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GAME PALACIO – India’s First Bowling, Food, Arcade & Nightclub Experience Store Launches Flagship Site


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India The Sought-after Venue – GAME PALACIO has a long story, but one that certainly deserves to be heard. From the start, the intention is clear: to indulge the heart, soul and spirit of an innocent game. Located in the heart of the fast-paced and bustling Bandra of Mumbai, this contemporary underground entertainment hub is unlike anything this country has seen before. A modern tribute to the glory days of family entertainment, Game Palacio is fine entertainment well done.

India’s premier premium bowling and entertainment fair, Game Palacio has opened at its flagship site. The custom made transparent bowling lanes, a world first, are made of treated pine wood with an exclusive black and gold lining made in Hungary to match the design of the premises. Designed to perfection, the lanes have been shaped to keep pace with the desires of the bowler and the spectator. With league-specific lanes and a delicious menu full of ‘chewable’ comfort food at its center, this joint is perfect for everyday fans and committed league bowlers. The ultimate bowling experience with comfortable lounge seating offers airside butler service to make customers feel like the VIPs they are. A selection of epic dishes and innovative cocktails brings groups together with satisfaction. The VIP lounges on the first floor offer private party guests a more intimate environment.

Game Palacio also houses a solid arcade or games room. A world-class venue driven by the quality of the product and enhanced by the service with which it is provided, this space helps people spend their time and encourages them to play games, the disclaimer is that simple – you do it for the child in you! A real treat for gamers, it features a large collection of classics like PAC-MAN and To the Net, as well as newer and bigger ones like Tomb Raider and Super Swirl. The arcade features a variety of games, some with prize draws.

The separate restaurant-bar is the ideal place to discover exquisite cuisine and artisanal spirits. The kitchen offers elevated dishes like authentic Frutti Di Mare pizzas made with flour imported from Italy and tofu pan-fried in Mexican brown rice. Two bars mix themed drinks like Golden Haze (fresh galangal mixed with peach apple juice and topped with whiskey) and Maid of Honor (blue pea infused gin with kaffir lime topped with tonic water and magic. ) are worth the calories! An inaugural visit to the Game Palacio is sure to surprise.

The sprawling and extravagant establishment has a bright vibe. The exposed DJ console makes it easy to control the ambiance of the room. Live music, multiple nights of the week, with the occasional retro, hip-hop, and tribute bands added for variety, ensures Game Palacio has a busy schedule. The party experts at Game Palacio know exactly how to create the perfect event – a company outing, a social gathering, a holiday party, a milestone celebration, or whatever else to make sure their customers are crowned. like the host with the most! Develop a sense of detail, authenticity, permanence and comfort; Showcasing their passion and appreciation for innovative food and cocktails, music, design and the camaraderie of the game, this idea is conceptualized and delivered by SW Entertainment. The company plans to open Game Palacio nationwide. SuvedLohia Hospitality is integrated as a management partner to amaze the crowds. Later this year Delhi and Chandigarh will host their own Game Palacio. To view the image, click on the link below: GAME PALACIO – Mumbai PWR PWR

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