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Meet the Cannes Gatsby, who racked up £ 63,000 in bar bills by partying with the biggest stars on the planet


As a consummate connector, it relishes the hatching, pairing, and shipping opportunities that each party brings. Who has he sent lately? He’s discreet – all his guests know how to behave, he says. There is always a certain decorum attached to any invitation to the Hotel du Cap.

What about the incident with Nick Broomfield? About 25 years ago, Broomfield and Finch – on assignment for Harpers & Queen, of which I was then travel editor-in-chief – nearly got themselves thrown out for the transgression of cut-off denim shorts and underwear and hand-washed from Broomfield, hanging out to dry on the Royal Suite’s ceremonial balcony, there for the whole world to see.

The intrepid Mr. Irondelle who was at the helm before Philippe Perd was brought in to lighten things up, probably told Broomfield not to treat the place like his home, but for Finch the Du Cap is “home from home. “He has been coming here since his pre-teens first climbed the front steps, hugging his father actor Peter Finch, who was promoting his movie Far from the Madding Crowd.

It later became her summer playground when her actress mother, Yolande Turner, newly divorced and unable to settle into her London home, where Antonia Fraser and Harold Pinter were tenants, moved to neighboring Mougins and charmed the staff by allowing his family to use the cabana and pool.

For Charles, the Hotel du Cap has always been a refuge in a traveling life that took him from Jamaica, Scotland, where he was Chief Prefect of Prince Philip’s Alma Mater, Gordonstoun in New York, Paris , LA and Rome.

Finch, like me, managed to escape to the Hotel du Cap, for his annual break last summer with his daughter, between confinements. We catch up with the floating pontoon.

“I’m always happy to be back,” he told me. “You breathe a different oxygen here. It is the pleasure of the sea and the timeless details unchanged; the starched linen, the martini twist and the 1930s simplicity of the wooden cabanas, the Diane Steak flambéed with cognac in front of your table at the Grill – they have removed it from the menu this year.

Walking, speaking proof that living well is the best revenge, Finch takes a proprietary stroll through the vegetable garden in his bespoke Chuc shorts and awkward vintage Rolex Daytona that only comes off for his daily swim, highlighting the ingredients that he will have salad later in his lunch at his beach hut.

A throwback to the Riviera’s heyday when people like Orson Welles settled in for the season, turning his cabin into a headquarters, throwing in its charm and weight like Charles does now, booming for even more Whispering Angel in immaculate French.

Finch likes to quote his mentor Jimmy Goldsmith who said that of course you can apply yourself to your job in the quiet of a municipal office, but the best deals are made wherever there is a beach, tennis court and a good restaurant.

“These are pleasures I never take for granted. I appreciate them as much as I can. I’m not so full of luxuries that I won’t live a life of risk. I will continue to enjoy the Hotel du Cap as Du Cap for its disconnection from the rocky century we live in now, as long as I can afford it. “

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