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Pubs have already booked for euros final as bar sells 10,000 pints during England semi-final

England fans at Cannock Sport Bar which has been busy during the Euros

Bars and pubs are already full ahead of Gareth Southgate’s last clash with Italy at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

After 18 turbulent months with closures underway due to the pandemic, bosses say that while the restrictions are still in place, the tournament has been a “huge boost.”

Punters filled the ads to watch the team make history on Wednesday by reserving a spot for the final – and now the venues are set for an exceptional weekend as drinkers keep their fingers crossed for the Three Lions go further.

Bar Sport Cannock sold nearly 10,000 pints in Wednesday’s game against Denmark – up from around 100 on a typical Wednesday night.

While Wayne Etheridge, director of Britannia Sports in Wollaston, Stourbridge, said he sold around 300 cases of bottled beer during Wednesday’s game.

He said: “Sunday we’re going to open at 11 am and we plan to be at full capacity about two hours before kickoff, so you see people staying at the pub for almost eight hours.

“Under normal circumstances people would come maybe two hours before the game to soak up the atmosphere, but it’s different this time around due to the circumstances and the fact that England advance to the final.

“I have 500 cases of bottled beers in the works for Sunday and I think we’ll have a busy day, but I can’t wait.”

Scott Murray, owner of Bar Sport in Cannock, said: “The tournament has been a huge boost for us as we have been closed for almost a year and although there are still restrictions in place and we are at halftime capacity, that was a big time for us.

“We feel so much better economically, compared to where we were a few months ago, and England to advance to the final is exactly what we needed as we had more customers as a result.

“Wednesday night, I think we probably sold close to 10,000 pints, whereas we would normally sell about 100 on a typical Wednesday night, and I think we’ll double that amount on Sunday.

“We had the football kick-start and it was great for us and with Sunday we will end up doing the equivalent of a month of activity in a day which is great news for us even when we are at half capacity. “

Terry Cole, manager of the Royal Oak in Wolverhampton, added: “We are not traditionally a football pub but the European Championships have given us a lot of stimulus as we have more and more people coming to watch the games. “

“We went from 25 people watching the first game to over 130 on Wednesday, so England’s last games have been like an extra Friday night for us financially every week.

“I think on Wednesday we probably sold around 600 pints, which is huge because we would typically sell around 120 on a normal Wednesday.”


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