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Court delays CFPB payday rule as industry challenge continues (1)


Payday lenders have won an offer to delay a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule limiting their access to customers’ bank accounts to collect payments.

Payday lenders and auto title lenders do not have to comply with the CFPB rule while the Community Financial Services Association of America and a Texas-based trade group appeal a district court ruling in favor of the office, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. stated in an October 14 decision.

The CFPB rule requires payday and vehicle title lenders to be granted permission to access a consumer’s bank account after two failed attempts to collect short-term, high-cost loans, among other provisions.

Judge Lee Yeakel of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas began a 286-day transition period in August for the rule to take effect after dismissing the industry group’s challenge. The Fifth Circuit said in its unanimous order that the transition period would not begin until the appeal process was completed.

Justices Jerry E. Smith, Stephen A. Higginson and Don R. Willett signed the order.

The court order will allow payday lenders to continue doing business as the litigation progresses, the CFSA said in a statement on Friday.

“Without the extended stay of the Fifth Circuit, our members would have been forced to devote considerable time and resources to getting into compliance before the Fifth Circuit had a chance to resolve our appeal,” the industry group said. .

The CFPB declined to comment.

The CFPB had set an effective date of June 13, 2022 for the rule following Yeakel’s decision. The district court judge rejected the industry’s request to suspend regulation while trade groups appealed his ruling to the Fifth Circuit.

The rule under appeal is a stripped-down version of the rule first published in October 2017 by former Obama-appointed director Richard Cordray.

The original rules included strict requirements for lenders to determine a borrower’s ability to repay a payday loan or vehicle title, which can have interest rates of up to 400%. The CFPB also imposed cooling off periods after a borrower took out three loans in a short period of time.

The Trump administration repealed these provisions, but maintained restrictions on payday lenders’ access to consumer bank accounts.

Consumer advocates are hoping President Biden’s CFPB director Rohit Chopra will reinstate the repayment capacity provisions and reflective requirements.

Chopra was sworn in to his post on October 12.

The case is Cmty. Fin. Serves. Ass’n. of Am., Ltd. vs. CFPB, 5th Cir., N ° 21-50826, stay granted 10/14/21.

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Auto loans: what to know and where to find one


Our goal here at Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS number 1681276, referred to as “Credible” below, is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we promote the products of our partner lenders who pay us for our services, all opinions are ours.

Need money to pay for unexpected repairs to your vehicle? An auto repair loan can be a solution to get you back on the road. (iStock)

If you own a car, you will eventually come across an auto repair that is not covered by your vehicle warranty or insurance. It could mean a big bill, or get stuck without wheels.

Without sufficient savings to cover repairs, you will have to find the funds to get your vehicle back on the road. An auto repair loan is a solution to have your vehicle repaired and restarted. Here’s everything you need to know about this financial product.

What is an auto repair loan?

An auto repair loan is any type of loan that can be used to pay for repairs to a vehicle – it is usually a personal installment loan.

With an auto repair loan, you will borrow a lump sum that you can use to cover your auto repair bills. You will be responsible for the monthly loan repayment for a specified period, including interest at the agreed rate.

You can compare personal loan rates from various lenders within minutes using Credible.

How Do Auto Repair Loans Work?

When you take out an auto repair loan, you can expect it to work the same as any other personal loan. Once approved, your lender will offer you personalized loan terms. These dictate how long you have to repay the loan, what your fixed monthly payments will be, how much interest will you be charged, and whether you are allowed to repay the loan sooner than expected without prepayment penalties.

Personal loans are generally unsecured. This means that borrowers do not have to secure the loan with existing assets, also known as collateral. But borrowers generally need good credit and a stable source of income. in order to qualify.

Benefits of auto repair loans

If you are facing a high bill from your mechanic, taking out an auto repair loan has some advantages:

  • No guarantee is required. Unlike many other loan products, personal auto repair loans are unsecured. You won’t need to set up guarantees – like the title to your car, the equity in your home, or your savings account – in order to take out the loan.
  • You will receive the loan in a single payment. Your lender will provide you with the full loan amount all at once, so you can pay your repair shop and get started.
  • Funding is generally quite quick. Depending on the lender you choose, you may be able to get your auto repair loan funds as early as the next business day.
  • Interest rates are often lower than those of other products. The interest rates for personal loans are generally lower than those for credit cards or payday loans. Your actual rate will depend on your credit score, income, and loan terms.

