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Mariah Carey is Christmas Queen, viral video shows she isn’t afraid to stand up for her throne / LGBTQ nation


Mariah Carey is the Christmas Queen and she is not afraid to defend her throne.Photo: Twitter

Christmas Queen Mariah Carey goes viral the day after Halloween. Because Christmas really does come earlier every year.

With hundreds of thousands of likes and shares, Carey’s 30-second video is iconic.

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Carey’s hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is the most popular Christmas song of all time and she’s not here to play when it comes to defending her crown. She’s here to say, “It’s about time. “

Carey takes issue with those who complain that Christmas merchandise follows Halloween candy cuts too closely and before Thanksgiving is over. And she uses a baseball bat to get her point across.

Yet even the Guinness World Book of Records felt compelled to point out in response that Carey is expected to win an award for “new record for the first celebration of Christmas.”

Earlier this week, a Twitter user posted a photo of a sign on the jukebox of a Dallas bar that read: “All I want for Christmas is you will be ignored if he is. played before December 1. After December 1, the song is only allowed once per night. “

When another user retweeted it asking, “Is this the war over Christmas I heard about?” Carey stepped forward to answer.

She posted a photoshopped image of herself on a battlefield.

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