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The suburb becomes the ‘Covent Garden of Nottingham’


Independent bars and pubs are flourishing in Sneinton – so much so that the area has the potential to become the ‘Covent Garden of Nottingham’, the businesses have said.

Traders say the working-class suburb has become ‘stronger and stronger’ as shoppers take advantage of its independent renaissance with Sneinton Market the focal point of the area

It is also said that people can have fun “London style”.

Or at least that’s what Piers Wheatcroft Baker seems to think, as he toasts with his friend Ollie Perrid at the chic Bath Inn pub in Bar Lane.

He has previously explained why the suburb has the potential to become “the Covent Garden of Nottingham”.

Located in London’s West End, Covent Garden is known for its luxury fashion and beauty shops and award-winning restaurants and theatres.

Mr Wheatcroft Baker, 56, a rose grower from the famous Wheatcroft family who re-opened the Bath Inn, said: “Sneinton has the potential to attract many investors as it has grown from strength to strength.

“It has everything you need – and now it has a luxurious pub in the heart of the community.”

The look of the pub is nothing short of luxurious – with huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and color coordinated furniture.

“I live in Sneinton and love it. The neighbors are lucky to have everything they need on their doorstep, including a luxurious London-style pub,” Mr Wheatcroft Baker added.

“It’s going in the right direction.”

His friend Ollie Perrid, 53, who works in property development, agrees: “It’s like walking right by Berkeley Square.”

Heading down to Sneinton Market, you’ll find an array of quirky independent shops and the rustic Blend cafe.

While the suburb gets quite busy with shoppers during the day, especially when the market stalls are set up on some weekends, the area becomes a real city hotspot at night.

William Hughes, 31, at the Watered Garden in Sneinton Market.

William Hughes, who works at the Watered Garden in Sneinton Market, added: “I was pleasantly surprised to hear so many people say they wanted to buy units at the market.

“It’s usually the people who launched their business online during the pandemic, it went well but they missed that face-to-face interaction with customers.

“So it’s very encouraging that many see Sneinton as a busy area and see it as an investment opportunity.”

Encouraging progress has also been made on the nearby multi-million Island Quarter project.

This development includes, off the A60 London Road, an impressive canalside pavilion with a restaurant and rooftop terrace. Former Masterchef winner Laurence Henry has been named Canal Turn’s patron chef.

Mr Hughes, 31, added: ‘It’s the independent businesses, the vibrant nightlife and everything else that makes Sneinton what it is now.’

Danny Semak, manager of the Castle Rock pub, The Fox and Grapes, agreed with the London comparison.

The 32-year-old said: “It might as well be just as good in London – who really knows?

“All I know is that I’ve been here for four or five years, and it’s interesting to see it completely transformed from the abandoned area that it was.

“You have so many great pubs and businesses that really make this area great.

“I love being here, and a lot of people do too – so maybe there’s a good reason why we all love it so much.”

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