How to apply for an auto repair loan

Borrowing money to pay for auto repairs can be a straightforward process. Depending on your unique situation and financial history, this can also be relatively quick.

1. Determine how much you need to cover your repair costs. Be sure to factor in things like parts, labor, and any towing costs you might have incurred.

2. Shop around for a lender. Apply for a car repair loan from multiple lenders or shop on a platform like Credible to get multiple offers in one place. It not only saves you time and allows you to shop without affecting your credit score, but also tells you how much you can claim and gives you the best possible deals.

3. Choose your loan. Choose your lender based on the best loan terms available to you (such as repayment period, monthly payments, and interest rate), and even how quickly you can receive your loan funds.

4. Apply. Submit a loan request involves a credit check, which will temporarily reduce your score by at least a few points.

5. Get your money’s worth. Your lender will deposit your loan funds into the account you specified. Depending on the lender you have chosen, you can receive your funds as early as the same day or the next business day.

Where to find an auto repair loan

Most banks, credit unions, and online lenders offer personal loans for auto repairs.

If you already have a relationship with a bank or credit union, you may want to know about the loan terms and rates they offer. Otherwise, shopping online can be a great way to get multiple deals at once without affecting your credit score.

Credible, it’s easy to compare personal loan rates from several lenders.

15 lenders to consider for auto repair loans

If you are in need of an auto repair loan, consider these 15 credible partner lenders.


  • Loan amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 35,000
  • Minimum credit score: 550
  • Funding time: From the next working day


  • Loan amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 35,000
  • Minimum credit score: 740
  • Funding time: From the next working day

Best egg

  • Loan amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 50,000
  • Minimum credit score: 600
  • Funding time: From one to three working days after successful verification


  • Loan amounts: $ 2,500 to $ 35,000
  • Minimum credit score: 660
  • Funding time: From the working day following acceptance

Freedom Plus

  • Loan amounts: $ 10,000 to $ 35,000
  • Minimum credit score: Do not disclose
  • Funding time: From two working days

Loan Club

  • Loan amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 40,000
  • Minimum credit score: 600
  • Funding time: From two working days

Point Ready

  • Loan amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 36,000
  • Minimum credit score: 580
  • Funding time: From the next working day


  • Loan amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 100,000
  • Minimum credit score: 660
  • Funding time: From the same working day

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

  • Loan amounts: $ 3,500 to $ 40,000
  • Minimum credit score: 660
  • Funding time: Usually three working days

OneMain Financial

  • Loan amounts: $ 1,500 to $ 20,000
  • Minimum credit score: Nothing
  • Funding time: From the same working day (but usually requires a visit to a branch)


  • Loan amounts: $ 600 to $ 50,000 (depending on loan term)
  • Minimum credit score: 670
  • Funding time: From two to four working days after verification


  • Loan amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 40,000
  • Minimum credit score: 640
  • Funding time: As soon as one working day


  • Loan amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 100,000
  • Minimum credit score: Do not disclose
  • Funding time: Three working days

To improve

  • Loan amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 50,000
  • Minimum credit score: 560
  • Funding time: Within one working day after having carried out the necessary verifications


  • Loan amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 50,000
  • Minimum credit score: 580
  • Funding time: As soon as one working day

When you are ready to apply for an auto repair loan, use Credible to compare personal loan rates in a few minutes.

3 auto repair financing options to avoid

If you have to pay for an auto repair and can’t (or don’t want to) take out a personal loan, you have a few other financing options. But they can be expensive, and you should only consider them as a last resort.

Payday loans

  • Short repayment terms, often around two weeks
  • Very high fees, corresponding to an annual percentage ranging from 390% to 780%
  • Low loan limits ($ 100 to $ 1,000 depending on state regulations)

Car title loans

  • Loans are generally limited to 25% to 50% of the value of your vehicle
  • The title of your vehicle will be held as collateral
  • Average financing costs equivalent to an APR of around 300%
  • Usually must be repaid in as little as 15-30 days

Cash advance by credit card

  • typically have higher finance charges than regular credit card purchases
  • May also charge transaction fees
  • If you do not pay off the balance in full, interest will accrue with the next statement cycle.

