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Ritter Sport Chocolate has personalized messaging, tell your Bae they’re snacks this Christmas


Ritter Sport offers special chocolate bars in time for Christmas

There is nothing quite like hearing the satisfying snap of a square of chocolate shattering a thick bar studded with hazelnuts.

With its iconic packaging, quality ingredients and myriad of flavors, Ritter Sport has established itself as one of the must-have gifts for our friends, colleagues and even teachers.

Since we haven’t been able to spend time in IRL as often as we would like, remind them that they are snacks with a literal snack might be the next best alternative.

Here are some offers that might pique your interest, if said loved one or colleague is a known chocolate addict.

Ritter Sport Festive Chocolate for Secret Santa Games

As Christmas is a month away, it’s also the season for businesses to host Secret Santa games to wrap up the year.

We may not be able to meet our colleagues at the WFH IRL yet, but now is a good time to stock up some affordable gifts for them or for our Zoom study mates.

Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars (100g) – $ 3.80 to $ 4.40 (3 or 4 for $ 10)

First, the iconic Ritter Sport chocolate bar, weighing 100 g. You will be able to select your favorite flavors – including Whole Black Hazelnuts Where Whole almonds from a wide range available.

The two bars can also be festively bundled for an extra $ 1 – a lifeline for those of us who have trouble with duct tape and collapsible wrapping paper.

2 Ritter Sport Choco Cube gift boxes for $ 14

Beyond Ritter Sport’s signature 100g chocolate squares, those who prefer individually wrapped chocolate cubes for an easy WFH snack may consider gifting chocolate cubes.

These come in boxes of festive red and green Christmas cubes, filled to the brim with 176g of rich chocolate.

Likewise, you can customize the flavors – Classic Where Yogurt for example – and top up $ 1 for this packaging.

8 Piece Personalized Mini Christmas Gift Box

Besides the joy of unwrapping a gift, some of us eagerly await the arguably sweeter notes our loved ones write for us.

Ritter Sport Mini 8 piece gift set – $ 10.90 / box

Enter this 8 piece chocolate gift box with a Christmas pouch designed so you can write a personalized message to the recipient.

Choose from 5 flavors and top up $ 1.90 for a pouch online and in store. For online purchases, be aware that the message of the gift box being defined in advance, you will not be able to personalize the messages.

Limited edition insulated bottle and set of chocolates for $ 27.90 until November 30

24 ° C is usually enough for Singaporeans to say winter is here, but our heavily air-conditioned homes would also have similar – or lower average temperatures.

This is probably where this latest set of Ritter Sport Christmas gifts we’ll be featuring will come in handy.

Cocoa trees x Ritter Sport Christmas Winter Collection – $ 27.90 ($ 41.90 value)

Early risers can grab this exclusive pack which includes:

  • The Cocoa Trees Limited Edition Insulated Bottle
  • 1 x Exclusive Festive Chocolate
  • 3 x Ritter Sport Winter Chocolate Bars
    – Spicy cookie
    – Caramelized almonds
    – Coconut macaroon

As this is a limited edition from November 1 to 30, please note that it will be available while supplies last. FYI, the insulated bottle can keep drinks hot or cold for 12 hours. Let’s take a closer look at the models available.

Image courtesy of Ritter Sport

The tumblers are available in 3 different colors, Ombre Pink, Ombre Purple and Good Old Basic Black.

We would recommend it to bae who always complains of being constantly cold and in need of a Cup of tea hot tea to help them get through a long day at work.

Ritter Sport offers online and in-store for last minute gift shopping

If you were going to go to the supermarket for last minute gift shopping, at least now you will have it covered. Otherwise, go to any The Cocoa Trees store or their official site to add them to your cart.

After a hectic year of surviving a pandemic, it’s no wonder we need all the endorphin boosts we can get.

In a world where there is less consistency than before, we choose to trust the delectable predictability of a trusty bar of chocolate.

This article was presented to you in collaboration with Ritter Sport and cocoa trees.

Image courtesy of MS News.