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“A blessing that came when we needed it most. “

Watch the full video: https://fb.watch/9ol5zWhdU7/

This is how Conti’s accredited buyers described the ‘Pasabuyer’ program at one of the Philippines’ most sought-after bakeries and restaurants. The last 2 years under the pandemic have been very difficult for everyone and many have been forced to look for other sources of income. When many lost their jobs, they found relief in the Accredited Conti’s Delight Shopper (ACDS) program.

Founded at the height of the pandemic, Conti’s has seen how people have become “pasabuying” like their bread and butter. The eagerness to help these buyers meet their needs is there, but maintaining the quality of service in handling cakes and pastries should always be respected. The management therefore decided to embrace the “pasabuyers” and train them. They have established an accreditation process that will eventually nickname them as Conti’s Delight accredited consumers.

The ACDS grew during the difficult times of the pandemic and became a welcome blessing.

“Totoo pala kapag can mawala sayo, ibabalik ni Lord sayo ng sobra sobra. Yun blessings na binigay nya through Conti, bongga! ” – Mildred, a certified Conti’s Delight client, explains how the program has changed her life.

Mildred and her husband had to close their 2 businesses, a restaurant-bar and a milk tea room because of the pandemic. She did not know that all the money lost would be recovered through the ACDS program. Mildred thrives on making all of her clients happy. She is now an active businesswoman who has successfully protected her family from the financial effects of the pandemic through the Accredited Conti’s Delight Shopper program.

“Sobrang laki ng naitulong ni Conti is his buhay namin, kasi ang prayer ko lang is pambili ng pagkain!” Ginawa pa nya akong artist ”, jokes Mildred, referring to the interview conducted by Conti’s to highlight the members of ACDS.

“We recognize how difficult life has been for many of us and we at Conti would love to be able to alleviate this ordeal in our own little way”, joked Patricia Tan, general manager of Conti’s Bakery and Restaurant. Conti’s wishes to spread the delight their cakes and pastries bring to many other Filipino homes despite the restrictions of the pandemic. To date, ACDS has 91 active members, mostly from the Luzon region. They want to go further and be able to feast from coast to coast, to Baguio, to Bicol.

Watch Mildred’s story of how the Conti’s Delight Shopper program became a delicious blessing: * link *

No distance is too far to celebrate. Contact a Conti’s Delight Shopper serving your area and have a delicious celebration with your loved ones today.

Learn more about Conti’s Delight Shopper program: https://bit.ly/3r9qJfC

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Local bars, party pubs for holiday events


November 23 – Bars and pubs in Tahlequah are set to celebrate the holiday season, with a number of events planned this week and beyond.

This Wednesday, The Branch will host an open mic night, as well as a Thanksgiving dinner. Food will be served at 4 p.m., with music from 7 p.m. Manager Justin Kelley said the branch usually closes when things start to pick up on the streets at Ned’s.

“It’s usually a bit before the game for that. We’ll have turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, a pot of sweet potatoes, buns and all that good stuff – just a traditional dinner. Thanksgiving I’m going to smoke the turkey and finish in the oven so I think that’ll be good, ”Kelley said.

Kelley said The Branch will likely throw some sort of Christmas party.

Technically, Ned’s hasn’t planned a formal Thanksgiving event, unless the revelers want to count “Nedsgiving”. On Wednesday, guests can look forward to a lively group as friends and family gather to celebrate the eve of Turkey Day. Owner Gary Kirkpatrick said he didn’t even know how Nedsgiving got started.

“We never called it that; it just evolved into that,” he said. “I don’t know why, but people just started calling it that and I thought I would take it. It’s kind of a big deal. We’ve been here for so long and there was no not a lot of bars to go Everyone goes to town, they visit family for a bit, then they go down to Ned’s place. It’s a fun time. “

Ned’s also runs a Christmas Tights Sweater contest every year. No date has been set yet, but staff will announce the event once plans are made.