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Grieg Seafood ASA – Negotiated in the third quarter of 2021


Grieg Seafoods’ total harvest volume for the third quarter of 2021 was approximately 20,500 GWT tonnes. This excludes volumes from the Shetland transaction which is classified as held for sale under IFRS 5.

Harvest volume (GWT tonnes) by region for Q3 2021:
Rogaland: 6,300
Finland: 9,900
British Columbia: 4,300

Average regional agricultural costs per kg for the third quarter of 2021 were approximately:
Rogaland: NOK 46.5
Finnmark: 45.5 NOK
British Columbia: CAD 8.5

The full third quarter 2021 report will be released on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 06:00 CET.

For more information, please contact:
Andreas Kvame, CEO
Mobile phone: +47 907 71 441

Atle Harald Sandtorv, Chief Financial Officer
Cell phone +47 908 45 252

About Grieg Seafood
Grieg Seafood ASA is one of the world’s leading salmon farmers, with a target of 130,000 harvest tonnes (GWT) by 2025. Our farms are located in Finnmark and Rogaland in Norway, British Columbia and Earth- New in Canada, and in the Shetlands in the United Kingdom. Our head office is located in Bergen, Norway. Grieg Seafood ASA was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in June 2007. More than 900 people work in the company in all our regions.

Sustainable farming practices are the foundation of Grieg Seafood’s operations. The lowest possible environmental impact and the best possible fish welfare are both an ethical responsibility and economic profitability. Towards 2025, we aim for global growth, cost improvements and to move from a supplier of pure salmon to an innovation partner for selected customers.
For more information, please visit www.griegseafood.com.

This information is subject to disclosure requirements in accordance with Section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Law.

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Black Star Pastry launches a range of take-out COCKTAILS with PS40 bar


Australian bakery behind the world’s most Instagrammable cake launches a range of take-out COCKTAILS inspired by their most famous desserts

  • Sydney’s Black Star Pastry has released a range of cocktails with the PS40 bar
  • The bakery is best known for the iconic strawberry watermelon cake
  • The new cocktails are inspired by their best-selling desserts

One of Australia’s best-known bakeries has launched a line of dessert-inspired cocktails in collaboration with Concept Bar PS40.

Available through the Black Star Pastry stores in Sydney and Melbourne, the $ 80 packs were concocted by bartender Michael Chiem, who created pairings for the strawberry and watermelon cake as well as the Japanese Forest and Pistachio Lemon Zen cakes.

Of the three cocktails, Chiem was the most excited to create a cocktail version of the famous watermelon and strawberry cake.

One of Australia’s best-known bakeries has launched a line of dessert-inspired cocktails in collaboration with Concept Bar PS40

Available in stores in Sydney and Melbourne, the $ 80 packs were put together by award-winning bartender Michael Chiem, who was commissioned to create pairings for the café's famous watermelon and strawberry cake (pictured) and two others

Available in stores in Sydney and Melbourne, the $ 80 packs were put together by award-winning bartender Michael Chiem, who was commissioned to create pairings for the café’s famous watermelon and strawberry cake (pictured) and two others

He used a gin base with fresh strawberry, rose petal tea, and clarified rose scented cream to create a likeness that Chiem describes as “what we imagine it would taste like if we threw it away.” ‘Iconic Black Star Pastry Strawberry Watermelon Cake in a Gin Still.’

The Japanese Forest cocktail is based on a old fashioned traditional and made with coffee and umami creating a forest cake on top of the classic cocktail.

It comes to life with Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey, Red Miso Caramel, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Hojicha Tea and Aromatic Bitters – a combination of flavors that creates a layered flavor profile filled with intensity and flavor. tannin.

He used a gin base with fresh strawberry, rose petal tea, and clarified rose scented cream to create a likeness that Chiem describes as

He used a gin base with fresh strawberry, rose petal tea, and clarified rose scented cream to create a likeness that Chiem describes as “what we imagine it would taste like if we threw it away.” ‘Iconic Black Star Pastry Strawberry Watermelon Cake in a Gin Still.’

The Japanese Forest cocktail is based on an old-fashioned traditional and made with coffee and umami creating a forest cake on the classic cocktail

The third cocktail, Zen, is a refreshing take on a classic Paloma, with a lemon-pistachio twist.

