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How this tiny seafood exporter survived labor shortage during Covid


Ease of doing business for MSMEs: Many small businesses fell victim to the pandemic, but surely MSMEs had their backs to the wall with the resulting labor shortage due to restrictions on movement.

Ease of doing business for MSMEs: Last year, the labor shortage stifled companies engaged in activities exempt from foreclosure restrictions. Many small businesses fell victim to the pandemic, but MSMEs were surely with their backs to the wall with the resulting labor shortage due to restrictions on movement. This became alarming, especially for markets that operated seasonally. For example, segments of the seafood industry in which sourcing takes place over approximately 10 months, with March through December, with May and June being the peak months.

Kolkata-based Yogesh Gupta, who runs Megaa Moda, which is dedicated to the processing, packaging and exporting of shrimp and shrimp, had only 100 workers left at its Howrah factory when the lockdown was applied in March of last year. Gupta typically has around 600 contract workers for 10 months who leave at the end of December and start returning in mid-March. However, the Covid restrictions have left Gupta with a severe shortage of around 500 workers.

Lack of manpower resulted in Megaa Moda shutting down during peak season, even though organizing 500 workers on short notice was nothing short of a Herculean task for Gupta during the lockdown. Importantly, fishing was one of the permitted activities during the lockdown. Thus, Gupta explored the hiring of workers from other sectors and lines of work, who had no idea of ​​seafood processing and packaging, but were looking for jobs because the sectors in which they were involved. were not exempt from operating during Covid. It also included workers who were new to the job market. Gupta eventually managed to recruit around 100 to 150 of these workers, enough that he could at least pay his plant’s overhead costs instead of nothing.

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“In fishing, January-March is the maintenance period because there is no raw material available during this period. During the cold season, prawns and prawns do not spawn much and so it is a lean season. We therefore use this time for the maintenance of the plant. With a total of around 200 to 250 workers, we have managed to operate at least 30 percent of our production capacity. Although production was affected, it was enough for us to run our three cold stores and pay electricity bills of around Rs 12 lakh per month. The extra cost incurred was around Rs 2 lakh on new workers but I was able to save around Rs 6 lakh per month during the lockdown. Fishermen and fishermen’s entrepreneurs were also unemployed. So we managed to get them on board. It was a win-win situation for us and these workers as well, ”Gupta told Financial Express Online.

In June, when the government eased restrictions on Covid, Megaa Moda was back to full capacity as workers at the plant. Compared to the April 2019 purchase of 150 tonnes of shrimp and shrimp, the company was only able to purchase 50 tonnes in April 2020. “Gupta said. In FY21, Megaa Moda posted a figure of d ‘business of Rs 189 crore, compared to Rs 197 crore in FY20. The company expects to close FY22 at around Rs 195 crore. “99% of our goods are exported worldwide to around 40 customers, while this year, we have also started to supply domestic products, ”added Gupta.

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Vancouver’s Popular Restaurant Owners Open 3rd Location


One of their restaurants was featured on the Food Network.

The owners of two popular Vancouver restaurants will be opening a downtown restaurant in the New Year.

Fable Diner and Fable Kitchen are known for their comfort food, including imaginative brunch options, burgers, sandwiches, vegan and vegetarian options, and more. The restaurant was also featured on the Food Network’s Drive-Ins and Dives for its mouth-watering roast duck pancakes.

Almost ten years after the launch of the Fable Kitchen in Kitsilano in May 2012 and five years after the launch of the Fable Diner in the historic Lee building in Mount Pleasant, the Fable family announces the opening of their new restaurant in the iconic building of the city, the Kingston Hotel, at 755 Richards Street.

The Fable Diner & Bar will occupy two and a half floors of the historic Kingston Hotel, which was built in 1910. The new location is expected to open in early 2022 and will offer brunch, happy hour, dinner and dining. end of the night. on site, take away and delivery all week.

Restaurant menus will showcase Fable’s creative approach to classic dinner dishes, with all-day breakfast options, high brunch, and a new pizza and wing menu for the bar. In the dining room, guests can sample Fable Kitchen favorites like duck meatball as well as ‘nostalgic’ desserts, craft cocktails and over 15 local craft beers on tap.

The new restaurant will provide seating for 278 guests “through a downstairs dining room, upstairs bar and two private dining rooms, which include an intimate wine room for 12 and a dining area. reception with a bar which can be booked for private parties up to 100. “

The Fable Diner & Bar will also offer additional seating for 80 guests on the restaurant’s upper and lower patios during the warmer months, along with outdoor amenities like a water fountain and tropical palm trees.

