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The local club

MOSCOW – Every member of the Moscow community has gone to the iconic vandal-themed bar, The Corner Club, for an ice cold beer at some point. Today being International Beer Day and student vandals are slowly coming back to town, the local club is sure to pull some kegs tonight.

The Corner Club welcomes many Moscow residents throughout the day and vandalist students late into the night. With a wide variety of events, from Mardi Trivia to Thursday Ladies Night, they have a flow of content from enthusiastic individuals to come and have their favorite beer on tap from the iconic 32-ounce tub glass. .

Bartender Raquel Marboe said, “My favorite moment to come is Ladies Nights,” said Marboe. “Even if it’s a Thursday, all the students will still come and stay late to drink.”

The different draft beers have made the Corner Club famous. One of their biggest promotions is club card sales. Having one of these gives each owner half of their first regular or premium beer of the day. You also get a club card day when your coveted number is drawn.

This number is assigned to you when you first purchase your card and is kept for life. Locals call this lucky day your birthday in Moscow. From opening to 8 p.m. on the day of your Club card, you receive free national beers in bottles, cans or trays. Local or student, your birthday in Moscow is something you always look forward to.

“Even if it’s just your club card day,” Marboe said. “You won’t come alone, a bunch of people eventually come with you, and you end up frosting back and forth. It’s never a bad time “.

Local Darwin Backer said: “My best memory is when my wife and I led the fantasy football team here,” Backer said. “It was a random Wednesday and it was just our two days of Club Card and we had the best time.”

The day was originally created to attract more people and that’s exactly what it did. The bar that is filled with endless amounts of University of Idaho memorabilia has over the years become Moscow’s landmark. Club owner Marc Trivelpiece said that although more and more people have come over the years, he has remained the same inside.

“When I first started coming here, my club card number was 206,” Trivelpiece said. “I’m glad it looks like it was when I was in college, the only additions are better TVs and liquor.”

If you want to stop by the Corner Club yourself to celebrate International Beer Day, they are open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.


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