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Council backs new Ouseburn apartment block after objections from pubs described as ‘somewhat meaningless’


A new apartment complex will be built in Ouseburn, after ‘somewhat futile’ objections from nearby pubs were overruled by councillors.

Plans for 50 flats on St Lawrence Road, directly behind the Free Trade Inn, were unanimously approved by Newcastle City Council’s planning committee on Friday. The Free Trade Inn and the nearby Tyne Bar had both expressed major opposition to the project, from developer A&A Properties, fearing future residents of the six-storey block would have noise complaints which could lead to restrictions on site operations and even force closure.

But councilors agreed with the planners’ view that noise would not be a problem and gave their backing to the proposals. Management of the Free Trade Inn said the development “puts our business at risk”, with the Tyne Bar saying it “threatens to rip out the beating heart of Ouseburn”.

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Friday morning’s committee hearing was also told City Council Leader Nick Kemp echoed concerns about the building adding to parking and congestion issues in the area, with only 30 parking spaces planned for 50 apartments. Kenton Labor adviser Stephen Lambert told fellow committee members he found pub noise concerns ‘problematic and somewhat meaningless’, believing the influx of new customers would help the venues survive “rather than being a threat”.

He said: “I am puzzled by the pub’s concerns. If anything, I would have thought an extra 50 people would increase attendance and also boost trade at the Free Trade Inn and the other pubs. The economic arguments stare them in the face.

The apartments are directly behind the Free Trade Inn

Byker councilor Stephen Sheraton added it would be ‘obviously obvious’ to anyone buying the flats that they were next to a pub and was reassured by council officers that a single noise complaint had been lodged by residents of neighboring Citypeak apartments and none. at all Malings. Councilor George Pattison hailed the “excellent” regeneration plan for what is currently derelict land, while Councilor Doreen Huddart said the proposed complex would not be overcrowded as councilors feared for other waterfront developments .

Newcastle City Council said ‘considerable redesign work’ had been carried out on the building to deal with noise issues, including removing the balconies closest to the Free Trade Inn and reducing the number of rooms overlooking the building. the pub.

In their report to the planning committee, the officers concluded that “the contemporary design of the building is considered to be of a high standard” and that it would “fit in with the development model of the area”. The developers argued that the apartments would ‘enhance and maximize the potential of the currently vacant site’.

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