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Halloween Kills trailer reveals how Michael survived the fire


Halloween Kills sees Michael Myers engage in a whole new rampage, and the trailer could reveal exactly how he managed to live through fire.

the Halloween kills The trailer may have revealed exactly how Michael Myers managed to survive the fire from the previous film. the Halloween The movie franchise is no stranger to renewal, with the series having hit the reset button several times over the decades. Halloween 2018 wiped out the slate once more, ignoring every entry bar preceding the 1978 original, and thus removing the sibling dividing twist introduced in Halloween 2.

The end result was a very enjoyable slasher that brought Jamie Lee Curtis back as the iconic Laurie Strode while also making Michael Myers a force of nature once again. The Blumhouse produced Halloween was a huge success, grossing over $ 250 million worldwide on a modest budget. With those numbers, a sequel was a given, with the movie itself ending on an ambiguous note for Michael. In the final scene, he was trapped in Laurie’s trapped basement with a raging fire – although he appeared to disappear in the last shot of the burning room.

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His survival was essentially confirmed with the announcement of the sequels Halloween kills and Halloween ends, although the question remains; how exactly did Michael go through hell? The recent Halloween kills The trailer revealed that firefighters arrived at Laurie’s house shortly after the fire broke out and Michael came out of the basement after breaking through. A brief shot in the trailer seems to reveal exactly how he managed to shield himself from the flames until the firefighters arrived; by locking himself in Laurie’s arsenal of weapons.

Halloween Kills Michael Survives Trailer

Halloween 2018 reveals that Laurie has a safe under her kitchen, which includes a locker built into a wall filled with guns and other weapons like a crossbow. In the recent Halloween kills in the trailer, a brief shot shows Michael emerging from behind that locker door, the guns seen behind him. He then comes out of the doorway to attack an unlucky firefighter who crashed into the basement.

Laurie had made the basement an inevitable death trap, and by the final scenes of Halloween 2018, it was hard to see how Michael could have survived it. the Halloween kills the preview paints a clearer picture, with Myers first taking refuge in Laurie’s weapons storage area before emerging when firefighters stormed in. It also allows the film to blur the lines between Michael being a man or a ghost. Although his survival is unlikely, Halloween kills make appear fair logical enough that a human being could survive the fire. Unfortunately for the people of Haddonfield, his survival will come at a bloody price.

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