Home Sea food Succulent hospitality brings fresh seafood to Woodstock’s Adair Park

Succulent hospitality brings fresh seafood to Woodstock’s Adair Park


Succulent hospitality opens another restaurant Woodstock Adair Park Development. This summer, the company will begin construction of Roberto’s luxurya new fresh seafood restaurant in 8212 Main Street. The restaurant will be located in the first floor corner suite of building 1 and will include a patio for food and drinks.

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“As people arrive in downtown Woodstock from the north, Roberto’s Deluxe will be the first thing they see on the right,” Jason Sheetz, co-owner of Succulent Hospitality, explained to What Now Atlanta.

Inside there will be a large open kitchen in the center with a raw bar and mounted steam kettles. You can watch the preparation of your dishes, including oysters and shellfish. “It will almost look like a fish market,” Sheetz said.

The catering company previously announced plans to open Oishii Sushia sushi and noodle bar, and Kung Fu Bara nightclub, as reported by What Now Atlanta.

Currently they are working with Abbi Williams of red door design studioswho also contributed to the design Under the cork oakone of their restaurants in Sand springs.

Succulent Hospitality will source seafood ingredients from their trusted suppliers: Halpern’, Domestic Seafood, Farmers and fishermenand others.

As of this writing, Sheetz says they are still looking for a chef and are making offers for a contractor.

Roberto’s Deluxe is named after the first employee of Succulent Hospitality, who passed away a few years ago. The restaurant will pay tribute to him and his family. “He was by far the best oyster shucker,” Sheetz said. “We’re going to have a big mural on the wall of him that helps us remember him every day.”