The Japanese Forest Cocktail is based on a traditional old-fashioned cocktail made with coffee and umami, creating a forest cake on top of the classic cocktail. The third cocktail, Zen, is a refreshing take on a classic Paloma, with a lemon-pistachio twist.

The third cocktail, Zen, is a refreshing version of a classic Paloma, with a lemon-pistachio twist.

Created to accompany Lemon Zen Cake, this cocktail is creamy yet light, with a rich citrus base of ruby ​​red grapefruit and lemon. Don Julio washed in decadent butter, and coriander and fennel seeds complete the fragrant cakes.

PS40 is a unique cocktail bar that combines innovative and thoughtful drink concepts with an avant-garde approach.

There are only 100 packs available in Melbourne, with the bottled cocktails available in a cake and cocktail combo ($ 125), pairing all three sips with double slices of Strawberry Watermelon, Zen Lemon Pistachio and Japanese forest cakes.

The bakery rose to fame in 2018 when it launched the Aesthetic Strawberry Watermelon Cake, which is rumored to be the most Instagrammed dessert in the world.

The bakery rose to fame in 2018 when it launched the Aesthetic Strawberry Watermelon Cake, which is rumored to be the most Instagrammed dessert in the world.

The bakery rose to fame in 2018 when it launched the Aesthetic Strawberry Watermelon Cake, which was named the world’s most Instagrammed dessert.

The cake is layered with rose-scented cream, almond dacquoise, watermelon and topped with chopped strawberries, pistachios and dried rose petals to ‘represent the flavors of romance’.

Black Star Pastry offers delivery to select suburbs in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Take a look at Selva Toronto’s delicious new menu (PHOTOS)


PAI Toronto’s Nuit Regular Chef will lead and cover Selva Toronto’s culinary program with Latin fusion cuisine.

The new multisensory restaurant-bar will open on November 3 after weeks of waiting. Although its menu is secret, the Fifth Social Club has officially announced Selva’s food offerings, developed by none other than Chef Nuit Regular.

“This was a unique opportunity to present food as art, and we were delighted when Chef Nuit and his team took this direction and embraced it,” said Oliver Geddes, owner of Selva + The Fifth, Co. -Founder, RendezViews.


“From the start, she understood this idea of ​​having an environment that gives the impression of having been transported to another world, a world where all your senses are awakened. The love and creativity that she has put into this menu is remarkable.

The menu will offer a range of options such as ceviche, Grilled Whole Fish, Grilled Wagyu Beef Skewers served with a tropical fruit salsa, a peruvian inspiration Beef stew, and more.

Selva toronto

Selva toronto

It will also offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and keto-friendly items.

“Growing up in northern Thailand, I was also surrounded by jungles and nature. So I wanted to find a link between South American and Thai cuisines, whether it be a similarity in the ingredients or the cooking techniques, ”said Chef Nuit Regular.

selva toronto


“I wanted the menu to bring the two cultures together and connect people through food and art. Most dishes are small plates meant to be shared with the whole table. It’s part of the experience I want our guests to have: the joy and sense of community and connection with each other while sharing a meal together.

selva toronto


Reservations will open October 24 for dates starting November 3. Selva will be open from Wednesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to late and on Sunday with times to be determined.


Address: 221 Richmond Street West, Toronto

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EU workers drop further in hospitality as Brits fill more roles


The new data, aggregated from the analysis of more than 700 companies in the restaurant, pub, bar and hotel sectors, shows that workers in the EU currently represent 32% of the workforce hotel management, compared to 42% in October 2019.

UK workers currently represent 53% of the working population, up from 46% in October 2019; while workers from non-EU countries currently represent 15% of the workforce, up from 11% in October 2019.

The proportion of workers in the EU has been steadily decliningsince the UK officially left the European Union in January 2020, which was closely followed by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic two months later.

Fourth observes that these latest labor trends are occurring across all industry sub-sectors, especially in the last six months through April, when Covid-19 trade restrictions began to soften.

The catering sector has seen the biggest change, with UK workers currently making up 46% of the total workforce, up from 40% six months ago in April. The proportion of catering workers in the EU has increased from 47% in April to 39% today.

This is closely followed by the pub sector, where UK workers currently make up 73% of the workforce, up from 68% in April. This was offset by a drop in the number of workers in the EU, as they represent only 20% of the workforce today, down from 28% in April.

