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Uncharted: 10 things only fans know about Sully


The Unexplored The series is filled to the brim with colorful characters who aren’t afraid to make wise jokes even in the face of danger. This is one of the main reasons fans have grown to love the series since. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune released in 2007. These characters are incredibly easy to attach and quote. Fans eagerly await their appearances and aren’t afraid to criticize when their favorite doesn’t have that much screen time.

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Probably the biggest fan favorite character of the show is Victor Sullivan, commonly and unofficially known as Sully. Sneaky, cigar-eating Sully is the mentor and father figure of the show’s lead, Nathan Drake. Throughout their travels together, Sully has been instrumental in the development and growth of Drake both as a fortune hunter and as a person. And behind this cigar and this iconic mustache hides a character of surprising depth.

Spoiler warning: This listing contains spoilers for the Unexplored series.

ten So far, two actors have played Sully

Richard McGonagle, Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland

There have been two actors who have played Sully so far. The first is Richard McGonagle, who lends his incredibly distinctive voice to the character in each of the games Sully appears in. McGonagle has appeared and starred in numerous films, TV series, and video games. Beyond Unexplored, one of his most recognizable roles is that of Bato de Avatar: The Last Airbender.

In the live-action Unexplored film, Sully is played by Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg initially competed for the role of Drake, but still managed to play a central role in the film. However, it is certainly strange to see Sully without a mustache.

9 Sully had a difficult upbringing

Nathan Drake and Sully

Sully’s life did not start smoothly. At the end of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Sully teaches Drake how to deal the hand that has been dealt. Sully mentions that he had a difficult childhood with “a lousy father”. This ultimately led to Sully not wanting to have children.

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The point Sully wanted to make was that despite his upbringing, experiences, and desires, he still accepted teenage Drake into his life. Sully raised Drake and taught him almost everything he knew about the business. He wanted to provide Drake with the father he didn’t really have, which made him one of the best things that could happen in either character’s life.

8 Sully served in the Navy and was dishonored

Sully helping Nathan Drake

Another aspect of Sully’s story that was revealed in Drake’s Deception was the fact that Sully served in the US Navy. This little background was the key to finding the location of Iram of the Pillars (“Atlantis of the Sands”). Sully not only had the ability to read the stars to discern the location of the Lost City, but he was also able to firmly memorize those coordinates. This would lead to his capture as he was the only person with this vital information.

In his multiplayer biography for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Sully was reportedly dismissed from his US Navy duties for “fraud”. The bio does not go any deeper into what these scams were.

7 Sully’s story as a smuggler

Katherine Marlowe and Sully

Sully’s life of crime and adventure did not begin when he met Drake. After his dishonorable release from the United States Navy, Sully became a smuggler who would be hired to acquire property, especially stolen property. This would lead Sully to work with unwanted people such as Panamanian drug lord Hector Alcazar, for whom Sully smuggled Japanese woodcuts.

Later, Sully will meet Katherine Marlowe, the possible antagonist of Drake’s Deception, with whom he would develop a romantic relationship. Thanks to her, Sully was tasked with stealing Sir Francis Drake’s ring and astrolabe in Cartagena, Colombia. This is where Sully will meet Drake, which forever changed the course of both of their lives. Sully also often finds himself in debt, which would lead to his and Drake’s conflict with Gabriel Roman in Drake’s fortune.

6 Of course, Sully has a bar

Sully's bar

It should come as no surprise that Sully owns a bar. Not much is known about the bar, but it has made two appearances. The first appearance comes from outside of games as Sully’s Bar was a social space on the PlayStation social platform. Playstation home. In Playstation home, Sully’s Bar is fully searchable with different rooms where players can enjoy aspects of Unexploredstory and play arcade mini game.

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Sully’s bar appears once in games, although it is different from the way it is depicted in Playstation home. Appearance of Sully’s Bar in PlayStation Vita Uncharted: Golden Abyss is in a cutscene where Drake asks Sully for help in saving Marisa Chase. The bar also has a parrot that players can use on the touchscreen to make it say comedic lines.

5 Sully was initially not a fan of Sam

Sully and Sam Drake

Drake had two role models to follow in growing up: Sully and Nathan’s brother, Sam Drake. Sully and Sam, however, initially disagreed. Sam was in and out of jail. It’s understandable that Sam is put off when he leaves prison one day and finds out that his teenage brother is now traveling with a middle-aged man. Sam didn’t trust Sully, which Sully reciprocated, probably seeing Sam as a bad influence and a bad protector of Drake.

In The end of a thief, the two would reconcile through their quest for Henry Avery’s pirate treasure. Sully and Sam would continue to partner and work together after Drake retired at the end of the match.

4 Sully is at the center of two contradictions

Sully, Nathan Drake and Chloe enjoy the night

When a developer creates a new series, it’s easy to understand that it focuses on the short term. This can create gaps between different materials as the series grows. An example of this is in the original game. Sully, who is presumed dead after being shot by Gabriel Roman, is alive and helps Roman locate El Dorado. Drake gets angry with Sully thinking that Sully betrayed him. As the series progressed and the story of the two was revealed, this leap of mistrust became more and more bizarre.

Another example comes from Unexplored 2, where it is implied that Sully had never met Drake’s previous romance, Chloe Frazer, before the events of the game. This is later contradicted in both DC Comics Unexplored and the next film of the same name where the two characters know each other.

3 Sully has a goddaughter

Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth cover

In Christopher Golden’s novel Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth, it is revealed that Sully has a goddaughter. The goddaughter, Jadranka Hzujak, is the daughter of an old archaeologist friend of Sully named Luka Hzujak. Jadranka, simply called Jada, comes to ask Sully for help after his father is found murdered in a safe at New York’s Grand Central Station.

This would lead Sully, along with Drake and Jada, on a quest to understand what discovery led to the murder of his old friend. This gives The fourth labyrinth very personal issues for Sully in particular.

2 Sully’s plane name is a reference to another Naughty Dog series

Sully's plane

Sully is a trained pilot, who is on display from his very first appearance in the series. His plane, named “Hog Wild”, is in fact an Easter egg in reference to the Crash Bandicoot level of the same name. The original Hog Wild would be shot down early in Drake’s fortune. Sully would, however, get a new plane at the end of Drake’s Deception. This aircraft would briefly make a comeback in The end of a thief.

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Sully also has experience with helicopters since he uses one at the end of Golden Abyss take Drake and Marisa Chase home.

1 Drake gave his dog his name

Vicky the dog

In The end of a thief, Drake embarks on a final adventure with Sully. In an optional conversation after an encounter with a lemur, Drake states that if they make it out alive, he will get a dog. Sully responds by saying that if they survive this he will buy Drake the dog that Drake asks if he can call him Victor. Sully laughs and accepts the offer.

In the epilogue of The end of a thief, it is shown that Drake actually obtains this dog in the form of a Labrador Retriever named Vicky. Drake adopted Vicky as a puppy, but is shown in the epilogue as a senior dog.

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