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Major seafood recall proves ‘Forever Chemicals’ is in everything


WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – They’re in your drinking water, the clothes you wear and even the food you eat.

PFAS or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances have been around for decades, but their presence is only now being felt on a global scale. With a flurry of recalls from seafood company Bumble Bee for their 3.75 oz. smoked clams, the effects begin to be felt following long-term use of these “Forever Chemicals”.

PFAS have been used and are still used for non-stick items like Teflon, fast food wrappers, shampoo, and even some clothes. Just recently, researchers have begun to observe the effects of these chemicals on the ecosystems from which some of our food comes.

Kemp Burdette of Cape Fear River Watch says these chemicals have been dumped in local waters for decades “At Greenfield Lake they catch alligators to take blood samples to look at, to look at the levels of PFAS in their blood.

These chemicals are found in “species at the top of the food chain such as alligators and striped bass…because these species eat lower food chain species and, near the bottom of the food chain, or clams and other crustaceans. according to Burette.

This wave of recalls is potentially just the tip of the iceberg in the seafood world as they find new ways to test for PFAS.

“Going out and doing tests to try to figure out where PFAS are, to figure out if they’re in sediment, if they’re in organisms, if they’re in water, and how long they’re live or survive in these different environments.” says Ken Halanych of the UNCW Center for Marine Science.

The true effect of PFAS on humans and animals is still unknown, and questions may remain unanswered until more research is conducted.

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