The Kroner & Baer pub plans live music every day this week, except Thanksgiving, when it will be closed. Tuesday is an open mic night, starting at 8 p.m., while Thanksgiving Eve will feature Landon Walker, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. After the holidays, the festivities resume with more live music from Dan Martin on Fridays from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ; and Dominic Roy on Saturday, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

“The day before Thanksgiving, a lot of people like to go out because they don’t have to work the next day, so we see a lot of people,” said owner Chris Whytal. “And then Friday and Saturday we’ve been busy the previous years because people have families in town and they like to go out and find something to do.”

Kroner & Baer also plans to celebrate with customers for the annual Tahlequah Christmas Parade, which is December 3 at 6 p.m. ET. The pub will serve hot drinks, like Irish coffees and hot chocolates, so attendees can stay warm while watching the parade from the patio.

Those looking for something new to do this year can register to attend Sequoyah National Park Crown and Wine. The park will host two nights in which people 21 and older can taste wine while making wreaths, wreaths or natural garlands.

“The goal is to get rid of the red cedar that is found throughout the park,” said Sierra Coon, park naturalist. “It is an invasive species that can have serious negative impacts on the plants and animals in the area. To help reduce the amount of red cedar we have present, we have cut some and will be using it during this event to reduce waste. “

The Couronne and Wine events will take place at the group campsite on November 30 and December 1, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Front Porch Wine will be on hand to offer tastings to people or for people to shop. Space is limited, so people can confirm their attendance by emailing [email protected] Photo ID is required to enter, and entry is $ 20 per person.

Business Groups Challenge CFPB Payday Loan Rules File Open with Fifth Circuit | Ballard Spahr srl


Occupational groups challenge payment provisions of CFPB’s 2017 rule on last salary / automatic title / high rate installment loan (2017 rule) submitted their opening brief with the fifth circuit. The trade groups have appealed to the Fifth Circuit of the final judgment of the district court granting the CFPB summary judgment motion and suspending the date of compliance of the payment arrangements until 286 days after August 31, 2021 (which would have been until June 13, 2022).

The fifth circuit subsequently placed an order setting the date of compliance of the payment arrangements up to 286 days after the trade group appeal is resolved.

The main argument of trade groups on appeal continues to be that the 2017 rule was void ab initio because the APFC’s unconstitutional dismissal restriction means the Bureau did not have the power to enact the 2017 rule. They also argue that:

  • Ratification cannot remedy the constitutional defect because the defect concerns the illegal exercise of governmental power by the Bureau and its director, and not the power of an official to make decisions on behalf of the Bureau or its director. The only appropriate remedy for invalid regulation is valid regulation.
  • The 2017 rule remains invalid because there are two continuing violations of the separation of powers. One violation stems from the Bureau’s funding mechanism which does not require funding from Congress. The other violation stems from the Office’s unconstitutional exercise of legislative powers vested exclusively in Congress. If Congress gives authority to agencies, it must state an intelligible principle. There is no intelligible principle in the delegation of credits to the director or in “the vague and broad authority of the UDAAP of the Bureau invoked to justify the [2017] To reign.”
  • While ratification can sometimes remedy flaws in rule-making, ratification by the Office of Payment Arrangements violates both the CFPA and the APA because it was illegal, arbitrary and capricious. Ratification violates the APA and CFPA as it was a regulation that required notice and comment under the APA and did not meet CFPA’s requirements for cost-benefit analysis. Ratification is arbitrary and capricious because the development of the Bureau’s 2020 Rules revoking the repayment capacity provisions of the 2017 Rule removed the justifications for the payment provisions by rejecting the Bureau’s earlier interpretation of the UDAAP. Ratification was also inconsistent with the cost-benefit analysis required by the APFC, as the Bureau’s 2017 cost-benefit analysis of the payment arrangements relied on the improved effects of the arrangements on repayment capacity that the regulation of 2020 has been completely abolished.
  • Apart from illegal ratification, payment arrangements should be dismissed as illegal, arbitrary and capricious. Payment arrangements are illegal because they are outside the UDAAP authority of the Bureau. The Bureau based the payment arrangements on unreasonable and excessive interpretations by its UDAAP authority. Payment arrangements are arbitrary and capricious because the Bureau ignored the offsetting effects of payment arrangements, such as the increased likelihood that a loan will collect sooner than it would have. appropriate) and the Bureau acted on the outdated database. . At a minimum, payment arrangements are arbitrary and capricious due to their coverage of separate installments of multiple installment loans and debit and prepaid card payments. These payment and transfer methods do not give rise to the damage referred to in the provisions.

