed violations of quarantine protocols.

In one-off reports sent to reporters on Sunday afternoon, the Quezon City Police District revealed that the arrests were made during inspections at all of the city’s restobars “to see if they violated government protocols. IATF and other applicable laws “.

The two back-to-back operations took place Thursday night at the Baia Luna KTV Bar located along Timog Avenue in Quezon City, and then later Friday night at Chaparral KTV Ventures Inc. at Quezon Avenue.

“Receipts for violating orders for violating IATF protocols have been issued to clients and workers … workers and customer relations officers have been apprehended,” the police report said.

Police said they observed “the presence of many workers and guests inside the said facility, which is a flagrant violation of IATF protocols.”

Customers, guests, and workers received ordinance violation receipts while owners of both establishments were slapped for violations of Republic law. 11332 or the Act Respecting the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern.

The second operation also found that “the establishment [had] an expired commercial and health permit [and] expired health certificate of their employees.

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The photo collage shows documentary photos of two operations conducted by the Quezon City Police District at the Restobar and KTV facilities in Quezon City.

Quezon City Police District / Liberation

QCPD added that the series of operations was “in accordance with the directions and directives” of the mayor of Quezon City, Joy Belmonte.

“The QCPD has received numerous complaints from concerned citizens that Resto bars in Quezon City are functioning,” said the police sergeant. General Antonio Yarra, director of the QCPD, said in a statement.

The district director added that random visits, inspections and monitoring of bars and establishments in the city will be “continuously implemented”.

Previously, the district police had cleared councilor Franz Pumaren of a barangay feeding program organized by the latter which had attracted more than 6,000 residents, claiming that health standards were strictly enforced anyway despite the gathering of mass.

To date, health authorities have identified 1.46 million coronavirus infections in the country, of which 49,968 are still classified as active cases. – Franco Luna


Disclosure: Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte is a shareholder of Philstar Global Corp., which operates digital media Philstar.com. This article has been produced according to editorial guidelines.

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Catch of the day at Seafood Bothy


Seafood Bothy clings to the entrance to Stonehaven harbor like a limpet – further it would tip into the sea.

In fact, the closest landing point to the east is Norway.

This little seashell lover’s paradise must have taken a few hits from the wild seas in the past two years since its gallop on the food scene.

Maybe more of a trot because Seafood Bothy’s house is a converted horse box.

Best of all, it’s still afloat despite everything the coronavirus has done.

© DCT Media
Impatient customers line up to eat at Seafood Bothy.

The company seems to be doing quite well as enthusiasts make their way to the small seaside port for take-out meals.

A holiday boom brought an unexpected bonus to The Bothys as visitors flood the town, as they did on the day we visited.

Seafood Bothy’s horse box on the wharf is adorned with flags (decorated with crab and lobster artwork, I think) and is not what you might expect to see at this popular little tourist resort.

It might hang on like a limpet, but chic street food is the name of the game here for owners Maria and Wes Lewis.

Diners are mesmerized by the daily offerings of lobster, shrimp, crab and crayfish caught a few hours earlier.

Maria is a cheerful and entertaining frontwoman who greets clients.

Fisherman Wes sets out in his little boat called Even Less before dawn almost every day in search of a catch for up to five miles.

© DCT Media
The faithful Even Less boat, where the magic happens.

Obviously, Maria is hoping he doesn’t live up to the name of the boat, but returns with plenty for business in his pots and nets.

I asked about the curious name of the boat and it’s a bit of a joke – apparently her last boat was called Not a Lot. The Even Less makes perfect sense now you know it.

When she returns to port each afternoon, Maria begins to prepare the dishes for the next morning.

It’s quite a partnership, but there is also an age-old bond between us and the freshly caught fish from the sea; there is nothing like it.

Take-out is served in fish and chip boxes covered with old-fashioned images of people involved in this beloved food business.

One shows an old-fashioned window message in a chip shop emphasizing this special relationship with the slogan: “From the sea to the plate”.

© DCT Media
A delicious menu is offered.

Here the distance between the sea and the plate is as close as possible: you can eat fresh lobster, crab, shrimp, crayfish and scallops while looking at where they were fished.

You might have to be as old as I am to remember the 1970s TV drama When the Boat Comes In.

