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The 8 Best Restaurants in Toronto for Italian Cuisine According to Top Chefs and Restaurant Owners


If you dream of the Amalfi Coast, bathing in the Tuscan sun, or just can’t get enough of tasting delicious Italian cuisine, we’ve just chatted with some of the city’s renowned chefs and restaurateurs. Toronto’s best restaurants for Italian. eat.

Here are eight of their favorite Italian places in Toronto, andiamo!


Price: 💸💸- 💸💸💸

Address: 972 College Street, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Janet Zuccarini, resident judge on Top Chef Canada and owner and CEO of Gusto 54 (behind Trattoria Nervosa, Gusto 101, Gusto 501 and Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen), named Giulietta as one of her top picks for the Italian eats in Toronto.

“Giulietta is a delicious, seasonal Italian with a twist,” Zuccarini said. “I love what Chef Rob Rossi and Chef David Minicucci are up to. I can’t wait to experience their new business Osteria Giulia when I’m back in town – the decor and the food are amazing!”


Annabelle pasta bar

Price: 💸- 💸💸

Address: 909 Davenport Rd., Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: While Zuccarini hasn’t been to Annabelle’s pasta bar yet, she’s on her visit list as soon as she returns to 6ix.

“I’ve heard amazing things about their seasonal, local and rotating menu,” Zuccarini said. “I can’t wait to try! “



Price: 💸💸- 💸💸💸

Address: 1595, rue Dupont, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: Lucia is a new favorite Italian spot in Toronto for Zuccarini.

“This is a casual Italian restaurant with handmade pasta dishes and simple Italian cuisine,” Zuccarini said.

Not only was this on Zuccarini’s list, but it also earned a spot on David Minicucci’s. Minicucci is the owner of Giulietta and Osteria Giulia alongside Chef Rob Rossi (whom some of you might recognize from Top Chef Canada!)

According to Minicucci, Michael Sangregorio and Fabio Bondi are the “perfect” hosts.

“They really make you feel like you’re dining at their place,” Minicucci explained. “One of the best seasonal Italian menus in town. Fab is a master of the grill (their rack of lamb is a personal favorite) and Mike will always make fantastic wine for you.”

According to Lucia’s menu, the rack of lamb is served with polenta, amaro and Agrodolce pepper. Yum.


Ascari Enoteca

Price: 💸💸- 💸💸💸

Address: 1111 Queen St. E. and 620 King St. W., Toronto, ON

Why you have to go: “Fresh food and maybe the best gnocchi in town, Ascari is always about service and ambiance,” Minicucci explained, adding that it was his favorite place to dine in the city. east of Toronto.

On Ascari Enoteca’s menu there is a Gnocchi Ai Funghi, which is made with hen of the woods mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke, chives and ricotta gnocchi.

If you are a lover of fine wine Minicucci said they have a “super fine wine list” and their bottle shop is something special to see as well.


Tutti Matti

Price: 💸💸- 💸💸💸

Address: 364 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: If you’re looking for a fun night out and amazing Tuscan cuisine (without leaving the country, of course), Minicucci said Tutti Matti is “Tuscan cuisine at its best!”

“Alida [Solomon] has been serving some of the most authentic Italian dishes for almost 20 years, ”said Minicucci.

If you can’t settle for what you want on the menu, Pinci wild boar and braised ribs are “legendary,” according to Minicucci. Costole di Manzo (short braised ribs) are also flavored with honey, orange, rosemary and dark beer.



Price: 💸- 💸💸

Address: 1617 Dupont St., and 1501 Gerrard St. E., Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: Michael Angeloni, executive chef and co-owner of Amano Italian Kitchen and Amano Trattoria, told Narcity that while everyone knows Mattachioni for his pizza – “which is delicious” – you shouldn’t. sleep on their sandwiches.

“I love the mortadella on the homemade tomato focaccia, and if you get some of their homemade bomba you have an amazing sandwich!” said Angeloni.

Angeloni added that this is the kind of place where you would want to have a “quick sandwich or a pizza and salad feast for the family.”



Price: 💸💸- 💸💸💸

Address: 1727 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: If you are looking for an Italian restaurant that serves creative dishes from classic cuisine and has a great patio, Viaggio might be the place for you according to Chef Angeloni.

He loves it for its staff, delicious food and intimate surroundings.

“You have to get the tiramisu pancakes – they are a must, ”Angeloni recommended.

Tiramisu pancakes are made with marsala and espresso and topped with mascarpone cream. Yum.


Annette food market

Price: 💸💸- 💸💸💸

Address: 240, rue Annette, Toronto, ON

Why You Must Go: Annette Food Market is Angeloni’s latest local hangout, as it’s an incredibly comfortable and intimate space to dine.

“It’s a short walk from my house and my wife and I love it,” Angeloni said. “We always have pizza (they have a lot of great options) and the pasta is simple, fresh and delicious.”


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