Guests will also enjoy a new evening menu featuring chicken wings, salads, fries and an original range of pizzas available exclusively at the Richards Street location. The iconic 12-inch pies will come in classic varieties like margarita and pepperoni, in addition to specialty styles like an east coast-style Donair pizza and a Pleasant Bowl pizza (inspired by the popular vegan dish of the same name from Fable) topped with cauliflower, mushrooms, kale and potato.

For drinking, the Fable Diner & Bar will serve a creative variety of soft drinks and alcoholic libations including creamy dinner-style milkshakes, house sodas with refreshing flavors (ginger beer, honey peach, strawberry and mango), in the evening cocktails and signature draft beers developed in partnership with local breweries.

The new spot will be open daily for brunch from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and the Happy Hour service from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. to Saturday from 5 p.m. to midnight. Dinner will be served in the restaurant from Thursday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. with food and late-night drinks offered from 10 p.m. to midnight.

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Craft beer bars are closing just when we need them most


On the first day of the last week of its existence, Falling Rock Taphouse opened at 5:00 p.m. Late in the afternoon of June 23, patrons lined up on the sidewalk outside the downtown Denver beer bar to enter. ramp at the entrance, Paul Vismara, the former bartender and long-time artist who painted the murals hanging in the courtyard, stood at the front to greet customers.

It was like a funeral.

Since the bar opened in 1997, Chris Black, co-owner and public face of Falling Rock, has been a frenzied force in the large but comfortable space, playing ping-pong behind the bar, where he checked taps and pulled pints, to monitor the barrels in the cold room directly behind, through the kitchen or down to the cellar in the basement, while having snatches of conversation with anyone who wanted his attention. This night was no different, except that several customers also wanted to express their sadness that this institution steeped in lager and ale would soon disappear.

The average restaurant in the United States has a lifespan of five years, according to a study conducted several years ago. Falling Rock reached almost 25 years of age thanks in part to its commitment to craft beer, long before it was popular, and because of the relationships it established with customers and breweries.

Falling Rock’s bottom line had been declining for the past few years, says Black. Covid has made matters worse, as has almost continuous construction on and around the Blake Street bar location over the past two years.

“It would have been nice to turn 25,” Black said in a phone interview after the bar closed. “Getting here was good, but it wasn’t easy.

Monk’s / Photo by Eddy Marenco

It would be easy to attribute the closing of Falling Rock to another great bar becoming a memory, but its end has come when beer drinkers need craft beer bars most. With an emphasis on microbreweries and imported beer, Falling Rock was the kind of quirky place where beer lovers could feel right at home, adventurous drinkers could find satisfaction, and brewers could find an ally of the world. ‘hospitality.

Black made Falling Rock an international beer destination, a place where rare kegs were mined without fanfare, where it was not uncommon to see famous brewers at a stand having pints, where service was attentive but a bit gruff.

As 2021 draws to a close, other bars cut from the same bar towel have also called for a shutdown. Among them are The Blue Tusk in Syracuse, New York, and The Tap & Mallet and Unter Biergarten in Rochester, New York.

“When the pandemic hit it came at a difficult time as the pub was already feeling the effects of the changes in the craft beer industry that we all continue to enjoy,” the Tap & Mallet posted on social media. early December. “We have all persevered, but we have made the difficult decision that it is time to call last orders. The bar is expected to close at the end of the year.

Tap and Mallet beer bar
Tap and Mallet / Courtesy of Joe McBane

That’s not to say that beer still isn’t sold in bars. He is. Many big cities have beer bars like Falling Rock or Tap & Mallet. There’s also The Avenue Pub in New Orleans, Hopleaf in Chicago, The Blind Tiger in New York, and Toranado in San Francisco. In addition, there are currently around 9,000 breweries in the country, most of them with an auction house selling direct to consumers.

But the list of bars and taverns that serve to educate and excite beer pilgrims with a range of offerings of different flavors, styles and brews seems to be getting shorter every year.

This is due in part to the success of craft beer itself. The growth of the category has led to more than just American light lagers sold in restaurant chains like Applebee’s and Buffalo Wild Wings, or in convenience stores and grocery stores. With craft beer available even in the most common places, drinkers no longer need to search for specialty taverns.