Starring James Bolam, it is set in a poor town in Geordie after WWI.

It was memorable for a lot of things, including a mind-boggling title song, based on a version of a 19th century folk song Dance Ti Thy Daddy.

No one who heard it week after week could ever forget it; we were all singing at the same time, trying to emulate the singer’s special Geordie accent.

“You will have a fish on a small dish;

“You will have a fish when the boat arrives”.

© DCT Media
Lunch at Seafood Bothy.

It’s as basic as it gets when it comes to relying on food, and the Bothy has a similar relationship with the sea, which is so close it smells like a spray.

I hummed it again as we drove through the port area.

We could actually stop a few yards from Bothy, with boats moored on either side. The couple’s trusty ship was only a few yards away.

Not everyone is comfortable maneuvering in these potentially dangerous dock spaces.

There are signs for the unwary of crashing into the water, but there is convenient parking at the nearby harbor and it’s a short walk to the center of Stonehaven.

There are a few small tables and chairs behind the van, but customers usually find a nice place to sit and eat – easy in a scenic location like this – or take it back to their car.

Seafood Bothy is open Thursday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., but that’s about the only thing set in stone.

The only difficulty is deciding what to have.

The trap dictates the menu variations, which means you have to be flexible, but that’s part of the fun in an unusual place like this. Be warned: they might even miss some things.

We arrived a bit early as Maria was getting ready for the day, but she was happy to chat.

His only other company was a trio of mallards, which are regulars, and they help keep diving gulls at bay.

The funny thing is, the first offerings I saw were rhubarb sticks on the counter with local eggs, honey, and artisan bread.

Maria was doing her part for other small local businesses, but the menu boards displaying the day’s catch leave no doubt as to the main activity of the day.

© DCT Media
A crab wrap, you don’t mind if we do.

The seafood platters, at £ 12 for the little ones and £ 22 for the grown-ups, are full of scampi, salmon, mussels and crab and are the stars of the show.

But I couldn’t resist the lobster and shrimp burrito in a wrap for £ 12, with generous chunks of fish accompanied by rice and cheese.

The warmth of Maria’s chili sauce, served in a separate pot, gave the flavors a lively contrast.

Meanwhile, my wife enjoyed a half lobster and shrimp salad for £ 19.50, and Maria split the shell open to make it easier to eat.

© DCT Media
Seafood Bothy is as fresh as it gets.

Every now and then, she may brandish a freshly caught lobster for people to admire.

The verdict

We laughed at our food in our car parked a few yards away as we watched a constant stream of customers arrive.

We couldn’t find room for Maria’s mackerel pie and crackers so we enjoyed them at home later.

© DCT Media
Recorded for after.

As we settled in at the pier, we also watched the fishermen prepare the boats and equipment for their next trips.

The authentic taste of the sea doesn’t come much better than this, and all for just over £ 36 for two.

Cost: £ 36.50


Seafood Bothy at Stonehaven Harbor

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Inside Appleby’s: the iconic bar in the heart of Torquay that “never stops”


When Dominic Kirkup came to Torquay looking for a place to buy, he kept wondering why the Heritage Hotel was on the market.

“Maybe the previous owner didn’t realize how hard it would be! Dominique said with a smile.

And it is definitely hard work. The Heritage Hotel has 24 state-of-the-art rooms, a private swimming pool and is located in the heart of Torquay. But what’s more is that it houses the legendary Appleby’s bar.

Known for its giant sports screens, sun terrace and breathtaking views of Torquay Beach, each day brings a new reason to visit the crowds and a new challenge for the staff.

Appleby’s sits right above Torquay Beach and is a sun trap in good weather

We all say you never get bored at Heritage. There are things that happen to you from all angles because we have everything; bar, swimming pool, rooms, terrace. There’s a lot going on all the time, ”Dominic said.

“It never stops. There is so much going on here all the time, ”he said.

“With the rain last week, we had a leak in one of the bedrooms, so there you have it. We deal with guests all the time through the online reservation system,” he said.

Owner Dominic Kirkup and General Manager Brona Conbery stand outside the hotel
Owner Dominic Kirkup and General Manager Brona Conbery stand outside the hotel

But regardless of the constant stream of customers arriving at Appleby’s, general manager Brona Conbery says they know how to handle crowds.

