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Denver’s 10 most anticipated bar and restaurant openings



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In the first six months of 2021, at least 128 bars and restaurants have opened on the Denver subway – up from just under 200 in 2020. With the lifting of food restrictions in the event of a pandemic, workers are heading again towards the office and the crowds are returning to the streets, it is highly likely that we will see even more than 128 more openings in the last six months of the year. In fact, we already know quite a few on their way.

With everything from new locations of old favorites (like Little India adding an outpost in Central Park in August and Sushi Rama opening another location in Broomfield) to chain expansion (Jet’s Pizza will open on Colorado Boulevard and the brand local Birdcall will be adding numbers five and six in Cherry Hills Village and Boulder), the culinary action doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

But a few upcoming openings are really getting people talking. So, rejoice: the burgers are coming! Big names are coming! Another food hall is in preparation!

Here are the most anticipated new releases for the rest of 2021, in order of their expected opening date:

Lucy’s Burger Bar
4018 Tennyson Street
Open: late July / early August

Minnesota natives and friends Michelle “Meesh” McGlone and Nate Collis have touring training – McGlone as an aerialist and Collis as a longtime guitarist for Atmosphere. But now they are establishing themselves with a new burger restaurant specializing in a regional favorite from their home state, Juicy Lucy, with a progressive social mission as well. Lucy’s Burger Bar will be open seven days a week (a bonus for a street where most restaurants are closed on Mondays) and will be a place open all day and possibly late at night for a casual burger, stuffed with cheese or not. , as well as with fries and alcoholic drinks. But while the menu is small, McGlone has big dreams when it comes to building a community place where everyone feels safe and welcome. “You know, in an 80s movie, where rich developers come to town to tear down a special place and a bunch of kids get together to figure out how to end the businessmen?” she asks. “I want Lucy to be the place where they would come to meet and make their plans.”

2903 Larimer Street
Open: late July / early August

If you’ve been to RiNo this summer, you’ve probably noticed the construction going on at the corner of Larimer and 29th Street, next to Finn’s Manor. Soon you will be able to get up and order a shot of tequila in a glass of ice, then toss the glass at a bell hanging over a fire pit. The “Ring the Bell” special is the signature of Federales, a Chicago-based outdoor tequila and taco concept with a reputation as a loud party venue.

Barn room
6575 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, Greenwood Village
Opening: August

Troy Guard is having a pretty busy 2021 year so far, and he’s set to get even busier as he and his TAG Restaurant Group team prepare to open a food court in the new Arapahoe Entertainment District, where the Bowling / Gaming / Food / Alcohol Complex Pindustry recently debuted. Grange Hall will mark Guard’s entry into the beer game with Little Dry Creek Brewery. He will also lead several food concepts, including a Bubu outpost and two new concepts focused on pizza and burgers. The latest from Grange Hall: Crack Shack, which opened in 2015 in San Diego and has since grown and built a cult following for its fried chicken, was recently announced as one of the non-food options. Guard at Grange Hall.

One thing that will definitely be on the A5 menu: steak.DEVELOP

One thing that will definitely be on the A5 menu: steak.

AT 5

AT 5
1600 15th street
Opening: September 1st
The space that was the Wazee Supper Club for decades before becoming the French-inspired restaurant Morin will take on a new start when the Culinary Creative Group led by restaurateur Juan Padró and chef Max MacKissock opens the doors to Denver’s new steakhouse. . The team are behind the popular venues Bar Dough, Senor Bear, Mister Oso and more, so expectations are high for their “fun and funky” “seasonally driven” steakhouse that will be “unlike anything out there. “, according to MacKissock. Along with the steak and all the other fun plans the Culinary Creative Group has up its sleeve, the town oyster guy Oyster Wulff should be running the raw bar.

1520 16th Street
Opening: End of summer

Earlier this year, Chef Lon Symensma’s Cho 77 closed after six years at 16th Street Mall; he also recently announced the temporary closure of Le Roux for some “refreshments,” according to an Instagram post. But there won’t be much downtime, as his ChoLon Restaurant Concepts team is also planning a new dumpling and noodle bar in the former Cho 77 space, YumCha. Michelle Xiao, known as one of New York’s top dumpling makers before joining the Symensma team, leads the menu on the dumpling side, and we can’t wait to taste what she says. has planned.

Ronin Lowry
7111 Lowry Boulevard East
Opening: End of summer

The team behind one of Denver’s best sushi restaurants, Sushi Ronin, initially opened Izakaya Ronin in the Industry building on Brighton Boulevard in 2017. But this place, with seemingly endless construction, has proven difficult, and the team shut down the concept in 2019. Now it’s making a comeback in a whole different neighborhood. Like the original Izakaya Ronin, Ronin Lowry will have ramen (and hopefully some of the other Izakaya Ronin small plate favorites) as well as sushi and sashimi from a team led by Chef Corey Baker.

The future home of Three Saints Revival.DEVELOP

The future home of Three Saints Revival.

Danielle Lirette

Awakening of the three saints
1801 Wewatta Street
Opening: Fall

North Union Station is another part of town that was under construction forever… which may partly explain why Hearth & Dram at the Indigo Hotel never really took off – at least, not enough to survive pandemic shutdowns. But now longtime Denver restaurateur Robert Thompson, who stepped down as CEO of the ‘entertainment’ concept he launched, Punch Bowl Social, in August 2020, is hoping to revive the Hearth & space. Dram with a tapas restaurant inspired by dreams. “Everything that touches the Mediterranean” – from Spain and Greece to Egypt and Israel – is on the table, says Thompson.

Root and spring
Location: To be determined
Opening: Fall

When Excellent chef filmed his fifteenth season in Denver, judge Tom Colicchio must have made a good impression, as it was recently announced that Mile High is one of the first three cities (along with Washington, DC and Philadelphia) where he plans to open a new , a fast-casual concept aimed at providing medical staff, patients and hospital visitors with easier access to healthy, high-quality options. Colicchio is not new to the fast food industry – her witchcraft was one of the first to have a great chef behind her. The first Root & Spring location opened at DC’s National Children’s Research and Innovation Center on July 6.

Church and union
Place to be determined
Opening: to be determined

Another mystery with a big one, Excellent chef-name linked behind, the only evidence to date that the Church and Union will come to Denver is an article on Twitter and another on Instagram from Alejandro Torio, one of three owners of 5th Street Group, a restaurant team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The other two names behind the project: Patrick Whalen and Jamie Lynch, a conductor whose experience includes Cirque, Aureole and Café Boulud, as well as an appearance in season 14 of Excellent chef and Top Chef All Stars season 17. The team is currently opening a concept location, billed as a New American Restaurant, in Nashville with others planned for Charlotte, Charleston and Atlanta. Most intriguing: why did this group with southern roots and ambitions choose Denver?

Sonny’s Mediterranean
2622 32nd Avenue West
Opening: December

Restaurants rarely hit their scheduled opening dates, so it remains to be seen whether Sonny’s will actually debut before the end of the year. But every time we open, we’ll be there to try it out. David Schloss’ Mediterranean concept won’t be the only place serving hummus, pita and falafel at LoHi – Ash’kara and Ali Baba Grill are nearby – but we’re curious to see with this kitchen alum Safta has planned for the neighborhood with his first foray into solo restaurant ownership.

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