Falling Rock was special because every year beer lovers and the industry flocked to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, the largest gathering of beer lovers in the country. Even as more bars and brasseries opened, a good percentage of the 70,000 festival-goers would make the trip to Falling Rock at least once.

Some hoped that the bar would become a permanent institution, like Belgium’s famous beer cafes or German breweries, but Falling Rock was eventually overthrown by the very industry it was helping foster.

Avenue pub
Avenue Pub / Photo by Donavan Fannon

Denver is Colorado’s fastest growing city. As the region grew, more breweries opened, taking away beer-centric customers who wanted to drink from the source. Larger state breweries like Odell, Oskar Blues, Left Hand, and others have opened their own taprooms near Falling Rock, which has siphoned off some customers.

In 2019, the city’s construction blocked road access to the Falling Rock block and was followed soon after by the outbreak of the pandemic. Black and his brothers, Al and Steve, have done everything they can to keep things going, including uploading their famous list of bottles for sale in December 2020. This has injected some cash in. which kept the lights on for a few more months.

Falling Rock was ultimately overthrown by the very industry it helped foster.

Tom Peters, the owner of Monk’s Café in Philadelphia, an equally beloved craft beer bar, is preparing for his 25th birthday celebration in 2022. He too has faced increased competition, but has also been successful in bringing in some regulars for a meal and a large list of beers. Its longevity was a selling point.

“A lot of people are celebrating their 21st birthday here,” he says. “It means a constant influx of new blood that will become regulars.”

It doesn’t try to compete with the multitude of bars and tavernas that sell macro beer or are just a place to get together with co-workers after a shift or to watch a game. It focuses on beer lovers, beer tourists and those who want a drink.

“Beer tourism is huge for us,” says Peters. “Beer bars stay true to the original vision and remain destinations for people around the world. We receive people from everywhere. We bring in Belgians who come here to drink beers that they cannot find in Belgium!

Tom peters
Tom Peters / Photo by Eddy Marenco

As brewery taprooms become the new beer drinking destination for customers, what is lost is variety. Yes, breweries can have different beers on tap, but they are almost always all homemade and can only tell the story of its four walls. Beer bars like Falling Rock and Tap & Mallet could organize beer lists to offer a wide selection of flavors, styles and brews.

“I don’t know if there is still a market for what I’m trying to do,” says Polly Watts, owner of the New Orleans’ Avenue Pub. Previously owned by his father, Avenue Pub remained open 24 hours a day before the pandemic. In 2009, Watts changed the bar to rely heavily on specialty craft beer as well as imported note beer.

Since the start of the pandemic, she has reduced the pub’s opening hours and days and focused more on the kitchen offerings. Keeping full-time staff employed remained a challenge and she said the emphasis on serving lunch helps keep the lights on. It also offers a full bar alongside Avenue Pub’s well-curated beer list.

“You’re not going to find 12 barrel IPAs here, because you can go to any brewery or other bar and find it,” she says. “We have some really special beers and a staff who knows how to store and pour them correctly. ”

Craft beer destinations can often invest more in training their teams than crowded breweries that often operate as tourist destinations with seasonal staffing needs. It remains to be seen if more of these bars will open in a post-Covid landscape.

The last call to Falling Rock was on a Sunday. Shortly before closing the doors to patrons for the last time, Black drank a pint of IPA from Comrade Brewing IPA, one of the few beers that remained on tap, said goodbye to his brothers and his staff, then locked the door and walked away.

Indian IA Seafood Market Startup Raises $ 40 Million


Indian AI-powered seafood startup Captain Fresh recently closed a $ 40 million Series B fundraiser that it will use to “build deeper technology interventions and technology integrations.” on the supply and demand network, ”according to the company’s announcement.

Among these innovations are a real-time trading marketplace, standardization of price and quality using AI, and the application of robotic automation “to move massive volumes with precision,” the announcement.

Tiger Global and Prosus Ventures, the venture capital arm of Dutch internet conglomerate Prosus, led Captain Fresh’s Series B funding round, which also included existing investors Accel India, Ankur Capital, Incubate Fund and Matrix Partners India.

Captain Fresh raised $ 12 million in Series A funding in July, led by Accel India and Matrix Partners India. The company uses digital technology to streamline India’s $ 30 billion seafood industry, and its predictive models help source specific fish days before customers place their orders , allowing next day delivery in some cities.

