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The best episode of each season, according to IMDb


new girl started out as a simple sitcom about a girl moving in with a bunch of guys, and over its seven seasons it blossomed into an iconic story of friendship and romance. Even though the series ended in 2018, its legacy lives on as fans continue to enjoy its comedic episodes years later.

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In its entirety, new girl has a 7.7 rating, with each season consistently receiving strong reviews. But some episodes stood out more than others and thus got better ratings from fans. These are the best episodes of each season according to IMDb.


Season 1: “Secrets” 8.2

From the first season, new girl was an immediate success, as the light-hearted plots and comical character interactions were enough to attract a large audience.

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In “Secrets”, Winston talks about Cece and Schmidt’s relationship, and Jess doesn’t take it too well. She sets a new “no secrets” rule for the residents of Apartment 4D and she immediately regrets the decision. They all start revealing their secrets and Jess is horrified by what she discovers. Meanwhile, Schmidt tries to give Nick some dating advice, which leads to some hilarious interactions.

Season 2: “Cooler” 9.1

When the boys decide to go to a guys’ night out to re-enter the dating world, they leave Jess behind, accusing her of being their “coolest guy” and the reason why they don’t attract girls. At the bar, Nick and Schmidt fight over a girl who is attracted to sadness, and they each exploit their misfortunes to get her attention. Winston, on the other hand, is confronted with the fact that he can’t talk to women and meets Daisy, who tries to coach him on how to be comfortable around them.

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Meanwhile, Jess, who was home alone, becomes convinced that someone is trying to break into the apartment and urgently calls everyone home. This episode saw the return of the gang’s favorite drinking game “True American” and culminated in Jess and Nick’s first kiss.

Season 3: “Prince” 8.6

new girl had many iconic guest stars, but none stood out the way Prince did. In this episode, Cece and Jess are invited to a party hosted by Prince at his mansion. But as they are about to leave for the party, Nick blurts out that he loves Jess and it was completely unexpected. However, the moment was too casual and not important enough. So, in an attempt to iron out any awkwardness and redo his love confession in a more romantic way, Nick and the guys decide to sneak into the party.

This episode was both touching and joyful, and the interactions between Prince and the characters are incredible. As they freak out over his mere presence, Prince delivers relationship advice, pancakes, and, in the end, an iconic singing duet.

Season 4: “Clean Break” 9.1

New Girl S4E22 Clean Break

The fourth season finale saw Coach leaving the 4D apartment, as he was about to move to New York with his girlfriend May. As he packs, he introduces the group to his system, where he takes only the most essential items with him and leaves everything else behind to give himself a clean break. Schmidt decides the system was perfect for him, as he struggles to leave Cece, and tries to shake off all memories of their relationship. Meanwhile, Jess and Nick come across a memory from their own relationship and they begin to rethink their feelings.

This episode is a fan favorite, as it features the best marriage proposal ever. new girl story with the rekindled romance between Cece and Schmidt.

Season 5: “Landing Gear” 8.9

Cece and Schidmt smile on their wedding day in New Girl

The fifth-season finale features Schmidt and Cece’s long-awaited wedding. When Schmidt finds out that Cece’s mother, Priyanka, isn’t coming, he decides to go to Portland to change his mind. But as always, something has gone wrong and Schmidt is stuck on the plane. Meanwhile, at the reception, Winston and Jess attempt to stall the wedding with their infamous prank habits until the groom returns.

Even though Schmidt didn’t return in time, the group had a romantic private ceremony at the loft. “Landing Gear” is by far the best wedding-themed episode of new girl and a real tearjerker.

Season 6: “Five stars for Beezus” 9.2

“Five Stars For Beezus” is the highest rated episode of the entire series with a 9.2 star rating. The sixth-season finale gave each character their own plot point that helped wrap up their storylines nicely.

While Nick has an appointment with a publisher for his new book, Jess decides that she must move on with her life and leave the loft, despite her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Winston must decide if he wants to get in touch with his father, and Cece finds out she’s pregnant.

Season 7: “Engram Pattersky” 8.4

After seven seasons, new girl aired its last episode. While it certainly contains several hilarious scenes, it left fans with the same bittersweet feelings that every ending tends to bring.

Jess and Nick are the only ones still living in the loft when they learn they are being kicked out by Engram Pattersky. As Jess struggles to accept that they have to leave, the rest of the group comes together to help her say goodbye to their apartment. They go through old items, reminisce about the times they spent together, and at the end, they play one last round of their legendary game “True American.”

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