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Trip to Kolkata and sipping a cocktail…


Sneha at the launch of Tifara

My week included dare I say it – travel, a quick trip to Kolkata and as always I had a long list of places to try. This coincided with Valentine’s Day which saw everyone get carried away, in a city where people already like to go out, drink wine and dine. Unlike good old Chen Chen, in Kolkata it’s normal to see long lines of people outside popular restaurants, happily waiting their turn. “How long for a table?” Became our most used line for travel. So Valentine’s Day meant you weren’t going easy. After what can only be described as a complete reconnaissance of Park Street, we finally ended up on a rooftop, where we devoured a Chilly Chicken Pizza accompanied by a V-day drink called “Rosie Face”.

Paloma at Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Anjena at the launch of the Grohair Clinic

Meanwhile, in Chennai, this week’s highly anticipated event was the launch of Tifara’s new store on Khadar Nawaz Khan Road. The cute invitations certainly piqued our curiosity and the mention of a special preview by Anushree Reddy, to mark the occasion, was the icing on the sartorial cake. So it was no surprise that the ladies arrived looking fabulous, excited about the new space and ready to go shopping. Many celebrities have purchased coins for their upcoming promotions and events. The rest of the week saw a series of launches including Wootu, a nutrition clinic, with Vani Bhojan doing the honours, followed by the opening of the Advanced Grohair Clinic inaugurated by Anjena Kirti, Saranvel, CK Kumaravel, Kavitha, Ravikumar and Veena.

Swetha at Wootu Nutrition Clinic
Adam, Abhi and Zico at Seven Sins

It was also watering hole week, with multiple restaurants and restobars opening their doors, welcoming people with open arms. instagram is packed with photos of beautifully prepared food and drink and, of course, the obligatory “I was there” selfie against a signature backdrop. On the list was Seven Sins, Chennai’s first ‘Gothic Resto bar‘ where ‘the sun never rises’. The launch saw the usual mix of faces in town, tasting a wide range of themed cocktails, as they toasted the new space.