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No “vaccine passport” needed for ads, minister says after Boris Johnson did not rule out possibility


Pubs will not be forced to introduce “vaccine passports” which will only be required for “more important events,” a government minister said.

Paul Scully has sparked further political confusion – a day after Boris Johnson stunned Tory MPs by not ruling out the movement of drinkers in crowded bars.

When asked if pubs were among the places where proof of a jab would be required, the Minister of Small Business replied, “No. We’re not talking about crowded pubs at all.

“We’re not ruling out anything, but we’re not talking about crowded pubs. We’re talking about nightclubs and bigger events as well.

Mr Scully was speaking the day after another extraordinary government turnaround – just two weeks after vaccine passports were rejected as proof of entry to any location.

Nightclubs are barring entry, from the end of September, to unvaccinated customers – in a French-style attempt to force the 3 million under 30 who have so far refused to be vaccinated.

The rule will also apply in “other places where large crowds gather,” Mr Johnson said and – although he did not name them – he did not rule out football matches or even them. pubs.

Pressuring young people to get bitten, he warned them: “Some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to depend more and more on immunization.

On July 5, a government-ordered review said, “The impacts are deemed disproportionate to the public health benefits at this stage of the pandemic. “

But ministers have been frightened by the crowded nightclub scenes – after allowing them to reopen on Monday – and fear they could become Covid ‘super-broadcast events’.

Mr Scully acknowledged that some pubs can be as crowded as nightclubs – appearing to meet the government’s new test of “closed spaces, crowded places and places of close contact”.

He added, the Sky News: “We have to define it very carefully. And we will do it in the months to come until we get there.

Any move to enforce vaccine passports in nightclubs, but not in pubs, will infuriate the industry – just days after clubbers were finally allowed to reenter through the gates.

The Night Time Industries Association and the music trade organization LIVE have insisted that they should not be treated any differently from bars and restaurants ”.


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