“For centuries the fish and seafood industry has remained the same with very little innovation, and we have a unique opportunity to revolutionize the industry using technology,” said Utham Gowda, Founder and CEO from Captain Fresh, in the press release. Globally, demand for fish and seafood is estimated at $ 400 billion and represents one of the fastest growing protein segments with an ever-expanding supply gap, the release said. Press.

Captain Fresh serves 500,000 retailers and fishmongers and 75 million consumer homes.

Related: Banks are looking for AI platforms as a service in a context of ever increasing risk

Meanwhile, Sudhir Jha, senior vice president and head of Mastercard’s Brighterion unit, told Karen Webster, CEO of PYMNTS, in a recent agenda discussion that AI can strengthen credit management. and risks and expand its value beyond improving day-to-day operations.

Companies that attempt on their own to keep up with rapid changes in data science and analytics can be quickly overwhelmed, he said. The company that starts with regression and model analysis solutions could scale quickly and take advantage of neural networks, Jha told Webster.

Almost nine in 10 (88%) financial institutions surveyed said the pandemic has made lending and lending more difficult. Jha said the pandemic has underscored that businesses need adaptable fraud protection platforms.



On:More than half of American consumers think biometric authentication methods are faster, more convenient, and more reliable than passwords or PINs, so why are less than 10% using them? PYMNTS, working with Mitek, surveyed more than 2,200 consumers to better define this perception gap from usage and identify ways in which businesses can increase usage.

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Watch Shopper Surprise Grocery Employee With Guitar Gift


The 2021 holiday season is drawing to a close and, in reminder of the benefits of community goodwill and acts of kindness in general, a video clip of a man offering a guitar to a grocery store employee has resurfaced. .

The video, which was captured in September, features 50-year-old client Chris Glover and 27-year-old employee Derek Woods, was shared by People Magazine on Twitter yesterday (December 26), a day after the Christmas holidays when countless gifts were exchanged between family and friends.

As originally stated by Daily mail, Glover and Woods, the latter of whom works for the Publix grocery chain in Orlando, Fla., Had developed a friendship over the previous few months as Glover took care of shopping while his wife, Jennifer, remained isolated at home with stage IV cancer.

During their conversations, Woods had at one point told Glover he was saving up to buy a new Les Paul guitar, which prompted Glover to surprise his new friend with a most memorable gift – an Epiphone Les Paul Studio guitar. LT with a cherry sunburst body, which he and Jennifer hand-delivered to Woods while he was at work.

In the video clips below, Glover prefaced the big reveal by rhetorically asking Woods how he had saved up to buy a new guitar and asked if a Les Paul would suffice. Woods, completely in disbelief, exclaimed, “Are you kidding me?” and threw his hands over his head and jumped up and down in excitement.

The beaming smile on Glover’s face as he watched his friend soak up in surprise showed that the moment was just as rewarding for everyone involved and a testament to the power of the gift of giving.

Customer surprises grocery store worker with guitar gift

16 most expensive guitars of all time

32 bands that don’t really have “The” in their names

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Restaurants and Drinks Top 5 of 2021


Dinner at George Trois / Photo: David Hammond

5 best restaurant dinners of 2021

Georges Three served one of the most spectacular French-inspired meals of the year, featuring creative versions of the Gallic tradition, ushered in at the table with perfect pairings from Brian Duncan.

Sushi Suite 202 offers a wonderful way to experience beautifully crafted fish with a sushi master narrating every bite. It takes place in a hotel suite, hence the name.

Formento is without a doubt the finest Italian cuisine that we have enjoyed in a very long time, complemented by wines selected by Chuckiy Bement.

Ornate Bar & Restaurant in the Four Seasons offers diners a superb selection of innovative bites, prepared in the kitchen of chef Jonathon Sawyer, including a set of bread and edible candles and crispy candied chicken wings.

Between Sueños is how Stephen Sandoval presents his Baja Med cuisine in Chicago, which includes many seafood and vegetable (and meat) dishes inspired by Sandoval’s personal history and travels. It’s a pop-up now but aimed at brick and mortar.

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From Family Life to Nightlife – NBC 7 San Diego


In a few weeks, the eventful year of 2021 will be over and we will all be feeling 22… 2022 is.

From family-friendly activities to pub crawls and other nightlife activities, here are some fun events to help celebrate the New Year, San Diego style.

21+ New Year’s fun

NYE Beach Party 2022
Catamaran station

What better way for Californians to celebrate the New Year than on the beach.