The hospitality industry has seen the smallest change in the six-month period, likely because the industry has not been able to rebound as quickly as restaurants and pubs due to strict travel restrictions that remain in place for many years. longer periods. The proportion of British hotel workers has fallen further from 57% in April to 60% today; the number of workers in the EU has increased from 28% to 24%.

“Given the current climate, where labor shortages continue to prove extremely difficult for operators, it is clear that there is a war for talent unfolding in the hospitality industry.” , said Sébastien Sepierre, Managing Director – EMEA, Fourth.

“Vacancy rates are at record highs and it is evident that the pool of European workers has shrunk considerably.

“Technology and digital solutions play an important role in navigating these waters, helping operators hire, onboard, engage and retain team members. do not suffer.

Fourth data indicates that the total number of staff in the hospitality industry remains stable, at the same level as at the same time last year (but down 18% from 2019), and increasing regularly from month to month since March.

The size of the workforce edged up 0.3% in September from August as operators stepped up their recruitment efforts.

the basics of Ipass loans – Film Daily


If you are looking for a payday loan after bankruptcy, there are a lot of things you need to know. You might not realize it, but getting a payday loan after bankruptcy is indeed possible. However, it is important that you understand the basics of how these loans work and to whom they are available before applying. This article will give you an overview of what they entail, so read on!

How to get one following bankruptcy?

You are actually able to get a payday loan after bankruptcy if you have filed the proper documents with your court. If you have, there is no reason why it should not be possible as long as you follow certain guidelines when applying.

What do I need to qualify? There are a few things that all borrowers need to complete to apply and one of them is to be over the age of eighteen. You will also need an active checking account as well as identification documents such as your driver’s license or a state issued ID card which must match the person who claimed the debt (this should be you -same).

This information will be required by each individual lender before they can process any application form on your behalf; however, some companies may charge additional fees.

How do I know if I qualify for a payday loan following bankruptcy?

While there are some eligibility requirements for getting a payday loan after bankruptcy, these may not be as stringent as you might think. In fact, it is possible for borrowers who have experienced financial difficulty to still qualify as long as they meet the basic criteria stated above.

In order to determine if your application will go smoothly and without any problems, all you need to do is ask yourself a question. am I over eighteen?

If the answer is yes, it means that you should be eligible for most types of loans (including payday loans), regardless of what type of credit history issues you may currently have on your file. like defaults, missed payments, etc. However, if the answer here is other than yes, you may not be able to apply for a payday loan at all after bankruptcy.

What is the difference between secured and unsecured loans?

In most cases, there isn’t much of a difference between the two and this can be one of your first questions to ask yourself before applying for a loan.

However, with payday loans after bankruptcy, it becomes a bit more complicated as each company will have its own requirements as to the type that it offers; However, in general terms (and especially if you are approved), you can expect an unsecured option to come with lower interest rates than secured loans.

That being said, many companies still require collateral from borrowers who want quick access to cash, but if those guidelines do not match, the guarantee of some other form of security, such as the granting of a loan. power of attorney over certain properties or things, might allow you and / or others to access your bank accounts in an emergency.

How does the approval process work?

Different companies will approve these loans for different reasons and this can be one thing that you need to be careful about when applying; However, most lenders will ask you a series of questions before considering an application, so always keep that in mind. These may include: what type of loan have you applied for (secured or unsecured)? How much do you want to borrow?

What are you going to use it for? When do you expect to be able to repay it and how long will the repayment period last? With all of this information being collected from borrowers, every business should have no problem deciding whether or not you get the money you need.

What information do I need to provide to apply?

When applying for a payday loan after bankruptcy, it is important to organize everything and this will increase your chances of being approved by lenders; However, before anything else, make sure you have all the necessary documents on hand, such as identification documents (driver’s license / photo ID) which must be valid so that others can confirm who is responsible for repaying any debt.

It should also match the address listed on these forms when received so that there are no questions asked or problems later when attempting to collect money owed if necessary.

Where can I find companies offering payday loans after bankruptcy?

If you’ve ever applied for a loan before, you know that there are several different companies that offer these services, and their websites will help put borrowers in touch with the right lenders.

