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How to apply for and repay Boodle loans in South Africa


Living life to the fullest is the dream of every South African citizen or resident. Sometimes life is tough and it prevents you from exploring all of your goals or acquiring the things you wish to have. Whatever economic challenges you face, life can get easier with Boodle. Boodle loans are quick temporary loans that can save you from financial hardship.

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Boodle is a platform that allows every South African to access a quick loan when they need it. Boodle loans are instant cash loans that make life much more comfortable. This loan company is fully registered under the National Credit Act 2005. It is a convenient, reliable and honest way to access fast online loans. Small loans online have proven to be beneficial for those who borrow and repay responsibly.

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Am I eligible for Boodle loans?

The following is the eligibility criteria for Boodle online money loans:

  • Be a South African citizen or resident with the appropriate papers
  • Be over 21 years old
  • Have a valid bank account
  • Be an employee or a person with regular income
  • Have a legitimate email address
  • Have an operational mobile number
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How to create a Boodle account?

How can I get a loan fast? To get these instant loans, you need to have access to the internet. No loan application form is required. Instead, you should register on Boodle to get an account that you will always have access to. The registration process is done in five simple steps:

  • On your browser, go to the official Boodle website. Click on register and enter the required information, then click on continue.
  • Enter your personal data and continue.
  • Enter your income details and continue.
  • Then you will get information about the quotation. Enter all the required details.
  • Congratulations! You now have an account.

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If the registration process is difficult and you feel stuck there is an online chat team who are always ready to help.

Boodle credit application

Getting your SA loans is quick and easy. To follow these steps to get your loan without lengthy loan application procedures:

  • Log into your account using your Boodle login details (email address and password).
  • Choose the amount you want by sliding the upper part of the SmileDial. Drag the bottom bar to select the number of days you want to use the loan before paying it back.
  • Fill out the quick application details that are required, making sure to give accurate information. You should read the terms and conditions of the loan.
  • Wait a few minutes while the company verifies the request you submitted.
  • Once the information is verified, the company will pay off your loan online within 10 minutes or 2 hours if the request is made manually. All short-term business loans are deposited directly into your bank account. The company will always communicate with you through your cell phone and email address to make sure the borrowing process is flawless.

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What is the interest rate for Boodle Quick Loans?

Interest which is levied on these payday loans is guided by Chapter 5 of the National Credit Act of 2005. When you borrow the fast online payday loans from Boodle in South Africa, you should expect these fees:

  • A service charge of R 60 per month plus 15% value added tax (VAT)
  • Initiation fees of R165 and 10% on the total amount above R 1000 and an additional VAT of 15%. The cost is capped at 15% of the total amount due plus 15% VAT.
  • A daily interest rate of 0.17%
  • An interest rate of 60% per year

When you apply for these payday loans online, the SmileDial always tells you how much you would pay back if you borrow a certain amount. As you slide across the bars, you will notice that the total amounts vary. This is done to ensure transparency.

Repay Boodle Easy Online Loans

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You choose when to pay off these short term loans online. You can repay cash loan every day except Sunday and public holidays. As stated in the terms and conditions loan, your payday loans are deducted from your bank account. The repayment can also be made via debit orders on the alternate day that you selected during your online payday loan application.

For amounts greater than R 5,000 repaid through debit orders, the total amount of the online credit is divided into two.

NB: Paying off all of your Boodle SA loans is essential to avoid tarnishing your credit status. People with good credit score are assured of a successful application for instant approval of loans online in South Africa. They also get a higher credit limit.

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What else should I know before taking a Boodle loan?

Other essential details you should know are:

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  • You can only get credit services for yourself. You cannot borrow on on behalf of someone else.
  • The information you provide to the company about you is always kept confidential.
  • You can’t get a loan at a time. Once you’ve paid off the previous one in full, you can move on to another.
  • If you feel that your credit profile has been unfairly tarnished or has incorrect details, you should contact the credit bureau for clarification and correction. You can reach the company via:

Compuscan: (021) 888-6000 | Fax (021) 413-2424

Experience : 0861 10 56 65

TransUnion: 0861 482 482

  • You have the option to select your preferred repayment period as long as it is within the maximum period allowed. Always make sure to pay off the credit before or on the date you choose.
  • If you do not honor your credit repayment, your credit history will have a bad rating, which can make accessing credit in the future extremely difficult. Failure to repay and communicate with the business may force the business to send an outside collection company to sue you.
  • You can always contact the company calling 0861 PLUG (266 353) or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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Boodle is one of the best instant online loans in South Africa, no paperwork provider required. The company is reliable, transparent and complies with all laws stipulated in the 2005 National Credit Act. Boodle loans are quick and easy to access, and the repayment process is smooth. Once the credit is obtained, be sure to repay the full amount as promised when setting your repayment date. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of this credit service today!

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