The Catamaran Resort hosts an all-inclusive New Year’s Eve celebration at the beach.

The resort will have four open rooms with top-notch entertainment. The entrance fee includes drinks, appetizers and local entertainment.

NYE crowds can make it difficult to get a drink. The catamaran speeds up the first drink for each guest with expanded bar services.

Tickets start at $ 145 and are available to purchase online.

New Year’s Yacht Party
San Diego Harbor

The Spirit of San Diego, one of San Diego’s most oversized party yachts, invites you to step aboard and celebrate the New Year.

The boat offers three levels of entertainment, all with different themes.

  • Level 1: Bar & Dance, Floor # 1 // DJ Spinning: 80’s, Classic Hits & Dance Tunes
  • Level 2: Bar & Dance, Floor # 2 // DJ spinning: Top 40, Dance & Today’s Hits
  • Level 3: Scenic Sky Deck

Guests with a ticket of $ 159 and up will cruise the Port of San Diego and have access to the entire ship, including all three levels of entertainment, an open bar, and appetizers.

New Years Eve Party at Gatsby’s House 2022
InterContinental San Diego

Celebrate 2022 in 1920s style at Gatsby’s House New Years Eve party.

Dress in your best flapper or gangster gear; party favors and party favors will also be provided.

Guests can enjoy premium drinks at the open prepaid bars. Each ticket purchase is a prepayment for your choice of drinks.

Popular San Diego DJs will be spinning music for everyone from EDM to Top 40 and Hip-Hop all night long.

Tickets start at $ 155 and can be purchased online.

Time Warp New Years Party
Encore Events Center

Don’t know how you want to celebrate the New Year? Time Warp offers you the possibility to organize a dozen different themed evenings in one.

The Encore Event Center has a dozen party venues featuring a wide range of music – from Latin and EDM to the decades of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

There will be an open bar, food and two live group stages. Fire performers and acrobats will showcase their skills outdoors for all spectators to see.

After midnight you can stick around for the drag show and late night karaoke.

Tickets start at $ 45 and are available to purchase online.

Chic N Freak NYE 2022

Nothing says New Years Eve like live music, and Coasterra hosts their annual underground music and art exploration event just in time to celebrate.

There will be three rooms: freak, chic and lounge. Each venue will feature DJs, bands and art installations. There will even be a giant gif photo booth.

The performance range includes:

  • Gene Farris
  • Andrew Wilkinson
  • Cris Herrera
  • Eric Medina
  • Super flu
  • Jimbo james
  • Tiago b2b Tyler Chase
  • Bob Dazzla, Shige and The Bump Ensemble

Tickets start at $ 28 and are available to purchase online.

NBC 7’s Jackie Crea visited Little Italy and Downtown to see what the mood was like for New Years Eve 2020 /

New Year’s Eve family events

NYE at Legoland
Legoland Resort, Carlsbad

Midnight arrives early for families at Legoland!

Live music and entertainment will help you celebrate the New Year as you wait for the park’s special countdown to begin at 6 p.m.

Fireworks will light up the night sky for the 2022 kick-off – well before the kids’ bedtime, anyway.

The New Year’s celebration is included in the entrance to the park.

Park tickets can be purchased online.

MIDI Celebration of the Year
Dive into San Diego at Belmont Park, San Diego

The annual celebration of the MIDI year is back! Ring the bell in 2022 with the whole family … well before bedtime.

On December 31, Plunge San Diego, located inside Belmont Park, counts down to New Years with a balloon drop and bubble explosion at noon.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., experience a multitude of family activities: games, crafts, character visits and more.

Tickets start at $ 50 and are available to purchase online.

Have fun in 2022
Living Coast Discovery Center

Say goodbye to 2021 and get ready for your 2022 shine!

The Living Coast Discovery Center celebrates the New Year with family and animals!

Bundle up for wildlife encounters, night hikes, face painting and more.

There will even be a silent glow-in-the-dark nightclub for kids of all ages, cookie decorating, and arts and crafts activities. Plus, you can watch the ball fall under the stars.

Tickets start at $ 25 and are available to purchase online.

New Years Day Events

New Year’s Yoga on the Cliffs
Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

End of 2021 in style. For the third year, Yoga Jawn welcomes Yoga on the Cliffs. All you have to do is grab your yoga mat and head to Sunset Cliffs Nature Park; oh, and register online in advance, here.

