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Cash offer: National Seafood Council appeals to industry leaders


July 28, 2021

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership supports US fishing jobs and better health. ASMI image.

The mission is simple: to provide a unified voice for the national seafood industry to encourage Americans to eat more seafood.

Now, this mission, defined by the National Seafood Council Task Force, supports scholarships for small and medium seafood businesses to help shape and launch the council and its initiative. aimed at developing a marketing and consumer education campaign.

“The National Seafood Council Task Force will actively lay the foundation for the most comprehensive, consumer-oriented seafood marketing campaign in our country’s history,” said Jim Motos, vice president senior of the consumer brands division of Rich Products and president of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

A unified and far-reaching National Seafood Council aims to provide the scale needed to complement and amplify the efforts of existing seafood marketing organizations and will focus on increasing seafood consumption in as a whole and not at the level of a specific species, according to the Seafood Nutrition Partnership. , which launched the task force in April 2020.

“One of the primary goals of the National Seafood Council Working Group is to be representative of the diverse seafood supply chain in the United States,” said Linda Lai Cornish, President of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership. “For the National Seafood Council to have a unified voice for the industry, the task force must represent all aspects of the industry.”

Areas of focus for diversity are company size (company turnover less than $ 20 million), key competencies relevant to a national seafood campaign, gender, geography and points along the supply chain. Funding provided by the Walton Family Foundation will support six to eight finalists.

All applicants must include a recommendation from a member of the National Seafood Council Working Group or the Seafood4Health Action Coalition.

“Some of the tasks include designing the governance of the National Seafood Council, as well as the composition and responsibilities of the board members,” Cornish said, as reported by Laine Welch to Alaska Fish Radio.

Continuing applications are open now and will close on Friday August 13th. Funding is available for six to eight leaders to be offered scholarships to join the NSC task force. Applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be presented to the CSN working group for review and approval.

In May 2021, a group of more than 60 U.S. seafood organizations and companies called on Congress to provide $ 25 million to support a national seafood marketing and public education program, such as recommended by the NOAA Marine Fisheries Advisory Council. The seafood council would end up being funded by the industry.

Recognizing the need for Americans to eat more seafood for general well-being, the initial goal of the National Seafood Council will be to promote the health benefits of consuming sustainable seafood, including wild fishing. and aquaculture in the United States.

“With an initial influx of federal funds and strong industry leadership, a National Seafood Council can create a stronger and more resilient seafood industry – one that supports our fishermen, our environment and the health of Americans, ”said Cornish.

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