These sites should be easy to navigate, so review them carefully to see which ones best suit your current needs; However, if this sounds intimidating or confusing, it may be best to speak to someone over the phone who can walk you through each step in more detail when filling out online forms (if necessary).

You can visit Ipass.net if you are looking for more information on how to apply for a payday loan after bankruptcy.

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We are drowning in a sea of ​​salt. FDA says we must help ourselves save


Yet I still exceed the recommended daily limit of 2300 milligrams of sodium by eating out or adding processed or prepared ingredients to the meals I prepare.

Take salad dressing, for example.

“I have found salad dressings where a single serving (2 tablespoons) contained more than 23% of the daily value of sodium,” said Dr. Stephen Juraschek, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School who studies sodium and l ‘hypertension.

“Most of my patients don’t add salt to the table, but don’t realize that buns, canned vegetables and chicken breasts are among the worst culprits in the United States,” he said. .

Chicken breasts? Yes, because salt is added in the manufacturing process to plump the breasts so that they appear bigger and more appetizing. In fact, hidden sources of sodium are everywhere in our diets, Dr. Janet Woodcock, acting commissioner of the United States Food and Drug Administration, said at a press briefing.

“Who would think of bread? And yet, bread is one of the highest sources of sodium that people consume,” said Woodcock. “The problem is so cumulative: the tomato sauce, the peas, the bread, the vinaigrette. Pretty soon your whole meal has hidden salt, and it’s really hard for people to deal with it right now- same. “

In fact, over 70% of the sodium consumed by Americans comes from what was added by the food industry to products later bought in stores or restaurants, according to the FDA.

Set of voluntary guidelines

Woodcock and his team at the FDA said on Wednesday they wanted to help people manage their salt intake by asking the food industry to voluntarily reduce sodium levels in 163 categories of the most processed, packaged and prepared foods. consumed.

“The goals are to reduce the average sodium intake from about 3,400 milligrams (mg) to 3,000 mg per day, or a reduction of about 12%, over the next 2.5 years,” said the FDA in a press release announcing final guidance.

However, five years ago, the agency released a draft directive that set a much lower level: 2,300 milligrams, or about 1 teaspoon of table salt. That’s the recommended daily limit set by federal nutritional guidelines and the American Heart Association (people at high risk for hypertension should aim for 1,500 milligrams).

Although she applauded the FDA’s action as a “step forward,” the AHA said the manufacturers’ 3,000 mg / day target was not low enough.

Reducing sodium further to 2,300 mg could prevent approximately 450,000 cases of cardiovascular disease, gain 2 million quality-adjusted life years, and save approximately $ 40 billion in health care costs over 20 years “the AHA said in a statement.

Woodcock said the FDA set higher levels of 3,000 milligrams to help the public – and therefore manufacturers – wean themselves over time from a preference for saltier foods.

Experts doubt

Will it work? Experts who spoke to CNN were skeptical.

“The first problem is that it’s voluntary. Food companies don’t have to pay any attention to it at all,” said Marion Nestle, nutrition researcher, who has authored numerous books on food policy and marketing. , including “Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Distort the Science of What We Eat.”

“It is not clear that the voluntary recommendations were helpful,” Juraschek said, noting a study he conducted showing that US consumption of salty foods has increased despite the FDA’s call for action. 2016 for food manufacturers to reduce sodium levels.
Former CDC director: low sodium salt could save millions of lives

“I don’t think the manufacturers I’ve spoken with inherently like the idea of ​​harming people, but with the expense of shutting down a product or changing industrial processes, I think a “voluntary” mandate may not provide enough activation energy to make a difference, ”he said.

“I would say that the change should not be delayed,” he added. “The FDA and government agencies must be more aggressive in providing mandatory limits on salt in foods as well as requiring more transparent warning labels.”

Consumers must help

Woodcock said industry action will be monitored over the next several years and, if necessary, further action could be taken by the agency. It’s an important follow-up action, former CDC director Dr Tom Frieden told CNN in an email.

“Today’s new FDA guidelines are an important first step,” said Frieden, president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies.

“But a first step is just that – a first step. It will be essential for the FDA to monitor industry’s compliance with these voluntary guidelines, and, if the industry does not take even these modest steps to reduce sodium , then mandatory warning labels and the like of actions will be necessary, “Frieden wrote.

