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Foodies, get ready to discover these new restaurants in Visakhapatnam


The city of destiny never disappoints its inhabitants with the multiple options of delicacies that can be enjoyed at every meal. The bustling city is a destination for many new restaurants and cuisines as it is home to a mix of people from different parts of the country. The future capital of Andhra Pradesh has now become a major attraction with new restaurants on every corner. If you are someone who is constantly looking for something new, someone who likes to try different cuisines and delicacies, here is a list of new restaurants in Visakhapatnam that you must visit this week.

Foodies, scroll for new restaurants in Visakhapatnam.


Who doesn’t know the ghee-induced raagi ball and kheema biryani from Andhra’s favorite restaurant? Palegar’s mouth-watering cuisine has finally arrived in Visakhapatnam. From cozy interiors to delicious food, Kritunga is sure to be your new favorite. Located on the highway, the well-suited location makes it the best tour for those who travel in and out of town regularly. Check out this place located in PM Palem, next time you pass by.

#2 Dumont Creamery

Foodies, get ready to discover these new restaurants in Visakhapatnam

The maker of high-end country-style ice cream and milkshakes has finally set up a base in Visakhapatnam. The new ice cream parlor offers more than 32 flavors of freshness and pleasure. With quality ingredients sourced from around the world, the creamery promises to deliver something special in every cup. Located in the Chinna Waltair area, be sure to visit the creamery to satisfy your ice cream cravings in any season.

#3 Somaa, Yendada

The city lacks nightlife, and every inhabitant can find their way around. The city has only a handful of nightclubs where you can spend the weekend. Soma, which has carved out a niche for live music with great food, is ready to open its new branch in Yendada. Already famous for its bar resto in Siripuram, the new branch is meant to entertain the people of Yendada. Be sure to visit their live bands as they are a one of a kind experience the city offers.

#4 Platform 65

Visakhapatnam’s first train restaurant is here to take you on a joyous ride. With food served in cute train compartments, the new experience attracted a lot of attention. The relatable sets and quirky props like tissue holders named after platform numbers are such an inclusive experience. Take your kids for a Sunday lunch and enjoy this exclusive experience.

#5 Dine to fate

Foodies, get ready to discover these new restaurants in Visakhapatnam

Located on the iconic Visakhapatnam Beach Road, the new restaurant is part of the Ocean Vista Bay Hotel. The multi-cuisine restaurant has a lot to offer. A scrumptious choice for buffet lunches, the place is also known for its cheesecake. Enjoy the meal and take a walk on the nearby beach for an enjoyable day.