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The market basket, a staple of local seafood | News


The Market Basket and its fresh seafood has been a Milledgeville staple since the restaurant opened in August 2003.

Owner Natacha Ansley is a Milledgeville native and a graduate of Baldwin High School and Georgia Military College. She spent 17 years in the nursing field before retiring to help care for her sick mother with cancer. Although she doesn’t know much about the seafood industry, she bought The Market Basket in 2003 and has since become an entrepreneur. Not only does she own The Market Basket, located at 370 Allen Memorial Drive SW in Milledgeville, but Ansley also owns a beauty and barber shop.

She said she believes becoming an entrepreneur is one of the many ways God has used her to fulfill his purpose of being a resource to his community.

At Market Basket, customers can find what Ansley called the freshest seafood in Milledgeville and Baldwin County. She makes sure everything stays fresh by keeping track of what’s coming, what’s popular with customers, and not holding produce or freezing it from week to week. On the take-out seafood menu, which will soon return this summer after taking a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers will find plenty of seafood at reasonable prices, including the hugely popular red mullet. fried, fresh shrimp and catfish. .

The market cart, as you might expect, sells these and other types of seafood from its regular inventory, in addition to having its take-out menu.

The business has enjoyed tremendous community support, with Ansley becoming the first African-American woman in Baldwin County to win Small Business of the Year in 2015-2016. That kind of recognition and support means a lot to her, she said.

Not only has his community supported The Market Basket, but Ansley has also been able to use his business as a way to give back. Ansley converted the area that was originally intended to be his office into a food bank for the nonprofit Georgia Cancer Support.

What Ansley loves most about running The Market Basket alongside her husband, Ray, and his employees are undoubtedly the people.

“I’m a sociable person. I love seeing people come in,’ she said, likening the atmosphere to a family reunion where she sees people she knows and doesn’t know, and sometimes there will be people who don’t. not seen for years. meet randomly while queuing. Moments like that, Ansley explained, really make her feel good. She is also quick to add that she could not achieve her goal without her husband by her side.

The reason she finally does what she does is because it’s something different.

“It’s fresh seafood and you can’t find seafood as fresh as mine in Milledgeville/Baldwin County or surrounding counties,” Ansley claimed.

“When customers come in, they are greeted with a smile. My husband and I and my employees have positive energy,” she said. “It really stands out, the way we carry ourselves with The Market Basket and everything. So, in a way, we are the billboard for The Market Basket.