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Editor’s Pick: Retail seafood brands lose loyalty, salmon farms face brighter future, putting Greenland fishing on map


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Scotland’s salmon farming industry has been spared record UK temperatures, but the growing number of climate-related losses in the sector in recent years means there is no cause for celebration .

In fact, this Norwegian expert calls rising temperatures – both in the air and in the water – “the new normal”.

We discussed what the seafood industry needs to do to start seriously preparing for climate change in the latest edition of the IntraFish podcast (which you can also listen to below).

A close call

Land-based Aquaculture dodged a bullet last week when it announced that the small town of Jonesport, Maine would not institute a moratorium that would have stalled the process of building a yellowtail amberjack farm in the town.

The Kingfish Company, a Netherlands-based group, celebrated the “overwhelming local support” as the moratorium proposal was defeated by 201 votes to 91 last Wednesday.

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Private labels have exploded as inflation sets in. Photo: Anders Furuset

Abrandon’s ship?

Bad pun aside, retail sales seem tough for seafood, but not all segments are created equal. One category that is doing well (and in which seafood plays an important role) is the private label or private label segment.

Along the same lines, private label retailers (like Lidl and Aldi, which owns Trader Joe’s) are gaining market share.

And despite its inflationary challenges, seafood is far better positioned than its land-based protein counterparts, according to analysts at US lending giant Wells Fargo.

Greenland Royal Chair Maliina Abelsen. Photo: Maliina Abelsen

On point

Greenland is a country full of mystique, but it usually grabs headlines for melting glaciers. The country’s largest company, Royal Greenland, has much more to say. Meet the new president of the group, aged 45, and discover her ambitious plans.

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