“We have a very good system in place that we have been using for a very long time. We have a brilliant team, they are fantastic, they have experience, they know what they’re doing, ”said Brona, Managing Director of Appleby.

The pandemic has undoubtedly been one of the most difficult years the hospitality industry has ever seen. However, Dominic says that during the intervals they allowed to open, the businesses flourished.

Dominic and Brona Conbery inside the bar amid football pennants
Dominic and Brona Conbery inside the bar amid football pennants

“When we got out of confinement [last year] it was busy, busy busy. People were happy to go out. The hotel was full, the bars were packed, ”he said.

“Now everyone walks through the front door with a big smile on their faces. They are happy to come out. Like us, they have been locked up,” he said.

“We are very fortunate that the business has truly prospered since it reopened,” said Brona.

A table with a view;  Appleby's iconic conservatory bar
A table with a view; Appleby’s iconic conservatory bar

“This is because so many customers know about our business and have probably spent many months looking forward to dinner and visiting us. Appleby’s is a very popular place in Torquay. their first pint here, ”she said.

Dinners enjoying the terrace on a sunny day
Dinners enjoying the terrace on a sunny day

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The Gloucester bar where fans will sip draft martinis during the Euro final


There is a pub in Gloucester where football fans will sip martinis during the Euro final.

Teague’s Bar in Kingsholm Road installed martini taps a few weeks ago and fans have gone mad about them. And they are not weak.

Owner Gary Teague, 65, said: “The boys don’t squeeze it, they eat it. They have a drink and think “oop”! “

READ MORE: Harassed Gloucester boutique to drop strict face mask policy on Freedom Day

Diageo (Guinness company) installed the martini taps, which include flavors: espresso, passion fruit and rose.

Each drink can be bought for £ 6.50, two for £ 12. They come in measures of 125 ml with an alcohol content of 12.5 percent.

Gary, owner of the bar since 2003, said: “They are popular with football fans, young boys. Large groups of them!

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Teague’s Bar, which was originally called The White Hart, is usually a liquor for Gloucester Rugby fans. The facility is located directly opposite the Shed where fans watch the team play at Kingsholm Stadium.

Gary is a rugby fanatic. The bar is awash with rugby paraphernalia and has three projectors and five TV screens for watching the matches.

The father of three and grandfather of six decided to take over the pub after giving up his former career as a technical illustrator due to a repetitive hand injury.

Gary played for his Gloucester All Blues rugby club from the age of 16 until the age of 53. During this time, he rose through the ranks of the club’s board of directors and managed the club’s bar. With this experience, he decided to create his own bar.

Gary says young football fans ordered martinis during games

When asked for his opinion of anyone looking to buy their own bar, he replied, “Don’t do it. It’s a tough business to tackle and there are so many regulations.

“What I would advise them is to use someone else’s money. Be the manager of a pub. Don’t use your own money. A lot of people have taken ads and lost money.

Stepping into Teague’s Bar is like stepping into Doctor Who’s TARDIS. From the side of the road it looks like a midsize building crashed into the busy road, but the locals have more depth than the English team of Gareth Southgate.

Shed bar is almost as deep as Gareth Southgate's English team
Shed bar is almost as deep as Gareth Southgate’s English team

Behind the expansive main bar is the even larger Shed Bar and there is a large beer garden to the rear.

Although with restrictions, the bar will be open to a capacity of around 25% with 130 people in attendance.

Gary is looking forward to ‘Freedom Day’ (July 19), when social distancing measures and face mask rules are dropped in England. This will allow bars to have no limits on groups and bettors again ordering at the bar.

He said, “It’s really fantastic. I just don’t wanna go back to what it was before [during lockdown]. “

“The best thing is people won’t have to wear masks. When getting up and sitting down there is a lot of mask / mask.

“A lot of people don’t really know the rules.

“Think about when England will score! They go up and down in their seats. It’s a fact of nature, I can’t help it.

Gary said the atmosphere was “great” and he looks forward to the Euro final against Italy. He feels “emotional” when he remembers watching the victorious England World Cup final in 1966 on black and white television while playing with his toys when he was young.

We want to hear your thoughts on this story, so tune in and leave your comment below.

Seafood Express Filipino Fusion by Chef Curry


This post was written by a member of the community.

