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Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frogs and 9 Other Iconic Movie Snacks, According to Reddit


the Harry Potter The series is credited with bringing quite a few things into mainstream pop culture, including food items. Chocolate frogs are the first snacks introduced in the series, with Harry discovering them aboard the Hogwarts Express. While the magical treat was undoubtedly memorable, Redditors offered other suggestions as well.

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A lot of movie snacks are the ones that are part of the viewers childhood, whether they are part of the fantasy genre or even crime dramas. Some of the snacks are considered light meals, like fast food, but their deliciousness remains unquestionable. Redditors have suggested more than several snacks that can be considered the best to see in movies and it’s worth watching which ones made the cut.


Chocolate Frogs (Harry Potter franchise)

Chocolate Frog in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

While there are many wizarding world foods Muggles would love to have, there is one that is most iconic. For Redditor BlessedBloggerthey said they were “very excited” when they thought of “chocolate frogs from Harry Potter” because they love that the frog has to be caught and the character can appear on the map inside.

Fans love to speculate which trading card might be the most valuable, with the majority landing on Albus Dumbledore. Chocolate frogs sound like a fun snack to try as they carry a taste of the magical charm of the wizarding world and also seem like a great treat.

Big Kahuna Burger (Pulp Fiction)

Oddly enough, there are a large number of hamburger scenes in pulp Fictionwhich has brought the Big Kahuna Burger recognition in pop culture. This editor quoted the film writing that “Royale with cheese, because of the metric system”, referring to what Jules said when he ate a bite.

The Big Kahuna Burger has become so iconic for Quentin Tarantino fans that references can be seen in movies like Once upon a time in Hollywoodand Proof of death, among other works. It’s supposed to be a chain of Hawaiian-themed restaurants across America, which is why it’s popping up so much.

Cannoli (The Godfather)

An image of Don Altobelli holding a cannoli in Godfather 3

Among the greatest quotes from The Godfather happens to be that of pastries. Editor ChrisMartins001 writes that “Cannolis de The Godfatherare their picks for the best snacks shown in the movies, which is an interesting pick because it’s supposed to be something that alludes to death.

In the first film, Pauli Gatto is killed after Pete Clemenza picks up cannoli for his wife, while The Godfather Part III had Don Altobelli poisoned after being given spiked cannolis. The pastries were nonetheless immortalized by Clemenza’s quote to leave the gun and get the cannoli.

Pain Lembas (The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy)

Legolas holds Lembas Pain in The Lord of the Rings

Editor Inaccurate Scholar believes that “Lembas Pain de The Lord of the Rings” deserves to be considered the best snack in the film. Although it appears to be a light snack, the Lembas bread actually serves a larger purpose which the Hobbits discover on their journey.

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The Elves baked Lemba bread with the intention of using it to satisfy themselves on the journey, with only a few bites sufficient to sustain those who consumed it. While Merry and Pippin’s appetites challenged bread’s longevity, Sam and Frodo used it as a food source for quite a while.

Imaginary Food (Hook)

Imaginary Food in Hook

Editor MelancholyEcho distinguishes imaginary food in To win over as a favorite snack, asking “why did this food look so delicious?”

In the film, Peter Pan is taken back to Neverland after becoming an adult and doesn’t remember his time with the Lost Boys. The Imaginary Food sequence is where he begins to reminisce about his early days, as Peter imagines a massive feast that everyone enjoys. It includes a large pie that fans continue to consider among the tastiest snacks to see on screen. While it looked delicious, the protagonists ended up having a food fight.

Scooby Snacks (Scooby-Doo)

A tray full of Scooby Snacks in Scooby-Doo

One of the most famous quotes around the world scooby-doo The candor is when Daphne or Velma offer Scooby snacks to Shaggy or Scooby. They trick the pair into accepting the gang’s dangerous activities, with the snack supposedly so tasty that Shaggy and Scooby will never be able to resist.

Editor USS Zim refers to the fact that Scooby Snacks was sold in real life, writing that they “used to eat one box at a time when they were kids”. Snacks have been adapted for live-action scooby-doo movies, where they served the same purpose. Considering Shaggy and Scooby’s appeal for popping the treats, it’s understandable that fans continue to feel the same way.

Chocolate Cake by Bruce Bogtrotter (Matilda)

Chocolate Matilda Cake

This editor underlines the snack of Matilda as something they “remember being a kid and dreaming about getting a cake like this.” In all honesty, it really was a huge cake tailor-made for children’s fantasies, because it looked like the tastiest thing ever.

In the film, the evil Miss Trunchbull makes Bruce Bogtrotter eat all the cake in front of the school, only for the latter to pull off the feat after being encouraged by Matilda to do so. What started as a cruel move on the part of the director ended up making the cake appear like the snack to beat all movie snacks.

Turkish Delight (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Edmund holds a Turkish delight in The Chronicles of Narnia

The White Witch draws Edmund to her cause in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe giving her Turkish Delight. This editor says they “always thought it was just the most delicious”, as the treat has been shown to cause a warm feeling amidst all the snowfall.

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It also helped that the snacks seemed to be exotic and deliciously packaged, which aided the White Witch in her goal of keeping Edmund away from his siblings. For fans, it doesn’t matter if Turkish Delight was used for nefarious reasons, because it doesn’t make the snacks any less delicious.

Reese’s Pieces (AND the Extra-Terrestrial)

Editor Mando_Puft simply states that “Reese’s Pieces from HEYis the snack they want the most. Peanut Butter Candy Started Selling Five Years Ago HEY came out, but it was the movie that really made the snack so popular, with its impact still felt.

Fans of the film instantly think of Reese’s Pieces when the topic of best candy comes up and it’s widely believed that the product placement for the candy was one of the times the practice didn’t feel forced. With four decades since HEY was released, it’s safe to say that several generations have now enjoyed Reese’s Pieces.

Wonka Bar (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Charlie Runs a Wonka Bar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Editor Marcosgrove suggests “Wonka Bar” as the best snack in the movies, which is easy to understand since Willy Wonka’s factory is all about making the best candy in the world. The chocolate bar wrapper itself looks extremely inviting and the bar itself is spot on.

Of course, the main draw comes from the Wonka Bar’s status as a potential golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. Although only five tickets were made, fans associate Wonka Bar with the idea that dreams come true through the simple pleasure of eating chocolate. It’s an idea that’s both innocent and carries a sense of nostalgia that makes Wonka Bar a can’t-miss snack.

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