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Neven’s Irish Seafood Trails continue on Wednesday


This week, Neven’s Irish Seafood Trails took him to the picturesque fishing port of Howth on the Howth Head peninsula, just north of Dublin.

Howth is renowned for its seafood restaurants and also has a fascinating history. Neven meets local tour guide Mark McHale, who specializes in craft beer and seafood walking tours of Howth, and introduces Neven to the West Pier, home to the fishing fleet and several seafood restaurants.

They then head to The Bloody Stream, a restaurant named after a historic Viking battle. First, they sample a delicious ‘Grunt’ beer from local brewery Hope, created specifically to be paired with seafood. Next, they are treated to a seafood platter filled with freshly landed fish from the port of Howth, including Dublin Bay prawns, crab claws, calamari, fish cakes made with smoked pollack, smoked salmon and white fish; and also Shrimp Tempura.

Eager to explore Howth further, Neven goes to the Oar House restaurant where he meets chef John Aungier. John shows Neven different ways to prepare Dublin Bay prawns, including prawn cocktail, fried prawns, and prawns cooked in garlic butter.

Howth is also a great place to find delicious seafood to take away, so Neven stops by the Man Street Kitchen food truck to meet chef Dan Howell. Dan prepares two very tasty dishes, both cooked in banana leaves – Balinese Haddock and Masala Mustard Hake.

At the end of the west pier is Aqua, a restaurant famous for its award-winning seafood and spectacular views. Neven calls to meet Consultant Development Manager Mark Anderson who shares his Velvet Crab Bisque recipe and invites Neven to try the Fruit De Mer which includes a mouth-watering selection of Irish seafood – lobster, cockles, clams, oysters, mussels, crab , shrimp, smoked salmon and two types of crayfish.

Neven’s own recipe this week is Crispy Whiting Goujons.

Neven’s Irish Seafood Trails is produced by David Hare of InproductionTV for RTÉ and is sponsored by BORD BIA

Bord Bia’s aim in sponsoring this series is to remind consumers that Irish hake, haddock and whiting are easy to prepare, easy to cook and an excellent choice for everyday meals.