Since childhood, Chef Matthew Curry has been exposed to his grandmother’s traditional Filipino cuisine – from Empanadas & Biko to Lumpia & Pancit, you name it! His grandmother’s kitchen is what inspired Matthew to open Tisoy curry kitchens, Murrieta’s newest licensed home restaurant specializing in authentic Filipino cuisine

Seafood + Bicol Express =

This new fusion dish is a variation of the Filipino Classic Bicol Express cooked in coconut milk, chili peppers and a hint of healing spices. It’s rich, creamy, spicy and delicious! Serve with steamed rice for a hearty and tasty dish and drinks included.

Please visit foodnome.com/TISOY-CURRYATIVE-CUISINES for pricing and orders. We look forward to serving you!

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Canadian bars top zero waste month


Canadian restaurants and bars are setting the benchmark for Zero Waste Month, a new global initiative to reduce food waste.

The program was started by Flor de Caña, a premium, carbon neutral and sustainably produced rum. It invites eco-responsible bars, restaurants and consumers around the world to join forces to reduce food waste throughout the month of July, one sustainable cocktail at a time.

More than 30 countries are participating in the initiative’s inaugural year and Canada is leading the way. 29 (and more) restaurants and bars are currently set to participate, more than any other country. These include bars such as L’Abbatoir, Keefer Bar, Pourhouse, Chambar, Nightingale, etc.

“The Canadian hospitality industry has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to reducing food waste through sustainable cocktails,” said Chris Mosey, Canadian Brand Ambassador for Flor de Caña Rum. “Restaurants have held in-house cocktail competitions and have worked closely with kitchens to develop some of the most ingenious and mouth-watering cocktails all produced in a sustainable manner.”

From Banaquiris that use the whole banana, including the peels, to recovered greens incorporated into syrups and pulp-based strawberry compotes, bars and restaurants across Canada have done it all.

Flor de Caña is the only rum in the world certified fair trade and carbon neutral and says it is committed to working hand in hand with the bartending community to raise awareness about the problem of food waste.

A full list of all participating Canadian bars and their sustainable cocktail recipes can be found at www.zerowastecocktails.com. The site also features videos from world-famous bartenders, practical tips for reducing daily food waste, and information on how bars and restaurants can join the cause.

The Zero Waste initiative is supported by Food Made Good, a global non-profit organization that promotes sustainability within the restaurant industry. “Working with an ambitious, outward-looking and creative partner like Flor de Caña is the most effective way to accelerate progressive practices in the hospitality industry, making bars and restaurants part of a global solution to sustainable development, ”said Simon Heppner, CEO of Food Made. Bon Mondial.

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Pubs have already booked for euros final as bar sells 10,000 pints during England semi-final

England fans at Cannock Sport Bar which has been busy during the Euros

Bars and pubs are already full ahead of Gareth Southgate’s last clash with Italy at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

After 18 turbulent months with closures underway due to the pandemic, bosses say that while the restrictions are still in place, the tournament has been a “huge boost.”

Punters filled the ads to watch the team make history on Wednesday by reserving a spot for the final – and now the venues are set for an exceptional weekend as drinkers keep their fingers crossed for the Three Lions go further.

Bar Sport Cannock sold nearly 10,000 pints in Wednesday’s game against Denmark – up from around 100 on a typical Wednesday night.

While Wayne Etheridge, director of Britannia Sports in Wollaston, Stourbridge, said he sold around 300 cases of bottled beer during Wednesday’s game.

He said: “Sunday we’re going to open at 11 am and we plan to be at full capacity about two hours before kickoff, so you see people staying at the pub for almost eight hours.

“Under normal circumstances people would come maybe two hours before the game to soak up the atmosphere, but it’s different this time around due to the circumstances and the fact that England advance to the final.

“I have 500 cases of bottled beers in the works for Sunday and I think we’ll have a busy day, but I can’t wait.”

Scott Murray, owner of Bar Sport in Cannock, said: “The tournament has been a huge boost for us as we have been closed for almost a year and although there are still restrictions in place and we are at halftime capacity, that was a big time for us.

“We feel so much better economically, compared to where we were a few months ago, and England to advance to the final is exactly what we needed as we had more customers as a result.

