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Seafood demand drives prices up 25pc in Kasimedu


Social distancing has been launched at Kasimedu Fish Market after Sunday’s statewide lockdown was lifted. The market has seen a huge demand for seafood, which has led to a 25% price increase.

“After two weeks the Sunday lockdown was lifted so the sale started at 4am and unlike usual Sundays we got over 1000s of customers in one day after a long hiatus. Although many boats ventured out to sea, they only caught 8 tons of seafood, resulting in a huge demand for seafood at midday, so the prices also went up by 25%,” said Vishnu MP, a wholesaler at the Kasimedu fishing port.

On Sunday, Seer fish (vanjiram) sold Rs 800 per kg, red snapper (sankara) Rs 400 per kg, black pomfret Rs 650 – Rs 700 per kg, anchovies (nethili) Rs 350 per kg, crabs Rs 450 per kg, trevally (para) sold for Rs 400 – Ra 450 per kg.

On the other hand, as seafood prices have already increased, retailers have sold the same prices as wholesale. Meanwhile, seafood rates are expected to drop by next week, the fish season would start in the next few days.

“During the last month, we could not get enough fish, however, in the next few days, the seafood season has started. So, we could catch more fish than usual, and we expected prices to drop significantly,” said Raja K, a fisherman at Kasimedu market.