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Catch fresh seafood and more at the FishCo Fish Market


FishCo Fish Market is well known among Canberrans for their wide variety of fresh fish and seafood available seven days a week.

However, regular customers would have noticed something new; baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh bread and baked goods, and shelves on shelves of sauces, preserves and other groceries.

“We started with a few lemons and some fresh herbs for the convenience of our Monday and Tuesday customers as the nearby Fyshwick market is closed on these days,” says Anthoula Fragopoulos, one of the managers of FishCo.

“But then the customers wanted more, so we started offering fresh fruits and vegetables, cold cuts, jars of olives and sauces, pasta, soup broth, that sort of thing.”

During the 2020 lockdown, FishCo’s wholesale service was downsized to ninety percent of operations. To help keep all of its staff employed, FishCo decided to move its operations to home delivery services.

“Then the grocery department really took off. It currently occupies about half of our retail space. I like being able to say “we have this” to our customers. We are really proud to be able to provide high quality products, ”says Anthoula.

FishCo currently offers door-to-door delivery throughout Canberra Tuesday through Friday. Customers can get weekly stock list by sending email [email protected] and place their order by email or phone.

“Our customers are our number one priority,” says Anthoula. “I like helping people place their home delivery orders. I know what’s in stock or coming soon and can even give tips on how to cook it!

Customers can go to fishco.com.au or follow FishCo Fish Market on Facebook for recipes, product information and contests.

“We love it when our customers send us photos of their dishes or request new products! said Anthoula.

FishCo Fish Market

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