“Wednesday night, I think we probably sold close to 10,000 pints, whereas we would normally sell about 100 on a typical Wednesday night, and I think we’ll double that amount on Sunday.

“We had the football kick-start and it was great for us and with Sunday we will end up doing the equivalent of a month of activity in a day which is great news for us even when we are at half capacity. “

Terry Cole, manager of the Royal Oak in Wolverhampton, added: “We are not traditionally a football pub but the European Championships have given us a lot of stimulus as we have more and more people coming to watch the games. “

“We went from 25 people watching the first game to over 130 on Wednesday, so England’s last games have been like an extra Friday night for us financially every week.

“I think on Wednesday we probably sold around 600 pints, which is huge because we would typically sell around 120 on a normal Wednesday.”

5 Best Delivery / Takeout Restaurants in Columbus, OH


Below is a list of the best delivery / take out restaurants in Columbus, OH. To help you find the best delivery / take out restaurants near you in Columbus, OH, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of evaluation points.

Best delivery / take out restaurants in Columbus, OH:

The top rated delivery / take out restaurants in Columbus, OH are:

  • Hoyo’s kitchen – one of Columbus’ most important taste makers.
  • Brassica in the Little North – Locavore pita sandwiches are offered in this bright café with a contemporary interior and draft beer.
  • OH Pizza and Brasserie – a casual pizzeria serving wings, sub sandwiches and fried desserts in a simple setting.
  • King’s Pizza – New York and Sicilian-style pizzas, along with basic wings, burgers, and pasta, are served here until 4 a.m.
  • Gallo Kitchen & Bar – relaxed place serving a mix of Italian and Creole dishes, as well as a lively bar with beer, wine and TV sports.

Hoyo’s kitchen

5 Best Delivery / Takeout Restaurants in Columbus, OH

Hoyo’s kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Columbus that offers delicious food, whether you want to dine on site or have your order delivered. This family-run restaurant was created by two brothers to celebrate their mother’s incredible cuisine. Hoyo’s Kitchen offers authentic Somali cuisine and culture in Columbus with influences from other countries such as India, Persia, as well as Italian flavors. Popular options are their bowls, wraps, and salads; you can also choose your meat, be it beef, chicken, goat or, if you are vegan, their vegetarian option. Their two locations are at North Market and Columbus Square.

Take away, delivery, merchandise

Address: 59, rue Spruce, Columbus, OH 43215
Telephone: (614) 899-8800
Website: hoyoskitchen.com

I kept hearing such great things about this place and was blown away. the vegetarian option is great. I could probably eat the sambusas until I got sick. the people were wonderful too, even in the bustling northern market. will definitely be back soon! – Roy Johnson

Brassica in the Little North

Best delivery / take out restaurants in Columbus, OH

Brassica in the Little North has always been one of the best salad and sandwich destinations in Columbus. As one of the oldest restaurants in Columbus, Brassica’s roots come from “Pop” Malhame, a man who moved from Beirut to Brooklyn in the 1920s, and his great-grandsons opened the restaurant. Brassica offers organic and whole pitas and other high-quality organic ingredients and produces some of the best sandwiches and salads in the state. They get these amazing ingredients from local farmers and producers as a support to the community. The restaurant also offers craft beers on tap which complement their menu extremely well. Whether you’re looking to dine on site or have your order delivered, quality doesn’t matter because you’ll always get freshly made bites of Brassica.

Dine on site, curbside pickup, contactless delivery, online ordering, gift cards

Address: 680 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43215
Telephone: (614) 867-5885
Website: brassicas.com

Always great food! We ordered online and picked up curbside. It’s really well organized and they got our food out in a flash. I highly recommend it ! – Samantha Coss

OH Pizza and Brasserie

Best Delivery / Take-Out Restaurants in Columbus, OH

OH Pizza and Brasserie is a pizza lover’s paradise in Columbus and offers other neat and tasty treats. This pizzeria also features many really delicious desserts that complement their pizza options that will tempt your taste buds. OH Pizza and Brew’s menu options, from their pizzas to desserts and even their popular wings, are made from the finest ingredients and produce available locally in Columbus. They get these fresh ingredients from local farmers not only to support the local community, but also to showcase the amazing local produce available in Ohio. If you’re looking for a pizzeria that has the tastiest pizza and more, PH Piza and Brew is a truly amazing choice today.

