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Pub is allowed to keep seats outside, which saved business during the pandemic


One council has granted pub owners planning permission to retain their beloved outdoor seating, which they say has kept their business afloat for the past 18 months.

The owners of The Blaenogwr in Nant-y-Moel, Bridgend, have already been told their £ 7,000 wooden seating area could be removed because they had not applied for a building permit, but the local authority now says that he can stay.

Co-owner Sadie Davies, who runs the business with his wife Kayleigh, said the news that the facility could stay is “absolutely brilliant”. “It’s just one less thing we have to worry about. We can just go on as usual now and have some events outside. Hopefully the sun stays out.”

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The couple said the outdoor space, which includes an outdoor bar, saved the family business when Covid restrictions only allowed outdoor gatherings. They want to make the most of their outdoor space and have an Oktoberfest with live music on the bank holidays on Sunday August 29th.

Kayleigh and Sadie built the outdoor space last summer and opened it to clients in July 2020. Bridgend’s council then contacted them in March 2021 to inform them that they needed a building permit, which they had not requested, as the patio is a commercial structure of a certain size which is close to residential properties.

Sadie [left] and his wife Kayleigh [right] They were told they could keep their outdoor seating area and bar in their family pub in Nant-y-Moel, Bridgend

The staff of the Blaenogwr in Nant-y-Moel will host a live music event on Sunday August 29

Sadie said she researched the council’s planning guidelines before building the patio, but accidentally followed the rules for residential buildings instead of commercial properties. She then applied for a retrospective planning permit, which was granted to her by the city council on Tuesday, July 13.

Now the outdoor seating and the bar can stay, Sadie said it would help the business “massively”. “Obviously, if the number of Covid cases increases again or the restrictions remain in place, then being able to use the outdoor space we have is more beneficial to us than inside. We can make the most of it now. . We are all happy. “

She said business had recently been “very good” with the lifting of Covid restrictions in recent months. She hopes Mark Drakeford will lift all measures by the end of the summer so that they can “get back to normal”.

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