While acknowledging the difficulty of reading nutrition labels and understanding sodium levels in the foods they buy, Woodcock and his team have repeatedly called on consumers to help with efforts to reduce salt in the American diet.

“We really rely on the public to ask for these (low sodium foods) and be positive about them because it will help us move towards a healthier food supply,” said Susan Mayne, who heads the Center for FDA Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Until government and manufacturer actions coincide to create products with less salt – and make it easier to find salt in the foods we are served – there are actions people can take to reduce their addiction. with salt.

The good news is that it doesn’t really take long – just a few weeks – for a person’s taste buds to adjust to eating less salt, Juraschek said.

One way to do this is to adopt the DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It has been shown in studies to reduce high blood pressure, even in people with resistant hypertension (high blood pressure that cannot be controlled despite using three different drugs).
DASH diet and exercise help uncontrolled high blood pressure, study finds

The DASH meal plan includes four to six servings of vegetables and another four to six servings of fruit; three servings of whole grain products; two to four servings of fat-free or low-fat dairy products; and several servings of lean meats and nuts, seeds and legumes each day.

Here are some more tips for reducing salt in your diet:

  • Review nutrition labels – in addition to salt, the label might use terms like monosodium glutamate (MSG, common in Chinese foods), sodium citrate, sodium alginate, and sodium phosphate.
  • Familiarize yourself with common sources. The most salty foods are breads and rolls, pizzas, sandwiches, cold cuts and cold cuts, and soups. burritos and tacos, salty snacks such as chips, popcorn and crackers, chicken, cheese and omelets.
  • Stop using the salt shaker. It helps, even if most of your sodium intake comes from processed foods.
  • Try Spicing Without Salt: “This strategy has been shown to reduce sodium intake,” Juraschek said.
  • Ask for nutritional information at restaurants and try to avoid entrees with excess sodium.
  • Avoid eating out and eat more minimally processed foods at home by eating more fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Remember that a daily goal for adults is just 1 teaspoon of salt or 2,300 milligrams. For children under 14, it’s even less – 1,500 to 1,900 milligrams per day, or about a third of a teaspoon.

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Sauce Magazine – Grafted Wine Bar & Lounge now open in a historic building in Belleville


The Grafted Wine Bar & Lounge is now open in a historic building in Belleville

There is a new wine bar in Belleville. Wine bar and grafted lounge, now open at 310 E. Washington St., offers a unique selection of wines not often found in the region and was born out of owner and sommelier Magda Gilpin’s desire to incorporate a more diverse wine list into the community.

“With small towns, when you don’t really have wine-focused places, every [wine] they have available is classic, but they don’t really venture into less common wines, ”said Gilpin. “When I came here for the first time, I noticed that the wines were lacking. [But] I could see a lot of people drinking wine. With so many people [I thought] there must be some interest, so let’s offer it.

According to Gilpin, Grafted currently offers 27 wines by the glass. Their wine list is also sorted by category, to help customers who may not be familiar with a particular bottle. “There are two types of people,” recalls Gilpin. “[Those] who know what they like, they don’t need to experiment. And we have those [types of wines] for the people. But if they [are the type that] want to experiment, we pour a taste so people can see if they like it.

Notable additions to the wine list include Assyrtiko, a dry white from Greece; Furmint, a dry white from Hungary; and Mencia, one of Gilpin’s favorites. “[I was happy to find] Mencia, which comes from a grape cultivated in northern Spain and produced by Raul Perez, an iconic Spanish winemaker, ”said Gilpin. “It might be my favorite right now.”

While Grafted is primarily a wine bar, there are also a few small plates available. “[We offer] cheese and meat boards, ”Gilpin said. “We have decent selections [for both], we therefore frequently change cheeses and meats so that regulars can have new flavors. Gilpin also offers some homemade creations with the charcuterie boards – onion jam, pickles, whatever she can find. “I buy produce from local farmers and make an appetizer for the day,” added Gilpin.

Belleville residents may know Grafted’s address. The historic site was built between the 1850s and 1870s, and Gilpin has had his fair share of work to bring the building up to standard. But its payoff is a beautiful interior space, with up to 50 seats available for guests inside and a patio seating up to 20 guests. There will be heaters available on the patio for the cooler months.

