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Why a Caribbean island you’ve never heard of makes the perfect honeymoon


When Nick Jonas planned his honeymoon in early 2019 with Priyanka Chopra, he chose a little-known island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, at least little known to most Americans. The enticingly named Mustique Island may only be a few square kilometers in size, but it is the beloved destination of the British, reminiscent of the days of Princess Margaret (Mick Jagger was and still is a another famous English resident) and continues to house the royal family today.

But as flashy as Mustique’s reputation may seem, there is no pretext. This incredibly private getaway manages to find the perfect line between glamor and serenity, all with the kind of easy, cold connotation that is so desirable on a honeymoon. (Or a wedding: Ally Hilfiger got married there, on her father Tommy’s property.)

There is little need to plan on the island. Even this fact alone would make it a fantasy for those who are fed up with planning, dating and wedding events. But beyond that is paradise in the purest sense of the word: tall palm trees bent by the wind, shallow blue lagoons, long stretches of sand, sea turtles gliding through turquoise water and crawling turtles. on earth (don’t be surprised if you see them mate too!) – even a small bamboo church. The clean air is fragrant with abundant flowers, and the sunsets burn in all shades of pink and red.

The Cotton House luxury boutique hotel is a honeymoon dream, with each room, suite or cottage claiming its own personality and its own sea view. Outdoor showers, tubs, balconies, lounges and Deep pools, depending on what you book, all add charm to the gingerbread and tropical style that permeates the multi-story property, which was once part of a cotton plantation and still features a renovated sugar mill turned into a museum . There is hardly any need to leave. (Note, those who want complete privacy can choose, like the Jonases, to rent one of the 100 opulent villas spread across the island, each with a unique vibe and a full staff providing all meals, if desired. wish.)

When couples finally wake up from bed, it pays off. Put simply, it could be at Cotton House beach, where they could sip rum punch and munch on plantain chips while UB40’s “(I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You” plays from the cafe- beach bar, or jump off the pier into Endeavor Bay with a snorkel. There are dozens of beaches and coves to explore, and more often than not, there won’t be another soul in sight. Make these “mule” explorations – the name of the golf cart style strollers everyone uses – even more memorable with a picnic on the beach, complete with flower petals and bubbles. The same feeling of privacy is also found when hiking, except in high season (early summer and summer holidays). Spectacular views are a treat from many vantage points, including from Firefly, where martinis are the favorite sunset. And then there are the most common underwater delicacies in the crystal clear waters of Brittania Bay in front of Basil’s Bar.

The iconic beach bar, named after its founder, a friend of Jagger’s who is still frequently spotted, is the place to socialize, let alone dance until a storm. A few evenings a week things start to jump with live music, and every January the Mustique Blues Festival draws the crowds. To get to know each other better and dance less, there is the Tuesday evening cocktail at The Cotton House’s Great Hall, decorated in indelible Caribbean decor and a regular affair for everyone on the island.

Really ambitious guys could take a day trip by boat to the nearby island of Bequia, but when there is so much to do – or not to do – on Mustique, it seems pointless. After all, between lobster dinners, spa treatments, classic bands, sunset sails, piña coladas, and magical, crystal-ball-like Caribbean, why be overzealous? Because that’s the beauty of Mustique – his easy-going looks will never go out of style.

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