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British chef creates seafood butter worth Rs 10,000, voted ‘best variety’ in the world


There is no debate that butter makes any food, buttery delicious. From Western-inspired sandwiches to desi Indian parathas, butter also enhances the flavor of any foods it’s added to. In India, people use secular terms such as white and yellow butter. Either or even both are absolute must-haves in Indian households. With the evolution of times, new forms and flavors of butter have also been developed. While the original never loses its taste, foodies don’t shy away from experimenting with their taste buds. Chefs around the world have come up with different flavors, like spiced butter, unsweetened butter, garlic butter, sweet butter, and the list goes on.

But can you imagine a butter made from seafood? A British chef has now created a butter that goes by the name of ‘Ridiculous No55 Lobster and Crab Butter’. As the name suggests, the butter is flavored with British lobster, Devon crab, caviar, lemon and fennel. This exquisite butter costs £ 100 (Rs 10,142). That’s not it, Metro UK reported that butter was voted one of the best foods in the world at the Great Taste Awards2021. The delicious spread received three stars at the event.

It was learned that the butter was produced by Sublime Butter, a family business based in Richmond, London. Calling the Great Taste Awards, the Oscars of food, company founder Chris Mair said they are headed for the Gold Fork Awards, which are due in a few weeks. “It’s ridiculous in name and in nature because we spared no expense on the ingredients. It’s like our own Willy Wonka line, ”she added.

One of the judges told the news portal that this butter is only good when a person can eat spoonfuls of it without bread or cookies to go with it. Calling it an “exciting and innovative product”, he said the butter is perfectly whipped to give a wonderful mouth feel.

If you are a seafood lover, this butter is a must have for you.

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