The free class is open to all ages and levels of yoga and starts at 11 a.m. Donations are accepted.

New Year’s Eve brunch cruise
San Diego Bay

Spend the first day of 2022 aboard a yacht sipping mimosas and indulging in brunch.

The flagship New Year’s Eve brunch cruise includes breakfast, scenic views, and music.

Tickets start at $ 64.50 for adults and $ 38.70 for children and are available for purchase here.

New Year’s pub crawls

New Years Eve Party in San Diego Pub Crawl
Gaslamp District, San Diego

Why stay in one bar when you can hit several?

The New Years Eve pub crawl in San Diego is back with a night out at top bar destinations.

When you join the crawl, you get free entry to several San Diego hot spots, local nightlife tips from a professional party chef, and exclusive drink deals.

Tickets start at $ 35 and can be purchased online.

New Years Eve 2022 Pacific Beach Bar Crawl
Pacific Beach, San Diego

Want to attend more than six New Years Eve parties this year? Then you won’t want to miss this one.

Pacific Beach bars team up for the annual PB Bar Crawl. You can bounce from bar to bar as you see fit.

Each location offers exclusive drink specials to celebrate the New Year. You can even get free welcome tickets at some venues.

Tickets start at $ 30 and are available to purchase online.

What Consumers Need to Know About High Cost Loans Editorial


It is an expensive time of year for many of us. Between gifts, trees and decorations, food and other expenses, the costs of the holiday season can push budgets to the limit.

For some Tennesséens, it may seem that the only option to cover this shortfall is to take out an emergency cash loan. But the drawbacks of these loans often far outweigh the benefits, costing borrowers far more than expected and locking them into a never-ending cycle of debt. This is because the costs associated with these loans are often so outrageous that it would be impossible for any normal person to repay them. Some might say it’s by design.

Here in Tennessee, the most common types of high cost consumer loans in Tennessee are:

• Securities lending, legalized in 1995, which allows customers to take out a small loan using their cars as collateral. After the loan is paid off, the borrower gets back the title to his car, but if he is unable to repay the principal and high interest, he risks losing his car.

Payday loans, legalized in 1997, which offer clients a short-term cash advance in exchange for a post-dated check to the creditor for the full amount of principal and interest they owe – which can also be excessive . If the amount is not repaid, the creditor can sue the borrower, which can lead to liens on their property and even wage garnishment. Although the law sets limits on the number and dollar amounts of payday loans a person can have at one time, lenders often ignore these limits.

• Flexible loans, legalized in 2010, which provide clients with an open line of credit, typically up to $ 4,000. Approved borrowers can withdraw any amount up to their maximum limit at any time – and sometimes more. As with other forms of high cost loans, the annual percentage rate is several times higher than that of traditional lenders, leading many customers to borrow extra money to pay off the original loan.

In recent years, flexible loans have overtaken other types of high cost loans in popularity, in part due to a sustained advertising campaign. If you are used to watching the news early in the morning, you will see a lot of advertisements from creditors giving flexible loans. They’re usually presented the same way – how easy they are to get, how they save you from life issues.

What they don’t tell you in these ads is how expensive these loans are and how aggressive lenders can be in pursuing borrowers who fail to repay their loans.

Under Tennessee law, the state legislature sets rate limits on interest and other charges assessed in most consumer loans. The main exception to this is credit cards issued by banks. For most consumer loans, interest is only one of the allowable charges and is usually not the most significant charge. For example, for flexible loans, the interest rate can be 24% per annum and the “usual charges” up to 255% per annum, for a total annual rate of 279%. What ultimately matters is the cost of the loan when interest and other charges are all included. The cost of the loan will vary somewhat depending on the type of loan, the amount borrowed and the length of the loan, but all of these loans are very expensive for the borrower to repay.

If a borrower doesn’t repay their loan, lenders often go to great lengths to get their money back. We had a client who was unable to access his monthly Social Security benefits the morning they were deposited into his bank account because payday lenders had already shown up to cash the post-dated checks he had drafted.

If borrowers owe an expensive lender money that they are unable to repay, their options are unfortunately quite limited. But they need to understand that by continuing to renew their existing loan, they only make the situation worse.

We cannot ethically advise people not to pay a legal debt. However, we can inform them of the consequences of this choice. Lenders often threaten legal action if a loan is not repaid – and often leave borrowers unaware of the criminal or civil penalties they could face. A common threat borrowers hear is “if you don’t pay, we’ll get a money order.”

