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Where were Thelma and Louise filmed? Filming locations of the 1991 films


Directed by Ridley Scott from an original screenplay written by Callie Khouri, ‘Thelma and Louise’ is a cinematic experience in itself. Coincidentally, this is also one of the first films that gave us the idea for selfies. A female-centric road movie, the story begins as a dark comedy, but changes course to a compelling crime drama instead. It focuses on the titular characters as they embark on a tour to escape their sad, monotonous lives, to get tangled up in more trouble.

The two women go to a bar, and with a man trying to rape Thelma, the story takes a dark turn. After putting a bullet in the pervert, the girls run away. From modest American suburbs, the 1991 film takes us to the moors of the Grand Canyon for an iconic tragicomic ending. However, you might want to travel the roads that Thelma and Louise took to their destiny. In this case, let us show you an itinerary of the places.

Thelma and Louise filming locations

‘Thelma and Louise’ was shot in its entirety in the United States, particularly in California, Utah and Colorado. Filming began on June 11, 1990 and ended on August 31 of the same year. The story is set in Arkansas and the protagonists head west to Oklahoma and then Arizona after the murder. However, the director found it convenient to shoot most of the film in California and Utah. Now let us take you to specific places!

Los Angeles, California

At first, Thelma lives in a generic suburban house with her unstable and frustrated carpet seller husband. The interior and exterior scenes were shot in a residence located at 18633 Palomino Drive in the city of Los Angeles.

The Midwestern themed bar, where benign adventure goes haywire, is also located in Los Angeles. Formerly the Silver Bullet Saloon, it was renamed Cowboy Country, located at 3321 South Street in the Long Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Some scenes were also recorded in the Tarzana district. The motel, where the couple meet the dreaded thief JD, is not too far away. Vagabond Inn – Los Angeles at USC, a 2-star motel located at 3101 South Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, served as the filming site for the footage.

Other locations in California

The production crew filmed in and around suburban California to bring the western theme to life. The widely open expanses of Arkansas were actually filmed outside of Gorman, California, while the cityscape of Bakersfield replaced Oklahoma.

The Howard Johnson Motor Lodge, where Louise works in the film, is also in the state. However, the location is a bit far from the City of Angels. The footage was shot at 75 West Thousand Oaks Boulevard in Thousand Oaks, about an hour from Los Angeles.

Additional filming was done at Shafter, Taft and Derby Acres, all located in County Kern. The scene where the two women stop to pick up JD was filmed on Highway 33 in Derby Acres.

Moab, Utah

Some major footage was shot in and around the state of Utah. The opening sequence shows us a panoramic view of the mountains of La Sal. The scene was shot on Route 46, southwest of Moab.

Canyonlands National Park, Valley of the Gods in Mexican Hat, West Valley City, and Thompson Springs are just a few of the locations in the state that were chosen as locations for the film to be filmed. In one scene, Thelma and Louise hide a policeman in the trunk of their own car. The footage was filmed at Courthouse Towers, a group of towering natural monoliths located in the middle of Arches National Park in Utah.

The spectacular police chase was filmed primarily in Cisco, a ghost township in Greater Utah County.

The final scene where the girls drive the car over the edge was filmed not anywhere near the Grand Canyon. The footage was shot at Dead Horse Point State Park, a state park with the Colorado River located at UT-313, northwest of Moab.

Bedrock, Colorado

Certain sequences of ‘Thelma and Louise’ were indeed shot in the state of Colorado. The scene in which Louise calls the FBI agent from a pay phone was shot at the Bedrock General Store, a general store located at 9812 CO-90 in the Bedrock area of ​​the state. In addition, some scenes were filmed in the western part of Colorado.

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