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Seafood supply drops by 80 pc in Kasimedu port due to recent rains



“Due to the weather conditions, the fishermen did not go to the sea from November 7, previously we received more than 200 tons of seafood, after the lockdown it was reduced to 80 to 100 tons, because only 25% of the fishermen have gone fishing, and now since they are not allowed to fish on the high seas for the past two weeks we have only received 10-12 tonnes of seafood so there is almost of 80% shortage in supply, ”said Nanjil P Ravi, spokesperson for Akila Indhiya Meenavar Makkal Sangam.

More than 50 boats sank in the sea in strong winds. In addition, due to space constraints in the Kasimedu fishing port, the majority of the boats have been damaged and the fishermen do not have enough money for maintenance either.

Fishermen now fear that the prices of fishing equipment have also increased drastically. A fishing net was sold for Rs 300, which rose to Rs 600, a mat placed inside the boat to prevent water from getting inside also went from Rs 1,800 to Rs 4,000, and logs have gone from Rs 300 to Rs 150.

“Earlier, when the price of diesel soared, we were seeing profits because seafood prices were also going up, but now the situation is worse. Even though we only get 10 tonnes of fish, there is no increase in demand and prices, the tariffs have gone down. Retailers are also not buying as usual because as many areas are still flooded, they cannot go downstairs or buy anything, ”said Murali K, a fisherman at the Kasimedu fish market.

However, the state Fisheries Department says the fishermen’s activities have not been significantly affected during the recent rains and the situation has now returned to normal as they are back to fishing.

A senior official from the Tamil Nadu Fisheries Department said: “Only on certain portions between Cuddalore and Tiruvallur was a warning given to fishermen, and seafood supplied by agencies from other regions was not affected. impact on the business. However, from Saturday the fishermen resumed their routine work. In addition, only because of the increase in fuel prices, fewer boats have gone fishing, resulting in 20-30% of a shortage of seafood supplies. “