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Explore the iconic Paragon Theater for Childers Festival – Bundaberg Now


Childers Main Street features magnificent heritage buildings, including the magnificent Paragon Theater.

The opportunity to visit the Paragon Theater will be part of the Childers Festival this week, allowing attendees to explore the interesting history of this popular venue.

Originally Gee’s Hall in 1908, The Paragon was converted into a theater in 1927.

It offers classic movies, live shows, group packages, private rentals and an espresso bar.

Paragon owner Merissa Craft said the tour of the heritage-listed building will take place on Saturday, July 24 at 10:45 a.m.

“During the visit we go behind the screen to see the dressing room, upstairs in the screening room and I have a slideshow of original photos that we are looking at,” she said.

“I will be discussing the history of the building since 1896, as well as my family connections and different stories along the way.

“I also have a few little surprises for the guests that day.”

The tour also includes an iconic postcard and your choice of a drink from the espresso bar or award-winning Mammino Gourmet ice cream, which is handmade locally by Merissa’s parents.

Merissa said the Paragon Theater was an iconic building steeped in history and that prior to its possession it had been operated by her grandparents for almost 60 years.

“Before it was converted into a theater in 1927, there was a second level that was used for roller skating and ballroom dancing,” she said.

“The Prime Minister of Australia held a meeting at the theater in the 1940s.

“There isn’t a single building like this in the world. “

Tickets cost $ 20 and can be purchased here.

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