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Many more “varieties” of fish in the sea – Christopher Trotter

Christopher Trotter is a chef, writer and ambassador for Fife Food.

We can celebrate with the farmers if the crops are tall and proud and golden and sympathize if they are flattened by weeks of rain, but how many of us knew that our reliable fish stocks were gone across the sea? North this summer because it was so hot?

It is now well known that before the UK left the EU we were exporting around 80% of our fish and seafood, as was the fact that the Covid-19 lockdown shut down the market for restaurants and hotels overnight, with the result that many fishermen are in trouble. to survive. But there is so much we can do. The top five fish we eat by weight are salmon, tuna (which is not native), shrimp (which are likely to come from the Pacific), haddock, and cod, but the top five fish that are British vessels landed by weight are mackerel at around 150,000 t, herring 75,000 t, Norway lobster, haddock and cod – the latter three at only around 30,000 t (according to UK Sea Fisheries statistics).

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People are understandably giddy with food sustainability right now, but we can eat fish in a sustainable way. We can eat tuna sandwiches and Pacific shrimp, but if our fisherman brings back a catch that cannot be sold, it is an absolute disaster. And yet, when was the last time you ate catfish, dogfish or hake? Fishmongers often tell me about customers admiring their beautiful display before saying, “Two haddock fillets, please”. We have a nutrient-dense source of lean protein all around us, which is delicious, easy to cook, and can be thrifty too.

Customers often admire beautiful counter displays before saying, “Two haddock fillets, please.” (Photo by Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)

I am also happy to wave the flag of good farmed fish, which can be done in a sustainable way. There are exceptional fish farms in Shetland and the Outer Hebrides where fish are stocked in smaller numbers and subjected to offshore currents. This keeps them clean and makes them swim, thus strengthening their muscles and texture. They are kept with wrasse, which are also native and eat salmon lice.

The Morrisons supermarket chain has also made the bold decision to buy its own fishing boat, but I always encourage anyone shopping there to engage with the staff at the fish counter and dare to try something new. At the other end of the production scale is my hero, Guy Grieve, whose hand-dipped Mull scallops are the pinnacle of quality and sensible fishing practice.

These two examples are at the forefront of the revolution that must take place in the fishing industry, similar to that led by farmers and which has really accelerated recently with new avenues of access to the market. created through direct sales, farm shops and farmers’ markets as well as sophisticated collaboration and cooperation. Local and national governments must play a significant role here too, especially around public procurement and teaching our children to cook.

Problems and solutions are linked but can ultimately be solved: it is up to consumers to research the wide variety of fish available, to fishermen to collaborate and re-market them, and to those involved in large-scale food supply to work. more and to be more sophisticated in their purchasing and sourcing strategies. We would do well to update the cliché that there are a lot more fish in the sea with a lot more variety of fish!

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10 things to do this week for $ 5 or less in Louisville (1/22)


On Monday. 22 november

Gravely Trivia Night
Gravely Brewing Co.
To free | 7:00 p.m.
Shake off the cobwebs that the weekend left in your brain on Gravely’s weekly trivia party. The mask is mandatory if you get up from your seat.

Industry jam
Gold bar
To free | 8 p.m.
Presented by Kiana & the Sun Kings, this jam session encourages you to “bring your ax” and take to the stage. Amps, keys and microphones are provided.

Monday metal
Highland tap room
To free | 10:00 p.m.
The long-running heavy-sounding series Metal Monday continues with Caustic Casanova and Isolation Tank Ensemble.

Tuesday 23 November

Movie Trivia with Greg
Planet of bands
To free | 8 p.m.
Gather your team (up to six people) and head to Planet Of The Tapes to show off your film skills and win prizes.

