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South African woman confused about what VIP lounges are after arriving in Sydney in TikTok clip


A 28-year-old expat is baffled by the mysterious “VIP lounges” of Australian bars, hotels and pubs: “Where are all the celebrities? »

  • A South African expat was baffled by Sydney’s many VIP lounges
  • Mahle Majola posted his observations on Australia in TikTok videos
  • The 28-year-old moved alone from Cape Town to Sydney last month
  • She said she was baffled by the VIP lounges she had spotted in other bars and pubs
  • Mahle went inside to see the lounges weren’t ‘a section in a club where celebrities sit’
  • The humorous video drew comments from Australians to clear up his confusion

A woman who moved to Australia from South Africa has shared her confusion over ‘mysterious VIP lounges’ in hundreds of pubs and bars.

After arriving in Sydney less than two months ago, Mahle Majola began documenting everything she loved and struggled to understand about her new home country in a series of TikTok videos.

The 28-year-old said she was baffled by the number of ‘VIP lounges’ she saw in Sydney’s bars and pubs and decided to investigate what was there. interior.

As it is illegal to advertise slots/slot machines in Australian pubs, most use VIP Lounge as a ‘code word’ to entice those wishing to gamble.

“They’re in hotels, in restaurants, they’re in bars, so I decided to go inside to see what’s really going on, because it seems to be different from what we have at home. us,” she said.

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Mahle Majola (pictured), 28, moved from South Africa to Sydney in May and shared her confusion over the city’s VIP lounges in a viral TikTok clip

“It’s not like a section in a club where celebrities sit, it’s actually a place to play,” she joked once inside and faced with a room full of machines. slot.

Mahle’s video racked up more than 75,000 views in a single day since it was posted and drew dozens of comments from Australians, clearing up her confusion.

“It’s illegal to advertise that slot machines are inside, so they call it the ‘VIP Lounge,'” one viewer explained.

“You will see them in almost every pub/club. This is a section for small machines. FYI, some pubs also have ‘hotel’ in their name but no rooms,” a second replied.

Mahle said she was baffled by the number of VIP lounges she saw around bars and pubs in Sydney and decided to investigate

Mahle decided to investigate a VIP lounge finding a room full of slot machines rather than a ‘section in a club where the celebrities sit’

Other Australian viewers reassured Mahle that they were also confused by gambling halls which are governed by different laws in each state and territory.

“I grew up in Canberra where pubs aren’t allowed to have it so I was equally confused until I asked someone what it meant,” one man admitted.

“Haha same… when I moved to NSW I saw them everywhere and imagined they were a fancy room for special people,” laughed another.

“That’s the weirdest thing, in Sydney every pub has slot machines / slot machines,” agreed a third.

“Some clubs still have a real VIP area. The name is terrible! says a fourth.