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Watch spooky footage of urban explorers from inside an abandoned pub near Burton


Urban explorers have released stunning images of the interior of an abandoned pub near Burton.

Many features and properties of the Blacksmiths Arms remain intact, with the pub being instantly recognizable from the moment it opened.

Glasses are still stored behind the bar, with empty cans strewn around and the promotions board is still promoting great-sounding pub food for under £ 6 per person.

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The discoveries were made by Daniel Sims – known as BeardedReality – who entered the Birch Cross boozer, just outside Marchington, in the summer.

He said: “It really looked like it used to be a nice place. I was surprised to see so much left there. It’s crazy to think that such a place is left to the abandonment when it could fairly easily be used. “

This is not the first visit to Staffordshire made by BeardedReality. He recently visited the abandoned army barracks at Camp Marchington, discovering an array of stunning graffiti. Read about his trip to the barracks here.

Les Forgerons has been closed since 2012, and several planning applications have been submitted to make them houses since.

Two were rejected, another withdrawn and the fourth has not yet been heard by the borough’s planning committee.

The latest application, filed by plaintiff Jason Brindley, is to turn the pub into two houses and build five more on the site’s land.

Police have already issued security and legal warnings against urban explorers entering condemned buildings and you shouldn’t copy what they are doing.


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