It is important for borrowers to know that if a lender threatens a mandate, it is referring to a civil mandate – the start of a civil action in court. Failure to pay a civil debt may have legal consequences, but will not result in criminal prosecution. In addition, in the case of flexible loans, the borrower’s default should immediately put an end to the lender’s accumulation of usual fees, thereby reducing the amount that the borrower will eventually have to repay.

At Legal Aid Society, we are not financial advisers. We don’t advise people how to get out of debt. However, for those who face lawsuits from expensive lenders, we may be able to help and in some situations soften the edges of what they are going through. For those facing legal action, we often defend these cases when we spot legal issues that could be used to have the case dismissed or reduce the client’s liability. We can help exempt property from garnishment to pay for a judgment or help set up a court-protected payment plan to pay the judgment while avoiding garnishment. In some of the worst case scenarios, we may be able to help with bankruptcy.

Please contact us at 800-238-1443 or visit www.las.org for more information on how we might help you.

The Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands advocates for fairness and justice under the law. The non-profit law firm offers free civil legal representation and educational programs to help people in its region achieve justice, protect their well-being, and support opportunities to overcome poverty. It serves 48 counties from offices in Clarksville, Columbia, Cookeville, Gallatin, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Oak Ridge and Tullahoma. The Legal Aid Society is funded in part by the United Way. Learn more about www.las.org, or by following the firm on Facebook.

Marla K. Williams is the Managing Counsel of the Cookeville Office of the Legal Aid Society and is also the Senior Counsel for Consumer Practice. David Tarpley is a lawyer in the Nashville office and has practiced extensively in the area of ​​consumer law.

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Oakland News Now –


– video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the upper left corner of the video. OaklandNewsNow.com is the original blog post for this type of video blog content.

food # christmas #fun Another Christmas comes together with all of us Have a safe Christmas Boombaangh Hope you all enjoyed our…


Note from Zennie62Media and OaklandNewsNow.com: This video blog post shows the full, live operation of the latest updated version of an experimental network of Zennie62Media, Inc. mobile multimedia video blogging system that was launched in June 2018 This is an important part of Zennie62Media, Inc.’s new and innovative approach to news media production. What we call “the third wave of media”. The uploaded video is from a YouTube channel. When the YouTube video matches a search pattern for “Christmas Day,” it is automatically uploaded and automatically formatted on the Oakland News Now site and social media pages created and owned by Zennie62. The overall goal here, in addition to our, is the on-scene reporting of news, interviews, observations and events on smartphones, in real time, anywhere in the world and in seconds and not within hours – is the use of the existing YouTube social network. graphic on any topic in the world. Now the news is reported with a smartphone and also by promoting the current content on YouTube: no heavy and expensive camera or even a laptop is needed, nor to have a camera crew to film what is already on Youtube. The secondary objective is faster and very inexpensive production and distribution of media content information. We have found that there is a lag between the length of the post and the production time and revenue generated. With this the problem is much less, but by no means solved. Zennie62Media is constantly striving to improve the system’s network coding and is looking for interested multimedia content and technology partners.

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HotCars Best SUV of 2021: Ford Bronco


SUVs are a huge market segment these days, although with each passing model year, family carriers are turning more into the crossover business. The only outlier that sparked new enthusiasm for the wide range of SUV options available throughout 2021 came from Ford with the long-awaited new Bronco. Where the smaller Bronco Sport shares the foundations of the Escape crossover, the Bronco has emerged as a legitimate challenger for the Jeep Wranglerhas long reigned as the premier American factory off-roader.

With a retro-futuristic design to go with an impressive collection of optional off-road accessories, as well as a solid scale of finish from the mall robot to the hardcore Sasquatch package, the Bronco has managed to attract a lot of attention. attention and many pre-orders. Pandemic delays dampened some of the buzz, but without a doubt, the new Ford Bronco just had to win Official selection of HotCars as the best SUV of 2021.

New Bronco for a new era

Ford Bronco range
via Ford

Ford re-launched the Bronco nameplate in honor of the original 4×4 trucks that competed with Jeeps and International Harvester Scouts in the 1960s and 70s. Add the iconic (or notorious) white Bronco that OJ Simpson drove on the freeways of Los Angeles during his infamous police chase and the fact that Bronco was out of the market from 1996 to 2021 actually seems quite surprising.