Wednesday, November 24

Hi-Wire Brewing
To free | 5:00 p.m.
A themed party dedicated to the iconic “Friends” TV show, this evening features trivia, a costume contest and a photo booth.

What The Wednesday Hops & Shops Vintage & Local Flea Market
Milewide Beer Co.
No cover | 5:00 p.m.
Have a drink or two and do your holiday shopping on this night of local liquor and vendors.

3rd annual T. Hanks donation
the joyful weather
No cover | 5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.
Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like: a celebration in honor of Tom Hanks. They’ll have a collection of Tom Hanks movies playing all night, drink specials, a Tom Hanks-themed popup courtesy of Good Belly, and Tom Hanks trivia hosted by ShellShock. Even if the rest of your Thanksgiving vacation sucks, at least you can tell you have the opportunity to be T. Hankful.

Ping-pong tournament
Red hot dogs
To free | 7 p.m.
A weekly ping-pong tournament with free entry. The event is sponsored by Hi-Wire Brewing, which will also be offering special beers and prizes.

Thursday 25 November

Family fire style quiz
Mile Wide Beer Co.
To free | 7 p.m.
Based on the classic game show, this six-round trivia night is played on your phone.

Friday November 26

Light up Louisville 2021
Jefferson Square Park
To free | 5:00 p.m.
Downtown Louisville is throwing a holiday party once again, with the Lots Of Lights parade, food and drink vendors, crafts for sale, activities for the kids, and even an appearance from the elusive Santa Claus.

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Global Payday Loans Market Report (By Type, Marital Status


Dublin, November 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Payday Loan Market Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2030” the report was added to ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

Growing youth awareness of payday loans and rapid approval of unrestricted loans is driving the growth of the global payday loan market.

In addition, the presence of a large number of payday lenders has a positive impact on the growth of the market. However, factors such as high interest rates and the negative impact of payday loans on credit rating are expected to hamper the growth of the market.

On the contrary, an increase in the adoption of advanced technologies among payday lenders is expected to provide remunerative opportunities for market expansion during the forecast period.

The global payday loans market is segmented on the basis of type, marital status, age of client, and region. By type, the market is divided into in-store payday loans and online payday loans. According to marital status, he is classified as married, single and others. Based on the age of customers, the market is divided into under 21, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, and over 50. By region, it is analyzed to North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and in the LAMEA.

The major players presented in the Global Payday Loan Market Analysis are Cashfloat, CashNetUSA, Creditstar, Lending Stream, Myjar, Silver Cloud Financial, Inc., Speedy Cash, THL Direct, Titlemax, and TMG Loan Processing. These players have adopted various strategies to increase their market penetration and strengthen their position in the industry.

Key market segments:

By type

  • Showcase payday loans
  • Online Payday Loans

By marital status

  • Married
  • Alone
  • Man
  • Female
  • Others

By customer’s age

  • Under 21
  • 21-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
  • More than 50

Key market players:

  • Cash float
  • CashNet United States
  • Credit star
  • Loan flow
  • Myjar
  • Silver Cloud Financial, Inc.
  • Fast cash
  • THL Direct
  • Titremax
  • TMG loan processing

Main advantages of the report:

  • The study provides an in-depth analysis of the global payday loan market forecast along with current trends and future estimates to explain the impending pockets of investment.
  • Information on key drivers, restraints, and opportunities and their impact analysis on the global market is provided in the report.
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis illustrates the power of buyers and suppliers operating in the industry.
  • Quantitative market analysis from 2021 to 2030 is provided to determine the potential of the market.

For more information on this report, visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/g0govj

About ResearchAndMarkets.com
ResearchAndMarkets.com is the world’s leading source for market research reports and international market data. We provide you with the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, major companies, new products and the latest trends.


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Trio courtroom ashamed of indecent acts at James Watt Bar


A TRIO that engaged in inappropriate ‘disgusting’ acts of public indecency in Greenock’s largest pub remained ashamed in court as CCTV footage of their behavior was shown on screens.

