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The best restaurant openings of 2021


Galvin Bar & Grill

Michelin-starred brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin opened a new restaurant earlier this fall that focuses on ethically sourced produce.

This new restaurant, housed in the dining room of Kimpton Fitzroy London, is steeped in British cuisine but offers a modern twist, drawing inspiration from other cultures to reflect the diversity of modern Britain. Open for a few months already, we can confirm that it is a huge success!

Those who have not yet tried can expect to savor dishes such as a Williams pear salad, caramelized nuts, and Oxford blue cheese; turbot t-tone with fennel, potato terrine and herb butter; and Yorkshire Grain-Fed Chicken cooked with smoked garlic, chanterelles and hasselback potatoes.



Finally! The wait for East London restaurant Rita’s is over as owners Gabriel Pryce and Missy Flynn have opened a new home and concept in Soho, ten years after the original pop-up in Dalston .

An exciting new step for the duo, Rita’s in Soho draws on nostalgic and personal experiences, as well as the couple’s travels across America. Bringing culture to life through food, you can expect dishes like Jalapeño popper gildas, their iconic hot bean-stuffed eggs; grilled beef tartare with garlic, raw vegetables and lots of herbs, salted cod taquitos; a vegan ‘cacio e pepe’; more hearty dishes include the grilled pork neck, whole fish a la plancha, and steak dinner for two served with all the trimmings to feature on the menu. Of course, a last slice of homemade lime pie is a must.

American influences are also seeping into the interior design. There are stalls reminiscent of a classic American diner, topped with crisp white tablecloths, and a dazzling bar will take center stage, finished with rustic Mexican tiles.