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Concerns over endangered whales cited in wind farm lawsuit


Aug 25, 2021 – Construction of dozens of wind turbines off Nantucket threatens the survival of a declining number of endangered North Atlantic right whales that inhabit the waters, according to a group of Island residents. wealthy Massachusetts resort in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

ACK Residents Against Turbines said the Vineyard Wind proposed project of some 60 turbines 14 miles (22 kilometers) south of the island is located in an area crucial for the feeding and lactation of the species, including researchers estimate the number to be less than 400.

Mary Chalke, a Nantucket resident and member of the opposition group, said the lawsuit has not only involved Vineyard Wind, but other wind projects also underway along the east coast.

Bob Vanasse, who heads the fishing advocacy group Saving Seafood, said Vineyard Wind and other proposed projects in the area could impact a range of important fisheries, including squid, clams and scallops.

“There are a number of groups in various fisheries who have expressed concerns about the insufficient planning and review effort,” he said Wednesday. “This group is far from the only one in this case.”

Vineyard Wind also comes years after the infamous Cape Wind Project, which collapsed after fierce litigation from another group that included Nantucket landowners.

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