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The Gloucester bar where fans will sip draft martinis during the Euro final


There is a pub in Gloucester where football fans will sip martinis during the Euro final.

Teague’s Bar in Kingsholm Road installed martini taps a few weeks ago and fans have gone mad about them. And they are not weak.

Owner Gary Teague, 65, said: “The boys don’t squeeze it, they eat it. They have a drink and think “oop”! “

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Diageo (Guinness company) installed the martini taps, which include flavors: espresso, passion fruit and rose.

Each drink can be bought for £ 6.50, two for £ 12. They come in measures of 125 ml with an alcohol content of 12.5 percent.

Gary, owner of the bar since 2003, said: “They are popular with football fans, young boys. Large groups of them!

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Teague’s Bar, which was originally called The White Hart, is usually a liquor for Gloucester Rugby fans. The facility is located directly opposite the Shed where fans watch the team play at Kingsholm Stadium.

Gary is a rugby fanatic. The bar is awash with rugby paraphernalia and has three projectors and five TV screens for watching the matches.

The father of three and grandfather of six decided to take over the pub after giving up his former career as a technical illustrator due to a repetitive hand injury.

Gary played for his Gloucester All Blues rugby club from the age of 16 until the age of 53. During this time, he rose through the ranks of the club’s board of directors and managed the club’s bar. With this experience, he decided to create his own bar.

Gary says young football fans ordered martinis during games

When asked for his opinion of anyone looking to buy their own bar, he replied, “Don’t do it. It’s a tough business to tackle and there are so many regulations.

“What I would advise them is to use someone else’s money. Be the manager of a pub. Don’t use your own money. A lot of people have taken ads and lost money.

Stepping into Teague’s Bar is like stepping into Doctor Who’s TARDIS. From the side of the road it looks like a midsize building crashed into the busy road, but the locals have more depth than the English team of Gareth Southgate.

Shed bar is almost as deep as Gareth Southgate's English team
Shed bar is almost as deep as Gareth Southgate’s English team

Behind the expansive main bar is the even larger Shed Bar and there is a large beer garden to the rear.

Although with restrictions, the bar will be open to a capacity of around 25% with 130 people in attendance.

Gary is looking forward to ‘Freedom Day’ (July 19), when social distancing measures and face mask rules are dropped in England. This will allow bars to have no limits on groups and bettors again ordering at the bar.

He said, “It’s really fantastic. I just don’t wanna go back to what it was before [during lockdown]. “

“The best thing is people won’t have to wear masks. When getting up and sitting down there is a lot of mask / mask.

“A lot of people don’t really know the rules.

“Think about when England will score! They go up and down in their seats. It’s a fact of nature, I can’t help it.

Gary said the atmosphere was “great” and he looks forward to the Euro final against Italy. He feels “emotional” when he remembers watching the victorious England World Cup final in 1966 on black and white television while playing with his toys when he was young.

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