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The 11 American hotels with the best hotel restaurants


Check in to dine out.

Covid-19 disclaimer: A growing number of companies have adopted policies requiring employees, and in some cases customers, to prove they have been vaccinated. From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, the rules change quickly. Be sure to check local guidelines before making reservations.

When Emma Koehler decided to take over her husband’s brewery during Prohibition times, the odds weren’t exactly in her favor. Many people outside of San Antonio have probably never heard of Emma Koehler, but today the old brewery is now home to a hotel both named after her in Emma Hotel Pearl but serves as a beacon for travelers and gourmets.

“Hotels are no longer just for tourists, but a real gathering place for everyone,” hotel CEO and general manager Emma told Pearl Bill Petrella. “As the definition of luxury has changed, travelers are looking for new, fresh and authentic experiences and want to experience local culture and get a feel for the food, the people and the sense of the place.”

Symbolic of how hotels across the country must reinvent themselves in the face of the ongoing pandemic, the Emma Hotel, which sits in the heart of the historic Pearl District along the shores of San Antonio, Texas, considers that food is paramount to the customer’s experience.

Now perhaps more than ever, hotel restaurants attract extraordinary talent and celebrity chefs eager to make their mark. And while there is no shortage of incredible hotel restaurants across the country, from candlelit dinners in the nave of a converted Gothic church turned into a destination hotel restaurant in New Orleans to an experiential tasting menu at Zero George in Charleston and an all-inclusive Wyoming ranch, these 11 hotel and restaurants are destinations well worth planning your culinary vacation this year.

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