Charley Malone, James Hainey and Sophie Fitzgerald were told by a sheriff that they should be “completely ashamed, dismayed and embarrassed” by what they did at the James Watt Bar.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife chose not to describe what was happening in the footage in her narration of the case.

She told Sheriff Joseph Hughes: “I would invite your lordship to watch the CCTV.

“This is a case where the pictures speak a thousand words.”

Malone, 28, Hainey, 33, and Fitzgerald, 25, had already pleaded guilty the day they were due to stand trial.

Fitzgerald performed or imitated a sexual act on Malone and both admitted to doing an inappropriate act in a public place.

Hainey and Fitzgerald, pictured, – whom the court heard now live together – then removed their lower garments and Fitzgerald sat on Hainey’s lap while facing him.

A pub patron who stumbled across their antics in the beer garden on July 18 reported them to a manager on duty.

Tax MP Ms Scaife said: “The three defendants then entered the main part of the pub and the manager approached them and asked them to leave.

“Charley Malone got aggressive towards the manager by putting himself in front of him while cursing and shouting insults at him.

“The manager escorted the three from the pub.

“Charley Malone stood at the door and started yelling at the staff.”

Malone’s lawyer Manus Tolland said: “He has had time to reflect on his actions as he has been in pre-trial detention since July 19.

“He intends to move to Northumbria, where his mother is located.

“The lease he had here has been lost to him.

“He said in the background report that his behavior was just shameful.”

Fitzgerald’s attorney, Aidan Gallagher, said: “Her memories of the event itself are somewhat limited and she is very embarrassed and ashamed.

“By the time the footage was released, she was ducking her head, I imagine with shame.

“There has been some publicity about this before and I would have thought there would probably be more.

“She’s still a young woman who might benefit from a referral.”

Speaking to Hainey, Mr Gallagher said: “He too is rightly ashamed and embarrassed on an equal footing.

“He also really has remorse.”

Sheriff Hughes told the trio: “The conduct of the three of you in the James Watt pub was disgusting.

“The video surveillance performed captures the role that each of you played.

“The people of Greenock should never be exposed to such acts.”

Malone was ordered to do 270 hours of unpaid labor and put through a three-year supervision program that included drug treatment.

He was also put on a five-month electronic tagging curfew between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. each day.

Hainey was told he had to do 180 hours of unpaid work and would be on a supervision order, with alcohol coverage, for two years.

He too is subject to a nighttime curfew for three months.

Fitzgerald, formerly of West Blackhall Street, has been placed under three-year watch and five-month marking order.

The court heard that she and Hainey now reside together in Ayrshire.

Seafood supply drops by 80 pc in Kasimedu port due to recent rains


“Due to the weather conditions, the fishermen did not go to the sea from November 7, previously we received more than 200 tons of seafood, after the lockdown it was reduced to 80 to 100 tons, because only 25% of the fishermen have gone fishing, and now since they are not allowed to fish on the high seas for the past two weeks we have only received 10-12 tonnes of seafood so there is almost of 80% shortage in supply, ”said Nanjil P Ravi, spokesperson for Akila Indhiya Meenavar Makkal Sangam.

More than 50 boats sank in the sea in strong winds. In addition, due to space constraints in the Kasimedu fishing port, the majority of the boats have been damaged and the fishermen do not have enough money for maintenance either.

Fishermen now fear that the prices of fishing equipment have also increased drastically. A fishing net was sold for Rs 300, which rose to Rs 600, a mat placed inside the boat to prevent water from getting inside also went from Rs 1,800 to Rs 4,000, and logs have gone from Rs 300 to Rs 150.

“Earlier, when the price of diesel soared, we were seeing profits because seafood prices were also going up, but now the situation is worse. Even though we only get 10 tonnes of fish, there is no increase in demand and prices, the tariffs have gone down. Retailers are also not buying as usual because as many areas are still flooded, they cannot go downstairs or buy anything, ”said Murali K, a fisherman at the Kasimedu fish market.

However, the state Fisheries Department says the fishermen’s activities have not been significantly affected during the recent rains and the situation has now returned to normal as they are back to fishing.