The sixth generation of the Bronco arrived with many design cues reminiscent of older four-wheelers, including this oversquare exterior available with two or four removable doors, a choice of a ragtop convertible or removable hardtop, and several trim levels. ranging from base to Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak, Badlands and Sasquatch. Early booking holders could also receive a coveted First Edition, although they will be ordering stiff markups from dealers.

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Challenge the Jeep Wrangler

Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler
via 4 pieces of wheel

Everything about the new Bronco clearly targets Jeep’s longtime Wrangler, from the base to the Sasquatch which arrives with arguably more off-road capability than a Wrangler Rubicon. But Jeep fans and Bronco critics alike will no doubt point the finger at Ford’s decision to equip the new Bronco with independent front suspension, rather than the solid twin axles that siblings Wrangler and Gladiator still retain.

So the Broncos will ride better on the sidewalk – and the truth remains that even most Sasquatches will end up walking the vast majority of their miles to work, grocery stores, and malls (gasp). Yet with two optional engines, including a turbocharged inline-four producing 300 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque or a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 developing 330 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque, the Bronco has it all. Wrangler defeated. horsepower terms (other than the recent reactionary introduction of a 392ci Hemi V8 to the Jeep lineup).

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Better off-road characteristics

SEMA Bronco
via Michael Van Runkle / HotCars

While the Bronco may lack the most extreme articulation of a Wrangler Rubicon due to the independent front suspension, the selection from the different versions of the lineup adds important four-wheel characteristics. Probably the most appealing, the Bronco’s dual-disconnect stabilizer bars can activate immediately with the push of a button, something Ford proved to perfection during rides at SEMA last November. The Bronco’s system looks a lot more modern than Jeep’s, which only disconnects the front stabilizer bar in a seemingly long process, then automatically reconnects (and disconnects again) at around 17 miles per hour. In addition, the Bronco benefits from a differential adjustment of the train’s turn assist that locks a wheel in place to make tight turns in slippery situations more achievable.

Going for the Sasquatch package means factory 35-inch muddy terrains, locking front and rear differentials, higher clearance suspension with Bilstein shocks and more aggressive fender flares. However, the Sasquatch only comes with a ten-speed automatic transmission, while the less capable Broncos can be fitted with a “seven-speed” manual which is actually a six-speed with a crawling gear a. much like the opposite of overdrive. Mid-range Black Diamond gets all seven GOAT modes, 17-inch black steels, stronger bumpers and bash plates, overhead switchgear, and washable flooring.

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The most hardcore desert racer

SEMA Amsoil Bronco
via Michael Van Runkle / HotCars

Even with all of the different Bronco packages, many potential buyers still scratched their heads at Ford’s decision not to offer a V8 engine. After all, in the escalation of the off-road wars between Stellantis (née Fiat-Chrysler), the Ram TRX now comes with a 702 horsepower Hellcat Hemi! But it turns out that a V8 will fit into the Bronco’s engine bay, as evidenced by the recently unveiled Bronco DR that showed up at SEMA 2021, a factory desert racer that will be sold in limited numbers since. factory.

Meanwhile, several aftermarket companies over the past year have announced plans to ditch V8 engine options in their Broncos alongside standard modifications such as lift kits, rock sliders, light bars. and the metal bumpers that so many customers already love to install. And if anything proves how well the Bronco deserves the title of HotCars Best SUV of 2021, the wide variety of builds that showed up at SEMA with the full lineup of off-road goodies is sure to hammer the point.

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Finalist: Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat

Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat
via Aventura Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Still, the final decision almost tilted toward the finalist for Best SUV of 2021, an honor that goes to the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. After all, as the auto industry as a whole shifts from internal combustion to hybridization and full electrification, Dodge seems intent on coming out with a bang by dropping Hellcat Hemis into just about everything.

At HotCars, while EVs are already great, we love a big, supercharged V8. And come on, the Durango hellcat can transport a family of six from a dig to 60 miles an hour in three seconds! But it’s still more of a road beast, despite all-wheel drive, and family hauling means crossover concessions, so the Bronco earned the top spot here thanks to its all-terrain ability to do it all in a new SUV that came at the end of an era.

Sources: ford.com, jeep.com, dodge.com and ramtrucks.com.

Ford bronco
9 ways the 2021 Ford Bronco exceeded all expectations (& 1 way it failed)

The bar was set for the new Bronco, but Ford went above and beyond and managed to make it better than it ever was … in every aspect except one.

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