On site, take away, contactless delivery, Italian cuisine, pizza, online ordering, withdrawal

Address: 88 E Broad St, Columbus, OH, 43215
Telephone: (614) 940-8687
Website: ohpizzabrew.com

My brother and I ordered 3 different flavors of wings. I only took a picture of the bone-in spicy garlic wings. We also ordered the Carolina Gold Boneless Wings and Awesome Sauce. All three sauces were well balanced and tasty. I would order wings again and try different flavors, hope they are just as good. – Grace Fight

King’s Pizza

Best Delivery / Take-Out Restaurants in Columbus, OH

King’s Pizza offers Columbus residents some of the best New York-style pizzas, burgers, chicken wings and more. Opened in 1998, this family-owned and operated pizzeria offers its take-out and delivery menu, so even if you’re in Columbus, you can get a slice of New York from the comfort of your own home. King’s Pizza’s more than 20 years of business have provided Columbus residents with some of New York’s best options, from pizza to burgers to wings at affordable prices. Their team is very professional and will serve and deliver your order quickly and efficiently so that you get your order hot!

Takeout, contactless delivery, offers, pizza, sandwiches, chicken wings, salads, chicken fillets

Address: 1950 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43201
Telephone: (614) 298-9000
Website: kingspizzadelivery.com

Had an amazing grilled chicken sub that I added Tasaki sauce to that was absolutely excellent. Not to mention, the pizza has an awesome garlic crust to eat. I highly recommend it, especially with the night hours open until 3am every day! – Drew Cheadle

Gallo Kitchen & Bar

Coumbus, OH's Best Delivery / Take-Out Restaurants

Gallo Kitchen & Bar showcases some of the best Italian and Creole cuisine options in Columbus both for on-site dining and for pickup or delivery. This restaurant considers having the heart of Italy with the soul of New Orleans. The picturesque position of Gallo’s Kitchen and Bar may mislead some people, but its importance is great. They have the best and most authentic Italian and Creole cuisine in town that anyone can enjoy whether you are planning to dine or want to experience their delicious cuisine in the comfort of your own home. This kitchen and bar also has a full bar offering 10 beers on tap and over 20 types of wines for you to taste. Customer service is also excellent with their team more than happy to serve you.

Delivery, dinner on site, curbside pick-up, online ordering, reservations

Address: 2820 Nottingham Rd, Columbus, OH 43221
Telephone: (614) 754-8176
Website: galloskitchen.com

Attentive, knowledgeable service and amazing food. The jambalaya was to die for! The chef came out during the service to check on the diners and we were able to compliment him and chat briefly. The experience was very warm and pleasant. We will be back! – Chelsea Cave

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Seafood options abound on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond


Summer is a great season to enjoy the seafood available in Las Vegas. It’s light and refreshing, delicious and satisfying, and it’s a culinary genre that is done in so many different ways at unique restaurants throughout the valley.

A true neighborhood gem so celebrated by locals that many visitors to Vegas have noticed, Other mom (702.463.8382) sets the standard for raw sea bass, serving fresh oysters, sushi and sashimi, chilled seafood platters and more. James Beard Award finalist Dan Krohmer heads this casual and friendly cuisine on the west side of town, and he’s always adding something new to the menu and the array of daily specials that reflect the fresh peach. Grilled octopus with roasted peppers and fried lobster with chicken are just two of the innovative dishes that keep Other Mama regulars happy these days.

Another local seafood institution can be found just west of the Strip, a restaurant so popular there’s usually a queue to sit down. But the food is worth the wait at Oyster Bar at the Palais station (702.367.2411), where half-shell oysters, steamed clams, homemade chowders and seafood pasta dishes are available 24 hours a day. The house specialty is the Palace Pan Roast, a creamy and spicy tomato stew garnished with shrimp, crab, chicken and Andouille sausage and garnished with a dash of cognac. This oyster bar is an unforgettable experience.

The instantly recognizable MGM Grand restaurant by culinary titan Emeril Lagasse, Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House (702.891.7374), is another cornerstone of the Vegas seafood pantheon. Comforting Creole classics are the most popular dishes on this menu, from New Orleans barbecue shrimp to spicy shrimp okra. Uplifting flavors abound with Oscar-style seared Hawaiian ahi, Chilean seabass bouillabaisse and baked Maine lobster with a creamy green pepper and brandy sauce.

