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Thug jailed after threatening bar staff and throwing bike at cop


A thug who threatened bar staff before throwing a bike at a cop has been jailed.

Charles Edwards, 31, threatened staff working at the Last Post on May 25 last year and attempted to kiss and follow a female bar worker.

On the same day Edwards’ bank card was denied to Greggs on Moss Street in the city so he threatened the staff working there and when they reported it to the cops he threw a police bike at one of the officers.

The bully also grabbed his partner Nicola Clelland by the neck and repeatedly threw her to the ground in a vicious attack that took place at a flat in Paisley’s Broomlands Court on February 22.

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Assistant Tax Prosecutor Amber Feeney told Paisley Sheriff Court that at around 9.30pm on February 22, Ms Clelland and the defendant were in a Broomlands Court flat drinking alcohol before Edwards became “aggressive and argumentative”.

Ms Feeney explained: ‘Ms Clelland got up and asked to sit down and be quiet as she didn’t want to interrupt the neighbours.

‘The defendant was not happy with this and started screaming and swearing, then grabbed Ms Clelland by the neck and pushed her around the room several times and then threw her to the ground several times.

“Witnesses heard a commotion and the defendant shouting ‘I’m going to f*****g kill you.

“They also heard Ms Clelland respond, ‘Stop, let go of me and go f**k. “”

Ms Feeney went on to explain how The Last Post staff members were working at the door and behind the bar shortly after midday.

She explained: ‘The staff member at the door saw the accused enter the pub and he was unsteady on his feet, falling over tables and clearly under the influence.

“The accused was asked to follow and trace and the staff member said he would not be served alcohol due to his inebriation.

“Edwards asked why and was told ‘Because you can’t get up.’

“He then said to the staff member ‘Fuck you.'”

The court heard the defendant was asked to leave and in doing so he changed his mind and told a bar worker he ‘didn’t mean any disrespect’.

Ms Feeney added: ‘Edwards then went to hug the bar worker but she put her hand up and backed away.

“Edwards then said, ‘Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not that pretty.

Sozzled Edwards left the pub shouting, ‘F**k you’s all’ before walking back in when he followed the bar worker saying ‘Do you know who my family is? My family is made up of gangsters.

Ms Feeney recounted how around 12.45am on May 25, 2021, staff at Greggs were serving customers when the accused entered.

She said, “Edwards ignored all covid regulations and guidelines and ignored the one-way system.

“He walked past everyone at the start of the queue telling everyone to ‘F**k off.’

“He was served and his bank card was declined and when he was informed he replied, ‘F**k off, what time do you finish, take my card.’

“Police were called, and when they arrived Edwards grabbed the police bike, lifted its front wheels off the ground and kicked PC Docherty in the legs and body.”

Edwards also admitted to assaulting a male passenger on a train in Paisley Gilmour Street on the same day by repeatedly hitting him on the head.

Defense agent Ms Aitken explained that Edwards had “very little recollection” of the events and that at the time of the incidents he had “grossly abused alcohol and drugs”.

Ms Aitken added: ‘He is very ashamed to be in court on domestic matters.

“For the past three years, this is a man who has abused heroin, but since his remand he has been able to get rid of alcohol and drugs.”

At sentencing, Sheriff Eoin McGinty said: ‘This is a series of offenses against people who were at their jobs during covid when things were pretty tough and then you continued to commit an assault In a train.”

Sheriff McGinty jailed Edwards of Glasgow Street in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, for four months for the Paisley offenses on May 25, 2021.

As for the domestic case, the sentence was postponed to July 29.

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