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Joel Tucker, brother of payday loan mogul Scott Tucker, avoids custody in Houston


Joel tucker

Joel tucker

Joel Tucker, a Kansas City businessman who was ordered last week to surrender to the U.S. Marshals in Houston, had another chance to provide documents related to an investigation into the sale of loan debts on potentially fraudulent salary.

Tucker has been ordered to comply with orders from a federal bankruptcy judge by Aug. 18 or be taken into custody. These orders involve Tucker demonstrating the origins of payday loan debts he allegedly sold to debt collectors through a broker.

These debt collectors then filed these claims in personal bankruptcy cases in Houston, but were unable to document the origin of these payday loan debts when the bankruptcy trustees demanded proof of the validity of these debts. .

Debt management agencies have since withdrawn more than 1,000 of their claims in bankruptcy courts across the country because they now believe they were sold on false papers.

Tucker is the brother of Leawood businessman Scott Tucker, who is facing a criminal trial next year in New York City for allegedly running a $ 2 billion payday loan business who, according to federal prosecutors, allegedly exploited 4.5 million people with usurious interest rates and debt collection practices.

Joel Tucker was also scheduled to be heard Friday in a federal courtroom in Kansas City, Kansas, where Internal Revenue Service agents are investigating whether he has unpaid tax debts since 2007. A Kansas magistrate judge City, Kan. , postponed that hearing Thursday after learning that Tucker was due to travel to Houston the same day.

A hearing in the IRS case has been postponed to August 17, the day before its deadline to return to Houston to show whether it has made progress in complying with Houston bankruptcy court orders.

This story was originally published July 29, 2016 6:24 pm.


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