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Reservoir and wood with a stop at the iconic pub with open fire and beer garden


With another warm weekend expected, what better way to spend it than enjoying the Lancashire countryside.

The week’s suggested itinerary offers a chance to experience a mix of old and new as you walk through areas that have played key roles in the region’s history. It covers the Blackburn and Bolton areas and gives you the chance to surround yourself with stunning scenery.

Along the way, you’ll see the 15th-century Turton Tower and the Entwistle Reservoir, as well as walks through areas known to be home to rare flora and fauna. Points of note along the route include Yarnsdale and Fairy Battery, a rocky outcrop popular with rock climbers – this site was the secret meeting place of nonconformist worshipers in the 17th century.

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Along the way, we suggest a visit to Strawberry Duck, one of Bolton’s iconic pubs which now serves ‘quality food and excellent cask ales’. Set amongst the hills, forests and reservoirs of Entwistle, the pub is ideal for all seasons with cozy fires in the winter and a welcoming beer garden in the summer. Children, cyclists, walkers and dogs are all welcome.

The walk, which was originally created for Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, is around eight and a half miles long and starts and ends at the Batridge Barn car park off Greens Arms Road off the A666. The course is mostly flat so shouldn’t present too much of a challenge. As always, it is advisable to wear clothing and footwear suitable for the conditions.

  • At the end of the car park, with your back to the reservoir, observe two small ravines. Take the path towards the gully on the right and go up the path to the stile seen on the right (just before a small reservoir). Follow the hillside path. Cross the road, go through the gate and continue up the path.
  • Turn right onto Greens Arms Road then left onto a track at the bend in the road. Pass Clough House Farm on your left and eventually go through a kissing gate next to a large door.
  • Continue along the track which turns left with a stream on your right to cross the Blackburn to Bolton railway line. After the Tower you will reach the B6391 Chapeltown Road. Turn left, then where the road bends left take the path on the right which passes in front of the war casemate.
  • Climb the upright through the woods and cross the bridge over the Jumbles Reservoir. At this point you are in Jumbles Country Park, and there is an excellent information center alongside the reservoir. Turn left along the path, following the reservoir as it narrows into Bradshaw Brook. Coming out of the woods at Turton Bottoms, as this steep valley is called, cross the cobbled bridge.
  • Continue on the road, after two barrier posts where the cobblestones end, take the path which branches off to the right. After crossing the Packhorse Bridge, with its associated ford along it, you come out onto another paved road. Turn right onto Birches Road and continue straight ahead with Printers Court Cottages on your right. Turn left at the end of the chalets.
  • Turn right through the new houses and take the steps up the hill to the left out of Quarlton Vale. Join a path at the top of the steps and pass the chimney on the right. Go through a kissing gate into an open field and continue along the path up into the field.
  • Go through the gate on the left at the top of the field, and continue along the path. Cross the footbridge and turn right to cross a second footbridge. Turn right along the waterfall and follow the path by the stream. After climbing the hill, cross the track and walk to the Barlow Institute playing field and past the bowling green to reach the main Bolton road. Turn left onto Bolton Road to Brandwood Bend left Cross Bolton Road and continue down the hill to the Black Bull pub.
  • Take the path next to the pub to the Wayoh Reservoir. As you approach the reservoir, go up the path by the rails and continue straight. Continue on the path next to the reservoir and you will eventually come to Hob Lane. Cross the path, go through the gate following the edge of the reservoir and cross a footbridge over Broadhead Creek. Shortly after, cross a second bridge and take a narrow path that leaves the main path on the right. Climb this path through the woods, ignoring the stile on the right.
  • Climb the stile in an open field to reach Edge Lane. Turn right on this road and cross the railway line. Turn right into Edge Lane, passing New House Farm on the right. Eventually, when the track forks into three lanes, take the left fork.
  • After going from trusses to Edge Fold, a stud is climbed, the trail levels off and the view opens up. The reservoir and Turton Heights are visible to your left and, in the distance, the Bolton skyline.
  • In about 3/4 of a mile you will pass a scattered group of trees on the right. A small wall appears on your left just before the track levels out. Climb the upright at the end of the wall and take the grassy path down the field. You pass between two gate posts, then after descending the hill you reach a point where two stone posts stand on the right.
  • Follow the track and when you reach two parallel ruined walls, turn right, descending the field diagonally to a point between evergreens on the left and deciduous trees on the right. A ravine soon appears; drop it down keeping to the right and up the upright in the bottom corner of the field.
  • Turn left, cross the bridge and turn left again. Follow the stream to Turton Reservoir and Entwistle6 and continue along the bank. As you approach the end of the reservoir, take a path to your right, up a few steps back to the car park.