Gilpin designed the interior space of Grafted to have two themed rooms serving as additional seating away from the bar. The Old World Room is a Victorian-style living room with plush back chairs and bold wallpaper, giving it an air of royalty. Its counterpart is the New World Room, a mid-century influenced space that balances conservative Old World style by lighting up Grafted’s interior with pastel yellow walls and natural lighting.

“People tell me [that] depending on their mood, they’ll spend more time in the New World room, or they’ll try the Old World room, ”said Gilpin. “I had no intention of this happening, but it looks like the Old World Hall is attracting more red wine drinkers while [people] drink more white wine in the new world room.

There are plans to make more use of the building’s available space, but Gilpin doesn’t expect these features to debut this year. “We plan to open an Airbnb on the second floor in a few months, but a lot of things need to be fixed and changed,” Gilpin said.

Grafted is open Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Thursday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight, and Sunday from noon to 10 p.m.

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HGV Driver Crisis Caused Pub Sh * tshow With Shortages Of Beer, Wine And Cheese, Owners Say


The truck driver crisis has caused a “sh * tshow” for pubs in short supply, including beer, wine and cheese, the owners have warned.

The lack of truck drivers capable of carrying stock is limiting availability behind the bar and forcing owners to cut down on pub menus across the country, I has learned.

Experts and staff in the advertising industry, who also say they are paying more for merchandise due to the shortfall, believe the crisis could last until next year, making Christmas time ” very difficult”.

Abhinav Malhotra, owner of The Hansom Cab in Kensington, west London, said he still received weekly deliveries but they were “hit or miss”.

“We could order 10 barrels [of beer] and only five are delivered. We ordered Camden Hells on our last delivery, but we didn’t receive any so we don’t have any left at this time. The rosé de Provence is also out of stock, ”he declared.

According to the British Beer & Pub Association, which represents around 20,000 UK pubs, the problem is impacting “the whole” industry, with some experiencing shortages of casks.

Meanwhile, a recent survey by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), which represents around 830 breweries, found that two-thirds of its members were affected by the shortage of drivers.

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Truck Driver Shortage: How IR35 Tax Changes Fueled the Truck Driver Crisis

But Mr Malhotra was keen to point out that the problem was causing even more problems in the kitchen. “With alcohol it’s not as bad, if you serve six wines or beers there is usually something else, but with food it is more difficult to use alternatives,” he said. he declares.

Additional problems with the supply of imports from the EU, which Mr Malhotra believes is a consequence of border issues as well as the European-wide shortage of truck drivers, mean that the pub’s authentic Italian menu lack of parmesan and burrata.

In a nearby chain ad, the manager, who described the heavy truck situation as “crap”, also said he had cut back his offer after struggling to source items from the mainland, including champagne and camembert. “You can’t get any British alternatives to these,” he said.

Ingredients produced in the UK are also of concern to managers as Christmas approaches. “We’re taking pre-reservations and we don’t know if we’ll have the ingredients or not. If we don’t have turkeys, what are we going to replace them with? Mr. Malhotra said.

Ironically, despite the ironic inscription at the height of the fuel crisis that read “Beer shortage soon, panic buying here”, the White Hart of Northamptonshire was also concerned about food shortages.

Owner Alan Bonar-Drake said he is ordering additional turkey crowns every week in anticipation of the holiday season after hearing “there could be a shortage”.

Greater certainty for managers is that there will be at least some equity issuance during the busiest time. “I think it’s going to be fine after Christmas until summer. It takes time for these things to get back to normal, ”said Malhotra.

Wholesale prices are also increasing due to the scarcity of drivers. While the Hansom Cab could buy a haddock fillet for fish and chips for £ 1.30, the cost has more than doubled to £ 3 in recent weeks, while beer kegs have increased by 10%.

Having worked in the hospitality industry for around two decades, Mr Malhotra said he never knew he was in such dire straits. “It’s very difficult at the moment. We have been affected by Covid anyway and it just keeps getting worse with something or the other.

“We will probably have to increase the prices, but I don’t think there is enough customer confidence to do so at the moment. “

A spokesperson for the Mitchells & Butlers advertising chain said: “We are aware of the driver shortage and unfortunately we will not be immune to the effect this has on supply. However, we have an excellent relationship with our suppliers and continue to work closely with them to ensure that we can continue to serve quality food and drink to our customers.