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Five places to drink when it’s hot


A place with a patio like White Owl never really needed a DJ. The purpose of its expansive terrace dotted with picnic tables was that you could bring a large group, which is vital in a city where a group of more than four people often have problems. A recent renovation has given the space a slight tiki vibe, and La Tehuana’s carnitas elevate what was already a good patio into a solid place to dine. The cocktails are slightly out of step with the food – there isn’t as much tequila as you might expect. But the slushy margarita flows from its churning cylinder, strong and true.

Mississippi Studios is back! While it builds its list of shows to its full strength, you can still spend a few nights on a reasonable Patio Bar Bar, with its reasonable, contactless drink ordering system that makes indulging in drinks and burgers so easy. You can also order at the bar now and the Bar Bar tap list is always above average. The entire setup is frictionless and reliable.

Formerly the Elvis Room, formerly East End, Good Luck Charm is the same old bar under a new name, with all of the same Elvis Room stuff on the walls, including this huge and fascinating painting of a long haired cat that looks bored. New menu, new drinks, who says? Good Luck Charm’s basement has powerful cooling and a secondary underground bar that opens on weekends or “when it’s crowded”.

300 NW 10th Ave., lifeofrileyportland.com. 3 p.m.-11 p.m. Monday-Thursday, noon-midnight Friday-Saturday, noon-11 p.m. Sunday.

This downtown pub has its sports bar moments, but if you’re looking for a quiet spot it’s usually on the more docile side of the championship revelry. Plus, it has a welcoming basement filled with dark wood furniture, pool tables, and a cucumber gin and tonic that will really make you think about ordering quite a bit of gin and tonics.

Presumably, what brings someone to Parts & Service is the love of motorcycles, which forms both the theme and the setting. But you don’t have to know about choppers or pigs to fit in. It is a friendly bar for bikers. If it’s not the bikes that bring you, it must be the smoked brisket. Bar chef Sage Houser worked as a smoker in Portland’s renowned Texan barbecue cart, Matt’s BBQ. That means Parts & Service could be your secret meat tie back in the days when Matt’s line spanned boulders in the northern Mississippi.


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