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Buffalo State offers very first Anchor Bar on campus


Buffalo State now offers The Anchor Bar on campus for the fall semester.

BUFFALO, NY – Buffalo State College has opened up a new treat in its student union, and what better than a community staple in West New York?

Buffalo is synonymous with chicken wings, and the place where it all began has opened a location on the Buffalo State College campus for the fall semester.

The Anchor Bar, widely recognized as the restaurant where Buffalo-style chicken wings were first created, will welcome students, faculty and staff with a selection of Buffalo-based dishes in the Campbell Student Union.

This is the restaurant’s first location on a university campus.

“There is no better, more ideal fit than Anchor Bar,” said Glenn Bucello, resident district manager for Chartwells Dining Services on campus. “Our number one seller is chicken wings. Our students love chicken wings. Not only does it appeal to commuters, but it introduces our New York students to what Buffalo is known for. “

The Anchor Bar location on campus opened on Friday and is also a late-night option for students.

“We’re excited to be a new dining option for students and staff,” said Michelle Buchholz, Marketing Director at Anchor Bar Franchise & Development Co. “’The Home of the Original Chicken Wing’ is an iconic restaurant perfect for everyone to enjoy! It’s a great addition to our growing franchise portfolio.

Bucello said he had been looking for a number of years to integrate a local restaurant into the student union and the timing worked out perfectly. The campus location will serve a limited menu, including chicken wings, boneless chicken wings, bespoke beef and several vegetarian options.

Talking about the arrival of the Anchor Bar on campus has turned heads this summer, Bucello said.

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