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REVIEW: Lombard’s Seafood Grille Passholder Annual Lobster Mac Short on Lobster, Heavy on Mac at Universal Studios Florida


This is the annual Universal Orlando Resort Passholder Appreciation Month. We stocked up on new UOAP merchandise, gorged on the UOAP-exclusive Maloney Stack, and sipped arguably the best Starbucks drink ever, intended only for UOAP members. Now is the time to get even classier with a lobster mac and cheese from Lombard’s Seafood Grille at Universal Studios Florida. But with whimsy, quality doesn’t necessarily follow.

Lombard Lobster Mac – $ 16


This lobster macaroni features a hearty macaroni and cheese, a very small amount of lobster, and a crispy breadcrumb crust on top.


Unfortunately, the lobster was almost undetectable. The dish tasted like a basic mac and cheese. The pieces of meat were very small and mixed well to mask the taste of the lobster.


The thick, creamy cheese was great with the macaroni and breadcrumbs, but being a lobster macaroni it could use more lobster. Having said that, it was a nice macaroni and cheese dish. Well, not great.


It didn’t impress us. Boring is perhaps the best way to describe it, especially after eating some of the most impressive UOAP dishes, like AP Roll from The Cowfish and Poc Chuc Pork Dish in Antojitos.


But what a great place to have mac “lobster”. The design of this restaurant is simply fantastic.


UOAP Appreciation Days run through September 30 at parks, resorts and CityWalk within the Universal Orlando Resort.

Are you going to try the UOAP Exclusive Lobster Mac from Lombard’s Seafood Grille? Let us know in the comments below. For more UOAP-exclusive bites, check out our reviews of Kimchee Fries at Mel’s Drive-in and Voodoo Donut’s Specialty Donut at CityWalk.

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