A senior official from the Tamil Nadu Fisheries Department said: “Only on certain portions between Cuddalore and Tiruvallur was a warning given to fishermen, and seafood supplied by agencies from other regions was not affected. impact on the business. However, from Saturday the fishermen resumed their routine work. In addition, only because of the increase in fuel prices, fewer boats have gone fishing, resulting in 20-30% of a shortage of seafood supplies. “

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Uncharted’s Tom Holland worked at the bar preparing the Sony movie


Uncharted’s Tom Holland worked in a fancy hotel bar to prepare for the adventurous hero of the Sony movie, Nathan Drake.

Actor Tom Holland has revealed some of the odd jobs and activities he has been involved in in preparation for some of the lead roles he has played. For the next from Sony Unexplored adaptation, Holland prepared while working in a fancy hotel bar.

According to GQ, Holland spent time working at a luxury hotel bar, the Chiltern Firehouse in central London, preparing for a scene from Unexplored in which Nathan Drake works behind a bar. By working with the hotel staff, he taught her how to prepare cocktails, pour pourings and add flair to her job as a bartender. The Chiltern Firehouse is renowned for its exclusivity, welcoming celebrities from all over with a rigorous selection process required for reservations.

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Holland will play a younger Drake than fans of the video game series may be familiar with. The official synopsis released by Sony reads: “Uncharted introduces the public to Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and presents his first treasure hunting adventure with his mad partner Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg).” Additionally, the synopsis teases: “Inspired by the famous video game series, this action-adventure epic spans the globe and follows Nate and Sully as they embark on the dangerous pursuit of” the greatest treasure ever found ” while tracking down clues that may lead to Nate’s long-lost brother, “suggesting the film draws inspiration from Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

After years of development, Sony Unexplored finally received its first trailer in October, officially released shortly after the clip was leaked online. The trailer showcases the film’s fidelity – if only in terms of aesthetics – to the video game series, with several stunts and major shots resembling iconic moments from the games.

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Holland has previously discussed her training for the film, suggesting she was partly inspired by her co-star Mark Wahlberg. In a previous interview, Holland described Wahlberg as “an absolute unit”. He said: “After the [COVID] lock, we’ve had five months off, and I just ate and workout and eat and workout. “

Unexplored is directed by Reuben Fleischer and, in addition to Holland and Wahlberg, stars Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle. The film is slated to hit theaters on February 18, 2022. But before that, Holland will also appear on the big screen as a different action hero: Spider-Man, When Spider-Man: No Path Home premieres on December 17, 2021.

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Source: GQ

Kenobi: She’s not the second sister, but maybe this character from Star Wars Rebels

About the Author

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Two men injured in ‘pub scuffle’ in Glasgow as police arrest


TWO men were injured after an alleged brawl in a Glasgow pub.

Cops rushed to the scene at a bar in Tollcross Road at 9 p.m. Friday night.


Cops rushed to Tollcross Road on Friday nightCredit: Google Maps

Other emergency services have attended the scene to help those injured in the alleged unrest.

Two men were rushed to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary for treatment for their injuries.

The incident saw cops shutting down Tollcross Road overnight.

The section of the street between Dalness Street and Anworth Street had to be closed until 7.15am this morning.

Officers have confirmed that a 26-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with the alleged incident.

He will appear in court on Monday.

A police spokesperson said: ‘At 9pm on Friday, police were called in about a disturbance at a bar on Tollcross Road in Glasgow.

“Officers attended and two men went to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary to be treated for injuries.

Disabled man in wheelchair fights for his life after ‘brutal attack’ in Coatbridge apartment

“A 26-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with the incident. He is due to appear before Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday 22 November 2021.

“A report will be submitted to the finance prosecutor.

It comes a day after cops named a man who was murdered in a “sustained and violent attack” on Tuesday.

Blair Gault, 32, was found seriously injured on a sidewalk in Livingston around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, November 16.

Scottish police have now opened a murder investigation after his death.

Terrifying moment a man crashes a car in a police station

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