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Scottish bar apologizes after being accused of ‘humiliating’ victim


A Scottish bar has apologized after being accused of ‘humiliating’ a woman who was injected doped over the weekend.

Captain’s Cabin in Dundee initially released a public statement claiming they had not been contacted by the woman who was targeted on Saturday.

They said they contacted police on her behalf, but urged them to come forward while saying they take the safety of their clients seriously.

But the statement was widely condemned by angry social media users, including friends of the victim, with many accusing the pub of trying to shirk responsibility.

A victim impact statement was widely shared on social media

In a new update, the bar confirmed that it has since spoken to the woman and is now implementing a number of new security measures.

In a post on Facebook, they said, “Our previous post on the recent peak incident received a mixed reception from the community and we would like to provide you all with an update on the situation to clarify a few things and try to make you aware. at rest.

“After reading your posts, comments and tags, we fully understand your frustrations.

“We wanted to quickly issue a statement to start a dialogue with you about what we plan to do.

“At this point the victim has since contacted and we have been informed that the police are now involved in the investigation.

“We would first like to apologize for the use of the term ‘alleged’ in referring to the victim.

“We have been advised to use the term in a legal sense, but it is not the language we should have used and we are sorry for the upheaval we have caused.

“That being said, with respect to some of the responses received on the post, we cannot tolerate the abuses that have been targeted against our staff.

“It is their job to serve you and to blame them for the actions of an evil individual is unfair.”

They continued, “The Captain’s team is deeply dismayed that such an incident has occurred at our site.

“In our previous statement, we did not indicate what measures we intended to put in place to try to make your night safer with us.

“To begin with, we will conduct more thorough searches of bags at the entrance, increase the presence of security personnel inside, ensure that all staff are extremely vigilant for suspicious activity and recruit female stewards. to patrol the site.

“This is just the start of the changes we’re going to make and more will take effect as soon as possible.

“Injection doping has become a national problem, so we will work with the authorities and the community to avoid such incidents in the future.

“At Captain’s Cabin, we take this incident very seriously. Since opening, we have worked hard to make our place a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone to enjoy.

“We welcome any recommendations on how we can improve this. We are more than willing to listen because in cases like this we all have to pay attention to each other. “

An article written by the victim, which was shared widely on social media, recounted how she “woke up with pins and needles” before finding a jagged mark on her arm.

She added: “The injection made me unable to walk without someone else’s help and I could barely put a sentence together, luckily I was not alone and I had a friend with him. me.

“I also looked very drunk at the time, which is worrying in case this prevents other girls in the future from getting proper help if needed.”

Scottish Police have confirmed they are investigating reports that a woman was injected at the Ward Road premises in Dundee on October 16.

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