Mastro Ocean Club (702.798.7115) at The Shops at Crystals remains a fine seafood experience in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Its iconic tree-top dining room and sophisticated take on classic dishes like shrimp cocktail, fried calamari, lobster bisque, and blackened swordfish make it a memorable meal every time. Mastro’s steakhouse-style side dishes are the perfect complement, with sweet lobster meat found in macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes, and the legendary butter cake is the perfect end to your meal. personalized feast.

For a more relaxed take, don’t miss Luke’s Lobster (702.866.6602) at the Las Vegas Fashion Show. Authentic New England lobster, shrimp and crab rolls are what Luke is all about, but don’t be fooled by the nondescript outdoor cabin planted in front of the Strip’s shopping destination. This restaurant collaborates with the fishermen of the Northeast to select only the sweetest and most succulent seafood to make these irresistible sandwiches, soups and sides. Who knew seafood could be so quick and delicious?

Click here for your free subscription to the weekly digital edition of Las Vegas Magazine, your guide to everything to do, hear, see and experience in Southern Nevada. In addition to the latest edition emailed weekly, you will find lots of great and budget deals from some of the attractions, restaurants, properties and more! And Las Vegas Magazine is full of informative content such as restaurants to visit, cocktails to sip, and attractions to enjoy.

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Meet the Cannes Gatsby, who racked up £ 63,000 in bar bills by partying with the biggest stars on the planet


As a consummate connector, it relishes the hatching, pairing, and shipping opportunities that each party brings. Who has he sent lately? He’s discreet – all his guests know how to behave, he says. There is always a certain decorum attached to any invitation to the Hotel du Cap.

What about the incident with Nick Broomfield? About 25 years ago, Broomfield and Finch – on assignment for Harpers & Queen, of which I was then travel editor-in-chief – nearly got themselves thrown out for the transgression of cut-off denim shorts and underwear and hand-washed from Broomfield, hanging out to dry on the Royal Suite’s ceremonial balcony, there for the whole world to see.

The intrepid Mr. Irondelle who was at the helm before Philippe Perd was brought in to lighten things up, probably told Broomfield not to treat the place like his home, but for Finch the Du Cap is “home from home. “He has been coming here since his pre-teens first climbed the front steps, hugging his father actor Peter Finch, who was promoting his movie Far from the Madding Crowd.

It later became her summer playground when her actress mother, Yolande Turner, newly divorced and unable to settle into her London home, where Antonia Fraser and Harold Pinter were tenants, moved to neighboring Mougins and charmed the staff by allowing his family to use the cabana and pool.

For Charles, the Hotel du Cap has always been a refuge in a traveling life that took him from Jamaica, Scotland, where he was Chief Prefect of Prince Philip’s Alma Mater, Gordonstoun in New York, Paris , LA and Rome.

Finch, like me, managed to escape to the Hotel du Cap, for his annual break last summer with his daughter, between confinements. We catch up with the floating pontoon.

“I’m always happy to be back,” he told me. “You breathe a different oxygen here. It is the pleasure of the sea and the timeless details unchanged; the starched linen, the martini twist and the 1930s simplicity of the wooden cabanas, the Diane Steak flambéed with cognac in front of your table at the Grill – they have removed it from the menu this year.

Walking, speaking proof that living well is the best revenge, Finch takes a proprietary stroll through the vegetable garden in his bespoke Chuc shorts and awkward vintage Rolex Daytona that only comes off for his daily swim, highlighting the ingredients that he will have salad later in his lunch at his beach hut.

A throwback to the Riviera’s heyday when people like Orson Welles settled in for the season, turning his cabin into a headquarters, throwing in its charm and weight like Charles does now, booming for even more Whispering Angel in immaculate French.

Finch likes to quote his mentor Jimmy Goldsmith who said that of course you can apply yourself to your job in the quiet of a municipal office, but the best deals are made wherever there is a beach, tennis court and a good restaurant.

“These are pleasures I never take for granted. I appreciate them as much as I can. I’m not so full of luxuries that I won’t live a life of risk. I will continue to enjoy the Hotel du Cap as Du Cap for its disconnection from the rocky century we live in now, as long as I can afford it. “

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